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Printed notice for Henrietta Mary Einhaus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Einhaus

Portrait of Newton Easton
Handwritten on back “Newton Easton 10 wks old” and “F. Newman Photography, Chanute, KS”

Portrait of two girls
Handwritten on back “Mildred Gast[?] and ___ Wymer” “Aunt Crissie”

Portrait of Clara and Minnie Ward
Handwritten on back “Clara & Minnie Ward”

Portrait of Addie Loveland, Leona Jones, Mr. O.N. Pearson, May Hollyfield and Mary Ida Hollyfield
Handwritten on back “Back: Addie Loveland, Leona Jones. Seated: Mr. O. N. Pearson & May Hollyfield with Mary Ida Hollyfield” “Drum Studio,…

Snapshot of Louise Hollyfield wearing roller skates
Handwritten on back “Louise Hollyfield age 11. Dark hair, eyes. My dispasich[sic]”

Photograph of Mrs. Elizabeth Reagan and daughter Myra sitting outside a house
Handwritten on back “Mrs. Elizabeth Reagan and daughter, Myra”

Photograph of Lota and Jessie Bennett sitting on stone staircase
Handwritten on back “Lota & Jessie Bennett Copeland J Underdown Studio K. C. MO”

Snapshot of Doris Hollyfield
Handwritten on back “Doris Hollyfield age 13 Mar 4 Blonde Brown eyes, Beautiful complexion (of course my crown is blackest)”

Snapshot of Mary Hollyfield
Handwritten on back “Mary Hollyfield in her band uniform she marched in New Years Parade in Pasadena. Jan 1. 52 in tall weight 118 age 14 Jan 4, 1932”
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