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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.


Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

January through June 1961


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Page Three

Adams		Glenn A.		18-Jan-61
Adams		Minnie (Mrs.)		02-Jan-61
Adams		Wayne			19-Mar-61
Adcock		Roy W.			05-Jun-61
Adkins		Charles Burton		30-Jun-61
Adochio		Brenda J.		24-Apr-61
Agnew		Nannie B. (Mrs.)	04-May-61
Ahsmuhs		Karen Ann (Mrs.)	16-Jan-61
Ahsmuhs		Karen Ann (Mrs.)	17-Jan-61
Ahsmuhs		Karen Ann (Mrs.)	18-Jan-61
Akin		Roger Wayne		04-Jan-61
Alatorra	Viola (Mrs.)		16-Jan-61
Albertson 	Fred W. (Dr.)		09-Jun-61
Alexander	Fannie			27-Jun-61
Alexander	Fannie (Mrs.)		27-Jun-61
Alexander	Verna K. (Mrs.)		12-Apr-61
Allen		Della G. (Mrs.)		27-Jan-61
Allen		George Michael		13-Apr-61
Allen		Marvin			17-Feb-61
Allen		Paul J.			26-Jun-61
Allen		Paul J.			26-Jun-61
Allen		Paul J.			27-Jun-61
Allen		Tom F. (Mr.)		05-Mar-61
Allen		Tom Frank		05-Mar-61
Allen		Tom Frank		06-Mar-61
Allsburry	Donald E.		07-Apr-61
Almire		Edith Martha (Mrs.)	15-Jun-61
Almire		Edith Martha (Mrs.)	15-Jun-61
Almire		Edith Martha (Mrs.)	17-Jun-61
Ancell		Thelma Mollie (Mrs.)	24-Jan-61
Anderson	Alex B. (Andy)		24-Jun-61
Anderson	Alex Benton (Andy)	23-Jun-61
Anderson	Alex Benton (Andy)	24-Jun-61
Anderson	Charolette		04-Jan-61
Anderson	Charolette		05-Jan-61
Anderson	Clinton C.		08-Jun-61
Anderson	Clinton C.		08-Jun-61
Anderson	Elmer E.		18-Mar-61
Anderson	Elmer E.		18-Mar-61
Anderson	Everett J.		14-Feb-61
Anderson	J. Steve (Sr.)		30-Apr-61
Anderson	Naomi Mae (Mrs.)	10-Feb-61
Anderson	Robert H.		15-Feb-61
Andrews		George M.		10-May-61
Andrews		Mary C.			30-Jun-61
Andrews		Mary C. (Mrs.)		30-Jun-61
Ankrom		Ralph Kenneth		06-Jun-61
Appleman	J. D. (Mrs.)		23-Mar-61
Archer		Almer Laura (Mrs.)	15-Apr-61
Archibald	Clarence R.		12-May-61
Argo		Elsie Wallace 		16-Jun-61
Argo		Elsie Wallace (Mrs.)	16-Jun-61
Argo		Zista (Mrs.)		04-Jan-61
Armstrong	S. P. (Mrs.)		20-Jan-61
Arndt		Gertrude Irene (Mrs.)	06-May-61
Arnett		Ervin W.		03-Jun-61
Arnold		Fred W.			23-Mar-61
Arnold		Sarah (Mrs.)		17-Apr-61
Arthur		James C.		06-Mar-61
Arthur		James C.		08-Mar-61
Ash		Charles Edward		03-Jan-61
Ashbrook	George (Mrs.)		12-Apr-61
Ashford		Anna L. (Mrs.)		15-Jun-61
Ashford		Anna L. (Mrs.)		15-Jun-61
Ashlock		Max			18-May-61
Atherton	Emory Lee		16-Feb-61
Atkins		William Hullett		22-Jun-61
Autem		Walter			25-Jan-61
Ayes		James Forrest		16-Feb-61
Ayres		J. Forest		13-Feb-61
Bachman		Rosa A. 		08-Apr-61
Bachman		Rosa A. (Mrs.)		07-Apr-61
Back		Mary Margaret (Mrs.)	07-Jan-61
Bailey		Eugene			24-May-61
Bailey		Otis Eugene		24-May-61
Baker		Don			05-Jan-61
Baker		Flossie V. (Mrs.)	23-Jun-61
Baker		Fred W.			20-Jan-61
Baker		George W. (Mrs.) (Flossie V.)23-Jun-61
Baker		Harry			16-Mar-61
Baker		W. C. (Mrs.)		19-Jan-61
Baker		Wallace David		19-Apr-61
Balch		Kate Margaret (Mrs.)	27-Apr-61
Balch		Kate Margaret (Mrs.)	28-Apr-61
Ball		Edward L.		26-Apr-61
Bandy		Elzina			19-Mar-61
Bandy		Elzina (Mrs.)		20-Mar-61
Banks		Roy T.			13-Apr-61
Banuelos	Martin V.		15-Jun-61
Banuelos	Martin V.		15-Jun-61
Banuelos	Martin V.		16-Jun-61
Barbour		Orville E.		30-Jun-61
Barnard		Charles Henry		15-May-61
Barnard		Charles Henry		17-May-61
