New Books May 2015

Here are the latest additions to the library (or library catalog.)  There are several publications from other genealogy societies, plus  I’ve added links to several WSU dissertations that relate to Kansas history.

Call Number Date Author Title
G-B 149 1984 Burchfield, Mary Alice John Kendig Barr: His Ancestors and His Descendants
G-H 143 1960 Hood, Dellmann Osborne, The Tunis Hood family: its lineage and traditions
I 270 2015 Levenick, Denise May How to Archive Family Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize and Share Your Photos Digitally
R-210 CK 08 V 35 2014 Relatively Seeking
R-210 CR 06 V 43-44 2013 – 2014 The Seeker
R-210 SG 163 Hackney, Wanda L. Valley Center: Funeral Cards and Obituaries
R-380 305 V 07-13 1993 – 1999 Preble’s Pride
R-380 306 V 32 2013 Seneca Searchers
R-380 319 V 53-54 2013 – 2014 Pickaway Quarterly
R-380 328 V 37-39 2012 – 2014 Licking Lantern
R-430 178 1981 Alexander, Virginia Wood. Maury County, Tennessee, deed books A-F, 1807-1817
R-430 179 1984 Garrett, Jill Knight. Maury County, Tennessee will books A, B, C-1, D, and E, 1807-1832
R-430 180 Home Demonstration Clubs of Maury County, TN Ancestor Charts
R-430 181 1983 Warren, Polly C. Mount Pleasant, Tennessee
R-430 182 Tennessee Settlers and Their Descendants
R-430 182 V 2 Tennessee Settlers and Their Descendants
R-430 183 V 2 Tennessee Genealogical Society Family Record Charts
R-600 055 V 095 2007 National Genealogical Society quarterly
R-600 055 V 096 2008 National Genealogical Society quarterly
R-600 055 V 099 2011 National Genealogical Society quarterly
R-600 055 V 101 2013 National Genealogical Society quarterly
R-600 055 V 102 2014 National Genealogical Society quarterly
R-640 109 1986 Alderfer, Joel D. Mennonite Migration from Southeastern Pennsylvania
online — link in catalog 1896 The early records of the town of Lunenberg, Massachusetts
online — link in catalog 2008 Chennell, Charles Luke Who can predict the future?: Central Kansas and the boom of 1887
online — link in catalog 2009 Crawley, James J. The history of the Wichita Community Theater
online — link in catalog 2012 Dittemore, Carl Fenn This man Murdock
online — link in catalog 2014 Flory, Lynsay Sue The sacrifices and inconveniences were forgotton: Baptist missionary women to the northeastern immigrant tribes in Kansas, 1833-1853
online — link in catalog 2007 Heiman, Nathan Anthony The spirit of Nicodemus
online — link in catalog 2008 Jackson, Leigh Women of Bleeding Kansas
online — link in catalog 1878 Johnson, Crisfield History of Washington County, New York 1878
online — link in catalog 1923 Lincoln, Waldo, History of the Lincoln family: an account of the descendants of Samuel Lincoln, of Hingham, Massachusetts, 1637-1920
online — link in catalog 2007 Macklin, Mary E. New Thought churches in Wichita, Kansas history and structure
online — link in catalog 1949 McNew, Johnetta Losh The foundation of Fairmount College
online — link in catalog 2013 Poland, Jordan Andrew Lorenzo D. Lewelling and Kansas populism
online — link in catalog 2014 Reed, Shannon Dee Mortuary anthropology: The potential of historic research within an historic cemetery
online — link in catalog 2014 Rhodes, Austin Charles Good saloon, bad saloon: Saloons in Wichita, Kansas 1865-1881
online — link in catalog 2006 Ricke, Audrey Expressing ethnicity: a Vietnamese community in Kansas
online — link in catalog 1978 Sherow, James E. Langdon, Kansas: the aging of a rural town
online — link in catalog 2007 Stephanopoulos, Athena Theodota Scourge of the Osage from the hand that held the quill: The economic survival of the Osage Indians concerning their transformation from warlords to landlords in the nineteenth century
online — link in catalog 1793 Whitney, Peter The history of the county of Worcester, in the commonwealth of Massachusetts : with a particular account of every town from its first settlement to the present time, including its ecclesiastical state, together with a geographical description of the same : to which is prefixed, a map of the county, at large, from actual survey
online — link in catalog 2014 Wondra, Keith Aaron Where the Old West comes to life: The story of Old Cowtown Museum