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        BOOK NO.                            AUTHOR                                                        TITLE

R-200 1

One Hundred Years of Iowa Medicine 1850-1950 1950
R-200 2
Sloat, Jerry Lee County, Iowa, A Pictorial History 1993
R-200 3

The Cedar Rapids Iowa Gazette- Cemetery Legend 1974
R-200 4

Clarinda Iowa Centennial 1853-1953 - A Pictorial History 1953
R-200 5

Early Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa Marriage Records 1966
R-200 6

Iowa Marriages, 1894-1959 Performed by Rev. Cunningham
R-200 7

The Iowa Genealogical Society Surnames 1973
R-200 8
Perkins, D. A. W. History of O'Brien County, Iowa 1897
R-200 9
Kay, Mrs. Elmer Keokuk City, IA Death Records 1972
R-200 10
Kay, Mrs. Elmer Keokuk City, IA Death Records Vol. II 1972
R-200 11
Kay, Mrs. Elmer Keokuk City, Iowa Death Records 1979
R-200 12
Brossart, M.arlin W. Muscatine Co., IA Marriage Records 1837-79 1980
R-200 13
Sabin, Henry Iowa School Laws and Decisions from the Code of 1873 1888
R-200 15
Akers, Edna Iowa Research Notes
R-200 16 v 1 Downer, Harry E. History of Davenport & Scott Co., IA: Volume 1 1910
R-200 16 v 2 Downer, Harry E. History of Davenport & Scott Co., IA: Volume 2 1910
R-200 17
Brewer, Luther & Wick, Barthinius History of Linn Co., IA 1911
R-200 18

History of Johnson Co., IA 1836-1882 1973
R-200 19

Old Settlers Association Yearbooks 1866-1925 Johnson Co., IA
R-200 20
Liahona Research, Inc. Iowa Marriages Early to 1850, A Research Tool 1990
R-200 21

1893-1968 A Detailed History of the Birth & Growth of West DesMoines 1968
R-200 22
Thomas Sharon Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery, DesMoines Co., IA 1976
R-200 23

Histories of the Counties of Iowa 1978
R-200 24

Death Records Plymouth Co., IA July 1880-through 1890
R-200 25

Plymouth Co., IA Marriages 1860-1880
R-200 26

Polk Co., IA Marriages 1846-1866 & 1867-1871 1983
R-200 27

Marriages of Marshall Co., IA 1850-1867 1975
R-200 28
Story County Genealogical Soc. Marriages Story Co., IA 1854-1882
R-200 29

Portrait & Bio Record Jasper, Marshall & Grundy Cos., IA 1894
R-200 30

The Huxonian-Huxley Centennial 1882-1982 1982
R-200 32
Ostertag, John & Enid Tracing your Roots in the Missouri River Valley 1988
R-200 33

Iowa Reports Cases in the Supreme Court
R-200 34
West, Wilma Wayne Co., IA History
R-200 35

History of Jasper Co., IA 1878 1978
R-200 36
Green, Ortha Mills of Wayne Co., IA 1972
R-200 37
Green, Ortha Mines of Wayne Co., IA
R-200 38
Cambria Junior High Days Past & Days Becoming, Story of Cambria Junior High 1994
R-200 39
Pidcock, Elbert Earliest Mormon Trail in Wayne & Appanoose Cos., IA
R-200 40

Humeston Centennial 1872-1972 1972
R-200 41

History of War Activities of Scott Co., IA
R-200 42
Green, Ortha Churches of Wayne Co., IA
R-200 43

Index to Early Marriage Records, Appanoose Co., IA
R-200 44

Index of Wills of South Lee Co., IA 1983
R-200 45

Wayne Co., IA Marriages 1986
R-200 46

The History of Lee Co., IA - A History of the County, It's Cities & Towns 1879
R-200 47
Abigail Adams Dar Revolutionary War Soldiers & Patriots Buried in Iowa 1978
R-200 48
Cowles, Florence Call Early Algona - Eda's Cradle 1964
R-200 49

Iowa Cemetery Locations Area 7 1990
R-200 50

Denny Cemetery, Appanoose Co., IA, Taylor Township
R-200 51
Nelson, O. M. Swedish Settlements in Iowa and Western Illinois 1992
R-200 52

Marriage Records of Marion Co., IA 1980
R-200 53
White, Iona & Leeper, Jean Cemeteries of Marion Co., IA 1994
R-200 54

Obituaries from The Logan Herald-Observer, Logan IA
R-200 55
Stout, Donald F. & Dorothy Jean Cedar Land, 1836-1980 1981
R-200 56

