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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

2003 A-B









Aaron		Oscar L.			14-Apr-03
Aaron		Oscar L.			15-Apr-03
Aaron		Victor Dean			29-Nov-03
Aaron		Victor Dean			30-Nov-03
Abasolo		Mary Inez (Triana)		12-Dec-03
Abbey		Rachel Anna Sallee		26-Mar-03
Abel		Donald G.			16-Feb-03
Abel		James 'Ed			21-May-03
Abels		David Lee			30-May-03
Aberg		Opal Irene			17-Nov-03
Abington-Haynes	Marcia Lee			10-Dec-03
Ableson		Maynard Franklin 'Frankie'	05-Jun-03
Aboussie	Manira F.			01-Apr-03
Aboussie	Manira F.			02-Apr-03
Aboussie	Manira Farha			04-Apr-03
Acevedo 	Monrroy	Adrian			26-Oct-03
Achenbach	Loree Gayle			21-May-03
Achilles	Virginia May			15-Mar-03
Ackerman	John F.				19-Jan-03
Acosta		Jose F.				20-May-03
Adam		Judith A. 'Judy'		14-Feb-03
Adams		Anna Lucille (Testorff)		17-Jan-03
Adams		Bill R.				22-Feb-03
Adams		Bill R.				23-Feb-03
Adams		Bill R.				24-Feb-03
Adams		Charles Edgar			16-Mar-03
Adams		Elizabeth S. 'Betty'		30-Dec-03
Adams		Frances Aileene			02-Aug-03
Adams		Frances Aileene			03-Aug-03
Adams		Gary Don			23-Jul-03
Adams		Homer Seldon Sr.		08-Nov-03
Adams		Ida K.				16-Aug-03
Adams		Jeanette Elaine			22-May-03
Adams		Marceline R.			19-Mar-03
Adams		Maxcene Virginia		23-Jul-03
Adams		Oran Murl			27-Aug-03
Adams		Oran Murl			29-Aug-03
Adams		Percy R. 'Pete'			15-Dec-03
Adams		Ralph W.			24-Mar-03
Adams		Sibyl Alene Thompson		23-Jul-03
Adams		Steven D. (Dr.)			29-Oct-03
Adams		Steven D. (Dr.)			31-Oct-03
Adams		William D.			10-Apr-03
Adams		William D.			12-Apr-03
Adams		Wilma G.			30-Sep-03
Adamson		Harold D.			01-Feb-03
Adamson		Joe				25-Sep-03
Adamson		Nancy Lee			04-Mar-03
Addison		Margaret 'Elaine'		01-Nov-03
Addison		Mildred L. 'Millie'		17-Jan-03
Addler		Raymond T.			26-Sep-03
Adee		Jonathan J.			28-Aug-03
Adkins		Freddie				11-Feb-03
Adkins		Freddie				12-Feb-03
Adolph		Fern				30-Jan-03
Adrian		Elmer V.			17-Jul-03
Adrian		Walter V.			20-Jul-03
Agbomma		Trina F. (Thompson)		12-Jul-03
Agbomma		Trina F. (Thompson)		13-Jul-03
Aguero		Cipriano De La Rosa		12-Jan-03
Aguero		Francisco 'Frank' Xavier	24-Jul-03
Aguilar		Delores 'Lola'			07-Jan-03
Ahearn		Mary Ann (Crose)		24-Jul-03
Ahrens		Fay L.				26-Dec-03
Ahrens		Fay L.				27-Dec-03
Aiken		Rose Melichar			13-Jun-03
Aikin		Alwilda Maude			22-Jul-03
Aikins		Oliver Carl			29-Sep-03
Ainsworth	Frances				13-Jul-03
Aitken		Donald G.			03-Jul-03
Aitken		Donald G.			04-Jul-03
Aitken		Donald G.			05-Jul-03
Akers		Esther E.			22-May-03
Alarcon		Rafael P.			25-Jul-03
Albert		Lawrence E.			16-Dec-03
Albert		Lawrence E.			17-Dec-03
Albert		Leota A.			31-Dec-03
Albertson	Sylvie Lynn			20-Feb-03
Albertson	Velma Elizabeth (Brink)		03-Dec-03
Albrecht	Viola Ethel			26-Mar-03
Albright	Myrtle L.			01-Mar-03
Alcora		Marjorie 'Louise'		24-May-03
Alcorn		Marjorie 'Louise'		25-May-03
Alcorn		Raymond				26-Apr-03
Aldape		Julianna May			15-Jul-03
Aldava		MarRita Rose			17-Jan-03
Aldava		MarRita Rose			18-Jan-03
Aldendifer	Jeanne Morgan			10-Jan-03
Alderson	Jennifer D.			21-Oct-03
Alderson	Jennifer D.			22-Oct-03
Aldrich		Charles E.			25-Jan-03
Aldrich		Gladys Elizabeth Chmel		05-Sep-03
Aldrich		Gladys Elizabeth Chmel		06-Sep-03
Aldridge	Eugene Allen			26-Nov-03
Alexander	Austin W.			18-Sep-03
Alexander	Austin W.			19-Sep-03
Alexander	Barbara				24-Dec-03
Alexander	Barbara				25-Dec-03
Alexander	Betty R.			09-Jun-03
Alexander	Betty R.			10-Jun-03
Alexander	Dorothy M.			11-Apr-03
Alexander	Fern Cloeta			10-Mar-03
Alexander	George				13-Mar-03
Alexander	Gwendolen O. Lewis		28-Dec-03
Alexander	Gwendolen O. Lewis		30-Dec-03
Alexander	Hattie				02-Dec-03
Alexander	Joseph H.			07-Nov-03
Alexander	Joseph H.			08-Nov-03
Alexander	Louise				14-May-03
Alexander	Merlin L.			27-Feb-03
Alexander	Norma N.			19-Sep-03
Alexander	Norma N.			20-Sep-03
Aley		Barbara Elizabeth (Woolpert)	12-Feb-03
Aley		Barbara Elizabeth (Woolpert)	13-Feb-03
Aley		Barbara Elizabeth (Woolpert)	11-Feb-03
Alfaro		Daniel				29-May-03
Alford		Alma Deloris			03-Dec-03
Alford		Clarence W. 'Bud'		15-Jan-03
Alford		Delores Lee			07-Apr-03
Alger		Beatrice Yvonne			05-Jun-03
Algrim		Cleo				11-Apr-03
Algrim		Cleo				12-Apr-03
Allam		Jeanne				24-May-03
Allam		Jeanne				25-May-03
Allan		Dale Eugene			03-Jun-03
Allen		Antonia Mary			11-Jan-03
Allen		Billy Ray			03-Aug-03
Allen		Charley A. 'Chuck'		05-Sep-03
Allen		Curlie Mae			09-Apr-03
Allen		Darrell Olen			14-Jan-03
Allen		David B.			09-Mar-03
Allen		Donald				10-Jul-03
Allen		Dorothy A.			11-Nov-03
Allen		Erma Rose			29-Nov-03
Allen		G. Mitchell			17-May-03
Allen		Helen				27-Jul-03
Allen		Ilene				05-Jun-03
Allen		Lela Mae			06-Apr-03
Allen		Louella V.			13-May-03
Allen		Mildred E.			07-Jan-03
Allen		Morgan Paige			17-May-03
Allen		Nicole Danelle			08-Jan-03
Allen		Nicole Danelle 'Niki'		09-Jan-03
Allen		Nicole Danelle 'Niki'		10-Jan-03
Allen		Olga Rose			21-Jan-03
Allen		Oscar William Bill		13-Nov-03
Allen		Patricia Ann			25-Nov-03
Allen		Peggy				12-Feb-03
Allen		Phyllis Lavera (Winkleman)	26-Dec-03
Allen		Ray R.				05-Mar-03
Allen		Rhonda K.			05-Nov-03
Allen		Robert R. (Rev.)		13-May-03
Allender	Wayne E.			06-Apr-03
Alley		Katherine			23-Apr-03
Alley		Katherine R.			24-Apr-03
Alley		Katherine R.			25-Apr-03
Allison		A. Vernon			01-Feb-03
Allison		Dorothy M.			07-Nov-03
Allison		Ida Lucille			21-Sep-03
Allison		Otes Arch			29-Oct-03
Allison		Robert E.			08-Jun-03
Alliston	Evangeline C.			22-Apr-03
Alloway		Nellie Colene (Hope)		29-Sep-03
Allred		Don				22-Oct-03
Allton		E. Ray				27-Feb-03
Almack		Isabel F. Iddings		28-Feb-03
Almond		Steven T.			26-Apr-03
Alpha		Judy				18-Jul-03
Alpha		Judy				19-Jul-03
Alsip		Robert Kenneth 'Bob'		20-Dec-03
Alspaugh	Nellie G. 'Trudy'		26-Feb-03
Alston		Cora				02-Dec-03
Alston		Cora				03-Dec-03
Alston		Marvin 'Swanee'			08-May-03
Alt		Tony				29-Nov-03
Altenread	Virginia			08-Nov-03
Altick		Erma Hafer			29-Jul-03
Altom		Audrey Wayne			27-Nov-03
Alton		John 'J.E.'			05-May-03
Alton		John E. 'J.E.'			06-May-03
Amaro		Victor R			13-Jul-03
Ambers		Greta A.			14-Feb-03
Ambers		Mildred C.			13-Sep-03
Ambers		Mildred C.			14-Sep-03
Ambrusfy	Elaine M.			15-Dec-03
Amen		Verba Inez			21-Feb-03
Amend		W. L. 'Les'			31-Oct-03
Amerine		Velma M.			13-Jan-03
Ames		Eva V.				01-Nov-03
Ammerman	Mark William			03-May-03
Ammersbach	Karl G.				14-Jun-03
Ammon		Harley 'Sam'			03-Sep-03
Amott		Jewell C. 'Judy'		12-Jan-03
Amrein		Aurelia M.			30-Sep-03
Andersen	Melissa 'Lissabee' Danielle	24-Jul-03
Anderson	Alfred W.			28-Oct-03
Anderson	Alice E.			11-Feb-03
Anderson	Blade Bryson Wade		07-Jan-03
Anderson	Burl William			15-Jan-03
Anderson	Chester D. 'Chet'		13-Nov-03
Anderson	Chester David			12-Nov-03
Anderson	Donna Jean			27-Nov-03
Anderson	Doris				24-Dec-03
Anderson	Ethel Lynn			08-May-03
Anderson	George Herbert			06-Jun-03
Anderson	JoAnn N.			31-Oct-03
Anderson	John H. 'Jack'			08-Jul-03
Anderson	Justin M			30-Jun-03
Anderson	Larry D.			11-Aug-03
Anderson	Lawrence 'Andy'			01-Apr-03
Anderson	Leah B. (Hebb)			05-Jun-03
Anderson	Mallie				26-Oct-03
Anderson	Mallie				29-Oct-03
Anderson	Marty Scott Sr.			13-Dec-03
Anderson	Mary Irene			08-Apr-03
Anderson	Melissa D.			23-Jul-03
Anderson	Michael Riley			11-Jun-03
Anderson	Michael Riley			12-Jun-03
Anderson	Michael Thomas			11-Nov-03
Anderson	Nancy (White)			02-Feb-03
Anderson	Opal M.				27-Dec-03
Anderson	Robert Edward 'Bobby'		03-May-03
Anderson	Sharron M.			22-Aug-03
Anderson	Teri L.				15-Jan-03
Anderson	Tom				08-Mar-03
Anderson	Travis R.			22-Jul-03
