New Books for October 2015

Oops — looks like I forgot to share these! ¬†We got a donation with a lot of terrific Wichita and Kansas books

Call Number Date Author Title
G-B 151 1940 Barksdale, John Augustus, Barksdale family history and genealogy (with collateral lines) (photocopy)
G-H 144 Harrison, V. Partial History of the Harrison Family (reprinted from Campbell’s History of Virginia)
G-H 145 1915 Harrison, Henry Tazewell. A brief history of the first Harrisons of Virginia, descendants of Cuthbert Harrison, esq. of Ancaster, England, from A.D. 1600 to A. D. 1915 (reprint)
G-H 146 1910 Harrison, Fairfax Aris Sonis Focisque: Being a Memoir of an American Family The Harrisons of Skimino (reprint)
G-L 046 2005 McKay, Jean Tillie’s Bridge: Memoirs of Matilda Lillieqvist
G-L 047 1953 Cullar, Willie Clytes The Loving Family in Texas
I 274 1999 Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? A Guide to Passing on Personal Possessions
R-080 020 1999 Geary, Michael M. A quick history of Grand Lake: including Rocky Mountain National Park and the Grand Lake Lodge
R-210 110 2012 Meyer, Diana Lambdin Myths and mysteries of Kansas: true stories of the unsolved and unexplained
R-210 141 Kansas Obituary Scrapbook: Eskridge, Alma, Halstead, Mt. Hope, Tonganoxie & Topeka
R-210 SA 15 2008 Salina, 1858-2008
R-210 SA 16 1986 Oakes, Royal Camp Phillips, World War II Army post: a national success story, an American achievement
R-210 SG 006 1931 1926 Parnassus
R-210 SG 170 2010 Price, Jay M. Wichita’s Lebanese heritage
R-210 SG 171 1988 Talking Pictures: Images of Old Wichita from the 20’s to the 50’s
R-210 SG 172 2001 O’Connor, Patrick Joseph, Delano: stories from the neighborhood
R-210 SG 173 1999 Collins, Robert Arkansas Valley Interurban: The Electric Way
R-210 SG 174 2003 Price, Jay M., Wichita, 1860-1930
R-210 SG 175 1998 Sedgwick County: A Pictorial Review
R-210 SG 176 1988 Miner, H. Craig. Wichita, the magic city
R-210 SG 177 1993 Inglish, Howard Wichita: visions from the heartland
R-210 SG 179 V 1 Tombstone Readings Sedgwick County, Kansas
R-210 SG 179 V 2 Tombstone Readings Sedgwick County, Kansas
R-210 SG 179 V 3 Tombstone Readings Sedgwick County, Kansas
R-390 137 1984 Hoig, Stan The Oklahoma land rush of 1889
R-670 252 2002 Crumley, B. L. The Marine Corps
R-670 253 2001 Binns, Stewart America at War in Color: Unique Images of the American Experience in World War II
R-670 254 2015 Roberts, Cokie Capital dames: the Civil War and the women of Washington, 1848-1868