Warner Collection


Warner Collection


These photographs and other items are part of the genealogical files collected by Marguerite Nixon Warner. Note: the numbers written on the back of many pictures are part of a identification system assigned by Mrs. Warner. The files are indexed in the MHGS catalog

Items in the Warner Collection Collection

Carry, Ada and Lillie Spence<br />
<br />
Portrait of Carry, Ada and Lillie Spence
Handwritten on back “3-5-2-2-2-1” “daughters of Mosella & Dan Spence (Mosella was dau of Aunt Betty Edwards Ferrell)” “Carry, Ada, Lillie Spence”

Henry and Betty Ferrell Family<br />
Portrait of Jess, Betty, Charles, Henry and Amy Ferrell
Handwritten on back “Aunt Betty’s family – Ferrell Grandma (Nannie) Fortner’s sister. Jess, Betty Edwards Ferrell, Charlie, Uncle Henry Ferrell, Amy. Mosella married and not in…

John Edwards Family
Snapshot of Lowell, Minnie, John and Alice Edwards standing on a porch
Handwritten on back “3-5-2-2-6” “Isn’t this a beauty? I look like I was 100 yrs old Papa has the sungrins Minnie looks so important Lowell is all right it was such a…

John Edwards Family
Snapshot of John Edwards family on a porch.
Handwritten on back “3–5-2-2-6 John Edwards (lounging center) wife Alice back of him”

Mary Elizabeth Edwards Ferrell
Snapshot of Mary Edwards Ferrell sitting outside in a rocking chair. Handwritten on back “Mary Elizabeth Edwards Ferrell 3-5-2-2-2” “Aunt Betty (Amy’s Mother Nannie/Gradma Fortner’s sister)” “Taken 1401 S Water Wichita Kansas about…

John and Alice Edwards
Snapshot of John and Alice Edwards in a garden
Handwritten on back “Uncle John & Aunt Alice Edwards”

John Edwards, Rose Dupon, and Gertrude Edwards
Snapshot of three people outside a house
Handwritten on back “Kakomo, Ind. Uncle John Edwards, Rose Dupon & probably John Edwards’ dau Gertrude”

Sarah Edwards, Unidentified Woman, Alice Edwards, and Zaruda Edwards<br />
Snapshot of four women outside in front of tents
Handwritten on back “L to R Aunt Sadie, __ __, Aunt Alice, Aunt Radie Grandma Fortner’s sisters” “see 3-5-2-2 Sylvester Edwards dau’s & dau-in-law. (Sarah Grant Edwards) 3-5-2-2-10, (John…

Howard C Kenworthy
Snapshot of Howard Kenworthy standing on a sidewalk
Handwritten on back “Howard C. Kenworthy 1920”

John Edwards Family
Portrait of John, Georgia, Elden, Gertrude and Alice Edwards
Handwritten on back “Uncle John Edwards, Georgia, Eldon, Gertrude (front), Aunt Alice” “Nancy Fortner’s brother” “3-5-2-2-1”