New Books March 2019

Books added to the library in March:

Call Number Date Author Title
G-C 138 1997 Hoffman, Andrew Jay Inventing Mark Twain: the lives of Samuel Langhorne Clemens
G-J 028 1981 Jenkins, Peter The walk west: A walk across America 2
G-J 029 1969 Ball, Eve Ma’am Jones of the Pecos
G-M 103 1985 McCarthy, James A Papago traveler: the memories of James McCarthy
G-N 025 1927 Norfleet, J. Frank Norfleet: the amazing experiences of an intrepid Texas rancher with an international swindling ring
G-R 066 1913 Robinson, Sallie Buddie and I
R-200 083 1925 Iowa County Farm Directory May 15, 1925
R-300 289 1881 History of Jackson, Missouri
R-350 082 1984 Brown, Virginia Alleman Abstracts of partitions and divisions of Morris County estates filed at Morristown, New Jersey, 1785-1907
R-410 363 1947 Blair County’s Postal History and McGraw’s Blair County Place Names
R-410 364 1922 Souvenir of the Diamond Jubilee and History of St. Augustine’s Church
R-410 365 1954 Sesquicentennial Cambria County 1804-1954