Anderson	Vernon Keith			09-Nov-03
Anderson	Vernon Keith			08-Nov-03
Anderson	Zelda DeCambra 'Annie'		23-Jan-03
Anderson-Hansen	Evelyn M.			22-Jan-03
Anderson-Hansen	Evelyn M.			23-Jan-03
Anderson-Hansen	Evelyn M.			24-Jan-03
Anderson-Hansen	Evelyn M.			25-Jan-03
ANDOVER		Carrington			09-Sep-03
Andra		David L. Sr.			28-Jun-03
Andres		Jessie Thomas			03-Jun-03
Andrews		Charles				31-Aug-03
Andrews		Edwin B. Jr. 'Bus'		01-Aug-03
Andrews		Helen Elizabeth			29-Jun-03
Andrews		Lisa				29-Sep-03
Andrews		Lloyd W				20-Jul-03
Andrews		Lloyd W.			22-Jul-03
Andrews		Lloyd W.			23-Jul-03
Andrews		Orval E.			14-Nov-03
Androes		Shelly				02-Aug-03
Androes		Shelly				03-Aug-03
Angell		Alice Diane			01-Jan-03
Angle		Delight A. 'Dee'		15-Mar-03
Angle		Helen L.			02-Aug-03
Angleton	Robert				29-Nov-03
Anglin		Betty K.			01-Jan-03
Angst		Marshall Dean			30-Sep-03
Anguiano	Salvador			03-Jun-03
Angulo		Prunella 'Penny' Christopher	01-Jun-03
Angulo		Prunella 'Penny' Christopher	04-Jun-03
Ansell		Virgil L.			23-Jan-03
Anshutz		Rachel				12-Jul-03
Anstey		Lois N.				08-May-03
Anstine 	Hayden	Lela B.			28-Jul-03
Anthony		Franklin E. 'Tony' 'Gene'	08-Apr-03
Anthony		Joseph J. Major U.S.A.F. Retired 25-Jun-03
Anton		Clarence William 'Bud'		12-Nov-03
Anton		Clarence William 'Bud'		13-Nov-03
Appelseth	Ralph				20-Sep-03
Appenfeller	Mildred M.			10-Apr-03
Appenfeller	Mildred M.			11-Apr-03
Appl		Keith A.			14-Jan-03
Applegate	Kenneth Earl			01-Mar-03
Applegate	Kenneth Earl			04-Mar-03
Appling		Robert Lynn			19-Jul-03
Arb		Mary A.				07-Jun-03
Arbogast	Ruby K.				15-Aug-03
Archart		Donald				19-May-03
Archibold	Michael G.			10-Jan-03
Arebalo		Beverly Jean 'Jeannie'		22-Oct-03
Arehart		Donald				20-May-03
Arellano	Brian Scott			03-Mar-03
Arena		Norma Kate			06-Nov-03
Argo		Donna F. Crabb			30-Jan-03
Arick		Ivan				02-Sep-03
Arick		Ivan Leigh			03-Sep-03
Armbrister	William 'Bill'			17-Oct-03
Armer		Debi				11-Jan-03
Armstrong	Albert A.			06-Jun-03
Armstrong	Bradley Erickson		02-Feb-03
Armstrong	Donald Wayne			04-Nov-03
Armstrong	Jack				30-Sep-03
Armstrong	Jack				01-Oct-03
Armstrong	Kathryn				26-Dec-03
Armstrong	Kathryn J.			27-Dec-03
Armstrong	Rex				13-Jun-03
Armstrong	Rex				14-Jun-03
Armstrong	Ruth E.				16-Dec-03
Armstrong	William G. 'Jerry'		02-Jun-03
Armstrong	William G. 'Jerry'		03-Jun-03
Armstrong	Wilma Inez (Groat)		21-Jan-03
Arnett		William Andrew 'Bill'		06-Mar-03
Arnold		Arthur L.			23-Dec-03
Arnold		Arthur Lee			24-Dec-03
Arnold		Arthur Lee			25-Dec-03
Arnold		Arthur Lee			26-Dec-03
Arnold		Charlie E.			24-Jan-03
Arnold		Cole Dyer			24-Jun-03
Arnold		David Gale			31-Dec-03
Arnold		Della Louise Spriggs		07-Nov-03
Arnold		Doris A.			12-Aug-03
Arnold		Elmer D.			15-Nov-03
Arnold		Elmer D.			16-Nov-03
Arnold		Florence Louise			09-Apr-03
Arnold		Garnett Ruth			26-Mar-03
Arnold		Kenneth D.			15-Feb-03
Arnold		Kenneth D.			16-Feb-03
Arnold		Louisa G.			04-Apr-03
Arreguin	John Sr.			22-Mar-03
Arribas		Romeo Firmeza M.D.		01-Oct-03
Artherton	Clarence H.			12-Mar-03
Arthur		Lula Marie			13-Sep-03
Artman		Beverly Maurice			04-Feb-03
Artman		Beverly Maurice			05-Feb-03
Arvidson	David William			23-Dec-03
Arvidson	David William			24-Dec-03
Ascher		Earl William			01-Jun-03
Ash		Alameda P.			21-Jan-03
Ash		Eston Randall			12-Nov-03
Ash		Eston Randall			13-Nov-03
Ash		Florence Eilene			01-Dec-03
Ash		Gladys Brinker			25-Jul-03
Ash		Gladys Brinker			26-Jul-03
Ash		Ola E. Wilkinson		11-Feb-03
Ashcraft	Dorothy M.			11-Jul-03
Ashcraft	Mary Sue			07-May-03
Ashenbrenner	Marie Katherina			26-Jul-03
Ashenfelter	Ruth T.				10-Apr-03
Asher		Beverly J.			25-May-03
Asher	G	eorge W.			17-Feb-03
Ashpaugh	Patsy Ruth			12-Oct-03
Ashton		Rosie Dee			16-Nov-03
Ashton		Rosie Dee			19-Nov-03
Ashton		Rosie Dee			20-Nov-03
Asmann		Verner L.			02-Sep-03
Ast		Donald Bernard			12-Mar-03
Ast		Frances Rose 'Fannie'		13-Jan-03
Ast		Julius P.			18-Nov-03
Ast		Julius P.			19-Nov-03
Ast		Kenneth				01-Jul-03
Ast		Richard Valentine		03-Nov-03
Ast		Richard Valentine		04-Nov-03
Ater		Dolan Schlup			07-Mar-03
Atherton	Harry A.			04-Feb-03
Atherton	James A.			22-Jun-03
Atherton	Melvin				02-Jan-03
Atherton	Melvin				03-Jan-03
Atkins		Eula Vesta			09-Nov-03
Atkins		Joe Welcome			08-Nov-03
Atkins		Patsy Almarie			24-Jun-03
Atkinson	Glen I.				03-Sep-03
Atkinson	Golda A.			15-May-03
Atkinson	Lois Jane			12-Mar-03
Atkisson	Robert Elmer			26-Mar-03
Atwood		Harvey				18-May-03
Aude		Oteka Rhea			16-Nov-03
Auerbach	Alice N.			03-May-03
Auernheimer	Walter S.			28-Nov-03
Augustine	James				22-Jul-03
Augustine	James				20-Jul-03
Aulbach		Albert H.			27-Nov-03
Aulbach		Albert H.			28-Nov-03
Aulbach		Albert H.			29-Nov-03
Ault		Wilma E.			10-Apr-03
Aupperle	Maxine M.			25-Feb-03
Aurell		Madge L.			22-Apr-03
Ausbie		Elmira Louise			25-Jun-03
Ausbie		Marie				03-Dec-03
Ausbie		Marie				07-Dec-03
Ausmus		Georgia L.			05-Apr-03
Austermiller	Delma Delia			18-Jul-03
Austin		Grover				11-Jan-03
Austin		Mary E.				16-Mar-03
Austin		Timothy Clifford		07-May-03
Austin		Timothy Clifford		08-May-03
Autry		Clara				18-Mar-03
Autry		Clara				20-Mar-03
Auwarter	Eudine Marie			11-Apr-03
Avey		Sibyl (Milligan)		29-Sep-03
Avila		Roman				17-Mar-03
Avila		Urban Phillip			12-Aug-03
Avila		Urban Phillip			13-Aug-03
Avina		Jesusita A. 'Susie'		13-Aug-03
Axelton		Marjorie L. (Sr.)		16-Feb-03
Axume		Oscar Antonio			08-Apr-03
Ayers		Donna				12-Jun-03
Ayers		Howard P.			06-Jun-03
Ayers		Shirley Ann Reding		26-Oct-03
Ayers		Shirley Ann Reding		27-Oct-03
Ayers		Shirley Ann Reding		28-Oct-03
Ayers		William W.			06-Jul-03
Ayers		William W.			07-Jul-03
Ayres		Betty Jean			27-Nov-03
Ayres		Charles Romaine			30-Oct-03
Ayres		Dean A.				20-Mar-03
Ayres		Hervey Leonard Sr.		22-Oct-03
Ayres		Raymond N.			08-Mar-03
Babb		Letha Ann			11-Apr-03
Babcock		Grace M. (Riley, Davis)		14-Jan-03
Babcock		Grace M. (Riley, Davis)		15-Jan-03
Babcock		Phyllis June			08-Jan-03
Babcock		Ruth K.				16-Oct-03
Babcock		Ruth K.				17-Oct-03
Babcock		Ruth K.				18-Oct-03
Babcock		Ruth K.				19-Oct-03
Bachand		Florentine 'Tina'		27-Dec-03
Bachelder	Elsie V.			10-Jul-03
Bachelder	Elsie V.			11-Jul-03
Bachman		Arnold H.			17-Oct-03
Bachman		Melissa Ann 'Chewy'		21-Feb-03
Bachman		Melissa Ann 'Chewy'		22-Feb-03
Bachman		Nettie Irene			06-Jan-03
Baehr		Marvin C.			21-May-03
Baer		David A.			09-Nov-03
Baer		Geneva L.			29-Sep-03
Baer		Geneva L.			30-Sep-03
Baer		Lucil Edna			06-Feb-03
Baggett		Martha L.			18-Jun-03
Bagshaw		Raymond Andrew Sr.		28-Nov-03
Bagshaw		Raymond Andrew Sr.		29-Nov-03
Bahoot		Dorothy Mae			27-Aug-03
Bailey		Alice 'Miss Alice'		06-Aug-03
Bailey		Donald L. 'Don'			26-Jul-03
Bailey		Everett L.			18-Mar-03
Bailey		Francis Dean			05-Jan-03
Bailey		Jerome W.			06-Nov-03
Bailey		Jerome W.			04-Nov-03
Bailey		Juanita M.			19-Jun-03
Bailey		Opal L.				07-Jul-03
Bailey		Opal L.				08-Jul-03
Bailey		Pamela J. (Melia)		28-Dec-03
Bailey		Paul				19-Mar-03
Bailey		Paul				21-Mar-03
Bailey		Richard Eugene			25-Sep-03
Bailey		Robert H.			10-Jul-03
Bailey		Ruby R. (Harness)		07-Feb-03
Bailey		Verla N.			29-Mar-03
Bair		Lela G.				18-Sep-03
Baird		Jean Fyfe			31-Dec-03
Baird		Vernen C.			28-Dec-03
Baird		Vernen C.			29-Dec-03
Baity		Debra M.			03-May-03
Baity		Debra M.			04-May-03
Baker		Alberta A.			02-Oct-03
Baker		Anthony Ray 'Tony'		14-Apr-03
Baker		Constance M. (Bray) 'Connie'	01-Feb-03
Baker		Constance M. (Bray) 'Connie'	02-Feb-03
Baker		Constance M. (Bray) 'Connie'	03-Feb-03
Baker		Cyndee				04-Oct-03
Baker		Don				25-Jul-03
Baker		Donald Earl			26-Jul-03
Baker		Dorothy M.			29-Sep-03
