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    BOOK NO.                                AUTHOR                                                            TITLE

R-430 1   McRaven, Henry Nashville "Athens of the South" 1949
R-430 2   McDowell, Sam East Tennessee History w/Index 1978
R-430 3   Merritt, Frank Early History of Carter County, Tennessee w/Index 1950
R-430 4     History of Hamilton, Knox & Shelby Cos., Tennessee  w/ Index 1974
R-430 5   Grammer, Norma Rutledge  et al Marriage Records of Washington Co., Tennessee 1787-1840 1973
R-430 6   Goodspeed History of Giles, Lincoln, Franklin & Moore Cos., Tennessee 1972
R-430 7   Goodspeed Goodspeed Histories of Fayette & Hardeman Counties of Tennessee  
R-430 8   Goodspeed History of Montgomery, Robertson, Humphrey. Stewart, Dickson, Cheatham & Ho 1972
R-430 9   Goodspeed History of Sumner, Smith, Macon, Trousdale Cos., Tennessee 1972
R-430 10     History of  Lawrence, Wayne, Perry, Hickman Cos., Tennessee 1979
R-430 11   Goodspeed History of  White, Warren, DeKalb, Coffee, Cannon Cos., Tennessee 1979
R-430 12   Williams, Samuel Cole History of the Lost State of Franklin 1972
R-430 13     Shelby Co., Tennessee Marriage Records 1819-1850 1957
R-430 14     Tennessee Pensioners; Giles Co. 1812 Marriages; Bedford Co., Tax Lists  
R-430 15   Lenoir, William B. History of Sweetwater Valley, Tennessee 1976
R-430 16   Lucas, Rev. Silas Emmett, Jr. Obits from Early Tennessee Newspapers 1794-1851 1978
R-430 18     Index to Questionnaires Federal Soldiers in the  Civil War from Tennessee 1974
R-430 19   Whitley, Edythe Rucker Marriages of Grainger Co., Tennessee 1796-1837 1982
R-430 20   Whitley, Edythe Rucker Marriages of Williamson Co., Tennessee 1804-1850 1982
R-430 21   Presley, Mrs. Leister E. North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee 1778-1791  
R-430 22   Whitley, Edythe Rucker Marriage Records of Jefferson Co., Tennessee 1792-1836 1982
R-430 23   Lucas, Rev. Silas E., Jr.  et al 35,000 Tennessee Marriages & Bonds 1783-1870 1981
R-430 24   Goodspeed History of Tennessee, Madison Co. 1979
R-430 25   Ray, Worth S. Tennessee Cousins , A History of Tennessee People 1984
R-430 26   Owsley, Harriet Chappell Guide to the Processed Manuscripts of Tennessee Historical Society 1969
R-430 27     Writings on Tennessee Counties on Interlibrary Loan 1971
R-430 28     Draper Collection Tennessee & Kings Mountain Papers 1929
R-430 29   Isenhour, Judith Clayton Knoxville A Pictorial History 1978
R-430 30   Nikazy,  Eddie M. Sullivan Co., Tennessee Death Records 1994
R-430 31   Smith, Sam B. World Conference on Records in Tennessee 1969
R-430 32     Wayne Co., Tennessee Marriages & Cemeteries  
R-430 33   Whitley, Edythe  Rucker Overton Co., Tennessee Genealogical Records 1983
R-430 34   Whitley, Edythe Rucker Marriages of Rutherford Co., Tennessee 1804-1872 1981
R-430 35   Goodspeed Goodspeed History of Tennessee - Lauderdale, Tipton, Haywood, Crockett Cos. 1978
R-430 36   Nikazy,  Eddie M. Washington Co., Tennessee Death Record Abstracts 1908-1916 1994
R-430 37     Guide to Microfilmed Manuscript Holdings of Tennessee Library & Archives 1983
R-430 38   Hansard, Mary A. Old Time Tazewell 1979
R-430 39   Mason, Robert L. Cannon Co.,  Tennessee 1982
