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        BOOK NO.                                    AUTHOR                                                        TITLE

R-390 1
Rader, Edward Everett et al Readings in Oklahoma History 1930
R-390 2
Buchanan, James Shannon et al History of Oklahoma 1939
R-390 3
Webb, Guy P. History of Grant County, Oklahoma 1811-1970 1971
R-390 4

Cherokee Strip Boyhood
R-390 5
Thoburn, J. B. & Holcomb, I.M. A History of Oklahoma 1908
R-390 6

A History of First Baptist Church of Marietta, Oklahoma 1890-1977
R-390 7
Miller, Retha L. et al Russell Creek Cemetery, Craig Co., Oklahoma 1870-1970 1970
R-390 8
Ferguson, Mrs. David Logan Co., Oklahoma Potpourri
R-390 9

LeFlore Co., Oklahoma Cemeteries 1983
R-390 10
Blessing, Dr. Patrick J. Oklahoma: Records & Archives 1978
R-390 11

Index to Marriages, 1st US Ct. Northern District, Muskogee, OK Indian Terri 1980
R-390 12

LeFlore Co., Oklahoma Marriages 1980
R-390 14

Field Artillery - The King of Battle of Fort Sill, OK
R-390 15
Harlow, Victor e. Harlow's Oklahoma History 1961
R-390 16

Cemeteries of Western Osage Co. 1986
R-390 17
Shirk, George H. Oklahoma Place Names 1987
R-390 18
Tanton, Ralph E. Historical Tales of the Cherokee Strip and the Rhubarb Farm 1982
R-390 19

History of Grant Co. Families & History of Grant County 1980
R-390 20 NTBCO
The Boise City News Historical & Anniversary Edition 1968
R-390 21
Moore, Gordon Oklahoma Territorial Museum, Guthrie, OK
R-390 22
Mitchell, Brian Cosmos Cemetery, Texas Co., Oklahoma
R-390 23

Marriage Records of Comanche Co., Oklahoma Territory 1984
R-390 24
Irwin, Jay E. et al Index of Deaths 1905-1917, Lawton Constitution Newspaper 1990
R-390 25

Index to Microfilm Rolls of Oklahoma Tract Books - Lawton Public Library 1984
R-390 26

Sage and Sod, Harper Co., Oklahoma 1885-1973 1975
R-390 27
Tubbs, Beverly Herber et al Pawnee Co., Oklahoma Cemeteries 1991
R-390 28
Erickson, Mahlon G. Payne Co. Cemetery Index 1991
R-390 29
Erickson, Mahlon G. Payne Co., Oklahoma Courthouse Records 1988
R-390 30
Erickson, Mahlon G. Fairlawn Cemetery-Stillwater through June 31, 1988 1989
R-390 31
Erickson, Mahlon G. Mexican & Civil War Veterans Buried in Payne Co., OK 1988
R-390 32
Erickson, Mahlon G. Strode Funeral Home Index 1904-1935 1988
R-390 33

Payne Co., Oklahoma Marriages 1893-1907
R-390 35

Woodward County Pioneer Families Before 1915 1975
R-390 36
Bicha, Karel D. The Czechs in Oklahoma 1982
R-390 37
Smith, Clifford Neal First Families of Wakita and Manchester 1993
R-390 38
Pond, Nina Bits & Pieces of Grant Co., OK History
R-390 39
Lefebvre, Irene Sturm Cherokee Strip in Transition 1993
R-390 40

Saga of No Man's Land as Seen in 1888 & 1889
R-390 41
Erskine, Mary Wessels et al Woods Co., Oklahoma Territory 1893-1907 1993
R-390 42
Epperly, Kenneth et al Kay County Kinfolk 1994
R-390 43
Cotton, Nancy Colvin Index to Marriage Records, Oklahoma County 1889-1907 1993
R-390 44

Funeral Home Records of Tulsa, Oklahoma 1989
R-390 45

Tulsa Co. Voting Records 1993
R-390 46
Murphy, Polly Lewis Marriage Records, Comanche Co., OK Territory 1901-1906 1984
R-390 47

Marriage Records, Newkirk, Kay Co., Oklahoma 1981
R-390 48

Cemetery Inscriptions, Kay Co., Oklahoma 1978
R-390 49

Journal of the Cherokee Strip 1985
R-390 50
Pearcy, Deone K. et al The Silent Cities of Grant Co., Oklahoma 1993
R-390 51
Corden, Seth K. et al The Oklahoma Red Book 1912
R-390 52

