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  • Collection: 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Al-Anon Sign.jpg
Meeting notices on the door of St. Stephens Episcopal Church

Andover Mask 1.JPG
Backyard deer statue wearing a face mask

Cargill COVID Testing Sign.jpg
Photograph of a sign for contractor COVID testing

Meddys Order System 5-4-.jpg
Photograph of the system for managing cars picking up food orders at a restaurant

City Hall Blue Light.jpg
The Wichita City Hall lit in blue to honor first responders

Prospect Park Closed.jpg
Playground closed during coronavirus pandemic

Lakepoint Physicians Sign.jpg
Photograph of a sign at a medical clinic

Easter Bunny Mask 1-2.jpg
Easter bunny wearing a face mask

AVC Elevator Sign.jpg
COVID precautions sign on elevator door

Dillons Empty Shelves.jpg
Grocery stores showing cleaning product shortages
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