McCormick School Museum Tour

We had a very interesting tour of the McCormick School Museum this morning.  We were a small group, so we got to poke into every corner of the museum and archive celebrating everything about Wichita’s public school history.



As you can see, we’ve gone live with our new web design!  We hope you like it — we think it’s going to be a great site once we’ve gotten all moved in.

Some of the old data is still being cleaned up and moved over;  most of it will be moved to the Online Resources section.  A few hints about finding things:

  • Search the library catalog by clicking on the Library menu option at left
  • Search the obituary index by clicking on Online Resources, then Obituary Indexes
  • Find data that hasn’t yet been moved by clicking on Legacy Pages

White Chapel Documentation Project

MHGS WhiteChapPhotoProject 1 2 300x224 White Chapel Documentation Project
Photographing White Chapel Cemetery

Cemeteries.  There’s hardly anything a genealogist likes better, is there?  Cemetery documentation, either on paper or on the web, is among the most frequently consulted resources genealogists use.  There’s been a lot of great work done in Sedgwick County to document our cemeteries, and everyone doing research in the county is grateful!

But it’s not done.  Cemeteries are constantly growing, so indexes are out of date the day after they’re printed.  Websites like Find-A-Grave and BillionGraves are leading people to expect photographs as well as indexes.

We thought it might be fun to get involved as a society in the effort to document our Sedgwick County cemeteries online.  For our first cemetery documentation project, we’ve chosen to work on White Chapel Cemetery, at Oliver and 17th street, using the BillionGraves website. Continue reading