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Wichita, Kansas

1891 Directory

Wichita, Kansas


Abbie ave. extension of Volutsia from Central to Thirteenth
Academy ave. extension of Volutsia from 13th to 17th
Academy ave., w s, extension of Grand ave fr Meridian w
Addison st., extension of Park ave from Central to 9th
Adeline st., 37th n of Douglas ave fr Little River e
Agnes st., 36th n of Douglas from Foster ave, e to Wichita
Alice ave., extension of Poplar ave fr 11th to 13th
Allen ave., extension of Mathewson fr Central to 9th
Allman ave., 30th e of Main fr Douglas s to Gilbert
Anderson ave., w s, extension of Webster st, fr Exposition w
Arkansas ave., 5th w of Main fr 17th n to city limits
Ash st, 21st e of Main fr Douglas n to Second
Avenue “A”, is that part of Johnson bet Kellogg and Lincoln
Avenue “B”, extension of Grace fr Kellogg to Levy
Avenue “C”, extension of Kirk ave fr Kellogg to Howard
Bayley st, that part of Henry fr river e to Market
Beacon ave., 13th w of Main fr 11th to 17th
Bernice ave., extension of Minnesota fr 2nd to Pine
Bettie ave., 27 n Douglas fr Arkansas ave e to Ohio ave
Bishop st, extension of Minneapolis fr Pine to 12th
Bitting	 ave., 8th w of Main fr 10th to 12th
Blaine st, 7th n  Douglas fr Ohio e to Cleveland
Bluff	ave., 39th e of Main fr Douglas n to Central
Buffum ave., 6th w Little River fr Andrews w
Bonn st, 17th w river fr Maple
Boulevard ave., follows w bank of Little River fr 13th to 19th
Briggs ave., extension 10th st w to Big Arkansas
Brook ave., 20th e of Main fr Douglas s to Kellogg
Bryant st, 36th e of Main fr Central n to 9th
Burns ave., 10th w Main fr 17th n
Campbell ave., extension of Mathewson fr 17th to 25th
Campbell ave., w s, extension Osage fr Maple s
Carter ave., 3rd w Little River fr Park ave n
Carey ave., 17th n Douglas fr Little River e
Carlos ave., 9th w of Main fr 10th to 12th
Central ave., 4th n of Douglas fr river e
Charles ace., 16th w river fr Anderson to Maple
Chateau ave., extension of Crane ave fr Lincoln s
Chatauqua ave., 30th e of Main fr Douglas n to Olive
Cherokee st, 2nd n Douglas w s, fr river to Seneca
Cherry st, extension of Indiana fr 9th to 21st
Clara ave., extension of High st fr Hydraulic to Stites ave
Clark st, 20th s of Douglas fr river e to Hydraulic
Cleveland ave., 13th e of Main fr Douglas n
Clifton ave., 36 e of Main extending fr Central to city limits
Columbia ave., 2nd w Little River fr 21st n
Cooledge ave., 11th w Little River fr Andrew n
Cooley st, that part of 25th fr Little River e to Guthrie
Cowper st, 37th e of Main fr Central n to 13th
Crown st, 2nd w Little River, from 17tht n
Dayton ave., w s 7th s Douglas fr river w
Decatur ave., 6th w of Little River, fr 21st n
Delaware ave., 3rd w Little River fr 21st n
Dickens st, extension of Moser ave fr Central n to 13th
Division st, extension of Waterman fr Washington to Hydraulic
Dodge ave., 8th w of river from cedar to Maple w s
Dort, 10th west of Little River from Andrews n
	Douglas ave., extending east and west to city limits. It is the basis of numbering on all streets, running north and south.
Eagle st, extension of Walnut fr 5th to Cleveland
Edgar st, extension of Penn fr Pine to 9th
Eighteenth st, 18th n of Douglas fr Little river e
East Indiana ave., extension of Orme st fr Park ave to East st
Eleventh st, 11th n of Douglas fr Little River e to Hillside
Eliza ave., extension of Kirk fr Hudson s
Elizabeth ave., extension of Avenue “F” fr Francis to Hudson
Elliott ave., extension of Poplar ave fr 9th to 11th
Ellis ave., 14th e of Main fr Douglas s
Elm st, 5th n of Douglas, fr Riverview to Fifth ave
Emmerson st, extension of Bluff ave fr Central n
Emporia ave., 4th st e Main extends n and s to city limits
Erie st, extension of 25th st from Little river e
Erie st, 29th e of main, fr Douglas s to Kellogg
English st, 2nd s of Douglas fr river e to 5th ave
Estelle ave., 27 e of Main, extending fr Kellogg to Thirteenth
Everett at, 18th w of river fr Mentor s
Ewing ave., extension of Mathewson fr 9th to Seventeenth
Exchange ave., 4th of Little river fr 21st n
Exposition ave., 9th w of river, fr Cedar to Maple
Fairmount ave., extension of Park ave fr 13th n
Fairview ave., is that part of Wichita st bet 13th and 17th sts
Fannie ave., 15th e of Main fr Douglas s
Faulkner ave., 7th w Little river, fr Andrews n
Fern ave., 12th w of river fr Glenn’s
Fifth ave., 6th e of Main extends n and s to city limits
Fifteenth st, 15th n of Douglas, extends fr Little river e
First st, next n of Douglas ave fr river e
Fisrt st. extension of Ash fr Second to Cental
Florence ave., extension of Pennsylvania fr 9th to 13th
Forest ave., 11th w of Main fr 10th to 12th
Fourteenth sr., 14th n of Douglas fr Little river e
Fourth ave., 5th e of Main, extends n and s to city limits
Frances st., 17th s of Douglas fr river e
Franklin ave., extension of Walnut fr Little River w
Franklin ave., 23rd s of Douglas fr river to city limits
Frisco ave., extension of Park fr Hillside ave e
Garden st, part of Walnut fr 5th ave. to Hydraulic
Garland ave., 8th w Little river fr 13th n
Getto ave., extension of New York ave fr 9th to 13th
Gilman ave., 5th w of little river fr Park ave n
Gilbert st, 9th s of Douglas fr river e to Avenue N
Glenn ave., 15th w of river fr Anderson s to city limits
Goethe ave., extension of Estelle fr 13th n
Gold st, 5th w of Main fr Howard to Francis
Gordon ave., extension of New York ave fr 13th to 17th
Grace ave., 18th e of Main fr Douglas s to Kellogg
Grand ave., ws extension of Cherokee fr Seneca to Meridian
Grandview ave., extension of Walnut fr Hydraulic e
Green ave., 26th st e of Main extending fr Central to Kellogg
Greeway st, that part of Kellogg fr river e to Fifth
Grove st, extension of Pennsylvania ave fr Pine to 9th
Grove st., 24th e of Main running n and s fr Central to Kellogg
Guy ave., extension of Ash st fr 11th n
Hancock st, 2nd s of Douglas, w s fr Martinson to Meridian
Harney ave., 5th w Little river fr 21st n
Henry st, 7th w of Main fr 3rd to Elm
Henry st, 12th s of Douglas fr river e
Herbert ave., extension of Minneapolis fr 12th to 21st
Hewitt ave., extension of Walnut w s fr Maple
High st, 23rd n of Douglas fr Little river e to 4th ave
Highland ave., extension of Oak fr Hydraulic e
Hillside ave., 32nd, e of Main running n and s to city limits
Hinton ave., 4th n of Douglas fr 5th ave to Mead
Hiram ave., 16th w of river fr Maple e
Holyoke ave., 33rd e of Main fr 13th n to city limits
Hood ave., 7th w of river fr 17th n
Howard st, 15th s of Douglas fr river e to city limits
Humboldt ave. extension of Poplar fr 13th n
Hunter st, that part of Lewis fr Washington e to Hydraulic
Huron st, w extension of High st fr Little river w
Hydraulic ave., 16th e of main running n and s to city limits
Ida ave., 11th e of Main fr Douglas ave s
Indiana ave., 12th e of Main fr Douglas n to Central
Indianapolis st, 8th s of Douglas fr river e to Pattie ave
Lincoln st, w s 4th n of Douglas fr river e to Exposition
Litchfield ave., 8th w Little river fr Andrews n
Locust st, 22nd e of Main n of Douglas to Second
Lorraine ave., extension of Moser ave. fr 11th to 17th
Louie ave., extension of Grove st fr Hodson s
Lulu ave., 13th e of Main fr Douglas to Franklin
McCormick ave., 9th s of Douglas w s, fr river w
Jackson st, 4th w of Main extending fr Walnut n to city limits
James st, 8th st w of Main fr 3rd to Elm
Jeanette ave., 2nd w Little river fr 13th to 17th
Jefferson ave., 6th w of Main fr 10th to 12th
Kellogg st, 6th s of Douglas fr river e
Kinkaid ave., 21st s of Douglas fr river e
LaFayette ave., w extension of 21st fr Little river e to Water
Larimer ave., 7th w of Main fr 10th to 12th
Laura ave., 11th e of Main fr Douglas s to Franklin
Lawrence ave., 2nd e of Main extends n and s to city limits
Levy st, 19th s of Douglas fr river e to Oliver ave
Lewellen ave, extension of Sherman st fr 10th to 13th
Lewis st, 4th s of Douglas fr river e to Washington
Lincoln st, 11th s of Douglas fr river e to city limits
Mabel ave., is that part of Estelle bet Central and Oak
Madison ave., 35th e of Main fr Gilbert to Henry
	Main st, extending n and s to city limits. It is the basis of numbering on streets running east and west.
