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    Book No.                      Author                                                        Title

R-180 1     History of Knox Co., Illinois 1974
R-180 2   Foster, W. R. Stories of Pioneer Days 1831-1943 1931
R-180 3   Illinois Historical Records Survey Guide to Public Vital State Records in Illinois 1976
R-180 4     History of St. Clair, Illinois 1975
R-180 5   Hamand, Lavern M. Coles Co., Illinois in the Civil War 1861-1865 1965
R-180 6     Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois 1968
R-180 7   Hamm, Ruth Bitting The Hudson Colony 1976
R-180 8     Out Door Illinois  
R-180 9   Peoria Genealogical Society History of Peoria Co., Illinois 1880
R-180 10   Volkel, Charlotte & Lowell Vermillion Co., Illinois Tax and Land  
R-180 11   Middlesworth, Grace H. Listing of Persons Mentioned in Twsp of Shelby Co., Illinois 1910 1969
R-180 12   Middlesworth, Grace H. Patron List of Shelby Co., Illinois 1875 Plat Book 1969
R-180 13   Ladd, Marta Cates & Kimball, consta History of Coles Co., Illinois 1876-1976 1976
R-180 14   Chicago Genealogical Society Vital Records from Chicago Newspapers 1833-1839 1971
R-180 15 v 1   Shelby County Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume 1 and 2 1971
R-180 15 v 2   Cemetery Inscriptions Shelby Co, IL v. 2 1971
R-180 15 v 5   Cemetery Inscriptions of Shelby Co, Illinois v.5 1976
R-180 15     Selby Co., Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions  
R-180 16   Austin, Pauline L. Platner Shelby Co., Illinois Abstracts 1970
R-180 17   Ferrell. Mrs. Garland Records of Marriages by Rev. N. E. Harmon 1936
R-180 19   Patterson, Doris, Parks, Florence Logan Co., Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions Vol VI 1973
R-180 21   drew, Chris & Taylor, Mrs. Harlin Moultrie Co., Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions & Marriage Index 1843-1860 1980
R-180 22   Volkel, Lowell M. Illinois Soldier's and Sailor's Home at Quincy Damission of Mexican War and 1892
R-180 23   Buecher, Robert St. Clair Co., Illinois Birth & Death 1843-1856 1976
R-180 24     Union Co., Illinois Birth & Death  Records 1837-1941  
R-180 25   Bloomington-Normal Gen.Soc. McLean Co., Illinois Cemeteries  
R-180 26   Richison, W. G. & Baker, Thelma Cemeteries of Jackson County, Illinois Vol II Carbondale Township 1979
R-180 27   Buecher, Robert St. Clair Co., Illinois Naturalization Index 1816-1905 1976
R-180 28 v 1 Decatur Gen Soc DeWitt County, Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 1 1977
R-180 28 v 2 Decatur Genealogical Society DeWitt County, Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 2 1971
R-180 28 v 3-1 Decatur Genealogical Society DeWitt County, Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 3-1 1973
R-180 28 v 3-2 Decatur Genealogical Society DeWitt County, Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 3-2 1973
R-180 28 v 4 Decatur Genealogical Society DeWitt County, Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 4 1974
R-180 28 v 5 Decatur Genealogical Society DeWitt County, Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 5 1974
R-180 29   Buecher, Robert St. Clair Co., Illinois Marriage Records 1845-1869 1980
R-180 30   Buecher, Robert St. Clair Co., Illinois Marriages 1791-1845  
R-180 31     Woodford Co., Illinois Soldiers 1812 Bounty Land Grants 1968
R-180 32     McLean Co., Illinois Marriages  
R-180 33   Volkel, Lowell M. Lecture,  Illinois 1974
R-180 34   Custer, Milo Central Illinois Obituaries 1848-1870 1980
R-180 35   Illinois State Genealogical Society Soldiers of the Revolution Buried in Illinois 1975
