New Books for July 2019

Lots of new stuff, mostly in two personal research collections:

Call Number Date Author Title
G-J 033 2019 Jackson, Jerry Families are Forever: The James David Jackson and Martha Delia Gordon Family
G-S 159 1930 Slack, William Samuel Rev. The Slack Family
G-W 128 1960 Woodruff, Audrey Wagner We Follow the Wagner Trail
G-W 129 1953 Beahm, Gertrude I Remember: Life at our home on Lincoln Avenue above Pasadena, 1892-1904
G-W 130 Riley, Robert Shean Draft of Pioneer Families of North Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana, Volume III, Chapter 16 — The Woolfolk Family
R-410 333 V 02-5 Blair County Genealogical Society Newsletter
R-410 372 Obituaries from the Cresson – Gallitzin Mainliner and Dispatch 1961
R-410 373 1966 Adams, Margaret Elizabeth McMullen Clippings from a Cambria County, Pennsylvania Scrapbook, 1890-1935
VB Wagner Wagner, Margaret M. Margaret Mary van De Kerkove Wagner Collection
VB Woodroof Dorothy Woolfolk Woodroof Collection
online — link in catalog 1996 Main, Gloria L. Naming Children in Early New England
online — link in catalog Warner, Marguerite Dixon Marguerite Dixon Warner Photograph Collection