R-430 40   Coffee Co. Conservation Board Coffee County from Arrowheads to Rockets - A History of Coffee Co. 1969
R-430 41   Whitley, Edythe Rucker Records of Early Settlers from State and County Archives 1981
R-430 42   Sistler, Byron et al Early Tennessee Tax Lists 1977
R-430 43   McCague, James The Cumberland 1973
R-430 44   Arnow, Harriette Simpson Seedtime on the Cumberland 1960
R-430 45   Fischer, Marjorie Hood Tennessee Tidbits 1778-1914 1986
R-430 47   Reintjes, Afton E. Tennessee Research 1986
R-430 48   Harris, Robert W. Anderson Co., Tennessee Loose Records Index 1990
R-430 49     Newspaper Subject Index of Wayne Co., Tennessee from 1876-1935 1990
R-430 50     Tennessee Wills & Administrations 1779-1861  
R-430 51     The French Broad - Holston Country - A History of Knox Co., Tennessee 1972
R-430 52   Burgner, Goldene Fillers Chancery Court Minutes, Greene Co., Tennessee  Nov.1825-Jan. 1831 1987
R-430 53   Rhinehart, Margret White Co. Tennessee Marriage Records 1985
R-430 54   Whitley, Edythe  Rucker Pioneers of Davidson Co., Tennessee 1981
R-430 55   Sistler, Byron Index to Maury Co., Tennessee Wills & Administrations 1807-1861 1990
R-430 56   Marsh, Timothy R.  et al Chancery Court of Records of Bedford Co., Tennessee 1988
R-430 57     Campbell Co. - History of Tennessee  
R-430 58   Goodspeed Anderson Co. History of Tennessee 1988
R-430 59   Goodspeed Union Co. History of Tennessee 1990
R-430 60   Burgner, Goldene Fillers Greene Co., Tennessee Minutes of Court of Common Pleas, 1783-1795 1982
R-430 61   Houston, Sandra Kelton Greene Co., Tennessee Guardians & Orphans Court Records - 1830 Tax Lists 1984
R-430 62   Gammell, Paula & Hutton, Edith Cemeteries & Tombstone Inscriptions from Campbell Co., Tennessee 1989
R-430 63   Whitley, Edythe Rucker Marriages of Rhea Co., Tennessee 1808-1859 1983
R-430 64   Whitley, Edythe  Rucker Marriages of Roane Co., Tennessee 1801-1838 1983
R-430 65   Whitley, Edythe Rucker Marriages of Wilson Co., Tennessee 1802 - 1850 1981
R-430 66   Whitley, Edythe  Rucker Marriages of Sumner Co., Tennessee 1787-1838 1981
R-430 67   Whitley, Edythe  R. Marriages of Blount Co., Tennessee 1795-1859 1982
R-430 68   Whitley, Edythe  R. Marriages of Davidson Co., Tennessee 1789-1847 1981
R-430 69   Fulcher, Richard Carlton Census of the Cumberland Settlements  1770-1790 1987
R-430 70   Whitley, Edythe Rucker Marriages of Anderson Co., Tennessee 1838-1858 1983
R-430 71     The Tennessee Locator  
R-430 72   Douthat, James L. Pickwick Landing Reservoir Cemeteries  
R-430 73   Nolan, Gertrude Campbell Co., Tennessee Wills,  Bonds & Inventories 1993
R-430 74   Dockter, Albert W., Jr. Blount Co., Tennessee Chancery Court Records 1866-1869 1994
R-430 75   Wells, Carol Williamson County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, May 1806-April 1812 1994
R-430 76   Smith, Mary Sue Davidson Co., Tennessee Deed Books T & W 1829-1835 1994
R-430 77   Douthat, James L. Carter Co., Tennessee Wills & Inventories 1794-1847 1985
R-430 78   Sistler, Byron et al Early  East Tennessee Marriages 1987
R-430 79   Sherman, Karen L. Sullivan Co., Tennessee Cemeteries 1991
R-430 80     Scott Co., Tennessee County Court Minutes 1850-1855  
R-430 81   Wells, Carol Rhea Co., Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes Sept 1815-March 1836 1996