Barnes		Anna (Mrs.)		19-Apr-61
Barnes		Clifford Cecil		31-Mar-61
Barnes		George F.		18-Feb-61
Barnes		George F.		20-Feb-61
Barnes		Gerald			27-Apr-61
Barnes		Jim			06-Jun-61
Barnes		Mary E.			26-May-61
Barnett		Charles			15-Jun-61
Barnhart	Melissa A.		17-Feb-61
Barnhart	Melissa A.		18-Feb-61
Barrett		George			01-Apr-61
Barrett		Hereman Clyde		17-Apr-61
Barrow		Jennie E.		01-Jan-61
Barry		Bernard l.		03-Jun-61
Bartholomew	Vernon Ray		21-Jun-61
Bartholomew	Vernon Ray		22-Jun-61
Bartholomew	Vernon Ray		22-Jun-61
Barton		Lena Heln (Mrs.)	21-Feb-61
Barton		Lena Heln (Mrs.)	22-Feb-61
Bash		Martin Henry		11-Apr-61
Batchelor	Ellen (Miss)		27-Jan-61
Bates		Frank			14-Mar-61
Bath		Norma Jean (Mrs.)	23-Jan-61
Batson		Christopher Robert	24-May-61
Bauman		Emery			20-Mar-61
Bausch		Nick J.			10-Apr-61
Bausch		Nick J.			11-Apr-61
Baxter		Emma Augusta (Mrs.)	12-Apr-61
Baxter		Emma Augusta (Mrs.)	14-Apr-61
Baxter		Marvin			27-May-61
Bays		Enoch			28-Jun-61
Bazil		Myra L. (Mrs.)		05-Jun-61
Beachard	Elddon J.		30-Mar-61
Bean		Jennie Kraus		15-Feb-61
Bean		Kirsten Lynn		01-May-61
Beard		Lee			03-Mar-61
Beard		Lee			03-Mar-61
Beard		Robert Lester		26-Feb-61
Bearden		George F.		31-Mar-61
Beavers		Jerry			29-May-61
Beckendorff	Hildur Dagmer (Mrs.)	01-May-61
Becker		Elizabeth		17-Jan-61
Becker		Paul Russell		13-May-61
Becker		Paul Russell		14-May-61
Bectle		Richard			21-Jan-61
Behrendt	Eva F. (Mrs.)		05-Jan-61
Behrendt	Eva F. (Mrs.)		07-Jan-61
Belden		Edith R. (Mrs.)		01-Mar-61
Belden		Edith Riley		28-Feb-61
Belden		Edith Riley (Mrs.)	01-Mar-61
Belk		Delano Lee		17-May-61
Bell		Henrietta (Mrs.)	13-Mar-61
Bell		Julia Henrietta (Mrs.)	13-Mar-61
Bell		Julia Henrietta (Mrs.)	14-Mar-61
Benefiel	Laurence M.		01-Jan-61
Bennett		Jess L.			23-Jan-61
Bennett		Leland I.		02-Feb-61
Bennett		Richard W. (Lt.)	13-Mar-61
Bennett		Richard Wallrich (Lt.)	17-Mar-61
Bennett		Richard Wallrich (USN)	14-Mar-61
Bentley		Mack			06-Apr-61
Bentley		Mackinley  (Mack)	04-Apr-61
Berntsen	William Charles		16-Mar-61
Berntsen	William Charles		17-Mar-61
Berntsen	William Charles (Bill)	08-Mar-61
Berry		Agnes Theresa (Mrs.)	16-May-61
Berry		Don D. and Louise Agnes	15-May-61
Berry		Don D. and Louise Agnes	15-May-61
Bertram		Ethel D. (Mrs.)		23-Apr-61
Bertram		William E. (Mrs.)	21-Apr-61
Bertram		William E. (Mrs.)	22-Apr-61
Bessey		Grace Alvis (Mrs.)	09-Jun-61
Bethel 		Belle (Mrs.)		07-Jan-61
Bethel 		Belle (Mrs.)		08-Jan-61
Beuthin		Lawrence (Larry) Herman	23-Feb-61
Bever		Daniel J.		14-Apr-61
Beyer		Linda Kay		08-Jun-61
Beyer		Linda Kaye		09-Jun-61
Biggs		Lillian Gertrude (Mrs.)	30-Apr-61
Biggs		Lillian Gertrude (Mrs.)	01-May-61
Billard		Robert T.		30-May-61
Binder		George Julius		30-Jun-61
Bingham		Martha Ann (Mrs.)	13-May-61
Binning		Edward G.		12-May-61
Bisbee		Rowe F. (Dr.)		20-Feb-61
Bisbee		Rowe F. (Dr.)		21-Feb-61
Biter		Clarence N.		01-May-61
Blackmore	Ethel M.		29-Apr-61
Blackwell	Clarence		05-Feb-61
Blackwell	Cora M. (Mrs.)		15-Feb-61
Blades		Jay R.			09-Feb-61
Blades		Maude E. (Mrs.)		06-Jan-61
Blades		Maude Emily		07-Jan-61
Blakemore	Myrtle Helen (Mrs.)	19-Mar-61
Blakemore	Myrtle Helen (Mrs.)	20-Mar-61
Blakemore	Myrtle Helen (Mrs.)	21-Mar-61
Blasi		Clarence		18-Apr-61
Blasi		Clarence (Shorty)	19-Apr-61
Blevins		Lee M.			13-Apr-61
Blex		Mary Frances		28-Mar-61