Maple st. extension of Prince fr Grove st e
Maple st, 3rd st s of Douglas fr river w
Market st, 1st e of Main extends n and s to city limits
Martinson ave., 10th w river fr Cedar s
Mathewson ave., 15th e of Main fr Douglas n to Central
Mead ave., 7th e of Main extends n and s to city limits
Mentor ave., 4th s of Douglas w s fr Elizabeth to Meridian
Meridian ave., 22nd w of river running n and s to city limits
Milwaukee ave. is that part bet 21st and 23rd
Millwood ave., 13th w river fr Glenn s
Minneapolis ave., 19th e of Main fr Douglas n to Second
Minnesota Ave., 20 e of Main fr Douglas n to Second
Mona	ave., extension of Poplar fr Central to Oak st
Morris st, 5th s of Douglas fr river e to 5th ave
Moser ave., 38th e of Main running from Central to Henry
Mosely ave., 8th e of Main running n and s to city limits
Motor ave., 9th w of Little river fr 13th n
Mt Vernon ave., extension of Royston fr 13th to 17th
Mulberry st, 5th s of Douglas w s, fr river to Martinson
Myers ave., 22nd n Douglas fr Arkansas ave e to Dold’s pkng house
New York ave., 15th e of Main n of Douglas to 9th
Ninth (Park) st, 9th n of Douglas fr Little river e to city limits
Nineteenth st, 19th n of Douglas fr Big river e to city limits
North ave., extension of Minnesota fr Pine to 9th
Oak st, 2nd w river fr Cherokee to Maple
Ohio ave., 11th e of Main fr Douglas n to Cyrus ave
Olive st, 6th w of Main fr 20th to 22nd
Orchard st, extension of Oak, w s fr Maple to Mulberry
Orme st, 5th s of Douglas fr river e to Park ave
Osage ave., 3rd w of river fr Cedar w to Texas ave
Osie ave., 16th s of Douglas fr river e tot Oakwood ave
Palisade, 4th street w of Main, from Harry s to Frances
Park ave., 34th e of Main running n and s fr Central to Levy st
Park Place ave., is that part of Water st bet 13th and 17th
Park st, 9th n of Douglas fr Little river e to Hillside ave
Parker ave., extension of Cowper st fr 13th n
Pattie ave., 12th e of Main fr Douglas to Franklin
Payne ave., 9th w of Little river fr 17th n
Pearl ave., extension Sherbourn fr Frances s
Pearl st, 1st n Douglas w s fr river to Dodge
Pear st, that part of Henry fr Topeka to Fifth ave
Pennsylvania ave., 16th e of Main fr Douglas to Pine
Piatt ave., extension of Ash st fr Pine to 11th
Pierce ave., 10th w of Main fr 10th to 11th
Pine st, 6th n of Douglas fr Little river e to Fifth ave
Plum st, extension of Indiana fr Central to 9tht
Poe ave., 5th w little river fr 17th n
Poplar st, 25th e of Main fr Douglas to Kellogg
Porter ave., 9th w of Little river fr Andrews n
Power st, 21st w of river fr Douglas s
Price st, 1st s of Douglas e of William fr Washington to Brook
Royston ave., 29th e of Main fr Douglas n to Central
Riddell ave., extension of Spruce fr 10th n
Second st, runs n and s bet 2nd and Central e to short st
Sedgwick ave., extension of Minnesota fr 9tht w
Seneca st, 7th w river fr Cedar s
Seventeenth st, that part of Carey ave fr Hydraulic e
River st, 4th w Main extending from Pine st s to city limits
Riverside ave., fr w end Park n w to Buffman ave
Riverview ave., is that part of River st bet Elm and 2nd
Rochester ave., is that part of Jackson bet 13th and 15th
Schiller ave., extension of Green ave fr 13th n
Second st, 2nd no of Douglas ave fr river e
Shelton ave., 6th w of Main fr 22nd to 25th
Sherman st, 5th w of Main extending fr 2nd to Elm
Short st, extension of Locust fr 2nd to Central
Sherwood ave., 5th w of Main fr 13th to 17th
Sixteenth st, 16th n of Main fr little river e
Skinner st, 18th s of Douglas fr river e to Linden ave n
Spaulding ave., 4th w of river fr Park ave n
Spruce st, 23rd e of Main fr Douglas to Central
St. John st, extension of Minneapolis fr 2nd to Pine
Stephens st, 6tht w of Main fr 3rd to Elm
Stites ave., extension of Grove fr Central n
Stover st, that part of Park fr Washington ave to Cleveland
Strong ave., extension of Locust fr 13th n
Sycamore st, 1st w of river running n and s 
Tarsy ave., 4th w of little river fr 13th to 17th
Tenth n of Douglas fr Little river e
Texas ave., 1st st s of Douglas w s fr river w to Elizabeth
Third st, 3rd n of Douglas fr river e
Thirteenth st, 13th n of Douglas fr Little river e
Topeka ave., 3rd e of Main, extends n and s to city limits
Twentieth st, 20th n of Douglas fr Little River e
Twelfth st, 12th n Douglas fr Little river e
Twenty-first st, 21st n of Douglas fr Little river e
Twenty-fifth st, 25th n of Douglas fr Little river e
Twenty-sixth st, 26th n of Douglas fr Decatur e
Tyler ave, same as Stites ave
University ave., 5th s Douglas, w s fr Martinson to Garfield University
Vassar ave., extension of Bryant st fr 13th n
Volutsia ave., 28th e of Main extending fr Kellogg to Central
Wabash ave., 10th e of Main fr Douglas n
Waco st, 3rd w of Main extends n and s to city limits
Walnut st, 8th n of Douglas fr Little river e to Hillside
Walnut st, ws, 6th w of river fr Cedar to Maple
Washington ave., 9th e of Main n and s to city limits
Waterman st, 3rd s of Douglas fr river to Washington
Webster st, 3rd n of Douglas, w s fr river to Exposition
Wheeler st, 15th s of Douglas w s, fr river w
William st, 1st s of Douglas fr river e to 15th
Wichita ave., 5tht w of river fr Cedar to Maple
Wichita st, 2nd w of Main extending n and s to city limits
Woodland ave., extension of Kirk fr Frances to Hodson
Woodland ave., 3rd w of Little river fr 13th n
Woodman ave., w extension of Twelfth bet rivers
Wynonna ave., is that part of Estelle fr 2nd to central
Yale ave., extension of Myres e to Stites ave
Zimmerly st, 13th s of Douglas fr river e
ab .........................above  n ..............................north
agt ........................agent  ne ........................north east
asst ...................assistant  ns ........................north side
atty ....................attorney  nw ....................... north west
av ........................avenue  off............................office
bdgh ..............boarding house  opp .........................opposite
bds .......................boards  opr ........................ operator
bet ......................between  phys .......................physician
bldg ....................building  photog ..................photographer
bkpr...................bookkeeper  plast ......................plasterer
blk ........................block  p o ......................post office
carp ...................carpenter  pres .......................president
clk ........................clerk  prop ......................proprietor
co .......................company  r ..........................residence
contr .................contractor  rlest ....................real estate
cor .......................corner  rms ............................rooms
dau .....................daughter  s ..............................south
dlr .......................dealer  sec ........................secretary
dom .....................domestic  Sedg ........................Sedgwick
Doug ..............Douglas avenue  se ........................south east
Dr ........................doctor  serv .........................servant
e ...........................east  supt ..................superintendent
gen ......................general  sw ........................south west
harnmkr ............harness maker  st ............................street
imp ...................implements  stu ..........................student
ins ....................insurance  tel ........................telephone
lab ......................laborer  wks ............................works
lum .......................lumber  ws .........................west side
mnfr.................manufacturer  whol .......................wholesale
The word “street” or “avenue” is implied.

Aandon, John, waiter 113 e Douglas
Aaron, Sam’l, wagon maker r 837 n Ohio
Aaron, Solomon, laborer r 837 n Ohio
Abbett Harry, farmer r 919 e Third
Abbett, H. Winslow, minister and teacher r 919 e Third
Abbett, Miss Minnie, r 919 e Third
Abbott, Henry, gardener r 1149 n Cleveland
Abbott, Joseph, r 1321 s Main
Abel, Mrs.. Margaret, r 225 s Lawrence
Abele, F. W., Bkpr. Chicago Lumber Co., r 225 Ohio
Abernathy, Sam, laborer 1140 w Mead
Able, Joseph, works Munger & Co. Poultry yard r 333 n Fifth
Able, Joseph, laborer r 343 n Fifth
Able, Robert, laborer r 343 n Fifth
Able, William, Laborer r 417 n Fifth
Ackerman, Frank J., sand merchant r 604 w Second
Ackerman, Joseph, r 606 w Second
Ackerman, Mary, r 606 w Second
Ackerman, F. L., (Slade & Ackerman) rms 218 s Emporia
Adams, A., Engineer r 703 e Central
ADAMS & ADAMS attys above 107 e Douglas
Adams, Al, works 213 e Douglas r 719 s Market
Adams, Miss Anna r 223 n Mosley
Adams, Chas L, druggist r 355 Riverview
Adams, C. F., Sr., teacher S. B. College r 1604 e Hunter
Adams, C. F., Jr., Bkpr. Bennett r 1604 e Hunter
Adams, Edward L., farmer 3r 311 s Emporia
Adams Express Co. 120 n Market
Adams, Fred, driver L. C. Jackson r 912 e Decatur
Adams, Geo. W., (Adams & Adams) r 327 n Lawrence
Admas, H. E., trav. Salsm. R 1604 e Hunter
Adams, L., laborer r 935 n Mead
ADAMS, J. F., lawyer 130 n Main bds. 436 Riverview
Adams, John W., Adams & Adams, bds. 237 n Market
Adams, L. E., r 503 S Hewitt w s
Adams, Miss Maude, student S W B Col. R 703 e Central
Adams, O. O., clerk Hotel Carey
Adams, R. C., cooper cor. 1st and hydraulic r cor. 19th and Washington
Adams, Thos. L. works Coronado club, r 430 Wichita
Adams, Tony, plumber 121 w Douglas
Adams, Wm., marble cutter r 913 s Topeka
Adamson, H. C. Carpenter car works r 3531 n Fourth
Adamson, J., gardener r 637 Ohio
Addington, H. I., Feed store 318 n Main r 1515 n Emporia
Addis, Miss Nettie, milliner Munson & McNamara
Addis, Miss Nettie, r 3458 n Fourth
Ades, Cornelius, student Business col. R 138 n Emporia
Ades, Miss Etta, r 138 n Emporia
Ades, Miss Daisy, r 1245 n Market
Adkins, J. M., teamster, r 1805 Fannie
African M E Church, 525 n Water
Agnew, James B., laborer r 916 n Cleveland
Aherene, P.P. Mngr. Kans. Pol. Asso. R 1156 n Wichita
Aherene, Miss Helen r 1158 n Wichita
Ailsworth, Miss Gertrude r 1050 n Mosley
Ainholtz, Fred, laborer r 1451 Barwise
Ainholtz, Gus, laborer r 1445 Barwise
Alameda Park 428 e Skinner
Albert, Chas. O., brick layer and carpenter r 704 w Thirteenth
Albert, Martin, brick layer r 704 w Thirteenth
Albert, Miss Ida, r 704 w Thirteenth
Albert, Jno K, contractor r 1417 n Boulevard
Albert, Leroy r 216 Lulu
Aldendifer, Geo. M., window trimmer r 432 n Topeka
Aldrich, B. W., (A Swentzel Drug Co., ) Moser and Douglas
Aldrich, Miss Lillian M., copyist with J. T. Ludlum 201 n Main
Aldrich & Swentzel Drug Co., 110 e Douglas
Alexander, A. S. conductor MO PAC r 216 n Waco
Alexander Bros. grocers 1149 s Lawrence
Alexander, Geo. W., works Kansas Pump Co., r 126 n Fourth
Alexander, Harrison, porter at Occidental
Alexander Horace, gardening r 310 w Elm
Alexander, J., shoemaker r 1146 n Topeka
Alexander, Miss Jennie, domestic r 700 n Fourth
Alexander, John D., contractor r 1343 n Waco
Alexander, J. H., carpenter r 1724 s Ellis
Alexander, Miss Lucy, dressmaker r 1146 n Topeka
Alexander, P. H., pressman r 1146 n Topeka
Alexander, R. N., (Alexander Bros.) R 1149 s Lawrence
Alexander, Thompson, cattle dealer r 1145 Munnell w s
Alexander V. L., teacher, bds. Womans Exchange
Alexander, W. K., grocer r 830 s Emporia
Aley, Claude, r 1505 Fairview
Aley, Fred D., bkpr. Wichita Water Co., bds 412 w Central
Aley, J. H. Insurance 220 e Douglas r 1505 Fairview
Aley, Omrah, student r 1505 Fairview
Alford, Mrs. L. E., r 252 Waco
Allcock, Hulda, laborer r 1339 Pattie
Allen, A. S., Produce House 725 n Main, b 806 e Oak
Allen, Ara, 856 e 9th
Allen, A. W. restaurant 242 n Main, r 811 n Marker
Allen, Arthur, E 407 e Central
Allen, B. D., realestate, r cor. Osie and Ida
Allen & Co., poultry, r 725 n Main
Allen, Chas., (McNees & Allen) r 602 n Washington
Allen, C. C., r 427 n Market
Allen, Chas. H., 602 n Washington
Allen, D. R., gardener, r 2057 n Waco
Allen, E. B., physician abv 4011 e Douglas, r 457 n Market
Allen, Edgar B., student State University, r 457 n Market
Allen, Edward, 742 s Fourth
Allen, Edward T., realestate Sedg blk, r 326 n Park ave
Allen, John A., trav. Salsmn Lehman & Higginson grocer Co., r 512 Waco
Allen, J. Ed., travels for L. Hays, r 617 n Water
Allen, J. M., realestate, r 229 n Topeka
Allen, John, traveling salesman, r 512 n Waco
ALLEN, J. P., druggist 108 e Douglas, r 353 n Lawrence
Allen, J. W., grocer 1230 e Douglas, r abv 1230 e Douglas
Allen, Josephine r 824 n Fourth
Allen, Miss Maggie, domestic, r 630 n Wichita
Allen, Mrs. M. E., r 255 n Lawrence
Allen, Mrs. M. R., r 400 s Fourth
Allen, Nathan, laborer, bds 124 s Fourth
Allen, Noah, atty, r 329 n Fourth
Allen, Noah, Sr., retired, r 228 n Mead
Allen, Miss Nora, wsahwoman, 856 e Ninth
Allen, Miss Pearl, r 400 s Fourth
Allen, Perry, laborer, r 807 n Market
Allen, Mrs. R. M., washing, r 856 e Ninth
Allen, Mrs. Tessa, r 628 Wabash
Allen, T. A., barber, 911 n Market
Allen, Wm., works Commercial Hotel, r 400 s Fourth
Allen, William, works Pacific Express Co., r 537 s Main
Allen, W. S., driver Pac. Ex. Co., rms 203 n Main
Allhands, Mrs.C. F., dressmaker, r 218 e First
Allison, C. H., photographer abv 151 n Main r 1024 Lewellen
Allison, Miss Emma, r 1024 Lewellen
Allison, James, (D. M. Kirkbride & Co.) R 1227 University
Allison, J. B., photo’pher abv 151 n Main r 1024 Lewellen 
Allison, J. Albert, clerk at Hettinger Bros., r Zimmerly blk
Allison, J. M., huckster, r two doors s of Twenty-eighth and fifth
Allison, L. J., painter
Alloway, J. R., wks Ark. Valley Fence Co., r 425 James
Alinbust, G. W., carpenter, r 3346 n Waco
American Express Co., 103 w Douglas
American Fire Ins. Co. of NY, N. F. Neiderlander & Co.
