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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.


Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

1997 January through May

1997 June through December

Abbott                      Florence L.                         20-Apr-97
Abbott                      Florence L.                         22-Apr-97
Abney                       Eva M.                              23-Mar-97
Ace                         Kenneth Leon (Kenny)                03-Apr-97
Ackerman                    Tusten                              18-May-97
Adam                        Bertha E.                           17-May-97
Adam                        Harry W.                            28-Mar-97
Adame                       Anthony (Tonie)                     17-Feb-97
Adams                       Augusta B.                          26-May-97
Adams                       Dora Jane                           29-Jan-97
Adams                       Dora Jane                           30-Jan-97
Adams                       Edward B. (Pop)                     29-Apr-97
Adams                       Eunice E.                           10-Jan-97
Adams                       Frances L.                          29-Jan-97
Adams                       Maurine Bodwell                     02-Jan-97
Adams                       Timothy Eugene (Tim)                02-May-97
Adelhardt                   Fredrick A.                         19-Mar-97
Aff                         Lola King M.                        11-Mar-97
Agoitia                     Delphina                            16-May-97
Ahlstrom                    Clinton P.                          30-Apr-97
Ahrens                      Michael A.                          07-Jan-97
Ainsworth                   Glenn                               24-Apr-97
Aitken                      Rosalie Burlison                    18-Mar-97
Albrecht                    Marian                              27-Apr-97
Albright                    Florence Naomi                      15-Jan-97
Albright                    Mary                                24-Feb-97
Alcorn                      Virginia C.                         30-Jan-97
Aldridge                    Gail C.                             17-Jan-97
Alexander                   Betty J.                            18-Jan-97
Alexander                   Doris Ann                           22-Apr-97
Alexander                   Mae                                 23-May-97
Alexander                   Mae                                 24-May-97
Alexander                   margaret Frailey                    25-Mar-97
Alires                      Camilo J. (C. J.)                   10-Jan-97
Allen                       Charles Lemoine                     09-Jan-97
Allen                       Dennis Lee                          15-Jan-97
Allen                       Frankie Mae                         05-Mar-97
Allen                       Mabel Oakley                        30-May-97
Allen                       Martha L.                           21-Jan-97
Allen                       Maynard                             09-May-97
Allen                       Monica Diane                        29-Mar-97
Allen                       Robert A.                           30-Apr-97
Allen                       Zelda I.                            13-Feb-97
Alley                       Garnett H. Life                     11-Jan-97
Allin                       LaVerne                             03-May-97
Allison                     Barbara J.                          27-Jan-97
Allison                     Carl Edwin                          23-May-97
Allison                     Charles                             06-Feb-97
Alliston                    H. Kenneth                          17-Jan-97
Allton                      Lois V.                             08-Feb-97
Alspaugh                    Inez D.                             24-Apr-97
Altmann                     G. Irene                            26-Apr-97
Alumbaugh                   Faye E.                             14-Jan-97
Alumbaugh                   Janice L.                           29-Mar-97
Amezcua                     Ramona                              15-May-97
Ammons                      George Henry F.                     14-Jan-97
Anacker                     Nellie Adelaide                     04-May-97
Andereck                    Omar (Andy)                         06-Jan-97
Anderson                    Ardis H.                            09-May-97
Anderson                    Dale                                20-Apr-97
Anderson                    David L.                            31-Jan-97
Anderson                    Elenor Jones                        19-Jan-97
Anderson                    Elisa C. VanNice                    18-Jan-97
Anderson                    Frank R.                            19-Jan-97
Anderson                    George                              16-Jan-97
Anderson                    Gerald H.                           08-Feb-97
Anderson                    Howard J.                           08-Mar-97
Anderson                    Jewel Marie                         11-Jan-97
Anderson                    John A.                             09-Mar-97
Anderson                    Laura Cowan Lavelle                 22-Jan-97
Anderson                    Laura Cowan Lavelle                 24-Jan-97
Anderson                    Lowell L. (Kandy)                   02-Mar-97
Anderson                    M. Nancy                            12-Apr-97
Anderson                    Mark                                22-Apr-97
Anderson                    Mark F.                             21-Apr-97
Anderson                    Pauline O.                          03-Mar-97
Anderson                    Sam                                 13-Feb-97
Anderson                    Stanley Louis (Stan) (Jr.)          20-Feb-97
Anderson                    Ted                                 01-May-97
Andra                       Vincent J.                          03-Feb-97
Andreas                     Olga M.                             07-Jan-97
Andrews                     Margery L.                          07-May-97
Andrews                     Robert                              15-Mar-97
Andrews                     Robert (Bob)                        18-Mar-97
Anglin                      John                                23-Feb-97
Annett                      Hazel M.                            30-Mar-97
Anthony                     Margaret E.                         22-Jan-97
Antoine                     Edith M.                            12-Mar-97
Antoine                     Ruth R.                             18-May-97
Appenfeller                 Norman W.                           30-Jan-97
Applegate                   Terry                               15-Jan-97
Appleman                    Eva J.                              18-May-97
Arbuckle                    Katheleene V.                       31-Mar-97
Ard                         Larry Eugene                        10-Jan-97
Arellano                    Raymond Julian                      27-May-97
Aringdale                   Norma B.                            12-Jan-97
Aringdale                   Norma B.                            13-Jan-97
Armagost                    Gerald (Jerry)                      08-Mar-97
Armstrong                   Ralph B.                            23-Apr-97
Arnold                      Alla May                            30-Mar-97
Arnold                      Amber Lea                           24-Jan-97
Arnold                      Myrna                               23-Mar-97
Arnold                      Orpha W.                            20-Mar-97
Arnold                      Vera                                09-Mar-97
Arnold                      Vera                                11-Mar-97
Arpin                       Edgar E.                            21-Mar-97
Arrington                   Aileen I.                           30-Jan-97
Ashby                       Emery Clifford                      18-Mar-97
Ashford                     Rowena S.                           18-Feb-97
Ashley                      Dennis W.                           09-Jan-97
Ashlock                     Edward Arthur                       15-Jan-97
Ashlock                     Thomas Franklin                     08-Apr-97
Ashton                      Barbara A. Young                    12-Jan-97
Ast                         Clara A.                            16-Apr-97
Aston                       Robert                              16-Jan-97
Attebery                    Mary Kathryn (Kay)                  09-Jan-97
Audd                        Marie                               09-Feb-97
Auernheimer                 Margaret Mae                        22-Feb-97
Augmon                      James C. (Jamie)                    25-Jan-97
Aunquoe                     Andrew Payne                        08-Apr-97
Austin                      Elva                                05-Apr-97
Austin                      Helen Janice                        04-Feb-97
Avery                       Emmett S.                           04-Feb-97
Aves                        Emerson                             04-Jan-97
Avila                       Samuel S.                           04-Jan-97
Axline                      Fola Mae                            25-Jan-97
Ayers                       Esther Anderson                     04-Feb-97
Aylward                     Francis E.                          09-May-97
Baalmann                    Henry                               12-Mar-97
Baalmann                    Henry                               13-Mar-97
Babb                        Eva Vivian                          14-Jan-97
Babb                        Eva Vivian                          15-Jan-97
Babcock                     Kenneth R.                          08-Jan-97
Bachelder                   Wanna J.                            24-Apr-97
Bachman                     Gail E.                             26-Jan-97
Backman                     Sondra G. (Sandy)                   05-May-97
Bacon                       Ernest M.                           20-May-97
Badgett                     J. T. (Jr.)                         07-Mar-97
Baer                        Myrtle E.                           22-Jan-97
Bafus                       Frieda A.                           14-May-97
Bagby                       Angela                              19-Feb-97
Bagshaw                     Leona May                           26-Mar-97
Baier                       Edward Raymond                      23-Feb-97
Bailey                      Ethel                               19-May-97
Bailey                      John K.                             17-May-97
Bailey                      Ralph C.                            31-Jan-97
Bailey                      Richard Leon                        19-Feb-97
Bailey                      Sarah M.                            16-Apr-97
Bailor                      Rexer Julian                        23-May-97
Baird                       Hazel S.                            18-Feb-97
Baird                       Louise                              20-Mar-97
Bakeman                     Aaron Scott                         26-Mar-97
Baker                       Alene Kimbrel                       11-Jan-97
Baker                       Cecil E.                            21-Feb-97
Baker                       Charles A.                          25-Apr-97
Baker                       Clarence C.                         10-Mar-97
Baker                       Denise Mikel                        26-May-97
Baker                       Estelle                             08-Mar-97
Baker                       Estelle                             09-Mar-97
Baker                       Gladys E.                           03-Jan-97
Baker                       Lucille R.                          07-Mar-97
Baker                       Marceline D.                        21-Apr-97
Baker                       Marie                               17-Jan-97
Baker                       Merle I. (Zip)                      26-May-97
Baker                       Rebecca                             14-May-97
Baldrey                     Margery F.                          04-Mar-97
Balfay                      Kathleen                            10-Apr-97
Balfay                      M. Agnes Gahagan                    21-Feb-97
Ball                        Blanche Mae                         11-Apr-97
Ball                        Martha                              04-Mar-97
Ball                        Martha                              05-Mar-97
Ball                        Marvin R.                           13-Jan-97
Ball                        Walter A.                           10-Feb-97
Ballard                     Claude E.                           25-Feb-97
Ballenger                   Frances L.                          10-Apr-97
Ballenger                   Frances L.                          11-Apr-97
Ballenger                   Noble C.                            19-Feb-97
Ballinger                   Julius Owen (Judge)                 26-May-97
Balzer                      Lorene                              08-Feb-97
Banister                    Teddy H.                            10-May-97
Bannon                      Ardell Lee                          29-Jan-97
Bannon                      Dorothy (Dot)                       09-Apr-97
Banzet                      Henry Arthur                        26-Apr-97
Barber                      I. D. (Pete)                        01-Jan-97
Barber                      I. D. (Pete)                        02-Jan-97
Barber                      J. W.                               30-Jan-97
Barcus                      warner (Curly) Henry                08-Jan-97
Barker                      Claude Homer                        13-Apr-97
Barker                      Delbert L.                          12-Jan-97
Barker                      Ruth                                25-Feb-97
Barker                      Ruth                                27-Feb-97
Barker                      Samuel H.                           26-Mar-97
Barker                      Samuel H.                           27-Mar-97
Barker                      W. E. (Sparky)                      30-Jan-97
Barkman                     Leonard                             31-Jan-97
Barlow                      William F. (Bill)                   07-Feb-97
Barnard                     Lowell Alec)                        15-Mar-97
Barnard                     Lowell Alec)                        19-Mar-97
Barnes                      David Allen                         21-Jan-97
Barnes                      Geraldine Wanda (Jerry)             30-Jan-97
Barnes                      John A.                             06-May-97
Barnes                      Marvin A.                           08-May-97
Barnes                      Sammy J.                            12-Mar-97
Barnett                     Ethel Effie                         06-Jan-97
Barnett                     Ralph E.                            09-Mar-97
Barnhart                    Carole J.                           09-Mar-97
Barnhart                    Judy Ann                            04-May-97
Barr                        Benjamin S.                         27-May-97
Barr                        Benjamin S.                         28-May-97
Barrett                     Brian B.                            13-Jan-97
Barrick                     Raymond J.                          22-Feb-97
Bartel                      Marie F.                            08-Apr-97
Bartel                      Rose E.                             16-Feb-97
Bartel                      Roy A.                              21-Mar-97
Barth                       Adam J.                             07-Mar-97
Barth                       Elmer Edward                        29-Jan-97
Basart                      Orville A.                          24-Mar-97
Basart                      Orville A.                          25-Mar-97
Baskett                     Neil I.                             19-Mar-97
Basnett                     Lucille M.                          27-Jan-97
Bass                        Agatha Chlogene                     04-Mar-97
Bass                        Chlogene                            05-Mar-97
Bass                        Lloyd A.                            12-Mar-97
Bass                        Perl M.                             24-Jan-97
Bassett                     Albert W. (Walt)                    11-May-97
Bassett                     Louvena P.                          04-Apr-97
Bassett                     Margaret J.                         13-Jan-97
Bassett                     Odis (O. D.)                        07-May-97
Bassett                     Odis (O. D.)                        08-May-97
Bastow                      Jess M.                             22-May-97
Bates                       Bill Jim                            07-Jan-97
Bates                       Merle A.                            11-May-97
Bates                       Neil                                26-Mar-97
Bates                       Velma Pauline                       18-Feb-97
Baughman                    Cleo J. & Freddie L.                06-Mar-97
Baughman                    Mary A.                             11-Jan-97
Baum                        John Clifford                       25-Feb-97
Baum                        Margaret L.                         28-Jan-97
Baxter                      Elmer                               08-Feb-97
Bayer                       Audrey I. Mason                     19-Mar-97
Bayliff                     Johnny B. (Jr.)                     28-May-97
Beach                       Ceola B.                            23-Feb-97
Beach                       Harriet Blair                       08-Feb-97
Beale                       Barbara Lee                         29-Jan-97
Bean                        Eddie A.                            05-Jan-97
Bean                        Leo L.                              10-May-97
Bean                        Leo L.                              12-May-97
Bean                        William Howard (Bill)               06-Mar-97
Beard                       Harold Vernon                       27-Feb-97
Beard                       Laura F.                            01-May-97
Beard                       Laura F.                            02-May-97
Beazer                      Alice Elizabeth                     15-May-97
Becker                      David J.                            29-Apr-97
Becker                      Delphin A.                          12-Apr-97
Becker                      Florence J.                         21-Mar-97
Becker                      Glenn O.                            08-Apr-97
Becker                      Larry John                          15-Feb-97
Becker                      Paul W.                             14-Jan-97
Beckner                     Charles W.                          20-Jan-97
Beddow                      James (Rev.)                        01-May-97
Bedwell                     Iris Viola                          18-Feb-97
Beech                       Luoise                              02-May-97
Beerhalter                  Genevieve                           08-Jan-97
Beery                       Amy A.                              06-Feb-97
Beeson                      Terry James                         02-Apr-97
Beford                      Celestine (Cy)                      07-May-97
Beidleman                   Milton                              16-Jan-97
Bejma                       Louis A. (Shorty)                   29-Apr-97
Bell                        Jerri K.                            09-Apr-97
Bell                        Lillie E.                           06-May-97
Bell                        Martha E. (Ene)                     15-Mar-97
Bell                        Mary Emma                           18-Jan-97
Bell                        Mildred Helene                      02-Feb-97
Bell                        Thor W.                             26-Jan-97
Bell                        Winford (Wimp)                      07-May-97
Belote                      Llolyd G.                           09-May-97
Belt                        Paul (Jr.)                          18-Feb-97
Bender                      Carl N.                             25-Jan-97
Bender                      Helen F.                            18-Feb-97
Bender                      Vernon K.                           11-Feb-97
Benedict                    Florence M.                         21-Feb-97
Benedict                    Rosko Lee                           30-Jan-97
Benefiel                    Lloyd J.                            28-Mar-97
Beneke                      Nina Sara                           14-Jan-97
Benfield                    Thomas R.                           26-Mar-97
Benge                       Monta G.                            27-Jan-97
Benham                      Dorothhy Jean Graham                31-Jan-97
Bennett                     Dorothy Grace                       13-Feb-97
Bennett                     Elmo J.                             16-Feb-97
Bennington                  Hugh                                08-Jan-97
Bentley                     Ruth A.                             15-Apr-97
Benton                      Jack L.                             25-May-97
Benton                      Jack L.                             28-May-97
Benton                      Ola V.                              22-Apr-97
Beohler                     Bo Megan                            15-May-97
Berg                        Hazzel C. Anderson                  17-Jan-97
Bergen                      Clara                               23-Jan-97
Berghoefer                  Edward August                       10-Jan-97
Bergley                     Raymond A. (Sr.)                    13-Mar-97
Berkowitz                   Dorothy                             28-Apr-97
Berland                     Edna M.                             21-May-97
Berlin                      Henry (Hank)                        21-Jan-97
Bernhardt                   Fern Elizabeth                      05-Mar-97
Berry                       Essie B.                            04-Apr-97
Bertholf                    Lee                                 26-Apr-97
Bertholf                    Phyllis I.                          13-Jan-97
Beshirs                     Paul Z. (Red)                       15-Jan-97
Bess                        Donna J.                            10-Jan-97
Best                        Charles P.                          15-Jan-97
Bettega                     E.  A.                              31-May-97
Bevan                       Lamoine R.                          30-Apr-97
Beyer                       Dorothy Marie                       31-Jan-97
Beyer                       Eva Mae                             15-Jan-97
Bick                        Minnie                              15-Apr-97
Bickford                    Robert Normaqn                      22-Mar-97
Biddle                      Henry A.                            14-Mar-97
Biesemier                   Glen C.                             22-May-97
Biggs                       Eulalia Mae                         22-Apr-97
Biggs                       Howard W.                           25-Mar-97
Bigler                      V. Alma                             27-Mar-97
Bill                        Mary                                17-Jan-97
Billings                    Betty M.                            09-May-97
Billngs                     Neva Lucille                        13-Feb-97
Bilson                      Hazel Mae                           19-Feb-97
Bilyeu                      Eva                                 02-Feb-97
Bilyeu                      Katherine                           18-Apr-97
Binford                     Phyllis A.                          24-Feb-97
Binford                     Verne D.                            28-May-97
Bingham                     Lary Gene                           19-Feb-97
Binter                      Martha L. (Marty)                   10-Jan-97
Binter                      Martha L. (Marty)                   11-Jan-97
Bird                        Lue A.                              23-Mar-97
Bird                        Mayme VanSickle                     02-Apr-97
Birzer                      James N.                            30-Mar-97
Birzer                      Mollie M.                           09-Jan-97
Bishop                      Pauline                             15-Jan-97
Bishop                      Robert L.                           07-Feb-97
Bishop                      Robert L.                           08-Feb-97
Black                       Wendell                             20-May-97
Blackstun                   Murtin Jeremiah                     05-Mar-97
Blackwell                   L. Maude                            20-Jan-97
Blackwell                   Rebecca D.                          25-Jan-97
Blair                       Martha E.                           02-May-97
Blake                       Elizabeth (Grandma)                 27-Feb-97
Blake                       Josesph S. (Joe)                    15-Apr-97
Blaker                      Allan L.                            15-Mar-97
Blaker                      Florence E.                         04-Jan-97
Blaker                      Florence E.                         05-Jan-97
Blakey-Boyer                Linda                               17-Feb-97
Blanc                       Walter W. (Walt Jr.)                14-Jan-97
Blanc                       Walter W. (Walt Jr.)                15-Jan-97
Blanchard                   Jacqueline L.                       01-Apr-97
Blanck                      Sonda L.                            04-May-97
Blankenship                 Timothy K. (Tim)                    20-Mar-97
Blanton                     Harold L. (Rip) (Sr.)               21-May-97
Blasdel                     Adam Kyle                           08-May-97
Blasi                       Daman Thomas                        11-Jan-97
Blauer                      Guinivere Delight                   09-Jan-97
Bledsoe                     Jeffrey L.                          07-May-97
Bledsoe                     Wallace E. (Jr.)                    28-Feb-97
Blehm                       Hannah Borchers                     30-Jan-97
Blessington                 Geneva B.                           09-Jan-97
Bleumer                     Henry J.                            12-Jan-97
Blew                        Chrystal Freeman                    09-Jan-97
Bleything                   George A. (Jr.)                     20-Jan-97
Block                       Mamie Gladys                        20-Apr-97
Blodgett                    Max A.                              15-May-97
Blodgett                    Peggy                               24-Apr-97
Blurton                     Lawrence C.                         04-Jan-97
Boaldin                     Cecil E.                            17-Jan-97
Bobek                       Roberta                             14-Jan-97
Bockover                    Anna H.                             20-May-97
Bogart                      Robert L.                           05-Feb-97
Bogner                      Theo A.                             25-Feb-97
Bohannan                    Mabel Izetta Lister                 18-Mar-97
Bohonicky                   Ila E. Barnes Moore                 08-Apr-97
Bolene                      Leon A.                             11-Jan-97
Boles                       Mary Jane                           08-Apr-97
Boling                      Everett D.                          18-Jan-97
Boller                      Joseph F.                           09-Apr-97
Boltjes                     Lucille Dorothy                     01-Apr-97
Bolz                        M. Caroline                         06-May-97
Bond                        alrena Faye                         30-Mar-97
Bond                        Evalena                             22-Jan-97
Bond                        Evalena                             23-Jan-97
Bone                        James W.                            14-May-97
Bonnie                      BeatriceL.                          14-Feb-97
Bontrager                   Calvin Lee                          06-Mar-97
Boomershine                 Pauline                             05-May-97
Boone                       Boyde V. (Sr.)                      10-Mar-97
Boone                       Boyde V. (Sr.)                      11-Mar-97
Booth                       Velma B.                            09-Feb-97
Boring                      Robert H.                           26-Mar-97
Boring                      Robert H.                           27-Mar-97
Bornholdt                   Bret A. (Dr.)                       05-May-97
Bortz                       Janice Yvonne                       12-Mar-97
Boss                        Raymond O.                          04-Feb-97
Boston                      Fred W.                             23-Mar-97
Both                        Albert                              07-May-97
Bott                        Ruby A.                             03-Jan-97
Bourk                       Julius M. (Mickey)                  14-Mar-97
Bowersox                    Lois B.                             30-Apr-97
Bowlby                      Lorene H.                           08-Jan-97
Bowlus                      Augusta Irene                       04-Mar-97
Bowman                      Berniece M.                         11-Apr-97
Bowman                      Elva L.                             08-May-97
Bowman                      John Frances                        26-Apr-97
Bowman                      Theodore Richard                    28-Mar-97
Boyce                       Alvin F. (Al)                       26-Mar-97
Boyd                        Dale Orville                        21-Feb-97
Boyd                        Ervin E.                            17-Feb-97
Boyd                        Eunice G.                           06-May-97
Boyd                        Eva M.                              20-Mar-97
Boyd                        Grace V.                            01-Apr-97
Boyd                        Irene                               16-Feb-97
Boyd                        Margaret H. Hantla                  21-Feb-97
Boyd                        Marvin Dean                         22-Feb-97
Boyd                        Marvin Dean                         23-Feb-97
Boyd                        William                             01-May-97
Boyd                        William                             02-May-97
Boyd                        Winifred E.                         27-Mar-97
Boykin                      Ludella                             15-Feb-97
Boykin                      Ludella                             19-Feb-97
Boylan                      Laurence Charles (Larry)            10-Mar-97
Boyle                       Earl H.                             29-Jan-97
Boyle                       James U.                            15-Mar-97
Boyles                      Ardythe C.                          29-Mar-97
Bozarth                     Sue                                 07-Apr-97
Brack                       Ardia M.                            11-Mar-97
Brack                       Ardis M.                            12-Mar-97
Brack                       Daylon L.                           04-Jan-97
Bradberry                   James                               16-May-97
Bradbury                    Dustin M. (Dusty)                   29-Mar-97
Bradley                     Clifford (Sr.)                      08-Apr-97
Bradley                     Lucille I.                          18-Jan-97
Bradley                     Thelma M.                           02-Feb-97
Brady                       Mable D.                            29-Mar-97
Brady                       Norma Jean                          25-Apr-97
Brady                       Ralph (Mike)                        12-Jan-97
Bramlett                    Glenn B.                            17-Feb-97
Brandley                    Roberta                             13-Apr-97
Branson                     Ida Leona                           22-May-97
Branson                     Lester R.                           15-Mar-97
Brant                       John                                12-Jan-97
Braun                       Wendelin A.                         03-Feb-97
Brausa                      Cathy                               18-Feb-97
Braverman                   Arthur S.                           24-Apr-97
Brazelton                   Bertie H.                           06-Jan-97
Breazier                    V. Jane                             10-Jan-97
Breen                       Emmett Newton                       11-Mar-97
Brenenstall                 Opal                                17-May-97
Brenner                     Adella Mary                         09-Apr-97
Brent                       Gladys Lucile                       15-Jan-97
Brenton                     Juanita N.                          22-Apr-97
Breth                       Martin P. (Sr.) (Marty)             26-Apr-97
Brewer                      Cora Lee                            13-May-97
Bridgeford                  Dorothy E.                          14-Mar-97
Bridgman                    J. Howard                           19-Feb-97
Bridwell                    Harriet Elizabeth                   09-Apr-97
Briggs                      James Albert                        06-May-97
Briggs                      John Edwin                          08-Apr-97
Britton                     Leeroy Arthur                       03-Feb-97
Brobst                      Deloris H.                          22-Apr-97
Brock                       Beulah C.                           10-Feb-97
Brock                       Beulah I. Caudle Ratliff Hansard    12-Feb-97
Brodock                     Lester D.                           17-Apr-97
Broers                      Ethel A.                            01-Apr-97
Brollier                    Ruth E.                             04-May-97
Bronson                     Minnie E.                           23-Jan-97
Bronson                     Minnie E.                           24-Jan-97
Brookover                   Bessie E.                           25-Apr-97
Brooks                      Brandi Dawn                         05-Apr-97
Brooks                      Eunice C.                           14-Feb-97
Brooks                      George L.                           08-Apr-97
Brooks                      George L.                           09-Apr-97
Brooks                      Helen F. (Dr.)                      21-Apr-97
Brooks                      Helen Mae                           26-Apr-97
Brooks                      Othello Portia                      13-May-97
Broom-Stanfield             Velma M.                            21-Mar-97
Browdy                      Carmen (Dixie)                      11-Apr-97
Brown                       Arthur B.                           29-May-97
Brown                       Catherine                           14-Jan-97
Brown                       Darrell F.                          07-May-97
Brown                       Delbert L.                          06-Apr-97
Brown                       Donald E.                           10-Jan-97
Brown                       Doris M.                            02-Mar-97
Brown                       Dorothy J. (Dottie)                 18-Apr-97
Brown                       Dorothy J. (Dottie)                 20-Apr-97
Brown                       Earl Robert                         21-Mar-97
Brown                       Frank W. (Dr.)                      25-Mar-97
Brown                       Freda C.                            01-Jan-97
Brown                       Frnces Imogene                      23-Apr-97
Brown                       Gynonne G.                          22-May-97
Brown                       Kevin Brannon                       15-Jan-97
Brown                       Louise                              06-Feb-97
Brown                       Myron Joseph                        26-May-97
Brown                       Richard E. (Brownie)                11-May-97
Brown                       Richard E. (Brownie)                12-May-97
Brown                       T. Clarence                         15-Feb-97
Brown                       Theofore R. (Ted)                   27-May-97
Brown                       Vergie L.                           25-May-97
Brown                       Vincent L.                          04-Jan-97
Brownlee                    Ethel M.                            15-Apr-97
Brownlee                    Leona M.                            04-Feb-97
Brownlee                    Sue Ann                             07-Mar-97
Broyles                     Daniel D.                           04-Mar-97
Brress                      Dorothy Margaret Schneider          09-Feb-97
Brrezovar                   John L.                             30-May-97
Brubaker                    Bessie L. Vollmann                  02-Mar-97
Brubaker                    Bessie L. Vollmann                  03-Mar-97
Brubaker                    Bessie L. Vollmann                  04-Mar-97
Bruce                       Donald Ray (Doogan)                 13-Jan-97
Bruce                       Eugene W.                           31-Jan-97
Brumley                     Norma Louise                        18-Mar-97
Brungardt                   Anna M.                             07-Jan-97
Brungardt                   Edna Mae                            25-Apr-97
Brungardt                   Mae                                 21-Feb-97
brunner                     Alexander                           12-Feb-97
Brunner                     Harvey Edward                       01-May-97
Bryan                       Milton L. (Sr.)                     12-May-97
Bryant                      Ralph V. (Boozer)                   21-May-97
Bryson                      Donald Louis                        22-Jan-97
Buck                        Alice M.                            26-Feb-97
Buck                        Chad E.                             11-Mar-97
Buck                        Chad E.                             12-Mar-97
Buck                        Marguerite M.                       01-Mar-97
Buck                        Mark (Kelly)                        27-Jan-97
Buck                        Mary (Kelly)                        28-Jan-97
Buck                        Morris W.                           07-Feb-97
Buck                        Robert L. (Sr.)                     09-Jan-97
Buckley                     Anthony DeWayne                     28-May-97
Buckner                     May A.                              07-Jan-97
Buckridge                   Florence Luella                     14-Mar-97
Buczinski                   Lawrence Joseph (Larry)             29-Apr-97
Budde                       Edna M.                             30-Jan-97
Buehler                     Helen B.                            06-Feb-97
Buehler                     Helen B.                            07-Feb-97
Buffalow                    Mabel Irene Clough                  29-Jan-97
Bugner                      William John                        13-Apr-97
Buhrer                      Francis M.                          26-Jan-97
Buie                        Minnie                              05-Mar-97
Bullard                     Claude (Joe)                        22-Apr-97
Buller                      David B.                            06-Feb-97
Buller                      Martha                              06-Mar-97
Bunk                        Emillie                             03-Mar-97
Burch                       Ida May                             18-Mar-97
Burch                       Norma Jean                          08-Apr-97
Burch                       Norma Jean                          09-Apr-97
Burdue                      Ernest Jacob                        11-Jan-97
Burdue                      J. Garland                          13-Feb-97
Burgard                     Eugenia (Jean)                      28-May-97
Burge                       Arline Crystal                      05-Mar-97
Burge                       Arline Crystal                      06-Mar-97
Burge                       Carl Eugene                         04-Mar-97
Burge                       Carl Eugene                         05-Mar-97
Burger                      Grace Leona                         03-Apr-97
Burgess                     Lyman                               03-Feb-97
Burgess                     Melissa Ann                         27-Mar-97
Burghart                    Raymond W.                          16-Jan-97
Burgoyne                    Zetta M.                            11-Feb-97
Burk                        Marjorie G.                         25-May-97
Burke                       John L.                             10-Jan-97
Burkey                      Dena                                28-May-97
Burkhalter                  Doris Lucille                       11-Feb-97
Burkholder                  Harold L.                           07-Jan-97
Burkholder                  Marie Dyck                          16-Jan-97
Burks                       Janet J.                            20-Mar-97
Burling                     Walter B.                           31-Jan-97
Burnes                      Samuel R.                           27-Jan-97
Burnett                     Clarence Henry                      02-Apr-97
Burnett                     Dale M.                             11-Apr-97
Burnett                     Ruth Levina                         14-Mar-97
Burnett                     Veronica (Vernie)                   11-May-97
Burnison                    Blake D.                            23-May-97
Burns                       Amy Jo                              04-Jan-97
Burns                       Dustin Wayne                        30-Mar-97
Burns                       Theresa J. Hindman                  10-Apr-97
Burr                        Betty                               18-May-97
Burrell                     Loretta                             09-Jan-97
Burri                       Clara Edna                          01-Apr-97
Burris                      Alma Grace                          03-Mar-97
Burris                      Vickcie O.                          05-Feb-97
Burrows                     Naomi D.                            22-Feb-97
Burton                      E. W. (Rev.)                        14-Mar-97
Burton                      Sallie B.                           05-Mar-97
Burton                      Verna M.                            13-Feb-97
Burton                      Verna M.                            14-Feb-97
Busch                       Connie LeBlond                      11-Jan-97
Busenitz                    Bertha R.                           01-Apr-97
Busenitz                    Virgil D.                           25-Feb-97
Bush                        Blanche G.                          31-Jan-97
Busick                      Zena B.                             18-May-97
Bussard                     Thomas V.                           18-Apr-97
Butcher                     Florence                            19-Mar-97
Butler                      Dora (Sally) Tillman Ross           28-Jan-97
Butler                      Dora Mae                            26-Jan-97
Butts                       Darlene                             24-May-97
Bybee                       Richard Lee                         03-Jan-97
Bybee                       Richard Lee                         04-Jan-97
Byers                       Bertha Iona                         06-Mar-97
Byler                       Delmar R.                           05-May-97
Byler                       Delmar R.                           06-May-97
Byrne                       William L. (Bill)                   09-Apr-97
Byrne                       William L. (Bill)                   10-Apr-97
Byrne                       William L. (Bill)                   13-Apr-97
Cade                        Harold Russell (Sonny)              10-May-97
Cade                        Max C.                              05-Jan-97
Cain                        Hubert Vim                          22-Apr-97
Cain                        Irene                               20-Mar-97
Cain                        Michael P.                          12-Jan-97
Caldwell                    Maple L.                            23-May-97
Caldwell                    Maple L.                            25-May-97
Calentin                    Harold E.                           14-Jan-97
Calentine                   Harold E.                           15-Jan-97
Cales                       Lola M.                             06-Feb-97
Calhoon                     A. Merle                            13-May-97
Calhoun                     Lillian M.                          27-Jan-97
Calhoun                     Lillian M.                          28-Jan-97
Call                        Axcie D.                            20-Feb-97
Call                        Mabel L.                            08-May-97
Callahan                    Agnes Penland                       11-Feb-97
Callaway                    Minor Dean                          28-May-97
Callaway                    Minor Dean                          29-May-97
Callender                   Dale G.                             19-Mar-97
Calvert                     Grace A.                            11-Feb-97
Calvert                     Robert B. (Bob)                     11-Jan-97
Cameron                     Marion                              06-Apr-97
Cameron                     Mon P.                              19-May-97
Cameron                     Ralph S. (Sr.)                      13-Mar-97
Camp                        Ruth Berniece                       18-Feb-97
Campbel                     Raymond S. (Pete)                   09-Feb-97
Campbell                    Elizabeth Jane (Betty)              10-Feb-97
Campbell                    Ema Bernyce                         15-May-97
Campbell                    Mabel Sade                          26-Mar-97
Campbell                    Patricia A. Guidas                  20-Feb-97
Campbell                    Scott K.                            30-May-97
Cannon                      Lowell (Jake)                       11-Mar-97
Caput                       Cleda M.                            21-Mar-97
Carcia                      Antonio C. Olea                     17-Feb-97
Carder                      Mildred A.                          10-Jan-97
Cardwell                    Sally Ritchie                       03-Feb-97
Carinder                    Phyllis D.                          16-May-97
Carle                       Thomas L.                           02-Apr-97