R-430 82   Reksten, Harald & Boyer, Reba Index to McMinn Co., Tennessee Tax Lists 1829-1832 & 1836 1996
R-430 83   Whitley, Edythe  Rucker Marriages of  Gibson Co., Tennessee 1824-1860 1982
R-430 84   Whitley, Edythe  R. Marriages of Lawrence Co., Tennessee 1818-1854 1982
R-430 85   Whitley, Edythe  Rucker Marriages of Shelby Co., Tennessee 1820-1858 1982
R-430 86   Whitley, Edythe  Rucker Marriages of Stewart Co., Tennessee 1838-1866 1982
R-430 87   Harris, Euline & Mary S. Marion Co., Tennessee Cemetery Records 1987
R-430 88   Nikazy, Eddie M. Greene Co., Tennessee Death  Record Abstracts, 1908-1918 1997
R-430 89   Pelllissippi Gen. & Hist. Soc. Tennessee Bicentennial History of Anderson Co., 1796-1996 1997
R-430 90   Douthat, James L. Johnson Co., Tennessee Marriage Book I, 1838-1857 1982
R-430 91   Memphis Geneal. Society Shelby Co., Tennessee Marriages 1819-1850 and Early Giles Co. Marriages 1957
R-430 92   Holt, Edgar A. Claiborne County, Tennessee County History Series 1981
R-430 93   Clairborne Co. Historical Society People's History of Claiborne Co., Tennessee 1801-1988 1994
R-430 94   Dykeman, Wilma & Stokely, Jim Highland Homeland, The People of the Great Smokies 1978
R-430 95   Douthat, James L. & Stout, Jerry Johnson Co., Tennessee Will 1982
R-430 96   Prevost, Toni Jollay Jefferson Co., Tennessee Will Book 4 & Sale Book 1833-1840 1990
R-430 97   Barry, William Henderson Co., Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions 1976
R-430 98   Burgner, Goldene Fillers Greene Co., Tennessee Wills 1783-1890 1981
R-430 100   Kelley, Sarah Foster Children of Nashville 1973
R-430 102   WPA Anderson Co., Tennessee Court Minutes 1801-1809 1936
R-430 103   WPA,, Gannaway George  et al Tombstone Records of Rhea Co., Tennessee 1936
R-430 104   Marsh, Helen C.  et al Cemetery Records of Bedford Co., Tennessee 1976
R-430 105   Shapard, Sarah Marsh et al Tombstone Inscriptions of Coffee Co., Tennessee 1970
R-430 106     Bedford Co., Tennessee Historical Quarterly 1983
R-430 107   Jones, Billy M. Heroes of Tennessee - Tennessee Series 1979
R-430 108   East Tennessee Hist.Spc. James County - A Lost County of Tennessee 1983
R-430 109   Siler, Tom Tennessee Towns from Adams to Yorkville 1985
R-430 110   Douthat, James L. Watauga Reservoir Cemeteries 1992
R-430 111   Deaderick, Lucille Heart of the Valley - A History of Knoxville, Tennessee 1976
R-430 112   Bond, Octavia  Zollicoffer Old Tales Retold or Perils & Adventures of Tennessee Pioneers 1973
R-430 113   Ramsey, J. G. M The Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century 1967
R-430 114   Broyles, Bettye J. History of Rhea Co., Tennessee 1991
R-430 115     Meigs Co. Cemetery Records Book 1986
R-430 116   Sistler, Byron et al Tennessee Land Grants 1998
R-430 117   Miller, Alan N. II East Tennessee's Forgotten Children, Apprentices from 1778-1911 2000
R-430 118   Munnerlyn, Vonnie Looper Abstracts of 1st Overton Co., Tennessee Register of Deeds 1806-1817 2000
R-430 119   Schweitzer, George K. Tennessee Genealogical Research 1983
R-430 120     Land Deeds of Jefferson Co., Tennessee 1792-1814 2001
R-430 121     Franklin Co., Tennessee Wills 1808-1876 & Deeds 1801-1840 2001
R-430 122   Marsh, Helen C.  et al Land Deed Genealogy of Rutherford Co., Tennessee 2001