American Fire Ins. of Phila, N. F. Neiderlander & Co., agts
“AMERICAN WINDOW TRIMMER”, A book being published by The Leader Printing and Publishing Co., 220 n Main, upon the subject of Dry Goods Window Trimming and Store Decorations. Sample pgs free. Call or write. 
Ames, Wilton, carriage maker, r 519 w Douglas
Amidon, Miss Rebecca, teacher, r 530 s Topeka
Amidon, Miss Nellie M., Harburg & Amidon, r 530 s Topeka
Amidon, R. S., r 530 s Topeka
Amidon, Samuel B., (Sankey Campbell & Amidon) r 530 s Topeka
Anawalt, Benjamin, stenog. R. I. L. Co r 1109 n Topeka
Anawalt, E. H., mngr R. I. L. Co, r 1109 n Topeka
Anawalt, H. F., Interstate Fuel Co. r 1125 Carlas ave
Anawalt, Lulu, 1109 n Topeka
Anawalt, W. M., with R. I.. L. Co. r 1109 n Topeka
Anderson, A., student S B. College 637 n Fourth
Anderson, Miss Annie, r 702 n Waco
Anderson, Augustus, con. MO PAC R. Y. r 424 w Elm
Anderson, Burr, coachman, r 302 n Topeka
Anderson, Burrell, janitor, r 3335 n Mosley
Anderson, Charles, laborer, r 335 n Mosely
Anderson, Clifford, horseman, r 702 n Waco
Anderson, Giles, r 817 s Water
Anderson, Miss Lulu, stenog Huttig Bros., r 1456 n Fourth
Anderson, John, student, r 520 hio
Anderson, Mrs.L., artist, r 1454 n Fourth
Anderson, Lee, cook, r 607 e Central
Anderson, Lewis, porter Citizens Bank, r 817 s Watere
Anderson, Miss Susie, student, r 520 Ohio
Anderson, Syl, teamster Finlay Ross, r 821 n Water
Anderson, Minnie, r Morris block
Anderson, W. H., Anderson Bros., bds Commercial Hotel
Anderson, Wm. M., atty with Dale & Wall, rms 637 n Fourth
Andres, Margurite, domestic, r 3326 e Douglas
Andrews, C. E., r 1407 s Lawrence
Andrews, Chas. H., Stone & Andrews, r 12166 s Main
Andrews, G. P., carpenter, r 1503 n Mead
Andrews, H. H., realestate, r 1257 s Hydraulic
Andrews, Jacob S., r 423 s Lawrence
Andrews, John, clerks J. R.,Hollidays, r 423 s Lawrence
Andrews, Miss Kalie, r 831 n Mead
Andrews, Miss Laura, r 426 e Central
Andrews, Miss Lulu, r 423 s Lawrence
Andrews, Silas, painter, r 423 s Lawrence
Ano,  S. T. rms 305 s Water
Ansbro, John, section foreman S. F. R. R. r 710 e Oak
Antill, Miss Nina, r 257 e Second
Antinia, Joseph, cook 214 n Main
Antrim, James, policeman, r 320 s Main
Applegate, A. J., (A. & Mallory) r 1344 s Main
Applegate & Mallory, Abstractors and Conveyancers, west entrance of Court House
Arb, Mrs. Frederica, domestic, Germania Hotel
Arb, Miss Tennie, domestic, Germania Hotel
Arcade Dry Goods House 139 n Main
Architectural & Structural Iron Wrks (Steward I. Wrks)
Arey, E. E., wks Kansas S. P. B. Co., 546 w Douglas
Arey Furniture Co., 255-259 n Main
Arey, W. A., prop Arey Furniture Co., r 735 n Gilman
Arkansas V. F. Co., 109 n Wichita, E. Soderstrom prop
Arkush, Sol, ticket broker, Manhattan Hotel, bds Manhattan Hotel
Armantrout, Lottie, 437 s Osage w s
Armstrong, Carrie, domestic, r 1313 n Emporia
Armstrong, Miss Emma, r 619 e Williams
Armstrong, frank r 715 Bond w s
Armstrong, Mrs. H. E., r 319 w Second
Armstrong, Miss J., domestic, 1031 n Lawrence
Armstrong, Lidia, domestic, 1313 n Emporia
Armstrong, Miss M., domestic, r 1031 n Lawrence
Armstrong, Nathan, wks K & P C Co., r 402 n Seneca w s
Armstrong, R. G., fireman hose 1, r 249 n Lawrence
Armstrong, Mrs. S. E., opr, telphn off., r 319 w Second
Armstrong, Wm wks Ice factory, r 402 n Seneca w s
Arner, R. E., wks 117 ½ w Douglas, r 238 s Water
Arnett, L. S., stock dealer, r 1104 n Emporia
Arnholz, Fritz, wks Stewart I Wks, r 1451 Barwise
Arnholtz, Mrs. J., r 250 Ida
Arnley, C. E., Laborer, r 639 Ohio
Arnold, Mrs. D. C., dressmaker, r 713 s Market
Arnold, F. J., rles’t and agt Mercantile Co. Sedg. Blk, res 207 Lulu
Arnold, F. M., Neal & Arnold, r 318 s Topeka
Arnold, J. J., auctioneer, r 1027 n Water
Arnold, Mrs. Lucy, r 248 Laura
Arnold, S. M., horse dealer, r 318 s Topeka
Arnold, Wm r 309 s Fifth
Arrick, Miss Maude, dressmaker, r 244 n Market
Arrick, Ross, r 510 s Hewitt w s
Arrow The, Lon Hoding Editor and Pub. 414 e Douglas
Arthur, Joseph W., realestate, r 516 n Waco
Arthur, Minnie, 1430 n Emporia
Ash, Miss Irma, Clerk Eagle, r 231 Ellis
Ash, Joseph, atty and rels’t abst’ 116 n Market r 231 Ellis
Ashenfelter, Wm H., clerk Steele & Walker, r 207 s Topeka
Ashford, Sam, wks Tank Line Co, r 628 e Central
Ashton, S. C., r 911 n Topeka
Askrem, David, wks Whittaker Packing H. r 727 e Oak
Aspey, Amos, brick mason, r 731 Robert w s 
Aspey, Frank A., brick mason, r 731 Robert w s 
Aspey, Lewis, Dep’ty Sheriff and Agt Humane Society, r 412 n Washington, off at Police Headquarters
Atchison, George, plasterer, r 204 Laura
Atkins, Henry, machinist, r 3727 n S ave
Atwater, J. M., r 624 s Fern w s 
Atwater, Fred E., r 624 s Fern w s
Atwater, Mable B., r 624 s Fern w s 
Auchmoody, Miss Ida S., 16601 Emporia
Auchmoody, W. H., carpenter, 1601 Emporia 
Aauener, Adolph, tailor, r 948 s Market
Austin, John M., wks S. F. yards, r 108 s Fourth
Austin, W., laborer, 821 Eagle
Avery, C. R., r 217 Mathewson
Avery, Wm, horseshoer, 120 n Lawrence, r 224 n Osage w s 
Axtell, John H., tanner, r 705 n Wichita
Ayres, Mrs. A. C., r 407 n Lawrence 
Ayres, Eva M., r 854 s Martinson w s  
Ayres, Thos. 230 s Millwood w s 
Ayres, W. A., wks clk. Dist. Court, r 854 s Martinson w s 
Ayres, W. N., retired, r 854 s Martinson w s 
Ayres, W. W., clerk District Court, r 854 s Martinson w s 
Aylesbury, Chas., Alesbury Mercantile Co., r 1136 n Market
Aylesbury Mercantile Co., 145 n Emporia
BABB & MONTAGUE (W J B & J Y M) Attys-at-law, Rooms 12 and 14 over 144 n Main
Babb, Miss Etta, r 1508 e Division
Babb, Miss Laura, r 1508 e Division
Babb, Levi, teamster, r 1508 e Division
Babb, W. J., atty rms 12-14 144 n Main, r 1432 Fairmount
Babcock, F. A., r 828 n Meridian
Babcock, Geo., knight watch R. I. Dpo bds Lindell hotel
Babcock, S. G., gen agt Wm Deering & Co, office 123 w Douglas, bds Carey
Bachtel, H. J., carpenter, r 515 s Hewitt w s
Backes, John, wks Whitakkers Pkng H., r 632 n Emporia
Bacon, Miss Della, seamstress, bds 321 n Topeka
Badger, E. B., County Coroner office in Court House, r 703 n Water 
BADGER LUMBER CO, 551 w Douglas
Badley, Minor A., wks S. F. yards r 302 s Washington
Baehr, Joseph F., druggist 331 e Douglas, r 435 s Lawrence
Bagby, Elizabeth A., seamstress, r 214 n Seneca w s 
Baher, Isom, harnessmaker, 121 e Douglas, bds abv 115 s Lawrence
Bailey, Miss Ada L., stenog Lombd. Mg. Co. r 838 s Topeka
Bailey, Mrs. Alice, r 326 s Main
Bailey, Arthur G. wks 223 e Douglas, r 838 s Topeka
Bailey, Fred L., mngr Mut Proctn And, rm 17 fletcher blk, rms cor Third and Topeka
Bailey, Geo. W., brick mason, r 339 Water
Bailey, J. H., wks W. Elec. R. Y. r 1002 n Waco
Bailey, John, cattle buyer Dold P. H. bds Exchange Hotel cor Eighteenth and Emporia
Bailey, J. T., with Slade and Ackerman, r 838 s Topeka
Bailey, L. S., teacher, rms abv 146 n Main
Bailey, Miss Pauline, dressmaker r 1216 s Fifth
Bailey, W. B., lawyer, 116 n Main, r 206 n Minnesota
Bailey, Wm E., hous mngr Potts Drug Co, r 838 s Topeka
Bailey, Wm T., mechanic, r 1415 Strong ave
BAILEY, W. BENJ attorney-at-law, abv 118 n Main
Bain, John, asst bkpr Johnston & Larimer, r 412 Riverview
Bair, Samuel, mechanic, r 332 n Washington
Baird, Andrew, Sec’y Y M C A, r 340 n Topeka
Baird, Calvin L., teacher, r 3575 e Central
Baird, D. C., r 3575 e Central
Baird, Miss Mary H. teacher
Baird, R. H., farmer, r 3575 e Central
Baker, Mrs. Catherine, r 1211 e First
Baker, Mrs. Emeline, r 406 n Walnut w s 
Baker, E. S., r 1851 n Lawrence
Baker, G. A., teamster, r 211 s Exposition
Baker, Mrs. Geo., r 713 w Central
Baker, Geo. E., clerk in Dist. Clerks office, bds 535 n Market