Carlisle                    Maxine C.                           26-Apr-97
Carlock                     Charles (Charlie)                   26-Feb-97
Carlson                     Byron E.                            02-Mar-97
Carnes                      Ellen P. (Mick)                     25-May-97
Carnes                      Ellen P. (Mick)                     26-May-97
Carnes                      J. Ross                             09-May-97
Carnes                      Ruth L. (Peggy)                     02-Mar-97
Carney                      Charles Henry                       22-Mar-97
Carney                      Iva Gladys Barnhart                 20-May-97
Carpenter                   Alice Fern                          25-Feb-97
Carpenter                   Claude M. (Jr.)                     03-Apr-97
Carpenter                   Tommie L.                           08-Jan-97
Carr                        Leonard L.                          26-May-97
Carra                       Lucile E.                           25-Feb-97
Carrasco                    Linda N.                            26-May-97
Carrell                     Edith                               10-Jan-97
Carrol                      Tina Ann                            14-Feb-97
Carroll                     Mary Lou                            09-May-97
Carson                      Charles Newton (Jr.) (Chuck)        25-Apr-97
Carson                      Fay                                 24-Apr-97
Carson                      Maggie Priscilla                    24-Jan-97
Carson                      Emmett M.                           13-Jan-97
Carstensen                  Theodore H. (Ted)                   23-Apr-97
Carter                      Betty Jean                          06-May-97
Carter                      Inell                               08-May-97
Carter                      Inell                               09-May-97
Carter                      Joan Mae                            25-Jan-97
Carter                      Ruby Louise                         11-Apr-97
Carter                      Sam S.                              08-Jan-97
Carter                      Suzanne B.                          08-Jan-97
Carter                      Suzanne Larimer                     09-Jan-97
Carter                      Thomas R.                           14-Mar-97
Carter                      Wayman E.                           22-Feb-97
Carter                      Wayman Eugene                       25-Feb-97
Carter                      Waymen Eugene                       27-Feb-97
Carver                      Clarence Edwin (Jr.)                08-Apr-97
Carver                      Lillian D.                          03-Jan-97
Cary-Weible                 Brittany Nichole                    09-Mar-97
Casaey                      Alex B. (Jr.)                       12-Feb-97
Case                        Eva Merle                           11-May-97
Casey                       Margaret M.                         14-Jan-97
Casidy                      Merrill V.                          05-Mar-97
Cassel                      Elmer Lee                           30-Apr-97
Cassel                      Elmer Lee                           01-May-97
Casteel                     Martha Jean                         26-Mar-97
Castle                      Clarence A.                         07-Mar-97
Cathey                      Darlene M.                          06-Feb-97
Catlin                      Mary E,                             06-Feb-97
Catlin-Purkey               Kathy Jean                          10-Mar-97
Catlin-Purkey               Kathy Jean                          11-Mar-97
Catoe                       Robert H.                           11-Apr-97
Caudillo                    Sebastian F. (Sr.)                  11-Apr-97
Causey                      E. Marvin                           23-May-97
Cavanagh                    Dorothy A.                          12-Jan-97
Cavanaugh                   Thomas F.                           09-Apr-97
Caver                       Marcy                               02-Apr-97
Caw                         Perry Marshall                      04-Mar-97
Caw                         Perry Marshall                      06-Mar-97
Caywood                     Ora                                 14-Jan-97
Cecil                       Debra Lynn                          08-May-97
Chace                       Wilma L. Bolander                   02-Apr-97
Chae                        Chris                               18-Feb-97
Chaffin                     Berneice E.                         28-May-97
Chaffin                     Berniece E.                         26-May-97
Chaffin                     Helen N.                            03-Apr-97
Chafflin                    Berneice E.                         27-May-97
Chalmers                    Hattie May                          09-May-97
Chamberlain                 Justina R.                          30-Apr-97
Chamberlain                 Justine                             03-Jan-97
Chambers                    Carla Diane Hughes                  13-May-97
Chambers                    Pearl L. (Mickey)                   02-May-97
Chandler                    David W.                            08-Jan-97
Chanowski                   Connie Robet (Bob Scofdield)        07-May-97
Chapman                     Robert Edward (Bob)                 28-Mar-97
Chappell                    Viola May                           14-Feb-97
Charbonneaux                Lauren Marie                        21-Jan-97
Charles                     Elaine K.                           23-Mar-97
Charles                     Elaine K.                           26-Mar-97
Charles                     Rebeca (Becky)                      09-Feb-97
Chartier                    Roger A. (Sr.)                      17-Feb-97
Chase                       Everett T.                          06-Apr-97
Chase                       Howard W.                           18-Apr-97
Chastain                    Lois Brown                          11-Mar-97
Chastain                    Helen Ruth                          15-May-97
Chatman                     Mary Ellen                          03-Apr-97
Chatman                     Rosie L.                            04-Feb-97
Chatman                     Rosie L.                            09-Feb-97
Chatman                     Tomissa N.                          15-Feb-97
Chavez                      Jesse                               23-Jan-97
Cheever                     Janet F.                            25-Apr-97
Chegwidden                  Charlotte A.                        26-Jan-97
Cheney                      Freeda Victoria                     15-Jan-97
Chenoweth                   Blanche                             25-Apr-97
Cherry                      Bracey H. (Jr.)                     22-Feb-97
Cherry                      Clarence (Kenneth)                  12-Mar-97
Cherry                      Clarence (Kenneth)                  13-Mar-97
Cherry                      Lewis John (Jr.)                    04-Jan-97
Chestnut                    Scott Alan                          26-Mar-97
Chilcott                    John W. (Bill)                      02-Mar-97
Childers                    Effie Leota                         26-Jan-97
Childers                    Gerald E. (Jerry)                   21-Feb-97
Childs                      Orin L.                             20-Apr-97
Chipman                     Arnold Max                          16-Feb-97
Chitwood                    Robert J.                           26-May-97
Chitwood                    Robert J.                           27-May-97
Chitwood                    Robert J.                           29-May-97
Chitwood                    Ruby E.                             02-Feb-97
Choate                      Ralph E.                            09-Jan-97
Christianson                Marvin (Red)                        16-Apr-97
Christie                    Myrth A.                            04-May-97
Chronister                  Janet K.                            04-Feb-97
Church                      Branden L.                          29-Jan-97
Church                      Branden L.                          30-Jan-97
Cinquegrana                 Mabel P.                            02-May-97
Claibourn                   Florence Louise                     02-Apr-97
Claibourn                   Mary Ann                            31-Mar-97
Clark                       Alvin D. (Chrome-Dome)              08-Jan-97
Clark                       Alvin D. (Chrome-Dome)              09-Jan-97
Clark                       Bertha E.                           10-May-97
Clark                       Bertha Evelyn                       10-May-97
Clark                       Charles O.                          07-May-97
Clark                       Earl H.                             11-Jan-97
Clark                       George E.                           17-Jan-97
Clark                       George E.                           18-Jan-97
Clark                       George E.                           01-Apr-97
Clark                       John J. (Jack)                      12-Jan-97
Clark                       Lara M.                             24-Mar-97
Clark                       Mabel Naomi                         05-Jan-97
Clark                       Mabel Naomi                         06-Jan-97
Clark                       Mable B.                            28-Feb-97
Clark                       Monroe C.                           24-May-97
Clark                       Nellie J.                           06-Mar-97
Clark                       Robert (Ed)                         07-Jan-97
Clark                       Ruth H.                             12-Jan-97
Clark                       William C. (Bill)                   04-Jan-97
Clarke                      Edward Hanson                       04-Jan-97
Clarkin                     Charles T.                          03-Mar-97
Clary                       Oren K.                             08-Apr-97
Clary                       Oren K.                             09-Apr-97
Clasen                      Christian Nicholas (Chris)          15-Feb-97
Classen                     Agatha G. (Aggie)                   01-Mar-97
Classen                     Henry A.                            17-Mar-97
Claussen                    Barbara Matthews                    25-Feb-97
Clayton                     L. Dale                             04-Mar-97
Clegg                       Arden B. (Cotton)                   14-Apr-97
Clemons                     William N. (Pat)                    11-Feb-97
Cline                       Walter T. (Sr.)                     20-Feb-97
Clinesmith                  Justin Darrell                      10-Apr-97
Clinton                     Carrie N.                           30-Jan-97
Clithero                    Charles Wesley                      22-Jan-97
Clizbe                      William E.                          19-Feb-97
Close                       Dick A.                             02-Apr-97
Closson                     Walter Harvey (Jr.)                 19-Feb-97
Closson                     Walter Harvey (Jr.)                 26-Feb-97
Cloud                       Billie Mae                          22-Jan-97
Clouse                      Carol Elaine                        23-Jan-97
Cluck                       Luther L.                           15-Mar-97
Cobb                        Amy F.                              27-Apr-97
Coble                       Gladys H.                           06-Mar-97
Cochran                     Francis J. (Bud)                    21-May-97
Cochrane                    Evelyn M.                           21-Jan-97
Cockreham                   Herman                              18-Feb-97
Cockrell                    Myra A.                             11-Jan-97
Coen                        Robert F.                           20-Mar-97
Coffeen                     Verne F.                            03-Jan-97
Coffman                     Lena M.                             02-Mar-97
Coghill                     Ethel A. Donham                     29-Apr-97
Cogswell                    Rebecca F. Ortiz                    24-Apr-97
Cogswell                    Rebecca F. Ortiz                    25-Apr-97
Cohen                       Calvin                              19-May-97
Colbert                     C. F. (Rev.)                        09-Apr-97
Cole                        Iva Thirl                           22-May-97
Cole                        Leonell L. (Leo)                    12-May-97
Cole                        Ralph Ora                           08-Apr-97
Cole                        Raymond F.                          29-Apr-97
Cole                        Robert J.                           06-Jan-97
Cole                        Robert J.                           07-Jan-97
Coleman                     Agnes R.                            17-Feb-97
Coleman                     Albert E.                           06-Apr-97
Coleman                     Clarence C.                         12-Feb-97
Coleman                     Ella V.                             27-Mar-97
Coleman                     Elnora M.                           23-May-97
Coleman                     Leota Beatrice                      04-Apr-97
Coleman                     Mitzi                               13-Apr-97
Colgin                      Ruth C.                             08-Jan-97
Colle                       Mabel Vera                          22-Jan-97
Collier                     George W. (Sr.)                     16-Jan-97
Collier                     Imogene                             20-Feb-97
Collins                     Charles W.                          26-Apr-97
Collins                     Frank E. (Sr.)                      04-Feb-97
Collins                     Frank E. (Sr.)                      06-Feb-97
Collins                     Mildred E.                          27-May-97
Colston                     Gladys M.                           29-Jan-97
Colvin                      J. Norman (Norm)                    27-Feb-97
Colvin                      Norman                              27-Feb-97
Colvin                      Ruth C.                             04-Apr-97
Combs                       Audrey Pauline                      19-Mar-97
Comes                       Jack                                12-Jan-97
Compston                    Troy C. (Buck, Sr.)                 09-Feb-97
Compton                     Dorothy Irene                       09-Mar-97
Compton                     Irene A.                            17-Apr-97
Conard                      Doris Louise                        10-Jan-97
Conard                      John W.                             18-Jan-97
Conde                       Robert Calvin                       28-Mar-97
Conlon                      Michael Warren (Mike)               07-Jan-97
Converse                    ralph Elting                        17-Apr-97
Cook                        Bertha M.                           23-Mar-97
Cook                        Bertha M.                           24-Mar-97
Cook                        Donlad R.                           12-Feb-97
Cook                        Doris V.                            30-Jan-97
Cook                        Gloria J.                           16-May-97
Cook                        Gloria J.                           17-May-97
Cook                        Hazel L.                            23-May-97
Cook                        Lela Mae                            30-May-97
Cook                        Lela Mae                            31-May-97
Cook                        Raymond H.                          02-Apr-97
Cook                        William R. (Jr.)                    11-Feb-97
Cooke                       Frank W. (Dr.)                      07-Mar-97
Cooke                       Gordon A.                           19-Mar-97
Coon                        Gilbert                             24-Jan-97
Coonrod                     Fred Benjamin                       28-Jan-97
Coonrod                     Harold                              12-Apr-97
Coop                        Rose Ann                            04-Mar-97
Cooper                      Judy Stauffer                       25-May-97
Cooper                      Mabel Willie                        10-May-97
Cooper                      Paul Wayne                          28-Jan-97
Cooper                      V. June                             12-Mar-97
Cooper                      William M. (Bill)                   02-Jan-97
Cooprider                   Paul W.                             25-Jan-97
Cope                        Claude W.                           09-Mar-97
Cope                        Ralph G.                            11-Jan-97
Copenhaver                  Garland E.                          15-Apr-97
Copley                      Donald E.                           03-Mar-97
Copley                      Dorothy M.                          27-Jan-97
Copp                        Mark H.                             12-Feb-97
Copp                        Mark H.                             13-Feb-97
Copperfield                 Edith H.                            17-Feb-97
Corbett                     Ludie B.                            15-Jan-97
Corkey                      Max A.                              23-Apr-97
Cormack                     Vilas Prater                        14-Jan-97
Corman                      Helen C.                            03-Jan-97
Corn                        Rosa M.                             05-May-97
Cornelius                   Cynthia M. & Jennifer               01-Apr-97
Corwin                      Keith C.                            08-May-97
Cory                        Theodore A. (Ted)                   06-Jan-97
Cosby                       Richard D. (Rick)                   29-Mar-97
Cota                        John Dean                           28-Jan-97
Cotter                      Edith Blanche                       08-Mar-97
Cotter                      Eva E.                              19-Mar-97
Cottingham                  Isabelle E.                         14-May-97
Cotton                      Geneva Nora                         29-Mar-97
Cotton                      Gertrude                            23-Apr-97
Cottrell                    Dorothy A.                          26-Jan-97
Couchman                    Charles W.                          17-Mar-97
Couchman                    Virginia L.                         31-Jan-97
Couupland                   E. Jewel (Judy)                     28-Jan-97
Covey                       Albert Thomas                       28-May-97
Cowl                        Boyd C.                             27-Mar-97
Cowley                      June                                23-May-97
Cowser                      Freddie Eugene                      08-Jan-97
Cox                         `Hugh R. (Punk)                     10-Feb-97
Cox                         Beulah May                          21-Feb-97
Cox                         Feddie  B.                          18-Mar-97
Cox                         Feddie B.                           14-Mar-97
Cox                         Frankie H.                          11-Apr-97
Cox                         Lloyd                               02-Apr-97
Cox                         Mary Loretta                        03-Apr-97
Cox                         Ramona D.                           01-May-97
Cox                         Tasemaj Tyshai Mordenea             02-Feb-97
Cox                         Thelma Massey                       24-May-97
Cox                         George E.                           14-Jan-97
Cox                         Helen L.                            10-Jan-97
Cox                         J. D.                               03-Jan-97
Coyne                       Michael Robert                      05-May-97
Crabb                       Delbert E. (Red)                    15-Feb-97
Cragan                      Hazel H.                            19-Jan-97
Craig                       Gene F.                             10-May-97
Craig-Marler                LaVerne                             23-Feb-97
Crain                       Harold D.                           18-Feb-97
Crain                       JoAnne M.                           30-Jan-97
Crain                       Orpha Frances                       16-Jan-97
Cramer                      Thomas L. (Tommy)                   22-Apr-97
Cramer                      Viola M.                            25-Apr-97
Cranston                    Lloyd A.                            02-Apr-97
Cravens                     Geneva P.                           01-May-97
Crawford                    Edra                                12-Mar-97
Crawford                    Jean E.                             26-Jan-97
Crawford                    Jean E.                             29-Jan-97
Crawford                    Maxine                              26-Jan-97
Crawford                    Wilma Lucile                        15-Apr-97
Crenshaw                    Alvin D.                            19-Mar-97
Crick                       Dalmer                              27-Mar-97
Crigger                     Marvin Fredrick                     17-Jan-97
Crispino                    Edith S.                            04-Mar-97
Criss                       Otis Glen                           21-Feb-97
Crittenden                  Richard                             29-Apr-97
Crockett                    Ellen Mae                           30-May-97
Crockett                    William D.                          15-Apr-97
Croft                       LaFleeta Maxine                     11-Feb-97
Crole                       Helen C.                            04-Mar-97
Cronk                       Frank B.                            30-Mar-97
Crook                       Gladys Palmer                       05-Jan-97
Crosley                     Juanita                             22-Feb-97
Cross                       Elden Ray                           18-Mar-97
Cross                       George                              13-Mar-97
Cross                       George                              14-Mar-97
Cross                       Marvin Clinton                      16-Feb-97
Cross                       Shannon Leigh                       26-Feb-97
Cross                       Vera V.                             10-May-97
Crossland                   Howard C.                           24-May-97
Crouch                      Mildred P.                          10-Feb-97
Crow                        Joan                                19-Jan-97
Croy                        Sarah Unruh                         17-Jan-97
Crumley                     Geneva C. (Jennie)                  31-Mar-97
Crumley                     John William                        01-Apr-97
Crumrine                    John D.                             03-Jan-97
Cruz                        Dominga (Dee)                       16-Apr-97
Cuddy                       Grace O.                            16-Feb-97
Culler                      Clara                               28-Mar-97
Cullom                      R. C. (Clarence)                    31-May-97
Cuncan                      James S.                            05-Mar-97
Cunningham                  Donld W. (Sammy)                    14-Apr-97
Cunningham                  Elmer C. (Red)                      22-Feb-97
Cunningham                  Robert W. (Bob)                     09-Feb-97
Curiel                      Manuel G.                           12-Jan-97
Curtis                      Donald Grover                       28-May-97
Curtis                      Ronnie W.                           11-Feb-97
Curtis                      Ronnie W.                           12-Feb-97
Cusick                      Marvin Leroy                        05-Mar-97
Custer                      Paul R.                             17-Mar-97
Cutbrith                    Joseph C.                           10-Mar-97
Dabalack                    Albin V. (Beans)                    12-Jan-97
Dabalack                    Albin V. (Beans)                    22-Jan-97
Dagel                       Ruth E.                             15-Feb-97
dagel                       Ruth E.                             16-Feb-97
Daggy                       Luella                              08-Feb-97
Daggy                       uella                               06-Feb-97
Dahl                        Paul E.                             30-May-97
Dahmer                      Maxine                              19-Feb-97
Dale                        Deloris Ann (Barr)                  05-Jan-97
Dall                        Maxine                              08-Jan-97
Dallan                      Neva F.                             09-Feb-97
Daly                        Francis G. (Frank)                  13-Feb-97
DaMetz                      Robert Eugene                       05-Feb-97
Daniel                      Rachel Mary                         25-May-97
Daniels                     Hattie P.                           07-Feb-97
Daniels                     Ruby L.                             30-Apr-97
Dannels                     George D.                           07-Jan-97
Danner                      A. Marion                           28-May-97
Danner                      Harold E.                           23-Mar-97
Danner                      Harold E.                           24-Mar-97
Danny                       Marie H.                            10-Feb-97
Darbro                      Seguine                             18-Jan-97
Darbro                      Seguine                             19-Jan-97
Darbro                      Seguine                             20-Jan-97
Darbro                      Seguine (Jeannie)                   21-Jan-97
Dargatz                     Tony                                20-Jan-97
Dargel                      Sylvia May                          05-Mar-97
Darling                     Edith L.                            18-Jan-97
Darnell                     Bobby j. (Bob)                      04-Jan-97
Darnold                     Marion E.                           12-Feb-97
Darr                        Darwin G.                           08-May-97
Darr                        Darwin G.                           09-May-97
Darr                        Neil N.                             21-May-97
Darrow                      Corey William                       04-Jan-97
Darst                       Inez R.                             21-Mar-97
Dauner                      William R. (Bill)                   01-Mar-97
Davenport                   Evelyn Gillen                       20-May-97
Davenport                   Mary Jean                           20-Mar-97
David                       Mabel Ireland                       12-Feb-97
David                       Wesley T.                           04-Mar-97
Davidson                    Leroy D.                            14-Jan-97
Davidson                    Ralph M. (Rev.)                     29-Jan-97
Davidson                    Robert K. (Sr.)                     13-May-97
Davidson                    Rosabelle                           06-Jan-97
Davies                      Alice Behrendt                      16-Jan-97
Davis                       A. B. (Jack) (Jr.)                  13-Apr-97
Davis                       A. B. (Jack) (Jr.)                  14-Apr-97
Davis                       Bermond A.                          06-Apr-97
Davis                       Bobby Eugene                        04-May-97
Davis                       Cecil V.                            09-Apr-97
Davis                       Corbin F.                           13-May-97
Davis                       Don S.                              23-Apr-97
Davis                       Ernestine Craig                     30-Apr-97
Davis                       Floyd W.                            17-Mar-97
Davis                       Gary Alden                          08-Mar-97
Davis                       Glenn O.                            30-Mar-97
Davis                       James C. (Jamie)                    06-Feb-97
Davis                       John B.                             17-Apr-97
Davis                       Larry D.                            14-May-97
Davis                       Larther (Sr.)                       22-Mar-97
Davis                       LaVada E.                           06-Mar-97
Davis                       Lillie Mae                          05-Mar-97
Davis                       Marjorie                            20-May-97
Davis                       Mary K.                             01-Apr-97
Davis                       Mary K.                             02-Apr-97
Davis                       Michael G. (Big Twin)               26-Apr-97
Davis                       Milan Cordell                       06-Feb-97
Davis                       Myrtle Elna                         08-Apr-97
Davis                       Paul                                23-Mar-97
Davis                       Pere Marquette                      10-Mar-97
Davis                       Raymond                             18-Jan-97
Davis                       Robert (Bob)                        17-Apr-97
Davison                     Helen                               19-Jan-97
Davison                     Helen Mae                           21-Jan-97
Dawe                        Mary Jane                           03-Apr-97
Day                         Robert K (Bob)                      05-Jan-97
Day                         Von T. (Buddy)                      30-May-97
Deakins                     Grant T.                            15-May-97
Deal                        Gladsie (G. B.)                     05-Jan-97
Dean                        Cleaville                           29-May-97
Dean                        Ermie E.                            23-Feb-97
Dean                        Lila                                06-May-97
Dean                        William C. (Bill)                   12-Jan-97
DeArmond                    Elizabeth A.                        29-Apr-97
DeArmond                    In Soon                             03-May-97
Deaver                      Laura Darlene                       03-May-97
Debbrecht                   Leo H.                              18-May-97
Debbrecht                   Leo H.                              19-May-97
DeBrot                      Lawrence Eugene                     24-Mar-97
DeBrot                      Lawrence Eugene                     25-Mar-97
Decker                      Clark W. (Sr.)                      15-Feb-97
Decker                      Evelyn E.                           19-Mar-97
Decker                      Evelyn E.                           21-Mar-97
Decker                      James R.                            30-Apr-97
Decker                      James R.                            30-Apr-97
Decker                      James R.                            01-May-97
Decker                      Pansy A.                            23-Feb-97
Deckinger                   Susie                               12-Feb-97
DeDonder                    Helen J.                            14-Mar-97
Deering                     Rufus E.                            19-Apr-97
Deichman                    Doris A.                            28-Mar-97
Deines                      Philip                              13-May-97
Deirks                      Chester                             25-Mar-97
deJarnette                  F. Margaret                         30-Apr-97
DeLaughder                  Lee R.                              29-Jan-97
Deleventhal                 John Franklin                       15-Jan-97
Delk                        Joyce Lynn Armstrong                02-Apr-97
DeLOng                      Alice L.                            14-Feb-97
Delp                        Buell                               19-May-97
Delp                        Ruby Etta Ellis                     19-Jan-97
Deming                      Irene A.                            03-Apr-97
Demoret                     Paul W.                             04-Mar-97
Denman                      Irene                               16-Feb-97
Denman                      Irene                               17-Feb-97
Dennett                     Ruth                                18-Feb-97
Denning                     Marceline R.                        28-Feb-97
Denning                     Sandra K.                           15-Apr-97
Dennis                      Len                                 21-Feb-97
Denny                       Jackie                              27-May-97
Denson                      Earl (Butch)                        08-May-97
Denton                      Densil R.                           28-May-97
Depew                       Ethel M.                            02-Feb-97
depperschmidt               Clarice L.                          15-Jan-97
Dermid                      Retta                               23-Apr-97
Derring                     Irene A.                            04-Apr-97
DeShane                     Sarah                               11-May-97
Detrick                     Samuel R.                           10-Feb-97
Devine                      Beulah M.                           10-Jan-97
DeWater                     Verena L.                           07-May-97
Dews                        Florence                            29-May-97
Dews                        Florence                            30-May-97
Dexter                      Marjorie A. Neff                    04-May-97
Dey                         Ruth M.                             20-Feb-97
Dharp                       Stanley L.                          31-May-97
Dial                        Ruth                                03-Apr-97
Diaz                        Cesaria                             12-Apr-97
Dick                        Frank N. (Jr.)                      03-Apr-97
Dick                        Theodore Lawrence                   29-Apr-97
Dickerson                   Kenneth C.                          10-Jan-97
Dickerson                   Max R.                              27-Mar-97
Dickson                     Mary Ellen                          13-May-97
Dickson                     William R. (Bob)                    22-May-97
Diebert                     Frederick Edward (Sam)              06-Feb-97
Dieker                      Ruth M. Fuller                      27-Jan-97
Diepenbrock                 Paige Allyn                         21-Mar-97
Dierking                    Myrtle (Suze)                       23-Feb-97
Diesner                     Erma M.                             10-Feb-97
Dietrich                    Gertrude Mary                       09-Apr-97
Diggs                       Minnie A.                           22-Jan-97
Dill                        Judy                                13-May-97
Dill                        Judy Ann                            12-May-97
Dillon                      Edna M.                             14-Jan-97
Dillon                      Joseph E.                           21-Mar-97
Dillon                      Louis C.                            13-Jan-97
Dillon                      Vernon E.                           10-Feb-97
Dilts                       Robert L.                           05-May-97
Dines                       Mary K.                             26-Mar-97
Dinges                      Robert J.                           18-Feb-97
Dinkler                     W. E. (Bill)                        17-Apr-97
Dirks                       Eldon A.                            05-Mar-97
Dirks                       Irma M.                             01-May-97
Dishon                      Ednale                              17-Apr-97
Disney                      Arthur Ray                          16-Feb-97
Disney                      Arthur Ray                          17-Feb-97
Dix                         Garreth D.                          29-Mar-97
Dixon                       Herbert E.                          28-May-97
Dixon                       Johnnie B.                          14-Mar-97
Dixon                       Lyle Edward                         01-Apr-97
Dixon                       Ronald L.                           30-Apr-97
Dixon                       Ronald L.                           01-May-97
Dixson                      Barnabas F. (Sr.)                   06-Feb-97
Dobbs                       James Ross                          06-Mar-97
Dodds                       Fred M.                             16-Jan-97
Dodds                       Fred M.                             17-Jan-97
Dodds                       Lloyd C.                            11-Mar-97
Dodds                       Lloyd C.                            12-Mar-97
Dodge                       Sabrina B.                          18-Jan-97
Dodson                      Mabelle M.                          29-Apr-97
Doig                        Jane Dearing                        10-Apr-97
Dolenze                     Consuella (Connie) Mary             12-Feb-97
Dolezilek                   Charles Bryson                      04-Feb-97
Donaldson                   Vernon Floyd                        11-Mar-97
Donaldson                   Willa Scott (Bill)                  11-Feb-97
Donnelly                    James Michael (Mike)                29-Apr-97
Donovan                     Hazel F. Rankin                     31-Mar-97
Dooley                      Maurita P.                          14-Jan-97
Doran                       Kenneth R.                          31-Jan-97
Dornbos                     Harry (Clair)                       31-May-97
Doroshuk                    William (Bill)                      27-May-97
Doroshuk                    William (Bill)                      28-May-97
Doshier                     Mavis L.                            09-Jan-97
Doss                        A. J. (Jr.)                         12-Feb-97
Douangpraseuth              Tanh                                27-Apr-97
Dougherty                   W. T. (Ted)                         03-Feb-97
Dougherty                   W. T. (Ted)                         04-Feb-97
Dougla                      Charlotte F.                        29-Apr-97
Dove                        Ralph O.                            06-May-97
Dove                        Verna G.                            02-Feb-97
Dow                         Ruth Burris                         07-Mar-97
Downey                      Daniel J.                           26-Feb-97
Downey                      Patrick M. (Rev.)                   03-Jan-97
Downing                     Esther D.                           19-Mar-97
Doyle                       Arlen Keith (Willie)                11-Feb-97
Doyle                       Florence Mary (Sister)              21-May-97
Dozier                      Stiner L.                           09-Mar-97
Drake                       Anna Leona Tonya                    04-Jan-97
Drake                       Ellis J. (Jr.)                      14-Jan-97
Drake                       Travis                              04-Mar-97
Drake                       William Max                         14-May-97
Dralle                      Lewis A.                            03-Jan-97
Dreher                      Dorothy E.                          20-May-97
Dreher                      Richard J. (Dick)                   16-May-97
Dreiling                    Albina                              04-Mar-97
Dreiling                    Hulbert A.                          17-Apr-97
Dreiling                    Rudolph D.                          14-Jan-97
Dreiling                    Sophia S.                           13-May-97
Dresher                     Donald Way                          25-May-97
Dresher                     Naomi Charlene                      06-Feb-97
Driskel                     Leo R.                              13-Jan-97
Droegemueller               Augusta L.                          24-Mar-97
Droll                       Elizabeth B.                        18-Jan-97
Droll                       Elizabeth Baker Updegraff           29-Jan-97
Drotts                      Lyle L.                             26-Apr-97
Drumm                       Jeri Kay                            04-Apr-97
Drussell                    Arthur Richard                      19-Jan-97
Du                          Tuan Khac                           18-Mar-97
DuBois                      Annie L.                            23-Feb-97
DuBois                      Annie L.                            25-Feb-97
DuBois                      Morris Albert                       12-Apr-97
Duerksen                    John V.                             16-Jan-97
Duerksen                    Selma                               07-May-97
Duffield                    Roslee R.                           13-Jan-97
Dugan                       Almenda A.                          27-Mar-97
Dugger                      Clifford E.                         19-Jan-97
Dumler                      Harold L.                           10-Feb-97
Dunbar                      Albert                              10-Mar-97
Duncan                      Anna Laverne                        09-Apr-97
Duncan                      Clifford Leroy                      25-Feb-97
Duncan                      Kenneth Lee                         20-May-97
Duncan                      Kenneth Lee                         23-May-97
Dunekack                    Vera F.                             02-Jan-97
Dunn                        Emily Samantha                      07-May-97
Dunn                        Richard J.                          28-Mar-97
Dunn                        Robert E. (Bob)                     28-Jan-97
Dunn                        Robert E. (Bob)                     29-Jan-97
Dunnan                      Jack                                31-Jan-97
Dunnan                      Violet                              07-Jan-97
Dunnavent                   Paul J.                             28-Jan-97
Dunne                       Mary McCleary                       10-Apr-97
Dunning                     Floyd R. (Jr.)                      17-Apr-97
Durham                      Floyd L.                            08-Jan-97
Durkee                      Ava Joyce Sidener                   24-May-97
Durler                      Joseph A.                           13-Jan-97
Duron                       Simon                               02-Jan-97
Dusenbury                   Doris B.                            09-Feb-97
Dutcher                     Dorothy Irene                       03-Apr-97
Duvall                      Brenda L.                           21-Jan-97
Duvaul                      Claude C.                           21-Apr-97
Dvorak                      Ella M.                             31-May-97
Dwinelle                    Ray M.                              25-May-97
Dwyer                       Charles Edward                      04-Apr-97
Dyck                        Elsie M.                            08-Feb-97
Dye                         Billy H.                            15-May-97
Dye                         Claracena Marie (Susie)             08-Jan-97
Dye                         Edward M. (Eddie)                   16-Jan-97
Dyke                        Juanita E.                          08-Apr-97
Eads                        David W.                            22-Jan-97
Eagan                       Susan Ranson                        18-Feb-97
Eagan                       Susan Ranson                        19-Feb-97
Easley                      Dorothy L.                          25-May-97
Eastham                     Monnie L.                           07-Apr-97
Eaton                       Alice May                           28-Mar-97
Eaton                       Eloise Lucille                      20-Feb-97
Eaton                       Marie L.                            27-Mar-97
Ebersole                    Dortha                              30-Jan-97
Eby                         David C.                            18-Jan-97
Eck                         Raphael J. (Ray)                    10-Apr-97
Eckel                       Dorothy J.                          14-Jan-97
Eckels                      Virginia L. Sloyer                  15-Apr-97
Eckert                      Ione L. Williams                    03-May-97
Ecklund                     Lucille                             05-Feb-97
Ecton                       Lewis Walter                        05-Apr-97
Ediger                      Herman C.                           19-Feb-97
Ediger                      Hilda Fehdrau                       16-Apr-97
Ediger                      J. Pete                             16-May-97
Ediger                      Sarah F.                            01-Apr-97
Edmiston                    Mable Orlea                         31-May-97
Edmonston                   Mildred Justine (Mid)               19-May-97
Edmunds                     William (Sr.)                       18-May-97
Edwards                     Charles W. (Bud)                    21-May-97
Edwards                     Kermit C.                           04-Mar-97
Edwards                     Michael W.                          16-May-97
Edwards                     Raymond H.                          06-Feb-97
Edwards                     Ruth M.                             11-Jan-97
Eggleston                   David Robert                        09-Jan-97
Eichelberger                John R.                             12-Jan-97
Eie                         Ronald E.                           22-Apr-97
Eisenhour                   Philip L.                           07-Jan-97
Eitzen                      John (Jr.)                          21-Feb-97
Ekis                        Michael (Big Moe)                   05-Mar-97
Eklund                      Lorraine                            29-Apr-97
Elam                        Marion F.                           15-Mar-97
Elder                       Leona M.                            20-Feb-97
Elder                       Ruth E.                             29-Mar-97
Elder                       Wilbur A.                           02-Jan-97
Elliott                     Beulah R.                           30-Apr-97
Elliott                     George E. (Sr.)                     21-May-97
Elliott                     Harrison W.                         08-May-97
Elliott                     Jerry L.                            11-May-97
Elliott                     Marsha R.                           13-Mar-97
Elliott                     Mary (Pat)                          09-Feb-97
Ellis                       Lucille                             18-Apr-97
Ellis                       Wayne K.                            21-Apr-97
Elms                        Eva Willene                         25-Feb-97
Elpers                      Kenneth F.                          07-May-97
Elston                      Walter L.                           20-May-97
