New Books September 2018

Lots of new books in September. We received a generous donation of books on photography and identifying old photographs — a terrific resource! Thanks, Gary!

Call Number Date Author Title
G-C 136 1989 Griffin, Virginia Cope Me and Mine in the Sunflower State
G-S 148 1974 Kaufman, Ed. G. The Jacob Schrag Family Record 1836-1974
I 277 1958 Pollack, Peter The picture history of photography: from the earliest beginnings to the present day.
I 278 1982 Newhall, Beaumont The history of photography: from 1839 to the present
I 279 2009 Gustavson, Todd Camera: a history of photography from daguerreotype to digital
I 280 2002 Schimmelman, Janice Gayle American photographic patents 1840-1880: the daguerreotype & wet plate era
I 281 1980 Gilbert, George Photography: the early years : a historical guide for collectors
I 282 1948 Johnson, Robert The art of retouching and improving negatives and prints,
I 283 1898 Illustrated Catalogue of Photographic Equipments and Materials for Amateurs
I 284 1892 How to Make Photographs and a Descriptive Catalogue of Materials for the Amateur Photographer
I 285 1872 Illustrated Descriptive Price List of Photographic Apparatus Manufactured and Sold by E. & H. T. Anthony & Co.
I 286 1856 Ellis, M. H. The Ambrotype and Photographic Instructor or, Photography on Glass and Paper
I 287 1976 Newhall, Beaumont The daguerreotype in America
I 288 1995 1990 The Daguerreian annual: official yearbook of the Daguerreian Society
I 289 2003 Berg, Paul K. 19th century photographic cases and wall frames
I 290 2001 Kenny, Adele Photographic cases: Victorian design sources, 1840-1870
I 291 2007 Schimmelman, Janice Gayle The tintype in America, 1856-1880
I 292 2005 Hannavy, John Case Histories: the Packaging and Presentation of the Photographic Portrait in Victorian Britain 1840-1875
I 293 1981 Darrah, William C. Cartes de visite in nineteenth century photography
I 294 1999 Wichard, Richard Victorian Cartes-de-visites
I 295 1981 McCulloch, Lou W. Card photographs: a guide to their history and value
I 296 2006 Bogdan, Robert Real photo postcard guide: a guide to their history and value
I 297 1981 Morgan, Hal Prairie fires and paper moons: the American photographic postcard, 1900-1920
I 298 1972 Caring for photographs: display, storage, restoration
I 299 2010 Taylor, Maureen Preserving Your Family Photographs: How to care for your family photographs from daguerreotypes to digital images
I 300 1986 Reilly, James M Care and identification of 19th-century photographic prints
I 301 Rudd, David Guide to Identifying Early Photographs: A Pocket Manual
I 301 a 2000 Dating old photographs, 1840-1929
I 301 b 2000 Dating old photographs, 1840-1929
I 302 1999 Mace, O. Henry Collector’s guide to early photographs
I 303 2013 Clark, Gary Cased Images & Tintypes KwikGuide: A Guide to Identifying and Dating Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, and Tintypes
I 304 2013 Clark, Gary 19th Century Card Photos KwikGuide: A step-by-step guide to identifying and dating Cartes-de-visite and Cabinet Cards
I 305 2016 Clark, Gary 20th Century Photographs KwikGuide: A step-by-step guide to identifying and dating vintage photos from 1900 to 1950
I 306 2013 Clark, Gary Real Photo Postcards KwikGuide: A guide to identifying and dating real photo postcards of the 20th century
R-210 CN 02 1995 Directory of St. Francis High School Graduates 1901-1995
R-210 HV 20 1987 Kaufman, Edna Ramseyer The Thresher Table: Celebrating the First Hundred Years of Bethel College
R-210 SG 229 1989 Jaax, Ada St. Joseph Church, Andale, Kansas
R-210 SU 38 1992 Thurber, Brenda Reflections of Sumner County Kansas
R-300 288 1948 Garwood, Darrell Crossroads of America: the story of Kansas City
Online – link in catalog Goddard Woman’s Club Scrapbooks
Online – link in catalog 2018 Owens, Patrick J. Picatinny: The First Century