Baker, Miss Helen, milliner, r 243 Pennsylvania
Baker, Henry, expressman, r 428 n Water
Baker, Herman E., r 1851 n Lawrence
Baker, I. F., harnessmaker, 121 e Douglas, rms 217 s Market
Baker, Mrs. James, r 538 n Emporia
Baker, James, atty rm 507 Sedg. Blk r 1010 n Washington
Baker, Mrs. M. A., r 243 Pennsylvania
Baker, M. H., farmer, r 320 s Martinson w s 
Baker, Mrs. Mary C., r 944 n Topeka
Baker, W. H., ticket broker Manhattan, r 308 s Market
Baker, Wm A., laborer, 1235 e Blaine
Baker, Wm L.,grain dealer, r 1149 Laura
Baker, Wm, laborer, r 1211 e First
Baker, Z. T., agt Studebaker in Sedg blk, r 339 n Market
Balderston, Jacob M., judge Court of Common Pleas, r 713 n Emporia
Balding, Wm, laborer, r 1433 Schiller ave
Baldock, Albert, r 1340 n Hillside
Baldock, Geo. P., r 1340 n Hillside
Baldock, James, farmer, r 1340 n Hillside
Baldwin, A. E., fireman Hose 2, bds 238 n Topeka
Baldwin, Chas, photographer, r 121 s Lawrence
Baldwin, Edward, wks W. & W. roundh’se, r 240 Ida
Baldwin, Mrs. Effa, r abv 219 s Main
Baldwin, E. H., r 1437 s Topeka
Baldwin, Fred, photographer, r 1843 s Hydraulic
Baldwin, Geo. W., wks W. & W. rnd house, r 240 Ida
Baldwin, H. H., tele operator, r abv 219 s Main
Baldwin, N, (Baldwin & Son) r 121 s Lawrence
Baldwin, N. W., r 435 s Main
Baldwin & Son, photographers, 118 e Douglas
Bales, Mrs. M. B., grocer 129 e Thirteenth
Ballance, Chas., gen agt N. Y. Life Ins. Co, r 1157 n Lawrence
Ballance, Miss Jessie, studnt high school, r 1157 n Lawrence
Ballance, Miss Mabel, teacher Irvin school, r 1157 n Lawrence
Ballard, Al, hostler, W. F. & C. Co, rms 338 s Emporia
Ballard, Albert L., Laborer, r 1447 Sherwood
Ballard, Louis M., painter, r 1503 n Woodland
Bamberger, A., Clthng store 316 e Douglas, r abv 211 n Fourth
Bamberger, Mrs.A., music teacher, r abv 211 n Fourth
Bamberger, J. F., french kitchen, 215 n Main
Banfill, C. A., laborer, 841 e Oak
Banfill, G. W., laborer, r 841 e Oak
Banfill, L. R., laborer, r 841 e Oak
Bank, Wm, supt cooper shop, bds Exchange hotel cor Eighteenth and Emporia
Banks, Thos., janitor, r 816 n Water
Banks, Mrs. Esther, r 217 New York
Banker, J. S., Campbells who sal grocy, r 407 s Topeka
Banker, W. E., bkpr Kellogg News. Union, r 1111 n Getto
Banner Meat Market, 335 n Main, B Dawson prop
Baptist Church, cor Tenth and Emporia
Baptist Church african, 231 n Mead, J. W. Price pastor
Baptist Church (First) Y M C A blk cor 1st and Topeka
Barackman, R. L., teacher, bds 412 n Lawrence
Barber, Mrs. E., 115 n Charles w s 
Barber, E. A., jeweler 915 w Douglas
Barber Shop Wilkins, 605 e Oak
Barbe, Chas, laborer, r 816 n Cherry
Bard, T. Wallace, bage mstr R. I. R. Y. r 233 n Mosley
Barbrick, J. N., laborer, r 331 Ellis
Barger, J., wks St Car Co, r 625 n Main
Barger, Missy M, r 625 n Main
Bargett, S. J., blacksmith, cor Macon and Twenty-ninth
Barker, Wesley, laborer, r 415 n Water
Barkhurst, Clint E., Wilson & Co mt mrkt r 221 n Wabash
Barkimer, Geo. F., piano turner, r 215 n Fourth
Barley, Joseph H., engineer cor Tenth and Wichita, r 1002 n Waco
Barley, Thos H., printer Beacon off r 1002 n Waco
Barlow, B. A., letter carrier, r 1303 e Douglas
Barlow, Augustus, papr hngr Bishops papr store, r 1434 n Fourth ave
Barlow, N. A., clerk 150 n Market, r 1443 n Fourth
Barlow, W. E., carrier, 14 P. O.
Barnett, H. C., carpenter car wrks, r 3502 n Fourth
Barnett, Jess M., blacksmith car wrks r 3202 n Fourth
Barnett, Minnie M., r 3502 n Fourth
Barnes, Eli E., realestate, r 505 w Fifteenth
Barnes, E. R., r 6215 s Hiram w s 
Barnes, Frank M., gardener, r 229 Ida
Barnes, Fred, clerk S. F. depot, r 530 s Seneca w s 
Barnes, J. A., wks Car wks, r 3643 n Fifth ave
Barnes, Miss Jessie r 229 Ida
Barnes, Oscar D., druggist 206 e Douglas, r 401 n Lawrence
Barnes, M. P., retired, r 407 n Lawrence
Barnes, Simon T., farmer, 204 n Seneca
Bares, Vernon V., wks Dolds P.H., r 501 w Fifteenth
Barnhill, F. E., stenog and bkpr Consolidated Tank Line Co, r 414 w Central
Barr, John, Speculator, r 229 Ida
Barr, John, carpenter, 1046 n Mosley
Barrett, Leonard D., carpenter, r 222 n Moser
Barrett, Milissa B., r 222 n Moser
Barnett, S. L., r 203 s Clarence
Barrick, Joshsua, coal dlr, r 216 New York
Barringer, Mrs.Emma, house kpr, r 847 e Oak
Barrisch, J. O., drayman, 618 e Douglas
Barrow, J. H., con st R. Y. r 1549 n Fourth
Bart, Wm F., r cor Third and Moser
Bartel, Daniel, carpenter r 1427 s Emporia
Bartels, Mrs. Maggie, nurse, r 416 Stephen
Barth, Gustave, bakr S. F. bakery, r 328 n Mosley
Barth, Gustave, Jr., bkr S. F. bakery, r 328 n Mosley
Bartholomew, Mrs. B. E., r 1507 Wabash ave
Bartholomew, D. E., laborer, r 1547 Wabash abe
Bartholomew, F., wks Peerless Laundry, bds abv 321 n Market
Bartholomew, Geo, realestate bds 321 n Topeka
Bartholomew, Joseph, laborer, 1547 Wabash ave
Bartholomew, P. M., laborer, r 1547 Wabash ave
Bartlett, C. H., wks W. Nov. works, r 434 Ida
Bartlett & Co, (U. G. B. & W. CG. Hamrick), grocers 1201 Douglas
Bartlett, H. S., wks cob pipe factory r 434 Ida
Bartlett, Miss Katie r 434 Ida
Bartlett, Miss Mabel, 434 Ida
Bartlett, U. G, Barlett & Co, r 434 Ida
Bartlett, Wm, broom maker 1101 e Douglas, r 610 s Topeka
Barton, Jessie G., student, rms Louis Acadamy
Barwise, A. S., commission merchant off stock yards r 730 e Thirteenth
Barwise Grain & Commission Co, rm 210 Sedgwick blk
Barwise, J. E., r 730 e Thirteenth
Barwise, Mary, r 730 e Thirteenth
Bash, Miss Laura, dressmaker, r 145 s Park ave Col Hill
Bashore, Daniel, (Pioneer Pro & Com Co) 913 Washington
Basley, Alfred, capitalist, 721 n Topeka
Bass, Dr. S. A., r abv 1022 w Douglas
Bateman, F. P., brick moulder, r 624 n Water
Bateman, Vernon O., wks car wks, r 3502 n Fourth
Bates, Geo, hotel runner, cor Topeka and Twenty-first
Bates, John E., express, r 218 s Water
Bates, S. C., r 246 Matherson
Batson, Edward, carpenter, r 321 n Walnut w s
Battenfield, H. S., brick mason, r abv 1104 w Douglas
Batty, John, repairer car wks r 3451 n fifth ave
Baughman, Miss Editht, r 811 Pattie
Baughman, John W., mngr transfer Co, r 209 n Hillside
Baughman, Paul, clerk R. I. Lumber yard r 811 Pattie
Baum, Joseph liveryman, r 254 s Emporia
Bauam, Max, clerk Boston store, r 423 s Emporia
Baum, Miss Mary, r 223 s Emporia
Baum, Thos, carpenter, r 1747 Palisade
Baxter, Geo. W., teamster r 826 e Oak
Baxter, Edward r 242 n Main
Bayer, Fred H., barber 321 e Douglas, r 305 n Market
Bayless Block 145-147-151-153 n Emporia
Bayley, T. A., civil engner and survyr r 1603 Palisade
Bayman, John, wrks at Stewardt Iron Works
Bayne, S. T., carpenter, r 1421 s Water
Baynum, Miss Dell, r 401 n Topeka
Bays, Mrs. Margaret, housekeeper r 305 s Fourth
Beach, E. E., trav salsman, r 1139 n Lawrence
Beach, Harry, painter, r 1126 n Topeka
Beacon Job Printing Company 121 n Market, Smith & Moore props
Beagle, John C., printer Eagle off bds 418 n Topeka
Beal, Chas., trav salesmn, r 226 Matherson
Beals, A. N., eng S. B. Co, 546 w Douglas
Bean Blackmore & Co., Live Stock Commission merchants Wichita Union Stock Yards
Bean, Eli, laborer, bds Union hotel
Bean, Robt T., com mercht stock yds, r 1924 Arkansas ave
Bean, W. R., real estate, r 1126 Carlos
Beard, Frank, laborer, r 1054 n Fifth
Beard, Henry, fireman Frisco yds, r 816 n Washington
Beard, Sophronia, laundress, r 1054 n Fifth
Beasley, G. L., photographer, 1354 n Wichita
Beatty, Chas., teamster, Ice factory
Beatty, L. W., painter, r 344 n Washington
Beatty, Wm, trav salsm, r rms 22-23 Fletcher blk
Beaudette, Urban S., shoe maker e Oak, r 1509 n Mead
Beaver, Miss Corra, Stenographer, r 157 n Topeka
Beaver, J. A., wks Yungmeyer Bros, rms 132 n Topeka
