Special Interest Groups

These Special Interest Groups are free and open to the public; no reservations required.


Want to get more strategic and organized about your genealogy research this year? Need to find new genealogy software?  The Power-Up Your Genealogy SIG will meet once a month, on the second Tuesday at 1:30pm, to discuss and debate a variety of topics of interest to all genealogists, beginner to advanced. Led by MHGS Librarian Julia Langel and Twila Brown, each meeting will rely on sharing and discussion of experiences and resources. We hope you’ll bring an idea, web link, book, article, question, example or story to share. We’ll take good notes, make copies and lists, and share the results here.

African-American Study Group

The “African-American Study” group meets the 4th Saturday at 1:00 PM each month to encourage the historical and genealogical study of families with special emphasis on Afro-Americans. This informal group will seek to learn more of the history and factors within the family stories that we have been given.  We will demonstrate how to research your family tree with the goal of discovering and understanding your family history. The discussions will include a variety of methods, including exploring public records, interviewing older relatives and preserving information.
Led by Jozel Smith Eckels

Photo Mysteries

The Photo Mysteries Special Interest Group meets every month on the third Tuesday afternoon at 1:30. Bring in your mystery photos (or scans) and we will work together to help figure out the clues that may let you date the photo and identify the subject.
Led by Rex Riley

Genealogical DNA

The “Genealogical DNA” Special Interest Group meets the 2nd Saturday at 1:00 PM each month to discuss the opportunities that DNA comparisons have given us for breaking through our “brick walls”. The rapid advancement in tools and the continuing cost reductions have made testing an option for everyone. Privacy and legal considerations are discussed to help make choices in the type of test and the provider.  Be prepared for surprises.
Led by Paul Renner Smith


You’re cordially invited to participate in any/all of the MHGS special interest groups. Please check the calendar or call 316-264-3611 for updates on holiday or weather closings. No reservations needed; just come and join in! We are also interested in forming new special interest groups.

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