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        BOOK NO.                            AUTHOR                                                                TITLE

R-220 1     Steamboatin' on the Cumberland 1961
R-220 2   Averill, W. H. History of the First Presbyterian Church, Frankfort, Kentucky 1902
R-220 3   Kincaid, Robert The Wilderness Road 1966
R-220 4   Rone, Wendell H., Sr. An Historical Atlas of Kentucky and Her Counties 1965
R-220 5   Perrin, Battle, & Kniffin History, Kentucky 4th Edition & 6th Edition 1887
R-220 6   Perrin, William Henry History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison & Nicholas Cos. 1979
R-220 7     Memorial Record of Western Kentucky 1904
R-220 8   Perrin, William Henry History of Fayette County, Kentucky 1979
R-220 9   Young, Bennett H. A History of Jessamine Co., Kentucky, It's Earliest Settlement to 1898 1979
R-220 10   Webb,  William & Funkhouser,William Ancient Life in Kentucky 1928
R-220 11   Kozee, William C. Pioneer Families of Eastern & Southeastern Kentucky 1980
R-220 12   Thomas, Rabold & Price Warren Co., Kentucky Marriages 1797-1851 1970
R-220 13     Bible Records of Mercer Co., Kentucky Families 1973
R-220 14   McAdams, Mrs. Harry Kennett Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records 1975
R-220 15     Index for Old Kentucky Surveys & Grants 1975
R-220 16     Wills and Ways, Miscellaneous Kentucky Records 1975
R-220 17   Ardery, Mrs. William B. Kentucky Court and Other Records 1984
R-220 19   Clift, G. Glenn Kentucky Obits 1787-1854 1977
R-220 21   McDonald, Cecil D., Jr. Some Kentucky Marriages 1976
R-220 22     Kentucky Research Notes  
R-220 23     Church & Family Graveyards, Franklin Co., Kentucky 1976
R-220 24     Surname Index to Western Cavaliers 1978
R-220 25     Marriage Records of Christian Co., Kentucky 1795-1825  
R-220 26     Kentucky Will Index Vol 2  
R-220 27   Pennington, Ann Breeding Cemetery, Adair Co., Kentucky 1978
R-220 29   Smith, Allen Webb Beginning at the Point and Documented History of Northern Kentucky 1977
R-220 30     Boonesborough Kentucky Occupants Name & Approximate Time of Arrival  
R-220 32   Hinds, Charles & Crawford, Betsy Kentucky Family Archives with Index 1974
R-220 33     Biographical Cyclopedia of the Commonwealth of Kentucky 1896
R-220 34     Genealogies of Kentucky Families 1981
R-220 35     Genealogies of Kentucky Families  
R-220 36     Draper Collection of Manuscripts & Calendar of The Kentucky Papers 1925
R-220 37   Coleman, Squire J. Winston, Jr. Kentucky Bicentennial Family Register 1977
R-220 38     Cemeteries in Shelby Co., Kentucky 1979
R-220 39   Walker, Emma & Wilson, Virginia Kentucky Bible Records 1963
R-220 40   Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather Will Records of Henry Co., Kentucky 1800 - July 1821  
R-220 41 a Green, Karen Maurer The Kentucky Gazette 1787-1800 1983
R-220 41 b Green, Karen M. The Kentucky Gazette 1801-1820 1985
R-220 42   Simpson Co. Historical Society Simpson Co., Kentucky Cemeteries 1983
R-220 43     Kentucky Marriage Records from the Register of Kentucky Hist. Soc. 1983
R-220 44     Perry Co., Kentucky Court Records 1993
R-220 45   Willis, George L., Sr. History of Shelby Co., Kentucky 1979
R-220 46   Sutherland, James F. Early Kentucky Households 1787-1811 1986
R-220 47   Johnson, Robert Foster Wilderness Road Cemeteries in Kentucky, Tennessee & Virginia 1981
R-220 48   Sutherland, James F. Early Kentucky Landholders 1986
R-220 49   Sanders, Faye S. Kentucky Vital Statistics Washington Co., Kentucky 1986
R-220 50   Sanders, Faye Sea Washington Co., Kentucky Cemeteries  