R-180 36   Association of IL Museums Historical & Cultural Agencies & Museums in Illinois 1993
R-180 37   Powell, Paul Counties and Incorporated Municipalities of Illinois 1969
R-180 38 a   Illinois Library's History of Libraries 1968
R-180 38 b   Illinois Libraries Newspapers in the Illinois State Historical Library 1988
R-180 38 c     Illinois Libraries 1975
R-180 39   Bent, Charles History of Whiteside Co., Illinois 1877
R-180 40   Farmers' Review The Farmers' Review Farm Directory of McLean & Livingston Cos., Illinois 1917
R-180 41   Felty, Harold G. Marriage Records & Related Notes of Hamilton Co., Illinois 1981
R-180 42   Piatt County Hist. & Gen. Society Monticello, Illinois Cemetery Records Piatt Co., IL  
R-180 43     Oneida Community Centennial 1854-1954  
R-180 45     Cemetery Records of Raccoon  Twp, Marion Co., Illinois  
R-180 46     Ancestor Charts of Decatur Genealogy Society Members 1984
R-180 47   Piatt County Historical & Genealogi Piatt Co., Illinois Marriages 1984
R-180 48   Hoffman, Esther Halford Fayette Co., Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions 1975
R-180 49   Genealogy Society of Southern IL Union Co., Illinois Genealogical Information Early Courthouse Records 1985
R-180 52   Lloyd, Kathryn Shelby Co., Illinois Probate Journal 1973
R-180 53   Shelbyville's Bicentennial Comm. Chautauqua '76 1976
R-180 54   Herron, Miriam The Third Courthouse 1980
R-180 55   Buck, Solon J. Illinois in 1818 1917
R-180 58   Poser, John Carroll History of the Early Settlers Sangamon Co., Illinois 1876
R-180 60   Maire, Jean M. Greene & Jersey Cos., Illinois Some Early Residents, Early Marriages, CW 1967
R-180 61   Sanders, Walter 400 Marriages: Madison Co., Illinois 1987
R-180 62   Warren County, Ill Genealogy Soc "Thumbnail Sketches", Deaths and Obituaries Warren Co. 1985
R-180 63   Mathews & McLean Early History & Pioneers of Champaign Co., Illinois 1886
R-180 64     Illinois Libraries 1979
R-180 65   Sprague, Stuart Seely Kentuckians in Illinois 1987
R-180 66     Macon Co.,  Illinois - Index to Probate Records  
R-180 67   Piatt Co. Historical & Genealogical Bement, Illinois Cemetery Records 1982
R-180 68   Gorrell, Phyllis M. Ancestor Charts, Piatt County Historical & Genealogical Society  
R-180 69   Hamilton, Oscar B. History of Jersey Co., Illinois Index 1919
R-180 70     Piatt County Illinois Cemeteries  
R-180 71   Sinko, Peggy Tuck Guide to Local & Family History at the Newberry Library 1987
R-180 72   Meals, Nanette E. Peoria  Co., Illinois Cemeteries, Gravestone Inscription, Princeville Twp
R-180 73     Tombstone Inscriptions, Warren Co., Illinois - Berwick Township 1982
R-180 74     Kane Co., Illinois Marriage Record Index 1867-1877 1988
R-180 75   Decatur Genealogical Society Birth Index of Macon Co., Illinois 1850-1900 1983
R-180 76   Macoupin Co. Historical Society Tombstone Revelations in Macoupin Co., Illinois  
R-180 77   Aller, Hohimer & Gochanour Menard Co., Illinois Cemeteries 1983
R-180 78   Allison, Linda S. Cemetery Inscriptions, Douglas Co., Illinois 1972
R-180 79     Stark County, Illinois Marriages 1839-1866 1887
R-180 80   Hyde, Hazel M. Pectonica Cemetery Inscription, Winnebago Co., Illinois 1972
R-180 81   Witt, Elaine L. Abandoned Cemeteries of Jersey Co., Illinois 1973
R-180 82   Gooldy, Walter R. Early Greene Co., Illinois Marriages 1827-1860 1985
R-180 83   Jasper County Cemetery Survey Jasper Co., Illinois Cemeteries 1973
R-180 84   Leonard, Cynthia & Verla Miscellaneous Birth & Marriage Records of Early Macoupin & Madison Cos., IL 1987