The Last Run, Kay County, Oklahoma 1993
R-390 53

Oklahoma Educational Directory 1985/86
R-390 54

Floral Haven Memorial Gardens Burial List, Tulsa, Oklahoma
R-390 55
Young, Gloryann Hankins Chaney's Funeral Home Records, McAlester, Oklahoma 1984
R-390 56

Westville, Indian Territory, The Gate City to the Indian Territory 1988
R-390 57

Gloss Mountain Country, History of Major Co., Oklahoma 1977
R-390 58
Postlewait, Dilmond d. et al Grant Co., Oklahoma Land Patents, All name Index 1997
R-390 59
Cherokee Strip Volunteer League Woods Co., Oklahoma Rural Cemeteries 1982
R-390 60
Tanton, Ralph E. Early Legends Along Osage Creek 1975
R-390 61

History of Northwest Oklahoma 1994
R-390 62

Row Cemetery, Colcord, Delaware Co., Oklahoma
R-390 63
Ray, Odessa M. et al Crescent City Cemetery, Logan Co., Oklahoma 1891-1993
R-390 65 v 1
Garfield Co., Oklahoma Cemetery Records 1974
R-390 66

Enid Cemetery 1997
R-390 67 NTBCO
Lincoln Co., Oklahoma Birth Records 1925-1940
R-390 68 NTBCO
Messecar Funeral Home Records, Ripley, Oklahoma
R-390 69

Scullyville Indian Cemetery, Spiro, Oklahoma
R-390 70 a Nix, Dorothy et al Cherokee Nation Marriages (Indian Territory) 1997
R-390 70 b Schofield, Constance Cherokee Nation Marriages (Indian Territory) May 1903--February 1904 Book B 1997
R-390 70 c Schofield, Constance Cherokee Nation Marriages (Indian Territory) December 1903-December 1904 C 1997
R-390 71

Enid People in Enid Cemetery
R-390 72
Delaware County Historial Soc. Heritage of the Hills, A Delaware Co. History 1980
R-390 73
Nieberding, Velma History of Ottawa Co. 1983
R-390 74
Craig Co. Heritage Association The Story of Craig Co., Its People & Places 1984
R-390 75
Hist. Societies of Adair County History of Adair Co. Oklahoma 1991
R-390 76
Roberts, Marjorie Fairland, Remembered 1889-1989 1989
R-390 77
Delaware Co. Hist. Society History of Monkey Island 1987
R-390 78
Wagner, Karen Bivouac of the Dead, Oklahoma's National Cemetery 1992
R-390 79
Miller, Retha L. et al Russell Creek Cemetery, Craig Co., Oklahoma 1970
R-390 80
Geouge, Ruth Lee Oakley Obituaries Printed in The Miami Daily District News & Miami News 1984
R-390 81
Tyner, James W. et al Our People & Where They Rest 1969
R-390 82
Carselowey, James Manford Pryor Cemetery 1980
R-390 83
Carselowey, James Manford Indian Territory Notes 1973
R-390 84
Carselowey, James Manford Early Settlers 1962
R-390 85
Carselowey, James Manford My Journal 1962
R-390 86
Dale, Edward Everett et al History of Oklahoma 1948
R-390 87
Gaines, S. M. General Scheme of Oklahoma, 1921 1921
R-390 88
Wever, Orpha Jewell Probate Records 1892-1904 Northern District Cherokee Nation 1982
R-390 89

Microfilm Catalog 1976-1998
R-390 90
Bohannan, Jean E. Claude Hanna Retraces Memory's Road 1976
R-390 91
James, Louise Boyd West Wind Views, Collection of Northwest OK History 1989
R-390 92
Barnes, Gail Noel et al Q Country Oklahoma Territory (Pawnee County) Marriage Records 2000
R-390 93
Peck, Henry L. The Proud Heritage of LeFlore County, Oklahoma 1996
R-390 94

LeFlore Co., Oklahoma Miller Funeral Home Records 1899-1926 1989
R-390 95
Hackney, Wanda L. Obituaries & Funeral Notices Freedom, Woods Co., Oklahoma 1906-1996
R-390 97
Follett, Paul Printed Sources for Oklahoma Genealogical and Historical Research 2004
R-390 98 v 1
Tombstone Inscriptions in Tulsa Co., Oklahoma Volume I 1985
R-390 98 v 2 Hawkins, Margaret Tombstone Inscriptions in Tulsa Co., Oklahoma Volume II 1986
R-390 98

