Sedgwick County Pioneer Certificate Program Instructions

Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society honors our pioneers by issuing certificates to direct descendants of pioneers who settled in Sedgwick County, Kansas, between February 26, 1867 and December 31, 1880.

You do not have to be a resident of Sedgwick County or a member of MHGS  to be eligible.


  1. Complete Form 1 and Form 2 to the best of your ability. If you are not sure of data, place a question mark behind it. Please use maiden names when they apply.
  2. If you wish to present additional material about your ancestor, please do!
  3. Documentation must accompany the application. This documentation may be: census, birth records, death records, school or church records, Bible records, military records, land records, obituaries, estate records, and tombstone inscriptions (give location of cemetery.) Send PHOTOCOPIES only. (Everything you send will become the property of MHGS.) Please include a complete citation for each source, and use numbers to link each source to the data items it supports.
  4. Remember the women!  If a couple settled together, you may choose whether to include both on one certificate or to request a separate certificate for each one.  If all the documentation is the same, you can do either for the same $15 fee.
  5. The amount due is $15.00.  Make checks payable to MHGS.
  6. In the envelope you should include: your check, the application forms, and copies of proof. The fee is not refundable.
  7. If you have more than one ancestor eligible for this certificate, send the required documentation for each one. Include an additional $15.00 for each additional ancestor.
  8. Additional certificates for the same ancestor (different descendants) will be issued for an additional $5.00, if ordered at the same time ($8.00 if ordered later.) Be sure to include the documentation necessary to link each descendant to the pioneer ancestor.