Elvins                      Jewel Vey                           07-Jan-97
Elvins                      Jewel Vey                           08-Jan-97
Emerson                     Grace E.                            09-Mar-97
Emery                       Ella S.                             15-May-97
Emmons                      Morris D.                           14-Feb-97
Emmons                      Morris D.                           15-Feb-97
Emrie                       Kevin J.                            26-Jan-97
Endicott                    Jean H. Hanscome                    10-Apr-97
Endres                      Albert E.                           05-Mar-97
Endres                      Albert E.                           06-Mar-97
Engbrecht                   Zelma L.                            06-Feb-97
Engel                       Emory                               06-Apr-97
England                     Clifford C. (Bud)                   17-Feb-97
England                     Edward E.                           25-May-97
England                     Edward E.                           26-May-97
Engle                       Waltere (Jack)                      03-Jan-97
Engleman                    Bryan L.                            25-Jan-97
Englert                     Mary                                23-Mar-97
English                     Robert W. (Bob)                     10-Apr-97
Enlow                       James Donald                        14-Mar-97
Ennis                       Mable L.                            01-Jan-97
Ensley                      Diane Sophia                        29-Apr-97
Epp                         Georgia                             02-Mar-97
Epple                       Richard L. (Dick)                   17-Apr-97
Epps                        Clinton Calvin                      08-Feb-97
Erhard                      Virgil Dean                         09-Jan-97
Erickson                    Harold D.                           09-May-97
Erickson                    John P.                             28-May-97
Erickson                    Marvin H.                           13-Mar-97
Erikson                     Margaret Pauline                    02-May-97
Eskelund                    Jeanne M.                           16-Jan-97
Estrada                     Elena                               27-May-97
Eubanks                     C. A. Holmes                        20-Apr-97
Eudaly                      William E(Earl)                     05-Mar-97
Evans                       Alfred R.                           12-Jan-97
Evans                       Audrey L.                           13-Mar-97
Evans                       Charles Clifford (Cliff)            29-Mar-97
Evans                       Elsie Mae Hall (Mazie)              25-Jan-97
Evans                       Hubert J. (Sonny)                   23-Feb-97
Evans                       James A.                            08-May-97
Evans                       James Shaw                          24-Apr-97
Evans                       Jim                                 03-Apr-97
Evans                       John L.                             29-Mar-97
Evans                       Leon K.                             19-Mar-97
Evans                       William L. (Sr.)                    18-Feb-97
Evans                       William L. (Sr.)                    19-Feb-97
Everhart                    Wayne E.                            09-Jan-97
Ewalt                       Maryellen                           02-Apr-97
Ewartz                      Theresa Ann Hahn                    29-Mar-97
Ewing                       Goldia Gladys                       06-May-97
Eye                         Ronald E.                           23-Apr-97
Fabrizius                   Doris Faye                          26-Mar-97
Fager                       Kermit L.                           19-Jan-97
Fagre                       Edwin H.                            27-Mar-97
Faidley                     Donna Lou                           30-May-97
Fair                        Christian N. (Chris)                17-Apr-97
Fair                        Oma E.                              22-Mar-97
Fairbanks                   Evelyn Dorothy                      21-Feb-97
Fallier-Leis                Katheryn G. (Kay)                   01-May-97
Fallier-Leis                Katheryn G. (Kay)                   02-May-97
Fancher                     Ethel Anne                          18-Jan-97
Fankhauser                  Emma K.                             11-Feb-97
Fanning                     C. M. (Jack) (Buck)                 11-Mar-97
Fanning                     C. M. (Jack) (Buck)                 12-Mar-97
Fanning                     Michael A.                          05-Mar-97
Fansler                     Eula Mae (Teddy)                    05-May-97
Farley                      Jesse                               04-Apr-97
Farmer                      Mildred (Midge)                     24-May-97
Farmer                      William J. (Bill)                   24-Jan-97
Farnham                     Lou                                 16-Jan-97
Farnham                     Lou                                 17-Jan-97
Farwell                     Ruth                                14-Apr-97
Fasano                      Joseph W. (Parlde)                  26-Mar-97
Fast                        Gladys E. Miracle                   21-Jan-97
Fast                        Helen J.                            22-Mar-97
Fast                        Ruby I.                             18-Jan-97
Fauchier                    Edna M.                             11-Apr-97
Feary                       Carl J.                             25-Feb-97
Feary                       Lulu B. Duncan                      29-Apr-97
Feathergill                 Dean                                26-Feb-97
Featherngill                Edith                               10-Jan-97
Featherston                 Adeline M.                          30-Apr-97
Fees                        David F.                            31-May-97
Fehr                        Gilbert L.                          12-Mar-97
Feldman                     Norma                               05-Mar-97
Feldman                     Wallace H.                          26-Feb-97
Felkins                     Virginia Ann                        22-May-97
Fellers                     Hazel L.                            27-Apr-97
Fellers                     Lois Esther                         28-Jan-97
Fenner                      Nelle L.                            18-May-97
Fenton                      Willis R.                           13-Jan-97
Fergeson                    Drefka Yates                        10-Apr-97
Ferguson                    Ava                                 06-May-97
Ferguson                    Grace D.                            04-Feb-97
Ferguson                    Paul W.                             14-May-97
Ferguson                    Valoise                             23-Mar-97
Ferrin                      Virginia Lee                        13-May-97
Feurt                       Minnie E.                           09-Feb-97
Feurt                       Minnie E.                           11-Feb-97
Ffranco                     armando M.                          10-Apr-97
Fidler                      Jess LeRoy                          28-May-97
Fields                      Gertrude C. (Gertie)                20-Mar-97
Fields                      Louis A.                            04-Mar-97
Fields                      Marion Fern                         19-Feb-97
Fields                      Mathilda R. (Tillie)                02-Jan-97
Fields                      Stephanie R.                        11-May-97
Fields                      Verda (Nadine)                      17-Apr-97
Fields                      Verda (Nadine)                      17-Apr-97
Fienen                      Zachary J. (Zach)                   03-Feb-97
Figueroa                    Rosa P. (Macita)                    31-Jan-97
Fineey                      Roger B.                            31-May-97
Fink                        Alice D.                            23-May-97
Fink                        Margaret Childers                   08-Jan-97
Finkeldei                   Joseph Henry                        18-Mar-97
Finley                      Willie James (Sr.)                  20-Feb-97
Finnigin                    Henry J.                            28-Jan-97
Fira                        Margaret R.                         27-May-97
Fischer                     Donna Faye Seago                    04-Apr-97
Fischer                     Dorothy L.                          01-May-97
Fischer                     Minnie E.                           23-May-97
Fish                        Nina Louise                         21-Jan-97
Fisher                      Betty May                           01-May-97
Fisher                      Edgar (Jack)                        27-Apr-97
Fisher                      Edgar (Jack)                        28-Apr-97
Fisher                      Harriette Ingram                    25-Mar-97
Fisher                      Heather Ann                         04-Apr-97
Fisher                      Jerome A.                           03-May-97
Fisher                      Margaret G.                         20-Mar-97
Fisher                      Marie Schneweis                     28-Feb-97
Fisher                      Nettie Beatrice Caine               04-Jan-97
Fisher                      Orval L.                            30-Jan-97
Fisher                      Paul L.                             14-Jan-97
Fisher                      Valeda A.                           20-Jan-97
Fisher                      Valeda A.                           21-Jan-97
Fisher                      Winifred Royal                      15-Jan-97
Fitz                        Donald M.                           03-Feb-97
Flack                       Russell R.                          18-Mar-97
Flauding                    Alfred Joseph                       18-Mar-97
Fleming                     Nora Pauline Roelfs                 17-Jan-97
Fleming                     William M. (Bill)                   30-Jan-97
Flener                      Michael Lee                         22-May-97
Flessner                    Delton H.                           27-Apr-97
Fletcher                    Robert J. (Bob)                     07-May-97
Flick                       John F.                             29-May-97
Flood                       Dora Insley                         22-May-97
Flood                       Richard Leon (Dick)                 26-Mar-97
Florence                    N. Evalyn                           19-Feb-97
Florence                    N. Evalyn                           20-Feb-97
Florez                      Frank T.                            15-May-97
Florez                      Frank T.                            16-May-97
Florez                      Frank T.                            16-May-97
Florianski                  Theodore C.                         31-Jan-97
Flournoy                    Darius Lamar (Sr.)                  24-Jan-97
Flournoy                    Darius Lamar (Sr.)                  26-Jan-97
Flower                      Debrah Susan                        13-Mar-97
Flowers                     Cecil H.                            20-May-97
Floyd                       Dora                                29-Apr-97
Fluker                      Patricia A.                         04-Mar-97
Fluker                      Patricia A.                         05-Mar-97
Flynn                       Alice M.                            19-Jan-97
Foerster                    John Fred                           02-Jan-97
Fogleman                    Frnk W.                             28-May-97
Foiles                      Merle Emmett                        04-Apr-97
Folck                       Frances D. Taylor                   01-May-97
Foley                       Sybol                               05-Mar-97
Follett                     Gladys                              18-May-97
Follmer                     Opal G.                             05-May-97
Fontes                      George                              01-Mar-97
Fooshee                     Lora Grace                          15-Jan-97
Fooshee                     Lora Grace                          16-Jan-97
Forbes                      Carl                                26-Apr-97
Ford                        Carolyn J.                          02-May-97
Ford                        Roberta Marie                       06-Apr-97
Ford                        William Roy                         12-Mar-97
Foreman                     Arthur (Stan)                       31-Jan-97
Foreman                     Edna C.                             29-Apr-97
Foreman                     Osie                                09-May-97
Foreman                     Osie                                10-May-97
Fornwalt                    George E.                           02-Mar-97
Forste                      Henry F.                            13-Apr-97
Fort                        Hartzell O.                         03-Jan-97
Forter                      C. A. (Zeke)                        03-Jan-97
Fortner                     Delores Margaret                    26-Jan-97
Fortney                     Steve                               13-Feb-97
Foss                        Rosetts M. Neyhard                  18-Mar-97
Fossey                      Johnson S.                          23-Jan-97
Foster                      Audrey Collings                     26-Jan-97
Foster                      Shawn Ellis                         27-Apr-97
Foth                        Tena L. Dahlke                      07-Apr-97
Fouts                       William J.                          01-Mar-97
Fowler                      Albert                              08-Feb-97
Fowler                      Barbara J.                          28-Mar-97
Fowler                      Lucille Mae                         22-Apr-97
Fowworthy                   Ginger                              03-May-97
Fox                         Helen E. Carr Munger                15-Feb-97
Fox                         Jeanne                              17-Mar-97
Fox                         Robert C.                           17-Mar-97
Fragoza                     Maria D.                            04-Feb-97
Fragoza                     Maria D.                            05-Feb-97
Francis                     Bernyce                             03-Jan-97
Francis                     Martha C.                           01-Jan-97
Franklin                    Howard J.                           12-Mar-97
Franklin                    Howard J.                           13-Mar-97
Franklin                    Kim Marie                           10-Apr-97
Franklin                    Kim Marie                           11-Apr-97
Frans                       Lillian M.                          10-Jan-97
Frazier                     Jefferson Franklin (Frank)          10-Jan-97
Frederick                   Berneda J.                          29-Apr-97
Frederick                   Victor L.                           04-Jan-97
Freed                       Mary Maurine                        23-Apr-97
Freeman                     Lydia E.                            02-Mar-97
Freeman                     Merlin J.                           05-May-97
Freeman                     Shawn                               18-Apr-97
Frees                       Ferris C.                           02-Mar-97
French                      Herbert W. (Bud)                    27-Jan-97
Frerking                    Mary Louise                         24-Jan-97
Friday                      Karl R.                             17-Jan-97
Friday                      Karl R.                             18-Jan-97
Friend                      Cecil Brooks                        21-May-97
Friend                      Charles H. (Chub)                   10-Mar-97
Friend                      Charles H. (Chub)                   11-Mar-97
Frisbie                     James B.                            05-Apr-97
Fritsche                    Noble S.                            24-Jan-97
Fritz                       Margaret Ann                        14-May-97
Frntz                       Alice May                           25-May-97
Frobenius                   Edward D.                           10-Jan-97
Froelich                    Herbert L.                          16-May-97
Froese                      Clarice                             18-May-97
Froning                     Harold J.                           02-Mar-97
Frost                       Sara Sue                            13-May-97
Fry                         Clarence C.                         08-Jan-97
Fry                         Dustin James                        17-May-97
Fry                         John Vernon                         18-Jan-97
Fry                         Karen Rose                          02-Jan-97
Fry                         Mabel C.                            12-Apr-97
Fry                         Walter Carl                         07-May-97
Frye                        Virginia H.                         17-Mar-97
Fulcher                     Tina Luoise                         06-Mar-97
Fulkerson                   Alice L.                            17-Mar-97
Funk                        Lillian Kliewer                     09-Apr-97
Funk                        Salome Marie Claasen                09-Mar-97
Funk                        Salome Marie Claasen                10-Mar-97
Funk                        Sara C.                             22-Jan-97
Funke                       Dorothy C. (Brownie)                24-Jan-97
Funke                       Dorothy G. (Brownie)                23-Jan-97
Fuqua                       Norman Edward                       12-Mar-97
Gabrielson                  Wesley C.                           28-Jan-97
Gaines                      Leslie Raymond                      24-May-97
Gaines                      Leslie Raymond                      25-May-97
Galbreath                   Byron L.                            14-Mar-97
Gallagher                   Rose                                25-Feb-97
Gallagher                   Rose                                28-Feb-97
Gallegos                    Emily Jai                           05-Feb-97
Gallegos                    Joseph I.                           01-Apr-97
Gallivan                    Ethel M.                            22-Apr-97
Galloway                    Charles F.                          13-Feb-97
Gant                        Daniel D.                           04-Apr-97
Garber                      John D. Dale                        28-Jan-97
Garcia                      David J.                            04-Apr-97
Garden                      Edna E.                             23-Feb-97
Gardiner                    Ted Mervin (Dr.)                    02-Apr-97
Gardner                     Ray John (Jr.)                      11-Mar-97
Garrett                     Elweard (Sr. ) (Spike)              31-May-97
Garrett                     Ileana D. (Lena)                    09-Feb-97
Garrett                     Ileana D. (Lena)                    11-Feb-97
Garrison                    Frank I.                            09-Jan-97
Garrison                    Herbert D. (Stanley)                08-Mar-97
Garver                      Thelma                              14-Jan-97
Garvie                      George T.                           05-Apr-97
Gaschler                    Cora M.                             03-Feb-97
Gaspen                      Elsie Pearl                         06-Feb-97
Gatenby                     Lyle L.                             23-Jan-97
Gaulding                    albert I.                           30-Mar-97
Gaunt                       Joshua Ray                          03-Mar-97
Gawlick                     Jerome (Jerry)                      10-Apr-97
Gawthrop                    Carole Readon                       24-Apr-97
Gean                        D. Elwanda                          12-Jan-97
Gean                        D. Elwanda                          13-Jan-97
Gearhart                    Jean Louise                         05-Mar-97
Geering                     Cleo                                15-May-97
Gelvin                      Clara B.                            04-Mar-97
George                      Eileen F.                           10-Apr-97
George                      Ethel Leona                         09-Mar-97
George                      M. Alice                            20-Jan-97
George                      M. Alice                            21-Jan-97
George                      Nadine Elizabeth Hieronymus         18-Mar-97
George                      Earl F.                             03-Feb-97
George                      Lloyd W.                            10-Feb-97
Gerber                      Catherine Charlotte                 27-Apr-97
Gerber                      Catherine Charlotte                 28-Apr-97
Gerberding                  Rudy                                03-Apr-97
Gereman                     Sharon K. Whiteman                  15-May-97
Gerhardt                    Winona D.                           02-Feb-97
Gerken                      Fred                                23-Jan-97
Gerken                      Wilbur A.                           20-Feb-97
Germer                      Vina A. Hutchinson                  01-Mar-97
Ggill                       Harold Freeman                      05-Jan-97
Ghering                     Elizabeth Leanne                    08-Mar-97
Gibbs                       Clyde E.                            06-Feb-97
Gibson                      Eddie E.                            09-Jan-97
Giebler                     Lucille M.                          28-Feb-97
Gifford                     Clara Helena                        09-Jan-97
Gifford                     John H. (Sr.)                       13-May-97
Gilbert                     Jay Weaver                          10-May-97
Gilbert                     John E. (Rev.)                      28-May-97
Gilbert                     Mary C.                             23-May-97
Gilbreath                   Dwain                               15-May-97
Gilchrist                   H. Ross                             12-Feb-97
Giles                       M. Larry                            17-Jan-97
Gilkey                      David Lee (Jr.)                     20-Mar-97
Gillen                      Carl Aldin                          05-Jan-97
Gillen                      Phyllis                             21-May-97
Gillen                      Phyllis                             22-May-97
Gillespie                   Mason Dean                          30-Apr-97
Gilliam                     Kyle W.                             25-Mar-97
Gilliard                    Andre F.                            10-Jan-97
Gillman                     Jerry Lynn                          17-May-97
Gilmore                     Jay R.                              27-Jan-97
Gilmore                     Lloyd N.                            26-Jan-97
Gilmore                     Lloyd N.                            28-Jan-97
Giltner                     Kenneth R.                          06-May-97
Gimblin                     Saxie M.                            04-Jan-97
Gindlesberter               Chester L.                          06-Apr-97
Gindlesberter               Chester L.                          08-Apr-97
Gipson                      Denver E. (Rev.)                    20-Apr-97
Gish                        Clyde A.                            07-Mar-97
Gist                        Leighton T.                         19-Jan-97
Gist                        Leighton T.                         20-Jan-97
Gist                        Leighton T.                         21-Jan-97
Given                       Opal B.                             06-Feb-97
Givens                      Benjamin R. (Ben)                   19-May-97
Gladhart                    Beulah (Bea)                        06-Apr-97
Glass                       George Fredrick                     22-Jan-97
Glass                       Gladys B.                           12-Feb-97
Glaze                       L. LeVere                           05-Apr-97
Glaze                       L. LeVere                           08-Apr-97
Gleason                     Charles C.                          23-Jan-97
Gleason                     Joshua O'Brien                      15-Jan-97
Gleason                     Joshua O'Brien                      16-Jan-97
GleasonCooper               Jack R.                             23-Apr-97
Glenn                       Frank A.                            19-Feb-97
Glenn                       Hazel                               25-Feb-97
Glenn                       Isabell A. Schmidt                  05-Mar-97
Glenn                       John Edwin                          17-Jan-97
Glotfetty                   David S.                            25-Mar-97
Glover                      Verdie Faye                         14-Feb-97
Gnad                        Catherine (Katie)                   22-Feb-97
Goates                      Melinda D. (Biby)                   07-Jan-97
Goddard                     Earl M.                             06-Jan-97
Goddard                     Frances V.                          08-Feb-97
Godin                       Raymond M.                          15-Jan-97
Goeckel                     Hannah Fern                         16-Feb-97
Goeckel                     Hannah Fern                         17-Feb-97
Goering                     Linda H.                            15-Mar-97
Goering                     Martin M.                           02-Apr-97
Goering                     Melinda M.                          23-Feb-97
Goertzen                    Menno S.                            08-May-97
Goetz                       George E.                           25-Jan-97
Goetz                       Josepha H.                          23-Mar-97
Goldberg                    Leon N.                             19-Jan-97
Golden                      Wiley                               19-Feb-97
Gonzales                    Julia                               16-Feb-97
Gonzalez                    Marie E.                            17-Jan-97
Goode                       Addie C.                            07-Jan-97
Goodell                     Barbara J.                          03-May-97
Goodell                     Barbara J.                          06-May-97
Goodell                     Paul A. (Pat)                       26-Mar-97
Goodell                     Thelma Cullers Vashti               06-May-97
Goodell                     Wilbur A.                           01-Apr-97
Goodman                     Verna                               14-Jan-97
Goodsell                    Elsworth C. (Lucky)                 02-May-97
Goodway                     Kathleen Winifred                   19-Apr-97
Goodwin                     Maxine L.                           12-Apr-97
Goodwin                     Vera J.                             12-May-97
Gordon                      Bette Ward                          22-May-97
Gordon                      Eldon D.                            30-Jan-97
Gorman                      Agnes C.                            25-Mar-97
Gorman                      Agnes C.                            26-Mar-97
Gottschalk                  Mary Catherine                      11-May-97
Gottschalk                  Wendelin                            12-Jan-97
Gowen                       Heather Marie                       01-May-97
Grabbe                      Dorothy M.                          21-Jan-97
Graber                      Hilda E.                            08-Feb-97
Graber                      Phil J.                             11-Jan-97
Grable                      Lola Ann                            15-Jan-97
Grady                       Norbert S.                          08-Mar-97
Gragert                     Max M.                              06-Jan-97
Gragert                     Max Maurive                         07-Jan-97
Gragert                     Wesley Robert                       14-Jan-97
Graham                      Billy Joe                           27-Feb-97
Graham                      Ralph S. (Sr.)                      26-Mar-97
Graham                      Richard Dwayne                      21-Mar-97
Grandstaff                  Phillip Dean                        04-Mar-97
Grant                       Elmer B. (Shorty)                   22-Feb-97
Graue                       Joan A.                             02-Feb-97
Graves                      Charles Joseph (Joe)                23-May-97
Gravette                    Lela                                03-Feb-97
Gray                        Leo J.                              10-Apr-97
Gray                        Roger Gene                          20-Apr-97
Gray                        Roger L.                            01-Mar-97
Gray                        Vida Lee                            11-May-97
Grayson                     Mildred Louise                      13-Feb-97
Green                       Alice K.                            06-Apr-97
Green                       Arthur Dwayne                       17-Mar-97
Green                       Betty J.                            25-Feb-97
Green                       Betty J.                            27-Feb-97
Green                       Bobby Ray                           28-May-97
Green                       Corine M.                           12-Apr-97
Green                       Everett J.                          19-Feb-97
Green                       George William                      13-Apr-97
Green                       Janet Marie                         24-Apr-97
Green                       William D. (Bill)                   09-Feb-97
Green                       William D. (Bill)                   10-Feb-97
Greene                      Thelma Lillian                      09-Apr-97
Greenfield                  W. G. (Jr.) (Bill)                  23-May-97
Greeno                      Roberta P. (Birdie)                 09-Feb-97
Greer                       Edgar T.                            29-Mar-97
Greer                       Elton C.                            13-May-97
Greer                       Eula Ernestine Williams             06-Apr-97
Greer                       Eula Ernestine Williams             07-Apr-97
Greever                     Greedy                              02-Jan-97
Greever                     Leddy                               01-Jan-97
Gregg                       Heleh Fern                          08-Jan-97
Gregory                     Thelma (Pat) Mingle                 10-Jan-97
Gresham                     Howard C.                           05-Jan-97
Gresham                     Howard C.                           08-Jan-97
Greve                       Wesley Wade                         05-Jan-97
Griffeth                    Edna Grace                          04-Feb-97
Griffin                     Elsie R.                            16-Jan-97
Griffin                     Helen R.                            03-Jan-97
Griffin                     Kathryn                             28-Jan-97
Griffith                    Clyde J.                            13-Apr-97
Griffith                    Laura Irene                         27-Feb-97
Griffith                    Louis A. (Andy) Jr.)                19-Jan-97
Grimes                      Alene C.                            16-Jan-97
Griswold                    Thelma                              09-Jan-97
Gronau                      Joe                                 29-Mar-97
Groom                       Harry Lee                           03-Apr-97
Gross                       Jacob (Jake)                        11-Jan-97
Gross                       Teckla                              18-Mar-97
Grove                       Bryce Adam                          28-May-97
Grove                       Ralph A.                            27-Apr-97
Grove                       Roy W. (Jr.)                        24-Jan-97
Groves                      Ruth Hayward                        02-Jan-97
Gruenbacher                 Rosemary                            20-Feb-97
Gruver                      Jerald William                      19-Jan-97
Gruver                      Jerald William                      20-Jan-97
Gruver                      Jerald William                      21-Jan-97
Guhr                        Joyce E.  Murphy                    10-Mar-97
Gum                         Colleen A.                          28-May-97
Gum                         Edythe M.                           27-Jan-97
Gunkle                      Susan                               10-Feb-97
Gunter                      David E.                            21-Apr-97
Gurnea                      Cleda F.                            21-May-97
Gurnee                      Betty L.                            10-Mar-97
Gurske                      Lucille D.                          31-May-97
Guthridge                   Opal Mildred Watson                 12-Feb-97
Guthrie                     Michael L. (Rev.)                   07-Jan-97
Guy                         Roberta A.                          01-Apr-97
Haas                        Edna M.                             06-Jan-97
Haas                        Patricia                            17-Jan-97
Haberbosch                  Ruby II                             17-May-97
Haberly                     Opal Blanche                        22-Mar-97
Habiger                     Victor J.                           05-Jan-97
Hackney                     Ray Merle                           07-Apr-97
Hadden                      Helen J.                            30-Mar-97
Hafenstein                  Mildred L.                          05-May-97
Hagan                       Elbridge C.                         27-Feb-97
Hagan                       Hassie L.                           31-Jan-97
Hageberg                    Per                                 16-Jan-97
Hageman                     Beverly J.                          31-Mar-97
Hageman                     Norbert Adam                        06-Mar-97
Hagen                       Agnes Zielke                        07-May-97
Hagerman                    Irven A.                            10-Jan-97
Hagstrom                    D. Fern                             06-Jan-97
Hahn                        Marion Laurence                     27-Jan-97
Hahn                        Meda Rae                            20-Feb-97
Hahn                        Theresa Ann Ewertz                  30-Mar-97
Hailey                      Janet Marie Lauppe                  08-Feb-97
Haines                      Frank M.                            21-Feb-97
Haines                      Frank M.                            22-Feb-97
Haines                      Karrol Kay                          08-Jan-97
Haines                      Karroll Kay                         09-Jan-97
Haire                       Ruth Ann                            21-Feb-97
Hake                        Raymond Charles                     02-Jan-97
Halberstadt                 Jack D.                             27-Feb-97
Halbower                    Dorothy Frost                       17-Jan-97
Halderman                   Orman Eugene                        22-Mar-97
Hale                        Edwin Bruce                         11-Jan-97
Hale                        Garner                              15-Mar-97
Hale                        Max                                 26-Mar-97
Hale                        Med Rice                            23-Feb-97
Hale                        Mildred Holmes                      03-Apr-97
Hale                        Willard                             25-May-97
Hall                        A. Louise                           15-Jan-97
Hall                        Carl LeRoy                          24-May-97
Hall                        Ernest P.                           23-Jan-97
Hall                        George William                      24-Jan-97
Hall                        Gladys M.                           15-Mar-97
Hall                        James M. (Jim)                      03-Jan-97
Hall                        Leo Gene                            30-Mar-97
Hall                        Lorraine                            20-Jan-97
Hall                        Vera V.                             02-Mar-97
Hall                        Vickie Christine                    13-Feb-97
Hallinger                   Eula M.                             25-Apr-97
Hallum                      Calvin                              28-May-97
Halsey                      William C. (Bill)                   01-May-97
Hamel                       Mary Lou                            26-Feb-97
Hamilton                    Dorothy Fern                        06-Apr-97
Hamilton                    Evelyn M.                           11-Mar-97
Hamilton                    Lois M.                             07-Jan-97
Hamilton                    Nellie Roseline                     04-Apr-97
Hamilton                    Nellie Roseline                     05-Apr-97
Hamilton                    Raymond M.                          03-Apr-97
Hamlin                      Beulah E.                           22-Mar-97
Hamlin                      Beulah E.                           23-Mar-97
Hampton                     William Lloyd                       07-Jan-97
Hamrick                     Betty J.                            29-Jan-97
Hanan                       Aldean                              21-Apr-97
Hancock                     Clayton Tim                         23-May-97
Haney                       Leila Maxine Spencer                01-Apr-97
Haney                       Lois Edna                           12-Mar-97
Haney                       Willard L. (Bill)                   02-Apr-97
Haney                       Willard L. (Bill)                   03-Apr-97
Hanigan                     Gary Don                            15-Jan-97
Hanna                       Charles D.                          11-Feb-97
Hanna                       Charles D.                          12-Feb-97
Hanna                       Lewis R.                            16-May-97
Hannemann                   Archie R.                           27-Mar-97
Hannemann                   Elmer                               29-Mar-97
Hannon                      Bernard J.                          28-May-97
Hannon                      Wanna Bee                           27-Mar-97
Hanny                       Charlotte L. Gordon                 02-Mar-97
Hansche                     Viola I.                            27-Jan-97
Hansen                      Edgar M.                            19-Jan-97
Hanson                      Edith                               14-Mar-97
Hanson                      Henry Joseph                        04-Mar-97
Hanson                      Robert L. (Bob)                     25-Apr-97
Happy                       Mary E.                             13-Jan-97
Harbacek                    Max B.                              17-May-97
Harbaugh                    John Franklin                       30-Mar-97
Harbert                     Trenton David                       03-Feb-97
Harbour                     Ethel M.                            22-Jan-97
Harding                     Faye Ellen                          06-May-97
Hare                        Edward W.                           08-Apr-97
Hare                        Malachi Jay                         11-Mar-97
Harell                      Mary Kay Tack                       25-Apr-97
Harlan                      James William (Bill)                01-Apr-97
Harlan                      Marvel L.                           07-Jan-97
Harlan                      Melba E.                            16-Feb-97
Harlenske                   Emil Frank                          10-Apr-97
Harlenske                   Emil Frank                          11-Apr-97
Harmon                      Frank Andrew                        16-Feb-97
Harmon                      George                              20-Jan-97
Harmon                      H. T. Sam                           27-May-97
Harmon                      Jimmie                              19-Jan-97
Harmon                      Lola E. Hayward                     31-Mar-97
Harms                       Avenell Ruth                        29-May-97
Harms                       Clara A.                            06-Jan-97
Harper                      Doris Ann                           18-Mar-97
Harper                      Karen Kay                           17-Apr-97
Harrell                     Mary Kay Tack                       27-Apr-97
Harris                      Charles W.                          10-Feb-97
Harris                      Cindy Jean                          08-Jan-97
Harris                      Cleo M.                             08-May-97
Harris                      Don G.                              19-Apr-97
Harris                      Emma R.                             06-May-97
Harris                      Genevieve                           28-Mar-97
Harris                      Hattie E.                           04-Mar-97
Harris                      Jeanette L.                         24-May-97
Harris                      Marjorie L.                         29-Mar-97
Harris                      Melvin Marion                       11-May-97
Harris                      Melvin Marion                       15-May-97
Harrison                    Chester A.                          11-Mar-97
Harrison                    John R.                             20-Jan-97
Harrison                    Marvin                              24-Jan-97
Hart                        Violet B.                           13-Jan-97
Hartenbower                 Jesse J.                            23-Jan-97
Hartley                     Sylvia E.                           10-Mar-97
Hartley                     Vernon E. (Gene)                    30-May-97
Hartman                     Ada R.                              06-Feb-97
Hartong                     William A.                          02-Feb-97
Harvey                      Rosemaray Boles (Dr.)               14-Mar-97
Harvey                      Rosemaray Boles (Dr.)               18-Mar-97
Haskins                     Earl L.                             27-Mar-97
Hastie                      Mary E.                             09-Apr-97
Hastings                    Rodney Francis                      07-May-97
Hatfield                    Opal E.                             06-Jan-97
Haury                       Charles Edward                      08-Apr-97
Hauser                      Mildred L. (Polly)                  02-Mar-97
Havel                       Jimmie Lynn                         21-May-97
Haviland                    Carmilla Klein                      13-Apr-97
Hawk                        Clarence DeWitt                     04-May-97
Hawk                        Clarence DeWitt                     06-May-97
Hawthorne                   Herbert L.                          16-Apr-97
Hayden                      Erik D.                             17-May-97
Hayden                      Erik Douglas                        17-May-97
Hayes                       Beatrice I. (Bea)                   05-Mar-97
Hayes                       Philip Duane                        18-Feb-97
Hays                        Clyde L. (Jr.)                      15-Mar-97
Hays                        Robert F. (Bob)                     11-Mar-97
Hays                        Vearl S.                            16-Jan-97
Hazelton-Young              Corrine F.                          16-Apr-97
Hazen                       Edward                              20-Jan-97
Head                        David H.                            03-May-97
Headley                     Jack F.                             02-Mar-97
Headley                     Ola P.                              13-May-97
Heagler                     John K.                             24-Feb-97
Heagler                     Katherine J.                        13-May-97
Hearn                       Mary Kay Hemphill                   12-Feb-97
Heath                       Clara Jean                          08-Mar-97
Heath                       Thelma Lillian                      29-Mar-97
Heathman                    Blanche E.                          23-Jan-97
Hedlind                     Joyce R.                            16-Feb-97
Hedlund                     V. A. (Arnold)                      26-Jan-97
Hedrick                     Cecil T.                            06-Jan-97
Hein                        Charles E.                          03-Jan-97
Hein                        Ed W.                               29-Jan-97
Hein                        Marie A.                            22-Apr-97
Hein                        Marie A.                            23-Apr-97
Heinz                       Sausha L.                           20-Jan-97
Heitman                     Walter Rudolph (Walt)               11-Apr-97
Hellar                      Alva Leo                            05-Apr-97
Helm                        Mike                                25-Mar-97
Helmer                      Millie                              07-Jan-97
Helmer                      Millie                              10-Jan-97
Helsel                      Cameron Christian                   11-May-97
Helvie                      Russell Wickham                     26-Mar-97
Henderson                   Belva                               23-Feb-97
Henderson                   Belva                               24-Feb-97
Henderson                   Doris Jeanne                        19-Feb-97
Henderson                   Harvey M.                           21-May-97
Henderson                   Harvey M.                           26-May-97
Henderson                   Hazel I.                            04-Mar-97
Henderson                   Herold                              31-Jan-97
Henderson                   Raymond                             10-May-97
Henderson                   Robert Eugene (Gene)                24-May-97
Henderson                   Ross                                24-May-97
Henderson                   Sylvia M.                           31-Mar-97
Hendricks                   Helen Ann                           15-Jan-97
Hendrickson                 Barbara J.                          22-May-97
Hendrickson                 H. Dale                             07-May-97
Hendrickson                 Shirley Frances                     01-May-97
Hendrix                     Eldon Ray                           11-Apr-97
Hendrix                     Ralph Jefferson                     06-May-97
Hendry                      Opal M.                             17-Jan-97