Tombstone Inscriptions in Tulsa Co., Oklahoma 1985
R-390 100
Lincoln Co. Historical Society Oklahoma Land Run of '91: A Lincoln County Centennial Salute 1992
R-390 101

McClain County, OK, Obituaries and Other Death Records 1887-(1918) 2006
R-390 102

History of Noble County, Oklahoma 1987
R-390 103 vol 1
A Diamond Jubilee: History of Tillman County [Oklahoma] vol 1 1976
R-390 103 vol 2
History of Tillman County [Oklahoma] vol 2 1976
R-390 104
William E. Shaklee Alphabetical List of Pioneers Who Filed Claims for Land...Cherokee Outlet
R-390 105
William Shaklee Chronological List of Pioneers Who Filed Land Claims...Cherokee Outlet 1985
R-390 106

First Families of the Twin Territories 1997
R-390 107

A Centennial History of the Watonga Area: 1892-1992 1995
R-390 108

Survey of the Gateway to the Cherokee Outlet & Cherokee Strip Tract
R-390 109
Kinard, Mary Turner McClain County, OK Marriages Index 1907-1929 1898
R-390 110
Kinard, Mary Turner Chickasaw Nation Groom Index 1895-1907 1992
R-390 111
Kinard, Mary Turner Chickasaw Nation Bride Index 1895-1907 1992

A-390 1
Morris, J. W. & McReynolds, E. C. Historical Atlas of Oklahoma 1965
A-390 2

Standard Atlas of Grant County, Oklahoma 1928
A-390 3
Morrison, F. C. Historical Map of Ottawa County Oklahoma 1965

C-390-1     1880-1890 Census Canadian Dist. Cherokee Nation Indian Terr., OK
C-390-2     1900 Census Leflore Co., OK Choctaw Nation Vol. 1
C-390-3     Craig Co., OK First Tax List After Statehood Beginning with 
               1908-Roll Books I,II, III, IV; by Alta Mae and Mary Nell 
               Bowman, 1995, Craig Co. Genea. Soc.

C-390-4 Federal Population Schedule of United States Census 1860 -
               Indian Lands West of Arkansas (Oklahoma Territory) Okla. 
               Yesterday Pub.
C-390-5Vol.3  LeFlore Co., OK 1900 Census, Southern LeFlore Co. Area 
               (Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory) 1987, Poteau Valley      
               Genea. Soc.
C-390-6Vol.1  LeFlore Co., OK 1910 Census, Bengal, Bokoshe, Braden, Cameron
               & Cowlington Area; 1997, Poteau Valley Genea. Soc.
C-390-7     Random Partial Listing of School Census of Woods Co., Ok 

Magazine #    County          Title
M-390-9       Canadian        Canadian County Connections; Canadian Co. Genea.
M-390-16      Comanche        The Tree Tracers S. W. Oklahoma Genea. Soc.
M-390-21      Delaware        Hotline Quarterly Magazine

M-390-21A Dealware Heritage of the Hills

M-390-21B Deleware T. L. & M Genealogy
M-390-22      Dewey           Key Finder; Woodward OK
M-390-24      Garfield        Garfield Roots & Branches
M-390-26      Grandy          Grandy County Quarterly
M-390-55A     Oklahoma        Ouarterly, Oklahoma Genea. Society
M-390-55B     Oklahoma        Dusty Trans; Oklahoma City, OK
M-390-57      Osage           Osage County Echoes Pawhuska Genea. Soc.

M-390-58 Ottawa Smoke Signals
M-390-60                      CGS Newsletter
M-390-62      Pontotoc        Pontotoc County Quarterly
M-390-72A     Tulsa           Tulsa Annals; Tulsa, OK
M-390-72C     Tulsa, etc      Four States Genealogist, Tulsa, OK
M-390-73      Wagoner         Wagoner Genealogist; Three Forks Genea. Soc.
M-390-76      Woods           Journal, Woods Co. Genea. Society
M-390-SG-1    State General   OGRG; The Oklahoma Genea. Research Group
H-390         State General   The Chronicles of Oklahoma

S-25          Goltry Leader, Alfalfa Co., OK; Nov. 24, 1938-June 1, 1939 
               (Map Drawer)
S-36          Obits. from the Sunday Oklahoman

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