Beaver, John, clerk r 203 n Lawrence
Beaver, Joseph, gardener, r 157 n Topeka
Beaver, Mrs. Joseph, boarding hs, r 157 n Topeka
Beaver, Miss Stella, stenog high school, r 157 n Topeka
Beaver, Katie, milliner, 157 n Topeka
Beaver, Miss Millicent, stenog, r 157 n Topeka
Beberic, Joseph, baker, bds 452 Riverview
Bechtold, Conrad, pastor German Lutheran church r 506 e Indianapolis
Beck, Mrs. Flora,, bds Occidental hotel
Beck, Jno B., Prop Occidental hotel
Beck, Miss Mary, laundress, r 337 n Main
Beck, Miss Nellie, r 1224 n Bitting
Beck, W. N., r 1224 n Bitting
Beckel, C., r 1013 s Mosley
Becker, Chas M., printer Beacon off, r cor Fifteenth and Goethe
Becker, Frank, r 217 Indianapolis
Becker, Joseph, shp clk 121 e Douglas, r 222 n Waco
Becker, S., carpenter, r cor Fifteenth and Goethe
Beckman, Geo, hair boss P. H., bds Union hotel Twenty-first and Topeka
Beckerman, J. H., agt Munger & Co, poultry yds, cor First and Mead, r 1201 Ida
Beckwith, O. H., gardener, r 3027 e Central
Beebe, Frank, brick mason, r 407 n Main
Beekman, Mrs. Carrie, r 2015 Shirley w s 
Beers, L. M., bds 157 n Topeka
Beeson, E. R., laborer, r 149 Mathewson
Beeson, Monroe, horse dealer, r 221 Pattie
Beffel, Mrs. A., r 158 n Mosley
Belcher, Jno W., reg clerk P. O. r 437 s Main
Belcher, Mrs. Nancy, r 515 s Hydraulic
Belcher, Warren, agt Burlington Ins. Co, r 515 s Hydraulic
Bell, Arthur, wks Alesbury Mercantile Co, r 135 Ida
Bell, Chas E., realestate, 203 n Main, r 1446 Orange
Bell, Chas H., printer, r 1136 w thirteenth
Bell, Mrs. D. M., r 2015 Shirley w s 
Bell, Fred, farmer, r cor Caroline and Brinley w s 
Bell, Geo, farmer, r cor Caroline and Brinley w s 
Bell, I. N., r 1407 e Division
Bell, J. W., laborer, r 833 Eagle
Bell, J. W., wks Hotel Goodyear
Bell, John, laborer, r 614 n Wichita
Bell, John R., farmer, r 1515 Ida
Bell, Jos M., farmer, r cor Caroline and Brinley w s 
Bell, Miss Laura, r 833 Eagle
Bell, Laura M., msc tcher 416 n Market, r 2015 Shirley w s
Bell, Miss Lora, Mozart msc schl, r 2015 Shirley w s
Bell, Miss Nora, r 135 Ida
Bell, Oliver, laborer, r 833 Eagle
Bell, W. T., barber, 833 Eagle
Bellas, T. R., architect, r 1557 Humboldt
Bellesen, S. J., cook, r 232 Waco
Bellew, J. F., r 516 s Emporia
Bellman, Fred A., tailor, r 312 Riverview
Beker, John, r 1037 n Cleveland
Beker, Joseph, r 1037 n Cleveland
Beker, Michael, r 1037 n Cleveland
Benbow, P. T., washing machines 1308 e Hunter, r Fannie and Division
Benhoff, Henry, machinist, bds Union hotel cor Twenty-first and Topeka
Benn, Edward, lumber dealer 208 Sedg, r 730 n Lawrence
Benn, Miss Lillie, r 613 w Central
Benn, Miss Lulu, r 613 w Central
Benn, John A., R. R. Inspector, r 826 Eagle
Benn, William, wks Crystal Ice Co., r 613 w Central
Bennett, Chas, hack business, r 1121 e Douglas
Bennett, Frank, bds Hotel Metropole
Bennett, Geo. W., plumber, r 125 s Oak w s
Bennett, Dr. J. E., physician and Surgeon abv 143 n Main, r 604 s Lawrence
Bennett, J. F., clerk, R. I. Lumber Co, rms 301 w Douglas
Bennett, Mrs. Millie, seamstress, 628 n Wichita
Bennett, Richard R., tailor, 408 e Douglas, r 232 w Morris
Bennett, Miss Sarah, r 322 n Wynona
Bennett, W. G., telegrapher, r 240 Indiana
Benninghoff, Kenoyer & Co, Live Stock Commission merchants rm 11 Exchange bld
Benscheidt, Herman, prop Vinegar wks, r 214 Pennsylvania
Benson, Bell, domestic, 1344 n Topeka
Benson, J. A., dept cons J. P. off abv 152 n Main, r 421 Ida
Benson, Miss Minnie, domestic, r 627 Wabash
Benson, Stephen B., wks City Mills, r 326 s Mosley
Bentley, E. W., (B. & Ferguson) r 401 n Water
Bentley, James, r 1225 s Lawrence
BENTLEY & FERGUSON, (F. W. B. & C. V. Ferguson), office 405 Sedgwick blk
Bentley, J. C., (O. H. & J. C. Bentley), r 1025 n Topeka 
Bentley, O. H., atty, (Bentley & Bentley) 1042 n Topeka
Bentley, O. H. and J. C., lawyers abv 137 e Douglas
Bentley, P. M., grocer, 1117 s Lawrence, r 1225 s Lawrence
Benton, E. C., engineer, r 436 n Fourth
Benton, Eli, thresher, r 436 Wichita
Benton, Levi, thresher, r 436 Wichita
Benton, Miss Lydia, teacher, r 4363 Wichita
Benton, Ora, foundryman, r 436 Wichita
Bennick, Miss Carlie, r 410 s Fourth
Bernoll, Henry, wks Dolds P. H, r 1459 Sherwood
Berberich, Frank, wks Wichita bottling wks, r 314 Ohio
Berberich, Joseph, baker at S. F. r 452 n Riverview
Berdine, Edward W., printer, r 333 s Main
Berdine, Geo W., (Puckett & B.) r 333 s Main
Bergen, Geo, floor walk Boston store, bds Occidental 
Berger, Mrs. Carrie, rms 608 s Emporia
Berger, Miss Celia, dressmaker, r abv 211 n Fourth
Berger, Katie L. domestic, r 407 e Douglas
Bergman, Geo W., wholsal grocy s Market, r 1121 Bitting
Berk & Co, drugs 601 e Douglas
Berk, James B., (B & Co.), r 208 s Topeka
Berker, Frank, r 217 Indianan
Berry, David, teamster Huttig Bros., r 414 n Washington
Berry, Geo, drives Rogers tranfer. rms 631 n Market
Berry, Ira, engineer Frisco R. R., r 1105 e Oak
Berry, Miss Lulu, stenog S. F. freight off, rms 36-37 Firebaugh blk
Berry, Mrs. Mina, Boarding 11015
Berry, Mrs. Olive, nurse, r 242 n Market
Berry, Peter, laborer, r 626 Riverview
Berry, S. A., mngr Keith & Perry Coal Co, 116 n Market
Berry, W. H., tmstr for Lehman & Higginson r 631 n Market
Berry, Wm, prop Exchange stable, r 618 n Topeka
Bert, Frank S., r 1333 s Emporia
Bert, Miss Jessie, r 1333 s Emporia
Berton, Sallie A., r 1409 s Topeka
Bertche, Miss Anna, r 628 e Central
Bertsche, Joseph, railroader, 229 n Fourth
Bettigo, W. P., laborer, 1521 n Lawrence
Bettis, J. S., eng, r 124 s Fourth
Bettis, Mrs. Maggie, dressmaker, r 812 n Water
Betts, A. H., tailor, r 236 n Washington
Betzen, Miss Anna, wks Douglas ave house
Beumer, James A., auctioneer, r 211 s Topeka
Beumer, Miss Lydia E., music teacher, r 123 n Estelle
Beutler, Miss Mary, domestic, r 401 n Lawrence
Beverlard, S. P., wks Burton car wks, r 344 n Fourth
Beverly, Miss Libbie, nurse, e r 533 n Fourth
Beverly, Miss Mary, domestic, r 533 n Fourth
Bibbee, G. M, (B. & Foote), bds Hotel Carey
Bibbee & Foote, Phys abv 601 e Douglas
Bickler, ______ , student S. B. Col., bds 426 s Topeka
Bicknell, L. W., minister, r 720 w Douglas
Bicky, John, wks restaurant, 215 n Main
Biddle, C. F., Life Ins. agt, r 207 n Lawrence
Biddle, Mrs. Nancy, r 3314 n Mead
Biddleman, W. E., green hs small fruits, r 2103 e Kellogg
Bidwell, Mrs. Amanda, r 252 Wabash
Bidwell, Edwin, driver Wich stm laundry, r 252 Wabash
Bigelow, Chas E., wks Kas S. P. B. Co, r 220 s Fourth
Bigelow, Edw E., bkpr Soliday Bros., 127 n Market r 1633 Lulu
Biggie, Miss Mary, dressmaker, r 333 n Market
Biggs, Miss Evaline, r 323 s Emporia
Biggs, Miss Mary, waiter Lindel hotel, r 323 s Emporia
Biggs & Spriege, (R. J. B. & Saml S.), butchers 921 e Second
Biggs, R. J., r 824 Lulu
Bilchenback, Wm, stock dealer, r 1410 s Fifth
Bilderback, W., horse dealer, 213 w Douglas r 1410 s Fifth
Billinger, John C., farmer, r 418 s Lawrence
Billinger, Orville E., bkpr, r 418 s Lawrence
Billings, Jas. W., painter, r 1001 e First
Billings, Mrs. Rachel, r 236 n Mosley
Billings, Samuel, live stock Com Merchant stock yards r 1951 n Water
Billings & Williams, live stock Com Merchants
Billingsler, J. M., wholesl grain & fuel, r 1617 Fairmount off 24 Zimmerly Blk
Billingsly, S. S., 521 n Emporia, Com Merchant
Billman, Henry, wks H. Schnitzler r 928 s Topeka
Bingham, Miss Lula, domestic 938 n Wichita
Bingham, Mrs. Pennley 938 n Wichita
Binckley, May, r ab 155 n Emporia
Binckley, Herbert, r 3576 e Central
Binckley, S. L., Carriage maker r 1651 s Lulu
Bird & Adams, lawyers, ab 130 n Main
Bird, Louis, locomotive engineer r 333 n Main
BIRD, NICHOLAS, (Bird & Adams), 626 n Emp.
