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  • Collection: Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum Collection (on-going)

S. G. Davis accused Neil Taylor and Harold Taylor of breaking in to 101 S. Meridian Street and stealing the personal property of S. G. Davis and A. W. Labrane.

S. A. Cavell accused Leonard Porter and Will McGrew of breaking in to an apartment in 150 N. Main Street and stealing personal property from Thomas Valentine.

C. L. Adams accused John Murphy of picking his pocket.

W. E. Sise accused Ben Chauteau and Carl Elliott of stealing women's clothing from 207 N. Lawrence Avenue.

Daniel Camerson accused F. Osborne of stealing hides from the Cudahy Packing Company.

Daniel Sutton accused W. W. Patterson of stealing from the Ben Baker Farm.

Daniel Cameron accused J. F. Bradburn and C. H. Towne of stealing steer hides.

Ella Zerner states that she is an unmarried woman and that Lee Jones is the father of her baby.

J. W. Stanbridge accused Garnett Jones of breaking in to 300 S. Wichita Street and stealing stamps.

Jerome Twiley accused J. Whittaker of trying to kill him with a knife.
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