R-220 51   Nave, Doris & Augspurger, B. Kentucky Frontiersmen Will Book A, B, C, D, Woodford Co., Kentucky 1981
R-220 52   Levin, H. The Lawyers & Lawmakers of Kentucky 1982
R-220 53   Jobson, Robert C. A History of Early Jeffersontown & Southeastern Jefferson Co., Kentucky 1977
R-220 54   Merrifield, Dorothy Gallatin Co., Kentucky Abstracts of Deeds 1797-1808 1980
R-220 55   Merrifield, Dorothy Gallatin Co., Kentucky Marriages 1799-1820 1980
R-220 56   Darnell, Ermina J. Forks of Elkhorn Church 1980
R-220 57   McGhee, Lucy Kate Record of Marriages of Bracken Co., Kentucky 1796-1851  
R-220 58     Kentucky Books in Print 1989
R-220 59   Ardery, Mrs. William Kentucky Records Early Wills and Marriages Old Bible Records 1986
R-220 60   Drake, Wilson & Ardery Kentucky in Retrospect, Noteworthy Personages & Events in Kentucky History 1967
R-220 61   Craig, Robert D. Boone County, Kentucky Marriages 1798-1818  
R-220 62   Craig, Robert D. Pendleton Co., Kentucky Marriages 1799-1843 1963
R-220 63     Petitions of the Early Inhabitants of Kentucky to the Gen. Assembly of VA 1981
R-220 64   Lee, Kenneth H From the Silent Grove  
R-220 65   Lee, Kenneth H. Near Elko  
R-220 66   Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather Will Records, Greenup Co., Kentucky  
R-220 67   Whittle, Charles E. Edmonson Co., Kentucky Flashlights in Folklore  
R-220 68     Frankfort Cemetery in Kentucky  
R-220 69   Lee, Kenneth H. Jacob's People  
R-220 70   Langsam & Johnson Historic Architecture of Bourbon Co., Kentucky 1985
R-220 71   May, Galloway, Edwards Boyle Co., Kentucky Marriage Bonds 1842-1879 1987
R-220 72   Clift, G. Glenn History of Maysville & Mason Co., Kentucky  
R-220 73     Nicholas Co., Kentucky Marriages 1800-1812  
R-220 74     Shelby Co., Kentucky Marriages 1792-1800  
R-220 75     Knox Co., Kentucky Marriages 1800-1819 1978
R-220 76     Clark Co., Kentucky Marriages 1793-1799 1978
R-220 77   Ely, William The Big Sandy Valley 1987
R-220 78     Mercer Co., Kentucky Cemeteries 1969
R-220 79   Hartman, Margaret Strebel The Early History of Falmouth, Pendleton Co., Kentucky 1982
R-220 80   Franklin, Charles M. Jefferson Co., Kentucky Wills 1780-1814 1984
R-220 81   Green, Thomas Marshall Historic Families of Kentucky 1889
R-220 82     Kentucky Images Magazine, Danville-Boyle County 1983
R-220 83   Ballew, Joseph, Jr. Society of Booneborough Year Book 1993
R-220 84   Brookes-Smith, Joan Kentucky Historical Society Microfilm Catalog 1982
R-220 85   Duncan, John Allen Focus on Kentucky Genealogy - Old East Broadwell Cemetery, Harrison Co., KY
R-220 86   Conover, Rebecca Wilson Through Two Hundred Years Harrodsburg & Mercer Co., Kentucky 1974
R-220 87   Conover,  Rebecca & Ison, Alma Ray Mercer County, Kentucky Vital Statistics  1852-1859 1971
R-220 88     Kentucky Deaths, Breathitt County, Clay County  
R-220 89   Thomas, O. L. Ancestral Graves in Warren Co., Kentucky  
R-220 90   Bull, Jacqueline University of Kentucky Libraries - Margaret I. King Library Bulletin 1954
R-220 91     Logan Co., Kentucky Cemeteries  
R-220 92     Logan Co., Kentucky Marriages 1790-1865 1981
R-220 93   Franklin, Charles M. Scott Co., Kentucky Marriages 1793-1850 1985
R-220 94   Battle, Perrin, Kniff Kentucky Genealogy & Biography 1971
R-220 95   Jackson, Spencer & Jones Allen Co., Kentucky Cemetery & Graveyards Revisited 1986
R-220 96     Allen Co., Kentucky Marriages 1815-1850  
R-220 97   Cook, Michael & Bettie Fincastle & Kentucky Co., Virginia-Kentucky Records & History 1987
R-220 98     Greenup Co., Kentucky Wills 1822-1843  