Blex		Mary Frances (Mrs.)	27-Mar-61
Blood		Emmett			22-Feb-61
Blood		Emmett			23-Feb-61
Blood		Lawrence		22-May-61
Blood		Lawrence		23-May-61
Bloom		Philip C. (Mrs.)	14-Jan-61
Bloss		Annie M.		27-Jun-61
Bloss		Annie M.		29-Jun-61
Bloss		Annie Marie		29-Jun-61
Bloxom		Robert D.		03-Feb-61
Blue		Lulu S. (Mrs.)		06-Mar-61
Blunck		Robert Allan		27-Mar-61
Blurton		Delbert (Mrs.)		25-Apr-61
Blurton		Nellie Agnes (Mrs.)	26-Apr-61
Boatman		Bertha Evaline (Mrs.)	25-Jan-61
Bodley		Max			13-Feb-61
Boffa		Frank			16-Jan-61
Bogner		Etta Loughmiller (Mrs.)	08-Apr-61
Bogner		Phil			05-Jun-61
Bogner		Phil			07-Jun-61
Boling		Rose Harrison 		30-Jun-61
Boling		Rose Harrison (Mrs.)	30-Jun-61
Bondurant	James W.		15-Feb-61
Bonser		Mary Jane (Mrs.)	11-Apr-61
Booher		Benjamin P.		30-May-61
Boone		Amanda Jane		09-Mar-61
Booth		John H.			28-Feb-61
Booth		John H.			01-Mar-61
Booth		John H.			01-Mar-61
Boren		Mallie M.		24-Jun-61
Boren		Mallie M.		25-Jun-61
Boren		Mallie M.		26-Jun-61
Boren		Mallie M.		26-Jun-61
Born		Joe A.			28-Jan-61
Bosley		Clarence Albert		18-Jan-61
Boston		C. Otis			27-May-61
Bourman		Charles A.		02-Feb-61
Bourman		Charles A.		02-Feb-61
Bowden		John Clifford		30-Apr-61
Bowen		Moses A.		15-Apr-61
Bowers		Leo			06-Jan-61
Bowers		Robert W.		04-Mar-61
Bowersox	W. J. (Mrs.)		08-Jan-61
Bowlin		Charles A.		14-Mar-61
Boyer		Rex Edwards		16-Jan-61
Boyer		Rex Edwards		16-Jan-61
Boyle		Calvin A.		08-May-61
Boyle		Donald L.		14-May-61
Bozarth		Jackie Delano		05-May-61
Brackeen	Benjamin O.		29-Mar-61
Bracken		Alice Ethel (Mrs.)	13-Jan-61
Bracken		Benjamin Oscar		29-Mar-61
Bradley		Emma Belle (Mrs.)	15-May-61
Bradley		Erwin			08-Jan-61
Brady		A. C.			11-May-61
Bragg		Maysal O'Dessa		29-Apr-61
Bragg		Maysal O'Dessa (Mrs.)	29-Apr-61
Brandt		Lora (Mrs.)		05-Jun-61
Brandt		paul B. (Dr.)		03-Mar-61
Brannon		Lester A.		22-May-61
Brant		Ora O.			24-May-61
Braunagel	Blanche			07-Mar-61
Braunagel	Blanche A. (Mrs.)	07-Mar-61
Brdock		O. W.			29-Mar-61
Brevard		Julius R. (Jr.) (Staff Sgt.)30-Apr-61
Brewster	Olive L. Young (Mrs.)	27-Apr-61
Brickell	Fred			10-Apr-61
Brickell	Fred G.			11-Apr-61
Britain		Doris Ann		29-May-61
Brodie		Charles D.		13-Jan-61
Brooks		Carolyn (Mrs.)		29-May-61
Brooks		Clyde Roy		10-Jan-61
Brooks		Infant Daughter of Kenneth G.31-May-61
Brooks		Mathena F. (Mrs.)	02-Apr-61
Broome		Dianne			02-Feb-61
Brosius		Adeline C. (Mrs.)	28-Feb-61
Brosius		George H. (Mrs.)	27-Feb-61
Brown		Adam Z.			30-Jun-61
Brown		Charles Albert		20-Mar-61
Brown		Charles Albert		21-Mar-61
Brown		Charles Albert		21-Mar-61
Brown		Edith (Mrs.)		04-Mar-61
Brown		Edith H. (Mrs.)		05-Mar-61
Brown		Frederick O.		21-Mar-61
Brown		Frederick O.		24-Mar-61
Brown		Frederick O.		25-Mar-61
Brown		James Anderson		19-Jun-61
Brown		Josephine Hayden	21-Mar-61
Brown		Josephine Hayden 	20-Mar-61
Brown		Josephine Hayden (Mrs.)	20-Mar-61
Brown		Lawrence E.		05-Feb-61
Brown		Mary E. (Mrs.)		22-Feb-61
Brown		Pearl (Mrs.)		14-Apr-61
Brown		V. D. (Dr.)		05-May-61
Brown		Virgil D. (Dr.)		09-May-61
Brown		William F.		31-Mar-61
Brown		William F.		31-Mar-61
Brown		William F.		01-Apr-61
Brown E		Mary E. (Mrs.)		21-Feb-61
Browning	Ronald Lee		22-Apr-61
Browning	Ronald Lee		23-Apr-61
Brunkest	Bertha M.		08-Jan-61
Brunkest	Bertha M. (Mrs.)	08-Jan-61
Brunscher	Louis E. (Dr.)		08-Apr-61