Hennessy                    Alvin J. (Al)                       28-Mar-97
Henrie                      M. W. (Pete)                        11-Apr-97
Henry                       Alfred F.                           01-Apr-97
Henry                       Doris M.                            17-Mar-97
Henry                       Esther A.                           18-Mar-97
Henry                       Mary Louise                         20-May-97
Henrzen                     Jack                                01-Mar-97
Hensley                     Richard F.                          11-Feb-97
Hensley                     Richard F.                          21-Feb-97
Hensley                     Venus Faye                          14-Apr-97
Herbel                      Freed                               12-Mar-97
Herbert                     Adena                               24-Feb-97
Herd                        F. Lucille                          09-Apr-97
Herd                        F. Lucille                          10-Apr-97
Herd                        Lemuel F. (Lem)                     30-Mar-97
Hereford                    Dorothy (Dottie) Bruce              16-Jan-97
Herl                        Edna                                03-Mar-97
Herlocker                   Steven Irl                          19-Apr-97
Herman                      Rueben                              12-May-97
Herndon                     Don R.                              23-Feb-97
Herndon                     Don R.                              25-Feb-97
Herndron                    Maybelle Stahl Reynolds             06-Jan-97
Herrick                     John O.                             06-Mar-97
Herrick                     John O.                             07-Mar-97
Herrick                     Michael D.                          13-Jan-97
Herrington                  Harry H. (Sr.)                      09-Apr-97
Herrington                  Ina Irene                           29-May-97
Herron                      Myrtle L.                           08-Jan-97
Hersh                       Rex A.                              24-Jan-97
Hersh                       Rex A.                              25-Jan-97
Hertel                      Steven Lee                          04-May-97
Hertter                     Dustin Lynn & Cody Robert           04-Mar-97
Hertz                       Curtis Herbert Anderson             07-May-97
Hess                        Francis Dean                        20-Feb-97
Hess                        George R.                           26-Apr-97
Hester                      John M.                             19-May-97
Hett                        Frances N.                          16-Jan-97
Hett                        Frances N.                          17-Jan-97
Hettler                     Charles Wayne                       18-May-97
Hetzke                      Betty J.                            03-Feb-97
Hewes                       Agnes M.                            06-Apr-97
Hewes                       Norman Lee                          10-Mar-97
Hewitt                      Morris E. (Jr.)                     19-Mar-97
Hewitt                      Morris E. (Jr.)                     22-Mar-97
Heymann                     Harold P.                           09-Jan-97
Heyne                       Elmer G.                            06-Feb-97
Hhoward                     Everett B. (Shorty)                 26-Jan-97
Hiatt                       Lloyd R.                            08-May-97
Hibbard                     Edward Andrew (Andy)                21-Jan-97
Hickcman                    Kathryn Rose                        28-May-97
Hickman                     Dorothy L.                          26-Jan-97
Hickman                     Kathryn Rose                        30-May-97
Hickman                     Kathryn Rose                        31-May-97
Hicks                       John B.                             10-Apr-97
Hicks                       Maxwell Daniel (Jr.)                17-May-97
Hicks                       Maxwell Daniel (Jr.)                18-May-97
Hienze                      Irene                               02-Feb-97
Hieronymus                  Ira Eugene                          01-Apr-97
Hiesterman                  Alfred Herman                       13-Mar-97
Higgins                     Harold L.                           27-Feb-97
Higgins                     Hazel A.                            07-Jan-97
Higgins                     Hildred  E. (Jackie)                17-Mar-97
Higgins                     Hildred  E. (Jackie)                19-Mar-97
Higgins                     Kenneth L.                          14-Mar-97
Higgins                     Robert L.                           08-Jan-97
Higgins                     Rowena                              15-Mar-97
High                        Sherre L.                           09-Jan-97
Hight                       Craig Stanton                       09-Mar-97
Hildebrand                  Art J.                              24-May-97
Hill                        Chester L. (Chet)                   22-Jan-97
Hill                        Don M.                              31-Mar-97
Hill                        Don M.                              01-Apr-97
Hill                        Eddie W.                            08-Apr-97
Hill                        Edward H.                           31-Jan-97
Hill                        Esther C.                           30-Jan-97
Hill                        Helen Ruth                          11-Apr-97
Hill                        Hermina A.                          24-Mar-97
Hill                        Lavon Thompson                      16-Jan-97
Hill                        Napolean Tim                        23-Mar-97
Hill                        Napolean Tim                        24-Mar-97
Hill                        Reuben Ray                          21-May-97
Hill                        Alice L.                            07-Jan-97
Hills                       William D.                          09-Feb-97
Hinckley                    Robert Lee                          20-Mar-97
Hind                        Georgia R.                          22-Apr-97
Hindman                     William Donald                      07-Jan-97
Hinds                       Hazel (Vicki) M.                    15-Jan-97
Hine                        Thelma M.                           23-Mar-97
Hines                       Lloyd Lewis                         20-Feb-97
Hines                       Louis                               22-Jan-97
Hinkle                      Murle                               09-May-97
Hinrichs                    John E. (Ed)                        22-Feb-97
Hinz                        Viola Mae                           13-Apr-97
Hinz                        Viola Mae                           14-Apr-97
Hirsch                      Frieda                              15-Feb-97
Hirst                       Jon E.                              26-May-97
Hisey                       Thelma L.                           10-Jan-97
Hixon                       Flora                               17-Mar-97
Hixon                       Frederickc D.                       09-Mar-97
Hixson                      Jennie Marie                        16-Jan-97
Hlaus                       Joseph J.                           14-May-97
Hnson                       Vera Louise                         15-May-97
Hobaugh                     Emma M.                             19-Jan-97
Hockett                     Hortense                            02-Feb-97
Hockett                     Stanley D.                          20-May-97
Hodge                       Paul A. (Pat)                       27-Mar-97
Hodge                       Ruth Pauline                        14-Jan-97
Hodges                      Floyd Vernon                        21-May-97
Hodges                      Otto L.                             15-May-97
Hodson                      Edna G.                             13-Feb-97
Hoefer                      Orville (Hap)                       01-Apr-97
Hoffer                      Leonard E.                          21-Mar-97
Hoffman                     Connie J.                           17-Mar-97
Hoffman                     Philip M.                           04-Jan-97
Hoffsommer                  Ruth Lydia                          08-Apr-97
Hogan                       Elizabeth Ann                       25-Jan-97
Hogan                       Elizabeth Ann                       27-Jan-97
Hohn                        Margaret Ava                        02-May-97
Hohner                      Leonard F.                          11-Jan-97
Holand                      Arthur E.                           31-May-97
Holcom                      Delores V.                          09-Mar-97
Holcom                      Paul I.                             04-Jan-97
Holcomb                     Dee                                 24-Jan-97
Holder                      Robert R. (Bob) (Sr.)               13-Apr-97
Holder                      Teddy L. (Ted)                      21-Mar-97
Holding                     Albert L. (Bert)                    21-May-97
Holding                     Albert L. (Bert)                    22-May-97
Hole                        Edith L.                            21-Jan-97
Holland                     Geneva L.                           11-Apr-97
Holland                     Georgia Ruth                        05-Feb-97
Hollensbe                   Gerald                              08-Apr-97
Hollensbe                   Gerald                              09-Apr-97
Hollingsworth               Delbert L.                          15-May-97
Hollingworth                Elizabeth F.                        23-Jan-97
Hollman                     Mary J.                             13-Feb-97
Hollowell                   Rebecca E. (Reba)                   17-Mar-97
Holman                      Anthony (Maurice)                   08-Apr-97
Holman                      Anthony (Maurice)                   09-Apr-97
Holman                      Hans                                08-Apr-97
Holmer                      Molly K.                            10-Apr-97
Holmes                      Charlotte                           26-Jan-97
Holmes                      Elva May (Dolly)                    25-Jan-97
Holmes                      Emma                                14-May-97
Holmes                      Freda Ethel                         23-Apr-97
Holmes                      Irene Roberta                       06-Feb-97
Holmes                      Robert H.                           04-Jan-97
Holroyd                     Bill R.                             12-May-97
Holt                        Amos L.                             06-Feb-97
Holt                        Lyda F.                             10-Mar-97
Holt                        Minnie Blanche                      10-Mar-97
Holtzclaw                   William Meredith                    20-Jan-97
Holtzclaw                   William Meredith                    21-Jan-97
Holub                       Rose B.                             29-Mar-97
Holzhauser                  Raynelle Joann                      05-Jan-97
Homeyer                     Maureen                             01-Mar-97
Honderick                   John W.                             12-May-97
Hondros                     Alex P.                             01-May-97
Hondros                     Alex P. (Lt. Col.)                  02-May-97
Honeman                     Frieda M.                           05-Apr-97
Honn                        Lyle K.                             24-Jan-97
Hooker                      Claude Thad                         27-Apr-97
Hooley                      Douglas M.                          20-May-97
Hooper                      Alan J.                             25-Feb-97
Hooten                      Ella Margaret                       13-May-97
Hooten                      William E.                          28-Jan-97
Hoover                      Ethel Conyers                       11-May-97
Hoover                      Eva Alice                           03-May-97
Hoover                      Marion R.                           27-Mar-97
Hoover                      Victoria A. (Vicky) Catlin          14-Jan-97
Hopkins                     Kenneth L. (Jr.)                    19-Mar-97
Hopkins                     Willard M.                          06-Mar-97
Hopkins                     William G. (Jr.)                    22-Feb-97
Hopper                      Ralph                               10-Feb-97
Hopperstad                  Armalea                             13-Apr-97
Hopping                     Victor                              04-Mar-97
Hoppock                     Gerald Dean                         27-Feb-97
Hopson                      Corrine O.                          09-Mar-97
Horgan                      Kenneth H.                          12-Feb-97
Horton                      Lucille                             07-Apr-97
Horton                      Thomas R. (Tom)                     24-Mar-97
Hortton                     Lawrence C.                         19-Mar-97
Hosey                       Marjorie E.                         11-Apr-97
Hoskinson                   Fannie R.                           13-May-97
Hosmer                      Helen M.                            23-Apr-97
Hostetler                   Esther Ewy                          20-Mar-97
Hostetler                   Helena H.                           28-Mar-97
Hostetler                   Myrtle I.                           11-Mar-97
Houdyshell                  Pauline                             20-Mar-97
Houghtaling                 Walter Eugene                       29-Mar-97
Houpt                       Walter M.                           06-Apr-97
Houser                      Cyril H.                            08-Jan-97
Houser                      Robert C. (Bob)                     08-Jan-97
Housholder-Guy              Roberta A.                          02-Apr-97
Housley                     Joseph Henry                        05-Feb-97
Houston                     Audine                              30-Apr-97
Howard                      Cynthia Jane                        09-Jan-97
Howard                      Cynthia Jane                        10-Jan-97
Howard                      Delbert Dean                        10-Mar-97
Howard                      Florence Inez                       22-May-97
Howard                      Lucille B.                          06-May-97
Howard                      Mabel Ahrens                        30-Jan-97
Howard                      Ted                                 04-Mar-97
Howard                      Vivian Alice                        11-Mar-97
Howe                        Don                                 26-Feb-97
Howe                        Don                                 27-Feb-97
Howell                      Thelma G.                           17-Jan-97
Howes                       Mary Frances                        01-Apr-97
Howlett                     Marvin G.                           13-Mar-97
Hoy                         Frank A.                            11-May-97
Hoy                         Frank A.                            13-May-97
Hoyt                        Margaret Louise                     20-Jan-97
Hoyt                        Ophelia Connell                     02-Mar-97
Hubbard                     Henry                               15-Jan-97
Hubbard                     Robert Wade                         22-Jan-97
Hubele                      Lewis W.                            04-Mar-97
Huber                       Daniel K.                           30-Apr-97
Huber                       VeraJuanita                         02-Apr-97
Hubert                      Anna Verena                         28-Apr-97
Hucke                       Bert A.                             17-May-97
Huckriede                   Edison Oscar                        25-Feb-97
Hudgens                     Clarence E.                         12-Jan-97
Hudson                      Eunice C.                           20-Feb-97
Huelskamp                   V. T. (Vincent)                     12-Mar-97
Huff                        Craig Alan                          04-Feb-97
Huff                        Katherine E.                        21-Jan-97
Huffman                     Louis E.                            09-Feb-97
Huffman                     Louis E.                            11-Feb-97
Huggerth                    Gladys M.                           08-Mar-97
Hugggins                    Clara E.                            06-Mar-97
Hughes                      Clarence T.                         23-Apr-97
Hughes                      Elma E.                             14-Apr-97
Hughes                      Virginia Ruth                       29-May-97
Hughes                      Virginia Ruth                       31-May-97
Hugo                        Kenneth Ray                         28-May-97
Huhn                        Richard L. II                       17-May-97
Huhs                        Harold Frank                        17-Feb-97
Hulbert                     Gladys Veleda Davis                 28-May-97
Hulett                      Teresa Marie                        26-Apr-97
Hullman                     Loren Anton                         05-Mar-97
Hulse                       Cleora M. (Sue)                     07-Mar-97
Hulse                       Joe G.                              17-Jan-97
Hulse                       Maureen A.                          06-Mar-97
Humble                      Cecil G.                            15-May-97
Humes                       Donna M.                            22-Feb-97
Hummel                      Jerry                               02-May-97
Humphrey                    Duane Willard                       07-Mar-97
Humphries                   Roland F. (Ron)                     29-Apr-97
Hundley                     Helen Graber                        17-Jan-97
Hunt                        Dornetha O.                         14-May-97
Hunt                        Dornetha O.                         16-May-97
Hunt                        Faye O.                             24-Apr-97
Hunt                        Lawrence M. (Salty)                 07-Mar-97
Hunt                        Richard E.                          07-Jan-97
Hunter                      Harold H.                           01-Apr-97
Hunter                      Isla M.                             25-Mar-97
Hunter                      Montie Kay                          01-Mar-97
Hurd                        Stella G.                           10-Jan-97
Huschka                     Norman Joseph                       22-Feb-97
Huston                      I. Louise                           06-Feb-97
Huston                      Mary Lee                            11-Apr-97
Hutchison                   Loiuis Wayne (Bud)                  09-Apr-97
Hutson                      David Lane                          18-Mar-97
Hutton                      Frederick E.                        07-Feb-97
Hutton                      John Michael                        29-Mar-97
Hyde                        LaVerne Lucinda                     05-Mar-97
Hylton                      Doug                                10-Apr-97
Hylton                      Duane D. & Kimberly M.              16-Apr-97
Hymes                       Viola                               26-Jan-97
Hymes                       Viola                               28-Jan-97
Ice                         Mitchell Dane (Mitch)               06-Mar-97
Ingram                      Lucille M.                          27-Jan-97
Inman                       Emma Belle                          01-Mar-97
Ireton                      Harry Gene (Mike)                   19-Apr-97
Irwin                       Harl Vear                           08-Jan-97
Irwin                       Martha W.                           30-Jan-97
Iserhardt                   Paula                               03-May-97
Isham                       Pearl L.                            03-Jan-97
Isle                        John Joseph                         02-May-97
Ison                        Virginia R.                         20-May-97
Ison                        Virginia R.                         21-May-97
Jaackson                    Irene Elizabeth                     10-Jan-97
Jaax                        Hilda H.                            12-May-97
Jack                        Walter F.                           28-Mar-97
Jack                        William Lee (Willie)                12-Apr-97
Jackson                     Carl C.                             27-May-97
Jackson                     Gladys Irene House                  05-Mar-97
Jackson                     Gladys Irene House                  06-Mar-97
Jackson                     Grover K.                           30-Mar-97
Jackson                     Grover K.                           01-Apr-97
Jackson                     Helen M.                            06-Jan-97
Jackson                     Joe                                 21-May-97
Jackson                     Kenneth L.                          12-Feb-97
Jackson                     Kenneth Walter                      27-May-97
Jackson                     LoydMartin                          18-Mar-97
Jackson                     Lucille R.                          22-Jan-97
Jackson                     Mary Lou Hatton                     19-Feb-97
Jackson                     Stephen Randolph                    22-Feb-97
Jackson                     Susan J.                            06-May-97
Jackson                     Susan J.                            07-May-97
Jacot                       Marion E.                           11-Feb-97
Jacques                     Bessie Opal                         25-Mar-97
Jaeger                      Lela Maray Wolfe                    10-Mar-97
Jakoplic                    Marion C.                           02-Mar-97
James                       Teddy                               07-May-97
Jameson                     Jerry D. (J. D.)                    02-Mar-97
Jammes                      Caroline M Wenke                    20-Feb-97
Jammes                      Caroline M. Wenke                   21-Feb-97
Janet                       Justin T.                           22-Jan-97
Jantz                       Lila B.                             24-Feb-97
Janzen                      Joyce E.                            27-Feb-97
Janzen                      Ronnie Ray (Cowboy)                 31-May-97
Jarchow                     Homer E.                            03-Jan-97
Jasper                      Johnny M.                           01-Apr-97
Javonovich                  Zona M.                             27-Feb-97
Javonovich                  Zona M.                             01-Mar-97
Jeffers                     Hazel B.                            01-May-97
Jelinek                     William A. (Bill)                   27-Mar-97
Jemison                     John Leroy                          29-Apr-97
Jenesse                     Robert S. (Bob) (Sr.)               10-May-97
Jenkins                     Ila Deane                           12-Apr-97
Jenkins                     Vernon (Vernie)                     26-Jan-97
Jenks                       Verna Mae                           04-Mar-97
Jennings                    Guy C.                              26-Mar-97
Jennings                    Harold C.                           08-Jan-97
Jennings                    Sydney Ellen                        24-May-97
Jennings                    Theodore V.  (Ted) (Jr.)            22-Apr-97
Jensen                      Bill E.                             11-Feb-97
Jensen                      C. David                            20-Apr-97
Jensen                      Gerald L. (Jerry)                   08-Jan-97
Jensen                      Mabel E.                            24-May-97
Jensen                      Rozella                             02-Jan-97
Jernigan                    Jacob (Jr.)                         22-Apr-97
Jett                        Marvin Walter                       08-May-97
Jimenez                     Betty C.                            10-Jan-97
Jinkins                     Marcile                             28-Jan-97
Jirak                       Leo S.                              07-Jan-97
Johanning                   Marie L.                            25-May-97
Johnson                     B. Emmeline                         11-Mar-97
Johnson                     Catherine H.                        18-Mar-97
Johnson                     Clarence C.                         11-Apr-97
Johnson                     Clifford                            20-Mar-97
Johnson                     Delbert Edgar                       20-Feb-97
Johnson                     Dorothy B.                          04-Jan-97
Johnson                     Dortha M.                           13-Mar-97
Johnson                     Elda Lou (Peaches)                  31-Jan-97
Johnson                     Elton L. (John)                     13-Apr-97
Johnson                     Eric N.                             09-Mar-97
Johnson                     Eric N.                             13-Mar-97
Johnson                     Faye W.                             05-Jan-97
Johnson                     Faye W.                             07-Jan-97
Johnson                     Frncis L.                           22-Apr-97
Johnson                     Gertrude Francis                    16-Apr-97
Johnson                     Glenford C. (Glen)                  18-Jan-97
Johnson                     Hartwell                            02-Feb-97
Johnson                     Hartwell                            03-Feb-97
Johnson                     Hester Marie                        04-Jan-97
Johnson                     Howard (Rev.)                       04-May-97
Johnson                     Howard (Rev.)                       05-May-97
Johnson                     James V. (Jim)                      05-Feb-97
Johnson                     John H.                             30-May-97
Johnson                     Kenneth D.                          15-Apr-97
Johnson                     Kenneth E.                          19-Feb-97
Johnson                     Kenneth M                           17-Feb-97
Johnson                     Leslie W.                           05-May-97
Johnson                     Lowell L.                           18-Jan-97
Johnson                     Mae                                 25-Feb-97
Johnson                     Mary Ann                            30-Apr-97
Johnson                     Matthew                             21-Feb-97
Johnson                     Maybelle L.                         07-Jan-97
Johnson                     Maybelle L.                         10-Jan-97
Johnson                     Melvyn J. (Jay)(Jr.)                13-Mar-97
Johnson                     Melvyn J. (Jr.)                     12-Mar-97
Johnson                     Nadine F.                           15-Apr-97
Johnson                     Nelson (Shorty) (Jr.)               28-Jan-97
Johnson                     Nina Leola                          01-May-97
Johnson                     Norma M.                            12-Jan-97
Johnson                     Ralph E.                            02-Jan-97
Johnson                     Raymond Darrel (Ray)                22-May-97
Johnson                     Retta Mae                           20-Mar-97
Johnson                     Robert E.                           08-Feb-97
Johnson                     Robert Lee                          22-Mar-97
Johnson                     Robert W. (Bob)                     13-Apr-97
Johnson                     Stella Marie                        18-Feb-97
Johnson                     Wilbur L.                           16-Apr-97
Johnson                     Willard A. (Chub Sr.)               16-Jan-97
Johnston                    Albert (Jr.)                        11-Feb-97
Johnston                    Barbara Ann                         08-May-97
Johnston                    Emily Nadine Elizabeth              25-Feb-97
Johnston                    F. A. (Mose)                        18-Jan-97
Johnston                    John Q. (Jr.)                       23-May-97
Johnston                    Myrna G.                            27-Feb-97
Johnston                    Sylvia F.                           23-Mar-97
Jolly                       Florence M.                         26-Feb-97
Jones                       Ada M.                              14-May-97
Jones                       Alta L.                             28-Feb-97
Jones                       Charley E.                          01-Jan-97
Jones                       Clyde Junior                        07-Jan-97
Jones                       Donovan K.                          07-Apr-97
Jones                       Elick W.                            20-Apr-97
Jones                       Elizabeth                           14-May-97
Jones                       Elizabeth                           15-May-97
Jones                       Ella M.                             19-Mar-97
Jones                       Eulalia Maude                       28-Jan-97
Jones                       Fern                                10-Apr-97
Jones                       Fern                                11-Apr-97
Jones                       Frances Lelia                       01-Mar-97
Jones                       Frances Lelia                       05-Mar-97
Jones                       Frederick L. (Sug)                  25-May-97
Jones                       George William                      27-Feb-97
Jones                       Harold F.                           19-Feb-97
Jones                       Helen Delores                       09-Jan-97
Jones                       J. Harold                           12-Jan-97
Jones                       Joel S.                             17-Mar-97
Jones                       Joel S.                             18-Mar-97
Jones                       Kage                                04-Jan-97
Jones                       Kage                                05-Jan-97
Jones                       Kathryn (Katy)                      02-May-97
Jones                       Kenneth L.                          18-Feb-97
Jones                       Lester G.                           01-Jan-97
Jones                       Mary E.                             07-Apr-97
Jones                       Mary L.                             20-Mar-97
Jones                       Pauline F.                          18-Jan-97
Jones                       Ralph J.                            26-Mar-97
Jones                       Randy E.                            08-Jan-97
Jones                       RandyE.                             09-Jan-97
Jones                       Rose P.                             24-Feb-97
Jones                       Ruby Lee                            15-May-97
Jones                       Tillie R.                           15-Apr-97
Jones                       Tillie R.                           17-Apr-97
Jones                       Vesta J.                            05-Jan-97
Jones                       Virgie Uneta May                    24-Apr-97
Jones                       William Lawrence                    08-Feb-97
Jordan                      Evie                                13-Jan-97
Jorns                       Martha D.                           16-Jan-97
Josefiak                    Anna Frances Becker                 09-Mar-97
Joy                         Alma M.                             31-May-97
Juarez                      Sandra L.                           19-May-97
Judd                        Marie                               15-Feb-97
Jump                        Joshua J.                           05-Jan-97
Juno                        Frank A.                            17-Jan-97
Juudkins                    Gavin Lee                           16-May-97
Kahalewai                   Samuel Aholo Kaholoepalani (Majo    04-Apr-97
Kahnt                       Vera B.                             21-Apr-97
Kaiser                      Carol M.                            24-Mar-97
Kaiser                      Odean Francis                       29-Jan-97
Kampschroeder               Walter L.                           20-Mar-97
Kandt                       Phyllis Joanne                      21-May-97
Kantola                     Nancy Eleanor                       18-Jan-97
Kappelman                   Ann B.                              11-Jan-97
Karnes                      Mary Ellen                          03-Jan-97
Karr                        Dana Cooprider                      06-Mar-97
Karr                        Dana Cooprider                      08-Mar-97
Karst                       Clara                               30-Jan-97
Kater                       Charles Richard (Dick)              16-Apr-97
Kates                       Cynthia E.                          02-Feb-97
Kates                       Cynthia E.                          03-Feb-97
Kates                       Cynthis E.                          04-Feb-97
Kathol                      Gerald J.                           04-Mar-97
Kathol                      Gerald J.                           05-Mar-97
Kaufman                     Dorothy M.                          08-May-97
Kaufman                     Edward                              04-May-97
Kaufman                     Laura Marie                         04-Jan-97
Kautz                       Lawrence Albert                     26-Feb-97
Keberlein                   Richard F. (Rich)                   27-Apr-97
Keckeisen                   Katherine E.                        20-Feb-97
Keeler                      Dorothy Barrett Maxwell             28-Jan-97
Keeler                      Lovetta Fern                        08-May-97
Keely                       Jennifer Ann                        05-Jan-97
Keesling                    clair E.                            14-Jan-97
Keiter                      John Peter                          10-Jan-97
Keiter                      John Peter                          11-Jan-97
Keith                       David J.                            09-May-97
Kellams                     Wallace (Wally)                     23-Jan-97
Keller                      Margurite                           02-Jan-97
Keller                      Margurite                           03-Jan-97
Kelley                      Dean                                19-May-97
Kelley                      Lee                                 12-Jan-97
Kelley                      Marvin D.                           20-Mar-97
Kelley                      Roy Walter                          15-May-97
Kelly                       Goldie M. Shelton                   26-Feb-97
Kelly                       Goldie M. Shelton                   27-Feb-97
Kelly                       James                               08-Jan-97
Kelly                       James J. (Sr.)                      24-Mar-97
Kelly                       Kenneth Clay                        15-Apr-97
Kelly                       Kenneth Clay & Mildred Mae          30-May-97
Kelly                       Margaret                            21-Mar-97
Kelly                       Mildred Mae                         13-May-97
Kelsey                      Merle W. (Shorty)                   24-Feb-97
Kelso                       Jo Anne                             05-Apr-97
Kemp                        Harold L.                           16-Jan-97
Kennedy                     Carol A.                            22-Mar-97
Kennett                     Cecil                               02-May-97
Kenoyer                     Roberta                             25-Jan-97
Kenyon                      Brruce Harlan                       11-May-97
Keohn                       Brock Kipley                        20-Feb-97
Keovilay                    Samuel H.                           28-Mar-97
Kephart                     Cleona C.                           14-Jan-97
Kepley                      Charles E.                          25-Mar-97
Kepley                      Merle Edwin                         27-May-97
Kerbs                       LaVern R.                           21-Apr-97
Kern                        Charlotte Holmes                    27-Jan-97
Kern                        Richard L. (Dick)                   29-Mar-97
Kern                        Timithy J. (tim)                    26-Mar-97
Kerns                       Norma J.                            07-Apr-97
Kerns                       Norma J.                            08-Apr-97
Kerr                        Lillian                             19-Feb-97
Kerr                        Pamela J.                           25-May-97
Kerschen                    Nicholas Peter                      06-Feb-97
Kershner                    Joice B.                            29-May-97
Kesler                      Ilah Evalena                        22-May-97
Kessinger                   Edward L.                           14-Jan-97
Kessinger                   Eula M.                             26-May-97
Kessler                     Gene D.                             28-May-97
Kester                      Caleb Allen                         27-Apr-97
Keterl                      Michael Alan                        20-Apr-97
Khampieng                   Khampieng                           11-May-97
Kieffer                     William J.                          27-Feb-97
Killion                     Clark Henry                         10-Mar-97
Killion                     Wayne Melvin                        20-Feb-97
Kilmer                      Daisy D.                            06-Feb-97
Kimball                     Fred M.                             11-Feb-97
Kimbell                     Frances Agnes                       24-Mar-97
Kimmal                      Ada M.                              16-Feb-97
Kimmel                      Ronald Kenneth                      04-Mar-97
Kimpler                     Anna C. Straub                      23-Apr-97
Kincheloe                   Cherokee Allen (C. A.)              04-Feb-97
Kindall                     Peggy Lou                           02-May-97
Kinder                      Otto L.                             12-Jan-97
Kindrick                    Wanda L.                            07-Apr-97
King                        Barbara Jean                        24-Apr-97
King                        Barbara Jean                        26-Apr-97
King                        David M.                            04-Jan-97
King                        Frances M.                          24-Feb-97
King                        Lowis                               06-Mar-97
King                        Maxcine R.                          30-Jan-97
King                        Nina Mae                            07-Feb-97
Kingsbury                   Yola June                           14-Mar-97
Kingsley                    Ivan D.                             29-Apr-97
Kingsley                    Ivan D.                             30-Apr-97
Kingsley                    Z. D. (Zeke)                        08-Apr-97
Kinnan                      Naomi                               02-Mar-97
Kinney                      Florence M.                         28-Jan-97
Kinsey                      Kulia Louise                        19-Feb-97
Kirby                       Margery Ruth Beach                  25-Apr-97
Kirby                       Margery Ruth Beach                  07-May-97
Kirby                       Margery Ruth Beach                  08-May-97
Kirk                        Mary Louise                         25-Apr-97
Kirkendall                  Eugene David                        09-Jan-97
Kirkendoll                  Jessie T. (Sr.)                     30-Jan-97
Kirkendoll                  Jessie T. (Sr.)                     31-Jan-97
Kirkpatrick                 Beula O.                            06-Jan-97
Kirkpatrick                 Virginia Lee                        29-Apr-97
Kitch                       Gaylord                             21-Mar-97
Kitchen                     Naomi Olga Stutes                   08-Jan-97
Kitley                      Ann Marie                           23-Jan-97
Kitley                      Ann Marie                           24-Jan-97
Kittle                      Florence E. (Flo)                   27-Jan-97
Klaassen                    Elmer H.                            26-Apr-97
Klamm                       Carol (C. J.)                       30-May-97
Klassen                     Betty                               27-Jan-97
Klassen                     Olinda Weyand                       23-May-97
Kleck                       Godfred Ralph                       17-Apr-97
Klein                       Clayton A.                          25-Mar-97
Klein                       Edward I.                           20-Apr-97
Klein                       Gertrude L.                         18-May-97
Klein                       Ruth (Schmidt)                      17-Feb-97
Klein                       Ruth (Schmidt)                      18-Feb-97
Klein                       Ruth (Schmidt)                      19-Feb-97
Kleinhammer                 Velmer (Taylor)                     14-May-97
Klenke                      Elaine M.                           03-Feb-97
Klenke                      Elaine M.                           04-Feb-97
Klepper                     Martin S.                           25-Jan-97
Kline                       Clair F. (Shorty)                   13-May-97
Kline                       Julia                               18-Jan-97
Klock                       Dorothy Devore                      06-May-97
Klock                       Dorothy Devore                      07-May-97
Kluge                       Vivian A.                           14-Feb-97
Klusman                     Lois                                15-Jan-97
Knapp                       Cecil (Peak)                        29-Apr-97
Knappenberger               George E. (Dr.)                     19-May-97
Knider                      N. Carol                            06-Mar-97
Knight                      Donald Dean                         17-Apr-97
Knight                      Nora E.                             11-May-97
Knightley                   Beulah H.                           23-May-97
Knipp                       Frederick A.                        09-Feb-97
Knipp                       Helen                               25-Jan-97
Knitig                      Keith                               01-Jan-97
Knitig                      Keith                               03-Jan-97
Knobel                      Christopher Henry                   19-Apr-97
Knoles                      Edgar                               12-Jan-97
Knoop                       Thelma M.                           15-Apr-97
Knott                       Rita                                26-Apr-97
Knowlton                    Lloyd D.                            13-Apr-97
Knox                        Delbert Lislie (Sr.)                16-Jan-97
Knudson                     Minnie Bowen                        04-Feb-97
Knuth                       Robert F. (Bob)                     18-Feb-97
Kobelt                      Roy Walter                          01-Apr-97
Koch                        Wanda L.                            13-May-97
Kocher                      Anna Margaret                       30-Apr-97
Koci                        James W. & Mildred S.               16-Apr-97
Koeehn                      Rachel H.                           04-Jan-97
Koehn                       George                              10-Mar-97
Koehn                       Lucille Ann                         13-Feb-97
Koehn                       Lucille Ann                         14-Feb-97
Koehn                       Pearl L.                            06-Mar-97
Koehn                       Rachel G.                           10-Jan-97
Koenig                      Geneva M.                           22-May-97
Kogler                      Clara                               15-Jan-97
Kogler                      Mary E.                             09-Apr-97
Kohart                      David D.                            05-Apr-97
Kohlmeier                   Delmar Edward                       14-May-97
Kolarik                     Lawrence C.                         30-Mar-97
Kolarik                     Maxine M.                           02-Mar-97
Kolarik                     Maxine M.                           03-Mar-97
Koller                      Ella T.                             05-Mar-97
Kollman                     Gary G.                             25-May-97
Kollmn                      Gary G.                             26-May-97
Koob                        Violet Mae                          15-Jan-97
Koons                       Barbara J.                          17-Mar-97
Koons                       Vada I.                             04-Feb-97
Koppenhaver                 Denton Lee                          28-May-97
Korbel                      John                                21-Apr-97
Kornhaus                    Jean E.                             05-May-97
Korte                       Dorothy K. (Dot)                    31-Jan-97
Kottwitz                    Herbert Ernest                      22-Apr-97
Kraft                       Arlie W.                            29-Mar-97
Kramer                      Lois                                12-Jan-97
Kramer                      Lois                                13-Jan-97
Krampe                      Viola F.                            06-May-97
Krase                       Lloyd Cicero                        11-May-97
Krauses                     Kathleen M. (Kay)                   24-Jan-97
Krebiel                     Herman                              21-Feb-97
Krebiel                     Martha E.                           20-Feb-97
Krebiel                     Martha E.                           21-Feb-97
Krehbiel                    Alvin J.                            07-Mar-97
Krehbiel                    Brenda J.                           12-May-97
Krehbiel                    Frieda E.                           07-May-97
Krehbiel                    Judy L.                             12-Mar-97
Krepps                      Nina M.                             31-May-97
Kreutzer                    Killian                             03-Apr-97
Kreutzer                    Serephine                           21-Apr-97
Kreuzer                     Hilbert W.                          12-Mar-97
Kristek                     Lena M.                             15-May-97
Krob                        Donavene A.                         12-Jan-97
Kroeker                     John                                17-May-97
Kroeker                     Sally Ritchie                       03-Feb-97