R-220 99     Greenup Co., Kentucky Marriages 1804-1850  
R-220 100     Montgomery Co., Kentucky Wills 1797-1821 1988
R-220 101     Montgomery Co., Kentucky Reconstructed Marriages  
R-220 102     Woodford Co., Kentucky Marriages 1788-1850  
R-220 103   Franklin, Charles M. Woodford Co., Kentucky Wills & Estates 1985
R-220 104   Hogan, Roseann Reinemuth Kentucky Ancestry 1992
R-220 105     The Kentucky Locator  
R-220 106   Gooldy, Ray Kentucky, A Brief Genealogical Guide 1991
R-220 107   Schweitzer, George K. Kentucky Genealogical Research 1983
R-220 108     Washington County, Kentucky Bicentennial History  
R-220 109     Bourbon Co., Kentucky Records # 2 Deaths 1852-1859  
R-220 110 v 1 Franklin, Charles M. Bourbon Co., Kentucky  Will Records Volume 1: Abstracts 1786-1816 1984
R-220 110 v 2 Franklin, Charles M. Bourbon Co., Kentucky  Will Records Volume 2: Wills and Estates 1816-1824 1992
R-220 110 v 3 Franklin, Charles M. Bourbon Co., Kentucky  Will Records Volume 3: Wills and Estates 1825-1831 1991
R-220 111     Bourbon County, Kentucky Records Marriages 1788-1850  
R-220 112     Estill Co., Kentucky Records  
R-220 113     Nicholas Co., Kentucky Marriages 1800-1850  
R-220 114   Jones, Mary Josephine History of Union Baptist Church, Hardin Co., Kentucky 1986
R-220 115     Carroll Co., Kentucky Marriages 1838-1850  
R-220 116   Disponett, Roberta Sherwood Carroll Co., Kentucky Vital Statistics- Marriages,  Births, Deaths 1988
R-220 117     Henry Co., Kentucky Marriages 1798-1850  
R-220 118   Meek, C. Price Henry Co., Kentucky Cemeteries 1987
R-220 119   Evans, Gwenolyn Early Bluegrass Marriages - Gallatin Co., Kentucky 1983
R-220 120     Early Bluegrass Marriages- Trimble Co., Kentucky  
R-220 121   Trimble Co. Historical Society Trimble Co., Kentucky Cemeteries  
R-220 122   Jillson, Willard Rouse Kentucky Land Grants 1971
R-220 123   Phillips, Patricia Porter Greenup Co., Kentucky: Naturalizations, Rev. War Pensions, Lunacy Inquests 1995
R-220 124     The South, Kentucky-Tennessee   Genealogy Workshop  
R-220 125     Rockcastle Reminiscence  
R-220 126   Rothert, Otto A. A History of Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky 1913
R-220 127     Union Co., Kentucky Baptisms  
R-220 128   Downard, Daniel P. T Point Cemetery, Clayhole, Kentucky  
R-220 129   Sames, James W. III Index of Kentucky & Virginia Maps 1562-1900 1976
R-220 130   Ingmire, Frances T. Hardin Co., Kentucky Will Book E 1837-1866 1983
R-220 131   Ingmire, Frances T. Nicholas Co., Kentucky Death Records 1877-1878 1985
R-220 132   Ingmire, Frances T. Nicholas Co., Kentucky Birth Records 1876-1878 1985
R-220 133   Ingmire, Frances T. Nicholas Co., Kentucky Marriage Records 1876-1877 & 1878 1985
R-220 134   Ingmire, Frances T. Bracken Co., Kentucky Marriages 1983
R-220 135   Ingmire, Frances T. Breathitt Co., Kentucky Marriages 1983
R-220 136   Ingmire, Frances T. Casey Co., Kentucky Marriages 1983
R-220 137   Ingmire, Frances T. Fleming Co., Kentucky Marriages 1983
R-220 138   Ingmire, Frances T. Franklin Co., Kentucky Marriage Records 1983
R-220 139   Ingmire, Frances T. Grayson Co., Kentucky Marriage Records 1984
R-220 140   Couture, Jackie Madison Co., Kentucky Court Order Book 1996
R-220 141   Eddlemon, Sherida K. A Genealogy Collection of Kentucky Birth & Death Records 1997
R-220 142   Enoch, Harry G. In Search of Morgan's Station 1997
R-220 143   Dimitrov, Jerry & Hay, Charles Inventory of Burials; Berea (Kentucky) Cemetery, Inc. 1993
R-220 144   Daviess, Maria T. History of Mercer & Boyle Cos., Kentucky 1998
