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Sautter date book January.pdf
A small date book, with a page for each date (e.g. January 15,) on which Adrien Sautter recorded both family births, marriages and deaths, and interesting historical events. Adrien Sautter (1853-1944) was born in Switzerland and homesteaded in the…

Snapshot of two floats in the Emporia Parade of Progress
Handwritten on back: "Parade of Progress - Opening of Civic Auditorium, May 1940, Location - Corner of 12th Ave and Highland, Emporia. W. Edward Pitts (janitor), Nora Daniel, librarian, Mabel…

Studio portrait of Harry Schunk in his US Mail uniform.

This scrapbook was started by William McKinley Coates for his only grandson William Frederick Stephans. William McKinley Coates was very interested in firehouses and Wichita history. He lived in Wichita his whole life. He worked at the Wichita…
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