Birdsell, Rufus, r 403 n Walnut w s 
Birdsell, W. A.,Miner 403 n Walnut w s 
Bish, David, plast r 116 Pennsylvania
Bish, Seldon W., plast 116 Pennsylvania
Bishop, Frank T., (W. T. Bishop & Sons), r 717 n Emp
Bishop, Harry W. (W. T. Bishop & Sons), r 438 n Topeka
Bishop, J. A., wall paper, paints oil & glass 150 n Market bds Carey
Bishop, Mrs. Ennie, r 903 e Third st
Bishop, W. P., r 903 e Third
Bishop, W. T., (W. T. Bishop & sons) 603 n Topeka
BISHOP, W. T. & SONS, (Wm T. B., F. T. B., H. W. B.) Manfrs and Jobbers of fine cigars, s w
	 cor of Main & First st
Bissantz, Miss Amelia, r 301 Water
Bissantz, Fred, r 422 n Main Baker Bon Ton
Bissantz, Jacob A., (Bizzantz & Mathews) r 301 n Water
Bissantz, Miss Lena, r 301 n Water
BISSANTZ & MATHEWS (J. A. B. & G. G. M.) Hardware, stove cutlery etc, 123 e Doug
Bitting, A. W., r 1157 n Topeka (Bitting Bros.)
BITTING BROS, Whol & Retail Clothiers, Hatters, and Furnishers 127 & 128 E Doug
Bitting, C. W., (Bitting Bros.) 815 n Lawrence
Bitting, Lewis, 616 n Lawrence retired merchant
BITTING BLOCK 126 & 128 E Doug, Cor Market and Doug Office Rooms on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor heated by steam
Bitts, Miss May, wks Lindell Hotel
Bivins, Miss Iness, nurse r 825 n Washington
Bivins, Miss Minnie, domestic r 1016 n Topeka
Bivins, Mrs. Mollie, laundress r 825 n Washington
Bixby, Chas W., brick mason r 824 S Wichita
Bixby, Geo R., opr W U T Co r 824 s Wichita
Bixby, V. W., carp r 218 w Morris
Bixby, W. A., Supt Water Co 517 n Waco
Black Chas, porter Manhattan Hotel
Black, Robt, Prop Manhattan Hotel
Black, Franklin, r 424 n Millwood w s 
Black, H. W., prop Riverside Stables 414 e Doug r at same
Black, Jas H., V. P. W. W. grocer Co r 309 s Lawrence
Black, J. H., wks at Manhattan rms 119 s Emp
BLACK, J. T., Dealer in Coal and Feed 617 w Doug Tel 180 r 424 N Millwood w s
Black, Mary L., 424 n Millwood w s 
Black, Mrs. Sarah L., r ab 414 w Douglas
Black, W. C., laborer, r 720 n Market
Black, W. C., Gen col r 157 n Topeka
Blackburn, Miss Anna, wks A. J. Cook r 3212 e Central
Blackburn, Frank, r 115 Ida
BLACKWELDER & HOLBROOK, (Geo H. B. & W J H ) Real Estate, Insurance and Loans 202 & 304 Sedgwick Blk Tel no 135
Blackwelder, Geo H. (B & Holbrook) r 1825 n Water
Blades, J. W., Jr., produce dealer r 736 s Lulu
Blades, Jas W., produce dealer r 736  Lulu
Blades, John w., butcher r 737 Lulu
Blades, Miss Nora E., clk Cooper’s drug store r 736 Lulu
Blades, Sadie, milliner r 137 Pattie av
Blake, Earl, lawyer with O’Bryan & Stansbury r 155 ½  n Emporia
BLAKE, F. K., Attorney at law. Practices in all courts. Rooms 507 and 511 Sedgwick Block
Blake, F. K., lawyer rm 507-511 Sedg Blk r 313 Martinson w s 
Blake, Jerry, stone mason 1303 s Mosley
Blake, Oscar, r 703 n Market
Blakely, Miss Elenor, dressmaker, r 927 e Central
Blakely, Miss Lydia, dressmaker, r 927 e Central
Blakely, John M., carpenter r 927 e Central
Blakely, J. W., barber, r 217 New York
Blakely, Wm, farmer, r 927 e Central
Blakely, William F., liveryman, r 319 e Waterman
Blakemore, J. B., live stock Com Mer, r 1957 n Emporia
BLAKER, CHAS, clerk for Ford & Ford the Reliable Grocers, r 444 Riverview
Blaker, Isaac B., real estate, r 448 Riverview
Blakerman, ______, fish dealer, r 1401 s Washington
Blakey, J. W., barber, r 217 New York
Blanchard, Albert D., gunsmith 119 e Douglas, r 419 Stephen
Blanchard, E. C., r 1645 s Lawrence
Blanchard, Z. S., r 1645 s Lawrence
Blanke, Louis, wrks Packing H, r 1919 n Water
BLANKENSHIP, MRS. M. E., Prop Exchange Hotel, Stck Yds
Blankenship, Robt, r cor Mosley and 21st
Blasdel, Major, (Wichita Inplemt Hs) r Maize, Kansas
Blase, Albert, shoemkr, r 437 n Main
Blase, Charley, second hand clothes and junk dealer r 437
Blase, Henry, shoemkr, 437 n Main
Bleckley, E. E., Passenger and Ticket Agt MO Pacific Ry 120 n Main, bds Hotel Carey
Bliss, D. J., carpenter, r 423 s Main
Bliss, H. A., clk New York store, r 330 s Lawrence
Bliss, Minnie Miss, r 423 n Main
Block, Michael, real estate, rm 12 Fechheimer building
Bloss, Chris, blcksmth I26 s Main r 817 S Main
Bloss, George, r I020 S Lawrence
Blood, Henry, railroader, rms 243 Wichita
Blume, Prof C. H., director Shaw’s Orchestra and music teacher, r 512 e Second
Blundell, Wm C., cooper Dolds P.H., r 1431 n Market
Board of Education Sedgwick Block
Board of Trade, Geo L. Rouse Pres, H. L. Pierce Secy, J. O. Davison Treas
Boaz, Frank, teamster Mahan Bros, r 116 s Mosley
BOAZ & GILL, Undertakers and Funeral Directors, 327 e Douglas
Boaz, F. P., wks Mahan Bros, rms 116 s Mosley
Boaz, R. B., laborer, r 116 s Mosley
Boaz, S. S., (B & Gill), r Indiana
Bobbett, Miss Willie, teacher, 1307 e Oak
Bock, B., (Courtney & B. ), r 312 Ohio
Bock, Jos, paper hanger, r 614 s Lawrence
Bock, Valentine (Courtney & B), bds 312 Ohio
Boden, Emel, r 2103 e Kellogg
Boden, Adolph, laborer, r 1103 Carlos
Boden, Henry M., blacksmith, 711 e Douglas
Boggs, James, carpenter, r 3407 n Fourth
Boggs, John, Laborer, bds 410 s Fourth
Bohannon, Mrs. Mary, grocer, r 420 Riverview
Bohr, Henry, laborer, r 131 Pattie
Bolick, Rebecca, r 940 s Water
Baltwood, Robt, cigar maker, 816 w Douglas
Boltjes, John, stone mason, r 1124 s Water
Bond, Ira M., produce dealer, r 655 Fannie
Bond, Sylvanus, laborer, 655 Fannie
Bond, W. H., r 234 s Mosley
Bon Durant, J. T., tel opr, 515 s Sycamore w s 
Bon Durant, W. E., trav agt MO Pac, r 515 s Sycamore w s
Bon Durant, ____, agt MO Pac w s, r 515 s Sycamore w s
Bone, Dr. G. A. W., phys and Surgeon, r abv 151 n Emporia
Bone, Louis A., carpenter car wks, r 3354 Mead ave
Bonnell, Miss Kate, teacher, rms 576 s Topeka
BON TON BAKERY AND CANDY KITCHEN, Fine Candies, Ice Cream, Brean, Cakes and Pastry, 254 n Main, Fee Delivery, N Steffen, prop 
Booher, John, farmer, r cor Ida and Harvy
Boone, Miss Fannie, r 1057 n Market
Boone, Mrs. N. M., r 1057 n Market
Boone, W. H., atty (Huston & B) r 1057 n Market
Borden, F. C., carpenter, r 1422 s Fourth
Boren, Ada, r 338 n Wichita w s 
Borland, T. V., stock buyer, r 1504 n Lawrence
Bormann, Chas, r 347 n Grove
Bormann, chas, undertaker, r 418 Sherman
Bormann, Miss Clara, clerk, r 418 Sherman
Bormann, Miss Emma, dressmaker, r 418 Sherman
Borstover, G., shoemaker, 211 e Douglas, r 1100 s Wichita
Bort, Miss Lydia F., dau Wm F. B., r cor Third and Morse
Bort, William F., r Third and Mosley
Bosley, C. H., cattle dlr, r 858 Martinson w s 
Boston Bakery, 823 Douglas ave w s 
Bostick, _____, real estate, r 1014 s Lawrence
Boston Shoeing Shops, L Stippich prop, 327 w Doug
BOSTON STORE, Wholesale & Retail Dry Goods, Millinery, Boots & Shoes, 103 to 109 e Doug, Wallenstein & Cohn props
Bott, Mrs. Anna, r 1113 s Emporia
Botts, Thomas B., fireman, 441 Sherman
Botts, Samuel, laborer, r 401 Sherman
Bottjer, Fred, gardener, r 1403 e Gilbert
Bottjer, Fred W., flour packer City Mills, r 409 s Sheridan
Boughton, Fred W., photographer, r 707 Hinton
Boughton, Mrs. Lillie, r 207 n Lawrence
Bourgette, Mrs. A. M., r 331 n Lawrence
Bourgette, Miss Ellla, stenographer, r 331 n Lawrence
Bourgette, Jas B., typewriter and bkpr, r 331 n Lawrence
Bourman, Miss Emma, milliner M & McN, r 418 Sherman
Bouton, Mrs. E. A., dressmaker, r 426 e Central
Bouton, Edward, grocer, 2400 e Central, res same
Bowers, E. S., mngr Postal Telegraph Co, r 1102 e Doug
Bowers, George, with Daniels Bros, r 520 s Topeka
Bowers, L. W., shoemaker, r 1528 e Douglas
Bowers, Michael, stone cutter, r 316 s Emporia
Bowers, Mrs. S. B., r 205 s Fourth
Bowers, S. I, telegraph opr, 1541 Goethe ave