Krueger                     Lois M.                             19-Jan-97
Kruse                       Agnes Sophia Leis                   29-Apr-97
Kruse                       Jess A.                             28-Feb-97
Kruse                       Robert Russell                      09-Apr-97
Kubik                       June Vivienne Schindler             30-Mar-97
Kuffler                     Elsie M.                            20-Mar-97
Kuhn                        Julia M.                            29-Mar-97
Kuhn                        Robert M.                           08-Feb-97
Kunce                       Deral Thomas                        10-Feb-97
Kunce                       Deral Thomas                        11-Feb-97
Kurimsky                    Mary Catheryn (Katie)               12-Jan-97
Kustanborter                Marguerite M.                       30-Jan-97
Kutz                        Nancy Elizabeth                     02-Jan-97
Kutz                        Ralph V.                            09-Mar-97
Kuykendall                  Zelma Maude                         10-Jan-97
LaBrue                      Zepha Frankum                       16-Jan-97
Lacen                       Coda Maxine A.                      05-Jan-97
LaChapelle                  Phyllis Nelson                      23-Jan-97
Lacy                        Edgar E.                            10-Jan-97
Ladd                        Bernard W.                          14-Feb-97
Ladd                        Irven E.                            20-Apr-97
Laffin                      Lyle K.                             06-May-97
LaFleeta                    Maxine Croft                        09-Feb-97
Lagree                      Mable E.                            02-Mar-97
Lai                         Shin-Fa (Dr.)                       29-May-97
Laing                       Harriet M.                          03-Jan-97
Lair                        Mildred                             04-Mar-97
Lake                        John D.                             07-May-97
Lamas                       Juan Antonio                        13-Jan-97
Lamb                        Cass J.                             10-Mar-97
Lamb                        Laura Brown                         01-Jan-97
Lamb                        Leon L.                             22-Apr-97
Lamb                        Rex (Sr.)                           13-Feb-97
Lamb                        Violet E.                           02-Mar-97
Lambert                     Charlie Anderson                    30-Apr-97
Lambert                     Madeline Hand Eagon                 01-May-97
Lambert                     Terry Lee                           06-May-97
Lamberth                    Goldie E.                           21-Feb-97
Lamborn                     Catherine S.                        21-Jan-97
Lamborn                     G. Esther                           16-Jan-97
Lamm                        Ruth A.                             23-Feb-97
LaMoyea                     Linna G.                            28-Mar-97
Lamp                        Ralph L.                            28-Jan-97
Lampson                     Doris M. Hill                       09-Apr-97
Lancaster                   William                             29-Apr-97
Landes                      Byron Lee                           19-Apr-97
Landreth                    Homer J.                            28-Feb-97
Lane                        Dakota Shae Katheryn                29-May-97
Lane                        John V. (Sr.)                       19-Feb-97
Lane                        Paul R.                             20-May-97
Lane                        Solon (Red)                         17-Jan-97
Lang                        Edward                              02-Apr-97
Lange                       Charles Clement (Jr.)               26-Feb-97
Langston                    Alma Ray                            19-Mar-97
Lanier                      William Paul                        30-Apr-97
Lankaard                    Josie Pearl                         02-Feb-97
Lanning                     Gwelda                              30-Mar-97
Lansdown                    James C. (Jim)                      21-Mar-97
Lanterman                   Clifford L.                         02-Apr-97
Lantis                      Robert J. (Bob)                     15-Apr-97
Lantz                       Tebur (Andy)                        21-Apr-97
Lappin                      George B.                           13-Mar-97
Lappin                      George B.                           14-Mar-97
Larcade                     Neta R.                             26-Jan-97
Larcom                      Helen May                           22-Mar-97
Largent                     Ernest (Rev.)                       15-Jan-97
Larkin                      Vernon E. (Buck)                    17-Apr-97
Larkin                      Vernon E. (Buck)                    17-Apr-97
Larson                      Jeremoy Joe                         21-May-97
Larson                      Robert J.                           21-Feb-97
Larson                      Wilbur F. (Bill)                    21-Jan-97
Lasater                     Elmer A.                            19-Mar-97
Lasater                     Laine                               18-Feb-97
Lassman                     Elsa F.                             18-May-97
Laswell                     Howard C.                           05-Jan-97
Laswell                     Howard C.                           06-Jan-97
Latham                      Myrtle Lee                          08-Jan-97
Laudick                     Raymond J.                          16-Feb-97
Laughlin                    Albert A.                           31-Jan-97
Lauppe                      Edgar                               30-Mar-97
Laverntz                    Roy W.                              26-Feb-97
Law                         Bill L.                             22-May-97
Lawless                     Dorothy V.                          02-Feb-97
Lawrence                    Pauline Patchin                     01-Apr-97
Lawson                      Deanna Ann Barney                   14-May-97
Lawson                      Deanna Ann Barney                   15-May-97
Lawson                      Fred                                20-May-97
Lawson                      John T.                             05-May-97
Lawson                      Lucy E.                             13-May-97
Lawson                      Mary E.                             05-Apr-97
Layyton                     Fleta Muriel                        25-Feb-97
Leach                       Helen L.                            07-Mar-97
Leach                       Violet Cleo                         18-Mar-97
Leach                       Virginia                            14-May-97
Lebbin                      Milton W.                           04-Feb-97
Leben                       Archie                              24-Apr-97
Leckner                     Edith C.                            08-Feb-97
Ledbetter                   Dolphia Mae                         04-Feb-97
Lederhos                    Anthony M. (Tony)                   14-Apr-97
Lederhos                    Anthony M. (Tony)                   15-Apr-97
Lee                         Curtis R.                           27-Mar-97
Lee                         Don F.                              26-Apr-97
Lee                         Dstephen B.                         08-Apr-97
Lee                         Floyd M.                            28-Mar-97
Lee                         Floyd M.                            29-Mar-97
Lee                         Fred (Jr.)                          27-Feb-97
Lee                         Jennie Christine                    12-May-97
Lee                         Joyce M.                            11-Apr-97
Lee                         Joyce M.                            12-Apr-97
Lee                         Mae E.                              29-May-97
Lee                         Orville J. (Dutch)                  22-Jan-97
Lee                         Stephen B.                          06-Apr-97
Lees                        Charlotte R.                        04-Feb-97
Lees                        Irene A.                            08-Jan-97
Lefever                     Earl Maurice (Buck)                 04-Apr-97
Lefort                      Louis (Sr.)                         04-Mar-97
Leftwitch                   Marion H.                           12-Jan-97
Legan                       Denzel Ray                          25-May-97
Legleiter                   Alvin                               19-Jan-97
LeGrande                    Gary W.                             22-Apr-97
LeGrande                    Gary W.                             27-Apr-97
Lehmann                     Sue                                 04-Jan-97
Lehner                      Anita C.                            08-May-97
Leiboult                    Donald E. (Don)                     25-Mar-97
Leichhardt                  Thelma I. Swanson                   25-Feb-97
Leichliter                  May Lydia                           02-May-97
Leighty                     Shyrl Lynn (Sherry)                 15-Jan-97
Leiker                      Carl S.                             08-Apr-97
Leiker                      Cassian                             20-May-97
Leinen                      Reina T.                            04-Apr-97
LeMay                       Ruth E.                             01-May-97
Lemmons                     Linda Lou                           06-Jan-97
Lemon                       Violet I.                           14-May-97
Lemons                      Brian A.                            25-Feb-97
Lemons                      Brian A.                            26-Feb-97
Lendo                       Pauline                             17-Jan-97
Lentz                       Delilah Dolly                       11-Mar-97
Leon                        Joesph T.                           31-May-97
Leonard                     Clell M.                            04-May-97
Leonard                     Juanita Ann (Rev.)                  27-Apr-97
Leonard                     Juanita Ann (Rev.)                  29-Apr-97
Leonard                     Lauretta B.                         11-Apr-97
Leonard                     Lucile Deahl                        21-Apr-97
Leroux                      Mary P. (Pern)                      16-Jan-97
Lesher                      Earl E.                             15-Feb-97
Lesley                      Marjorie Emma                       29-Jan-97
Lester                      Teresa S.                           22-May-97
Levy                        Peggy                               17-Feb-97
Lewandowski                 Edward J.                           25-Feb-97
Lewis                       Charlie M.                          27-Feb-97
Lewis                       Ernest C. (Sr.)                     12-Apr-97
Lewis                       Hildreth A.                         27-Feb-97
Lewis                       Ione                                17-May-97
Lewis                       Kathryn Elisabeth                   05-Apr-97
Lewis                       Kathryn Elisabeth                   07-Apr-97
Lewis                       Kathryn Elisabeth                   08-Apr-97
Lewis                       Lillian Marie                       16-Jan-97
Lewis                       Lorene Anna                         07-Mar-97
Lewis                       Lucille Recca                       14-Apr-97
Lewis                       Olatha Pearline                     02-Jan-97
Lewis                       Suzanne                             28-Jan-97
Lewis                       William Barry                       14-Jan-97
Libel                       John G.                             26-Mar-97
Liggett                     Jean                                17-Jan-97
Liggett                     LaVerta P.                          31-Jan-97
Lightner                    Boydine D.                          15-Apr-97
Ligon                       Velma L.                            01-May-97
Ligon                       Velma L.                            02-May-97
Likins                      Mae                                 12-Jan-97
Likkely                     Harry B. (Fuzz)                     22-May-97
Lill                        Charles G.                          20-Feb-97
Lilley                      Thelma Fee                          07-May-97
Linck                       Frank                               14-Feb-97
Lind                        James                               06-Feb-97
Lind                        Mabel E.                            09-Apr-97
Lindahl                     Rosetta M.                          27-Feb-97
Lingerfelder                Leonora B.                          18-Jan-97
Linson                      Stanley J.                          09-Mar-97
Lippencott                  Myrtle H.                           08-Jan-97
Lisman                      Derek A.                            09-Apr-97
Lister                      Beulah B.                           09-Apr-97
Little                      Oma W.                              04-Jan-97
Littlepage                  Albert E.                           28-Feb-97
Littrell                    Flora E.                            22-May-97
Livingston                  Anegline Elizabeth                  01-Mar-97
Livingston                  Beverly A.                          10-Feb-97
Livingston                  Esther Smalley                      16-Apr-97
Livingston                  Jamie Stephen (Jim)                 31-Jan-97
Llloyd                      Sarah Edith Howse                   12-Apr-97
Lloyd                       Edith I.                            20-Apr-97
Lloyd                       Sarah Edith Howse                   10-Apr-97
Lockwood                    Essther Mae                         04-May-97
Loeppke                     Freddie Earl                        03-Mar-97
Loevenguth                  Gail                                25-Jan-97
Loevenguth                  Gail                                26-Jan-97
Loevenguth                  Gail Adelia                         06-Jan-97
Logan                       Beth L.                             28-Feb-97
Logan                       Ione V.                             01-May-97
Logan                       Ione V.                             02-May-97
Logan                       Jimmy Dean                          28-Jan-97
Logan                       Laura F.                            12-Mar-97
Logan                       Mary M.                             02-Apr-97
Logan                       Paul Addison                        21-Jan-97
Loggan                      Max Bruce                           31-May-97
Lohnes                      Harry D.                            16-Jan-97
Long                        Doris E.                            22-Feb-97
Long                        Edna Lucille                        25-Jan-97
Long                        Estelle E. (Buddy)                  20-Mar-97
Long                        George F. (Frosty)                  25-Jan-97
Long                        Grethel Mae                         29-Jan-97
Long                        Harold                              25-Mar-97
Long                        James Wallace (Wally)               21-Jan-97
Long                        Shirley A.                          15-Feb-97
Longhofer                   Patricia J.                         15-Jan-97
Longren                     Warren H.                           02-Jan-97
Loomis                      Loretta Mae Decker Hall             27-Mar-97
Lopez                       Grace                               17-Apr-97
Lopez                       Guadalupe G.                        16-Apr-97
Lorg-Becker                 Rosa M. Zandler                     23-Feb-97
Louderback                  Karen K.                            01-Mar-97
Loughmiller                 Leta                                07-Jan-97
Loughmiller                 Ollie R.                            13-Mar-97
Loughmiller                 Ollie R.                            14-Mar-97
Love                        Dave                                24-Apr-97
Love                        Kaden Davon                         22-Jan-97
Love                        Robert Homer                        16-Jan-97
Lovejoy                     Dale C.                             14-Feb-97
Lovern                      Leroy M. (Mack)                     23-Mar-97
Lovern                      Leroy M. (Mack)                     24-Mar-97
Lowe                        Deron                               16-May-97
Lowe                        Stanley B.                          29-May-97
Lower                       Charles J.                          27-Feb-97
Lowmaster                   Gale                                08-Jan-97
Lowry                       Floyd Glendon (Glen)                21-Mar-97
Loyd                        Kenneth E. (Kenny)                  19-Jan-97
Lucas                       Arielle Elizabeth                   12-Mar-97
Lucas                       Arielle Elizabeth                   13-Mar-97
Lucas                       Cora Ann                            28-Jan-97
Lucas                       Cora Ann                            29-Jan-97
Luce                        Joseph Marion (Joe)                 16-May-97
Luebbering                  Mary B.                             09-Feb-97
Lueker                      Hattie                              24-Jan-97
Luellen                     Helena A.                           26-Jan-97
Luerman                     Alvena                              05-Apr-97
Lumm                        Richard W.                          01-May-97
Lunam                       Erma Mabel                          28-Mar-97
Lundberg                    Virginia M.                         19-May-97
Lundgren                    Opal                                23-Jan-97
Lundquist                   Mildred                             30-Apr-97
Lundry                      Ruby B.                             26-Mar-97
Lundry                      Ruby B.                             27-Mar-97
Lundy                       Donald M.                           14-Mar-97
Lundy                       Donald M.                           15-Mar-97
Lupher                      Essie F.                            13-May-97
Luster                      Margaret                            06-May-97
Lutz                        M.Canisius (Sister)                 27-Jan-97
Lyda                        Thelma Jane                         09-Jan-97
Lyles                       Juanita                             09-Mar-97
Lyles                       Juanita                             10-Mar-97
Lynch                       Joyce Conroy                        27-Jan-97
Lynn                        Clarence L.  (C. L.) (Jr.)          04-Jan-97
Lyon                        Cecil William                       29-May-97
Ma                          Ty                                  26-Jan-97
Macauley                    James F.                            09-May-97
MacDonald                   Ruth J.                             19-Jan-97
Macias                      Teodora B.                          22-Mar-97
Maciula                     Betty F.                            09-Apr-97
Madden                      Paul                                28-Feb-97
Madden                      Paul Glenn                          04-Mar-97
Maddox                      Arthur M.                           27-Feb-97
Maddy                       Marjorie                            02-Mar-97
Madsen                      Vernon E. (Gene)                    20-May-97
Magdaleno                   Rose G.                             06-May-97
Maher                       Don R.                              06-Feb-97
Maher                       Shelia Kathryn                      15-May-97
Mahler                      Bobbie Lee                          21-Jan-97
Mahoney                     Claude (Toad)                       01-Apr-97
Mahoney                     Mary Ellen                          19-Apr-97
Mahoney                     Mary Ellen                          20-Apr-97
Mahood                      Stuart A.                           18-Feb-97
Mai                         Karl E. (Sr.)                       17-Feb-97
Maier                       Pauline                             28-Apr-97
Maier                       Pauline                             29-Apr-97
Maier                       Tabea Esther                        19-Feb-97
Mainzer                     Robert P.                           16-Apr-97
Maldonado                   Epifanio A.                         30-Mar-97
Malia                       Arthur G.                           18-Jan-97
Malir                       Verla D.                            27-Jan-97
Malsky                      Walter J.                           21-May-97
Malsky                      Walter J.                           22-May-97
Maltbie                     William H.                          28-Jan-97
Maltby                      William S.                          08-Jan-97
Mandelko                    Donald George                       04-Feb-97
Mandemaker                  Robert T.                           05-Feb-97
Mangers                     Ervin (Jr.)                         25-Jan-97
Mani                        Mohamad (Dr.)                       03-Jan-97
Manion                      Opal Ruth                           26-Apr-97
Mann                        Floyd J. (Bud)                      09-Mar-97
Mannebach                   Bernadette P. Linnebur              11-Feb-97
Manning                     Judy Ann                            16-Feb-97
Mansfield                   Max                                 17-Jan-97
Manz                        Esther E.                           01-Apr-97
Mapel                       Samuel W.                           17-Mar-97
Mapes                       Savannah Marie                      10-Apr-97
Maple                       Bobby Ray                           30-May-97
Mar                         Suzon Q.                            18-Jan-97
Marcotte                    Estall Ann                          18-Feb-97
Margheim                    Phyllis Jean                        25-Feb-97
Marietta                    Luewllyn C.                         02-May-97
Marion                      Kaye M.                             22-May-97
Markham                     John Lawrence                       07-May-97
Marks                       John E.                             06-Apr-97
Marks                       Nina M.                             29-Mar-97
Marley                      Elsie E.                            17-Jan-97
Marley                      Frances Jane Waterhouse             30-Mar-97
Marley                      W. Stan                             08-Apr-97
Marlow                      Mollie Jo                           02-May-97
Marousek                    opal M.                             15-Jan-97
Marple                      Iris Radene                         28-Feb-97
Marquand                    Opal Eunice                         19-Feb-97
Marque                      Archie J.                           29-Mar-97
Marsh                       Getchen J.                          08-Jan-97
Marshall                    Cecil J.                            04-Apr-97
Marshall                    Gladys M.                           01-Mar-97
Marshall                    Patricia J.                         22-Feb-97
Marshall                    Vernie W.                           18-Jan-97
Marshall                    Vernie W.                           19-Jan-97
Martens                     Alberet (Bert)                      31-May-97
Martens                     Paul F.                             19-Feb-97
Martin                      Claude J.                           24-Mar-97
Martin                      Corene                              14-Mar-97
Martin                      Corene                              20-Mar-97
Martin                      Corene                              21-Mar-97
Martin                      David L.                            08-May-97
Martin                      Edith  V.                           23-Jan-97
Martin                      Gary L.                             15-Apr-97
Martin                      Hazel N.                            04-Feb-97
Martin                      Jackie Leo                          22-Mar-97
Martin                      Jean                                22-Mar-97
Martin                      Louis E.                            30-Apr-97
Martin                      Marcile                             07-Jan-97
Martin                      Michael R.                          02-Apr-97
Martin                      Ramona                              07-Mar-97
Martin                      Warren L.                           16-Jan-97
Martinez                    Guadalupe  G.                       14-May-97
Mason                       Ressie F.                           01-Mar-97
Mason                       Willa Mae                           18-Mar-97
Massengill                  Twila                               01-May-97
Massey                      Nore E.                             13-May-97
Masters                     Carl Merle                          05-Feb-97
Mathis                      Michelle Ann                        27-Mar-97
Matile                      Awilda E.                           04-Jan-97
Matson                      Grace E.                            09-May-97
Matthews                    Bonnie                              27-May-97
Matthews                    Vance Leon (Lee)                    12-May-97
Matthews                    W. W. (Bill)                        04-Feb-97
Mattingly                   May J.                              05-Apr-97
Mattison                    John P. (Jerry)                     21-Jan-97
Mattson                     Ellen A.                            17-Mar-97
Mattson                     Hulda M.                            19-Feb-97
Mattson                     Leland V.                           22-Apr-97
Mauk                        Bryl E.                             09-Mar-97
Mauldin                     Willie James Clay                   24-Apr-97
Mauney                      Mallie Louise                       01-Apr-97
Mavity                      Joseph B.                           10-Feb-97
Maxey                       Annie Mary                          09-Apr-97
Maxwell                     Vera                                29-May-97
May                         Sonia K.                            16-May-97
May                         Timothy Peter                       17-Apr-97
Mayes                       Lewis A.                            17-May-97
Mayfield                    Charles T.                          02-Mar-97
Mayfield                    Golden I.                           04-Feb-97
Mayfield                    Gregory John                        04-Feb-97
Mayfield                    Gregory John                        05-Feb-97
Mayland                     Emil R. (Dr.)                       03-Jan-97
Mayo                        Opal J.                             25-Feb-97
McAfee                      Richard Lee                         06-Mar-97
McBrian                     Edna K. (Surprise)                  08-Jan-97
McBride                     Agnes M.                            06-Apr-97
McBride                     Bion A. (Mac)                       10-Apr-97
McBride                     Bion A. (Mac)                       11-Apr-97
McBride                     William M. (Bill)                   06-Feb-97
McBurney                    Dorothy                             26-May-97
McCall                      Eleanor Jane Anderson               19-Feb-97
McCall                      Fern                                04-May-97
McCallum                    Pearl A.                            29-May-97
McCandless                  Hugh A.                             15-Feb-97
McCarthy                    Charles H.                          12-Jan-97
McCauley                    Johnnie R.                          09-Feb-97
McCauley                    Johnnie R.                          10-Feb-97
McClauskey                  Walter E.                           30-Apr-97
McClintock                  Virgil M.                           15-Apr-97
McClure                     Audrey M.                           02-Mar-97
McClure                     Vieva N.                            20-May-97
McClurg                     Willis                              28-Jan-97
McCluskey                   Lawrence G. (Mack)                  31-Mar-97
McClymonds                  Robert C.                           09-Jan-97
McConnell                   Vickie Malpass                      01-Apr-97
McCormick                   Wilbur C.                           02-Apr-97
McCoy                       Fred V.                             26-Feb-97
McCoy                       Lorraine M.                         11-Mar-97
McCracken                   Robert E.                           16-Apr-97
McCray                      Hazel P.                            24-Jan-97
McCulloughg                 Marian C.                           25-Apr-97
McDaniel                    Margaret H.                         03-Apr-97
McDaniels                   James Edward                        09-Mar-97
McDaniels                   James Edward                        10-Mar-97
McDonald                    Hildreth Aileen                     07-Feb-97
McDonald                    Michael E.                          25-May-97
McDonald                    Zula G.                             31-May-97
McDonalld                   Leslie Lee                          27-Jan-97
McDowell                    Florine                             08-Jan-97
McEachren                   Randy                               28-Apr-97
McEachren                   Randy                               29-Apr-97
McElroy                     Gregory S. (Greg)                   12-Jan-97
McEwen                      Charlotte L.                        21-Jan-97
McEwen                      Heather                             06-May-97
McEwen                      Heather                             07-May-97
McFalls                     Joe M.                              15-Jan-97
McFalls                     Joe M.                              16-Jan-97
McFarland                   Donald R.                           29-Jan-97
McFarland                   Estherbelle Robbins                 30-Jan-97
McFarland-Lovett            D. A.                               26-May-97
McFarland-Lovett            Lila Gaylene                        19-May-97
McGaffic                    Catherine Edna (Kay)                05-Mar-97
McGarr                      Patrick F.                          21-Feb-97
McGaugh                     Leon L. (Red)                       25-May-97
McGee                       Lewine A.                           21-Jan-97
McGhee                      Mary K.                             20-May-97
McGill                      Dana K. Baird                       02-May-97
McGinnis                    Connie S.                           02-Jan-97
McGinnis                    Thomas J.                           13-Mar-97
McGonigle                   Harry N.                            11-Apr-97
McGonigle                   Harry N.                            16-Apr-97
McGregor                    Garnet R.                           01-Mar-97
McGregor                    Glorine                             31-Jan-97
McGuire                     Emma F.                             02-Feb-97
McGuire                     John L. (Jack)                      29-Jan-97
McHenry                     Alan M.                             09-Feb-97
McHenry                     Alan M.                             11-Feb-97
McHenry                     Jeanne                              23-Jan-97
McIntosh                    walter                              08-Apr-97
McJilton                    Gladys M.                           12-Feb-97
McKay                       Ira P.                              24-Jan-97
McKee                       Elizabeth                           25-Apr-97
McKeever                    E. Josephine                        09-May-97
McKibben                    Beulah B.                           02-May-97
McKinley                    Clyde O. (Bill)                     26-Mar-97
McKinley                    Fred Austin                         07-Mar-97
McKinney                    Ada                                 05-May-97
McKinney                    Howard E.                           04-Jan-97
McKinney                    Mary Belle                          03-Jan-97
McKinney                    Theresa                             06-Mar-97
McKinnon                    Robert J.                           03-Feb-97
McKinzie                    Lucy J.                             04-Feb-97
McKown                      Pearl                               02-Jan-97
McKown                      Pearl                               03-Jan-97
McLain                      Gloria Jean                         03-Feb-97
McLean                      James                               09-Mar-97
McLean                      Robert E.                           14-Mar-97
McLemore                    Dorothy L.                          05-Jan-97
McLeod                      Allan                               26-Feb-97
McLeod                      Allan L.                            25-Feb-97
McLeod                      Allan L.                            26-Feb-97
McMahon                     Ruby Eloise                         24-Jan-97
McMarlin                    Bessie M. Thackery                  26-Jan-97
McMaster                    Amy Joann Dean                      24-May-97
McMath                      Jessie E.                           04-Feb-97
McMillan                    Lora M.                             27-Apr-97
McMillan                    Maurine F.                          21-Feb-97
McMillan                    Opaline                             24-Feb-97
McMillan                    Ralph E. (Si)                       17-Feb-97
McMillen                    Blanvhe                             09-Jan-97
McMillen                    Felice                              12-Feb-97
McMillin                    Ruth Elizabeth Slichter             31-May-97
McMullin                    Dorothy B.                          26-Mar-97
McNamara                    Shelia R.                           07-Feb-97
McNeal                      Emma Anna                           14-Feb-97
McNeal                      Ronald E.                           29-Jan-97
McNeil                      Carol Jane                          16-Feb-97
McNeill                     Glenn D.                            26-May-97
McPheeters                  Virgil                              30-Apr-97
McPherson                   Bill S.                             06-May-97
McQuitty                    Lottie                              22-Apr-97
McVay                       Bertie                              05-May-97
McVey                       Harold T. (Tim)                     06-Feb-97
McVey                       Pearl P.                            01-Apr-97
McWhorter                   Joseph M.                           14-Jan-97
McWhorter                   Joseph M.                           15-Jan-97
McWilliams                  Bertha Lee                          19-Feb-97
McWilliams                  Bertha Lee                          21-Feb-97
Meacham                     Maudie Mae                          03-Feb-97
Mead                        Gilbert Darrell                     10-Mar-97
Mead                        Vernon Russell                      31-Jan-97
MeansPalmer                 Doris D.                            19-Jan-97
Meehan                      Frances                             24-Apr-97
Meek                        Mary Enid                           08-May-97
Meeker                      Beulah M.                           05-Jan-97
Mefford                     Velma Bernice                       29-Apr-97
Mehlen                      Gertrude S.                         11-Apr-97
Meier                       Dianne  Vaughn                      21-Mar-97
Meier                       Dianne  Vaughn                      22-Mar-97
Meier                       Edna Caroline E.                    21-Apr-97
Meier                       Esther                              09-Mar-97
Meier                       George Fred                         29-Mar-97
Meier                       Georgia E. Linderholm               16-Jan-97
Meier                       Gladys Mae                          02-Jan-97
Meiers                      Megan E.                            02-Feb-97
Meis                        Fern R.                             15-Feb-97
Meisel                      Joyce E.                            22-Feb-97
Mejia                       Haley Lisandra                      10-Jan-97
Melander                    Andrew W. (Andy)                    26-Mar-97
Melia                       John L.                             07-Mar-97
Mellon                      Jon Paul                            10-Jan-97
Melson                      Betty M.                            23-Mar-97
Melugin                     Robert D.                           02-Mar-97
Mendell                     Orn W.                              26-May-97
Mendenhall                  Alberta Mae                         02-Jan-97
Mendoza                     Jorge A.                            31-Mar-97
Mercer                      Lela M.                             16-Jan-97
Merchant                    Clarence E. (Sr.)                   13-Mar-97
Mercing                     Adron V.                            03-Jan-97
Meredith                    Jonah Merle                         26-Feb-97
Meredith                    Jonah Merle                         01-Mar-97
Meredith                    L. Laverne                          24-Feb-97
Mermis                      Ralph                               30-Apr-97
Merrill                     Joseph F.                           11-Jan-97
Merriman                    Judy E.                             24-Apr-97
Merwin                      Ethyl Marie                         22-May-97
Meskimen                    Marsha G.                           02-Feb-97
Messener                    Rex I.                              09-Jan-97
Messerschmidt               Charles                             08-Jan-97
Messerschmidt               Xharles                             07-Jan-97
Messmer                     Clair E.                            14-Jan-97
Metcalf                     Edward Noah                         13-May-97
Metcalf                     Marilyn S.                          05-Mar-97
Metcalf                     Marilyn S.                          06-Mar-97
Metcalfe                    Alexander (Mike)                    14-May-97
Metheny                     Frank                               21-Jan-97
Metheny                     Mary E.                             02-Mar-97
Mettlen                     Hershal (Jack)                      06-Feb-97
Mettling                    William Wayne                       27-May-97
Metz                        Gladys M.                           20-Mar-97
Metzger                     Viola L.                            02-May-97
Meyer                       Alfred D.                           21-Jan-97
Meyer                       Anna Katrina                        19-Feb-97
Meyer                       Anna Katrina                        20-Feb-97
Meyer                       Bernice R.                          18-Mar-97
Meyer                       Bertha Louise                       26-Feb-97
Meyer                       Dorothe Holder (Tia)                24-May-97
Meyer                       Emma Dorthea Anna                   28-Feb-97
Meyer                       Frank Willis                        06-Feb-97
Meyer                       Steven L.                           19-Feb-97
Michael                     Bobbie E.                           03-Feb-97
Michael                     Bobbie E.                           04-Feb-97
Michel                      Stephanie Lynn                      29-Apr-97
Michels                     Irene L.                            10-Mar-97
Michels                     Irene L.                            11-Mar-97
Mick                        Pete J.                             05-Jan-97
Middleton                   Elizabeth S.                        28-Mar-97
Middleton                   Ruth Pauline                        23-May-97
Mihlheim                    Jacqueline                          24-Apr-97
Mikulecky                   Helen J.                            13-Mar-97
Milan                       Gary D.                             07-Feb-97
Milburn                     Earl S. (Fats)                      20-Apr-97
Miler                       Gilbert D. (Gib)                    03-Apr-97
Miles                       Burris (B. E.)                      25-Mar-97
Miles                       Helen B.                            15-Feb-97
Millard                     Mabel Marie                         27-Mar-97
Miller                      Bertha A.                           27-Jan-97
Miller                      Bertha A.                           28-Jan-97
Miller                      Brian D.                            26-Jan-97
Miller                      Brian D.                            27-Jan-97
Miller                      C. Keith                            02-Jan-97
Miller                      Carwin C.                           22-May-97
Miller                      Charles James (Sr.)                 09-Jan-97
Miller                      Charles James (Sr.)                 10-Jan-97
Miller                      Don P.                              08-Feb-97
Miller                      Dorthy H.                           14-Mar-97
Miller                      Edna M.                             07-Mar-97
Miller                      Elizabeth                           25-Mar-97
Miller                      Eugene B.                           23-May-97
Miller                      Evelyn L.                           25-Jan-97
Miller                      F. Wendell                          02-Jan-97
Miller                      Fraylon V. (Sugg)                   17-Jan-97
Miller                      Helen June                          31-May-97
Miller                      Jerry W.                            12-Mar-97
Miller                      Jerry W.                            13-Mar-97
Miller                      Jimmie Dean                         23-Jan-97
Miller                      Jimmie Dean                         24-Jan-97
Miller                      Jimmie Dean                         25-Jan-97
Miller                      Kenneth Keith                       18-May-97
Miller                      Kirk Gordon                         12-May-97
Miller                      Leona F.                            18-Feb-97
Miller                      Marjorie Juanita                    14-Jan-97
Miller                      Mary Jane                           26-Apr-97
Miller                      Nina Adams                          13-May-97
Miller                      Norman L.                           17-Apr-97
Miller                      Ralph Merton (Mert)                 13-Mar-97
Miller                      Richard E.                          30-May-97
Miller                      Richard F. (Dick)                   31-Jan-97
Miller                      Sylvia J.                           14-May-97
Miller                      Trudie J.                           16-Jan-97
Miller                      Velma Ruth                          01-May-97
Miller                      William Francis                     16-Apr-97
Millett                     John Hobart                         12-Feb-97
Millhauser                  Kenya J. Bell                       03-Feb-97
Million                     Esther Elaine                       04-Apr-97
Mills                       Catherine E. Hills                  08-Jan-97
Mills                       Eugene P.                           13-Feb-97
Mimiko                      Cynthia L.                          15-May-97
Mimiko                      Cynthia L.                          16-May-97
Minere                      Earl T.                             09-Mar-97
Minge                       Lena                                08-Apr-97
Minkler                     Gladys Ann                          13-May-97
Minnis                      Hubert C.                           24-Mar-97
Minor                       Aileen M.                           12-Jan-97
Minor                       George W.                           20-Jan-97
Mintener                    Mary E.                             14-Jan-97
Minugh                      Lola Darlene                        20-Jan-97
Mirabelli                   William C.                          30-May-97
Mishler                     Bonita Marie                        05-Mar-97
Misuns                      Olga W.                             29-May-97
Mitchell                    Carrie V.                           10-Apr-97
Mitchell                    Claude W.                           24-Feb-97
Mitchell                    Cleve (Jr.)                         01-Jan-97
Mitchell                    Cleve (Jr.)                         03-Jan-97
Mitchell                    Harold R.                           07-Mar-97
Mitchell                    Harold R.                           08-Mar-97
Mitchell                    Joann                               12-Feb-97
Mitchell                    Thomas J. (Jr.)                     14-Apr-97
Mitchell                    Vernon Edward                       25-Jan-97
Mitchell                    Vernon Edward                       26-Jan-97
Mitchell                    William H. (Bill)                   28-Jan-97
Mitchell                    William H. (Bill)                   29-Jan-97
Mitzner                     Edith                               21-Jan-97
Moeller                     Conrad                              03-Jan-97
Moffett                     Veva I.                             04-Mar-97
Mofitt                      Frances Jean Evans (Granny)         28-May-97
Mohammed                    Vickie Lynn                         26-Feb-97
Mohammed                    Vickie Lynn                         27-Feb-97
Mohler                      Thelma M.                           18-Jan-97
Mohr                        Albert W.                           04-Jan-97
Moler                       Florence                            16-May-97
Mollohan                    Eugene W.                           20-Mar-97
Mondragon                   Michael George                      31-Jan-97
Monk                        Mary Schenebricker                  20-Mar-97
