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Wichita, Kansas

1880 U. S. Federal Census

Grant Township - Hamlet of Valley Center, Sedgwick County, Kansas

     NO.                                         WITH HEAD                                    FATHER       MOTHER
320 C154Carpenter   John F.     W     M   51  head           grain & lumber   Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
                    Sarh L.     W     F   46  wife           keeping house    New HampshireNew HampshireVermont
                    Horace      W     M   22  son                             Illinois     Pennsylvania New York
                    Clara       W     F   21  daughter       teacher          Illinois     Pennsylvania New York
                    Arthur      W     M   18  son            RRagt            Illinois     Pennsylvania New York
        Fairbanks   Etta        W     F   24  servant                         Wisconsin    not reported not reported
                    Errin       W     M   2   boarder                         Wisconsin    not reported not reported
        Hudson      Udora       W     F   54  sister-in-law                   New HampshireNew HampshireVermont
        Race        Augustus    W     M   24  not reported   grocer           Wisconsin    Pennsylvania New York
     155Wolff       Chas. M.    W     M   36  head           farmer           Bavaria      Bavaria      Bavaria
                    Mary        W     F   30  wife           keeping house    Bavaria      Bavaria      Bavaria
                    Kate        W     F   11  daughter                        Illinois     Bavaria      Bavaria
                    Emma        W     F   9   daughter                        Illinois     Bavaria      Bavaria
                    Elizabeth   W     F   7   daughter                        Illinois     Bavaria      Bavaria
                    Marlain     W     F   7   son                             Illinois     Bavaria      Bavaria
                    Minnie      W     F   4   daughter                        Illinois     Bavaria      Bavaria
     156Thompson    Ruth        W     F   48  head           keeping house    Ohio         Pennsylvania Maryland
                    Douglas     W     M   19  son                             Ohio         Ohio         Ohio
                    Mary        W     F   14  daughter                        Ohio         Ohio         Ohio
        Carothers   John S      W     M   42  brother        drygoods         Ohio         Pennsylvania Maryland
                    Aton        W     M   31  brother        farmer           Ohio         Pennsylvania Maryland
     157Carothers   George      W     M   37  head           drygoods         Ohio         Pennsylvania Maryland
                    Nellie      W     F   22  wife                            Indiana      England      Scotland
                    Jessie      W     F   3   daughter                        Kansas       Ohio         Indiana
                    Edna        W     F       daughter (b. May)               Kansas       Ohio         Indiana
     158Foot        Samual      W     M   57  head           farmer           Ohio         MassachusettsMassachusetts
                    Mernesa     W     F   59  wife           keeping house    Ohio         Virginia     Virginia
                    Orlena      W     F   27  daughter                        Indiana      Ohio         Ohio
                    Daniel      W     M   20  son            works on RR      Illinois     Ohio         Ohio
     159Mitchell    Jesse       W     M   35  head           M. E. minister   Ohio         Pennsylvania Ohio
                    Mary E.     W     F   26  wife           keeping house    Illinois     England      England
                    Anna B.     W     F   2   daughter                        Illinois     Ohio         Illinois
     160Twetty      Sarah       W     F   50  head           keeping house    South CarolinConnecticut  South Carolina
                    Jesse       W     M   26  son            farmer           Alabama      Connecticut  South Carolina
     161Graves      William S.  W     M   66  head           RR boss          Scotland     Scotland     Scotland
                    Phebe       W     F   56  wife           keeping house    Vermont      Connecticut  Massachusetts
                    Nettie      W     F   18  daughter                        Missouri     Scotland     Vermont
        McMullin    George      W     M   19  boarder        section hand     Illinois     not reported not reported
     162Sierman     Chas.       W     M   36  head           RR hand          Germany      Germany      Germany
                    Sarah       W     F   38  wife           keeping house    Indiana      Indiana      Indiana
                    Edgar C.    W     M   10  son                             Ohio         German       Indiana
                    Elizabeth   W     F   8   daughter                        Ohio         German       Indiana
                    Sarah Ann   W     F   6   daughter                        Ohio         German       Indiana
                    John        W     M   5   son                             Ohio         German       Indiana
                    Clara       W     F   3   daughter                        Kansas       German       Indiana
     163Meierdacks  John        W     M   26  head           farmer           Ohio         Hanover      Hanover
                    Belle       W     F   22  wife           keeping house    Ohio         Ohio         Ohio
                    George      W     M       son (b. Sept)                   Kansas       Ohio         Ohio
        Porter      William     W     M   45                 scout            New York     MassachusettsMassachusetts
        Rhoades     William     W     M   48                 merchant         New York     Vermont      New York
     164Haskins     William     W     M   30                 laborer          Ohio         Ohio         Ohio
                    Margaret    W     F   23  wife           keeping house    Indiana      Indiana      Indiana
                    George      W     M   5   son                             Indiana      Ohio         Indiana
                    Alonzo E.   W     M   3   son                             Indiana      Ohio         Indiana
                    Nolia       W     F   1   daughter                        Indiana      Ohio         Indiana
     165Haskins     Ezra        W     M   28  head           laborer          Ohio         Ohio         Ohio
                    Mary        W     F   20  wife           keeping house    Ohio         Ohio         Ohio
                    Henry F.    W     M   4   son                             Indiana      Ohio         Ohio
                    William D.  W     M   2   son                             Indiana      Ohio         Ohio
                    Leona       W     F       daughter (b. April)             Kansas       Ohio         Ohio
     166Collins     Thompson    W     M   36  head           work on RR       Kentucky     Kentucky     Kentucky
                    Sarah Ann   W     F   25  wife           keeping house    Kentucky     Kentucky     Kentucky
                    Mary F.     W     F   5   daughter                        Kentucky     Kentucky     Kentucky
                    Sumatta     W     F   3   daughter                        Kentucky     Kentucky     Kentucky
     167Dean        Hiram R.    W     M   30  head           physician & druggNew York     New York     New York
                    Ella        W     F   24  wife           keeping house    Illinois     New York     Ohio
     168Goodrick    W. I.       W     M   45  head           J. P.            Ohio         D. of ColumbiKentucky
                    Sarah A.    W     F   49  wife           keeping house    Ohio         Ohio         Ohio
                    Ella G.     W     F   16  daughter                        Missouri     Ohio         Ohio
                    John E.     W     M   ### son                             Ohio         Ohio         Ohio
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