Brunscher	Louis E. (Dr.)		10-Apr-61
Bryan		James J.		03-Apr-61
Bryan		James Jennings		02-Apr-61
Bryan		James Jennings		15-May-61
Bryant		Orlan Wilford		18-Jan-61
Bryant		William Bradford	26-May-61
Bryson		Geraldine Goldie	28-May-61
Bryson		Geraldine Goldie (Mrs.)	27-May-61
Buchanan	Claude L. (Jr.) (Pvt 1st/C)01-Jun-61
Buchanan	Claue LeRoy		24-May-61
Buchanan	Claue LeRoy		31-May-61
Buchanan	Flora L. (Mrs.)		18-Jan-61
Buck		Charles Everett		02-Jun-61
Buck		Everett			31-May-61
Buckouski	Paul			15-Feb-61
Buis		Peggy			19-Jan-61
Buis		Peggy T.		21-Jan-61
Buis		Peggy T. (Mrs.)		23-Jan-61
Burdg		Jessi			22-Feb-61
Burger		Lawrence		03-Apr-61
Burgess		James Lewis		24-May-61
Burgner		Florence (Mrs.)		15-Feb-61
Burke		John William		24-Mar-61
Burleigh 	Ernet Earl		01-Jan-61
Burnett		Ella (Mrs.)		12-Apr-61
Burnett		Ella (Mrs.)		13-Apr-61
Burnett		Temple Ernest		10-Feb-61
Burney		Chester A.		18-Apr-61
Burns		Mary (Mrs.)		09-Feb-61
Burns		Robert			24-Jan-61
Burns		Robert			24-Jan-61
Burns		Robert C.		15-May-61
Burris		Allen Lee		23-Feb-61
Burroughs	Ogal I.			20-Apr-61
Burrows		Emma Belle (Mrs.)	25-Apr-61
Burton		Albert G.		02-Apr-61
Burton		Albert Glenn		04-Apr-61
Burton		Loretta G.		21-May-61
Busby		Marietta (Mrs.)		06-Jun-61
Bush		Mildred M. (Mrs.)	17-Jan-61
Bussey		Mary Rachel		14-Mar-61
Bussey		Mary Rachel (Mrs.)	14-Mar-61
Butler		Blanche (Miss)		23-Feb-61
Butler		Elizabeth (Mrs.)	19-May-61
Butler		Elizabeth J. (Mrs.)	20-May-61
Butler		Maude Agnes		26-May-61
Butler		William C.		25-Jun-61
Butler		William Charles		24-Jun-61
Byfield		Orville Earl		11-Feb-61
Bywater		James Thomas		12-Mar-61
Cain		ElmerR.			21-Feb-61
Cain		Homer Clyde		31-Jan-61
Caldwell	Chester E.		05-May-61
Calkins		William Thomas		25-Jan-61
Callaway	Walter L.		13-Feb-61
Campbell	Carolyn			19-Jun-61
Campbell	Elliott A.		07-Feb-61
Campbell	Florence (Miss)		05-Apr-61
Campbell	Helen (Mrs.)		05-May-61
Campbell	Helen Goff (Mrs.)	04-May-61
Campbell	Mary Helen		05-Apr-61
Caple		Bessie (Mrs.)		31-Jan-61
Capps		Joyce J. (Mrs.)		13-Feb-61
Carleton	Myrl Abbott		19-Apr-61
Carlson		John V. (A.1)		14-Jan-61
Carlson		John V. (A.1)		15-Jan-61
Carney		Joseph F. (Sr.)		17-Jun-61
Carney		Joseph F. (Sr.)		17-Jun-61
Carney		Joseph F. (Sr.)		19-Jun-61
Caron		Arty Joe		25-Apr-61
Carpenter	Arden Howard		01-Feb-61
Carpenter	Earl B.			14-Apr-61
Carpenter	Earl B.			16-Apr-61
Carroll		Geoge J.		19-May-61
Carroll		Ruth A. and Carla	01-May-61
Carter		William Elvis		09-Jan-61
Carver		Octavia (Mrs.)		02-Apr-61
Casson		John W. (Sr.)		31-May-61
Casson		John W. (Sr.)		01-Jun-61
Casson		John W. (Sr.)		02-Jun-61
Casteel		Leon D.			05-Jun-61
Cawthon		Lizzie (Mrs.)		10-Feb-61
Chace		W. H.			25-Mar-61
Chadd		Charlie W. (Mrs.)	29-May-61
Chamberlain	Cora Agnes (Mrs.)	10-May-61
Chamberlin	Flora			06-Mar-61
Chamberlin	Flora (Mrs.)		06-Mar-61
Chamberlin	Flora (Mrs.)		08-Mar-61
Chambers	Alice May		01-Apr-61
Chambers	Clarence Henry		13-Mar-61
Chambers	Flora E. (Mrs.)		19-Jun-61
Chance		M. T. (Mrs.)		27-Feb-61
Chance		Martha Della		28-Feb-61
Charlson	John L.			04-Mar-61
Charlson	John L.			08-Mar-61
Chase		Aldth Keller (Mrs.)	08-Jan-61
Chase		Aldth Keller (Mrs.)	10-Jan-61
Chesky		Victor Ernest (Dr.)	23-Jun-61
Childers	Isabell Stout		29-Jun-61
Childers	Isabell Stout		29-Jun-61