Monroe                      Stella E.                           15-Jan-97
Montford                    George (Sr.)                        18-Apr-97
Montgomery                  Amie                                20-Feb-97
Montgomery                  Amie Kristine                       21-Feb-97
Montgomery                  Carl J.                             21-Feb-97
Montgomery                  Hazel                               07-Mar-97
Montgomery                  Leonard H.                          15-Feb-97
Moody                       Bonnie Joan Dondelinger             06-May-97
Moody                       Ronald G.                           22-Mar-97
Moon                        Harold W.                           27-May-97
Moon                        Raymond L.                          05-Feb-97
Moon                        Raymond L.                          06-Feb-97
Moore                       Claude (Al)                         14-Mar-97
Moore                       Claude (Al)                         15-Mar-97
Moore                       Deloar L.                           19-Jan-97
Moore                       Dorothy J.                          01-May-97
Moore                       Ernest R. (Ernie)                   13-Feb-97
Moore                       Everett (Jr.) (Ws)                  27-Apr-97
Moore                       Glenn H.                            24-Mar-97
Moore                       Jerry C.                            26-Feb-97
Moore                       Kyle & Chrystine                    01-Mar-97
Moore                       Kyle J. & Chrystina                 21-Feb-97
Moore                       Ralph S.                            03-Jan-97
Moore                       Raymond A. (Jr.)                    30-Mar-97
Moore                       Raymond A. (Jr.)                    31-Mar-97
Moore                       Talmadge Eugene                     17-Mar-97
Moore                       Velma L.                            19-Mar-97
Moore                       Velma L.                            20-Mar-97
Moore                       Vernon Dale (Bob)                   24-Jan-97
Moore                       Vernon V.                           07-May-97
Moran                       Florence Marie                      23-Jan-97
Moran                       Sybil B. Baker                      15-Mar-97
Moran                       Willis E. (Bill)                    27-Jan-97
Moree                       Mariam                              07-Apr-97
Morefield                   Lois                                04-Apr-97
Moreland                    John L. (Dr.)                       08-Jan-97
Moreland                    Marlys J.                           19-May-97
Morford                     Dovie C.                            21-Feb-97
Morgan                      Dorothy E.                          02-May-97
Morgan                      Francis W. (Frank)                  22-Feb-97
Morgan                      Harold E.                           02-Apr-97
Morgan                      Laura M.                            12-Mar-97
Morgan                      Thurman                             13-Feb-97
Morris                      Roy L.                              15-Mar-97
Morris                      Virginia Belle                      05-Jan-97
Morrison                    Clyde LeRoy                         22-May-97
Morrison                    Clyde LeRoy                         23-May-97
Morrison                    Jeanette                            28-Jan-97
Morrison-Brandon            Mildred                             31-Jan-97
Morriss                     O. E. (Bob)                         03-Apr-97
Morrow                      Dillon D.                           07-Mar-97
Morrow                      Larry David                         02-Apr-97
Morse                       Norman Lee                          13-May-97
Morton                      Dorothy Helen                       01-May-97
Morton                      Harold L.                           02-Feb-97
Moses                       Mary E.                             22-Apr-97
Moses                       Mary E.                             23-Apr-97
Mosher                      Homer                               27-Feb-97
Motter                      Margaret Claire                     01-Jan-97
Mounivong                   Phoukeo                             11-Jan-97
Mouser                      David Carson                        25-Apr-97
Moutz                       Tyler Alexander                     31-Jan-97
Mowart                      Alexander (Scottie) (Jr.)           04-Jan-97
Mowery                      James R.                            26-May-97
Mowet                       Lester                              11-Feb-97
Moxley                      Henry Dale                          05-Mar-97
Moya                        Delfino (Jr.)                       07-Apr-97
Muir                        Cora A.                             29-Jan-97
Mullen                      Berenice R.                         06-Jan-97
Mullinix                    Rosemary                            28-May-97
Mulville                    Harold E.                           10-Feb-97
Mummert                     Lyndall E.                          23-Feb-97
Mundhenke                   Lloyd Earl                          25-Mar-97
Munger                      William J. (Sr.)                    30-Apr-97
Munkres                     George M.                           30-Apr-97
Murdock                     Flora Mae (Peggy)                   07-May-97
Murdock                     Flora Mae (Peggy)                   08-May-97
Murillo                     Juan                                25-May-97
Murnan                      Carolyn                             30-Mar-97
Murphy                      Darold D.                           18-Feb-97
Murphy                      Darold D.                           19-Feb-97
Murphy                      Donald Evan                         15-May-97
Murphy                      Evelyn L.                           07-May-97
Murphy                      Marguerite A.                       05-May-97
Murphy                      Paul J.                             02-Feb-97
Murphy                      Richard                             08-Feb-97
Murphy                      Robert Joseph                       08-Jan-97
Murray                      Daisy Etta (Dee)                    08-Jan-97
Murray                      Daisy Etta (Dee)                    09-Jan-97
Murray                      Lynden Wayne                        14-Apr-97
Murray                      Mary Martha                         23-Jan-97
Murry                       Albertina J. (Tina)                 23-Mar-97
Mustoe                      Carole Jean                         01-May-97
Myers                       David Anthony                       06-May-97
Myers                       David Anthony                       07-May-97
Myers                       Donald W.                           16-May-97
Myers                       Donald W.                           17-May-97
Myers                       Edward C.                           20-Apr-97
Myers                       Eldon C.                            15-Mar-97
Myers                       Jerry Donald                        25-Apr-97
Myers                       John A.                             18-Mar-97
Myers                       Joshua C.                           30-May-97
Myers                       Ora Otis                            06-May-97
Naab                        Clemece William (Clem)              10-May-97
Nachbor                     Henry Alger                         25-Apr-97
Naillieux                   Matthew B.                          18-Mar-97
Nantz                       Charles T. (Ted)                    24-Jan-97
Nash                        James D. (Sr.)                      18-Mar-97
Navarro                     Maria C.                            17-Apr-97
Neal                        randy K.                            16-May-97
Neas                        Leonard M.                          08-Jan-97
Neblock                     Patricia Jeanne                     04-Mar-97
Neely                       Bill                                06-Feb-97
Neely                       Emma Katherine                      13-Feb-97
Neff                        Beulah E.                           06-Jan-97
Neff                        Beulah E.                           07-Jan-97
Neises                      Edwin John                          20-Mar-97
Nelson                      Anna Marie                          24-Apr-97
Nelson                      James A.                            04-Jan-97
Nelson                      Margaret                            11-Feb-97
Nelson                      Mary Ethel                          31-May-97
Nelson                      May H.                              20-Jan-97
Nelson                      Minereva                            10-Mar-97
Nelson                      Norman Dean                         21-Apr-97
Nelson                      Russell                             05-Jan-97
Nelson                      Ruth M.                             19-Jan-97
Nelson                      William Paul                        23-May-97
Nelson                      William Paul                        24-May-97
Neth                        Nina May Hizey                      31-Jan-97
Neufeld                     Justina                             20-Feb-97
Neufeld                     Mabel Eliabeth                      08-Apr-97
Nevitt                      George A.                           19-May-97
Newberry                    Louise F.                           03-Apr-97
Newberry                    Michael F.                          12-Apr-97
Newbery                     Lydia J.                            01-Apr-97
Newby                       H. Bernard                          28-Jan-97
Newby                       Olin                                14-Jan-97
Newcomer                    Lischia A.                          11-Apr-97
Newkirk                     Helen L.                            14-Jan-97
Newkirk                     Velma V.                            16-Apr-97
Newkirk                     Velma V.                            17-Apr-97
Newland                     June M.                             22-Feb-97
Newlin                      Forrest W.                          20-Feb-97
Newman                      Mary Emily                          17-Apr-97
Newman                      Michael Lee                         04-Mar-97
Newmn                       Martha A.                           02-Apr-97
Newton                      William N. (Bill)                   07-Mar-97
Nhumann                     H. C. (Turk)                        08-Feb-97
Nicholas                    Kenneth E.                          28-Mar-97
Nichols                     Mabel Lorene                        05-Mar-97
Nichols                     Pearl Margret                       18-May-97
Nicholson                   Marie Stafford                      19-Jan-97
Nicholson                   Marvin E. (Marty)                   17-Jan-97
Nicholson                   Norvella June                       19-May-97
Nickell                     Bill C.                             25-Feb-97
Nickell                     Cora May                            21-May-97
Nielson                     Charles A.                          28-May-97
Nienke                      Clarence G.                         15-Apr-97
Niles                       Al                                  18-Jan-97
Nilges                      Florence Nancy Johnson              20-Jan-97
Nixon                       Willa M.                            21-May-97
Nixon                       Willa M.                            22-May-97
Noah                        Maurice                             09-Apr-97
Nolan                       Christine V.                        12-Feb-97
Noller                      Walter S.                           03-Apr-97
Nolte                       Alma                                15-Jan-97
Nordyke                     Erceldeane Elenor                   20-Mar-97
Nordykye                    Erceldeane Elenor                   17-Apr-97
Norman                      Louise B.                           08-Jan-97
Norman                      Wanda A.                            05-Mar-97
Norrick                     Mildred E.                          10-Jan-97
Norris                      Dorothy J.                          17-Apr-97
Norton                      Sandra (Sandy)                      20-Feb-97
Norwood                     Olessa                              14-May-97
Nosler                      E. H. (Jack)                        30-Mar-97
Novak                       Barbara L.                          09-Mar-97
Novak                       Barbara L.                          10-Mar-97
Nuest                       John P.                             17-Feb-97
Nugen                       Wayne Everett                       01-May-97
Nugent                      Owen K.                             17-May-97
Nuss                        Bradley D.                          08-Apr-97
Nuss                        Evelyn M.                           29-Mar-97
Nusser                      Dwayne E.                           24-Mar-97
Nutt                        Lillian Marie                       11-May-97
Oakley                      LaRue                               22-Jan-97
Oberholser                  Lois M.                             15-Feb-97
Oberle                      Andrew F.                           17-Jan-97
Oblander                    Anna L.                             13-Jan-97
O'Brien                     Dora M.                             03-May-97
O'Brien                     Floyd Wallace (Pat)                 28-May-97
O'Bryan                     Vera A.                             16-Apr-97
Ochs                        Marie K.                            01-Mar-97
Ochs                        Marie K.                            02-Mar-97
Ochs                        Vernon L.                           26-Mar-97
O'Connor                    Arlene LaVonne                      06-Apr-97
Oden                        John R.                             27-Jan-97
Odgers                      Dorothy B.                          21-Mar-97
Odwanzy                     Roman H.                            22-Mar-97
Oglesby                     Lela M.                             06-Feb-97
O'Gwin                      Annette                             06-Mar-97
O'Hara                      Raymond W.                          17-Mar-97
Ohnemiller                  Alma L. Furman Shannon              16-Jan-97
O'Kelley                    F. A. (Rev.)                        01-Apr-97
Olberding                   Kathryn J. (Katie)                  04-Jan-97
Olberding                   Kathryn J. (Katie)                  05-Jan-97
Oldham                      William M.                          15-Feb-97
Oldweiler                   Wreatha C.                          02-Apr-97
Oldweiler                   Wreatha C.                          03-Apr-97
Olin                        Malcom W.                           29-May-97
Olin                        Robert Loren (Bob)                  03-Mar-97
Oliver                      Vicki S.                            07-Mar-97
Oliver                      Vicki S.                            08-Mar-97
Oliver                      William Estey                       14-Jan-97
Ollek                       Gary L.                             16-Jan-97
Ollere                      Hattie Genevieve                    14-Feb-97
Olney                       Laura O.                            20-Feb-97
Olson                       Doris E. Rogers                     20-Jan-97
Olson                       Elmer  Carl                         28-Apr-97
Olson                       Geraldine                           17-May-97
Olson                       Geraldine                           19-May-97
Olson                       Irving Stanford                     15-May-97
Olson                       Lee A.                              16-Apr-97
Olson                       Milo E.                             04-Feb-97
Olson                       Nathan E.                           28-Feb-97
Omitberos                   Joe                                 07-Jan-97
O'Neil                      Mildred                             07-Jan-97
Oneslager                   Diana Lea                           01-May-97
Oney                        Carl L.                             30-Mar-97
Opland                      Delores (Dee)                       16-Apr-97
Orcutt                      Jerry Lee                           06-Feb-97
Orebaugh                    Lloyd Monroe                        30-Jan-97
Orozco                      Tereso J.                           16-Apr-97
Orr                         Emma E.                             17-Apr-97
Orr                         William J. (Sr.)                    20-May-97
Ortiz                       Geneva (Walla)                      13-Mar-97
Ortiz                       Vincent                             29-Jan-97
Osborn                      Willis Leroy                        11-May-97
Osborn                      Willis Leroy                        13-May-97
Osborne                     George A. (Jr.)                     02-Feb-97
Osburn                      Inez M. Nelson                      01-May-97
Oswald                      Leonard C.                          17-May-97
Oswalt                      D. Stewart                          17-Feb-97
Oswalt                      Erma O.                             28-Mar-97
Otto                        Mike                                01-May-97
Oum                         Soun                                24-Jan-97
Outlaw                      Essie Viola                         25-Jan-97
Owen                        Jack R.                             18-May-97
Owen                        Lucille H.                          20-Feb-97
Owen                        William Wayne                       18-May-97
Owings                      Fred A.                             09-Apr-97
Owings                      Fred A.                             10-Apr-97
Oyler                       Mary J.                             22-Mar-97
Pace                        Craig Alan                          25-Apr-97
Pace                        Marjorie                            27-Apr-97
Pacheco                     Mary Thelma (Paulie) & Ivy Nicol    29-Apr-97
Page                        Douglas L. (Doug)                   19-Mar-97
Page                        Rachel M.                           12-Apr-97
Page                        Roy L.                              10-Apr-97
Paine                       Charles B. (Pete)                   14-Mar-97
Palmer                      Bula F. (Boo Boo)                   15-Feb-97
Palmer                      Christine F.                        15-Jan-97
Palmer                      Justine LaNell                      04-Jan-97
Palmer                      Justine LaNell                      07-Jan-97
Palmer                      Merle E.                            17-Jan-97
Palmer                      Orville G.                          28-Jan-97
Palmer                      Rosalea                             25-Jan-97
Palmere                     Roberta (Bert)                      04-May-97
Palmere                     Roberta (Bert)                      06-May-97
Pankow                      William A. (Bill)                   14-Jan-97
Panzer                      Lucille E.                          07-Jan-97
Paoni                       Christian Jon                       13-May-97
Pappan                      Walter                              06-Feb-97
Pappan                      Walter                              06-Feb-97
Pappen                      Edna M.                             20-Jan-97
Parker                      Erma L.                             17-Apr-97
Parker                      Harry C.                            29-Mar-97
Parker                      Lee Ella                            25-Feb-97
Parker                      Shirley Mabel                       14-Jan-97
Parker                      Stanton B. (Stan)                   10-Apr-97
Parkins                     John M. (Jack)                      20-Jan-97
Parks                       Rachel                              01-Mar-97
Parmele                     William S. (Bill)                   10-Apr-97
Parmenter                   Bernice Kindt                       12-Feb-97
Parrish                     Gloria                              23-Feb-97
Parry                       Jack                                13-May-97
Parry                       Jack A.                             14-May-97
Parsons                     Delbert L.                          19-Apr-97
Parsons                     Hazel B.                            08-Apr-97
Parten                      Joe M. (Sr.)                        11-May-97
Patel                       Govindbhai D.                       11-Feb-97
Paton                       Michael Lee                         07-Mar-97
Patrick                     Adolpho                             02-Mar-97
Patterson                   Arent (Pat)                         09-May-97
Patterson                   Dora M.                             28-Jan-97
Patterson                   Myrtle Irene                        31-Mar-97
Patterson                   Orval                               04-Feb-97
Patterson                   Phyllis M.                          24-Jan-97
Patton                      Goldie May                          19-Feb-97
Patty                       Joe P.                              21-Jan-97
Paugh                       Nellie M.                           02-Jan-97
Paul                        Ralph                               10-Mar-97
Payne                       Charles Arthur                      04-Feb-97
Payne                       Frank S.                            15-May-97
Payne                       George M.                           16-Apr-97
Payne                       Mary H.                             23-Jan-97
Payne                       Mary H.                             24-Jan-97
Payne                       Rita M.                             27-May-97
Payne                       Virginia Gayle                      05-May-97
Peach                       Viola                               03-Feb-97
Peacock                     Kenneth J.                          25-Mar-97
Peacock                     Richard H. (Dick)                   18-Mar-97
Peak                        Glenn D.                            24-May-97
Peake                       Claude W.                           28-May-97
Pearson                     Alice G.                            20-May-97
Pearson                     Edith Fern                          07-Jan-97
Peason                      Orvin A.                            18-May-97
Peck                        Ruby C.                             19-Feb-97
Pedigo                      Jessie I.                           09-Feb-97
Peggs                       Earle                               23-Feb-97
Pelletier                   Betty                               11-Apr-97
Pelz                        Matthew C. (Jiggs)                  19-May-97
Pelzel                      Elsie                               06-Apr-97
Pelzel                      Elsie                               08-Apr-97
Pemberton                   Kenneth L. (Pink)                   30-Jan-97
Pendergrass                 Deborah L.                          12-Jan-97
Penrod                      Gregory A.                          13-May-97
Peoples                     Susie G.                            14-Jan-97
Peoples                     Susie G.                            15-Jan-97
pepper                      Robert A.                           21-Feb-97
Pepper                      Robert A.                           22-Feb-97
Peres                       Orvil Lorin (O. P.) (Sr.)           18-Feb-97
Perez                       Karol J.                            30-Mar-97
Perez                       Maria L.                            31-Jan-97
Perez                       Petra (Patty)                       01-Apr-97
Perkins                     Akthea                              19-Mar-97
Perkins                     Beverly (Sue)                       25-Apr-97
Perry                       Eva Mae                             02-Apr-97
Perry                       Eva Mae                             03-Apr-97
Perry                       Florence                            23-Mar-97
Peterie                     Myrland L.                          26-Mar-97
Peters                      Carrie D.                           02-Feb-97
Peters                      Elmer                               30-Mar-97
Peters                      Elmer S.                            29-Mar-97
Peters                      Gerthard M. (Rev.)                  14-Jan-97
Peters                      Maxine                              27-Apr-97
Peters                      Maxine                              28-Apr-97
Peterson                    Esther Vendela Marie                04-Feb-97
Peterson                    Gene                                04-Feb-97
Peterson                    Ivy Jones                           27-Feb-97
Peterson                    Leota May                           21-May-97
Peterson                    Lucille P.                          11-Mar-97
Peterson                    Wilda L. (Billye)                   17-Jan-97
Petrson                     Nona Nathalee (Bill)                15-Mar-97
Petruzates                  Yvonne                              09-Feb-97
Pfanenstiel                 Lidwina (Liddy)                     13-Feb-97
Pfeifer                     Don J.                              13-Jan-97
Pfenninger                  Ella Marie                          02-Mar-97
Phillips                    Boyd E.                             08-Feb-97
Phillips                    Eileen Katherine                    11-May-97
Phillips                    Fred C.                             09-Mar-97
Phillips                    Gertrude                            03-Mar-97
Phillips                    Howrd W.                            10-Apr-97
Phillips                    Jake A.                             02-Apr-97
Phillips                    James Bruce (Sr.)                   04-Apr-97
Phillips                    Louise C.                           27-Jan-97
Phillips                    Thelma P.                           15-Apr-97
Phillips                    William Major                       02-Mar-97
Phillips                    William Major                       05-Mar-97
Phillis                     Mabel Belle                         29-May-97
Philo                       Alma Spayd                          16-May-97
Phipps                      Orvetta Florine                     21-Feb-97
Phipps                      Lloyd Nathan                        24-Jan-97
Phouffe                     Hallie M.                           05-Apr-97
Piatt                       Freeda M.                           27-May-97
Pidgeon                     Clarise O.                          28-Apr-97
Pierce                      Flora D. (McKinley)                 07-Apr-97
Pierce                      Flossie Mae                         29-Jan-97
Pierson                     Martha P.                           12-Mar-97
Pifer                       Pauline (Polly)                     03-Jan-97
Pike                        Crystal Taylor                      14-Feb-97
Pinick                      Wilma A.                            11-Feb-97
Pinnell                     Marjorie                            29-Apr-97
Piper                       Elinor L.                           21-May-97
Pippin                      Virgil Leon (Curley)                24-Apr-97
Pirotte                     Catherine E.                        12-Mar-97
Pittman                     Christopher Allen                   11-Mar-97
Pittman                     Christopher Allen                   12-Mar-97
Pittman                     Donald D.                           25-May-97
Pittman-Winter              Cameron Anthony                     08-Jan-97
Plagge                      Carrie B.                           29-Jan-97
Plagge                      Carrie B.                           30-Jan-97
Plain                       Mary M.                             12-Mar-97
Platt                       Mary Frances                        19-Mar-97
Platt                       Nancy Lawson                        25-Mar-97
Plumlee                     Kathleen B. (Katie)                 27-Jan-97
Poe                         Sara A.                             22-Mar-97
Poelma                      Mary C.                             21-Jan-97
Pohl                        Carol Ann                           23-Jan-97
Pohl                        Carol Ann                           24-Jan-97
Pohlman                     Robert L. (Sr.)                     11-Mar-97
Polan                       Carol J.                            13-Jan-97
Poland                      Lloyd Herbers                       19-Apr-97
Polk                        Frances E.                          26-Apr-97
Pollett                     Dan H.                              21-Feb-97
Pollick                     Phillip R.                          12-Jan-97
Polson                      Hugh Thomas (Sonny)                 09-Mar-97
Polson                      Hugh Thomas (Sonny)                 10-Mar-97
Pool                        W. E. (Bill) (Jr.)                  22-Mar-97
Poorman                     Verla Maye                          23-Mar-97
Pope                        Ernest O. (Ernie)                   12-Mar-97
Poppleton                   Hal Britton                         06-Feb-97
Porras                      J'son Rayne                         22-Apr-97
Porter                      Hazel A.                            11-Jan-97
Porter                      James L.                            14-Feb-97
Porter                      Robert L. (Bobby)                   28-May-97
Postlewait                  Ralph J.                            24-Jan-97
Postlewait                  Ralph J.                            25-Jan-97
Poteete                     Earl L.                             22-Feb-97
Poteete                     Earl L.                             25-Feb-97
Poter                       Cleoria E.                          18-May-97
Potter                      Inez LaVerne                        10-May-97
Potts                       Vada A.                             04-Apr-97
Poulos                      John G.                             15-May-97
Pouncil                     Lucille                             13-Jan-97
Powell                      Andrew J. (Andy)                    10-Feb-97
Powell                      Andrew J. (Andy)                    11-Feb-97
Powell                      Beverly Easum                       19-Apr-97
Powell                      Clinton E. (Gene)                   15-Jan-97
Powell                      Fletcher N.                         04-Feb-97
Powell                      Kenneth E.                          15-Mar-97
Powers                      Bessie Jane Tousley                 18-Jan-97
Prater                      Joan E.                             27-Feb-97
Prather                     Frankie Erwin                       29-May-97
Pratt                       F. Vernelle                         31-Mar-97
Pray                        Georgina R.                         05-Apr-97
Pray                        Treva J.                            14-May-97
Preheim                     Jacob R.                            22-Feb-97
Preisner                    Frank John  (Jr.)                   01-May-97
Prescott                    Virgil C. (Bub)                     12-May-97
Preuss                      Leonard T.                          28-May-97
Price                       Duane L.                            25-Mar-97
Price                       Fate A.                             24-Jan-97
Price                       Mary Delores                        23-Feb-97
Price                       vaughn C. (Dr.)                     21-Feb-97
Priddy                      Beverly Mae                         29-May-97
Prier                       Brett Lee                           04-Feb-97
Priest                      Florence                            24-Jan-97
Prince                      Shirley I.                          10-Jan-97
Procious                    Raymond M.                          21-May-97
Prock                       Martha A.                           23-Jan-97
Proctor                     Roy A. (Jr.)                        20-May-97
Proffitt                    Clinton                             29-Jan-97
Provost                     Ethel Marie                         29-Jan-97
Pruitt                      Edith M.                            23-Mar-97
Pruitt                      Norma                               10-Feb-97
Pruitt                      Norma R.                            07-Feb-97
Pruitt                      Pearl                               31-Jan-97
Pugh                        Virgil J.                           28-May-97
Pulliam                     Jon Todd                            19-Apr-97
Pulliam                     Lynda J.                            23-Mar-97
Purer                       Mary A.                             15-Feb-97
Purkey                      Donald V.                           12-Apr-97
Pyles                       John Edward                         05-Mar-97
Pyles                       John Edward                         06-Mar-97
Pyles                       John Edward                         07-Mar-97
Pywell                      Ethan Trey                          22-Mar-97
Pywell                      Irene M.                            20-Mar-97
Quandt                      Cory Michael                        10-Mar-97
Quantrell                   Bruce C.                            10-Mar-97
Quillen                     Leslie H. (Jr.)                     07-Jan-97
Quillen                     Leslie H. (Jr.)                     09-Jan-97
Quinlan                     Joseph G. (Bill)                    06-Feb-97
Quinn                       Florine                             28-Jan-97
Radcliff                    A. J. (Hi)                          18-Jan-97
Radcliff                    Madie D.                            01-Mar-97
Radford                     Raymond W. (Ray)                    30-May-97
Radke                       John E.                             11-May-97
Radke                       Rollie F.                           10-Jan-97
Radmacher                   Delmer E.                           23-Feb-97
Ragsdell                    Maxine H.                           25-May-97
Ragsdell                    Maxine H.                           26-May-97
Rahn                        Imogene A. (Jean)                   27-Mar-97
Raida                       Marshall P.                         08-Jan-97
Ralstin                     David Allen                         13-Feb-97
Ralston                     Harold Franklin                     14-May-97
Ralston                     Jennie Valentine                    23-Apr-97
Ralston                     Marjorie Evelyn                     08-Apr-97
Ralston                     Viola L. Crouch                     31-Mar-97
Ralston                     Viola L. Crouch                     01-Apr-97
Rambo                       Marion E.                           21-May-97
Ramhorst                    Rudolph Henry William               17-Jan-97
Ramirez                     Augustine W.                        09-Jan-97
Ramirez                     Nellie                              02-Jan-97
Ramirez                     Opal Ramsey                         04-Apr-97
Ramsey                      Wendell Ray                         06-Apr-97
Randall                     Leo J.                              19-Jan-97
Randels                     H. Lynn                             15-Feb-97
Randolph                    Philip                              19-May-97
Raney                       Phyllis C.                          26-Mar-97
Rankin                      Ruth D.                             10-May-97
Rankin                      Ruth D.                             13-May-97
Ratliff                     Florine                             17-Apr-97
Ratts                       Alva Earnest                        01-Apr-97
Ratzlaff                    Arthur A.                           21-Apr-97
Ratzlaff                    Helen Regier                        27-Apr-97
Ratzlaff                    Helen Regier                        29-Apr-97
Ray                         Emma  E.                            10-Feb-97
Ray                         Jenneda I.                          17-Mar-97
Rayl                        Claire                              15-Jan-97
Razook                      Josephine Joan                      17-Mar-97
Rea                         Nathaniel Skipper                   11-Jan-97
Read                        Betty N.                            26-Jan-97
Read                        Emory W. (Jr.)                      08-May-97
Reasoner                    Raymond Carl                        26-May-97
Reaves                      John Henry                          06-Feb-97
Reddig                      Raymond E. (Sr.)                    29-Apr-97
Redding                     C. Haynes                           21-May-97
Redding                     Rubye P.                            31-May-97
Reddins                     G. Leon                             18-Feb-97
Redington                   Helen J.                            23-Jan-97
Ree                         Otha G.                             26-Feb-97
Reece                       Bonnie E.                           27-Feb-97
Reed                        Charlotte Verell                    03-Apr-97
Reed                        Geneva May                          16-Feb-97
Reed                        Hazel D.                            17-Apr-97
Reed                        Jean                                15-Apr-97
Reed                        Leota Isabel                        09-Apr-97
Reed                        Mark A.                             10-Apr-97
Reed                        Rose A.                             28-Feb-97
Reed                        Zelda M.                            15-Jan-97
Reed                        Zelda M.                            16-Jan-97
Reekie                      Ina B.                              05-Apr-97
Reel                        Robert L. (Bob)                     28-Mar-97
Reese                       Vickie P.                           22-Apr-97
Reese                       Vickie P.                           23-Apr-97
Regier                      Evelyn                              10-Feb-97
Regier                      Raymond W.                          28-May-97
Regier                      W. Murray                           01-Apr-97
Reginbal                    David R.                            28-May-97
Reichard                    Edna Maria                          26-Apr-97
Reichrath                   Ella                                11-Mar-97
Reid                        Clarence (Pete)                     20-Feb-97
Reid                        Marjorie G.                         21-May-97
Reid                        Marjorie Gray                       22-May-97
Reimer                      Mary K.                             02-Mar-97
Reinert                     Leonard B. (Pat)                    24-Apr-97
Relford                     Raymond                             18-Jan-97
Relph                       Alberta M.                          09-Feb-97
Relph                       Martha Louise Wyckoff               21-Mar-97
Remigio                     Mary A.                             20-May-97
Remsberg                    Ralph C.                            25-Jan-97
Reschke                     Robert C.                           21-Mar-97
Resley                      Kenneth A.                          11-Mar-97
Reuther                     Grace E.                            01-Mar-97
Reynolds                    John I.                             22-Apr-97
Reynolds                    Melissa S. (Missy)                  06-Feb-97
Rhodes                      Mary L.                             14-Feb-97
Rhodes                      Willard D.                          20-Jan-97
Rhods                       Betty Jo Pruitt                     16-Feb-97
Ricci                       John Anthony                        30-May-97
Rice                        Dale B.                             19-Mar-97
Rice                        Robert Eugene                       15-Feb-97
Rice                        Dale V.                             20-Mar-97
Rich                        Glenna D.                           14-May-97
Rich                        Lee R.                              11-Mar-97
Richards                    Beatrice E. (Bobbie)                07-Apr-97
Richards                    James Andrew (Sr.)                  10-Mar-97
Richards                    James Andrew (Sr.)                  11-Mar-97
Richards                    Marion M. (Rich)                    12-Jan-97
Richards                    Ralph William                       01-Apr-97
Richards                    Ursula                              02-Feb-97
Richardson                  Evelyn G.                           24-Mar-97
Richardson                  Geneva                              08-Apr-97
Richardson                  Raymond C. (Rich)                   24-May-97
Richardson                  Thresa L.                           31-Mar-97
Richert                     Lois G.                             15-Mar-97
Richmond                    Ethel E.                            27-Apr-97
Rickard                     Visia                               14-Jan-97
Rickson                     Virginia L.                         04-May-97
Ridge                       Irene P.                            23-May-97
Ridings                     Harold C.                           31-Jan-97
Rieck                       Leonard P.                          28-May-97
Riedel                      Lewis Gustav                        28-May-97
Rifen                       Jack Charles                        17-May-97
Riffe                       Elton A.                            30-Mar-97
Riffel                      Patty Joan                          11-May-97
Riggs                       Harold D.                           12-Feb-97
Riggs                       Lula G.                             07-May-97
Riggs                       Mary E.                             25-Mar-97
Rightmeier                  Lyman B.                            07-Mar-97
Rightmeier                  Pearl E.                            04-Feb-97
Rike                        Wanda S.                            14-Feb-97
Rikli                       Raymond R.                          04-May-97
Riley                       Lee                                 11-Apr-97
Rindt                       Blanche                             06-Feb-97
Riney                       Delmar                              08-Apr-97
Riney                       Jeannie V.                          10-Feb-97
Riney                       Jeannine V.                         11-Feb-97
Rinke                       Lewis B. (Bud)                      26-Feb-97
Rinker                      Frank J.                            17-Jan-97
Ripley                      Nancy Lee                           06-Feb-97
Rippee                      Richard W. (Dick)                   28-May-97
Rippel                      Mary E.                             28-May-97
Risley                      Glen M.                             15-May-97
Ritter                      William Howell                      16-Jan-97
Rivas                       Kimberly Gabriela                   11-Apr-97
Rivas                       Maria P.                            06-Jan-97
Rizzo                       Fred                                18-Apr-97
Roach                       Ada                                 07-Jan-97
Roark                       Shawn M. O'Bryant                   13-May-97
Robben                      Donald J.                           26-Feb-97
Robben                      Kenneth H.                          23-Apr-97
Robbins                     Donna Lea                           30-May-97
Robe                        Lyle Arthur                         15-Mar-97
Roberts                     Clair K.                            24-Jan-97
Roberts                     Earline K.                          30-Apr-97
Roberts                     Erma A.                             20-May-97
Roberts                     Erma L.                             14-Feb-97
Roberts                     Evan W.                             19-May-97
Roberts                     Joseph Dale                         01-May-97
Roberts                     Lewis T.                            01-May-97
Roberts                     Otis A.                             03-Feb-97
Robertson                   Cleo A.                             06-Jan-97
Robertson                   Dorothy D. Cook                     20-Apr-97
Robertson                   Gerald A. (Gary)                    30-May-97
Robertson                   Jessie Eleanor                      02-Apr-97
Robertson                   Lyman G.                            02-Mar-97
Robertson                   Pearl M. Tullis                     24-May-97
Robinson                    Alice A.                            29-Jan-97
Robinson                    Chester A. (Chet)                   06-Jan-97
Robinson                    Dale H.                             07-May-97
Robinson                    Erma J.                             22-Jan-97
Robinson                    Frank A.                            08-Feb-97
Robinson                    James F.                            29-May-97
Robinson                    Lottie                              14-Jan-97
Robinson                    Marvin H.                           11-Jan-97
Robinson                    Mary Ellen (Aunt Polly)             18-Feb-97
Robison                     Erma J.                             21-Jan-97
Robison                     Hazel                               18-May-97
Robison                     Lucille                             20-May-97
Rockhole                    A. E. (Gene)                        04-May-97
Rockwell                    Ford A.                             03-Mar-97
Rockwell                    Ford A.                             03-Mar-97
Rodarmel                    Roy A.                              25-Jan-97
Rodriguez                   Josephine                           02-May-97
Roets                       Mary Ambrose (Sister)               13-Feb-97
