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18th Judicial District Probate Index

The Probate Department of the District Court, 18th Judicial District deals with a variety of types of cases.  While this index covers some of the miscellaneous cases, it’s main focus is upon cases covering guardianships and the distribution of estates as the result of a death of an individual.


The column headings used are as follows:


Case              The number assigned to the case


Name             The names of the major parties involved.  In the case of guardianships concerning multiple individuals, each individual is listed separately.


Date               The earliest date of activity found in the case file.  This not necessarily the date of the original filing of the case.


Type               D indicates a death; G indicates a guardianship; M indicates a   miscellaneous case. Miscellaneous cases are further  described in the Comments field for the individual case


Pages            Approximately the number of pages found within the case file. Many case files contain groups of receipts or cancelled checks. If there were 10 or fewer found in the case file they are included in the page count.  When there were more than 10, they were not listed in the page count, but shown separately in the Comments field.


Comments            This may contain comments about the case type, additional parties involved, the number of receipts found in the case file, or any other type of information not falling in the other columns.


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18th Judicial District Probate Index 1870 - November 1917
(PDF format)


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