New Books July 2020

Another good batch of additions to our library!

Call Number Date Author Title
G-B 172 2010 Blake, Phillip W. The Warriors Among Us
G-H 166 V1 1976 Hobbs, Ralph L. Hobbs and related families
G-H 166 V2 1976 Hobbs, Ralph L. Hobbs and related families
G-R 073 1937 Ruede, Howard Sod-house days: letters from a Kansas homesteader, 1877-78
I 316 2003 Frisch, Karen Creating junior genealogists: tips and activities for family history fun
I 317 1999 Sweeney, Joan Me and my family tree
I 318 2019 Clark, Gary Cemetery and Gravestone Handbook for Genealogists & Family Historians
I 319 1982 Chorzempa, Rosemary A. My family tree workbook: genealogy for beginners
R-080 025 1969 Feitz, Leland Cripple Creek! A quick history of the world’s greatest gold camp
R-080 026 1980 Osterwald, Doris B. Cinders & smoke: a mile by mile guide for the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
R-150 045 Whitfield County, Georgia Marriages 1854-1894
R-210 BU 025 1985 History of Latham, Kansas
R-210 SG 252 1976 Valley Center Kansas
R-240 046 1990 Adams, Jay A House of Hewen Timber: Fort Western on the Kennebec, An Introductory History
R-240 047 1990 Adams, Jay Military History at Old Fort Western 1754-1766
R-240 048 1976 Churchill, Edwin A. Maine communities and the War for Independence
R-240 049 1886 Goold, William Portland in the past
R-240 050 1911 The New Mount Kineo House on Moosehead Lake, Kineo, Maine
R-240 051 1967 Garniss, George W. Profiles of Yarmouth heritage
R-240 052 1941 Bradshaw, Marion J. The Maine land
R-260 066 1881 Elwell, Edward H. Portland and Vicinity
R-260 066 1986 Larkin, Jack The Four Seasons at Sturbridge Village: A Guidebook
R-260 067 Clark, David L. Pictorial History of Christ Church — Boston
R-260 067 1960 Ross, Marjorie Drake The book of Boston: the Colonial period, 1630-1775
R-300 293 1988 Nagel, Paul C. Missouri, a history
R-340 031 1966 Beck, Nancy R. Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
R-340 032 1939 Bisbee, Ernest Emerson The White mountain scrap book of stories and legends of the Crystal hills or White mountains of New Hampshire
R-370 111 1986 Shapiro, Mary J. Gateway to liberty: the story of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
R-440 082 1986 The Alamo: Long Barrack Museum
R-600 097 1986 Simmons, Marc Following the Santa Fe trail: a guide for modern travelers
R-605 022 1959 Widger, Thurlow Stanley The Birth of New England
R-631 073 2019 F Chokma Chickasaw Magazine
R-631 081 1956 Underwood, Thomas Bryan Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears
R-650 031 V 2 1983 Bangerter, Lawrence B. The Compass
R-670 281 1982 Bowman, John Stewart The Civil War almanac
R-670 282 1949 Manucy, Albert C. Artillery through the ages;
R-670 283 1980 Brophy, Patrick Bushwhackers of the border: the Civil War period in western Missouri
R-670 284 1999 Shively, Julie The Ideals guide to American Civil War places
R-670 285 1991 Gross, James A. The Souvenir Guide to the Gettysburg National Military Park
VB Lankford V 01 Judith Ann Douvielle Lankford Collection
VB Lankford V 02 Judith Ann Douvielle Lankford Collection
online — link in catalog 1962 Weight, Verl F. As a tree grows