Bowers, Wm Y., weigh master, r 1012 e Doug
Bowman, B. F., Champion Carriage Wrks, 117 n Mosley, r 1206 s Lulu
Bowman, Canady, laborer, r 232 h Lawrence
Bowman, Harry B., clk Eagle, r 1206 s Lulu
Bowman, Elisha, r 817 s Water
Bowman, Joseph, bkpr Ice Factory, r 1502 Fairmount
Bowser, Geo W., cashr Mass Mutual Life Ins Co, r 232 n Topeka
Boyce, M. W., r 324 1/2 n Main
Boyd, A., laborer, r 313 n Mead
Boyd, A. D., carrier P O, r 426 s Main
Boyd, Dr. B. Y., Phys and Surg., ab 155 n Main
Boyd, J. M., real estate, t 449 n Main
Boyd, John, wks City Hotel
Boyd, Miss Mabel, r 426 s Main
Boyd, O. L., barber, r 816 n Water
Boyd, T. F., dentist, off ab 113 e Douglas, r 944 s Topeka
Boyd, W. C., butcher at Union Meat Market, 330 n Main
Boyer, Harvey L., teamster Hydraulic Mill, r 125 s Hydraulic
Boyer, J. H., tinner car wrks, r 3643 n 5th ave
Boyer, John, carriage maker, r 517 w Douglas
Boyle, David, grain buyer, r 139 n 4th
Boyle, J. A., clerk Metrpole
Bozarth, E. W., r 1857 s Lawrence
Bozarth, J. D., farmer, r 1715 s Mead
Bracken, A., hide dealer, 536 w Doug, r 503 s Hewitt w s 
Bracken, C. H., r 503 s Hewitt w s 
Bracken, Handley, wholesale candy, 703 n Main
Bracken, Wm, wrks, 703 n Main, r 157 n Topeka
Braddy, Herman, cooper Packing H, r 18th and Emporia
Bradford, rmsted, wrks Eagle Cornice Wrks, r 337 s 4th
Bradshaw, Geo A., trader, r 1237 s Lawrence
Bradshaw, Mollie, laundress, r 1207 e Douglas
BRADSTREET COMMERCIAL AGENCY, J. V. Daugherty, attorney, off ab I35 n Market
Brady, Wm, r 1745 n Market
Bragg, John, Shoemaker, 1745 Jackson
Braitsch, C., shoemaker, 120 e Douglas, r 534 Riverview
Braitsch, Emil, clks C. J. Fletcher, r 527 s Topeka
BRAITSCH, JOHN, Boots & Shoes, Largest and Best Assorted Stock in the City. 120 e Douglas, r 336 s Main
Braitsch, Romain, harnmkr, r 527 s Topeka
Brander, Isabella, r 245 n Topeka
Brandom, M. C., trav Johnston & Larimer, r 1810 Fannie
Brandom, Mrs., tailoress, r 217 n Hydraulic
Brannan, Matthew, blacksmith w s, r 376 n First w s 
Branson, Henry, r 1213 Pierce
Branstetter, Raper, watch maker, 106 e Douglas, r 1219 n Waco
Brandt, R. W., machinist, bds Union Hotel
Brant,  L. J., laundry, 1355 s Main
Brant, Robert, r 1355 s Main
Brasier, Frank, r 936 s Lawrence
Brasier, Lowell, r 131 Ida
Bray & Co, Flour Feed and Coal, 1920 n Emporia
Bray, T. C., r 711 e 16th
Bray, W. T., fireman, r 256 Waco
Breckon, Miss L. E., dressmaker, rm 32 Fletcher block
Breckenridge, R., trav W. T. Bishop & Co, r 538 Emporia
Breed, Sanford N., laborer, r 1509 e Division
Breedlove, L. D., prop “The Fair” 546 e Doug
Breedlove, L. R., bds Packer’s Hotel
Brenaman, Frederic, bds Keystone Hotel
Bren, J. M., laborer, r 1611 s Fifth
Brewer, A. A., bkpr Corner Farnum, r 420 s Emporia
Brewer, D. H., laborer, r 1846 n Wichita
Brewer, Mrs. Eliza T., r 1451 Park Place
Brewer, W. M., r 2413 n Meridian w s 
Brice, Miss Mary, dressmkr, rms 513 s Main
Bricker - Houghton, Mrs. Mary, r 601 n Water
Bicker, Miss Mary, teacher, rms 513 s Main
Bridenbaugh, W. H., lawyer, rm 7 ab 205 n Main
Bridenstine, A., stone cutter, r 625 n Fifth
Bridenstine, A., Jr., drug clk, r 625 n Fifth
Bridenstein, J. M., clk Boston Store, r 631 n Fourth
Bridenstein, L., railroader, r 625 n fifth
Briggs, Calvin G., Clk, r 426 s Water
Briggs, Mrs F. M., r 1639 n Sherwood
Briggs, S., r 1014 s Emporia
Bright, Henry, hostler W O & C Co, r 338 s Emporia
Bright, J. D., car piles and staves, r 3358 Mosley
Bright, John G., ( J. G. Bright & Co.) r 422 w Central
Bright, J G & Co, Produce Commission, 912 e Douglas
Bright, Miss Ollie, r 422 w Central
Briley, F. A., teamster, r 439 s Fifth
Brink, James K., copyist, r 3309 e Twelfth
Brinley, J. B., farmer, 2230 w First
Brissey, W. C., wks Cary Lumber Co, r 443 n 5th
Bristow, George W., mangr Lombard Mortage Co off ab State Nat’l Bank, r 436 Riverview
Britain, John R., con Santa Fe, r 436 s Emporia
Britell, J. T., railroader, r 302 n Market
Britenfield, Columbus, wrks livery barn, r 518 e First
Britenfield, Ella, r 939 n Piatt
Britenfield, Lewis, farmer, 939 n Piatt
Britenfield, Lulu, clk Watson Notion Store, r 939 n Piatt
Britenfield, John, horseman, 939 n Piatt
Britt, Miss Hattie L., student S B Col, r 708 n clevelan
Brittingham, F. M., photographer, 112 e Douglas, bds Tremont
Brittingham, John G., (B & S), photographer, 112 e Douglas
Brittingham & Sawyer (J G B & C E S ) photographers ab 112 e Douglass
Britton, Mart, wks Ks sash & door Co., bds 139 Ida
Broadway, A. C., car sealer Santa Fe depot, r 711 e Central
Brock, M. E., r 1654 s Topeka
Brock, Tilda, r 1654 s Topeka
Brockerick, John, butcher rm 13 ab 251 n Main
Broomwell, W. C., stu S W B College bds 252 n Market
Bronston Israel, buggy washer, r 909 e Third st
Brook, Miss Addie, teacher C Schools 1023 n Emporia
Brook, T. J., 1023 n Emporia
Brook, F. S., clk Steel and Walker, r 1021 n Emporia
Brooks, C. H. (B& Coffin) r 354 Indiana
BROOKS & COFFIN, (C H B and C F C) attys at Law, Zimmerly block
Brooks, F. B. trav salesman r 414 n Water
Brooks, Frank E., 123 S Seneca w s 
Brooks, Dr. H. E., 123 s Seneca w s 
Brooks, Mrs. M. H., r 606 n Washington
Brophy, Jas, speculator cor 4th and 23 street
Brose, J. W., farmer, r 1247 Fannie
Brose, Wm, wks 121 e Douglas, r 1247 Fannie
Browder, Wm, teacher, r 628 s Fern w s 
Brown, Abbie, r 517 n Water
Brown, A. L., (Brown Bros.) 426 e Douglas
Brown, A. J., opr S. F., r 207 Ohio
Brown, Andrew, op S. F. depot, bds 207 Ohio
Brown, Arthur, laborer, r 516 Ohio
Brown, B. K., merchant Pueblo, r 139 n Lawrence
Brown, C. C., marble cutter, 224n Main, r 1056 n Lawrence
Brown, Chas, 424 e Douglas
Brown, Miss Carla, student high school, r 1633 Lulu
Brown, Clyde, stu high school, bds 426 s Topeka
Brown, D. M, atty rm 5 Clement Blk, r 929 n Market
Brown, Edgar, r 1854 n Woodland
Brown, Miss Ella, dressmaker, r 451 n Waco
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth, r 329 s Lawrence
Brown, Emmet, (Brown Bros. ) 426 e Douglas
Brown, Miss France, dressmaker, r 1321 n Fourth
Brown, Frank E., clerk Packers Hotel
Brown, Fred, r 1904 s Ellis
Brown, G. M., prop Fulton Market 512 e Douglas, r 1236 e Douglas
Brown, Mrs. Geo W. , r 243 New York
Brown, J. R., Register of Deeds, r 437 s Osage w s
Brown, J. R., farmer, r 327 s Wichita w s 
Brown, James, r 903 s Wichita
Brown, J. W., Groceries and Queensware, 1103 n Fourth
Brown, Jno F., gardener, r 205 s Millwood w s 
Brown, Jefferson, wks Dolds P H, r 1223 n Fourth
Brown, Miss Kate E., tchr Lewis Acady, r 243 New York
Brown, K. C., wks Dolds P H, r 1223 n Fourth
Brown, L. A., mail agt Frisco Ry, r 437 n Lawrence
Brown, Leo, baker, bds rm 28 Getto blk
Brown, L. D., clerk Merrils shoe store, r 1024 n Washington
Brown, L. H., tailor Miller & H, r 936 n Waco
Brown, Miss Lillie F., Student, r 212 w Third
Brown, Mrs. Lowrenia, laundress, r 1214 n Fifth
Brown, Lulu, stenog, r abv 1107 e Douglas
Brown, Mamie, student high school, r 1633 Lulu
Brown, Mrs. Mary F., r 212 w Third
Brown, Miss Mary M., r 329 s Lawrence
Brown, M. M. E., laundress, r 232 s Lawrence
Brown Military Band room 918 e Douglas
Brown, Miss Nettie, stu high school, r 139 n Lawrence
Brown, Mrs. Nora, bds 259 n Emporia
Brown, O. A., clerk S. F. off, r 530 s Seneca w s
Brown, Mrs. O. O., prop Plazza, 239 n Lawrence
Brown, O. O., r Plazza, 239 n Lawrence
Brown, R. H., restaurant 504 e Douglas, r 146 n Topeka
Brown, R. H., county surveyor, rms 522 s Lawrence
Brown, Miss Rebecca, domestic, r 118 s Emporia