Baker		Ethel Irene Locke		06-Dec-03
Baker		Hazel Helen			06-Dec-03
Baker		Hugh C.				14-Aug-03
Baker		Imogene B.			08-Apr-03
Baker		Jenny Sundgren			11-Nov-03
Baker		June L.				17-Oct-03
Baker		June L.				19-Oct-03
Baker		Kent A.				07-Mar-03
Baker		Lavennia 'Vean' (Burkhalter)	25-Feb-03
Baker		Lavennia 'Vean' (Burkhalter)	26-Feb-03
Baker		Letha M.			12-Dec-03
Baker		Louise (Lipscomb)		17-Jun-03
Baker		Marjorie Alberta		29-Aug-03
Baker		Mary Margaret			16-Oct-03
Baker		Melvin A.			07-Sep-03
Baker		Merle L.			28-Jan-03
Baker		Rachel E.			08-Mar-03
Baker		Robert L. Jr. (Dr.)		01-Jan-03
Baker		Russell Irvin			12-Sep-03
Baker		Russell Irvin			13-Sep-03
Baker		Russell Irvin			14-Sep-03
Baker		Ruth				19-May-03
Baker		Sarah Lynn (Row)		05-Mar-03
Baker		Sarah Lynn (Row)		06-Mar-03
Baker		Sarah Lynn (Row)		07-Mar-03
Baker		Vera May			11-Jan-03
Baker		Walter Anthony			07-Jan-03
Baker-Rufener	Carrie 'Nell'			26-Oct-03
Balay		Alice Leona Cole		19-Mar-03
Baldwin		Jim				21-Mar-03
Bales		Allan Lance			03-Mar-03
Ball		A. Cleora			01-Apr-03
Ball		Dorothy M.			10-Nov-03
Ball		Esther Margaret			20-Apr-03
Ball		Lillie Ann			09-Aug-03
Ball		Nina R. (Yelvington)		30-Jul-03
Ball		Orville H.			06-Jul-03
Ball		Orville H.			07-Jul-03
Ballantyne-Allender Phyllis N.			26-Jan-03
Ballantyne-Allender Phyllis N.			27-Jan-03
Ballard		Ada Louise			24-Dec-03
Ballard		Floyd G. Sr.			19-Oct-03
Ballard		Floyd G. Sr.			18-Oct-03
Ballard		Marvin T. 'Tab'			27-Dec-03
Ballard		Marvin T. 'Tab'			28-Dec-03
Ballard		Yolanda Glynn			06-Nov-03
Ballard		Yolanda Glynn			09-Nov-03
Ballinger	Verneita Louise			23-Mar-03
Balser		Arthur J.			30-Jul-03
Balser		Arthur J.			31-Jul-03
Balty		Raymond M.			28-Sep-03
Balzar		Mary Ellen			17-Jan-03
Balzerick	Janet B.			22-Apr-03
Balzerick	Janet B.			23-Apr-03
Bane		Glenna J.			04-Nov-03
Bangs		Naomi				11-Sep-03
Bangs		Naomi R.			12-Sep-03
Banister	Delano H.			14-Jun-03
Banister	Edra A.				05-Feb-03
Bank		Effie				30-Jan-03
Banker		Theodora 'Ted'			23-Dec-03
Banks		Damien Lamont			07-May-03
Banks Ward	Eva M				06-Jul-03
Banman		Dorothy T			29-Jun-03
Banman		Frieda				26-Nov-03
Banning		Bob				18-May-03
Banning		Bob				19-May-03
Banning		Gertrude M.			18-Feb-03
Banning		Gertude M.			16-Feb-03
Banning		Gertude M.			17-Feb-03
Banning		Joan Marie			08-Apr-03
Bannister	Archie 'Lindsay'		10-Mar-03
Bannister	Billie Ross 'Bill'		14-Nov-03
Bannon		Marilyn Sue			25-Nov-03
Bantz		Martha E.			13-Jun-03
Bantz		Martha E.			14-Jun-03
Banuelos	Josephine			11-Jul-03
Banuelos	Josephine			13-Jul-03
Banz		Mary Margaret			11-Mar-03
Barajas		Oralia L.			17-Nov-03
Barajas		Oralia L. 'Lala'		18-Nov-03
Barb		Evelyn W.			25-Apr-03
Barb		Lisle D.			04-Mar-03
Barbeau		Leo L.				29-Oct-03
Barbeau		Leo L.				30-Oct-03
Barbee		Amanda June			06-Dec-03
Barbee		Robert L.			29-Nov-03
Barber		Bob L.				07-Oct-03
Barber		Bob L.				08-Oct-03
Barber		Dale				05-Nov-03
Barber		Dale				06-Nov-03
Barber		Thomas Reed			11-Jul-03
Barbour		Bill B.				29-May-03
Barbour		Bill B.				30-May-03
Barbour		Pearl Edna (Ray)		07-Apr-03
Barbour		Pearl Edna (Ray)		08-Apr-03
Barby		Celestine			10-Apr-03
Barby		Timothy Ray			23-Jan-03
Barclay		Ruby Jessie			11-Jun-03
Barcus		L. Helen Couch			01-Apr-03
Bardin		Ruth				15-Jul-03
Barker		Ada Irene Newcomer		07-May-03
Barker		Buddy H.			02-Aug-03
Barker		Charles E.			28-Aug-03
Barker		Charles E.			29-Aug-03
Barker		Helen S.			10-Sep-03
Barker		Letha L.			11-Dec-03
Barker		Linda Sue			16-Sep-03
Barker		Mattie V. (Brown)		27-Mar-03
Barker		Merlyn Everly			28-Oct-03
Barkley		Margaret L.			12-Feb-03
Barley		Murna C.			10-Dec-03
Barnard		Mildred E.			23-Jan-03
Barnard		Quincey E. Jr.			29-Nov-03
Barnard		Quincey E. Jr.			30-Nov-03
Barndt		Thelma Pearl			16-Dec-03
Barnes		Anna Belle			29-Apr-03
Barnes		Anna Belle			30-Apr-03
Barnes		Bernadine E			20-Jul-03
Barnes		Clyde H.			01-Nov-03
Barnes		Clyde H.			06-Nov-03
Barnes		Dorothy S.			03-May-03
Barnes		Earl Wayne			30-May-03
Barnes		Earmon J.			22-Aug-03
Barnes		Earmon J.			24-Aug-03
Barnes		Ida May				17-Aug-03
Barnes		Ira E.				29-Jan-03
Barnes		Ira E.				30-Jan-03
Barnes		John W.				30-Oct-03
Barnes		Katherine Grace Peterson	04-Mar-03
Barnes		Kenneth W.			06-Jan-03
Barnes		Linda Sue			25-Jan-03
Barnes		Mary M.				21-Aug-03
Barnes		Neva A.				04-Jan-03
Barnes		Neva A.				05-Jan-03
Barnes		Orpha Violet			19-Nov-03
Barnes		Sharon				30-Jul-03
Barnes		Sharon				01-Aug-03
Barnes		Vernie E.			14-Dec-03
Barnes		Vernie E.			15-Dec-03
Barnes		Virgil Milton			21-May-03
Barnett		Naomi F.			19-Mar-03
Barnett		Savannah			17-Jun-03
Barnett		Savannah			18-Jun-03
Barnhart	Grace A.			23-Sep-03
Barnhart	Lucille B.			08-Feb-03
Barnhart	Lucille B.			09-Feb-03
Barnhart	Lucille B.			10-Feb-03
Barnhart	Thelma				16-Feb-03
Barnhart	Thelma Reed			17-Feb-03
Barr		John Turner Jr. D.O.		27-May-03
Barrett		Fannie E.			19-Dec-03
Barrett		James Sr. 'Jim'			06-Apr-03
Barrett		Mildred M.			18-Mar-03
Barrett		Vernon R.			28-Mar-03
Barsch		Ethel P.			24-Apr-03
Barsch		Ruth Maxine			02-Nov-03
Barta		Orfa (Copley)			06-Feb-03
Barta		Orfa (Copley)			07-Feb-03
Bartak		Neva M.				03-Jan-03
Bartel		Donnell W.			22-Oct-03
Bartel		Donnell W. 'Don'		23-Oct-03
Bartel		Donnell W. 'Don'		24-Oct-03
Bartel		Olga				28-Oct-03
Bartels		Hazel B.			25-Sep-03
Barthelme	Nora E.				11-Mar-03
Bartholomew	Charles				30-Jul-03
Bartholomew	Leon				04-Nov-03
Bartles		Hazel B.			24-Sep-03
Bartlett	Bernard E.			11-Feb-03
Bartlett	Blanche Marie			19-Jul-03
Bartlett	Donald A.			14-Feb-03
Bartlett	Jessie Violet			14-May-03
Bartlett	Kenneth D.			26-Aug-03
Bartlett	Marilyn Kay (Allen)		30-Dec-03
Bartley		Janis Jean			15-Jan-03
Barton		John D.				13-Mar-03
Barton		John W.				25-Mar-03
Barton		Judith E.			31-Oct-03
Barton		Mary L.				31-Aug-03
Barton		Rosa Nell			23-Sep-03
Barton		William J.			24-Dec-03
Bartonek	Anna Elizabeth			20-Oct-03
Bartoo		Edith Ellen Hamilton		26-Jul-03
Bartovick	Merhl Pauline			31-Oct-03
Bartram		Betty Jo Brinkman		29-Nov-03
Basehar		Dolliver			10-Jun-03
Basgall		Julitta				03-Jul-03
Bash		Rita (Daley)			31-Jul-03
Bason		Faye I.				03-Mar-03
Bass		Charles W.			03-Nov-03
Bass		Charles W.			02-Nov-03
Bass		Charles W.			04-Nov-03
Bassett		Donald W.			01-Dec-03
Bassett		Joe Earl			21-Dec-03
Bassett		Mamie Louise (Crick)		24-Sep-03
Bassett		Mona L.				27-Jun-03
Bassett		Warren R.			07-Jul-03
Bassett		Warren Randy			08-Jul-03
Basta		Margaret W.			22-Aug-03
Bastian		Bobbie J.			12-Feb-03
Bastian		Bobbie J.			13-Feb-03
Bastida-Maya	Karina				16-Nov-03
Baston		Mary				14-Nov-03
Bate		Bert A.				14-Mar-03
Bateman		Mary Alice			07-Jul-03
Bates		Naomi				27-Dec-03
Bates		Velma				01-Apr-03
Batesel		W. Dean				19-Jan-03
Bathgate	Helen L.			20-Dec-03
Batiste		Laura Mae			13-Nov-03
Batiste		Laura Mae			14-Nov-03
Batson		Bonnie S.			31-May-03
Battaglear	James Edward Jr.		05-Jan-03
Battaglear	James Edward Jr.		07-Jan-03
Battershaw	Regina E.			01-Apr-03
Bauder		Claude O.			18-Sep-03
Bauer		Doris L.			16-May-03
Bauer		Richard Dale			06-Oct-03
Baugh		Derah 'Kyleen'			10-Jan-03
Baugh		Mike				02-Jan-03
Baugher		Ruby M.				09-Nov-03
Baughman	Fern				30-Mar-03
Baughman	Velma Frances (Wallace)		28-Feb-03
Baughman	Velma Frances (Wallace)		01-Mar-03
Baughman	Velma Frances (Wallace)		02-Mar-03
Baughman	Velma Frances (Wallace)		03-Mar-03
Bauguess	John W. Jr.			12-Jun-03
Baum		Gregory				26-Oct-03
Baum		Gregory				27-Oct-03
Baum		Gregory				28-Oct-03
Bauman		Anna Mae			28-Jan-03
Bavelas		Sylvia S.			13-Feb-03
Bavelas		Sylvia S.			14-Feb-03
Baxa		Henry A. Sr.			23-Aug-03
Baxter		Eva Diane			12-Dec-03