Childers	Isabell Stout (Mrs.)	30-Jun-61
Childs		Bertha May (Mrs.)	27-Apr-61
Chipman		May (Mrs.)		25-Feb-61
Christie	Wililam B.		14-Feb-61
Christie	William			16-May-61
Christman	Clara J. (Mrs.)		08-May-61
Christy		John			12-Apr-61
Clancy		Thomas J.		11-Mar-61
Clancy		Thomas J.		11-Mar-61
Clancy		Thomas J.		13-Mar-61
Clark		Arlie Edward		10-Apr-61
Clark		Davis W.		03-Jan-61
Clark		Davis W.		04-Jan-61
Clark		Flora Josephine (Mrs.)	28-Jan-61
Clark		Flora Josephine (Mrs.)	29-Jan-61
Clark		George Robert		02-May-61
Clark		Gilbert Charles III	11-Jun-61
Clark		Gilbert Charles III	11-Jun-61
Clark		Gilbert Charles III	11-Jun-61
Clark		Gilbert Charles III	13-Jun-61
Clark		Howard C.		10-Feb-61
Clark		I. G.			30-Jan-61
Clark		I. G.			31-Jan-61
Clark		Winnie M. (Mrs.)	29-May-61
Clements	Viola D. (Mrs.)		02-Jun-61
Clements	Viola D. (Mrs.)		03-Jun-61
Cline		Omer			15-Mar-61
Clinesmith	Orenia C. (Mrs.)	13-Feb-61
Clinesmith	Orenia C. (Mrs.)	14-Feb-61
Clouse		Lillie Jane (Mrs.)	17-May-61
Coate		Clarence V.		29-Jun-61
Coate		Clarence V.		30-Jun-61
Cochran		John Dewey		31-May-61
Coffin		George W.		02-Jan-61
Coker		Edgar			15-Mar-61
Cole		E. Lloyd		02-Jan-61
Cole		John E.			11-Jun-61
Cole		Tom P.			11-May-61
Cole		Tom P.			13-May-61
Coleman		Della C. (Mrs.)		28-May-61
Collier		Glenys V. (Mrs.)	23-Jun-61
Collier		Glenys V. (Mrs.)	24-Jun-61
Collinson	Grover W. (Mrs.)	09-Jun-61
Collister	Bernard Henry		29-Jun-61
Colson		Edwin J.		18-May-61
Combs		R. Pryor		27-Apr-61
Comer		Mary R. (Mrs.)		13-Feb-61
Conn		Adolphus		14-Jan-61
Conner		Gerald Allen		19-Jun-61
Conner		Gerald Allen		20-Jun-61
Conner		Gerald Allen		20-Jun-61
Conner		John C.			19-Feb-61
Conner		John C.			21-Feb-61
Consolver	Clarence		27-Feb-61
Cook		Grover C.		29-Jun-61
Cook		Grover Cleveland	26-Jun-61
Cook		Leona (Mrs.)		03-Apr-61
Cook		Leona L. (Mrs.)		01-Apr-61
Cook		Marvin Russell		19-May-61
Cook		Marvin Russell		19-May-61
Cook		Orville W.		01-May-61
Cook		Sarah R. (Mrs.)		27-Apr-61
Cook		William G.		19-Feb-61
Cooper		James			01-May-61
Cooper		Maude White 		12-Mar-61
Cooper		Maude White 		13-Mar-61
Cooper		Rufus			02-Jan-61
Cooper		Ruth Avery (Mrs.)	20-Jan-61
Cooper		Ruth Avery (Mrs.)	21-Jan-61
Cooper		Ruth Avery (Mrs.)	22-Jan-61
Cope		Annie Lurie (Mrs.)	25-Jan-61
Copeland	Alfred G.		27-Apr-61
Coplin		Joseph W.		04-May-61
Coppinger	Thomas W.		29-Jan-61
Cormany		J. Irl			17-May-61
Cornelius	Pet (Miss)		23-Feb-61
Cornell		Warren Ray		09-Mar-61
Cornell		Warren Ray		09-Mar-61
Cornell		Warren Ray		11-Mar-61
Corp		Georgia M. (Mrs.)	28-Jun-61
Coulter		Christine (Mrs.)	30-Jan-61
Coulter		Christine M. (Mrs.)	31-Jan-61
Coverdale	Elbert Willis		27-Jan-61
Covey		Henry Clarence		17-Mar-61
Covey		Henry Clarence		17-Mar-61
Cowel		Verna Lee		03-Mar-61
Cowel		Verna Lee (Mrs.)	03-Mar-61
Cowles		Edgar A.		06-Feb-61
Cox		Inez (Mrs.)		31-Jan-61
Cox		Inez (Mrs.)		31-Jan-61
Craig		Addison Dee		22-Apr-61
Craig		Emma R. (Mrs.)		18-Apr-61
Craig		Fred H.			05-Jun-61
Craig		Fred Harrison		06-Jun-61
Crane		George			18-May-61
Crane		Raymond Leslie		14-Feb-61
Crane		Susie B. (Mrs.)		24-Jun-61
Cranmer		Frank			23-Apr-61
Cranmer		William M.		23-Jun-61
Crater		Calvin Cleveland	23-Feb-61
Craven		Leona (Mrs.)		11-Jan-61
Cravens		Everett Dale		13-Jan-61
Crawford	Clyde Emergy		05-Jun-61
Crawford	Paulette (Mrs.)		19-Mar-61
