New Books July 2017

An eclectic assortment this month — some ledgers from the Wichita Eagle, some vertical files about Beech Aircraft, and several online research papers about Kansas and Civil War history.

Call Number Date Author Title
A-190 010   Puetz, C. J. Indiana’s County Maps
A-190 011     1884 Atlas of Union County, Indiana
A-190 012 1974   Combination atlas map of Miami County, Indiana
G-H 151 2017 Bacon, Miles Genealogy Records for Amanda Penelope Bacon Husted
VB Eagle V1     Wichita Eagle Ledger Collection
VF 002 Beech A   Eliot, John John Eliot Beech Collection
VF 002 RACC a   Regional Agricultural Credit Corporation Business & Organization Files
VF 004 World War II     Event Files
VF Lucky 01     Lucky Stars Camping Club Collection
 Online — link in catalog 1881   History of Carroll County, Missouri
 Online — link in catalog  1995 Ingram, Kim D. The Roots of the Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1866 and Again in 1931-1940
 Online — link in catalog  1900 Abel, Annie Heloise Indian Reservations in Kansas and the Extinguishment of Their Title
 Online — link in catalog  1983 Abrahamson, James L. The American Home Front: Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II
 Online — link in catalog  2016 Fowler III, Paul Edward Athens of the West: African American Associational Life in Lawrence, Kansas, 1861-1948
 Online — link in catalog  1999 Heimerman, Cheryl A. Women of Valor in the American Civil War
 Online — link in catalog  2015 Herbert, Jason “A peace between them”: Negotiating indigenous conflict and diplomacy in the Creek-Choctaw war, 1766-1776
 Online — link in catalog  1976 Jackson, Jesse, Jr. A Social History of the Tenth Cavalry, 1931-1941
 Online — link in catalog  2002 Jennings, Leodis T. The Strategic Importance of Colored Soldiers in the Civil War
 Online — link in catalog  1991 Johnson, Harry Buffalo Soldiers: the Formation of the Ninth Cavalry Regiment: July 1866-March 1867
 Online — link in catalog  2012 Kasper, Shirley E. The Emigrant Métis of Kansas: Rethinking the Pioneer Narrative
 Online — link in catalog  1991 Knapp, George E Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Leavenworth in the 1930s and Early 1940s: Interviews Conducted by Major George E. Knapp
 Online — link in catalog  1975 Laird, Judith Fincher Argentine, Kansas: The Evolution of a Mexican American Community, 1905-1940
 Online — link in catalog  1905 Landrum, Charles Hansford Origin and Administration of the Kansas School Fund
 Online — link in catalog  1903 Langworthy, Herman Moore Early Activities in Kansas
 Online — link in catalog  2015 Larson, Katherine Joan Which half was the horse?: The Kentucky militia and volunteers in fact and fiction
 Online — link in catalog  1990 McMiller, Anita W. Buffalo Soldiers: The Formation of the Tenth Cavalry Regiment from September 1866 to August 1867
 Online — link in catalog  1916 McPherson, Lula History of Pittsburg, Kansas
 Online — link in catalog  2016 Miller, Jaclyn J.S. Cultivating Capital: Country Bankers and the Transformation of the Central Great Plains, 1870-1940
 Online — link in catalog  2002 Mills, Don A., Sr African American Sailors: Their Role in Helping the Union to Win the Civil War
 Online — link in catalog  1990 Morden, Bettie J. The Women’s Army Corps: 1945-1978
 Online — link in catalog  1929 O’Meara, Mildred Elizabeth The history of Onaga, Kansas
 Online — link in catalog  1993 Platt, Raymond M. The Flames of War and the Fire of the Homefront — The Thomas T. Taylor Family and Gender Relations During the American Civil War, 1861-1865
 Online — link in catalog  1920 Ream, Virginia B. The Kansas Pacific
 Online — link in catalog  2003 Salter, I, Krewasky A Combat Multipliers: African-American Soldiers in Four Wars
 Online — link in catalog  1907 Shively, Charles Arthur The Development of Local Government in Kansas
 Online — link in catalog  1965 Skaggs, Jimmy M. The Great Western Cattle Trail to Dodge City, Kansas
 Online — link in catalog  1935 Turton, Cecil The underground railroad in Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa
 Online — link in catalog  1989 Van Sant, Thomas David The price of victory: the Sunflower Ordnance Works and Desoto and Eudora Kansas
 Online — link in catalog  1955 White, Lonnie J. Indian raids on the Kansas frontier, 1865-1875
 Online — link in catalog  1992 Wright, Reuben L The Role of the Buffalo Soldiers during the Spanish-American War