New Books for February 2016

Lots of new stuff in the library this month…and lots of interesting digital books from K-State, as well.

Call number Date Author Title
A-210 061 1974 City Map of Wichita Kansas (c 1975?)
A-210 062 1990 Wichita Map (c 1990?)
G-A 047 2001 McCullough, David G. John Adams
G-G 075 1985 Guthrie, Laurence R. American Guthrie and allied families
G-G 076 1997 Groshong, Marion The Groshong Family of Lincoln County, Missouri, Grant County, Wisconsin, and Jefferson County, Kansas
G-G 077 P 2 The Descendants of “French” Jacob Groshong ca 1730 to 1989
G-T 054 Association of Philippe Du Trieux Descendants
G-W 119 V 1 1915 Woodson, Henry Morton Historical genealogy of the Woodsons and their connections
G-W 119 V 2 1915 Woodson, Henry Morton Historical genealogy of the Woodsons and their connections
G-W 120 2003 Philbrick, Nathaniel Sea of glory: America’s voyage of discovery the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
R-020 004 1992 Bering and Chirikov: the American voyages and their impact
R-180 193 V 41-43 2013-2015 Moultrie County Heritage
R-210 111 V 2 2010 White, Marty Symphony in the Flint Hills Field Journal
R-210 PL 08 #155-158 2014 Tree Trackers
R-210 SG 014 2012 2012 Annual Directory
R-210 SG 095 V 26 2015 Ark Valley Crossroads
R-210 SG 185 1943 1943 Our Own Poems and Paragraphs: Elementary Schools Wichita, Kansas
R-210 SG 185 1944 1944 Our Own Poems and Paragraphs: Elementary Schools Wichita, Kansas
R-410 324 V 38 2015 Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage
R-440 043 V 58 2015 Footprints
R-470 369 1985 Wertz, Mary Alice Marriages of Loudoun County, Virginia, 1757-1853
R-470 370 1988 Kagey, Deedie Dent When past is prologue: a history of Roanoke County
R-470 371 1924 Carrington, Wirt Johnson Turner A history of Halifax County (Virginia)
R-500 020 V 46 2013 MCGS Reporter
R-600 064 1992 Serling, Robert J. Legend and legacy: the story of Boeing and its people
R-670 255 1985 Walker, Gary C. The war in Southwest Virginia, 1861-65
R-670 256 1982 Middlekauff, Robert The glorious cause: the American Revolution, 1763-1789
VB Bedi V 01 – 08 Bedient, Agnes Drake Agnes Drake Bedient Collection
VB Buck V 01 – 11 Buckner, Doris Massey Doris Buckner Collection
 online The Frisco Employee Magazine
 online The Skyliner
 online Illinois Central Magazine
 online 1968 Bowman, Jack L. History of the athletic program at Ellinwood High School, Ellinwood, Kansas
 online 1984 Burgess, Barbara MacPherson Journals, diaries, and letters written by women on the Oregon Trail 1836-1865
 online 1929 Charles, Francis Eugene How the press aided early Kansas agriculture
 online 1959 Folse, Jean DeMasters Initiation of mail distribution and communications in eastern Kansas: 1828-1870
 online 1933 Huey, William Kansas Court of Industrial Relations
 online 1966 Stephens, George Eugene History of the athletic program at Lincoln Rural High School, Lincoln, Kansas
 online 1929 Westerdale, Jesse Frederick Survey of the Bushong Rural High School
 online 1949 Alden, Vera Carney History of the Shelterbelt Project in Kansas
 online 1955 Alexander, Donald Leroy Major problems encountered in publishing a weekly newspaper in Kansas
 online 1989 Beeman, Randal Scott Wheat soldiers : the wartime wheat campaign in Kansas, 1917-1918
 online 1954 Beetch, Claire Larson John Brown the legend and the man
 online 1949 Berber, Tiburcio Joe Sugar-beet industry in Kansas
 online 1967 Boles, David Charles Andrew Frank Schoeppel, Governor of Kansas
 online 1929 Chestnut, Early Mast Mid-west agricultural demand for legislative relief since the world war
 online 1962 Corley, Roger Wheeler Jonathan M. Davis : farmer in the state house
 online 1966 Delk, Edmund Roy History of interscholastic athletics at Shawnee Heights High School, Tecumseh, Kansas
 online 1956 Edwards, Linnie Baker Alma : community and shire town of Wabaunsee County, Kansas its first fifty years, 1855-1905
