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Mic-fic #1     Author Guide to Books on Demand Univ. Microfilms International
Mic-fic #2 Abstracts of the Records of Society of Friends in Indiana,
Vol. Vll
Mic-fic #3 Index to 1840 Federal Census of Indiana
Mic-fic #4 Griffith's index of Surnames by Baronies & Parishes Co. Louth
Mic-fic #5 Northen Family in U.S. 1635-1900 by Rev. E. E. Northen
Mic-fic #6 Ancestors & Descendants Abraham Hammer of Philadelphia Co., PA
and Randolph Co., NC 1683-1983; DAR Eunice Sterling Chpt.
Mic-fic #7 1890 Louisiana Veterans Census Index; by Index Publ.
Mic-fic #8 Bibliography 6 Massachusetts Vital Records
Mic-fic #9 Sunny Knik News & Wasilla News - Juneau, Alaska
Mic-fic #10 Family Registry - 18th Edition--LDS Church
Mic-fic #11 Genea. Abstracts from the Austin, TX State Gazette 1849-1859
Mic-fic #12 Miscellaneous TX Newspaper Abstracts 1840-1858
Mic-fic #13 Bibliography of MS Vital Records 2nd Edition 1988
Mic-fic #14 U.S.A. IGI -LDS Church, 1988 (International Genea. Index) Mic-fic #15 German IGI --LDS Church, 1988
Mic-fic #16 Some Emigrants to Virginia
Mic-fic #17 Computerized Family File; Everton Publ.
Mic-fic #18 Holt Co., MO. T27 Hist. & Biog. Publ 1882 -Ancestor Microfiche
Mic-fic #19 Steuben Co., NY T32-1891 Ancestor Microfiche
Mic-fic #20 Broome Co., NY T17 Library Holdings 1834-1984-Ancestor
Mic-fic #21 Stephenson Co., IL T32-Ancestor Microfiche
Mic-fic #22 Rock Co., WI -The Janesville Directory & Business Mirror for
Mic-fic #23 Rock Co., WI -The Beloit Directory & Business Mirror for 1858
Mic-fic #24 Hartford, CT Vital Records 1640-1724
Mic-fic #25 1993 IGI for USA, Canada; Scotland & Parish Records Index
Mic-fic #26 MO. 1890 Civil War Veterans Census index
Mic-fic #27 Harvey County, KS Marriages; MHGS, filmed by LDS Church
Mic-fic #28 Sedgwick Co., KS Naturalizations & Declarations of Intentions;
MHGS, LDS filmed
Mic-fic #29 1870 Sedgwick Co., KS Census index; MHGS, filmed by LDS Church
Mic-fic #30 Tombstone Readings, Sedgwick Co., KS-3 Vols.; MHGS, filmed by
LDS Church
Mic-fic #3l Sedgwick Co., KS Marriages (4 packets); MHGS; filmed by LDS
Church Mic-fic #32 Alabama Census Returns 1820 and Abstract Mic-fic #33 1800 Census Delaware Mic-fic #34 1820 Census of Mississippi Mic-fic #35 Mississippi Census of 1830 Mic-fic #36 DC Marriages: Early-1825 Mic-fic #37 Canada West (Ontario) 1848/1850 Mic-fic #38 Delaware 1860 Census Index Mic-fic #39 Delaware 1870 Census Index Mic-fic #40 DC 1860 Census Index Mic-fic #41 DC 1870 Census Index Mic-fic #42 Florida 1860 Census Index Mic-fic #43 1910 Nevada Census Index Mic-fic #44 1860 Oregon Census Index Mic-fic #45 Oregon 1870 Census Index Mic-fic #46 1860 Rhode Island Census Index Mic-fic #47 1870 Rhode Island Census Index Mic-fic #48 1856 Utah Census (State) Index Mic-fic #49 1910 Wyoming Census Index Mic-fic #50 1890 Kentucky Veterans Census Mic-fic #51 1890 Maine Veterans Census Mic-fic #52 1890 Maryland Veterans Census Mic-fic #53 1890 Massachusetts Veterans Census Mic-fic #54 1890 Michigan Veterans Census Mic-fic #55 1890 Minnesota Veterans Census Mic-fic #56 1890 Mississippi Veterans Census Mic-fic #57 1890 Texas Veterans Census Mic-fic #58 1890 New York Veterans Census Mic-fic #59 1890 WV Veterans Census Mic-fic #60 1890 VA Veterans Census Mic-fic #61 WA Whatcom Genea. Soc. - The Bulletin, Vol. 23, #1 Fall 1992
Mic-fic #63 History of Lawrence, Orange & Washington Cos., IN (17 fiche) AGLL#F-2459 Mic-fic #64 Illinois, Nauvoo Census Index (2)
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