New Records: The Book Club

MHGS has just finished digitizing the records of The Book Club, a women’s club that was founded in 1914 and continues to meet today.

Each year, The Book Club members each select a book for the group to read; these books are passed between members.  The club meets each month between September and May; members take turns hosting and providing meeting programs on topics relating to art, literature, culture and history.

The club was profiled in the Wichita Eagle at the time of their 100th anniversary:

Their records include meeting minutes and annual yearbooks, which contain membership lists, book lists, and meeting topics.  They provide an interesting glimpse into the intellectual lives of Wichita women starting in 1914.  The records are sparse for the first 10 years, and more complete after that.

MHGS has digitized the records and created an index of member names. They are available for research at the MHGS library.