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        BOOK No.                            AUTHOR                                                    TITLE

R-050 1   The San Joaquin Gen Society Old Cemeteries of San Joaquin Co., California  
R-050 2   San Joaquin Genealogical  society Index to Probate Records, San Joaquin Co., California 1850-1900  
R-050 3 1 San Joaquin Genealogical Society Marriage Records San Joaquin Co., California 1850-1865  
R-050 3 2 San Joaquin Genealogical Socierty Marriage Records San Joaquin Co., California 1866-1884  
R-050 3 3 San Joaquin Genealogical Society Marriage Records San Joaquin Co., California 1884-1899  
R-050 4 1 San Joaquin Genalogical Society Gold Rush Days - Vital Statistic Early Stockton  
R-050 4 2 San Joaquin Genealogical Society Gold Rush Days-Vital Statistics Early Stockton  
R-050 5   Atherton California An Intimate History 1927
R-050 6   Napa Valley Genealogy Society Dozens of Cousins 1979
R-050 7   J. Carlyle Parker World Conference on Records on California 1969
R-050 8   Conejo Valley Gen Society Conejo Valley Surname Register 1985
R-050 9   Siskiyou County Historical Society The Siskiyou Pioneer in Folklore, Fact and Fiction  
R-050 10     Genealogical Surname Index 1985-86  
R-050 11     The Headhunter, Pedigree , Charts of TRW Genealogical Society Members 1983
R-050 12   Hi-Desert Genealogical Soc Cemeteries of  Victor Valley 1993
R-050 13   Nordland, Ole J. Coachella Valley's Golden Years 1978

C-50-1      1900 Census San Diego Co., CA
C-50-2 California Del Norte County 1900 Census; Mildred Felkel, 1984
C-50-3 Index to the 1850 Census of The State of California, Alan P. Bowman Magazine # County Title
M-50-4 Butte Genealogical Goldmine
M-50-10 Fresno Ash Tree Echo, Fresno, CA
M-50-12 Humbolt Redwood Researcher
M-50-15 Ken "Ken Gen", Ken County Genea. Soc.
M-50-19A Los Angeles The Searcher, Los Angeles, CA
M-50-19B Los Angeles The Lifeliner
M-50-19C Los Angeles Kinships
M-50-21 Marin The Marin Kin Tracer
M-50-30 Orange The Quarterly of Orange County
M-50-34 Sacramento Root Ceiler Preserves, Sacramento, CA
M-50-36 San Benardino Valley Quarterly, San Diego, CA
M-50-37 San Diego Leaves & Saplings, San Diego, CA
M-50-37A San Diego Hidden Valley Journal
M-50-42 Santa Barbara Ancestors West, Santa Barbara, CA
M-50-43 Santa Clara Santa Clara County Connections
M-50-49 Sonorna The Sonoma Searcher
M-50-54 Tulare Newsletter Sequoia Genea. Society
M-50-55 Tuolume Golden Roots of the Mother Load
M-50-56 Ventura Quarterly, Ventura Co. Genea. Society
M-50-SG-1 State General Genealogical Research News
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