New Books April 2019

A TON of books added to the shelves this month!  Lots of biographies and genealogies…

Call Number Date Author Title
G-B 164 1998 Bragg, Rick All over but the shoutin’
G-B 165 1956 Martin, Charles Lee A sketch of Sam Bass, the bandit; a graphic narrative [of] his various train robberies, his death, and accounts of the deaths of his gang and their history
G-C 139 V1 1971 Quist, Mary Lancaster Ancestors and descendants of Walter Covey, Dutchess County, New York (1750-1834)
G-C 139 V2 1971 Quist, Mary Lancaster Ancestors and descendants of Walter Covey, Dutchess County, New York (1750-1834)
G-G 082 Gaines, Thomas R. Francis Gaines of Albermarle County, Va. and Elbert County, Georgia
G-G 082 2008 Greene, Bob When we get to Surf City: a journey through America in pursuit of rock and roll, friendship, and dreams /
G-G 083 1922 Jones, Elizabeth E. Boice Captain John Grout of Watertown and Sudbury, Massachusetts, and some of his descendants.
G-H 158 1885 Herrick, Jedediah Herrick genealogy
G-H 159 1972 Dixon, Adelaide The Hunt Family 1066-1972
G-J 030 1988 Harnehy, A. Lucille John Jack of Cecil County, Maryland, and Some of His Descendants
G-J 031 1860 Jewell, Pliny The Jewell Register, Containing a List of the Descendants of Thomas Jewell, of Braintree, near Boston, mass.
G-L 049 1988 Pritchett, William Lawrence A Southern Branch of the Lawrence Family
G-M 104 2004 McCrillis, Edwin The Early Life and Adventures of Edwin McCrillis
G-O 020 1978 O’Connor, Albert L. The Ancestors of the Family of Albert L. O’Connor, Jr., and Katharyn M. Crilley of Geistown (Johnstown) Cambria County, Pennsylvania
G-R 067 1995 Rooney, Andrew A. My war
G-R 068 1963 Ratcliff, Clarence Earl Richard Ratcliff of Lancashire, England and Talbot county, Maryland and his Ancestors and Descendants 1066-1988
G-R 069 1975 McReynolds, June Ratcliffe Our Radclyffe heritage: a history of the Radclyffe family in England and Virginia
G-S 153 1966 Steele, Selma Neubacher The house of the singing winds; the life and work of T.C.Steele
G-S 154 1961 Sullivan, Hazel The Sullivan Family: William Dunklin Sullivan Line
G-S 155 1888 Spofford, Jeremiah A Genealogical Record … of Descendants of John Spofford and Elizabeth Scott
G-S 156 1919 Sage, Elisha L. Genealogical record of the descendants of David Sage,
G-W 124 1976 Heckel, Jeanne Wagoner Waggoner, Wagoner, Wagner
G-W 125 1949 Sagendorph, Kent Charles Edward Wilson: American Industrialist
R-040 049 1960 Stuck, Charles Albert The story of Craighead County: a narrative of people and events in northeast Arkansas
R-060 128 1996 Alexander, J. B. The History of Mecklenburg County (NC) 1740-1900
R-060 129 V1 1973 Gwynn, Zae Hargett Abstracts of The Wills and Estate Records of Granville County North Carolina
R-060 129 V2 1973 Gwynn, Zae Hargett Abstracts of The Wills and Estate Records of Granville County North Carolina
R-060 130 1972 Hofmann, Margaret M. Abstracts: Granville Grantees, Halifax County, North Carolina Public Registry 1749-1763
R-080 022 1965 Rockwell, Wilson Uncompahgre Country
R-150 033 1981 Jackson, Harvey H. Georgia’s signers and the Declaration of Independence
R-150 034 1980 McCabe, Alice Smythe Gwinnett County, Georgia Families 1818-1968
R-150 035 1968 McIntosh, John The Official History of Elbert County, Georgia 1790-1935 (with 1935-1939 Supplement)
R-180 242 1967 Chatsworth Area Centennial Celebration [IL]
R-180 243 1971 Melvin, Illinois Centennial 1871-1971
R-180 244 1972 Chrisman [IL] Area Centennial 1872-1972
R-190 215 1962 Huntington County [IN] Plat Book 1962
R-190 216 1955 Quaife, M. M. Fort Wayne in 1790
R-190 217 1974 Rockville’s Sesquicentennial Review 1824-1974]
R-200 084 1965 Keokuk County, Iowa Farm Directory 1965
R-200 085 1972 Atlas & Directory of Linn County, Iowa
R-200 086 1965 Official County Plat Book and Farm Directory of Iowa and Poweshiek Counties, Iowa
R-210 160 2006 2006 Kansas Geological Society Directory
R-210 161 1972 Rydjord, John Kansas place-names
R-210 HP 10 1986 Anthony High School Roster 1986
R-210 SG 046 1995 2007 Polk, Chris Paulsen Beautifying Wichita Through Sculpture
R-210 SG 165 2017 2017 YP: All Things Local Wichita & Vicinity
R-210 SG 234 2008 Wichita High School North Class of 1958 50th Reunion Directory
R-300 290 Henry Shaw’s Will Establishing the Missouri Botanical Garden
R-300 291 1883 The History of Jasper County, Missouri
R-370 110 1988 Martin, Yvonne E. Marriages and deaths from Steuben County, New York newspapers, 1797-1868
R-410 366 1968 Triennial Atlas & Plat Book of Cambria County, Pennsylvania
R-410 367 1982 Saint John’s Cemetery, Altoona, PA
R-410 368 1962 Cronauer, Marge Sent Forth to Serve the Needs of Men: Religious Vocations from St. Michael’s Parish, Loretto, Pennsylvania
R-410 369 1987 Iscrupe, Shirley Listing of Inhabitants in 1776 — Bedford County, Pennsylvania
R-410 370 1992 Walmer, Margaret B. Menallen minutes, marriages and miscellany: Quaker records, 1780-1890
R-430 188 1993 Thomas, Jane Kizer Blount County, Tennessee Deeds 1819-1833
R-430 189 P1 2001 Garrett, Jill K. Dickson County, Tennessee Cemetery Records
R-430 189 P2 2001 Garrett, Jill K. Dickson County, Tennessee Cemetery Records
R-430 190 1985 Whitley, Edythe Rucker Tennessee Genealogical Records: Records of Early Settlers from State and County Archives
R-430 191 1984 Garrett, Jill Knight Dickson County Handbook
R-440 075 1963 Polk Street Methodist Church: 75 Years in Review
R-460 018 1942 Historical Celebrations in Craftsbury Vermont 1889-1941
R-600 088 1983 Harlow, Alvin F. When horses pulled boats: a story of early canals
R-650 088 1976 Cameron, Viola Root Emigrants from Scotland to America 1774-1775
online — link in catalog 1906 Wallace, Lew Lew Wallace: an autobiography