R-180 85   Leonard, Cynthia & Verla Early Macoupin Co., Illinois Births & Marriages 1987
R-180 86   Leonard,  L. Charles & Cynthia Macoupin Co., Illinois Marriage Records Index  1846-1857 1987
R-180 87   McCay, Betty L. Sources for Genealogical Searching in Illinois 1970
R-180 88   Denman, M. A. & Lewis, Richard Carlock, Illinois Area Cemetery Inscriptions 1976
R-180 89   Forbes, Jean Map of Knox Co., Illinois 1983
R-180 90     1885 Tax Lists, Knox Co., Illinois  
R-180 91 v 1 Knox County Genealogical Society Cemetery Records, Knox Co., Illinois V1: Cedar, Chestnut, Henderson, Maquon 1979
R-180 91 v 2 Knox County Genealogical Society Cemetery Records, Knox Co., Ilinois V2: Ontario Township  
R-180 91 v 3 Knox County Genealogical Society Cemetery Records, Knox Co., Illinois V3: Walnut Grove Township
R-180 91 v 4 Knox County Genealogical Society Cemetery Records, Knox Co., Illinois V4: Lynn Township  
R-180 92   Grimm, Libby & Hartmann, Mary McDonough Co., Illinois Marriages 1986
R-180 93   Beckstead, Gayle & Kozup, Mary Lou Searching in Illinois 1984
R-180 94   Ross, Virginia Henderson Co., Illinois 1841-1900 Marriages 1984
R-180 95   Bradshaw, R. D. Illinois Directory of Family Searchers & Genealogists 1986
R-180 96   Doubet, Mildred Cadwell General Index to Estates 1832-1900, Knox Co., Illinois  
R-180 97   Bradsby, H. C. History of Bureau County Illinois 1885
R-180 98   Matson, N. Map & Sketches, Bureau Co., Illinois 1867
R-180 99   Matson, N. Memories of Shaubena 1878
R-180 100   Matson, N. Reminiscences of Bureau Co., Illinois 1872
R-180 101     Historical & Cultural Museums in Illinois 1991
R-180 102   Turnbaugh, Roy C., Jr. A Guide To County Records in the Illinois Regional Archives 1988
R-180 103   Cochrane, Joseph Centennial History of Mason County,  Illinois 1876
R-180 104   Allensworth, Ben C. History of Tazewell Co., Illinois 1905
R-180 105     Portrait & Biographical Record of Tazwell & Mason Cos., Illinois 1894
R-180 106     History of Macon Co., Illinois 1880
R-180 107     Tazewell Co., Illinois Marriage Records Index 1982
R-180 108 v 1 Tazewell County Genealogy Society Tazewell Co., Illinois Cemeteries Volume 1: Dillon and Delavan Townships 1979
R-180 108 v 2 Tazewell County Genealogy Society Tazewell Co., Illinois Cemeteries Volume 2: Boynton, Cincinnati, Deer Creek 1980
R-180 108 v 3 Tazewell County Genealogy Society Tazewell Co., Illinois Cemeteries Volume 3: Fondulac and Hittle Townships 1981
R-180 108 v 4 Tazewell County Genealogy Society Tazewell Co., Illinois Cemeteries Volum 4: Groveland and Hopedale Townships 1982
R-180 108 v 5 Tazewell County Genealogy Society Tazewell Co., Illinois Cemeteries Volume 5: Little Mackinaw and Mackinaw 1982
R-180 108 v 6 Tazewell County Genealogy Society Tazewell Co., Illinois Cemeteries Vol 6: Malone, Sand Prairie, Spring Lake 1983
R-180 108 v 7 Tazewell County Genealogy Society Tazewell Co., Illinois Cemeteries Volume 7: Morton and Washington Townships 1984
R-180 108 v 8 Tazewell County Genealogy Society Tazewell Co., Illinois Cemeteries Volume 8: Pekin Township 1988
R-180 109     LaMoille Sesquicentennial - July  17,18,19, 1987 1987
R-180 110   Glavinick, J. C. 20 Years of Deaths 1858-1877 from Bureau Co., Illinois Newspapers 1988
R-180 111   Secrest, Edna M. & Phillips, Carl L Cemeteries of Greene Co., Illinois Whitehall Township 1986
R-180 112   Shelly, Jane & Wasser, Elsie M. Madison Co., Illinois Marriage Records Index 1851-1865 1985
R-180 113   Meyer, Joyce Madison Co., Illinois Cemetery Book 1986
R-180 114   Peck, J. M. Gazetteer of Illinois 1993