Creed		Eliza F.		15-May-61
Crellin		Grover C.		01-Apr-61
Crellin		Grover C.		02-Apr-61
Criser		James Mervin		28-Mar-61
Criser		Sheralyn Kay		01-Feb-61
Crispell	Thomas P. (Dr.)		25-Feb-61
Crist		Rose P. (Miss)		15-May-61
Crocker		Mabel Lee (Miss)	21-Jun-61
Crocker		Mabel Lee (Miss)	21-Jun-61
Crocker		Mabel Lee (Miss)	22-Jun-61
Cross		Letha Halsey (Mrs.)	15-Feb-61
Cross		Thomas			01-Jun-61
Crouch		Phineas Haley		24-Mar-61
Crouch		Phineas Haley		25-Mar-61
Crouse		Emory		07-Apr-61
Crum		Bert Elmer		24-Feb-61
Crum		Bert Elmer		25-Feb-61
Crump		Annie Chandler (Mrs.)		26-May-61
Culhane		Mary Ann (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Culhane		Mary Ann (Mrs.)		18-Mar-61
Culhane		Mary Ann (Mrs.)		18-Mar-61
Cully		Florence C. (Mrs.)		26-Jan-61
Cully		Florence California (Mrs.)25-Jan-61
Cunningham	Duward B.		18-May-61
Curfman		Kenneth F.		12-Apr-61
Curfman		Kenneth F.		13-Apr-61
Curnutt		John P.			05-Jun-61
Curnutt		John P.			05-Jun-61
Curnutt		John P.			06-Jun-61
Curry		Elizabeth (Mrs.)	19-Jan-61
Curry		Mabel Clare (Mrs.)	18-Apr-61
Curry		Mabel Clare (Mrs.)	19-Apr-61
Curry		Thomas Aaron		30-May-61
Dack		Mary Margaret		08-Jan-61
Daenzer		Gertrude (Miss)		23-Apr-61
Dagel		Geraldine Leslie (Mrs.)	13-Feb-61
Dagel		Kathy (Mrs.)		10-Feb-61
Dailey		Francena Disby (Mrs.)	19-Apr-61
Daniel		Georganna		05-May-61
Danielson	William B.		01-Jun-61
Danner		Luther C.		28-Jan-61
David		Vera Simpson (Mrs.)	06-Jun-61
David		Vera Simpson (Mrs.)	06-Jun-61
Davidson	W. R.			11-May-61
Davidson	W. R.			11-May-61
Davignon	Joseph Eric		24-Feb-61
Davis		Ballard I.		22-Feb-61
Davis		Blanche (Mrs.)		05-Jan-61
Davis		Claude			05-Jan-61
Davis		Corine E. (Mrs.)	21-Feb-61
Davis		Della Mae (Mrs.)	11-Jan-61
Davis		Della Mae (Mrs.)	12-Jan-61
Davis		Gerald Gilbert		07-Jan-61
Davis		Ida			06-Mar-61
Davis		Ida			07-Mar-61
Davis		Ida (Mrs.)		06-Mar-61
Davis		Joel E.			27-Jun-61
Davis		Pearl (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Davis		Pearl (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Davis		Penny Gayle		08-Jun-61
Davis		Robert Lee		27-Jun-61
Davis		Robert Lee		28-Jun-61
Davis		Thomas Ned		09-Feb-61
Davitt		William M.		02-Feb-61
Dawson		Anna (Mrs.)		24-Feb-61
Dawson		Anna (Mrs.)		26-Feb-61
Dean		Amelia A. (Mrs.)	08-Feb-61
Dearing		Fern E.			17-Jun-61
Dearing		Fern E. (Mrs.)		15-Jun-61
Deaver		Charlotte C. (Mrs.)	01-May-61
Deemer		J. H. (Sr.)		20-Feb-61
Deeringer	Gusse (Mrs.)		04-Jan-61
Deets		Kenneth			03-Apr-61
Dellenbach	Otto G.			11-Apr-61
DeMoss		Ernest W.		02-May-61
DeMuth		William			24-Feb-61
DeMuth		William H.		26-Feb-61
Dennett		"Jess W,"		14-Feb-61
Dennett		Jess W.			12-Feb-61
Denny		Ella (Mrs.)		14-Jan-61
DeSelms		Rose J. (Mrs.)		04-Apr-61
Dester		Katherine I. (Mrs.)	10-Jan-61
Dester		Katherine L. (Miss)	08-Jan-61
Detwiler	Everett M.		11-Apr-61
Detwiler	Everett M.		12-Apr-61
Dick		Fred E.			02-Mar-61
Dick		Fred E.			03-Mar-61
Dickens		Edith J.		10-Jun-61
Dickens		Edith Jane		10-Jun-61
Dickens		Edith Jane (Mrs.)	09-Jun-61
Dickman		Addie (Mrs.)		12-Mar-61
Dickman		Addie (Mrs.)		12-Mar-61
Dickman		Addie (Mrs.)		13-Mar-61
Dickson		Gertie B. (Mrs.)	16-Jan-61
Dickson		Gertie B. (Mrs.)	17-Jan-61
Diem		Elnora Frances (Mrs.)	02-Feb-61
Dillon		Alfred			07-Jan-61
Dillon		Alfred			09-Jan-61
Dillon		Alfred A.		15-May-61