Baxter		Faye E.				14-Jan-03
Baxter		Howard George			06-Aug-03
Bayer		Merrill D.			15-Nov-03
Bayless		J.W. 'Bill'			07-Jul-03
Bayless		J.W. 'Bill'			08-Jul-03
Bayne		Frank W.			24-Dec-03
Baysinger	Duane				28-Sep-03
Bazil		Dwight E. 'Bud'			19-Nov-03
Beach		Kathleen F.			02-Nov-03
Beach		Kathleen F.			03-Nov-03
Beagle		Ruth P.				08-Jan-03
Beagley		Alfred Lewis			02-Mar-03
Beaird		Vivian B.			20-Apr-03
Beaird		Vivian B.			21-Apr-03
Beal		Martha Frankie Bell		19-Feb-03
Bealby		Marcella Barbara		15-Apr-03
Beaman		Lloyd W. 'Walt'			11-Apr-03
Beamer		Adele Pearl			26-Aug-03
Bean		Helen M.			23-Dec-03
Bean		Helen M.			24-Dec-03
Bean		Imelda				12-Dec-03
Bean		Leonard				03-Dec-03
Beane		Neva Joyce			05-Aug-03
Bear		Clarence E.			20-Aug-03
Bear		Clarence E.			21-Aug-03
Bear		Clarence E.			19-Sep-03
Beard		Alyssa Marie			12-Nov-03
Beard		Ethel Christine 'Chris'		20-Mar-03
Beard		Juanita Madge			30-Sep-03
Beard		L. May				01-Nov-03
Beard		Waymon				14-Mar-03
Beardslee	Carroll L.			07-Dec-03
Beardsley	Vivian Hockett			29-May-03
Bearnes		Lois R.				18-Dec-03
Bearth		Douglas J			29-Jun-03
Beasley		Harold R.			28-May-03
Beasley		Harold R.			29-May-03
Beasley		Harold R.			30-May-03
Beasley		Violet June			30-Sep-03
Beatt		Virginia L.			30-Sep-03
Beattie		Margaret Rose			26-Aug-03
Beattie		Margaret Rose			27-Aug-03
Beattie		Margaret Rose			28-Aug-03
Beaumont	Larry K.			18-Jul-03
Beaupeurt	Marilyn Kay			10-Feb-03
Beaver		Marjorie CSJ			14-Jul-03
Beaver		Velma R.			04-May-03
Beaver		Velma R.			05-May-03
Beaver		Virginia Elizabeth		14-Dec-03
Bechtel		Carl Eugene			21-Jan-03
Beck		Bernis U.			26-Oct-03
Beck		Edwin Francis 'Ed'		24-Nov-03
Beck		Flossie				07-Nov-03
Beck		Mary E 'Beth'			14-Nov-03
Beck		Nancy Leona (Bryant)		30-Mar-03
Beck		Nancy Leona (Bryant)		01-Apr-03
Beck		Norma Sylvia			14-Aug-03
Becker		Albert Keith			09-Jul-03
Becker		Albert Keith			08-Jul-03
Becker		Alene Hazel			11-Oct-03
Becker		Alvin E.			05-Nov-03
Becker		Carolyn 'Cary'			25-Feb-03
Becker		David Randolph William III	09-Sep-03
Becker		David Randolph William III	10-Sep-03
Becker		Donald J.			10-Jul-03
Becker		Dorothea M. 'Dot'		20-Aug-03
Becker		James P.			14-Dec-03
Becker		James P.			15-Dec-03
Becker		Norma C.			25-Nov-03
Beckman		Erich H.			21-Jan-03
Bedel		Earl Charles			26-Aug-03
Bedell		Ronnie G.			15-Aug-03
Bedell		Ronnie G.			16-Aug-03
Bedlion		Bill				21-Jan-03
Bedlion		Bill				22-Jan-03
Bedore		Richard P.			23-May-03
Beecher		Dorothy Ann			13-Mar-03
Beeler		Wade Don			25-Jun-03
Beeman		Shirley M.			23-May-03
Beemer		Maurita Hurtig			14-Dec-03
Been		Terry Gene			17-Aug-03
Been		Terry Gene			18-Aug-03
Beery		Barbara Jeanne (Draper)		02-Oct-03
Beery		Barbara Jeanne (Draper)		03-Oct-03
Beery		Ronnie L.			09-Dec-03
Beeson		Kathryn Ann (Hayden)		28-Aug-03
Begum		Marium				26-Feb-03
Beham		Elbert Ancel 'Bert'		31-Oct-03
Behl		Jessie M 'Jeri'			04-Sep-03
Behrendt	Carla Jane			09-Apr-03
Beilman		Robert L. 'Bob'			23-Feb-03
Beinhorn	Gertrude Louise			18-Nov-03
Beitz		John C.				02-Jan-03
Belcher		Raymona Kelley			19-Mar-03
Belden-Calahan	Eleanor				08-Aug-03
Belin		Oscar F.			18-Jul-03
Belknap		Marion Eugene			10-Mar-03
Bell		Ava				09-Aug-03
Bell		Ava				10-Aug-03
Bell		Beulah C. (Hizar)		11-Jan-03
Bell		Beulah C. (Hizar)		12-Jan-03
Bell		Beulah C. (Hizar)		13-Jan-03
Bell		Chauncy				16-Jan-03
Bell		Chauncy E.			11-Jan-03
Bell		Christopher Jr.			24-Dec-03
Bell		Christopher Jr.			25-Dec-03
Bell		Elizabeth L. 'Lizzie'		05-Nov-03
Bell		Elmer R.			07-Aug-03
Bell		Elmer R.			08-Aug-03
Bell		Elmer R.			09-Aug-03
Bell		Elmer R.			10-Aug-03
Bell		Elmer R.			10-Aug-03
Bell		Enis Cale 'Red'			22-Oct-03
Bell		Enis Cale 'Red'			23-Oct-03
Bell		Hillis F. Jr.			18-Nov-03
Bell		Hillis Jr.			17-Nov-03
Bell		James E. 'Jim'			29-May-03
Bell		James Patrick 'Jim		10-Oct-03
Bell		Leroy O. Jr.			10-Dec-03
Bell		Lloyd Jr.			11-Mar-03
Bell		Myrtle Reeves 'Reva'		20-Feb-03
Bell		Ralph L.			15-Mar-03
Bell		Tracie A.			15-Oct-03
Bell		Tracie A.			16-Oct-03
Bellar		Robert E. 'Bob'			22-Jan-03
Beller		Louie				18-Apr-03
Bellomy		Irene				21-Dec-03
Bellomy		Irene I.			22-Dec-03
Belton		Barbara F. 'MeMe'		14-Dec-03
Beltz		Angelena Mae			13-Apr-03
Beltz		Robert H.			06-May-03
Bemis		Charles W.			09-Dec-03
Bender		Hubert				21-Aug-03
Bender		Karen M.			16-Jul-03
Bender		Lois E. (Train)			12-Jun-03
Bender		Wayne D.			12-Nov-03
Benedict-Joy	Jim				26-Oct-03
Benham		Robert M.			25-Aug-03
Bennett		Claude A.			08-Jan-03
Bennett		Claudia 'Toby'			02-Nov-03
Bennett		Helen Elizabeth			28-Jul-03
Bennett		Joan L.				12-Dec-03
Bennett		Joan L.				13-Dec-03
Bennett		Joan L.				14-Dec-03
Bennett		Mary Janan 'Jan' (Vulgamore)	17-Oct-03
Bennett		Max E.				10-Aug-03
Bennett		Max E.				11-Aug-03
Bennett		Max E.				12-Aug-03
Bennett		Maxine M.			10-Jan-03
Bennett		Mildred M.			08-Jul-03
Bennett		Sofia Restrepo			09-Feb-03
Bennett		Virgil G.			15-Nov-03
Benoit		Donald Joseph			25-Sep-03
Benoit		Olive M.			24-Mar-03
Benson		Timothy C.			22-May-03
Bentley		Jay David			06-Dec-03
Bentley		Jo Ann				30-Jul-03
Bentley		Wanda				01-Jul-03
Bentley		Wanda				02-Jul-03
Benton		Christopher Ryan		07-Mar-03
Benton		Christopher Ryan		09-Mar-03
Benton		Christopher Ryan		10-Mar-03
Benton		John Douglas			21-Dec-03
Bentrup		Paul F.				08-Oct-03
Benward		Robert L.			01-Jun-03
Benward		Robert L.			02-Jun-03
Beougher	Anna Faye (Jones)		27-Feb-03
Beran		Ivan D.				27-Jun-03
Berberich	Thomas V			03-Aug-03
Berberich	Thomas V			04-Aug-03
Berens		Alvin A. 'Al'			08-Jul-03
Berg		Geraldine 'Gerry'		15-Feb-03
Berg		J. Robert			08-Mar-03
Berg		J. Robert			09-Mar-03
Berg		J. Robert 'Bob'			08-Apr-03
Berg		J. Robert 'Bob'			09-Apr-03
Berg		J. Robert 'Bob'			10-Apr-03
Berg		James A.			06-Mar-03
Berg		Raymond Oscar			14-Jun-03
Bergen		Ann Marie			01-Oct-03
Bergen		Eunice				18-Mar-03
Berger		Hal David			21-Oct-03
Berger		Martha Marie			22-Jan-03
Berger		Mary Ellen			26-Jun-03
Bergerhouse	Wayne L.			07-Aug-03
Bergerhouse	Wayne L.			08-Aug-03
Bergkamp	Blanche				18-Jun-03
Bergley		Harold LeRoy			22-Feb-03
Bergley		Harold LeRoy			23-Feb-03
Bergman		Tamberli Jean			09-Jan-03
Berline		Beverly				24-Oct-03
Bernard		Donald Lee			20-Feb-03
Bernard		W.F. 'Bill'			23-Dec-03
Bernard		W.F. 'Bill'			24-Dec-03
Berndsen	Glenroy E.			27-Dec-03
Berndsen	Glenroy E.			28-Dec-03
Berndt		Lawrence A.			09-Jul-03
Berndt		Lawrence A.			10-Jul-03
Bernhard	Patricia J. Keough		11-Mar-03
Berning		Nicholas			17-Dec-03
Berry		Billie Jo			19-Oct-03
Berry		Billie Jo			22-Oct-03
Berry		Billie Jo			20-Oct-03
Berry		Bobby J. Jr.			05-Aug-03
Berry		Bobby J. Jr.			07-Aug-03
Berry		Harvey F. 'Cap'			09-Sep-03
Berry		Jack M.				31-May-03
Berry		Martie R.			08-Jan-03
Berry		Mary Ellen (Doebler)		28-Dec-03
Berry		Nova Alice			23-Jun-03
Berry		Ruth (Wannow)			14-Nov-03
Berryman	Earl Marion			26-Aug-03
Berschauer	Tabea				16-Jan-03
Bertholf	Wayne Sherwood			04-Sep-03
Bertram		Marcelle (Sally)		13-Dec-03
Bertrand	Elmer N.			19-Nov-03
Bertrand	Elmer N.			20-Nov-03
Bertrand	Patsy Ruth 'Pat'		10-Apr-03
Beshears	Carol Ann			01-Jul-03
Besser		Stump				21-Sep-03
Bessire		Joel D. Sr.			14-Jun-03
Bessire		Joel D. Sr.			15-Jun-03
Bessire		Joel D. Sr.			16-Jun-03
Bessire		Joel Dean Sr.			13-Jun-03
Best		Marguerite D.			28-Dec-03
Best		Marguerite D.			29-Dec-03
Besthorn	Joan P. Bulkley			25-Nov-03
Betschart	Virginia Leah			11-May-03
Betts		Pastor Brian Keith		14-Sep-03
Betty		Harry Raymond			10-Jan-03
Betty		Harry Raymond			11-Jan-03
Betty		Ruth				13-Nov-03
Beuttel		William W. 'Bill'		16-Oct-03
