New Books January 2020

A few Wichita books, a few miscellaneous…

Call Number Date Author Title
G-H 164 1995 Harper, Paul F. The Temple of Fame: A Personal Biography of Lyman Underwood Humphrey
G-S 162 1990 Stites, James R. The Wichita Kid
R-210 MG 16 1988 Harper, Paul F. Surely It Floweth with Milk and Honey: A History of Montgomery County, Kansas to 1930
R-210 SG 207 1979 The Trail
R-210 SG 207 1992 The Trail
R-210 SG 246 2003 Price, Jay M. Wichita’s legacy of flight
R-210 SG 247 2011 Radiating like a stone: Wichita women and the 1970s feminist movement
R-210 SG 248 2005 Miner, H. Craig History of the University of Kansas, School of Medicine-Wichita: 1970-2003
R-210 SG 249 1985 Pedigree of champions: Boeing since 1916
R-600 055 V 103 National Genealogical Society quarterly
R-670 267 2006 Reid, Thomas, America’s fortress: a history of Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas, Florida
R-670 268 1950 Manucy, Albert C. Pages from the Past: A Pictorial History of Fort Jefferson