Dillon		Delbert			06-Apr-61
Dingus		Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.)	11-May-61
Dingus		Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.)	12-May-61
Dinkle		Walter			23-Jun-61
Dodd		Emily Jane (Mrs.)	13-May-61
Dodd		Emily Jane (Mrs.)	15-May-61
Dodd		Norma Lorena (Mrs.)	23-Apr-61
Dodson		Jessie (Mrs.)		08-Mar-61
Dodson		Jessie N. (Mrs.)	09-Mar-61
Dodson		Jessie N. (Mrs.)	10-Mar-61
Dogler		Edward			05-Apr-61
Doll		Mary (Mrs.)		10-Mar-61
Dolloff		Tammy Lyon		22-Apr-61
Dorey		Vauna F. (Mrs.)		06-Apr-61
Dorrell		Douglas May (Mrs.)	30-May-61
Dorrell		Douglas May (Mrs.)	01-Jun-61
Dorrell		Douglas May (Mrs.)	03-Jun-61
Dorsett		Minnie (Mrs.)		22-Feb-61
Dorsey		Charles W. E.		15-Feb-51
Dorsey		Charles W. E.		17-Feb-61
Dorst		Dollie A.		06-Jun-61
Dorst		Dollie Ann (Mrs.)	06-Jun-61
Doughty		Russel W.		01-Apr-61
Douglas		Charles L.		18-Feb-61
Douglass	John R.			30-Jun-61
Douthitt	Clair			28-Feb-61
Douthitt	Clair (Mr.)		01-Mar-61
Douthitt	Claire			01-Mar-61
Dove		Glena Lynn		04-Jan-61
Doze		Lovisa Ann (Mrs.)	17-Jun-61
Drake		Flora H. (Miss)		01-May-61
Drake		George W. J.		26-May-61
Dreiling	Fred N.			10-Jan-61
Dresbach	H. Malone (Mr. and Mrs.)08-Jan-61
Dressler	Ernest			01-Jun-61
Drollinger	Victoria (Mrs.)		26-Feb-61
Drollinger	Victoria E. (Mrs.)	23-Feb-61
Drollinger	Victoria E. (Mrs.)	25-Feb-61
DuBray		Ira L. (Tony)		31-Mar-61
Dudley		Russell B.		05-Jan-61
Duerson		William			21-Jun-61
Duerson		William T.		20-Jun-61
DuMars		John B.			13-Jun-61
Duncan		John M.			11-Apr-61
Duncan		Walter G.		16-Apr-61
Dunkle		Charles M.		10-Apr-61
Durant		Charles O.		30-Jun-61
Durant		Charles O.		30-Jun-61
Dustin		Minnie Pearl (Mrs.)	01-May-61
Dustin		Minnie Pearl (Mrs.)	01-May-61
Dwiere		George W.		19-Jun-61
Dye		Leota M. (Mrs.)		27-Jun-61
Eagan		Ruby A. (Mrs.)		21-Mar-61
Eastman		Frank A.		05-Feb-61
Eastman		Frank A.		06-Feb-61
Eastman		Loren D. (Dr.)		01-Feb-61
Eaton		Martha Jane		05-Jun-61
Eaton		Martha Jane (Mrs.)	05-Jun-61
Eaton		Martha Jane (Mrs.)	06-Jun-61
Eckles		Frank			13-Apr-61
Eddington	Jonathan J.		03-May-61
Edrington	John E.			12-Feb-61
Eggleston	Laura E. (Mrs.)		05-Jun-61
Eggleston	Laura E. (Mrs.)		05-Jun-61
Eggleston	Laura E. (Mrs.)		06-Jun-61
Egly		Louise L. (Mrs.)	22-Jan-61
Ehler		Elizabeth		19-Apr-61
Ehler		Herman			19-Apr-61
Eilierts	Elert J.		20-Apr-61
Eisenbarth	John			28-Jan-61
Elam		Albert L.		18-Feb-61
Elam		Albert Lee		19-Feb-61
Elam		Albert Lee		20-Feb-61
Elder		Samuel R.		05-Feb-61
Elder		William Elmer		10-Feb-61
Elderton	Robert J.		22-Jun-61
Elderton	Robert J.		22-Jun-61
Elderton	Robert J.		23-Jun-61
Elderton	Robert J.		24-Jun-61
Eliott		Berneice (Mrs.)		05-Mar-61
Elledge		Emmett Russell		02-Jan-61
Elliott		Bernice			07-Mar-61
Elliott		Bernice (Mrs.)		07-Mar-61
Elliott		Elta D. 		01-Jun-61
Elliott		Elta D. (Mrs.)		31-May-61
Elliott		Raymond			23-Apr-61
Ellison		Arthur E.		25-Jan-61
Ellison		Arthur E.		28-Jan-61
Ellsworth	Arthur B.		08-Jan-61
Elmore		Margaret M. (Mrs.)	20-Feb-61
Elmore		Margaret M. (Mrs.)	22-Feb-61
Ely		R. D.			02-Apr-61
Endicott	Alice Marie (Mrs.)	21-Apr-61
English		Catherine A. (Mrs.)	26-May-61
Englund		William			27-Jun-61
Epley		David Lee		01-May-61
Ergenbright	Evelyn A.		19-Jun-61
Ergenbright	Evelyn A.		20-Jun-61
Ergenbright	Evelyn A. (Mrs.)	19-Jun-61
Erwin		Arel Ray		29-May-61