Beuttel		William Wynn			19-Oct-03
Bevan		Lawrence D.			09-Jul-03
Bevington	Lilah L.			22-Mar-03
Beyer		Ada				05-Apr-03
Beyer		Relda Lucile			03-Oct-03
Beyer		Robert L.			16-Apr-03
Beyer		Robert L.			17-Apr-03
Beyrle		Doris (Scheffler)		22-Apr-03
Beyrle		Doris (Scheffler)		23-Apr-03
Beyrle		James R. 'Jim'			29-Apr-03
Bezdek		Georgia E.			16-Jul-03
Biby		Robert L.			01-May-03
Bice		Helen M.			20-May-03
Bickel		Jeffery A. 'Jeff'		21-Aug-03
Bickell		Eldora J.			04-May-03
Bickell		Eldora J.			08-May-03
Bickford-Smith	Katharine Virginia (Dr.)	16-Jan-03
Bickham		Gary D.				06-Nov-03
Bickham		Gary D.				07-Nov-03
Bickley		Joseph W.			14-Apr-03
Biddle		Robert Everett			05-Jun-03
Bidleman	Ila Mae				29-Nov-03
Bidwell		William G.			01-Feb-03
Bidwell		William G.			02-Feb-03
Bieberle	Frances J.			19-Dec-03
Bieker		Thomas G. 'Tom'			01-Apr-03
Biggs		Earl Clifford			05-Sep-03
Biggs		Earl Clifford			06-Sep-03
Biggs		Earl Clifford			07-Sep-03
Biggs		Floyd I.			07-May-03
Biggs		Ronald Leroy			10-Sep-03
Bilbro		Walter Wayman 'Buck'		26-Aug-03
Biles		Mareta L			14-Jul-03
Billinger	Max Jr.				31-Jan-03
Billinger	Max Jr.				01-Feb-03
Billinger	Peter Joseph			16-Apr-03
Billinger	Ronald Joseph 'Ron'		18-Nov-03
Billings	George				29-Mar-03
Billings	George E.			28-Mar-03
Billings	George E.			29-Mar-03
Billings	Robert G. 'Bob'			16-Feb-03
Billingslea	Helen M.			27-Feb-03
Billingsley	S. Clyde Sr. (Dr.) Sr.		14-May-03
Billingsley	S. Clyde Sr. (Dr.) Sr.		15-May-03
Billin-Gurro	Rosa				28-May-03
Billips		Opal I.				29-Apr-03
Bills		Mary M.				02-Oct-03
Bills		Ralph				22-Aug-03
Bills		Ralph				23-Aug-03
Billups		Larry D.			22-Jun-03
Biltz		Harry A. Sr.			08-Jun-03
Biltz		Harry A. Sr.			09-Jun-03
Bilyeu		Nona I.				27-May-03
Bing		Donald D.			08-Sep-03
Bing		Ralph				14-Sep-03
Bing		Ralph				15-Sep-03
Bing		Ralph				16-Sep-03
Bird		Adam Christopher		20-Apr-03
Bird		Gladys E.			19-Nov-03
Bird		Jeshuah Garrett			12-Jun-03
Bird		Marion Irwin			14-Aug-03
Bird		Marion Irwin			15-Aug-03
Bird		Marion Irwin			16-Aug-03
Bird		Marion Irwin			17-Aug-03
Bird		Melissa Gayle			20-Oct-03
Bird		Wesley E.			21-Sep-03
Birkenbaugh	Billie (Denton)			14-Feb-03
Birkle		Russell James			23-Mar-03
Birzer		Catherine Marjorie		05-Jun-03
Birzer		Martin B.			05-Dec-03
Birzer		Wenzel L. 'W.L.' (Fr.)		05-Jun-03
Bisbee		Virginia Lee			07-Sep-03
Bisbee		Virginia Lee			08-Sep-03
Bise		Diana Lea			20-Aug-03
Biser		Loyce C.			04-Jan-03
Biser		Loyce C.			05-Jan-03
Bish		Vivian				25-May-03
Bishop		Bonnie M.			07-Dec-03
Bishop		Dean K.				16-May-03
Bishop		Donna J.			27-Jun-03
Bishop		Jimmy Joe			30-Dec-03
Bishop		Margaret Eileen			24-Aug-03
Bishop		R. Keith			15-Dec-03
Bitikofer	Clifford L.			09-Apr-03
Bittel		Firmina				23-Nov-03
Bitter		Mollie				28-Jul-03
Bittinger	Irene S.			12-Apr-03
Bittner		Jessie James			14-May-03
Bixler		Andrew Loy Moore		22-Feb-03
Bixler		John Raymond			15-Oct-03
Blachly		Nora E.				11-Jan-03
Black		Beulah Vesta			06-May-03
Black		Duane William			06-Feb-03
Black		Duane William			07-Feb-03
Black		Luella				26-Nov-03
Black		Margaret V.			16-Apr-03
Black		Martha McIntosh			08-Jun-03
Black		Mary Margaret (Duncan)		16-Oct-03
Black		Mary Margaret (Duncan)		17-Oct-03
Black		Mary Margaret (Duncan)		19-Oct-03
Black		Mildred B			06-Jul-03
Black		Pauline				12-Aug-03
Black		Richard C.			04-May-03
Black		Robert W.			06-Feb-03
Black		Robert W.			07-Feb-03
Black		Velma L.			18-Jul-03
Blackard	Thelma Leona			30-Jan-03
Blackburn	Alverta B.			22-Apr-03
Blackburn	Callie B. (Brock)		11-Feb-03
Blackburn	Dorothy				29-May-03
Blackburn	J. Dale				16-Dec-03
Blackburn	J. Dale				17-Dec-03
Blackburn	Marla Anne-Marie		24-Apr-03
Blackburn	Mary June			14-Dec-03
Blackburn	Mary June			15-Dec-03
Blackburn	Patricia Pearl			17-Dec-03
Blackburn	Robert Joseph 'Bob'		06-Jan-03
Blackburn	Robert Joseph 'Bob'		07-Jan-03
Blackman	Gregory Stephen			16-Jul-03
Blackman	Gregory Stephen			17-Jul-03
Blackman	Gregory Stephen			13-Jul-03
Blackston	Ida M.				06-Jan-03
Blackwell	James I.			21-Apr-03
Blackwell	James I.			22-Apr-03
Blackwell	Richard E.			06-Jan-03
Blaine		Theodore			09-Nov-03
Blair		Boyd Henry			05-Feb-03
Blair		Eleanor Frances			11-Feb-03
Blair		Geraldine Brewer Gilstrap	08-Mar-03
Blair		Mary Louise (Liebrand)		30-Sep-03
Blair		Milford O.			27-Jun-03
Blair		Patricia Ann			22-Aug-03
Blair		Ruth V.				12-Feb-03
Blair		Ruth V.				13-Feb-03
Blair		Wilma				13-Jul-03
Blake		Cecile 'Joan'			10-Sep-03
Blake		DeLores J. 'Dorsie'		20-Sep-03
Blake		Jeraldean			30-Dec-03
Blake		Kathryn Louise (Langlois)	09-Apr-03
Blake		Ruth A.				11-Feb-03
Blakesley	Diana Mae			19-Sep-03
Blakesley	Pansy				20-Mar-03
Blakslee	Lois Colleen			17-Apr-03
Blanchard	Bernice B.			01-Jan-03
Blanchard	Robert F. 'Doc'			22-Mar-03
Bland		Donald James			18-Jan-03
Blanding	Rex A.				23-Dec-03
Blankenship	Jesse Snow			28-Sep-03
Blanton		Athelean			05-Feb-03
Blanton		Kathleen Marie			30-Dec-03
Blanton		Louis C. 'Lou'			16-Dec-03
Blanton		Louis C. 'Lou'			17-Dec-03
Blasdel		Elmer K. 'Red'			09-Feb-03
Blase'		Irene M.			22-Dec-03
Blasi		Amy				25-Jul-03
Blasi		Amy				26-Jul-03
Blasi		Clyde Julius			03-Apr-03
Blasi		Ernest J.			07-Oct-03
Blasi		Ernest J.			08-Oct-03
Blatchford	John Lee			14-Mar-03
Blatti		Vivian				24-Dec-03
Blatti		Vivian 'Pete' Peterson		28-Dec-03
Blea		Joseph D. Sr.			18-Sep-03
Blehm		Harold Leon			06-Jan-03
Blenden		Maggie Lorene			11-Feb-03
Blenden		Malinda Mae			20-Sep-03
Blender		Philip A.			25-Dec-03
Bletsoe		Lucile				13-Sep-03
Bletsoe		Lucile Clayton			14-Sep-03
Bleumer		Helen M.			25-Mar-03
Blevins		Floyd Lee 'Jack'		28-Feb-03
Blevins		Floyd Lee 'Jack'		01-Mar-03
Blick		Gregory N.			05-Oct-03
Blick		Gregory N.			06-Oct-03
Blick		Nicholas G. 'Nick'		15-Mar-03
Blick		Nicholas G. 'Nick'		16-Mar-03
Bliss		Delbert				04-Jun-03
Bliss		William Wallace 'Bill'		18-Feb-03
Block		Dianne Kaye			04-Oct-03
Bloir		Elnora G.			06-Jun-03
Bloomer		Raymond E.			11-Apr-03
Blosser		Lester A.			24-Apr-03
Blossom		Dorris M.			04-Mar-03
Blough		Gertrude			05-Sep-03
Blubaugh	Mildred J.			24-Mar-03
Blubaugh	Mildred J.			25-Mar-03
Blubaugh	Minnie A.			15-May-03
Blue		Dora B. Messick			07-Jul-03
Blue		Dora B. Messick			08-Jul-03
Blum		Charles A.			13-Apr-03
Blum		Charles Anselm			23-Apr-03
Blumer		Sam W.				31-Dec-03
Blunck		William H.			13-Mar-03
Blundell	James Austin 'Jim'		13-Feb-03
Boardman	Elizabeth J 'Betty'		07-Jul-03
Boatman		Virgie Mae			13-Apr-03
Boatright	William D. 'Bill		18-Oct-03
Boatright	William Don 'Bill'		19-Oct-03
Boaz		Vala 'June' (Fegley)		07-Oct-03
Bobo		Edgbert Miles Jr.		05-Feb-03
Bobo		Ernest Lee			03-May-03
Bobo		Glenn C.			25-Feb-03
Bobo		Glenn C.			26-Feb-03
Bockelman	August Theodore			03-Jun-03
Bockelman	Earl W.				08-Jan-03
Bodam		Athene				18-Nov-03
Bodkins		George E.			15-Aug-03
Boedeker	Lorna				02-Feb-03
Boehler		Beverly				07-Mar-03
Boehm		Leonard R.			20-Apr-03
Boehnke		Steven Paul			02-Dec-03
Boerger		Ernest William Sr.		26-Feb-03
Boerma		Jeremiah			04-Aug-03
Boes		Lloyd F. 'Bo'			24-Jan-03
Boese		Hilda Wall			16-Oct-03
Boesker		Margaretha			13-Jan-03
Boettcher	Donna Maxine			27-Jan-03
Boettcher	Donna Maxine			28-Jan-03
Boettger	James Hayes			18-Oct-03
Bogart		Betty A.			06-May-03
Boggess		Kelley F.			05-Nov-03
Boggs		William E. Jr.			17-Apr-03
Bogguess	Linda Marie			09-Jul-03
Bogle		Ernest Leroy			19-Jul-03
Bogle		Verna M.			28-May-03
Bogner		Patricia Ann 'Pat'		13-Mar-03
Bohannon	Daisy Lee (Byrd)		26-Aug-03
Bohannon	Danny				09-Jul-03
Bohannon	JoAnn				18-May-03
Bohl		Gladys Michel			13-Jun-03
Bohner		Alethea (Dennis)		13-Feb-03