 online 1966 Elliott, Elinor Anderson Metamorphosis of the family farm in the Republican Valley country of Kansas, 1860-1960
 online 1969 Fargo, Barbara M. Clothing of Kansas women, 1854-1870
 online 1897 Garland, James Gray Garland genealogy: the descendants (the northern branch) of Peter Garland …
 online 1958 Geiger, Marilyn Louise Zeandale Township, 1854-1894
 online 1989 Glotzbach, Joseph Paul History of the Kansas Speech Communication Association
 online 1934 Haag, Lydia Alma Slavery agitation and its influence on the State of Kansas
 online 1968 Haen, Michael Edward Boom years of Iola, Kansas : 1896-1907
 online 1945 Harshbarger, Eva Geiger Status of Mennonite women in Kansas in their church and home relationships
 online 1965 Jackson, Willis Glenn Missions among the Kickapoo and Osage in Kansas, 1820-1860
 online 1987 Janner, William Patrick Pretty Prairie Mennonites : their European migrations, immigration to the United States and assimilation into American society
 online 1929 Jarrott, John Wesley Club activities of Liberty Junior High School, Hutchinson, Kansas
 online 1963 Jeffries, John B. Early history of Junction City, Kansas : the first generation
 online 1962 Johnson, Daniel Thomas Pardee Butler : Kansas abolitionist
 online 1949 Knedlik, Stanley Milos State fair in Kansas
 online 1962 Kruckenberg, Homer Andrew Early development of the Kansas cooperative elevator movement : economic growth and political environment
 online 1931 La Shelle, Golda Charlene Economic and social development of Riley County until the coming of the railroads as reflected in the newspapers
 online 1988 Martin, Brenda Stevens Impact of Mennonite settlement on the cultural landscape of Kansas
 online 1986 Moyle, Susan Mennonite settlement : the relationship between the physical and cultural environment
 online 1959 Muir, Leonard Erle Elam Bartholomew, pioneer, farmer, botanist
 online 1986 Nemeth, Louis E. Wareham Hotel : adaptive use of a Manhattan, Kansas landmark
 online 1954 Nyquist, Floyd Wendell First half-century of Randolph, Kansas, and community
 online 1953 Osmer, William Almont Connecticut Kansas colony of 1856-1857
 online 1947 Owsley, Carol Lee History of early agricultural societies in Kansas
 online 1938 Perry, Paul Clutter Trade and service territory of Little River, Kansas, and factors influencing its extent
 online 1960 Pletcher, Vera Edith Crosby History of Smith County, Kansas to 1960
 online 1963 Powell, Eugene W. Comparison : the club activities of Liberty Junior High School, Hutchinson, Kansas in 1929 and the activity program of Liberty Junior High School, Hutchinson, Kansas in 1963
 online 1963 Quandt, Eldor C Geographic-economic base study of Salina, Kansas
 online 1966 Rasmussen, E. Keith History of intercollegiate athletics at Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas
 online 1966 Schroeder, Bernard F. History of interscholastic athletics at Sacred Heart High School, Salina, Kansas
 online 1938 Skeen, Lydia Andres History of the cattle industry of the Flint Hills of Kansas
 online 1947 Socolofsky, Homer Edward Scully land system in Marion County, Kansas
 online 1965 Stromgren, Harry L. Educational biography of coaches and the history of interscholastic athletics at Abilene High School, Abilene, Kansas
 online 1985 Tooker, Cynthia Sue Barn types of Lincoln County, Kansas : their spatial distribution and variation of form
 online 1929 Wentworth, Bertha Evelyn Influence of the grange movement upon the educational and social development of the agricultural class of Kansas from 1872-1876
 online 1966 Wiechert, Sandra Swanson Park City : how it lived and why it died
 online 1966 Wilkerson, Larry M. History of interscholastic athletics at St. George Rural High School, St. George, Kansas
 online 1966 Williams, Denzil LeRoy History of athletics at Beloit Junior High School, Beloit, Kansas
 online 1930 Williamson, Harold Arthur Effect of railroads on the development of Kansas to 1870