R-430 123   Partlow, Thomas E. Smith Co., Tennessee Chancery Court Records 1824-1871 2001
R-430 124   Partlow, Thomas E. DeKalb Co., Tennessee Chancery Court Records 1844-1892 2001
R-430 125   Weddington, Andy Previously Unpublished Early Marriage Records of Giles Co., Tennessee 1994
R-430 126   Creekmore, Pollyanna Tennessee Newspaper Extracts & Abstracts  Marriage, Death & Others 1995
R-430 127   Hutchings, Vicky L. Fayette Co., Tennessee Deed Books A-D 2001
R-430 128   Hutchings, Vicky L. Gibson Co., Tennessee Deed Books A-C 2002
R-430 129   Hutchings, Vicky L. Lawrence Co., Tennessee Deed Books F-H 2001
R-430 130   Goodspeed Histories of Maury, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Bedford & Marshall Cos. 1971
R-430 131     Sacred to the Memory of Old City Cemetery 1974
R-430 132   Hutson, J. L. Old Times in Bedford Co., Tennessee  
R-430 133   Jacobs, Lucile Frizzell Some Yesterdays of Tennessee 1935
R-430 134     Doors to the Past; Homes of Shelbyville and Bedford County 1969
R-430 135   Losson, Christopher Tennessee's Forgotten Warriors, Frank Cheatham & His Confederate 1989
R-430 136   Potter, Dorothy Williams Marriage Books A & C, 18853-1870, Coffee Co., Tennessee 1973
R-430 138   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson More Coffee County Marriages, 1870-1897  
R-430 139   Phillips, Judy & Majors, Betty Coffee County, Tennessee County Court Loose Papers  
R-430 141   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson Medicine in Coffee County - The First 100 Years or So  
R-430 142   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson The Cunnyngham Ledgers 1832-1880  
R-430 143   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson World War I and Coffee County's Participants  
R-430 144   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson The Civil War Era In Coffee County, Tennessee  
R-430 145   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson A "Betsy Willis" Miscellany  
R-430 146   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson Coffee County, From Its Earliest Settlement and Some 100 Years Thereafter  
R-430 148   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson A Book About Manchester Until 1905  
R-430 149   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson Hillsboro & A Part of The Cumberland Region  
R-430 150   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson Tullahoma, Episodes From It's Past  
R-430 151   Bridgewater, Betty Anderson St. Barnabas' Parish, The First Hundred Years  
R-430 152   Jacobs, David L Leaves from the Beech Grove  
R-430 153     Lincoln County, Tennessee Marriage Records 1838/1843  
R-430 154     History of Beans Creek Christian Church or Church of God 1857-1917  
R-430 156   Whitley, Edythe Rucker Red River Settlers 1980
R-430 157   East Tennessee Hist. Soc. First Families of Tennessee 2000
R-430 158   Fulcher, Richard Carlton Guide to County Records and Gen. Resources in Tennessee 1987
R-430 159     Guide to the Microfilmed Manuscript Holdings of the Tennessee State Library 1983
R-430 160   Partlow, Thomas E. Wilson County, Tennessee Deeds, Marriages, and Wills 1800 - 1902 1987

C-430-1A&B  1770-1790 Census of Cumberland Settlements, TN (2 copies)