Rogers                      James William                       29-May-97
Rogers                      Richard L. (Dick)                   28-Apr-97
Rogers                      Richard Wayne                       02-Jan-97
Rohman                      Chester L.                          14-Apr-97
Rohmeyer                    Thelma E.                           14-Jan-97
Rohner                      Ralph E. (Si)                       01-Mar-97
Rohr                        Clara                               05-Jan-97
Rohrer                      Carroll  E.                         20-Mar-97
Rollins                     H. G. (Bud)                         25-Feb-97
Rollins                     H. G. (Bud)                         27-Feb-97
Rombold                     Judith                              27-Apr-97
Rombold                     Judith                              28-Apr-97
Rombold                     Judith                              01-May-97
Rome                        Regina M. (Jean)                    14-Jan-97
Rood                        Vernon R.                           13-Apr-97
Rooney                      Walter J.                           22-Jan-97
Roop                        Ramona  D.                          26-Feb-97
Root                        Gilbert                             15-Apr-97
Roper                       Frank B.                            15-Mar-97
Roper                       Violet E.                           24-Mar-97
Rose                        Irene E.                            20-Jan-97
Rose                        John R.                             11-Apr-97
Rose                        Rose M.                             15-Apr-97
Rose                        Sue Ann                             09-Mar-97
Rose                        Winifred                            26-Mar-97
Rosebrough                  Darren P.                           26-Apr-97
Rosebrough                  Gordie R.                           21-Apr-97
Rosell                      Sue Ann                             05-Feb-97
Rosenhamer                  George A.                           01-Mar-97
Rosenleaf                   Margaret E.                         03-May-97
Ross                        Edward M. (Ed)                      19-May-97
Ross                        Jack                                10-May-97
Ross                        Jack                                14-May-97
Ross                        Ollie H.(Dude) (Sr.)                21-May-97
Ross                        Wayne R.                            22-Apr-97
Rossillon                   Leona A.                            09-Jan-97
Rossillon                   Maybelle (Connie)                   24-May-97
Roth                        Willie                              23-May-97
Roupp                       Willard J.                          12-Jan-97
Rouse                       Jonathan James                      09-Mar-97
Rouse                       Rebecca S.                          02-Jan-97
Royse                       Herschel Arnold                     03-May-97
Ruckle                      H. Marietta                         25-Mar-97
Rudd                        Arthur Eugene                       29-Apr-97
Rudrauff                    Elaine                              13-May-97
Ruff                        Herman A.                           29-Jan-97
Ruhn                        Elisa A.                            17-Apr-97
Rumpf                       Nellie P.                           28-May-97
Rupp                        Edward F.                           29-Mar-97
Rush                        Blanch M.                           20-Jan-97
Rush                        Glen                                04-Mar-97
Rush                        Robert T. (Bob)                     25-Jan-97
Rusk                        Alma I.                             22-Jan-97
Rusk                        Bettyjeane                          30-Mar-97
Rusk                        Elizabeth I. (Peggy)                13-May-97
Russell                     Frieda L.                           23-Jan-97
Russell                     Puline                              02-Apr-97
Russell                     Vida                                27-Mar-97
Russell                     William L. (Bill)                   27-Apr-97
Russon                      Vernon Eugene                       15-Mar-97
Russum                      Thelma E.                           05-May-97
Rutten                      Clara I.                            23-Jan-97
Ruttere                     Helen                               07-May-97
Ruxlow                      Lawrence R. (Larry)                 16-Jan-97
Ryan                        Ethel M.                            10-Feb-97
Ryan                        Ethel M.                            11-Feb-97
Ryan                        Janice C.                           05-May-97
Ryland                      Verne                               04-Jan-97
Rynerson                    Grace N.                            09-Mar-97
Sadiq                       Alice                               17-Jan-97
Sage                        Myron (Perry)                       05-Apr-97
Sailing                     Allen K.                            12-May-97
Sailing                     Mary Eunice                         29-Apr-97
Saint                       Robert L.                           10-Mar-97
Saiz                        Isidoro L. (Yo Yo)                  01-Mar-97
Salander                    Margie E.                           09-Apr-97
Salcido                     Jose                                05-Jan-97
Saldana                     Tony M.                             05-May-97
Salmans                     Earl Maurice (Buck)                 17-Apr-97
Salmans                     Elizabeth                           22-Mar-97
Salter                      Mary Jo                             17-Apr-97
Salters                     Donald L.                           27-Jan-97
Saltkill                    Clifford L.                         31-May-97
Sampson                     Avis L.                             05-Apr-97
Samuelson                   May                                 21-Mar-97
Sander                      Edwin A. (Eddie)                    22-Jan-97
Sander                      Pauline M.                          24-Jan-97
Sanders                     Dale Terrell (Sr.)                  26-Apr-97
Sanders                     Jesse E.                            10-May-97
Sanders                     Juanita                             02-Apr-97
Sanders                     Juanita                             03-Apr-97
Sanders                     Lauretta B.                         27-May-97
Sanders                     Lauretta B.                         28-May-97
Sanders                     Leola                               28-Mar-97
Sanders                     Leola                               30-Mar-97
Sanders                     Leon Francis                        05-Jan-97
Sanders                     Maxine E. Mason                     11-Jan-97
Sanders                     Michael (Mike)                      04-Feb-97
Sanders                     Richard William                     15-Apr-97
Sanders                     Thelma E.                           27-Apr-97
Sands                       Teresa H.                           30-Jan-97
Sandstrom                   Bernice (Bert)                      15-May-97
Sandstrom                   Josephine J.                        19-Jan-97
Sandwith                    Mary A.                             24-May-97
Sanger                      Lawrence J. (Larry)                 26-Jan-97
Sansing                     Opal E.                             02-Mar-97
Santos                      Jesus R. (Jess)                     24-Feb-97
Sarver                      James (Jim)                         17-Apr-97
Sater                       Mary Jo                             19-Apr-97
Satterthwaite               H. Lloyd                            13-May-97
Sauler                      George C.                           05-Mar-97
Saums                       Harry W.                            14-Jan-97
Saums                       Harry W.                            15-Jan-97
Sawatzky                    Henry J.                            05-Feb-97
Saxton                      Kenneth                             27-May-97
Saylor                      Grace W.                            29-Jan-97
Scantlin                    Edmund E. (Ed)                      15-Jan-97
Scarbrough                  Odessa Bernice                      21-Feb-97
Schaaf                      Stanley W.                          08-Apr-97
Schaapveld                  Lucille A. (Lucy)                   26-Mar-97
Schade                      Hedwig                              06-Feb-97
Schaefer                    Mary E.                             18-Apr-97
Schartz                     Faye A. Haney                       17-Feb-97
Schartz                     Mary R.                             19-Jan-97
Schcmale                    Stella L.                           16-Apr-97
Schell                      Grace Crady                         07-Apr-97
Schell                      Grace Crady                         08-Apr-97
Schenck                     Catherine Elizabeth                 13-Mar-97
Schenk                      Arthur J.                           11-Apr-97
Schenk                      Arthur J.                           12-Apr-97
Scheuerman                  Calvin H.                           15-Feb-97
Schhrag                     Cora L.                             11-Jan-97
Schilling                   Lloyd E.                            25-Mar-97
Schillinger                 Ruth Carolyn                        29-May-97
Schillinger                 Ruth Carolyn (Ruth)                 28-May-97
Schippert                   Lloyd William                       10-Apr-97
Schlapper                   Paul                                16-May-97
Schlegel                    Clara Anna                          26-Jan-97
Schlup                      Inez Lee                            08-Apr-97
Schmale                     ydia Ann                            01-Mar-97
Schmalziried                Luella M. (Lukie)                   05-Mar-97
Schmania                    James Edward                        23-Jan-97
Schmidt                     Amelia                              28-May-97
Schmidt                     Bertha L.                           03-Jan-97
Schmidt                     Christopher C.                      07-Apr-97
Schmidt                     Donna D.                            23-Apr-97
Schmidt                     Donna Jean                          24-Apr-97
Schmidt                     Eddison                             24-Apr-97
Schmidt                     Ethel L.                            09-Jan-97
Schmidt                     George R.                           27-Jan-97
Schmidt                     John F.                             20-Apr-97
Schmidt                     Lowell Dean                         17-Jan-97
Schmidt                     Nola M. VanHall                     19-Feb-97
Schmidt                     Opal Lucille                        20-May-97
Schmidt                     Wilhelmina (Minnie)                 06-Jan-97
Schmidt                     Wilma Lee                           25-Apr-97
Schmidtt                    Josie                               24-Feb-97
Schmiedeler                 Mary Ann                            21-May-97
Schmit                      Gerri                               20-Apr-97
Schmitt                     James R. (Red)                      18-Feb-97
Schneider                   Ida Elizabeth                       26-Mar-97
Schneider                   Mathilda J.                         11-May-97
Schneider                   Paul (Joe)                          12-Apr-97
Schneider                   Paul (Joe)                          13-Apr-97
Schneider                   Paul (Joe)                          23-Apr-97
Schneweis                   Mary L.                             25-Mar-97
Schneweis                   Mary L.                             25-Mar-97
Schnittker                  Joe A.                              05-Feb-97
Schnittker                  John W.                             05-Feb-97
Schoenborn                  Leah Fay                            31-Jan-97
Schoonover                  Alta Mae                            23-Apr-97
Schrader                    Ruby Esther                         22-Jan-97
Schrag                      Adina B.                            17-May-97
Schrag                      Arthur G.                           21-Apr-97
Schrag                      John M.                             22-Feb-97
Schrock                     Emma E.                             05-Feb-97
Schroeder                   Blanche A.                          23-Mar-97
Schroeder                   Ellis U. (Bud)                      03-Jan-97
Schroeder                   Emma J. Janzen                      15-Apr-97
Schroeder                   Ida Minnie                          14-Feb-97
Schroeder                   Richmond J. (Rick)                  27-Feb-97
Schroer                     Edna                                26-May-97
Schruben                    Anna M.                             12-Jan-97
Schuler                     Blanche E.                          05-Mar-97
Schulte                     Alvin J.                            12-Jan-97
Schulte                     Ronald E. (Gene)                    31-Mar-97
Schulte                     Ronald Eugene (Gene)                01-Apr-97
Schultz                     Jerry A.                            05-May-97
Schumann                    Ralph B.                            27-Mar-97
Schwantes                   Don L.                              20-May-97
Schwartz                    Carrie                              18-Mar-97
Schwartz                    Milton                              30-Jan-97
Schwarz                     Alfred J.                           15-Apr-97
Schweitzer                  Myra J.                             04-May-97
Schwemmer                   Margaret Ann (Marge)                08-Mar-97
Schwemmer                   Margaret Ann (Marge)                09-Mar-97
Sco0tt                      Genevieve L.                        03-May-97
Scott                       Charles L.                          09-Jan-97
Scott                       Creta L.                            07-Jan-97
Scott                       Elicia Renee                        28-Jan-97
Scott                       Elicia Renee                        29-Jan-97
Scott                       Johnnie L.                          15-Feb-97
Scott                       Johnnie L.                          16-Feb-97
Scott                       Joseph J. (Joe)                     06-Jan-97
Scott                       Thomas J. (Jim)                     30-May-97
Scott                       Tommy L.                            14-May-97
Scott                       Virgil D.                           16-Jan-97
Scott                       Virgil D.                           17-Jan-97
Scrivens                    Ella Ethelene                       25-Mar-97
Scruggs                     Gladys L.                           19-Feb-97
Scudder                     Charles H. (Charley)                22-Apr-97
Seal                        Virgil                              18-Mar-97
Seaney                      Ann E.                              31-May-97
Sebits                      Alice Fern                          20-Feb-97
Seeber                      Philomena                           07-Jan-97
Seefeldt                    Margaret J.                         25-Feb-97
Seelig                      Katherine Sarah Rush Freer          07-Jan-97
Seese                       Gladys L.                           30-May-97
Seger                       Albert Carl                         18-May-97
Segerhammar                 Kyle Warren                         06-Apr-97
Seibel                      Arthur H.                           17-Apr-97
Seidl                       Anna Marie                          20-Apr-97
Seidl                       Joseph G.                           19-Jan-97
Seidl                       Joseph G.                           20-Jan-97
Seidle                      Claudean A. Rogers                  12-Mar-97
Seidle                      Earl                                12-Mar-97
Seiwert                     Aurelia M. (Mainz)                  07-Jan-97
Seiwert                     Marie E. Buchholz                   11-Feb-97
Selfridge                   Margaret Muma                       16-Apr-97
Selichnow                   Lee H.                              01-Mar-97
Sellers                     Roy Kendall (Jr.)                   17-Apr-97
Senecal                     Carla Lee                           20-Jan-97
Sepp                        Edna Mae                            21-Jan-97
Settle                      Helen L.                            20-Apr-97
Settle                      Thruman D.                          16-Jan-97
Sewell                      Jennie Hazel                        20-Mar-97
Sexton                      Betty                               04-May-97
Shaddy                      Julia M.                            17-Jan-97
Shadley                     Verna K.                            24-May-97
Shafer                      Linda Lou                           05-Apr-97
Shaffer                     Susie L.                            25-Jan-97
Shaft                       John Dwayne                         25-May-97
Shakelford                  David T.                            08-Apr-97
Shamblin                    Erma                                14-Feb-97
Shank                       Henry Willis                        16-Jan-97
Shanklin                    Harold J.                           10-Apr-97
Shaon                       Lois K.                             15-Mar-97
Sharon                      Jewell Pearl                        01-May-97
Sharpsteen                  Rita (Louise)                       28-Apr-97
Shaw                        Elmer J.                            22-Feb-97
Shaw                        Lester G.                           16-Jan-97
Shearer                     Myrna C.                            23-May-97
Shearhod                    Lela M.                             19-Mar-97
Sheegog                     Robert L.                           27-Mar-97
Shelden                     Rex                                 27-Apr-97
Shelden                     Rex                                 28-Apr-97
Sheline                     Viola M.                            11-Jan-97
Shelite                     LaVon                               19-Mar-97
Shelley                     Florence                            13-Apr-97
Shelley                     Florence                            14-Apr-97
Shelley                     Florence                            15-Apr-97
Shelley                     Florence                            16-May-97
Shelton                     Lula D.                             08-Mar-97
Shelton                     William Ray (Bill)                  09-Jan-97
Shenk                       Walter B.                           27-Feb-97
Shepard                     Clara A.                            24-Apr-97
Shepherd                    George                              03-Jan-97
Sherley                     Jean Kathryn                        23-Jan-97
Sherman                     Susan Wherritt                      30-Mar-97
Shields                     Charles E. (Chick)                  08-Mar-97
Shields                     Clarence (C. A.)                    29-Mar-97
Shields                     Maude S.                            02-Mar-97
Shiever                     Hedwig (Hattie)                     08-May-97
Shilts                      Vivian A.                           05-Jan-97
Shilts                      Vivian A.                           06-Jan-97
Shinn                       Carson R.                           19-Mar-97
Shinn                       Roy Lee                             23-Feb-97
Shipley                     Betty L.                            05-Feb-97
Shipley                     Howard C.                           16-Apr-97
Shipman                     Helen Marie Rooks                   07-Jan-97
Shirkey                     Don                                 12-Feb-97
Shirkey                     G. Don                              11-Feb-97
Shively                     Pauline Anna                        10-Apr-97
Shoemaker                   Susie L.                            23-Apr-97
Shore                       Ada                                 20-Mar-97
Shore                       Vivian L. Hulde                     26-Mar-97
Short                       Ethel Mae                           12-Apr-97
Short                       Geraldine Edna                      15-Mar-97
Shorter                     Nellie J.                           17-Mar-97
Showalter                   Larry E. (Sr.)                      22-Apr-97
Showalter                   Nadine                              19-Jan-97
Shrader                     Lorene A.                           03-Mar-97
Shramek                     Paul                                20-Mar-97
Shrauner                    Zella E.                            11-Jan-97
Shropshire                  Georgia I.                          18-Jan-97
Shrouf                      Lee B.                              02-Mar-97
Shull                       Gaylon                              02-Feb-97
Shultz                      Lloyd E.                            26-Feb-97
Shumard                     Edna Dale Frazier                   22-Jan-97
Shupe                       Martha Elizabeth                    27-May-97
Shutts                      Byron D. (Prude)                    06-Feb-97
Siefker                     Sue Ellen                           17-May-97
Siefkes                     Joyce I.                            13-May-97
Siegel                      Harold Reginald                     05-May-97
Siemens                     Jimmie (Jim)                        06-Feb-97
Sigler                      Elva Mae                            29-Jan-97
Sigler                      Ernest Ray                          15-Feb-97
Silin                       James Clifford (Cliff)              26-Feb-97
Sills                       Alice E.                            19-Mar-97
Simmer                      Michael R.                          15-Apr-97
Simmons                     Anna M.                             22-Jan-97
Simmons                     Clare A.                            16-Jan-97
Simmons                     Don L.                              15-Jan-97
Simmons                     H. Nelson                           09-May-97
Simmons                     Loren H.                            23-Apr-97
Simmons                     Myrtle Alice King                   16-May-97
Simmons                     Opal Shugart                        20-Jan-97
Simon                       Ronnie Adele                        01-Apr-97
Simons                      Verna Cuddeback                     31-Jan-97
Simonsen                    Lillian                             26-May-97
Simowitz                    Anthony (Rev.)                      21-Feb-97
Simpson                     Delbert                             01-Mar-97
Simpson                     John C.                             01-Mar-97
Simpson                     Lura Dee                            02-Jan-97
Simpson                     Rosa L.                             06-Jan-97
Simpson                     Thomas Henry                        11-Jan-97
Sims                        Billy Jack                          23-Jan-97
Sims                        Pamela Ann                          01-Mar-97
Sink                        Sam                                 01-Apr-97
Siple                       Steven Lee                          23-Mar-97
Sipult                      Carl F.                             16-Apr-97
Sipult                      Helena Meta                         30-Mar-97
Sirucek                     Benjamin Franklin (Benny)           08-Jan-97
Sisk                        Josephine E.                        29-Jan-97
Sissom                      Kathleen                            01-May-97
Sitler                      Ruth A.                             09-May-97
Sittner                     Clelia Belle                        23-Feb-97
Slattery                    James H. (Jim)                      30-Apr-97
Slaven                      Phyllis Mae                         25-May-97
Sledd                       Gregory                             06-Mar-97
Sleeth                      Gladys R.                           01-Apr-97
Slemp                       Wanda A.                            06-Apr-97
Sloan                       Barbara Rae Elam                    19-Mar-97
Sloan                       Eleanor F.                          13-Mar-97
Sloan                       Ernest B.                           14-May-97
Sloan                       Wanda May                           20-May-97
Smalley                     Abbie Sherill Powell                28-Apr-97
Smalley                     Gary L.                             02-Jan-97
Smart                       Dorothy J.                          16-Apr-97
Smerhek                     Martha R. Farris                    17-Mar-97
Smiddy                      Genevieve Catherine Turner          09-Jan-97
Smiley                      Edith E. (Jean)                     08-Mar-97
Smiley                      John L.                             09-Mar-97
Smith                       Alberta                             25-Jan-97
Smith                       Arthur Lloyd                        14-Mar-97
Smith                       Barbara                             20-Apr-97
Smith                       Charles Allen (Smitty)              31-May-97
Smith                       Clarence M.                         07-Jan-97
Smith                       Clifford B.                         22-Mar-97
Smith                       Doothy E.                           02-Feb-97
Smith                       Edith L.                            31-May-97
Smith                       Elmer O. (Smitty)                   06-Feb-97
Smith                       Emma L.                             17-Jan-97
Smith                       Ethel Marie                         05-Jan-97
Smith                       Floyd D.                            01-Mar-97
Smith                       Frank H.                            01-May-97
Smith                       Genevieve                           13-Mar-97
Smith                       Gracie M.                           04-Feb-97
Smith                       Harland L.                          29-Mar-97
Smith                       Hazel L.                            02-May-97
Smith                       Helen Irene Gordon                  03-May-97
Smith                       Howard  D.                          18-Mar-97
Smith                       Howard E.                           23-Jan-97
Smith                       Hurley W.                           31-Mar-97
Smith                       Iva                                 23-Mar-97
Smith                       Jack                                25-Apr-97
Smith                       Jack D.                             02-Apr-97
Smith                       Jason E.                            21-May-97
Smith                       Jeanne Evelyn                       20-Apr-97
Smith                       Jimmie O.                           17-Apr-97
Smith                       Juanita M.                          20-Feb-97
Smith                       Leo J.                              13-May-97
Smith                       Leo J.                              14-May-97
Smith                       Leora                               19-Jan-97
Smith                       Lorraine L.                         06-May-97
Smith                       Lorraine Loyd                       07-May-97
Smith                       Lottie                              16-Feb-97
Smith                       Lottie                              17-Feb-97
Smith                       Loyd Ellis                          21-Jan-97
Smith                       Lyle W.                             12-Mar-97
Smith                       Mabel Leah                          17-Jan-97
Smith                       Marian A.                           09-May-97
Smith                       Marilyn Joyce Savage                12-Mar-97
Smith                       Marjorie Mae                        31-May-97
Smith                       Mary (Pauline)                      15-Apr-97
Smith                       Mary P.                             14-Apr-97
Smith                       Maxine L.                           30-Apr-97
Smith                       Paul                                12-May-97
Smith                       Queen Esther                        27-Mar-97
Smith                       R. K. (Kenny)                       05-Apr-97
Smith                       Regina R.                           04-Feb-97
Smith                       Robert C. (Bob)                     27-May-97
Smith                       Robert Newton                       04-Jan-97
Smith                       Steven Kent                         21-Feb-97
Smith                       Steven Kent                         22-Feb-97
Smith                       Treva (Jean)                        06-Jan-97
Smith                       Vera M. Street                      10-Apr-97
Smith                       Viola M.                            13-Jan-97
Smith                       Weta Kameel                         26-Apr-97
Smith                       Zola Marguerite                     16-May-97
Smoot                       Eldon W. (Rev.)                     23-Feb-97
Smythe                      Avle Leota                          11-May-97
Smythe                      Avle Leota                          14-May-97
Snapp                       Elsie                               12-Mar-97
Snaza                       Barbara Sue                         17-May-97
Snaza                       Barbara Sue                         18-May-97
Snell                       Billye R.                           11-Feb-97
Snell                       Billye R.                           12-Feb-97
Snell                       Homer A.                            28-Jan-97
Snell                       Kenneth P.                          16-Feb-97
Snellen                     Claude W.                           06-Jan-97
Snider                      Brian A.                            19-Mar-97
Snider                      Kenneth E.                          19-Apr-97
Snider                      Lois A.                             29-Apr-97
Snodgrass                   Emma M.                             30-Jan-97
Snow                        Lois O.                             12-Mar-97
Snyder                      Celesta F.                          07-Jan-97
Snyder                      Charles E. (Sr.)                    10-Jan-97
Snyder                      Elbert N.                           29-Jan-97
Snyder                      Henretta                            12-Jan-97
Snyder                      Mildred L.                          19-May-97
Snyder                      Wayne  VC.                          28-Apr-97
Snyder                      Wayne C.                            27-Apr-97
Soden                       Margaret P.                         26-Mar-97
Soft                        Alfred                              03-May-97
Sommers                     Helen L.                            10-Jan-97
Sonntag                     Arnold O.                           17-May-97
Sorensen                    Roger Miles                         27-Feb-97
Southard                    Carl A.                             28-Jan-97
Southeren                   Kristen & Marie (twins)             18-Feb-97
Sovereign                   Fred M                              26-Mar-97
Sowell                      Ruby Murilla                        17-Apr-97
Sowell                      Wilbur T.                           15-May-97
Sowers                      Pamela T.                           07-Mar-97
Spaeth                      Grace M.                            04-May-97
Sparks                      Donald L.                           31-May-97
Sparks                      Elmer E. (Sparky)                   25-Feb-97
Sparks                      ElmerE. (Sparky)                    24-Feb-97
Spaunhurst                  Mildred Margaret                    02-Apr-97
Speer                       Elsie (Charlene)                    22-May-97
Speir                       Francis Margaret                    06-May-97
Spencer                     James M.                            02-May-97
Spencer                     Joyce A.                            30-Mar-97
Spencer                     Richard D.                          13-May-97
Sperry                      Mildred F.                          18-Apr-97
Spillman                    Lynsey Alise                        08-May-97
Spillman                    Viola Della                         10-Apr-97
Spitler                     Nancy Lou Ticia                     15-May-97
Splane                      Merlin L. (Sr.)                     18-May-97
Spohn                       El Dora M.                          12-Mar-97
Spradlin                    Emil                                16-Jan-97
Sprague                     Mary                                27-Apr-97
Springfield                 Gertrude M. (Trudy)                 26-Jan-97
Sprout                      Edward W.                           01-Mar-97
Sprout                      Lois Jean                           08-Jan-97
Squire                      Mayte Lucille                       09-Mar-97
Squire                      Mayte Lucille                       10-Mar-97
Sshunatona                  Hazel E.                            11-Apr-97
St. Aubin                   Sharon L.                           16-May-97
Stadelman                   Celestina (Sally)                   13-Feb-97
Staib                       Tex R.                              08-Jan-97
Stamback                    Aletha H.                           13-Mar-97
Standefer                   Ivan L. (Jr.)                       01-Jan-97
Standridge                  Flora W.                            14-Mar-97
Stange                      Clyde H.                            16-Apr-97
Stange                      Clyde H.                            17-Apr-97
Stange                      Paula G.                            06-Apr-97
Stanley                     Bessie Lee                          28-May-97
Stanley                     Fayes Lucille                       15-May-97
Stanley-Unrein              Verla Marie Smith                   19-Jan-97
Stanwix                     Ella S.                             27-Feb-97
Staples                     Marguerite C.                       11-Apr-97
Stapp                       Lula Fay                            14-Mar-97
Stark                       Arthur Lowell (Sr.)                 15-Jan-97
Stark                       Harold (Hank)                       23-Apr-97
Starkweather                Elfreda                             14-Jan-97
Starr                       Blake Milton                        06-Mar-97
Starr                       Harley Francis                      11-Apr-97
Stauffer                    Verna                               17-Mar-97
Stawar                      Robin McLean                        05-Feb-97
Stearns                     Eldodn H.                           18-Feb-97
Stedman                     Howard A.                           16-May-97
Steele                      Eldo M.                             24-Mar-97
Steele                      Ura Louise Collins                  26-Feb-97
Stein                       Mark D.                             24-Jan-97
Steiner                     Leonard R.                          19-Apr-97
Steiner                     William H. (Rev.)                   14-Feb-97
Stephan                     Elwyn D.                            12-Feb-97
Stephen                     Elwyn D.                            13-Feb-97
Stephens                    Geraldine F. Shapley                23-Feb-97
Stephens                    Hershel D.                          28-Feb-97
Stephens                    L. Carl                             03-May-97
Stephens                    Pearl G.                            08-Apr-97
Stephens                    Susan E Howell Bird                 26-Feb-97
Stephens                    Vesta Mae Coleman                   18-Mar-97
Stephens                    Willa M.                            20-May-97
Stephens-Boyd               Michayla                            14-May-97
Stephenson                  Larry G.                            25-Mar-97
Stevens                     Agnes R. Berning                    24-Mar-97
Stevens                     Helen B.                            18-Feb-97
Stevens                     Joseph J. II (Big Joe)              07-Apr-97
Stevens                     Leo Jay                             23-Apr-97
Stevens                     Shantel A.                          29-May-97
Stevens                     Woodrow J. (Woody)                  09-May-97
Steward                     Dale                                18-Jan-97
Stewart                     Alan E.                             27-Jan-97
Stewart                     Charles D. (Stu)                    02-Feb-97
Stewart                     Jami Reed                           06-May-97
Stewart                     Phyla M.                            26-Jan-97
Stewart                     Ray N.                              23-Mar-97
Stewart                     Rosie Lee                           11-Mar-97
Stewart                     Troy J.                             07-Mar-97
Stewart                     Vesta Hazel                         10-Jan-97
Stewart                     Victory Forrest                     24-Jan-97
Stidham                     G. Frank                            26-May-97
Stika                       Elaine Marie                        13-Feb-97
Stiles                      Harold W.                           08-Jan-97
Stiles                      Harold W.                           09-Jan-97
Stiles                      Harold W.                           10-Jan-97
Stillwell                   Gareld Leon                         22-Jan-97
Stilwell                    Bea                                 14-May-97
Stinnett                    Ruth T.                             14-Mar-97
Stith                       Laura M.                            12-Jan-97
Stith                       Laura M.                            13-Jan-97
Stiverson                   Julia M.                            01-Jan-97
Stockert                    Pearl E.                            13-Jan-97
Stockert                    Pearl E.                            14-Jan-97
Stockwell                   Bruce Boyd                          07-May-97
Stockwell                   Marie E.                            02-Feb-97
Stoffel                     Lucy C. Blasi                       23-Jan-97
Stoffel                     Lucy C. Blasi                       24-Jan-97
Stokes                      Clyde Leon                          09-Jan-97
Stone                       Howard M.                           04-Mar-97
Stone                       George F.                           17-May-97
Stoner                      Isabelle L.                         17-Mar-97
Stoner                      Vera G.                             25-Mar-97
Stones                      robert L.                           15-Feb-97
Storbeck                    Dean R. (Bob)                       26-Jan-97
Storbeck                    Dean R. (Bob)                       28-Jan-97
Storm                       Kenneth Hiram & Patricia Diane      15-Apr-97
Storz                       Otto                                25-Mar-97
Stotler                     Elsie L.                            03-Feb-97
Stotts                      Justine Daly                        14-Jan-97
Stoughton                   Albert L.                           12-Mar-97
Stoughton                   Clifford N. (Jack)                  08-May-97
Stoughton                   Clifford N. (Jack)                  09-May-97
Stout                       Harry M. (Sonny)                    05-May-97
Stout                       Ralph (Pete)                        17-Jan-97
Stowell                     Gerald F.                           31-Jan-97
Strader                     Lancelot A.                         03-May-97
Strait                      Mary Margarite                      22-May-97
Strait                      Mary Margarite                      23-May-97
Stramel                     Francis T. (Frankie)                11-May-97
Strasser                    Stephanie J.                        15-May-97
Stratford                   Audrey L.                           23-Apr-97
Stratton                    Christine (Cris) Bartholomew        13-Apr-97
Stratton                    Waltere (Jack)                      08-Jan-97
Strawn                      Marjorie P.                         16-Jan-97
Strickland                  Noma Jo                             14-Apr-97
Strickland                  William                             05-May-97
Strobel                     Olive M. Wright                     11-Jan-97
Stroberg                    Sharon Kay                          16-Feb-97
Stroemel                    Marvin J.                           17-Apr-97
Strong                      Violet M.                           03-Mar-97
Strothman                   John F.                             09-Apr-97
Strouse                     Madge J.                            08-Feb-97
Struble                     Annie P.                            29-May-97
Struble                     Annie P.                            30-May-97
Struble                     Annie P.                            31-May-97
Stuart                      David G.                            04-Apr-97
Stuart                      David G.                            05-Apr-97
Stubblefield                Myrtle                              07-Jan-97
Stubby                      Chester L. (Chet)                   06-Feb-97
Stucker                     Dorothy R.                          05-Feb-97
Stucky                      Elsie J.                            03-Mar-97
Stull                       Howard L.                           29-Mar-97
Sturgeon                    Deedra E.                           01-Jan-97
Sturgeon                    Leona Weve                          20-Apr-97
Sublett                     Kenneth E.                          23-Mar-97
Suddarth                    Eva P.                              21-Feb-97
Suddarth                    Eva P.                              22-Feb-97
Suderman                    Leon                                02-Feb-97
Suffield                    Bessie V.                           19-Jan-97
Sullens                     Edith D.                            10-Apr-97
Sullivan                    Bonnie M. (Pearl)                   31-May-97
Sullivan                    Elsie Peters Samms                  17-Apr-97
Sullivan                    Phyllis M.                          02-Jan-97
Sulton                      Maureen Hope                        25-May-97
Summa                       Wilbur (Carl)                       10-Jan-97
Summers                     Claude Hilleary                     08-Apr-97
Summers                     Jimmie Mack                         27-Apr-97
Sumpter                     Rose Damon (Effie)                  15-Feb-97
Sunbarger                   Stephen M.                          05-Apr-97
Sunday                      William C.                          02-May-97
Suttle                      Richard B. (Dick)                   11-Feb-97
Sutton                      Virginia E.                         12-Jan-97
Sutton                      William E. (Bill)                   25-Apr-97
Sutton                      William J.                          20-Apr-97
Swafford                    Vienna (Vina)                       12-Apr-97
Swaim                       Joan L.                             21-Apr-97
Swaim                       Joan L.                             22-Apr-97
Swank                       Lena F.                             23-Jan-97
Swanson                     Dorla Jean                          12-Jan-97
Swanson                     Irma C.                             11-Mar-97
Swanson                     Rosella M.                          13-Apr-97
Swartz                      Aaron T.                            21-Feb-97
Sweatt                      Pat Jones                           17-Jan-97
Swengel                     John G.                             30-Jan-97
Swenson                     Lebert A.                           09-Apr-97
Swenson                     Orville C.                          30-Mar-97
Swenson                     Robert A.                           26-May-97
Swingle                     Lewis A.                            20-May-97
Switzer                     Charles W.                          11-Mar-97
Swope                       Charles Daniel                      11-Jan-97
Swygert                     Hazel                               17-May-97
Swygert                     Hazel                               18-May-97
Sydenstricker               Opal C.                             15-Apr-97
Symes                       Marjorie I.                         13-May-97
Symns                       J. Carlyle (Dr.)                    26-Jan-97
Symonds                     Orville K.                          19-Jan-97
Sympson                     Herbert E. (Sr.)                    18-Apr-97
Sympson                     Herebert E. (Sr.)                   17-Apr-97
Synhorst                    Louise M.                           01-Apr-97
Tabor                       Kenneth Dewayne                     20-Feb-97
Tabor                       Segal E.                            21-Jan-97
Tackett                     Eldon                               06-Mar-97
Taggart                     Clifford A.                         06-Apr-97
Talbot                      Gladys B.                           23-Jan-97
Talbot                      Gladys B.                           24-Jan-97
Talbot                      Gladys B.                           25-Jan-97
Talbott                     katharyn F.                         11-Feb-97
Talcott                     Colton Daniel                       18-May-97
Tallman                     Violet Lucille                      14-Jan-97
Tanner                      Harless B. (H. B.)                  19-Mar-97
Tanquary                    Nita C. (Dollie)                    14-Apr-97
Tardy                       Ruth                                07-Jan-97
