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Cyanotype of lily pond in front of the Park Villa in Wichita’s Riverside Park

Cyanotype of Park Villa in Wichita’s Riverside Park

A cyanotype of the Wichita Soldiers and Sailors monument in front of the Sedgwick County courthouse

A cyanotype of picture of Griffenstein pasture, with sheep

A cyanotype of a street scene of Wichita looking at the Post Office and Beacon lane

A cyanotype of a street scene of Wichita looking north on Main from City Hall

Cover of a paper photograph album with a picture of a tree
Handwritten “Scenes at Wichita Kansas and of the Cossitt Family & Home

Sautter date book January.pdf
A small date book, with a page for each date (e.g. January 15,) on which Adrien Sautter recorded both family births, marriages and deaths, and interesting historical events. Adrien Sautter (1853-1944) was born in Switzerland and homesteaded in the…

Printed notice for Henrietta Mary Einhaus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Einhaus

Portrait of Newton Easton
Handwritten on back “Newton Easton 10 wks old” and “F. Newman Photography, Chanute, KS”
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