You Should Be Reading the Great Plains Quarterly!

Recently, while looking for something else (isn’t that always the way?), I discovered the Great Plains Quarterly.  This is an academic journal published by the University of Nebraska, and it focuses on the history and culture of the great plains states!  Imagine — a whole journal focused on “flyover country!”

There are straight historical articles (a couple by Jay Price, of WSU) and other articles that bring in art, sociology, psychology, literature, and even movie criticism.  There are also a lot of book reviews, which can help you discover books you didn’t know you needed to read.  Topics range from Coronado to the Lebanese in Wichita to the naming of Nicodemus.

Many of the issues are available online.  They seem to have gone through at least three different online publishing schemes, so although the official website is at I would recommend using our library catalog, where I’ve created links to as many issues as I can find (the most recent appear to be behind a fire wall.)

Read it!  And if there are any other journals out there I should know about, please email me at