C-430-2     1820 Census Index Tennessee
C-430-3     1840 Census Bradley Co., TN
C-430-4     1850 Census Sullivan Co., TN
C-430-5     Hawkins Co., TN; 1830-1850 Censuses
C-430-6     1860 Census Bradley Co., TN
C-430-7     1840 Census McNairy Co., TN
C-430-8     1850 U.S. Census Sumner Co., TN; S-K Publ
C-430-9     1880 Census Sumner Co., TN S-K Publ
C-430-10    1830 Census East Tennessee; by Sistler
C-430-11    Virginians in Tennessee 1850; Williams, 1988
C-430-12    Tennessee Census: 1830-1840 U.S. Census Washington Co., TN; S-K 
C-430-13    1836 Tax List for Marion Co., TN; by Euline Harris
C-430-14    Index to 1850 Census of Carter Co., TN, Carter Co. TN Web Page
C-430-15    1850 Bradley Co., TN Census; Mountain Press
C-430-16    Restructured 1810 Census of Tennessee; Charles A. Sherrill
C-430-17    1850 federal Census of Coffee County TN by Betty Anderson 
C-430-18    1820 Census of Bedford Co., TN

CD-Rom 36   Van Buren, Washington & Wayne Counties, TN 1860 Census
CD-Rom 48   1920 TN Census - Hamilton (ED 216-236, 44-48, Hancock & Hardin
CD-Rom 40   1920 Tn Census - Washington, Wayne & White Co; Heritage Quest
CD-Rom 51   Marriage Index, TN 1851-1900; Family Treemaker

F-430-1       Bedford Co., TN Deed Index 1808-1875
F-430-2       1850 Census Carroll & Carter Cos.,TN
F-430-3       1850 Census Grainger & Greene Cos., TN
F-430-4       1850 Census Hardin & Hawkins Cos., TN
F-430-5       1850 Census Jacbon & Jefferson Cos., TN
F-430-6       1850 Census Wayne & Weakley Cos., TN
F-430-7       1850 Census Grundy & Hamblen Cos, TN
F-430-8       1830 Census Davidson Co., TN
F-430-9       1850 Census Campbell & Cannon Cos., TN
F-430-10      1840 Census Polk thru Washington Cos., TN
F-430-11      1850 Census Lewis thru McMinn Cos, TN
F-430-12      Washington Co., TN Deed Index (Land Records)
F-430-13      Campbell Co., TN Vital Records
F-430-14      1870 Census Jefferson & Johnson Cos., TN
F-430-15      1850 Census Johnson thru Laurence Cos., TN
F-430-16      1860 Census Johnson & Knox Cos., TN
F-430-17      1870 Census Knox County, TN
F-430-18      1850 Fed. Census Knox & McMinn Cos., TN
F-430-19      Henry Co., TN Deed Index Vol. 1 & 2 Mar 1822 - Jan 1902;
                   TN State Library & Archives
F-430-20      1880 Federal Census Campbell Co., TN
Magazine #      County          Title 
M-430-1         Anderson        The Pellissippian, Pellissippi Genea. Society
M-430-13        Claiborne       Reflections, Claiborne Co. TN Historical Soc.
M-430-37        Hawkins         Distant Crossroads, Hawkins Co. Genea. Society
M-430-47A       Knox, etc       East Tennessee Historical Society
M-430-47B       Knox, etc       East Tennessee Historical Publication
M-430-52        Lincoln         Tennessee Pioneers
M-430-55        Madison, etc.   Family Findings; Midwest Tennessee Genea. Soc.
M-430-58A       Maury, etc.     River Counties Quarterly/Genealogist
M-430-63        Montgomery      Montgomery Ca Genea. Journal
M-430-79        Shelby, etc.    "Ansearchin" News TN Genea. Soc., Memphis, TN
M-430-90        Washington      Wautauga Assn. Bulletin, Johnson City, TN
M-430-SG-1      State General   East Tennessee Roots, Oak Ridge, TN
M-430-SG-2      State General   Upper Cumberland Genea. Bulletin

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