R-180 115     Index to St. Clair Co., Illinois Probated & Non-Probated Wills 1772-1964 1993
R-180 116   Szucs, Loretto Dennis Chicago & Cook Co. Sources 1986
R-180 117     History of Grundy County, Illinois 1882
R-180 118   Gooldy, Pat & Ray Manual For Illinois Genealogical Research 1994
R-180 119   Ryan, George H. Origin & Evolution of Illinois Counties 1992
R-180 120   Dagit, Christal E. Tazewell Co., Illinois Naturalization Records 1839-1909 1994
R-180 121     Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Farmer's & Breeders of Tazewell Co. 1995
R-180 122   Decatur Genealogical society Christian Co., Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions 1969
R-180 123   Hoffman, Esther Halford Fayette Co., Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions 1969
R-180 124 v 1 Lloyd, Kathryn M. Shelby Co., Illinois Marriages Volume 1:1827-1854 1976
R-180 124 v 2 Graven, J.; Hapner, P. Shelby Co., Illinois Marriages Volume 2: 1854 - 1871 1976
R-180 124 v 3 Shelby Co. H&G Soc Shelby Co., Illinois Marriages Volume 3: 1871 - 1878 1987
R-180 124 v 4 Shelby Co. H&G Soc Shelby Co., Illinois Marriages Volume 4: 1878 - 1888 1989
R-180 125   Brink, McDonough & Co History of Macoupin Co., Illinois 1972
R-180 126   Wright, Mrs. Richard  L. McLean County Birth Records 1985
R-180 127     Annals of Knox County Commemorating Centennial of Admission of Illinois 1992
R-180 128   Herrick, Ruth etal. Index to Death Records 1878-1910, Knox Co., Illinois  
R-180 129   Reganos, Graydon Index to Marriages 1879-1904 Knox Co., Illinois 1990
R-180 130   Gregory, Clifford V. Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Framers & Breeders Knox Co., IL 1990
R-180 131   Crowder, Lola Frazer Randolph Co., Illinois Births 1792-1879 1992
R-180 132   Crowder, Lola Frazer Randolph Co., Illinois Deaths 1877-1889 1995
R-180 133   Crowder, Lola Frazer Randolph Co., Illinois Marriages 1807-1850  
R-180 134   Crowder, Lola Frazer Randolph Co., Illinois Probate Records  
R-180 135   Henry County Genealogical Soc. Henry Co. Illinois Records  
R-180 136   Piatt County Hiistorical & Gen. Soc Naturalizations in Piatt Co., Illinois Index  
R-180 137   Piatt County HGS Index to Piatt Co., Illinois Births 1877-1916 1990
R-180 138     Real Estate Records 1890-1913 Index  
R-180 139   Sangamon County Gen. Soc. Early Settlers of Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois 1819-1831 1998
R-180 140   Sangamon County Gen. Society Physician's Certificate of Death Sangamon Co., Illinois 1878-1890 1997
R-180 141   Rau, Jennifer B. Illinois Her Counties Her Townships & Her Towns 1979
R-180 142   Alvord, Clarence Walworth Kaskaskia Records 1778-1790 1909
R-180 143   Warren County, IL Gen. Soc. Warren Co., Illinois Tombstone Inscriptions 1983
R-180 144   Stoneburner, Dorothy Warren County, Illinois Map of Landownership 1860 1993
R-180 145   Chapman Brothers Portrait and Biographical Album of Henry Co., Illinois 1885
R-180 146 c11-2 Bloomington-Normal Gen.Soc. McLean Co., Illinois Cemeteries - Danvers Twshp, V 11-2 1981
R-180 146 v 12 Bloomington-Normal Gen.Soc. McLean Co., Illinois Cemeteries - Mount Hope Twnshp, V 12 1982
R-180 146 v11-1 Bloomington-Normal Genealogical Soc McLean Co., Illinois Cemeteries -Danvers Twshp, V 11-1 1982
R-180 146 v13-1 Bloomington-Normal Gen.Soc. McLean Co., Illinois Cemeteries -- Bloomington Twnshp, V 13-1 1983
R-180 146 v13-2 Bloomington-Normal Gen.Soc. McLean Co., Illinois Cemeteries -- Bloomington Twnshp, V 13-2 1987
R-180 147   Obenchain, Elaine McHenry Co., Illinois Cemeteries, Southeast Townships 2000
R-180 148   Schweitzer, George K. Illinois Genealogical Research 1997