Bohr		Francis L			07-Jul-03
Bohr		Patty D.			27-Dec-03
Bohrer		Joseph A.			17-Nov-03
Bohrer		Judie Ann			05-Aug-03
Bolander	Marica Louise			03-Apr-03
Bolden		George V.			13-May-03
Boldenow	Marle E. 'Betty'		15-Jun-03
Boldt		Matilda E.			09-Jan-03
Bolen		Ruth K.				01-Jan-03
Boling		Benjamin C. 'Ben'		06-May-03
Boling		Esther				01-Apr-03
Bolinger	Donald E.			21-Feb-03
Bolte		Dorothy Fern (Lamer)		23-Jun-03
Bolte		Herman Fred IV 'Bud'		07-Sep-03
Bolton		Betty Jean (Steinle)		18-Sep-03
Bolton		Betty Jean (Steinle)		19-Sep-03
Bolton		Luther A. 'Dutch'		19-Apr-03
Bolyard		Venita Mae			22-Aug-03
Boman		Dorothy Lee			14-Mar-03
Bomgardner	Dolores Viva			12-Oct-03
Bomgardner	Dolores Viva			22-Oct-03
Bomholt		Bertha E. (Biggs)		29-May-03
Bomholt		Dixie L.			21-Aug-03
Bonar		Kay A.				27-Dec-03
Bonat		Mary Viola			15-Feb-03
Bonat		Mary Viola			16-Feb-03
Bonat		Ruby B.				20-Apr-03
Bond		Frances A.			03-Feb-03
Bond		Gladys				28-Jan-03
Bond		Lowell Jack			28-Dec-03
Bond		Mary Kathryn (Rev.)		23-Aug-03
Bond		Richard J.			16-Apr-03
Bonham		Donald K.			10-Nov-03
Bonham		Howard Lee			18-Oct-03
Bonham		Howard Lee			19-Oct-03
Bonham		Letha Rosanna (Baughman)	08-Nov-03
Bonham		Letha Rosanna (Baughman)	09-Nov-03
Bonham		Letha Rosanna (Baughman)	10-Nov-03
Bonneau		Opal L.				01-Apr-03
Bonnel		Esther S.			25-Jan-03
Bonnel		Esther S.			26-Jan-03
Bonner		Florence			11-Apr-03
Booher		Richard M.			31-Oct-03
Booher		Richard M.			01-Nov-03
Book		Francis E. 'Dude'		13-May-03
Book		Fred E.				01-Oct-03
Booker		Gladys Luella			05-Nov-03
Booker		Toula				10-Sep-03
Booker		Toula				11-Sep-03
Booker		Zula E.				15-Dec-03
Bookless	Harry Ross			11-Nov-03
Boone		Melvin Leslie			01-Apr-03
Boone		Wilford James			12-Feb-03
Boone		Wilford James			13-Feb-03
Boor		Clarence Raymond		16-Oct-03
Boorigie	Kurt L.				05-Jun-03
Boory		Alice Beatrice Oliphant		16-Apr-03
Booth		Bradley Allen			30-Dec-03
Booth		Jerald 'Jerry'			19-Aug-03
Booth		Jerald 'Jerry'			20-Aug-03
Booth		Prudence E. 'Beth'		09-May-03
Booth		Tamara K.			11-Jan-03
Booth		Tamara K.			12-Jan-03
Booth		William E. 'Bill'		23-Mar-03
Bordeaux	Mrs. Helen J.			30-Oct-03
Borden		William Alfred Jr.		23-Oct-03
Borders		Joshua Mark			28-May-03
Borg		Lyle Lynn			05-Feb-03
Borg		Lyle Lynn			06-Feb-03
Borg		Lyle Lynn			07-Feb-03
Boring		Dorothy L.			20-Nov-03
Boring		Ruth A. (Liptak)		29-Jul-03
Bornowsky	Evelyn Jean			28-Jan-03
Boroughs	Zenas Evans			14-Feb-03
Borst		Margery R. (Hughes)		14-Feb-03
Borst		Margery R. (Hughes)		15-Feb-03
Borst		Margery R. (Hughes)		16-Feb-03
Borth		Al				19-Jul-03
Borthwick	Don R				14-Nov-03
Bosley		Charles C.			15-May-03
Boster		Dorris Arthur			13-Feb-03
Boston		Joe L. Sr.			23-Jan-03
Boswell		Christine			14-Feb-03
Boswell		Velma Malissia			16-Mar-03
Boswell		Velma Malissia			17-Mar-03
Boswell		William R. Sr. 'Bill'		25-Oct-03
Boswell		William R. Sr. 'Bill'		26-Oct-03
Boswell		William R. Sr. 'Bill'		27-Oct-03
Botkin		John Warren			10-Feb-03
Botterweck	Myrtle M.			19-Sep-03
Bottomley	Kathleen Joan			29-Jan-03
Bottoms		Walter Leonard			13-Aug-03
Bottoms		Walter Leonard			14-Aug-03
Bottorff	Nellie L.			09-Oct-03
Boucher		Isabel Dorothy Lounsbury 'Belle' 30-Mar-03
Bouffard	David L.			08-Jul-03
Bouffard	David L.			09-Jul-03
Bouffard	David L.			10-Jul-03
Bouffard	David L.			11-Jul-03
Bounds		Stanley J.			08-Jan-03
Bounds		Stanley J.			09-Jan-03
Bourbon		Vera Charlene			28-Sep-03
Bourne		Robin Marie			08-Dec-03
Bourret		Harold M. 'Rod'			11-May-03
Bourret		Harold M. 'Rod'			15-May-03
Boutwell	Gerald V. 'Gerry'		03-Jan-03
Bowden		Christopher Roger		07-Mar-03
Bowe		Blanche E. (Liby)		18-Mar-03
Bowen		Goldie Lee			30-Nov-03
Bowen		Goldie Lee			02-Dec-03
Bowen		Goldie Lee			03-Dec-03
Bowen		Skyler Evan			06-Mar-03
Bowen		Vivian D.			07-Jun-03
Bowers		Claire Ann			03-Jul-03
Bowers		Clint				27-Jan-03
Bowers		Haywood A. Jr.			21-May-03
Bowers		Haywood A. Jr.			24-May-03
Bowers		Margaret Lena			29-Oct-03
Bowlby		Jack Oliver			27-Sep-03
Bowlds		Nathaniel Clayton		08-Oct-03
Bowlds		Nathaniel Clayton		09-Oct-03
Bowler		Rebecca Ivy 'Becca'		19-Sep-03
Bowler		Rebecca Ivy 'Becca'		20-Sep-03
Bowler		Rebecca Ivy 'Becca'		21-Sep-03
Bowles		Margaret E.			27-Dec-03
Bowman		Agnes M.			04-Mar-03
Bowman		Agnes M.			05-Mar-03
Bowman		Alden 'Al'			13-Jan-03
Bowman		Eva Beatrice 'Mac'		28-Oct-03
Bowman		Gee Jay				25-Dec-03
Bowman		Gerald Oscar Jr. 'Jerry'	16-Feb-03
Bowman		Marvella (Hildebrand)		04-Jun-03
Bowman		Marvella (Hildebrand)		05-Jun-03
Bowman		Robert Martin			28-Dec-03
Bowman-Edwards	Betty J.			05-Apr-03
Bowman-Edwards	Betty J.			06-Apr-03
Box		Cecil C. Sr.			28-Apr-03
Boyce		Harlan Preston			28-Sep-03
Boyce		Harlan Preston			29-Sep-03
Boyd		June D.				24-Oct-03
Boyd		Mildred V.			21-Mar-03
Boyd		Opal C.				04-Oct-03
Boyer		Charles P.			04-Nov-03
Boyer		Mabel Irene			02-Jun-03
Boyer		Nadine May			05-Mar-03
Boykin		Emily				11-Dec-03
Boykin		Robert L.			11-Sep-03
Boykin		Robert L.			13-Sep-03
Boykin		Robert Lee			12-Sep-03
Boyle		Alice Haskard			11-Dec-03
Boyle		Claudine M.			15-Dec-03
Boyle		Edward Joseph III 'The Bear'	02-Aug-03
Boyle		Edward Joseph III 'The Bear'	03-Aug-03
Boyle		James Donald 'Don'		18-Dec-03
Boyle-Emert	Marguerite			14-Jul-03
Boys		Richard S. 'Dick'		22-Oct-03
Boyter		Carroll Duane			12-Apr-03
Boyts		Roy				26-Mar-03
Brace		Barbara A.			06-Jun-03
Brace		Barbara A.			07-Jun-03
Brack		Harold E. 'Gene'		30-Dec-03
Brack		Phoebe				03-Jan-03
Brada		Gaylord Duane			27-Apr-03
Braddock	Betty				17-Jun-03
Braddock	Betty Leigh			16-Jun-03
Bradfield	Juanita M.			04-Jan-03
Bradfield	Robert				10-Nov-03
Bradfield	Robert				11-Nov-03
Bradford	Eual				09-Nov-03
Bradley		Bill L.				01-Apr-03
Bradley		George Thomas			19-Aug-03
Bradley		Jonathan Alan			03-Mar-03
Bradley		Jonathan Alan			05-Mar-03
Bradley		M. Arlene			21-Aug-03
Bradley		M. Marie			30-Sep-03
Bradley		Nan				19-Jan-03
Bradley		Nan				20-Jan-03
Bradley		Paul T.				12-Dec-03
Bradley		Paul T.				13-Dec-03
Bradshaw	Ben J.				08-May-03
Bradshaw	Bettie				15-Dec-03
Bradshaw	Lois Nadine Chambers		25-Jul-03
Bradshaw	Regina A.			18-Feb-03
Bradshaw	Rita Ann			02-Dec-03
Bradshaw	Sarah Nell			20-Dec-03
Brady		Alma Lee			04-Jul-03
Brady		Cheryl Joan			27-Nov-03
Brady		Cheryl Joan			29-Nov-03
Brady		Harriett C.			05-Mar-03
Brady		Hazel Cora			01-Aug-03
Brady		Juanita B. (Naylor)		08-Apr-03
Brady		Martha Jane 'Marty'		10-Jan-03
Brady		Mary E.				14-Oct-03
Brainard	Lena				17-May-03
Branaman	Vian S.				06-Dec-03
Branaman	Vian Sherman			05-Dec-03
Branch		Cognac Deshay Champ		06-Sep-03
Branch		Cognac Deshay Champ		07-Sep-03
Brand		Joshua Jean			04-Oct-03
Brand		Rosalie M.			03-Aug-03
Brand		Rosalie M.			04-Aug-03
Branden		John 'Bill'			20-Jun-03
Brandon		Florene 'Flo'			06-Apr-03
Brandon		Georgia Irene			06-Nov-03
Brandon		Joanna L.			10-Jun-03
Brandt		Clarence William 'Bill'		02-Dec-03
Brandt		Gerald Arnold			13-Feb-03
Brannon		Nadine L.			27-Jan-03
Brannon		Nadine L.			28-Jan-03
Branom		Nettia E.			31-Aug-03
Branom		Nettia E.			01-Sep-03
Braselton	Robinson Cook			06-Aug-03
Braselton	Robinson Cook			07-Aug-03
Brasfield	Mary Ruth			02-Nov-03
Brasfield	Mary Ruth			03-Nov-03
Brasier		Ona J. (McKnight)		13-Feb-03
Brasier		Ona J. (McKnight)		14-Feb-03
Bratcher	Beverly Ann			09-Jan-03
Bratcher	Chester Ray 'Chet'		04-Apr-03
Bratt		Gerald James 'Jerry'		28-Feb-03
Bratton		Dorothy Elizabeth		29-Apr-03
Bratton		Lloyd Alvin			22-Mar-03
Bratton		Rosa F. 'Rosie'			21-Oct-03
Brauer		Clemens Paul 'Johnny'		02-Jun-03
Braun		Bertha E. (Reinert)		29-May-03
Braun		Lillian A.			16-Aug-03