R-220 145   Eddlemon, Sherida K. Kentucky Genealogical Records & Abstracts 1997
R-220 146   Crabb, Anne And the Battle Began Like Claps of Thunder, Siege of Boonesboro 1998
R-220 147   Jillson, Willard Rouse Old Kentucky Entries & Deeds 1987
R-220 148   Peden, Eva Coe Barren Co., Kentucky Cemetery Records 1981
R-220 149   Reneau, Martha Powell Marriage Records of Barren Co., Kentucky 1799-1849 1984
R-220 150   Wilson, Gladys Benedict Barren Co., Kentucky Mortgage Book No. 1 1979
R-220 151   Peden, Eva Coe Will Book No. 1, Barren Co., Kentucky 1979
R-220 152   Peden, Eva Coe Monroe Co., Kentucky Cemetery Records 1975
R-220 153   McCay, Betty L. Sources for Genealogical Searching in Kentucky 1973
R-220 154   Vockery, Kathy Cemetery Records of Madison Co., Kentucky 1999
R-220 155   Gorin, Franklin The Times of Long Ago, Barren Co., Kentucky 1992
R-220 156   Saupe, Patricia "Pat" Clay County's Missing Marriage Permission Slips  
R-220 157   Thomas, Gladys C. Casey Co., Kentucky  1806 Settlement & Early Development 1983
R-220 158   Byington, Iris Deed Books Woodford County, Kentucky 1789-1796, 1794-1805 2000
R-220 159   Wilson, Dona Adams Woodford Co., Kentucky Guardian Bonds,  Executor Bonds 2000
R-220 160   Wilson, Dona Midway Cemetery Interments 1890-1997 1997
R-220 161   Hurst, Melvin E. Versailles Cemetery, Woodford Co., Kentucky 1999
R-220 162   Wells, Charles  C. Annals of Floyd Co., Kentucky 1800-1826 1995
R-220 163   Powell, Robert A. Sketches of The Kentucky Bluegrass Area 1981
R-220 165     Perry County Court Records, Hazard, Kentucky  
R-220 166     Perry Court Records, Hazard, Kentucky 1974  
R-220 167     Marriage Records, Hopkins County, Kentucky for the Years 1848-1849-1850  
R-220 168   Owen, Kathryn Old Graveyards of Clark County Kentucky 1975
R-220 169   Hehir, Donald M. Kentucky Families: A Bibliographic Listing 1993
R-220 170   Harrison, Lowell & Dawson, Nelson L A Kentucky Sampler, Essays from The Filson Club History Quarterly 1926-1976 1977
R-220 172   Worrel, Stephen W Campbell County Kentucky Marriages, 1795-1850 1992
R-220 173   Sprague, Stuart Seely Kentuckians in Ohio and Indiana 1986
R-220 174   Smith, Barbara Trigg County, KY. Court Order Books, Vol 4 1997
R-220 175 v 1 Cook, Michael & Bettie Breckinridge County, Kentucky Records, Vol 1 1977
R-220 175 v 3 Cook, Michael Jefferson County Kentucky Records, Vol 3 1987
R-220 175 v 4 Cook, Michael & Bettie Breckinridge County Kentucky Records, Vol 4 1984
R-220 175 v 5 Cook, Michael & Bettie Breckinridge County Kentucky Records, Vol 5 1984
R-220 176     Kentucky Land Warrants, for the French, Indian, & Revolutionary Wars 1994
R-220 177     Soldiers of the War of 1812 (Report of the Kentucky Adjutant General) 1992
R-220 178     Valley of the Ohio 1971
R-220 179     Forkland [KY] Heritage: Its People Past and Present 1793-1988 1988
R-220 180     Forgotten Past: Cemeteries of Forkland Community, Kentucky 1974
R-220 181     Lincoln County Kentucky Marriages 1780 -1850  
R-220 182     Laurel County Kentucky Marriages 1825- 1850  
R-220 183     Whitley County Kentucky Marriages 1818 - 1850  
R-220 184   Jones, Mary Josephine (Comp) Hardin County, Kentucky Wills 1793-1866


R-220 185 v 1&2 Teague, Barbara [Ed] Guide to Kentucky Archival and Manuscript Collections Volumes 1 & 2 1988
R-220 186   Wayne Co Hist Soc All On Board: A Bicentennial Tour of Historic Wayne County Kentucky 1992
R-220 187   KY Historical Records Survey (WPA) Guide to Public Vital Records in Kentucky 1942
R-220 188 v 1 Eakle, Arlene H. Kentucky, Volume 1 1990
R-220 189   Elliott, Wendy Guide to Kentucky Genealogical Research n.d.
