Starting a Native Grasses and Wildflower Bed

Mowing is cutting into our genealogy time at the library, so we’re trying something new!  On Saturday, Vince tilled a plot and spread seed for a native grasses and wildflowers bed.

MHGS NatlGrass Tilling 200x300 Starting a Native Grasses and Wildflower Bed

The native grasses mix includes Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Indian Grass, Switch Grass and Side Oats Gramma.  The wildflower mix includes  Black Eyed Susan, Blanket Flower, Blue Flax, Clasping Cornflower, Red Corn Poppy, Blue Cornflower, Dames Rocket, Evening Primrose, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Lemon Mint, Purple Cornflower, Mexican Hat, Shasta Daisy, Western Yarrow, Scarlet Flax, and Purple Prairie Clover.

We hope this will make our lot easier to maintain and more interesting to visit.  Stop by in a few weeks to see how we’re doing!