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Wichita, Kansas

1860 U. S. Federal Census

Marion County, Territory of Kansas


    64   587   525ODELL         David           27w     m     Farmer       Indiana
                                Malinda         22w     f                  Indiana
                                Nathan           3w     m                  Iowa
                                Mary             2w     f                  MO
    64   588   526HOUCK         Peter           37w     m     WagonMaker   VA
                                Lucinda         29w     f                  VA
                                Victoria        10w     f                  VA
                                Philip          13w     m                  VA
                                Dewitt           4w     m                  VA
                                Hammon          62w     m     house carpentVA
    64   589   527MURRY         Samuel          50w     m     Shoemaker    VA
                                Lourana         34w     f                  Ohio
                                Mary             6w     f                  Indiana
                                William          4w     m                  Indiana
                                Martha      6mo   w     f                  Indiana
    64   590   528VAIL/?NAIL    Oliver          24w     m     Farmer       Ohio
    64   591   529BRENOT        John            32w     m                  France
                                Canlley         20w     f                  France
                                Canlley     3mo   w     f                  Kansas
                  LEWIS         Alexander       32w     m                  Belguim
    64   592   530GRIFFITH      George          30w     m     Farmer       New Jersey
                                Elizabeth       30w     f                  New Jersey
                                Mary            13w     f                  Ohio
                                Joann           11w     f                  Ohio
                                Alexander        9w     m                  Michigan
                                John            22w     m                  Ohio
                                Edward          16w     m                  Ohio
    64   593   531SHREVE        William         41w     m     Farmer       New Jersey
                                Charity         39w     f                  New Jersey
                                Rebecca         11w     f                  Ohio
                                Sarah           15w     f                  Ohio
                                Benjamin        12w     m                  Ohio
                                Mary            10w     f                  Indiana
                                Samuel           8w     f                  Indiana
                                George           6w     f                  Indiana
                                Emma             3w     f                  Indiana
    64   594   532GRAZIER       Benjamin        26w     m     Farmer       New Jersey
                  MORTON        Henry           22w     m                  Illinois
                  MORTON        John            20w     m                  Ohio
                  WILL          George          19w     m                  Germany
    65   595   533BILLINGS      William         45w     m     Farmer       New York
                                Keziah          41w     f                  New Jersey
                  BUTTERBILL    Harriet         19w     f                  Ohio
                  BUTTERBILL    Hannah          13w     f                  Ohio
                  BUTTERBILL    Charles         11w     m                  Ohio
                  BLANCHARD     Henry           22w     m     farm laborer Indiana
    65   596   534CLOUD         Lawson          36w     f     Merchant     Indiana
                                Margaret        26w     f                  PA
                  MOORE         Ira             28w     m                  Ohio
                  MOORE         H.A.            23w     m                  Ohio
                  CHATFIELD     C.              30w     m     day laborer  New York
                  SAMPSON       Calvin          24w     m     Clerk        Mass.
    65   597   535HOFFMAN       Philip          26w     m     Farmer       ?
                                Mary            30s     f                  ?
                  STURTZ        Jacob           30w     m                  Germany
                  STURTZ        Cot             21w     m                  Germany
    66   598   536SHARP         John            30w     m     Farmer       Tennessee
                                Amanda          26w     f                  MO
                                Sarah            4w     f                  MO
                                Nancy            2w     f                  MO
                  PARKS         Willis          70w     m                  ?
    66   599   537SAUBLE        David           22w     m                  Md.
    66   600   538WOODRUFF      Samuel          34w     m     Farmer       Ohio
                                Barbary         34w     f                  Ohio
                                John            11w     m     Farmer       Ohio
    66   601   539RENFRO        James           34w     m                  Tennessee
                                Phebe           29w     f                  New Jersey
                                John            11w     m                  Illinois
                                Forman           9w     m                  MO
                                Bessee           3w     f                  Illinois
                  SAYRE         Reed            16w     m     day laborer  Ohio
    66   602   540WHITE         T.B.            26w     m     Farmer       Indiana
                                Eliza           26w     f                  Kansas
                                Elizabeth   1mo
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