R-220 190   Richardson, William C. An Administrative History of Kentucky Courts to 1850 1983
R-220 191   KY Dept for Libraries and Archives The Guide to Kentucky Archival and Manuscript Repositories 1986
R-220 186   Wayne Co Hist Soc All On Board: A Bicentennial Tour of Historic Wayne County Kentucky 1992
R-220 187   KY Historical Records Survey (WPA) Guide to Public Vital Records in Kentucky 1942
R-220 188 v 1 Eakle, Arlene H. Kentucky, Volume 1 1990
R-220 189   Elliott, Wendy Guide to Kentucky Genealogical Research n.d.
R-220 190   Richardson, William C. An Administrative History of Kentucky Courts to 1850 1983
R-220 191   KY Dept for Libraries and Archives The Guide to Kentucky Archival and Manuscript Repositories 1986
R-220 194   Coffey, Bennie & Coffey, Juanita Cemeteries of Wayne County Kentucky 1982
R-220 195   Taylor, Harrison D. Ohio County, Kentucky, in the Olden Days (1969 reprint) 1926
R-220 196 V 3 Bork, June Baldwin Wayne County, Kentucky Vital Records Volume 3 1973
R-220 196 V 4 Bork, June Balwin Wayne County, Kentucky Pioneers: Volume 4 1974
R-220 196 V 5 Bork, June Baldwin Wayne County, Kentucky Vital Records Volume 5 1978
R-220 196 V 6 Bork, June Baldwin Wayne County, Kentucky Vital Records Wills 1802-1909 and the Dick Family 1983
R-220 197     Wayne County Kentucky Marriages 1800 - 1850 n.d.
R-220 198     Wayne County Kentucky Wills 1802 - 1850 1990
R-220 199     Early Kentucky Tax Records 1987
R-220 200 V 1 Wells, R. E. Woodford County, The First Year May 1789 - April 1790 Volume 1 1988
R-220 201   Bassett, Minerva Bone Some Webster County, Kentucky, Families 1983
R-220 202   Cherry, Thomas Crittenden Kentucky: The Pioneer State of the West 1935
R-220 203   Sanders, Carol L. Russell County, Kentucky Will Book A 1989
R-220 204 v 1 Sanders, Carol Russell County, Kentucky Marriage Records: Books 1 & 2, 1826 -1860 1984
R-220 204 v 2 Sanders, Carol Russell County, Kentucky Marriage Records: Books 3, 1861 -1867 1985
R-220 204 v 3 Sanders, Carol Russell County, Kentucky Marriage Records: Books 3, 4 & 5, 1867 - 1880 1986
R-220 205   Sanders, Carol Russell County, Kentucky First Order Book 1991
A-220 1   Puetz, C. J. Kentucky County Maps n.d.