Bray		Marcella M. 'Sally'		20-Feb-03
Bray		Ruth V.				05-Mar-03
Brazil		Eurith E.			14-Oct-03
Brazill		Timothy J.			04-Nov-03
Brazill		Timothy J.			02-Nov-03
Brazill		Timothy J.			03-Nov-03
Breaker		Katheryn E.			17-Jan-03
Breaker		Peggy Jane Lowe			03-Nov-03
Breaker		Peggy Jane Lowe			02-Nov-03
Breault		Dorothy				20-Feb-03
Brecheisen	Steven Harold			29-Apr-03
Brecher		Cecilia 'Ceil'			30-Mar-03
Bredemeier	Herb L.				30-May-03
Bredengerd	Richard E.			02-Dec-03
Bredengerd	Richard E.			03-Dec-03
Breese		Barbara C.			23-May-03
Breiner		Kathy Sue Wittmann		27-Mar-03
Breit		Barbara E.			15-Aug-03
Breit		Pauline				30-Sep-03
Breit		R.D. 'Dale'			11-Aug-03
Breitenstein	Christopher John		13-Aug-03
Bremerkamp	Hazel Mae			28-Nov-03
Bremerkamp	Hazel Mae			29-Nov-03
Bremerman	Kenneth E.			31-Jul-03
Brening		Fred				18-Jan-03
Brening		Fred A.				05-Oct-03
Brennan		Alice A. (Donahue)		26-Jun-03
Brennecke	Lela N.				25-Nov-03
Brenner		Lawrence E. 'Barney'		24-Oct-03
Brenner		Lawrence E. 'Barney'		25-Oct-03
Brenner		Merle (Rev.)			17-Mar-03
Brenner		Peggy Jo			21-Jan-03
Brenner		Peggy Jo			22-Jan-03
Brenner		Peggy Jo			23-Jan-03
Bresnahan	Patricia A.			23-Feb-03
Brewer		Alice Marie			06-Apr-03
Brewer		Andrew Dale			26-Oct-03
Brewer		Anne L.				17-Jun-03
Brewer		Bernice M.			18-Jun-03
Brewer		Claud				17-Dec-03
Brewer		Claud				18-Dec-03
Brewer		Julia Mary			01-Dec-03
Brewer		Loretta L.			15-Jun-03
Brewer		Loretta L.			16-Jun-03
Brewer		Mary A.				26-Jul-03
Brewster	Dale E.				07-Jun-03
Brewster	Dale E.				08-Jun-03
Briar		Donovan G.			08-May-03
Bribiesca	Cyrilla Parra			08-Sep-03
Brice-Nash	Robert				31-Jan-03
Brickey		Loree Florence			19-Mar-03
Brickey		Loree Florene			20-Mar-03
Brickey		Loree Florene			21-Mar-03
Brickey		Ruby M.				07-Mar-03
Bridewell	Bonnie K.			31-Dec-03
Bridgeman	Mary Flossie			19-Aug-03
Bridges		Ronald				06-Apr-03
Bridges		Ronald				07-Apr-03
Bridges		Ruth A.				17-May-03
Bridges		Ruth A.				18-May-03
Bridwell	William J.			22-May-03
Bright		Lois Lucille Heater		19-Mar-03
Brill		Glen A.				12-Oct-03
Brim		Pauline F.			08-Oct-03
Brim		Zelma A.			03-Apr-03
Brim		Zelma A.			04-Apr-03
Brim		Zelma A.			05-Apr-03
Brimer		Ross P.				05-Jul-03
Brimmer		Edwin J.			06-Aug-03
Bringolf	Jim				04-Aug-03
Bringolf	Jim				05-Aug-03
Brinley		Richard A.			25-May-03
Briscoe		Robert J.			20-Mar-03
Briscoe		Robert John			21-Mar-03
Brister		Johnny E.			22-May-03
Brister		Johnny E.			25-May-03
Brister		Johnny E.			26-May-03
Brister		Johnny E.			28-May-03
Brixey		Virginia (Alexander)		06-Jul-03
Brixey		Virginia (Alexander)		07-Jul-03
Broad		Samuel N.			07-Jan-03
Broaddus-Branstetter Mayree (Prewett)		27-Apr-03
Broadhead	Elizabeth Betty (Rausch)	03-Aug-03
Broadstone	Mary Magdalen (Blanchat)'Mimi'or'Magg 11-Mar-03
Broadstone	R.C.				17-Sep-03
Brocher		Ernest Edward			02-Jul-03
Brocher		Romeyn Thyra Mae Lundquist	08-Jul-03
Brock		Claude A.			20-Jan-03
Brock		Edith Dee			04-Sep-03
Brock		Harry D.			02-Feb-03
Brock		Nona C.				05-Feb-03
Brock		Patricia Louise			12-Jun-03
Brock		Ray				25-Feb-03
Brock		Robert Ray			10-Jun-03
Brockelman	Freda				29-Jan-03
Brockett	Walter J.			29-Sep-03
Brodhagen	Walter E.			11-Jan-03
Brodman		Melba Jean (Reynard)		21-Oct-03
Brogan		John E.				12-Apr-03
Brogan		Mary Sharlene			05-Aug-03
Brogan		Mary Sharlene			06-Aug-03
Brogdon		Alfred B.			06-Mar-03
Bromley		Larry Lee			09-Feb-03
Brookhart	Sharon Kaye			01-Feb-03
Brookman	Irene Almina (Pihl)		24-Mar-03
Brooks		Arline M.			24-Oct-03
Brooks		Bennie L.			27-Sep-03
Brooks		Bennie L.			29-Sep-03
Brooks		Constance S. 'Connie'		27-Mar-03
Brooks		Eugene A. 'Gene'		05-Aug-03
Brooks		Eugene A. 'Gene'		06-Aug-03
Brooks		Helen A.			20-Mar-03
Brooks		Julia F. (Neely)'Honey''Grandma Honey' 16-Dec-03
Brooks		Michael Shane			02-Mar-03
Brooks		Michael Shane			03-Mar-03
Brooks		Ralph				07-Mar-03
Brooks		Ralph				08-Mar-03
Brooks		Ruby M.				25-Apr-03
Brooks		Ruth Virginia			30-Sep-03
Brooks		Sid				05-Aug-03
Brookshire	Sandi				14-Mar-03
Broomes		Barbara Viola Trout		22-Oct-03
Brophy		Dorothy				11-Jun-03
Brosemer	Phyllis L.			13-May-03
Broshears	Ruby L.				09-Feb-03
Brosius		Rodney R.			05-Jun-03
Brower		Doyle Wayne			24-Oct-03
Brown		Ada Helene			21-Sep-03
Brown		Agnes C. Payne			24-Dec-03
Brown		Alma J.				16-Mar-03
Brown		Anna Mae			26-Jul-03
Brown		Anna Mae			27-Jul-03
Brown		Arnold Andrew			20-Jul-03
Brown		Autumn Marie			23-Feb-03
Brown		Autumn Marie			24-Feb-03
Brown		Barbara B.			24-Feb-03
Brown		Bernice A.			19-Mar-03
Brown		Betty Sue			27-May-03
Brown		Beulah M.			17-Apr-03
Brown		Billy G.			07-Aug-03
Brown		Billy G.			08-Aug-03
Brown		Brande Lynn			24-Jun-03
Brown		C. Robert (Rev.)		25-Dec-03
Brown		Carol A.			19-Oct-03
Brown		Carol Lynette Daymunde		28-Mar-03
Brown		Clifford M.			01-Mar-03
Brown		Donald L.			15-Jun-03
Brown		Donald Samuel			27-Feb-03
Brown		Donald Samuel			28-Feb-03
Brown		Donald Samuel			01-Mar-03
Brown		Doris W.			24-Jul-03
Brown		Dorothy				30-May-03
Brown		Dorothy E.			05-Mar-03
Brown		Dorothy N. (Ukena)		28-Feb-03
Brown		Edward				13-May-03
Brown		Elda Amelia Davis		21-Aug-03
Brown		Elkanah Lyle			31-Dec-03
Brown		Eltha D.			10-May-03
Brown		Esther M.			16-Jan-03
Brown		Esther M.			17-Jan-03
Brown		Ethel Marie			31-Jan-03
Brown		F. Octavia (Jones)		28-Dec-03
Brown		Fred Reed			10-Aug-03
Brown		Fred Reed			12-Aug-03
Brown		Fred Reed			13-Aug-03
Brown		Glenn Allen			23-Jul-03
Brown		Hannah Elizabeth		01-May-03
Brown		Harold E.			07-Mar-03
Brown		Homer W.			23-May-03
Brown		Inez June (Williams)		18-Mar-03
Brown		Inez June (Williams)		19-Mar-03
Brown		Ivery				03-Aug-03
Brown		Ivery				05-Aug-03
Brown		Jacalyn A. 'Jackie'		07-Mar-03
Brown		Jack H.				02-May-03
Brown		Jack H.				01-May-03
Brown		Jacqueline Joan			29-May-03
Brown		James M.			02-Dec-03
Brown		James P.			25-Dec-03
Brown		James P.			28-Dec-03
Brown		James P.			29-Dec-03
Brown		Jean M.				02-Oct-03
Brown		John Silas			01-Oct-03
Brown		John Silas			02-Oct-03
Brown		John Silas			03-Oct-03
Brown		Jolene Simmons			14-Feb-03
Brown		Joyce Elaine			15-Aug-03
Brown		Joyce Elaine			17-Aug-03
Brown		Juanita				28-Jun-03
Brown		Juanita				29-Jun-03
Brown		Juanita				30-Jun-03
Brown		Justice McCord D.V.		02-Oct-03
Brown		Larry Ernest			30-Apr-03
Brown		Larry Ernest			29-Apr-03
Brown		Lida Mae Llewelyn		24-Mar-03
Brown		Lizzie M. 'Chick'		30-May-03
Brown		Loretta Susan			29-Nov-03
Brown		Loretta Susan			30-Nov-03
Brown		Lucille E.			10-Apr-03
Brown		Lura Catherine			07-Jan-03
Brown		Maggie				21-Jan-03
Brown		Maggie				22-Jan-03
Brown		Margaret A.			01-Apr-03
Brown		Margaret A.			02-Apr-03
Brown		Margaret L.			20-Aug-03
Brown		Margaret L.			21-Aug-03
Brown		Mathew Nicholas			10-Mar-03
Brown		Mildred Irene			05-Nov-03
Brown		Mildred M. 'Toby'		07-Mar-03
Brown		Morris Dale			20-Aug-03
Brown		Nadine				04-Jan-03
Brown		Nancy S.			17-Jan-03
Brown		Olive				08-Jul-03
Brown		Parthenia Marie			16-Apr-03
Brown		Parthenia Marie 'Pat'		17-Apr-03
Brown		Parthenia Marie 'Pat'		18-Apr-03
Brown		Rannell E.			09-Feb-03
Brown		Raymonde Victor			09-Dec-03
Brown		Robert E.			24-Jul-03
Brown		Robert Lee			30-Dec-03
Brown		Robert Lester (Dr.)		10-Feb-03
Brown		Robert Lester (Dr.)		11-Feb-03
Brown		Robert Lester M.D.		13-Feb-03
Brown		Robert Lester M.D.		16-Feb-03
Brown		Roger W.			09-Jun-03
Brown		Roger W.			10-Jun-03
Brown		Ronald D. 'Ron'			13-Dec-03
Brown		Ronald J.			29-Jun-03
Brown		Ronald J.			30-Jun-03
Brown		Ruth E.				27-Aug-03
Brown		Selma A.			03-Apr-03
Brown		Violet M. 'Granny'		07-Nov-03
Brown		Walter L. 'Buck'		17-Mar-03