Stones & Sites and Graves of Cedar Co., IA 1986
R-200 57

Marion Co., IA Marriage Records 1916-1920
R-200 58
Smith, Lloyd H. Scenic Madison County, Iowa 1961
R-200 59
Morford, Charles Biographical Index to the County Histories of Iowa 1979
R-200 60 v 1
Jefferson County Iowa Marriages, Jan 1870-June 1880 1983
R-200 60 v 2 Jefferson County Genealogical Soc. Jefferson County, Iowa, Misc Records 1988
R-200 60 v 3 Jefferson County Genealogical Soc. Jefferson County, Iowa Index to Cemeteries
R-200 61

Marshall County Iowa Cemeteries
R-200 62

History of Marshall County Iowa
R-200 63
Phillips, Semira A Proud Mahaska, 1843-1900 1900
R-200 64

Surname Index by the Iowa Genealogical Society 1977
R-200 65
Lucas Co Gen Society Lucas County, Iowa Cemetery Records 1981
R-200 66
Stillman, E. B. Past and Present of Greene County, Iowa (1979 Reprint) 1907
R-200 67
Schwieder, Hraba & Schwieder Buxton: Work and Racial Equality in a Coal Mining Community 1987
R-200 68
Greene Co [IA] Gen Soc Greene County, Iowa, Scranton Township Cemetery 1985
R-200 69 v 1 Greene Co [IA] Gen Soc Greene County Iowa Births Book 1: 1880 - 1891 1986
R-200 69 v 2 Greene Co [IA] Gen Soc Greene County Iowa Births Book 2: 1891 - 1897 1990
R-200 70 v 1 Iowa Genealogical Society Iowa Cemeteries Area 1: Davis, Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Keokuk, Lee Co 1990
R-200 70 v 4 Iowa Genealogical Society Iowa Cemeteries Area 4: Appanoose,Clarke,Decatur,Lucas,Madison,Mahaska Cos 1990
R-200 70 v 5 Iowa Genealogical Society Iowa Cemeteries Area 5:Boone,Dallas,Grundy,Hamilton,Hardin,Jasper,Marshall 1990
R-200 70 v 8 Iowa Genealogical Society Iowa Cemeteries Area 8:Audubon,Calhoun,Carroll,Crawford,Greene,Guthrie,Ida 1990
R-200 71
Pioneer Sons & Daughters Polk County, Iowa Four Mile Township Cemeteries: Rising Sun & Stuart 1986
R-200 72
Greene Co [IA] Gen Soc Greene County, Iowa, Jackson & Bristol Township Cemeteries 1983
A-200 1
Foote, C.M. & Hood, E.C. Plat Book of Jasper County Iowa 1887
A-200 2
Wayne County [IA] Engineer's Office 1965 Wayne County [IA] Plat Book 1965
A-200 3

1897 Plat Book of Wayne County, Iowa 1897
C-200-1     Iowa Census and Index 1840
C-200-2 L   Muscatine Co., Iowa 1850 Census
C-200-3     1850 U.S. Census Clinton Co., Iowa, S-K Publ,1989
C-200-4     1850 Federal Census Page Co., Iowa; Iowa Genea. Soc, 1988
C-200-5     1850 Federal Census Taylor Co, Iowa; IA Genea. Soc., 1988
C-200-6     1850 Federal Census Wayne Co., Iowa; IA Gena. Soc, 1983
C-200-7     1856 Census Index Wayne Co., Iowa; IA Genea. Soc.,1985
C-200-8     1860 Census Index Wayne Co., Iowa; IA Gem. Soc. 1985
C-200-9     1850 Federal Census for Iowa Louisa County; Iowa Genea. Soc.
C-200-10    Index of 1860 Marion Co., Iowa Census 
F-200-1       Newton Journal-Jasper Co., IA Newspaper-Jan. 5, 1887 to Oct. 6, 1889
F-200-2       1860 Census Iowa & Jasper Cos., IA
F-200-3       1860 Census Muscatine, O'Brian & Page Cos., IA
F-200-4       1870 Census O'Brian & Page Cos., IA

Magazine #   County         Title
M-200-7      Black Hawk     The "IO" Genealogical Research Library
M-200-17     Cerro Gordo    Genie Bug
M-200-26     Davis          Davis County Genealogical Society
M-200-29     Des Moines     Des Moines Quarterly
M-200-35     Franklin       The Franklin Record
M-200-50     Jasper         Jasper County Gleaner
M-200-56A    Lee etc;       The Illinois-Iowa-Missouri Researcher
M-200-56C    Lee            Lee County Lineage
M-200-68     Monroe         Monroe County Genea. Society NewsIetter
M-200-73     Page           Pages from the Past
M-200-75     Plymouth       Northwest Iowa Root Diggers
M-200-89     Union          Rootbound
M-200-91     Wapello        Wapello Co. Genea. Society Newsletter
M-200-SG-1   State General  Hawkeye Heritage
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