Tardy                       Ruth                                09-Jan-97
Tarrance                    Melford                             14-Mar-97
Tarrance                    Melford                             15-Mar-97
Tasch                       Ruth J.                             29-Jan-97
Tate                        Laney Jean                          09-Jan-97
Tate                        William E.                          26-Mar-97
Taton                       Michael Lee                         08-Mar-97
Tauscher                    Arthur Lee                          09-Apr-97
Taylor                      David A.                            11-Jan-97
Taylor                      David A.                            12-Jan-97
Taylor                      David A.                            13-Jan-97
Taylor                      Delmer L.                           18-May-97
Taylor                      Donlad M.                           16-Apr-97
Taylor                      Edwin Lewis                         12-May-97
Taylor                      Elva A.                             06-May-97
Taylor                      Fdortha E.                          25-Feb-97
Taylor                      Harold L. (Rip) (Sr.)               23-Apr-97
Taylor                      Heather Dawn                        11-May-97
Taylor                      James D. (Jim)                      18-Jan-97
Taylor                      Jennifer Lea                        01-May-97
Taylor                      Jennifer Lea                        02-May-97
Taylor                      Laura L.                            05-Mar-97
Taylor                      LaVergne E.                         04-Mar-97
Taylor                      Mildred B. Dickson                  19-May-97
Taylor                      Rebecca J.                          15-Mar-97
Taylor                      Russell W.                          27-May-97
Taylor                      Russell W.                          28-May-97
Taylor                      Russell W.                          28-May-97
Taylor                      W. W. (Woody)                       11-Mar-97
Taylor                      W. W. (Woody)                       12-Mar-97
Teel                        Sampson S. (Sam)                    19-Feb-97
Teeter                      Matthew (Matt) Jay                  17-Jan-97
Teitzel                     Dorothy                             09-Jan-97
Tennant                     Marjorie Ann                        19-Mar-97
Terewilliger                Garth                               23-May-97
Terhune                     Mari Lynn                           23-Feb-97
Terhune                     Mari Lynn                           24-Feb-97
Terrell                     Margaret Dryden                     05-Jan-97
Terrill                     Kristina Rebecca & Kathyn Jo        11-Mar-97
Terrill                     W. Norman                           12-May-97
Teten                       Alice Marie                         14-May-97
Teten                       Theodore H. J.                      14-Jan-97
Theel                       Sharlane Ray                        30-Jan-97
Theis                       Gerald                              09-Mar-97
Thiel                       Floyd A.                            02-May-97
Thiessen                    Anna E.                             14-Mar-97
Thiessen                    Martha Hummel                       25-May-97
Thill                       Emma H.                             23-May-97
Thom                        Otto Henry                          09-Jan-97
Thom                        Trene E.                            14-Mar-97
Thomas                      Alfred Samuel                       02-Apr-97
Thomas                      Barbara Lean                        09-Jan-97
Thomas                      Barbara Lena                        10-Jan-97
Thomas                      Harold James                        04-Feb-97
Thomas                      Homer W.                            12-May-97
Thomas                      Jackie Leo                          10-Mar-97
Thomas                      John Rafael                         23-Apr-97
Thomas                      John Rafael                         25-Apr-97
Thomas                      Kenneth W.                          14-Feb-97
Thomas                      Lula Mae                            04-Mar-97
Thomas                      Lula Mae                            06-Mar-97
Thomas                      Rita Kathryn                        06-Mar-97
Thomas                      Suzanne                             14-Mar-97
Thomas                      Verdun L.                           29-Jan-97
Thomas                      Virgil L.                           12-Mar-97
Thomas                      Wesley C.                           30-May-97
Thomas                      Wesley C.                           31-May-97
Thome                       Stanley                             18-Mar-97
Thompson                    Eva Pearl                           14-Jan-97
Thompson                    Evelyn Schroeder  Doody             26-May-97
Thompson                    Florence A.                         07-Jan-97
Thompson                    Florence F.                         02-Feb-97
Thompson                    Harold Lyle                         20-Apr-97
Thompson                    Lillian (Lily)                      10-Apr-97
Thompson                    Myrtle Jjuanita                     13-Jan-97
Thompson                    Robert Louis                        04-Feb-97
Thompson                    Ruth K.                             10-Jan-97
Thompson                    Virginia Jane                       27-Apr-97
Thomsen                     Carol                               25-Feb-97
Thomson                     Ruby Jane                           30-Jan-97
Thornhill                   Eugene                              19-Apr-97
Thornhill                   Norman E.                           23-Jan-97
Thornhill                   Norman E.                           24-Jan-97
Thornton                    Kittie B.                           20-May-97
Thornton                    Mary G.                             14-Jan-97
Thornton                    W. P. (Bill)                        24-Mar-97
Threets                     Charlotte                           04-Jan-97
Thurman                     Darlene Z.                          16-May-97
Tidwell                     Maline                              11-Jan-97
Tiede                       Harvey W.                           09-May-97
Timmons                     Blanche C.                          25-Jan-97
Timmons                     Curtis O.                           19-Apr-97
Timmons                     Lawrence E.                         29-Mar-97
Timpson                     David M. (Tiny)                     18-May-97
Tinkler                     Dena                                21-Jan-97
Tinney                      Violet Marie Sandford Cobb          04-Jan-97
Tippet                      Virginia L. (Toni)                  17-May-97
Tipton                      George W.                           16-Jan-97
Tipton                      George W.                           17-Jan-97
Titchenor                   Precious Marie                      29-Jan-97
Todd                        Caitlin Alysha                      19-Mar-97
Todd                        Oliver Franklin                     21-Feb-97
Toelkes                     Philip L.                           03-Apr-97
Toevs                       Waldo                               19-Jan-97
Toews                       David H.                            03-Apr-97
Tolbert                     Edna M.                             24-Jan-97
Tolley                      Virginia S. Kerns                   17-Jan-97
Tomlin                      Leonard E.                          07-May-97
Tonn                        Harold H.                           26-Apr-97
Tope                        Ronald (Ron)                        26-May-97
Topolske                    Anna C.                             20-Apr-97
Torrey                      Douglas                             29-Apr-97
Tosh                        Levi M.                             02-Mar-97
Towner                      Lewis L.                            17-May-97
Towner                      Zelma F.                            27-May-97
Towns                       Doris F.                            18-Feb-97
Towns                       Doris F. Fesler)                    19-Feb-97
Townsend                    Elgie M.                            20-Feb-97
Tracy                       Harold J.                           23-May-97
Tracy                       John E.                             17-May-97
Traeger                     Patricia C.                         02-Apr-97
Trantham                    Edith L.                            24-Jan-97
Trapp                       Herman R.                           15-Feb-97
Trautman                    Joan E.                             03-Apr-97
Travelute                   Mary I.                             26-Jan-97
Traylor                     Dorothy A.                          21-May-97
Trear                       Richard Joseph                      08-May-97
Trentman                    Gretta E.                           13-Apr-97
Tritt                       Larry C.                            23-Mar-97
Trotnic                     Juanita G.                          13-Mar-97
Trotter                     Howard A.                           07-Feb-97
Trotter                     Tom                                 08-Apr-97
Troup                       Mary E.                             30-Mar-97
Trowbridge                  Benny Lee                           29-Jan-97
Trowbridge                  Benny Lee                           30-Jan-97
Troxell                     Gregory L.                          19-Jan-97
True                        Lee                                 14-Feb-97
Trueblood                   Frank D.                            04-May-97
Trueblood                   Frank D.                            05-May-97
Tucker                      Harold C.                           14-Mar-97
Tucker                      Leanna Faye                         02-Apr-97
Tull                        E. L.                               19-Jan-97
Turnbull                    Ray E.                              01-Mar-97
Turnbull                    Richard C. (Dick)                   18-May-97
Turner                      Anna Ohnemiller                     10-Apr-97
Turner                      Carol A.                            30-May-97
Turner                      Delbert R.                          09-Jan-97
Turner                      Emma Jean Reser                     12-Jan-97
Turner                      Emma Jean Reser                     13-Jan-97
Turner                      Esthaol                             18-Mar-97
Turner                      Glen Kenneth                        23-May-97
Twitchell                   Robert Joseph                       22-Feb-97
Tyler                       Glenn                               13-Jan-97
Tyler                       Glenn A.                            11-May-97
Tyree                       Wayne Marcus                        23-Jan-97
Uden                        Lcile L.                            25-Jan-97
Uhrich                      Helen K.                            20-Jan-97
Ulrich                      George W.                           16-Jan-97
Umbarger                    Mattie F.                           28-Jan-97
Underwood                   Charles Clinton (Jr.) (Dr.)         13-May-97
Unrau                       Freida M                            13-Jan-97
Unrau                       Frieda M.                           14-Jan-97
Unruh                       Elizabeth Marie Frantz              10-Mar-97
Unruh                       Elizabeth Marie Frantz              12-Mar-97
Unruh                       Eula B.                             10-Apr-97
Unruh                       Glenn L.                            13-Feb-97
Unruh                       Grace V.                            26-Jan-97
Unruh                       Lucille                             01-Mar-97
Unruh                       Roy C.                              29-Mar-97
Uphhoff                     Frank G.                            20-May-97
Urborn                      Mary Loyola (Loy)                   08-Apr-97
Uttinger                    Wilma Ruth                          25-May-97
Vail                        W. Scott                            26-Apr-97
Valadez                     Michael (Jr.)                       11-Jan-97
van der Smissen             Margaret D.                         20-Mar-97
Van Zant                    Alice (Ruth)                        23-Mar-97
VanBuren                    Ethel L.                            19-Mar-97
VanCampen                   Charles Edward                      21-Feb-97
Vance                       Virginia Tinder                     17-Feb-97
Vance                       Anne V.                             14-Jan-97
Vance                       Anne V.                             16-Jan-97
Vanderhoff                  Royetta                             19-May-97
Vanderhoff                  Susie M.                            12-Mar-97
Vanderhoof                  Beryl                               26-Apr-97
Vandever                    Miriam Maxine                       25-May-97
VanDolah                    Luella                              27-May-97
VanEaton                    Merton D.                           09-Jan-97
VanEtten                    Dolores W.                          10-Jan-97
VanLeeuwen                  James F.                            06-Jan-97
VanLeeuwen                  James F.                            07-Jan-97
VanLoenen                   Dale E.                             16-Apr-97
VanNover                    Clarissia C.                        26-Feb-97
VanSickel                   W. F. (Bob)                         04-Jan-97
VanSickle                   Mildred J. (Millie)                 09-May-97
VanWort                     Elsie Faye Cullers                  04-Feb-97
Vap                         Steven J.                           25-Jan-97
Varenhorst                  Roy                                 03-May-97
Varenhorst                  Roy K.                              26-Apr-97
Vaughan                     Ruth Ann                            11-Feb-97
Vaughn                      Eva Jane Steele                     09-Apr-97
Vaughn                      James C. (Sr.)                      23-Mar-97
Vaughn                      Maria J.                            17-Apr-97
Vaughn                      Marla J.                            17-Apr-97
Vaughn                      Thelma J.                           13-Apr-97
Vcitron                     Ruth Irene                          15-Jan-97
Venard                      Gladys E.                           12-Mar-97
Ventle                      Jack D.                             02-Mar-97
Ventle                      Jack D.                             03-Mar-97
Vequist                     David (Dr.)                         23-Feb-97
Vermillion                  Orland D.                           20-Jan-97
Verner                      Lee Nell                            30-Jan-97
Vestring                    Vincent B.                          05-Jan-97
Vetten                      Lucy A.                             15-May-97
Vicente                     Enrique                             03-Apr-97
Vickery                     Roy L.                              09-Apr-97
Victor                      George H.                           21-Apr-97
Vidales                     Patricia Jo (Penny)                 29-Jan-97
Vincent                     Patricia I. (Eckels)                19-Jan-97
Vincent                     Patricia I. Eckels                  18-Jan-97
Vincent                     Winnifred                           05-Feb-97
Vitale                      Leora M.                            30-May-97
Voelzke                     Fred (Jr.)                          04-May-97
Vogts                       Vernon L. (Tubby)                   23-Mar-97
Voigtlander                 Ruth L.                             12-Feb-97
Volz                        Roy B.                              04-Feb-97
Volz                        Roy B.                              06-Feb-97
Vonfeldt                    Ray J.                              21-Apr-97
Vongbolikhanh               Clara Carlene                       17-May-97
Voorhees                    Donald E. (Jr.)                     27-Mar-97
Voth                        Margaret                            26-Mar-97
Voth                        Waldo                               20-Feb-97
Voyles                      Virginia R.                         18-Jan-97
Vu                          Long N.                             11-Jan-97
Vu                          Long N.                             13-Jan-97
Vujnovich                   Christina J.                        25-May-97
Wade                        Alta G.                             30-Mar-97
Wade                        Sandra K.                           27-Jan-97
Waggoner                    J. C.                               25-Jan-97
Waggoner                    Orva Vincent (Jr.)                  28-Jan-97
Wagner                      Maggie Irene                        19-Apr-97
Wagoner                     Grace A. (Hinshaw)                  19-Apr-97
Waite                       Elaine T.                           05-Apr-97
Walker                      Annie I. Siebert                    18-Feb-97
Walker                      Charles E.                          15-Jan-97
Walker                      Ersa R.                             05-Jan-97
Walker                      Florence                            17-Mar-97
Walker                      Gertrude A. (Trudy)                 25-May-97
Walker                      Hersey C.                           14-Mar-97
Walker                      Irene B.                            15-Jan-97
Walker                      Irene B.                            16-Jan-97
Walker                      Janice J.                           13-Jan-97
Walker                      Joan Beth                           18-Mar-97
Walker                      Mina B. (Greaty)                    10-Mar-97
Walker                      Norman B.                           18-Feb-97
Wall                        Cornelius E. (Curt)                 23-Apr-97
Wall                        Harold E.                           14-Mar-97
Wall                        Hazel V.                            03-Feb-97
Wallace                     Fred B.                             08-Feb-97
Wallace                     Leroy J.                            14-Jan-97
Wallace                     Leroy J.                            15-Jan-97
Wallace                     Lucy S.                             27-Apr-97
Wallace                     Millie O. Lawrence                  08-Feb-97
Wallace                     Sydrena E.                          22-Mar-97
Wallace                     Walter L.                           12-Mar-97
Wallis                      V. O.                               10-Mar-97
Wallsmith                   Alvin                               09-Mar-97
Walraven                    John (Athey)                        12-Mar-97
Walsh                       Elizabeth A. Klopp                  23-Mar-97
Walsh                       Helen Bowen                         19-Apr-97
Walter                      Lulu F.                             27-May-97
Walters                     Lyle Leland                         15-Mar-97
Walters                     Opal E.                             23-May-97
Waltersheid                 Paul J.                             06-Mar-97
Waltersw                    Harold W.                           15-Mar-97
Waltrip                     Lucielle M.                         22-Feb-97
Waltsten                    Willis F. (Bill)                    23-Mar-97
Wanamaker                   Howard M.                           21-Feb-97
Ward                        Joshua                              12-Jan-97
Ward                        Marsha G. Hinman                    06-Jan-97
Ward                        Marsha G. Hinman                    07-Jan-97
Ward                        N. Jean                             27-Apr-97
Ward                        N. Jean                             28-Apr-97
Ward                        Noble Dale                          05-May-97
Ware                        Tyrell Linn                         06-Jan-97
Wares                       Clyde O.                            01-May-97
Warfield                    Lyle K.                             07-Jan-97
Warner                      Cleta Genevra                       28-Jan-97
Warner                      Dale W.                             21-Apr-97
Warner                      Harold L.                           11-Mar-97
Warner                      Harold L. (Pete)                    12-Mar-97
Warner                      Lucy E.                             13-May-97
Washburn                    Dale Brenton                        15-Feb-97
Wasson                      Albert D.                           03-Apr-97
Wasson                      Mary E.                             13-Apr-97
Waterman                    Nina Kathryn                        25-Jan-97
Waters                      Juanita E. (Louise)                 19-Mar-97
Watkins                     David B.                            27-Jan-97
Watkins                     Ruby E.                             02-Mar-97
Watson                      Esther Mae                          07-May-97
Watson                      Gladys Vera                         25-Jan-97
Watson                      J. C. (Jay)                         08-Jan-97
Watson                      Joanna K.                           13-Feb-97
Watson                      Mollie Terrell                      21-Mar-97
Watson                      Robert D. (udge)                    28-Mar-97
Watson                      Robert G.                           12-Mar-97
Watson                      Wililam (Bill)                      11-Apr-97
Watters                     Mearle Edwin                        20-Feb-97
Watts                       Lorene Theo                         06-Feb-97
Watts                       Margaret Elizabeth                  27-Mar-97
Waybright                   Clarence G.                         17-Jan-97
Wealddey                    Margaret (Jennie)                   10-Jan-97
Wealthall                   Violet L.                           01-Apr-97
Weast                       Ronald Kenneth                      22-Feb-97
Weathers                    June I.                             14-Apr-97
Weaver                      Carol Ann                           07-Mar-97
Weaver                      Vina V.                             12-Apr-97
Webb                        Jerry Allan                         05-Jan-97
Webb                        Mary E.                             04-Apr-97
Webb                        Nellie O.                           31-Jan-97
Webb                        Victor Thomas                       23-Jan-97
Webber                      Charles M.                          12-Jan-97
Weber                       Eddie W.                            29-Mar-97
Webster                     Charla Kay Mason                    08-Apr-97
Wedel                       Janet Marie                         04-Jan-97
Weed                        Georgia E.                          13-Jan-97
Weekley                     Arthur B.                           19-May-97
Weekley                     Lois V.                             23-Apr-97
Weeks                       Angela Michelle (Angie)             30-Apr-97
Weems-Taylor                Seriphina (Sally)                   08-May-97
Weers                       Melvin C.                           20-May-97
Weidler                     Robert E.                           10-Mar-97
Weinbrenner                 Gertrude (Trudy)                    20-Mar-97
Weinstein                   Rebecca Ruth                        12-Mar-97
Weir                        Earl A. (Jr.)                       09-Jan-97
Weir                        Julia V.                            17-May-97
Welborn                     Mary L. Stundeback                  31-Jan-97
Welborn                     Norma Jean                          18-Feb-97
Welch                       Elizabeth M.                        18-May-97
Welch                       Nellora Mae                         09-Apr-97
Welch                       Nina Belle                          21-Feb-97
Wells                       Edith Christine                     21-Mar-97
Wells                       Evelyn Alice                        05-Jan-97
Wells                       Evelyn Alice                        06-Jan-97
Wells                       Lee                                 21-May-97
Wells                       Loretta A.                          08-Apr-97
Wells                       Margaret C.                         24-Feb-97
Wells                       Margaret C.                         25-Feb-97
Wells                       Miva Ray (Mike)                     22-May-97
Wells                       Otto Junior                         21-Feb-97
Wells                       Sophia                              18-Feb-97
Wenger                      Martha L.                           01-Apr-97
Wenger                      Norman Edson                        11-Apr-97
Wentz                       Leo T.                              30-May-97
Werboom                     Fritz                               27-May-97
Werhan                      Ann Marie                           11-Apr-97
Werner                      E. Julie Magnor                     01-Jan-97
Werner                      K. Dale                             25-Apr-97
Wesley                      Anna E. (Heide)                     01-May-97
Wessel                      Evert D.                            23-Mar-97
Wessels                     George A. (Hank)                    06-Feb-97
West                        Billy B.                            26-Apr-97
West                        Charles E. (Sr.)                    02-May-97
West                        Charles E. (Sr.)                    03-May-97
West                        L. U.                               27-May-97
West                        William T. (Dr.)                    05-Feb-97
West                        William T. (Dr.)                    06-Feb-97
Westbrook                   Frank M.                            09-Mar-97
Wester                      Jenell B.                           12-Jan-97
Westhusin                   Josephine L.                        07-May-97
Weston                      Frank D.                            24-Apr-97
Wheat                       Carroll Everett                     18-Jan-97
Wheeler                     Dean E.                             21-Feb-97
Whetstone                   Eva Isabell                         14-Feb-97
Whie                        Jennie (Fay)                        03-May-97
Whinery                     Emma Lucille Lambeth                15-Jan-97
Whistler                    Gladys Augusta (Dusty)              04-Mar-97
Whitcomb                    Alberta L.                          14-Apr-97
Whitcomb                    Lois J. Savage                      30-Mar-97
White                       Albert                              07-Feb-97
White                       Alva M.                             26-Mar-97
White                       Alva M.                             28-Mar-97
White                       Benna A.                            03-Apr-97
White                       Claude G                            23-May-97
White                       Dona Belle                          07-Jan-97
White                       Kevin Daniel                        01-Apr-97
White                       Kevin Daniel                        02-Apr-97
White                       Lloyd G.                            10-Feb-97
White                       Lloyd G.                            11-Feb-97
White                       Mildred E.                          26-May-97
White                       Paula Faye                          10-Apr-97
White                       Rowena Lou                          08-Apr-97
White                       Ruby Dorothy                        11-Feb-97
White                       Tawana Lynn                         06-Apr-97
White                       Wesley C. (Jr.)                     08-Apr-97
White                       Alma O.                             19-Feb-97
White                       Castella F.                         27-Feb-97
White                       Harveye Arthur                      21-Feb-97
Whiteley                    Robert W. (Bob)                     01-May-97
Whiteside                   Elva F.                             19-Jan-97
Whiteside                   Walter J.                           13-Jan-97
Whitfield                   Virginia Wllis                      20-Mar-97
Whitford                    Robert Everal                       14-Jan-97
Whiting                     Minnie Eula                         19-May-97
Whitley                     Willie F.                           11-Apr-97
Whitsett                    Howard E.                           20-Apr-97
Whitson                     Robert J. (Bud)                     19-May-97
Wickham                     Ora Emmitt                          04-May-97
Widdows                     Thomas Vincent                      26-Apr-97
Widener                     Albert Leonard                      22-May-97
Widiger                     Carole V.                           08-Mar-97
Wiebe                       Vernon R.                           30-Jan-97
Wiebe                       Waldo                               17-Feb-97
Wiens                       Wilbur L.                           09-Mar-97
Wiershing                   Otto L.                             03-Jan-97
Wiggans                     Marilyn M.                          04-Mar-97
Wiggins                     Dale A.                             02-May-97
Wiggins                     Dale A.                             03-May-97
Wilbert                     Don F.                              14-Feb-97
Wilbur                      Robert E.                           18-Feb-97
Wilburn                     Imogene J.                          15-Jan-97
Wilcox                      Elmo E. II                          01-Apr-97
Wilcox                      Kathryne R.                         13-May-97
Wiley                       Charles (Chic)                      18-Jan-97
Wilhelm                     Martha E.                           09-Feb-97
Wilhite                     Flossie Irene                       15-Feb-97
Wilhite                     Robert F. (Bob)                     20-May-97
Wilhite                     Ruby N.                             07-May-97
Wilhite                     Vella Mae (Pat)                     15-May-97
Wiliams                     Bredgette Micalla                   24-Apr-97
Wilkening                   Walter P.                           10-Apr-97
Wilkenson                   Opal F.                             08-May-97
Wilkinsen                   Dee A.                              04-Feb-97
Willadson                   Robyn                               20-May-97
Willard                     Melvin                              25-Apr-97
Willard                     Richard A.                          14-May-97
Willard                     Virgil Allen                        29-Apr-97
Willcut                     Jerry                               01-Apr-97
Wille                       Lawrence J. (Lonnnie)               21-Jan-97
Willesen                    Milton C.                           15-May-97
Willett                     Beatrice                            09-Mar-97
Willett                     Lloyd W.                            14-Jan-97
Willey                      Mildred E. Metcalfe                 25-Mar-97
Williams                    Alva Leo                            17-Apr-97
Williams                    Charles D. (Chuck)                  19-Jan-97
Williams                    Cornelia L.                         16-Apr-97
Williams                    Cornelia L.                         17-Apr-97
Williams                    Darlene F.                          23-Jan-97
Williams                    Darlene F.                          24-Jan-97
Williams                    Devin Eugene                        17-May-97
Williams                    Devin Eugene                        21-May-97
Williams                    Doris P.                            05-Jan-97
Williams                    Dorothy R.                          14-Mar-97
Williams                    Ernie                               25-Mar-97
Williams                    Fannie Ruth                         31-May-97
Williams                    Helen                               07-Mar-97
Williams                    Lloyd V. (Bikeman)                  28-Apr-97
Williams                    Lois L.                             19-May-97
Williams                    Loretta Margarite                   20-May-97
Williams                    Minnie Lee Felt                     10-Jan-97
Williams                    Orpha Naomi                         04-Jan-97
Williams                    Pearl L.                            24-Feb-97
Williams                    Roger W.                            02-Apr-97
Williams                    Shannell Lee                        14-May-97
Williams                    Sureatha J.                         13-Mar-97
Williams                    Sureatha J.                         15-Mar-97
Williams                    Thomas George                       06-Feb-97
Williams                    Timothy Wayne                       30-Apr-97
Williams                    Vera M.                             12-Jan-97
Williams                    Virginia M.                         25-Jan-97
Williams                    Walter M.                           02-May-97
Williams                    Willard V. (Skeeter)                26-Mar-97
Williams                    Norma Jean                          25-Feb-97
Williamson                  Dick Orl                            10-May-97
Williamson                  Trina Audrey                        24-Mar-97
Williamson                  Zelma Mae                           14-Feb-97
Williford                   Oliver Max                          06-Mar-97
Willis                      Earl Dale                           14-May-97
Willis                      Michael Joe                         22-Jan-97
Willis                      Thomas H. (Red)                     31-Jan-97
Willis                      William C. (Bill)                   21-Mar-97
Wills                       James Raymond                       30-Jan-97
Wills                       Jewell Clyde                        15-Feb-97
Wills                       Jewell Clyde                        17-Feb-97
Wilmore                     Betty J.                            19-Jan-97
Wilson                      Addie B.                            24-Mar-97
Wilson                      Addie B.                            25-Mar-97
Wilson                      Annie Claudine                      02-Feb-97
Wilson                      Bertha E.                           05-Feb-97
Wilson                      Betty                               02-Mar-97
Wilson                      Edward F. (Ed)                      02-Jan-97
Wilson                      F. Ruth                             05-Feb-97
Wilson                      Floyd A.                            16-Jan-97
Wilson                      Glenn Michael                       18-Mar-97
Wilson                      Helen G. Barton                     17-Jan-97
Wilson                      Hugh Scott                          04-Mar-97
Wilson                      Jean                                12-Feb-97
Wilson                      John D. Dale                        06-Feb-97
Wilson                      Juanda L. (Lou)                     31-Jan-97
Wilson                      Mark (Dr.)                          01-Mar-97
Wilson                      Mary E.                             13-May-97
Wilson                      Mary Luella                         17-Apr-97
Wilson                      Maxine A.                           25-Feb-97
Wilson                      Migon E.                            09-Jan-97
Wilson                      Nellie Ruth                         10-Apr-97
Wilson                      Otis Everett                        25-Feb-97
Wilson                      Pearl Hattie                        18-Apr-97
Wilson                      Thomas E. (Tom)                     18-Jan-97
Wilson                      Walter Allen (Jr.)                  20-Feb-97
Wilt                        Edward E.                           16-Feb-97
Wimberly                    Richard                             05-Feb-97
Wimberly                    Richard                             06-Feb-97
Windsor                     Chlola Ava                          11-Jan-97
Winebrenner                 Lillie Olive                        05-Apr-97
Wineinger                   Wallace W.                          15-Mar-97
Wing                        Lenora L.                           08-Mar-97
Wing                        Lenora L.                           09-Mar-97
Wing                        Lenora R.                           31-Jan-97
Wing                        Pearal Jean                         10-Jan-97
Wingblade                   Bernice B.                          15-Mar-97
Winkleman                   Lawrence Joseph                     08-Feb-97
Winkler                     Elzie R.                            21-Mar-97
Winkler                     William O. (Bill)                   20-Apr-97
Winkley                     Ruth                                14-Feb-97
Winmberly                   Richard                             07-Feb-97
Winn                        Carolyn L.                          30-Mar-97
Winng                       Gary Lloyd                          26-Mar-97
Winter                      Raymond J.                          02-Mar-97
Winter                      Raymond J.                          04-Mar-97
Winters                     Ella Marie                          07-Mar-97
Winton                      Janiece Short                       23-Jan-97
Wintz                       Edith Ann                           29-Apr-97
Wise                        William Leroy                       12-Feb-97
Wiseman                     Milo Lee                            25-Feb-97
Wiseman                     Norman K.                           28-Apr-97
Wiseman                     Sarah Emily Tanner                  31-Jan-97
Wiseman                     Wallace Eldon                       26-Apr-97
Wiss                        Charles R.                          31-May-97
Witshire                    Robin L. (Bob)                      21-Jan-97
Wittman                     Albert Frank (Dr.)                  26-Mar-97
Witty                       James V.                            16-Apr-97
Witty                       Wilm (Billie)                       01-May-97
Wixon                       Dorothy Brooks                      17-Apr-97
Woerz                       Paul August                         10-May-97
Wohletz                     Irene L. Weber                      28-Apr-97
Wolf                        Betty D.                            13-May-97
Wolf                        Elmer J.                            21-May-97
Wolf                        Emma D.                             23-Mar-97
Wolfe                       Edmond F.                           24-Feb-97
Wolfe                       Lynn                                24-Mar-97
Wolff                       Helmuth E. (Bookie) (Sr.)           03-Feb-97
Wolsmann                    Robert E. (Sr.)                     25-Jan-97
Wood                        Dwain E.                            23-Mar-97
Wood                        George L.                           31-Jan-97
Wood                        Howard B.                           11-Jan-97
Wood                        Jay R.                              03-Jan-97
Wood                        Jerry D.                            15-Apr-97
Wood                        Lonie (Red)                         15-Feb-97
Wood                        Lonie (Red)                         16-Feb-97
Wood                        Mildred H.                          11-Mar-97
Wood                        Mildred H.                          13-Mar-97
Wood                        Walter Theodore                     23-Jan-97
Woodard                     Alice M.                            12-May-97
Wooden                      John C.                             07-Mar-97
Woodman                     Helen Violet                        31-Jan-97
Woods                       Edith E.                            26-Jan-97
Woods                       Letticia Mabel                      17-Feb-97
Woods                       Maria Carmen Peiro Vitoria (Carm    28-Mar-97
Woods                       Mildred L.                          30-Apr-97
Woods                       Paul D.                             31-Mar-97
Woodside                    James B. (Sr.)                      17-May-97
Woody                       E. J.                               30-Jan-97
Wooford                     Phillip S.                          27-Mar-97
Wooldridge                  Warren Buchanan                     22-Jan-97
Woolf                       Virginia F.                         30-Apr-97
Woolfolk                    Bernice                             15-Jan-97
Woolsey                     Catherine Virginia Wirth            14-Jan-97
Woolsey                     Mabel E.                            13-May-97
Woolworth                   Faye F.                             06-Jan-97
Woolworth                   Faye G.                             07-Jan-97
Worcester                   Doris Virginia                      06-May-97
Wortman                     Richard (Kay)                       28-Mar-97
Wray                        Gary Ivan                           20-May-97
Wright                      Betrice (Bea)                       12-Apr-97
Wright                      Billie                              18-Feb-97
Wright                      Earl C. (Jr.)                       12-Feb-97
Wright                      Edward L.                           17-Mar-97
Wright                      Georgia Mae                         23-May-97
Wright                      Katherine Florence                  11-Feb-97
Wright                      Lee I.                              05-Mar-97
Wright                      Leeca McKinley                      19-Mar-97
Wulf                        Arnold G.                           30-Jan-97
Wulf                        Sheldon L.                          03-Apr-97
Wulf                        Sheldon L.                          04-Apr-97
Wulfmeyer                   H. Lucille                          14-May-97
Wulfmeyer                   H. Lucille                          15-May-97
Wulfmeyer                   Helen L.                            13-May-97
Wyant                       Walter A.                           05-May-97
Wyatt                       James Estel (Boots)                 16-Apr-97
Wyble                       Agnes A.                            07-Jan-97
Wylie                       Jennifer                            16-May-97
Wymer                       Lavona Pearl                        28-Apr-97
Wynn                        Frazier E.                          27-May-97
Wyss                        Lars A.                             30-Apr-97
Xidis                       George D.                           30-Apr-97
Yancey                      Edna Isabelle                       14-Jan-97
Yankovich                   Alyssa Ann                          23-Apr-97
Yarbrough                   William Eugene                      05-Mar-97
Yates                       James H.                            25-Jan-97
Yazel                       Jack R.                             19-Feb-97
Yelton                      Maudlean R. King                    10-Jan-97
Yetley                      Glenn (G. E.)                       14-Mar-97
Yetley                      Glenn (G. E.)                       15-Mar-97
Yingling                    Mabel O.                            03-Feb-97
Yockey                      Ruth Corroll                        01-Mar-97
Yoder                       Andrew Christopher                  17-Mar-97
Yoder                       Ellis Dale                          02-Jan-97
York                        Charles                             06-Feb-97
Younce                      Floyd L.                            20-Mar-97
Young                       Elton Wayne                         26-Apr-97
Young                       Howard A.                           25-Apr-97
Young                       JoAnne                              23-Mar-97
Young                       Lorraine                            08-Feb-97
Young                       Mary Ethel                          22-Jan-97
Young                       Merle (Bud)                         19-May-97
Young                       Ray J.                              27-Mar-97
Young                       Raymond L.                          10-Feb-97
Young                       Rick                                11-Feb-97
Young                       Walter S.                           17-May-97
Young                       Walter S.                           21-May-97
Younger                     Marvin D.                           01-Mar-97
Yunker                      Max                                 19-May-97
Zachgo                      Eldon D.                            23-Jan-97
Zavala                      Stephanie L.                        30-Apr-97
Ziegler                     Florence M.                         06-Mar-97
Ziemer                      Joel D.                             19-Apr-97
Zimmerman                   Arthur W. (Bud)                     01-Mar-97
Zimmerman                   Arthur W. (Bud)                     03-Mar-97
Zimmerman                   Dale                                07-Jan-97
Zimmerman                   Vernon W.                           30-Apr-97
Zimmerman                   Paul Dean                           22-May-97
Zink                        Henrietta Eleanor                   10-Jan-97
Zink                        Vivian Johnson                      08-May-97
Zinn                        Lydia N.                            20-Apr-97
Zongker                     Mildred N.                          26-May-97
Zrubek                      Bertha C.                           10-Feb-97
Zrubek                      Harry W.                            09-Apr-97




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