A-220 2   Rone, Wendell H Historical Atlas of Kentucky and her Counties 1965
A-220 3   Kentucky Dept of Highways General Highway Maps, Kentucky Counties 1968
A-220 4   Rone, Wendell H. Rone An Historical Atlas of Kentucky and Her Counties: 1965 Daviess County Ed. 1965
A-220 5   D. J. Lake & Co An Atlas of Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties, Kentucky (1984 reprint) 1883


    1885 Map of Kentucky & Tennessee 1992
A-220 7     Kentucky Atlas and Gazetteer 1997

C-220-1A&B  1790 Census Kentucky (2 copies)
C-220-2 1800 Census Kentucky
C-220-3 1810 Census Kentucky
C-220-4 1820 Census Kentucky
C-220-5V.1 1830 Census Adair-Campbell Cos., KY
C-220-5V.2 1830 Census Casey-Gallatin Cos., KY
C-220-5V.3 1830 Census Garrard-Hopkins Cos., KY
C-220-5V.4 1830 Census Jefferson-Meade Cos., KY
C-220-5V.5 1830 Census Mercer-Russell Cos., KY
C-220-5V.6 1830 Census Scott-Woodford Cos., KY
C-220-6 1850 Census Harrison C., Kentucky
C-220-7 Kentucky Frontiersman 1860 Census - Woodford Co., KY
C-220-8 1870 Census Hickman Co., Kentucky
C-220-9 Bourbon Co., KY 1810-1840 Censuses
C-220-10 1900 Cumberland Co., KY Census Abstract & Index
C-220-11 Warren Co., KY 1810-1840 Censuses
C-220-12 1810-1840 Census Wayne Co., KY
C-220-13 1820 U.S. Census Allen Co., KY; by Jackson
C-220-14 1850 Census South Central Kentucky (counties of Adair, Allen,
Barren, Clinton, Cumberland and Monroe) C-220-14B 1850 Census North East Kentucky- Counties of Bath, Bourban, Fleming, Lewis, Mason & Nicholas; Sistler, Sistler Assc., 1995 C-220-14C 1850 Census Southeastern Kentucky, Counties of Clay, Harlan, Knox, Laurel, Pulaski, Russell, Wayne & Whitley; by Sistler, 1993; Boyd Pub.
C-220-15 Owsley Co., KY 1880 Annotated Census; Margaret Millar Hayes 1994
Heritage Bks.
C-220-16 An Index to the 1820 Federal Census of Kentucky (In 4 Vols.)
Vols. I, II, III & IV C-220-18 1850 Census of Casey Co., KY; Bicen. Heritage Corp, Casey Co.
, 1979
CD-Rom 13 FTM Family Archives, Family History; Kentucky Genealogies #1, 1700's - 1800's F-220-1 1850 Census Casey, Christian & Clark Cos., KY
F-220-2 1820 Census KY, Counties of: Ohio, Pendelton, Rockcastle & Scott
F-220-3 Kentucky Tax Lists for Bourbon County
F-220-4 Kentucky Tax Lists for Bourbon Co. 1807-1820
F-220-5 Kentucky Tax Lists for Bourbon Co. 1821-1833
F-220-6 Kentucky Tax Lists for Bourbon Co. 1835-1848
F-220-7 Kentucky Tax Lists for Bourbon County Magazine # County Title
M-220-5 Barren Traces; So Central Kentucky Hist. & Genea.
M-220-23 Casey Kinfolk; Casey County Genea. Soc. M-220-26 Clay Clay County Genealogy & historical Society Quarterly
M-220-30A Davies, etc. The Bulletin; Owensboro, KY
M-220-30B Davies, etc. Kentucky Family Records
M-220-30C Davies, etc. Kentucky Pioneer & Genealogical Records
M-220-34 Fayette, etc. East Kentuckian, Lexington, KY
M-220-34A Fayette Quarterly of Fayette County, KY
M-220-37A Franklin, etc. Kentucky Ancestors; Kentucky Hist. Society
M-220-37B Franklin, etc. Blue Grass Roots; Central KY Soc., Frankfort, KY
M-220-38 Fulton, etc. Central Kentucky Research: Fulton Co. Hist. Soc. M-220-44 Green Green County Review, Greensburg, KY
M-220-46 Hancock Forgotten Pathways
M-220-48 Harlan Harlan Footprints
M-220-50 Hart Hart County Historical Soc. Newsletter
M-220-61 Knox Kinfolks
M-220-63 Laurel Branches of Laurel
M-220-71 Logan Kin Bunters; Russellville, KY
M-220-73 Madison Madison Co. Connections M-220-78 Mason The Mason Co. Genealogical Soc. Newsletter
M-220-86 Jackson The Tree Tracers
M-220-90 Nelson The Nelson County Pioneers; Nelson Co. Hist
M-220-97 Perry Newsletter of Perry County
M-220-114 Warren The Longhunter; Southern KY Genea. Soc.
M-220-SG-1 State General Ancestral News; Ancestral Trails Hist. Soc.
M-220-SG-2 State General The Kentucky Explorer
M-220-SG-3 State General Kentucky Genealogy
H-220 The Register, Kentucky Hist. Soc. S-47 The Jessamine Journal - 8 pages, Nicholasville, KY
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