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1891 Directory

Wichita, Kansas


Mt. Olivet Commandery No. 12, K. T.
Regular meetings first and third Fridays of each month. O. B. Stocker, E. C.; I. H. Hettinger, Gen’mo; Geo I. Ross, Capt. Genl; H. L. Gordon, Prelate; Geo L. Pratt, S. W.; J. T. Dorsey, J. W.; C. A. Walker, Treas; J. A. Hollinger, Recorder; E. Dumount, Sentinel.

Wichita Council No 12, R. S. M.
Regular meetings the second Tuesday of each month. J. H. McCall, T I M; C. M. Jones, Depty
I M; G. I. Ross, P C o H; L. D. Skinner, Treas; F. W. Sweet, Secy; J. T. Dorsey, Steward; Wm Wesshoft, Sentinel

Wichita Council No 33, R. A. M.
Regular meeting second and fourth Fridays of each month. Geo L. Pratt, H P; Geo I. Ross, K; J. S. Cole, S; Chas Frank, Treas; H. L. Smithson, Secy; E. Dumount, Guard

Wichita Lodge No 99, A. F. and A. M.
Regular meeting first and third Mondays of each month at Masonic Hall cor First and Main streets. Geo L. Pratt, W P; John Wilkin, S W; E. E. Bleckley, J W; A. J. Applegate, Secy; L. D. Skinner, Treas; J. C. Walter, Tyler; C. M. Jones, O. B. Stocker, J. H. McCall, J. H. Aley, J. A. Hollinger, Trustees

Ivy Leaf Chapter, O. E. S.
Regular meetings first and third Tuesdays of each month, at Masonic Hall. J. T. Dorsey, W P; Eudora E. Hall, W M; J. J. Fagtley, Secy; D. A. Mitchell, Treas; Mrs. E. A. Whitlock, Cond; May Pearce, Asst Cond; R. Allen Hall, Sentinel


Elmo Lodge of Perfection No 9
Preceptory N E cor First and Market. Ed Goldberg, V M; C. M. Jones, S W; Geo L. Pratt, J W; D. A. Mitchell, Secy.

Wichita Chapter of Rose Croix No 5
Geo I. Ross; W M; R Allen Hall, S W; A. B. Wright, J W; D. A. Mitchell Secy.

Wichita Council Knights Kadosh No 5
C. M. Jones, Preceptor; J. H. Aley, First Sub; Thos G. Fitch, Second Sub; D. A.. Mitchell, Secy.

Wichita Consistory No 2, S. P. R. S.
J. Giles Smith, Com; C. E. Martin, 1st Lieut; George I. Ross, 2nd Lieut; R. A. Hall, Chancellor; D. A. Mitchell, Secy; C. A. Walker, Treas.


Wichita Division No 5
Regular meetings first and third Wednesdays at Getto Hall, 4th floor, S W cor Second and Main
A. J. Applegate, P C T; R. J. Morgan, C T; A. J. Brown, A C T; W V Powell, Secy & Treas; F. W. Miller, Guard

I. O. O. F.

Wichita Encampment No 29
Regular meetings second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at Odd Fellows Hall, Temple Block
E. W. Forbes, H P; U. J. Mathey, C P; C. L. Stansel, S W; Frank Dunkin, J W; W. E. Skinner, Rec Secy; A. C. Race, Fin Secy; V Kiefer, Treas; Wm Mathewson and A. J. Applegate, Trustees.

Wichita Lodge No 93
Regular meetings every Friday night at Old Fellows’ Hall where all visiting brethren are welcome.
A. J. Applegate, Noble Grand; C. L. Stansel, Vice Grand; W. E. Skinner, Rec Secy; E. H. Robins, Financ Secy; F. P. Martin, Treas; Wm Mathewson, Nicholas Steffen, and J. T. McMillan, Trustees.

Canton Wichita No 5
Regular meetinngs First and Third Tuesdays of each month at Odd Fellows Hall, Temple Block over 130 n Main. A. R. Clark, Capt; R. Branstetter, Lt; N. Steffen, Ensign; F. Dunkin, Clerk; H. O. Hellar, Asst; W. J. Mathey, Standard Bearer

Elizabeth Lodge No 70 D or R
Regular meetings First and Third Wednesdays of each month at Odd Fellows Hall. Mary Bricker, N G; Emma E. Scott, V G; Mrs. L. N. Woodcock, Rec Secy; A. H. Ward, Fin Secy; Mrs. T. L. Dixon, Treas.

Peerless Hall, old Court House. M. A. Carvin, V C; S. Dunkin, Worthy Advisor; T. H., Harper, Clerk; J. M. Gordon, Banker.

Peerless Lodge Lodge No 271, A O U W
Meets every Wednesday night at Peerless Hall, old County Building, N E Cor First and Main. J. T. Dorsey, M W; William Casey, Foreman; J. C. South, Overseer; E. I. Spencer, Recorder; A. J. Applegate, Financier; M. A. Carvin, Receiver; Trustees, O. J. Taylor, J. T. Dorsey, E. D. Carlton.

A O U W No 22
P M W, J L G Carney; M W, J. H. Shields; Foreman, _____; Overseer, Alfred Goodin; Financier, O. Mulvey; Receiver, J. W. Wallace; O W, J. K. Albert.

A O U W, Degree of Honor
P of C H, S. Dunkin; C of H, Mrs. E. E. Hall; L of H, Mrs. Ellen Fordham; C of C, Mrs. Theresa Schumaker; Receiver, Mrs. Mary L. Dutton; Financier, J. C. Wililams; Ushr, Mrs. Mary Hall; I W, Miss Angie Dutton.
Junita Council No 2, I O R M
Meets Peerless Hall. Albertina Schnitzer, W P; Sadie Mc Kee, W; Della Clark, Proph; S Herman, Pow; Lizzie Tatgerhorst, K of R; Mary Gardener K of W.

Wichita Camp No 12, W O W
C. E. Martin, C Com; W. J. Wilson, A Liet; J. V. Koogle, Banker; E. I. Spencer, Clerk; J. D. Dodson, E; W. A. Minick, Phys; Managers, H. D. Taylor, H. h. Richards, W. W. Ayers.

PC, W. S. Morris; C C, Edw O’Bryan; V C. A. H. Ward; P, Chas Wiel; K of R S, W. A. Hart; M of E, A. C. Jones; M of F, F. A. Gackenback; M at A, M. W. Hallowell; I G, H. Parkinson; O G, Wm Childers; D D G C, J. F. Bennett.

Wichita Lodge No 189
P C, Jno D. Davis; C C, S. B. Amidon; V C, H. M. McCabe; P, L. T. Yount; K of R S, Chas Fechheimer; M of E, J. J. Conly; M of F, P.M. Randall; M at A, A. T. Payne; I G, J. F. Stansbury; O G, G. W. Bennett; E D G C, O. G. Eckstein.


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