Miller Photograph Collection


Miller Photograph Collection


These photographs are from a collection assembled by Mr. Miller over many years. This is not a family collection and the people in the photographs are not necessarily related to each other.


Mr. Miller


Some of these photographs may be under copyright. Please refer to the description of each item for any information MHGS has about the copyright status of that photograph.

Items in the Miller Photograph Collection Collection

Fern Keller Hyde<br />
Studio portrait of Fern Keller Hyde
Handwritten on back "Fern Keller Hyde or Mrs Bert Hyde taken to raise by Mr & Mrs Mean"

Josie and Pearl Lucas<br />
Studio portrait of Josie and Pearl Lucas. Handwritten on back is "1894. Josie and Pearl Lucas"

Blanche A. Bartley
Studio portrait of Blanche Bartley. Handwritten on back "Blanch A. Bartley"

Ack Kinzer<br />
Studio portrait of Ack Kinzer
Handwritten on back "Ack Kinzer Age 26 1896"

Unknown Woman
Studio portrait of an unknown woman. Handwritten note on back says "By?dr" (possibly Byrdr?)

Mabel Ada Kerley<br />
Studio portrait of Mabel Ada Kerley
Handwritten note on back says "was taken Nov. 10 1892. Mabel Ada Kerley was born Oct 27 1890 on Sumner farm. Peck Kansas, Sedgwick Co."

Mary Prunty
Studio portrait of Mary Prunty
Handwritten note on back says " 1893. Mary Prunty. Born July 26-1830. Died June 11-1911. Picture taken 1893."

Ash Prunty
Studio portrait of Ash Prunty
Handwritten note on back says "1893. Ash Prunty. Born Feb. 17-1824. Died Dec. 4-1915. Picture taken 1893"

John Richard David Kerley<br />
Studio portrait of John Richard David Kerley
Handwritten note on back says "was taken Nov 10. 1892. John Richard David Kerley was born Dec. 22-1891 on the Sumner farm. Peck Kansas Sedgwick Co."

Eli T. Hobson<br />
Studio portrait of Eli Hobson
Handwritten note on back says "Eli T. Hobson"