Brown		William L.			20-Nov-03
Browning	Mary E.				27-Aug-03
Bruce		Marjorie Ann			06-May-03
Bruce-Johanessen Diana				30-Mar-03
Bruenger	Leona E.			17-Jul-03
Bruenger	Leona E.			18-Jul-03
Bruington	Jeff D.				16-Sep-03
Brull		Pia A.				06-Jan-03
Brumbaugh	Jacob E. 'Jake'			28-Oct-03
Brumbaugh	Jacob E. 'Jake'			29-Oct-03
Brumbaugh	Marthella Ann			15-Mar-03
Brundage	Bertha A.			28-Feb-03
Brundage	Judy				07-May-03
Brundage	Judy Ann			08-May-03
Bruner		Edna Marie			26-Feb-03
Bruner		Louis L. 72			22-Oct-03
Bruner		Terry Joe			30-Dec-03
Brungardt	Lawrence Sr.			03-Sep-03
Brungardt	Mabel Esther			21-Oct-03
Brungardt	Maud M.				05-Dec-03
Brunk		Bruce E.			22-Aug-03
Brunk		R.J.				23-Apr-03
Brunn		Bernice				14-Mar-03
Brunner		F. Lucile			02-May-03
Brunner		Irvin J.			09-Feb-03
Brunner		Vivian A.			10-May-03
Bruns		Maureen				12-Feb-03
Brunson		Ethel L.			23-Jan-03
Brush		Robert J.			09-Dec-03
Bryan		Estel L.			10-Feb-03
Bryan		Frank Warren			02-Apr-03
Bryan		Frank Warren			03-Apr-03
Bryan		Jerry D.			06-Aug-03
Bryan		Rosemary T.			19-Mar-03
Bryant		Donald D. 'Buck'		21-Feb-03
Bryant		Freddie Harolyn			09-May-03
Bryant		Lowell C. (Rev. Dr.)		01-Feb-03
Bryant		Mildred G. 'Millie'		23-Feb-03
Bryant		Neva L.				15-Dec-03
Bryant		Temika Marie			23-Apr-03
Bryant		Theola				21-Aug-03
Bryner		Wilma Nadine			30-Jul-03
Bryson		Louis Morehead			18-Feb-03
Buchanan	Carl Jay (Dr.)			30-Mar-03
Buchanan	David Scott			07-Aug-03
Buchanan	Dolores I. 'Dee'		11-Dec-03
Buchanan	Dolores I. 'Dee'		12-Dec-03
Buchanan	Louise				30-Dec-03
Buchanan	Mary A. (Rothgeb)		07-May-03
Buchanan	Mildred Bruder			13-Apr-03
Buchanan	William Jr.			30-Aug-03
Buchanan	William Jr.			31-Aug-03
Buchele		Judge James Paul		01-Jun-03
Bucher		Edwin Andrew Jr.		21-Nov-03
Bucher		Joyce Ruth			23-Nov-03
Buchholz	Mamie I.			03-Jan-03
Buchholz	Wilfred J. 'Bill'		16-Mar-03
Buchholz	Wilfred J. 'Bill'		17-Mar-03
Buck		Eunice E.			07-Feb-03
Buck		Gale				13-Jun-03
Buckle		William L. 'Bill'		01-Apr-03
Buckley		David W.			18-Mar-03
Buckley		David W.			19-Mar-03
Buckman		Joshua Dean			16-Feb-03
Buckner		Doris Claudine			13-Feb-03
Buckner		Edith				18-May-03
Buckner		Edith				20-May-03
Buckner		Edith				21-May-03
Buckner		Michon L.			04-Apr-03
Buczeskie	Elnora L.			23-Mar-03
Budd		Betty J.			20-Jul-03
Budd		Betty J.			19-Jul-03
Budd		Helen Esther			14-May-03
Budd		Michael G.			03-Sep-03
Budd		Tocarra Rochelle		15-Aug-03
Budde		Elmer W.			05-Sep-03
Budde		Elmer W.			06-Sep-03
Budde		Floreine			01-Jul-03
Buell		Darrell Lee			14-Feb-03
Buell		Wayne Edward			01-Dec-03
Buetow		Dorothy L.			02-Apr-03
Buettner	Lynn Cunday			11-Jan-03
Buffington	Floyd Mitchell			13-Dec-03
Buhr		Mildred L.			01-Oct-03
Buhrer		Clara Gladys			08-Sep-03
Buhrle		Penny Jo (Reeves)		14-Dec-03
Buller		Clarence			01-Jan-03
Buller		Jonas D.			10-Mar-03
Bullock		Marguerite 'Hope'		14-Mar-03
Bullock		Patsy Lee			21-Sep-03
Bullock		Roy Lee 'Rookie'		03-Sep-03
Bumpas		Margaret Kelley			17-May-03
Bunch		Bobbie 'B.J.' Sr.		18-Apr-03
Bunch		Bobbie 'B.J.' Sr.		19-Apr-03
Bundy		Carl Eugene			17-Jun-03
Bundy		Carl Eugene			18-Jun-03
Buntain		Celia				05-Jun-03
Buntin		Robin				05-Dec-03
Bunting		C. Mac (Rev.)			13-Nov-03
Bunton		Gary D.				23-Sep-03
Bunton		James Walter			08-Sep-03
Bunton		James Walter			07-Sep-03
Bunyard		Toby D.				11-Jan-03
Bupp		Erma N.				26-Jul-03
Bupp		Jerry Duane			28-Mar-03
Bupp		Jerry Duane			29-Mar-03
Burch		Jarvis				03-Jun-03
Burch		Joyce J.			07-Nov-03
Burchart	Lizzie				03-Dec-03
Burchett	Donna A.			15-Dec-03
Burchill	William W.			23-Nov-03
Burdette	John R. Sr.			08-May-03
Burford		Alice				08-Aug-03
Burgardt	Victorinus G. 'Victor'		19-Nov-03
Burgardt	Victorinus G. 'Victor'		20-Nov-03
Burge		Dwight 'Bus'			08-Mar-03
Burge		Dwight 'Bus'			09-Mar-03
Burge		Dwight 'Bus'			10-Mar-03
Burge		Ernest E.			09-Feb-03
Burger		Mary E.				03-Jan-03
Burger		Mary E.				04-Jan-03
Burger		Mary E.				05-Jan-03
Burgess		Anna Marie Horton		27-Aug-03
Burghart	Marissa Faith Mlao		22-Sep-03
Burhoop		Christa H.			23-Jun-03
Burk		Noel A.				14-Jul-03
Burk		Rosa				02-Aug-03
Burke		Cecil L.			24-Jul-03
Burke		Geraldine M.			24-Feb-03
Burke		Geraldine M.			25-Feb-03
Burke		Leo M.				18-Sep-03
Burke		Shirley				24-Apr-03
Burke		Shirley Sue			25-Apr-03
Burkhardt	Mildred Q.			25-Dec-03
Burkhardt	Mildred Q.			27-Dec-03
Burkhart	Elvin Elmer			19-Jul-03
Burkhart	William G.			23-May-03
Burkholder	Don				03-Aug-03
Burkholder	E. Maxine			15-Jun-03
Burkholder	Larry J.			10-Sep-03
Burklund	Arletta M.			23-Dec-03
Burling		Robert T.			05-Mar-03
Burnes		Eileen K.			10-Jun-03
Burnett		Forrest R. 'Frosty'		20-Feb-03
Burnette	Colin				27-Sep-03
Burnette	Patti R.			30-Dec-03
Burnison	Anna Mae			14-Sep-03
Burnison	Anna Mae			15-Sep-03
Burns		Carolyn Ann (Richardson)	22-Apr-03
Burns		Carolyn Ann (Richardson)	21-Apr-03
Burns		Chelson Del			22-Aug-03
Burns		Ella M.				20-Mar-03
Burns		Eva Mae				15-Oct-03
Burns		Haley Navah			15-Sep-03
Burns		Haley Navah			16-Sep-03
Burns		Joan Rosalie			17-Mar-03
Burns		Joan Rosalie			18-Mar-03
Burns		John Thomas IV 'Tom'		01-Mar-03
Burns		Melba L.			09-Jul-03
Burns		Melba L.			10-Jul-03
Burns		Rex Fuller			09-Dec-03
Burns		Rose 'Lil Rose'			05-Sep-03
Burns		Shari L.			01-Aug-03
Burns		Theresa A. (Pinaire)		27-Feb-03
Burns		Theresa A. (Pinaire)		28-Feb-03
Burns		Theresa A. (Pinaire)		01-Mar-03
Burnside	Clyde O. Jr.			29-Dec-03
Burnworth	Margaret J.			25-May-03
Burough		Ruth L.				01-Mar-03
Burr		Floyd E.			22-Aug-03
Burr		Russ				02-Nov-03
Burr-Lovitt	Sarah Alice			10-Aug-03
Burris		Earl J.				05-Oct-03
Burroughs	Kermit A.			07-Mar-03
Burrows		Joshua Keith			25-Oct-03
Burt		James Derek			05-Feb-03
Burt		James G.			15-May-03
Burt		Maude A.			23-Dec-03
Burton		Ivan W.				31-Mar-03
Burton		Louisa Zelma (Hood)		17-Feb-03
Burton		Louisa Zelma (Hood)		18-Feb-03
Burton		Nada B.				15-Dec-03
Burwell		Jean Rachael			20-Apr-03
Busby		Albert Lee Roy II		18-Feb-03
Busch		Melvin				31-Oct-03
Busch		William J.			16-Jan-03
Busch		William J.			17-Jan-03
Bush		Boyce 'Bernie'			26-Jul-03
Bush		Boyce 'Bernie'			27-Jul-03
Bush		Jacob L.			18-Apr-03
Bush		Lucille M.			24-Mar-03
Bush		Margaret 'Peggy' Wakefield	22-Apr-03
Bush		Peggy Joan			24-Dec-03
Bush		William Joseph 'Bill'		30-Aug-03
Bush		William Russell 'Bill'		23-Apr-03
Bushyhead	Jesse James			05-Aug-03
Busick		Clifford A. Jr. 'Pinky'		10-Oct-03
Busick		Frances A.			02-Jan-03
Buss		Jimmie Jr.			31-May-03
Buss		Mary Loraine			10-Feb-03
Buss		Pansy E.			16-Jul-03
Bussart		William 'Jim'			07-Oct-03
Bussart		William James 'Jim'		08-Oct-03
Bussart		William James 54		09-Oct-03
Bussey		Lynette E.			28-Jan-03
Bussey		Lynette E.			29-Jan-03
Buster		S. Walter			06-Mar-03
Butcher		Gerald R. 'Jerry'		10-Oct-03
Butcher		James N.			18-Nov-03
Butcher		Michael E.			24-May-03
Butcher		Ruth D.				28-Nov-03
Butcher		Stephen J.			18-Jul-03
Butler		Anastasia C.			10-Mar-03
Butler		Frank P.			21-Oct-03
Butler		Imogene				20-Apr-03
Butler		Jacob Lee (Sgt.)		12-Apr-03
Butler		Mary Elizabeth			13-Dec-03
Butler		Ruth F.				19-Mar-03
Butler		William Byers 'Bill'		01-Dec-03
Buttenhoff	Karl Floyd			16-Sep-03
Butterfield	Lydia E.			16-Jan-03
Buttermore	Edith Luella			01-Jun-03
Butz		Lois E.				01-Aug-03
Butzin		Donald Eugene			04-Aug-03
Byer		Sammuel Steven			22-Jul-03
Byer		Sammuel Steven			21-Jul-03
Byers		Larry R.			27-Jul-03
Byers		Lila May (Manuel)		01-May-03
Byrd		Brenda Mae			30-Mar-03
Byrd		Freddie L.			15-Nov-03
Byrd		Otha Lee Jr. 'Lee'		26-Jan-03
Byrne		Brendon Shawn			29-Aug-03


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