Espey		Daniel Richard		25-Mar-61
Espinosa	Margaret		06-Jun-61
Espinosa	Mike			15-Feb-61
Estep		Charles W.		11-Jan-61
Ester		Ida			04-Feb-61
Esty		Martin			21-May-61
Esty		Martin D.		22-May-61
Etling		John A.			12-Mar-61
Evans		Kendra Gail		09-Mar-61
Evans		Mabel Parnitzke 	09-Mar-61
Evans		Mabel Parnitzke (Mrs.)	09-Mar-61
Everitt		Myrtle Molly (Mrs.)	02-Jan-61
Ewing		Mary (Mrs.)		09-Feb-61
Fahnestock	Frances Thurmond (Mrs.)	02-Jan-61
Fallis		Charles E.		26-Jan-61
Farber		James G.		27-Jun-61
Farber		James G.		27-Jun-61
Farner		Walter A.		28-May-61
Farney		Ben J.			18-May-61
Farris		Leslie J.		06-Jun-61
Fauchier	Orville G.		03-Jan-61
Feller		Otto			10-Jun-61
Feller		Otto			10-Jun-61
Feller		Otto			11-Jun-61
Fennell		Ray			06-May-61
Ferguson	Jerry 			16-Mar-61
Ferguson	Jerry 			16-Mar-61
Ferguson	Jerry 			17-Mar-61
Ferguson	Maude A. (Mrs.)		09-May-61
Fiero		Connie (Mrs.)		04-Apr-61
Fink		John			09-Apr-61
Finkle		Clair			05-Apr-61
Fischer		Robert (Mrs.)		03-May-61
Fischer		Sue (Mrs.)		14-Apr-61
Fisher		George Lewis		06-Jun-61
Fitzgerald	Frank Gene		05-Mar-61
Fitzgerald	Frank Gene		06-Mar-61
Fitzgerald	Frank Gene (Mr.)	05-Mar-61
Flatt		Joseph			31-Mar-61
Flowers		Stephen Alan		07-Jan-61
Flynn		Charles Joseph		29-Jan-61
Foley		Mable Watson (Mrs.)	05-Mar-61
Foncannon	John Leo		30-Apr-61
Foncannon	John Leo		01-May-61
Ford		Carrie Susan 		23-Mar-61
Ford		Carrie Susan (Mrs.)	23-Mar-61
Ford		Edwin R. (Rev.)		22-Mar-61
Ford		Edwin Roscoe (Rev.)	23-Mar-61
Ford		Edwin Roscoe (Rev.)	24-Mar-61
Ford		Etta Rose (Mrs.)	24-May-61
Ford		EttaRose (Mrs.)		23-May-61
Ford		Mary Ellen (Mrs.)	04-Apr-61
Ford		McGage			09-Jun-61
Ford		McGage			09-Jun-61
Ford		McGage			11-Jun-61
Foster		Albert William		25-Feb-61
Foster		Byron V. (Capt.)	10-Jan-61
Foster		Silas F.		28-May-61
Foust		Mattie			29-Jan-61
Fowler		James W.		04-May-61
Fowler		James W.		05-May-61
Fowler		Lois Edna (Mrs.)	28-Jan-61
Fowler		Nellie (Mrs.)		23-Apr-61
Fowler		Robert Clarence		20-Feb-61
Fowler		Robert Clarence		22-Feb-61
Fox		Michael H.		08-Jun-61
Frala		Grover			27-Jun-61
Francis		Hildegarde Wey (Mrs.)	08-Jun-61
Francis		Hildegarde Wey (Mrs.)	08-Jun-61
Frank		Ira Loy			16-May-61
Frank		Ira Loy			17-May-61
Frank		Pauline G. (Mrs.)	13-Jan-61
Franklin	Gerald W.		13-May-61
Fray		Margaret Reed (Mrs.)	14-Mar-61
Frazier		Erskine Earl		29-May-61
Frazier		Erskine Earl		30-May-61
Frazier		Erskine Earl		01-Jun-61
Frazier		Olive B. (Mrs.)		03-May-61
Frederick	Lulu H. (Mrs. Carl)	11-May-61
Frederickson	Christine (Mrs.)	08-May-61
Freeman		Mary Rebecca (Mrs.)	26-Apr-61
Freow		Vera (Mrs.)		04-Feb-61
Frick		Conrad D.		16-Jun-61
Friend		Amelia S. (Mrs.)	18-Jan-61
Fritts		Doyle E.		07-Mar-61
Fritts		Doyle E.		07-Mar-61
Fritze		Herman B.		06-May-61
Fritze		Herman B.		07-May-61
Fritze		Herman B.		09-May-61
Froelich	William J. III		24-Feb-61
Froggatte	H. C.			16-Jan-61
Fry		Elmer (Mrs.)		25-Jun-61
Fryee		Grace W. (Mrs.)		31-Jan-61
Fuler		Lois (Mrs.)		12-May-61
Fulks		Nina (Mrs.)		14-Apr-61
Fuller		James L.		20-May-61
Fulton		Frederick Ralph		17-Mar-61
Fulton		Frederick Ralph		18-Mar-61
Fulton		Frederick Ralph		19-Mar-61
Fulton		Frederick Ralph		20-Mar-61
Fulton		Frederick Ralph		20-Mar-61
Fulton		Hazel (Mrs.)		31-May-61


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