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About Blue Skyways

Blue Skyways was a web hosting service for the Kansas library community sponsored by the State Library of Kansas. It was intended to help Kansas libraries serve as vital information utilities for their local communities.


John and Susan Howell created "Kansas on the Net" in 1995. In January, 1997, Blue Skyways of Kansas was started on the www.skyways.kumc.edu server operated by the University of Kansas Medical Center with an alternate address of skyways.lib.ks.us. On 21-Feb-1997, the Howell's secured a $10,000 Loleta D. Fyan Grant from the American Library Association to the Kansas Library Network Board to cover server space and training costs. In June, 1999, the skyways.org alias was registered.


Because Blue Skyways was no longer central to [their] mission, it and all of the associated city, library, organizational and genealogical websites were disabled by the State Library of Kansas on 1-Jul-2014.

What was available on Blue Skyways?

Blue Skyways offered thousands of pages of material about Kansas in five main categories.

Where can the information be found now?

Some of the former Blue Skyways web sites have found new homes. Others have been preserved on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. This directory currently only lists sites that were previously hosted on Blue Skyways and have moved. If you are aware of any corrections, please contact us.





Name Skyways URL new URL
Coutts Memorial Museum of Art /museums/coutts/ http://couttsmuseum.org
Museum of the Kansas National Guard /museums/kng/ http://www.kansasguardmuseum.org
Kansas Oil Museum & Butler County History Center /museums/kom/ http://www.kansasoilmuseum.org
Last Indian Raid Museum /museums/lirm/ http://www.decaturcountylastindianraidmuseum.com
Marshall County Historic Courthouse /museums/mchc/ http://www.marysvillemuseumsks.org
Mennonite Heritage Museum /museums/goessel/ http://heritagemuseum.mennonite.net
Mueller-Schmidt House /orgs/fordco/ http://www.kansashistory.us/fordco/house.html


In February 1997, Tom and Carolyn Ward became the state coordinators for the KSGenWeb Project. As part of the USGenWeb Project, the "idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Kansas, where collected databases would be stored." Contact information for local libraries, newspapers, and historical societies was compiled for each of the 105 Kansas counties. Students in Carolyn's Middle School classes at Baxter Springs transcribed A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans and many other historical Kansas works.

Name Skyways URL new URL
KSGenWeb Project /genweb/ http://ksgenweb.org


Name Skyways URL new URL
Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies /genweb/kcgs/ http://www.kcgs.us
Chase County Historical Society and Museum /genweb/society/cottonwd/ http://www.chasecountyhistoricalmuseum.com
Clay County Historical Society /genweb/society/clayco/ http://www.kcgs.us/ClayCounty
Douglas County Genealogical Society /genweb/douglas/ http://www.kcgs.us/DouglasCountyKansasGenealogicalSociety
Finney County Genealogical Society /genweb/society/finney/ http://www.finneycountygs.org
Ford County Historical Society /orgs/fordco/ http://www.kansashistory.us/fordco
Harper County Genealogical Society /genweb/society/harper/ http://www.kcgs.us/HarperCounty
Hodgeman County Genealogical Society /genweb/society/jetmore/ http://www.kcgs.us/HodgemanCounty
Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society /genweb/mhgs/ http://mhgswichita.org
Norton County Genealogical Society /orgs/ncgs/ http://www.rootsweb.com/~ksncgs2
Sherman County Historical Society /genweb/sherman/shchs.html http://www.goodlandnet.com/history
Smoky Valley Genealogical Society /genweb/ottawa/smoky.html http://www.rootsweb.com/~kssvgs
Wilson County Historical Society /genweb/society/fredonia/ http://www.kcgs.us/WilsonCounty



Name Skyways URL new URL
Columbus Public Library /library/columbus/ http://columbus.mykansaslibrary.org
Emporia Public Library /library/emporia/ http://emporialibrary.org
Eudora Public Library /library/eudora/ http://eudora.mykansaslibrary.org
Hesston Public Library /library/hesston/ http://www.hesstonpubliclibrary.com
Kingman Carnegie Library /library/kingman/ http://www.kingmanlibrary.org
Pittsburg Public Library /library/pittsburg/ http://www.pplonline.org
Pratt Public Library /library/pratt/ https://prattpubliclibrary.org
Wichita Area Library Association /library/wala/ http://walaks.org

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