New Books March 2015

This month’s new books include recent volumes of several genealogy society periodicals and a few more military books. In addition, we had a researcher interested in Kansas Mennonites, so I found some online genealogies and linked to them from the catalog.

R-210 JO 06 V 42 2014 The Johnson County Kansas Genealogist
R-390 115 V 37-38  2012-2014 The Tree Tracers
R-390 116 V 27  2013 Delaware County Family Trails
R-390 121 V 33-34  2013-2014 The LeFlore County Heritage
R-390 125 V 58 2013 Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly
R-410 326 V 40-41  2011-2013 Keyhole
R-410 326 V 42-43  2013-2014 Keyhole
R-410 333 V 34-35  2013-2014 Blair County Genealogical Society Newsletter
R-440 043 V 57  2014 Footprints
R-440 073 1998 Nelson George S. The Alamo: an illustrated history
R-460 017 1984 Stratton Allen L. History town of Isle La Motte Vermont: an account of the discovery settlement and interesting and remarkable events
R-490 21 V 46  2011-2013 Yakima Valley Genealogical Society Bulletin
R-650 085 1988 Kemp Peter The history of ships
R-670 244 1989 World War II: a 50th anniversary history
R-670 245 Mayer S. L. World War II
R-670 246 Gibbons Tony Warships and Naval Battles of the Civil War
R-670 247 1991 Davis  William C. The battlefields of the Civil War
R-670 248 1996 Priest, John M. Before Antietam: the battle for South Mountain
R-670 249 1984 Taylor, Michael J. H. Modern Combat and Commercial Aircraft
Online — Link in catalog Goering Jacob M. The Rev. Jacob Stucky Family Record 1824 – 1953
Online — Link in catalog 1948 Goering Jacob M. The Jacob Strausz Sr. Family Record 1859 – 1948
Online — Link in catalog 1948 Goering Jacob M. The Peter Graber family record 1839-1948
Online — Link in catalog Goering Jacob M. The Jacob Krehbiel Sr. Family Record 1840 – 1951
Online — Link in catalog 1963 Kaufman Edmund G. The Peter Kaufman and Freni Strausz Kaufman family record 1844-1963
Online — Link in catalog 1961 Krehbiel Christian Prairie pioneer
Online — Link in catalog 1950 Krehbiel William John History of one branch of the Krehbiel family
Online — Link in catalog 1942 Strickler Abigail H. Stricklers of Pennsylvania
Online — Link in catalog 1925 Strickler Harry M. Forerunners; a history or genealogy of the Strickler families their kith and kin including Kauffmans, Stovers, Burners, Ruffners, Beavers, Shavers, Brumbach, Zirkles, Blossers, Groves, Brubakers, Neffs,  Rothgebs and many other early families of Shenandoah, Rockingham, Augusta,  Frederick and Page counties of the Shenandoah Valley; a memorial to those who have gone before