R-180 149   Winnetka Public Lirary Index to The Past & Present of Warren Co., Illinois 1974
R-180 150     History of Will Co., Illinois 1973
R-180 151     Montgomery County Illinois Sesquicentennial  1821-1971 1971
R-180 152     Recollections of the Pioneers of Lee County  
R-180 153   Bardwell, Mr A. C. 1904 History of Lee County Illinois 1978
R-180 154     Crawford County Illinois Cemetery Indexes, 6 vols  
R-180 155   Middlesworth, Grace Excerpts of Shelby County, Illinois History Biographies 1969
R-180 156   Taylor, Lola B Early Marriages of Richland County, Illinois 1840-1899, Vol 1 1970
R-180 157   Randolph Co Genealogical Society Randolph County, Illinois History 1995
R-180 158   Rowland, Katherine E The Pioneers of Winnebago and Boone Counties, Illinois, before 1841 1990
R-180 159   Middlesworth, Grace Supplement to Shelby County, Illinois History and Biographies 1971
R-180 160   Musgrave, Jon Handbook of Old Gallatin County 2002
R-180 161   Taylor, Harlin B Records of Lee County, Illinois 1972
R-180 162     Bluffs, Yesterday and Today 1871-1971  
R-180 163     Brooks Cemetery & Hadley Cemetery and Will County, Il Property Owners 1842 1973
R-180 164     Portrait and Biographical Record of Adams County, Illinois 2001
R-180 165     Death Index Prior to 1916 Henry County,  IL (A-K) 2004
R-180 166   Great River Genealogical Society Marriages of Adams County, Illinois 1825-1860 volume 1 1979
R-180 167   Parrick, L.K.; Frye, L.H.; Kay, J.K Deaths and Marriages from Early Quincy Papers 1835 - 1850 1979
R-180 168 v 1 Great River Gen Soc Cemeteries of Adams County, IL V1: Melrose, Fall Creek, Payson, Richfield 1988
R-180 168 v 2 Great River Gen Soc Cemeteries of Adams County, IL V2: Burton, Liberty, Columbus, Concord, McKe 1988
R-180 168 v 5 Great River Gen Soc Cemeteries of Adams County, IL V5: Camp Point and Clayton Townships 1989
R-180 178   Ruettiger, Margaret H. The History of St. John's Catholic Church 1926
R-180 179   Renner, E & Walton, L. [Comp] Abstracts of Common Schools in Schuyler County [Illinois[ n.d.
R-180 180 V 1 Decatur Gen Society Macon County, Illinois, Marriage Records 1829 - 1850 Volume 1 1967
R-180 181     Original Land Grants, White County, Illinois 1992


A-180 1   W. W. Hixon & Co. Township Map of Knox County, Illinois (1992 reprint) 1917
A-180 2   Accurate Publishing & Printing Morgan County, Illinois Atlas & Plat Book 1988
A-180 3   Warner & Beers Atlas of the State of Illinois (1972 reprint) 1876



Atlas of Shelby Co. and the State of Illinois



C-180-1     Illinois Index to 1820 Federal Census    
C-180-2     Illinois 1830 Federal Census Vols. 1,2,3,4  
C-180-3     1850 Census Pike Co., IL    
C-180-4     1850 Census Randolph Co., IL    
C-180-5     1850 Census Piatt Co., ILL    
C-180-6     1855,1860,1870,1880 Mortality Schedule Piatt Co., IL  
C-180-7     1860 Census Piatt Co., IL    
C-180-8     1860 Census Moultrie Co., IL    
C-180-9     1870 Census Piatt Co., IL    
C-180-10    1880 Census Piatt Co., IL    
C-180-11    Richland Co., IL Mortality Schedules 1860, 1870, 1880  
C-180-12    1870 Census Marion Co., IL    
C-180-13 L  1850 Census Coles Co., IL    
C-180-14A&B 1860 Census Tazewell Co., IL (2 parts)    
C-180-15    1850 Illinois Mortality Schedules by Volkel  
C-180-16    U.S. Census 1850 Logan Co., IL; Decatur Co. Genea. Society  
C-180-17    1880 Census of Washington Co., IL-Lively Grove Prec., from   
                 "Branching Out"    
C-180-18    Shelby Co., IL Census; by Judy Graven & Phyllis Hapner, 1983  
C-180-19    1880 Census, Williamson Co., IL; Williamson Co. Hist. Soc.  
