October New Books

Call Number Date Author Title
G-B 161 2017 Byrd, Verda Seventy Years of Blackness: The Autobiography of Verda Byrd/Jeanette Beagle
I 307 2013 Taylor, Maureen Alice Family photo detective
I 308 1991 Dalrymple, Priscilla Harris American Victorian costume in early photographs
I 309 2005 Mitchell, Sarah E. Southern Ladies’ Civilt War & Antebellum Fashions 1855-1865
I 310 1995 Severa, Joan L. Dressed for the photographer: ordinary Americans and fashion, 1840-1900
I 311 2008 Abraham, Donna J. The Way They Were: Dressed in 1860-1865, a Photographic Reference
I 312 1995 Leisch, Juanita Who wore what? women’s wear, 1861-1865
R-210 SG 230 2018 Phillips, Edward H. Wings Over the Prairie: A Brief History of the Aviation Industry in Wichita, Kansas