Sedgwick County Death and Probate Records

Death Certificates:

We have photocopies of death certificates from 1887 – 1910.

These are in a file cabinet in the basement and must be accessed by a librarian.  The Index is on the website.  To request a copy by mail, please use a copy request form.

Coroners Records:

We have Sedgwick County Coroners records from 1910 – 1951.

These are on microfilm and may be viewed at the library.


We have the original probate files for Sedgwick County from 1870 to Nov 1917.  (These are fragile and may only be pulled by a librarian and used on the main floor under supervision.)

The index is here. To request a copy of a probate file by mail, please use a copy request form.

We also have some probate records on microfilm:

  • Will records: 1872-1918
  • Probate Journal: 1871 – 1918
  • Probate-Real Estate: 1885-1919

Quiring Monument Purchase Orders

We have purchase orders from Quiring Monument that includes orders for memorial stones from Wichita Monument, Marsh Monument, Quiring Monument, Creekmore & Son, and Bruce Memorials (Klugman). These purchase orders cover the years 1919 through 1944, 1951 through 1973 and 1965 through 1991.  They are kept in file cabinets in the library, arranged by year and month.  

The index is here.  To request a copy of a purchase order file by mail, please use a copy request form.

Funeral Home Records

A current(ish) list of Wichita-area funeral homes may be found here.

A list of some of the older Wichita-area funeral homes, and suggestions for finding their records, may be found here.