CD-Rom 12   FTM 1850 Census Microfilm; Illinois    
CD-Rom 32   Illinois 1850 Census; Family Quest    
CD-Rom 56   Family Tree Maker's Archives, Census Microfilm Tec IL 1850  
F-180-1      Past & Present of Kane Co., IL; by Wm. LeBaron,1878  
F-180-2      Portrait & Biog. Album of Jo Daviess & Carroll Cos., IL; by   
                  Chapman 1889    
F-180-3      Portrait & Biog. Album of Whiteside Co., IL; by Chapman  
F-180-4      1850 Census Alexander, Bond, Boone & Brown Cos., IL  
F-180-5      1850 Census Coles Co., IL    
F-180-6      1850 Census Cumberland, DeKalb & Dewitt Cos., IL  
F-180-7      1850 Census Fulton & Gallatin Cos., IL    
F-180-8      1850 Census Morgan & Moultrie Cos., IL    
F-180-9      1850 Census La Salle Co., IL    
F-180-10     1850 Census Lee Co., IL    
F-180-11     1880 Census Coles Co., IL (part)    
F-180-12     1880 Census Cumbeland Co., IL (part)    
F-180-13     1880 Census La Salle Co., IL (part)    
F-180-14     1880 Census Lee Co. & Livingston Co., IL  
F-180-15     1850 Census Bureau thru Champaigns Cos., IL  
F-180-16     1850 Census Greene thru Hamilton Cos., IL  
F-180-17     1920 Soundex Illinois; Codes P-626 thru P-652  
F-180-18     1880 Census Mercer Co., IL    
F-180-19     1880 Census Shelby Co., IL (part)    
F-180-20     1880 Census Shelby Co. (part), Stark Co., Stephenson Co., (part)  
F-180-21     1900 Census Shelby Co., Stark Co. & part of Union Co., IL      
Magazine #   County          Title    
M-180-1      Adams           The Yellow Jacket Great River Genea. Society  
M-180-6      Bureau          Newsletter, Bureau County Genea. Soc.  
M-180-10     Champaign       Champaign Co. (IL> Genealogical Soc. Quarterly  
M-180-15     Coles           Among the Coles    
M-180-16A    Cook            Chicago Genealogist    
M-180-16B    Cook            News from the Northwest    
M-180-16C    Cook            Where Be Trans Cross    
M-180-16D    Cook            Popular Creek Quarterly    
M-180-18A    Cumberland etc. Cumberland & Coles    
M-180-18B    Cumberland      Happy Hunter    
M-180-19     DeKalb          Cornsilk, DeKalb County Genea.  
M-180-20     Dewitt          Dewitt County Quarterly    
M-180-21     Douglas         Douglas Trails & Traces    
M-180-25     Effingham       Crossroad Trails, Effingham Genea. Soc  
M-180-26     Fayette         Fayette Facts    
M-180-31     Greene          Greene Co. History & Genea. Soc. Newsletter  
M-180-37     Henry           Genie    
M-180-46     KankaKee        The A-KI-KI    
M-180-48     Knox            Knox County Genea. Society  
M-180-55     Macon, etc.     Central Illinois Quarterly  
M-180-56     Macoupin        Newsletter of Macoupin County  
M-180-56A    Macoupin        Maccoupin County Searcher  
M-180-57     Madison         Stalker, Madison Co. Genea. Society  
M-180-58     Marion          Footprints in Marion County  
M-180-62     McDonough       The Newsletter, McDonough Co. Genea. Soc.  
M-180-64A    McLean          Ancestors-Yours & Mine    
M-180-64B    McLean          Cleanings From the Heart  
M-180-69 L   Morgan          JAG & HS (Jacksonville Genea. Journal)  
M-180-70     Moultrie        Moultrie County Heritage  
M-180-72     Peoria          Prairie Roots    
M-180-74     Piatt           Piatt County Historical & Genea. Soc.  
M-180-80     Richland        Footprint's Past & Present  
M-180-81     Rock Island     Blackhawk Quarterly, Rock Island Co. Genea. Soc.  
M-180-82A    St Clair        St Clair County Genea. Soc. Ouarterly  
M-180-82B    St Clair        Branching Out    
M-180-84     Sangamon        Circuit Rider, Sangamon Co. Genea. Soc.  
M-180-85     Schuyler        The Schuylerite-180-87 Shelby County Ancestor  
M-180-90     Tazewell        Newsletter, Tazewell Co. Genea. Society  
M-180-92     Vermillion      Illinois Genealogist    
M-180-94     Warren          Prairie Pioneer    
M-180-95     Washington      Looking Back    
M-180-99     Will-Grundy     Quarterly, Will-Grundy Co., IL. Genea. Society  
M-180-100    Williamson      Saga of South Illinois    
M-180-SG-1   State General   Illinois Genealogical Quarterly  
M-180-SG-2   State General   Searching Illinois Ancestors  
M-180-SG-3   State General   Central Illinois Ancestors  
M-180-SG-4   State General   Tri-County Genea. Society (Illinois)  
S-17         Newspaper - Plymouth, Hancock Co., IL (box)  
S-32         Nauvoo Neighbor Newspaper, Nauvoo, IL; Nov. 6, 1975-  
               Aug. 12, 1976    
S-48         The Tri-County Scribe, Plymouth, Hancock Co.,IL    
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