New Books November 2019

Just a few new ones this month…

Call Number Date Author Title
I 313 2005 Johnson, Mary Ellen Waifs, foundlings and half-orphans: searching for America’s orphan train riders
I 314 2018 Berry, Kenyatta D. The Family Tree Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Uncovering Your Ancestry and Researching Genealogy
I 315 1993 Walton-Raji, Angela Y. Black Indian genealogy research
R-210 CQ 09 Leonard, Joe Weekly “Hewins Sayings” — Isaac Richardson’s Diary — A Few Hewins Burial Dates — Addresses of Living Ex-Hewins Folks
R-210 SG 244 2019 Wichita Memories: A Photographic History of the Early Years
R-210 SG 245 1998 Elliott, Mal Rolling Hills Country Club: The First 50 Years
R-390 149 1983 A History of Hooker: A Diamond in the Rough
R-400 023 1983 History of the La Pine Pioneers
R-470 396 1925 Koontz, Louis Knott The Virginia frontier, 1754-1763
R-600 092 1992 Holt, Marilyn Irvin The Orphan Trains: Placing Out in America
R-632 06 2012 Katz, William Loren Black Indians: a hidden heritage
R-632 07 2007 Wagner, Tricia Martineau African American women of the Old West
R-632 08 2019 Katz, William Loren The Black West