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  • Collection: 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Menards No Children.jpg
Sign announcing a new policy at Menards

USD259 Playground Closed 4-14.jpg
Photograph of a sign closing a school playground during the coronavirus pandemic

USD259 Horace Mann Sign.jpg
Photograph of a school sign during the coronavirus pandemic

WAM Closed Sign 4-15.jpg
Sign in the doorway of the Wichita Art Museum

College Hill Yard Signs.jpg
Photograph of homemade signs in a residential neighborhood

Via Christi Village Heroes.jpg
Photograph of a sign at a memory-care facility

Sydneys Door 5-4.jpg
Photograph of the signs on the door of a pet boarding and grooming business

Meddys Order System 5-4-.jpg
Photograph of the system for managing cars picking up food orders at a restaurant

Fresenius Heroes 5-4.jpg
Photograph of a sign at a kidney dialysis center

Felipes Margarita-2.jpg
Photograph of a carryout margarita from Felipe's restaurant
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