Brown, Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, r 719 n Fourth
Brown, Silas, student, r 329 n Lawrence
Brown, Theodore P., commercial trav, r 708 n Waco
Brown, T. F., sells farm imps, r abv 213 s Main
Brown, Mrs. T. F., dressmaker, r abv 213 s Main
Brown, Wm, r 1213 Pierce
Brown, Wm H., dray, r 936 n Waco
Brown, Wm H., commercial trav, r 1036 n Rogers
BROWN, W. J., Prescription Druggist 142 n Main
Brown, W. S., farmer, r 621 s Glenn
Brown, V. W., farmer, r 516 n Fern
Brownewell, A. S., fireman hose hs No. 1, r 245 n Market
Brownson, Mrs. Harsett, r 228 n Topeka
Brownson, J. M., r 228 n Topeka
Brubacher, Jos a., att-at-law 222 n Main, r 1139 Jackson
Bruce, Dr. J. H., phy and Surgeon 150 n Main, r 455 Waco
Bruce, Miss Katie, seamstress, r 628 n Wichita
Bruder, John, bds Packer’s Hotel
Bruhn, Anton, Deputy Sher’f, 1001 s Wichita st
Bruner, Bessie, stu high school 427 W Ninth st
Brume, Chas, laborer bds 203 bn Emporia
Brummer, Ada, r cor Hancock and Vine w s
Brummer, August, r cor Hancock and Vine w s 
Brummer, John, wks Dold Packing house r 1037 n Allen
Brummer, Otto, laborer r cor Hancock and Vine w s 
Brummett, John, laborer bds 1113 e Douglas
Brunnsman, Robt, porter Leland Hotel
Bruner, Miss Daisy, teacher city schools r 427 w Ninth
Bruner, Miss E. A., r 427 w Ninth
Bruner, Miss Lula, teacher city schools, r 427 w Ninth
Brunner, Wm H., blacksmith, 149 n Water bds 200 w Douglas
Brunswick Stone wks rear 335 w Douglas John Keffer prop
Bryan, Claud B., (Bryan fruit Co) r 324 n Water
Bryan Fruit Co, 239 n Main
Bryan, J. C., (Bryan fruit co) r 324 n Water
Bryan, M. J. (Bryan fruit Co) r 324 n Water
Bryan, Phillip, janitor, Sedg Blk rm 329 Sedg blk
Bryant, Mrs. A.L., r 124 s Lawrence
Bryant, Mrs. Carrie, r ab 124 s Lawrence
Bryant, J. S., wks Bryan fruit cor 416 e First
BUCKEYE MOWERS, BINDERS AND TWINE, for Sale by J. T. Humphrey, 517 west Douglas
Buchannan, Jas, agt for Threshing machines, bds Occidental
Buckenridge, Albert T., Kansas Pump and Plumbing Co, r 1543 Fairview
Buckles, Miss Ruby, dom, 1227 e Davision
Buckley, Fred, (Eagle Cornice wks) r 905 s Main
Buckley, John, 1730 Topeka
Buckley, R. A., laborer, over 908 e Doug
Buckley, Geo O. M., atty, 716 e Central
Buckwalter, Dr. Oliver, Dentist, ab 255 n Main, r 1106 Larimer
BUCKNER, W. T., Probate Judge, r 708 e Central
Buechl, Jos, laborer, 1511 Ida av
Buerhanns, J. C., clk, Corner & Farnum, r 129 n Lawrence
Buffington, M. E., bkpr Davidson Imvstmnt Co, bds 414 w Central
Buford, Miss Anna, wks gro, 129 e 13th over 129 e 13th
Buford, Birdie, r 604 n Market
Buford, Henry, laborer, r 339 n Fifth
Bugbee, Orange, (Bugbee & Wilder), r 1224 s Market
Bugbee & Wilder (O Bugbee O. T. Wilder), grocers, 118 w Doug
Buhr, J. W., laborer, r 746 Lulu
Buhr, M., pro meat market, 611 e Oak
Buhrlage, Lottie, wks Packer’s Hotel
Bukofzer, Saml, grocer, r 825 w Douglas w s 
Bull, E. A., photog 106 n Main, r 1140 McCormick ave
Bull, F. A., cash, Consol Tank L Co r 728 n 4th
Bull, ____, wks Hotel Metropol
Bulla, Frank, Cement contractor, 727 n Fourth
Bullinger, J. E., Photographer, 535 w Doug
Bullock, Miss E., milliner Munsons, r 121 s Lawrence
Bundy, Mrs.Ida, wks Kansas Steam Laundry, r 619 n Wichita
Bunker, Mark, bkpr bds 426 e Doug
BUNNELL & ENO INVESTMENT Co, Farm & City Loans, Sedgwick blk (CH Morehouse  manager)
Bunnell, L. B., (Bunnell & Eno, Invt Co) r 1138 s Fourth
Bursell, Robt, wks W Soap mnfr, r 1138 s Fourth
Bupp, John H., r 1235 s Mead
Burd, J. C., railroader, 522 n 4th
Burd, Miss Jane, teacher city schools, 522 n 4th
Burdick, E. Trav Ft agt, Santa Fe & Frisco 158 n Main
Busey, S. W., r 443 n 5th with Carey Lombard L. Co
Burge, Joseph, carpenter, Tillman st w s 
Burgess, Geo L., shoemkr, 575 Doug w s 
Burgess, James, carriage trimmer, r 331 Cleveland
Burgesser, Miss Clara, r 515 n Waco
Burgesser, Quincy, r 515 n Waco
Burke & Breeden, meat mrkt and confectionary, cor 5th and Karl
Burke, Wm, fireman, bds Union hotel
Burke, William, bkpr, bds 238 n Topeka
Burke, Wm, tinner, r 508 s Water
Burkholder, John E., electrician, r 538 Riverview
Burkle, John, carpenter, r 1557 Lulu
Burman, Chas. undertaker, r 418 Sherman
Burman, Miss Clara, Clk at Frizells, r 238 n Main
Burnham, Miss Lizzie, domestic, r 417 n Fifth
Burns, _____, r ab 213 s Main
Burns, Amos, teacher, r 829 s Emporia
Burns, C. I., porter Santa Fe, r 801 e Oak
Burns, George C., r 1147 Laura
Burns, George H., shipping clk Lehman Higginson, rms 219 s Main
Burns, James, bds City Hotel
Burns, James W., teamsters, r 1147 Laura
Burns, Luther, steno’pher Sluss & Stanley, r 829 s Emporia
Burns, Martin, cook, r 436 s Fourth
Burns, Robt, wrks Snitzlers Billiard Hall, bds City Hotel
Burns, Wm, railroader, r 220 w Park
Burr, Miss Anna, r 133 s Hydraulic
Burr, A. G., grocer 1338 e Doug, r 133 s Hydraulic
Burr, Miss Lucy, r 133 s Hydraulic
Burr, Miss Jennie, r 133 s Hydraulic
Burr, Reuben, veterinary surgeon at 133 n Main, bds at Tucker’s restaurant
Burr, Wm A., musician, r 1037 Jackson
Burrell, James, trav salesman, r 442 Riverview
Burris, Miss M. L., stenographer, r 145 n Emporia
Burress, Mrs. Salome, prop Ft. Scott Dining Hall, cor 2nd and Wichita, r same
Burrmester, Adolph, bds Doug Ave house 
Burrows, Chas E., chief of police, r 1153 University w s
Burson, Mrs. Elizabeth, r 355 n Water
Burson, Ella L., r 1153 University w s 
Burson, Maude E., 1153 University w s 
Burster, Henry, forman Stewart Machine Shop, r 408 s Ida ave
Burtch, Mrs. C., dressmaker, r 310 s Main
Burton, James W., clk L. C. Jackson, r 330 s Mosley
Burton Car Land Co., Citizens Bank Bldg
Burton, Chester L. rms 638 n Fourth
Burton, E. I., bds Manhattan
Burton, Mrs. Lizzie, r 423 n Washington
Burton School, cor 5th and 33rd
Burton Stock car So, J. C. Moore Pres, Boston, Mass, Jerome F. Wares Gen Mangr, 558 The Rookery, Chicago, H. H. Swift Gen Supt Wichita
Busby, Chas L., r 1131 Lewellen
Busby, John P., carpenter, r 1131 Lewellen
Bucby, William, Brakeman, r 3335 n Wichita
Busch, J. B., r 310 n Market
Busenbark, Mrs. A., nurse, r 1023 n Fifth
Busenbark & Cooper, prop Mammoth Livery Stable, 114 s Main
Busenbark, John B., (B & Cooper), r 410 s Market
Bush, A. T., Palace Liv stble, r 805 n Lawrence 
Bush, Geo A., engineer MO PAC, r 1121 n Market
Bush, John, switchman, 236 n Fourth
Bush, Wilber, wks Whittakers, bds 2004 n Main
Bush, Wm. H., civ eng MO PAC, r 1121 n Market
Bussard, D. E., farmer, 1943 s Hydraulic
Bussell, Clarence, Clerk, r 1138 s Fourth
Bussell, E. S., stone mason, r 1138 s Fourth
Bussell, Miss Mattie, r 1138 s Fourth
Bussey, James W., laborer, bds 615 Ohio
Buth, Miss Elizabeth, bkpr at Dolds, bds 232 n Market
Butrick, L. E., barber, 321 e Doug, r 305 n Market
Butler, Miss Alice M., student, r 1341 n Wichita
Butler, Eugene H., butcher, r ab 3060 e Doug
Butler, Frank, wks 116 s 4th, r 829 s Topeka
Butler & Graley, tinware, 213 s Main
Butler, Hobert R. (B & Graley) r 1341 n Wichita
Butler, John, laborer, r 226 n Water
Butler, John, gardener, cor Harry and Waco
Butler, Miss Lottie, r 829 s Topeka
Butler, S. G., prop Fourth ave livery, r 829 s Topeka
Butterfield Bros, (B and L S) druggists, 128 w Douglas
Butterfield, Dr. B. rms 128 w Douglas
Butterfield, L. S., rms 128 w Douglas
Butts, Mrs Ida, laundress, r 519 n Water
Butts, Mrs. Isabella, bdgh kpr, r 328 n Water
Byrne, Alonzo, wrks Kan Buggy Co, r 239 n Fourth
Byrne, John M., mngr Wallace’s Impl Hs, r 239 n Fourth

Cadwalder, Wm, hay dealer, r 31 n Third
Cain, A. M., wks Forest City coal Co, r 437 n Water
Cain, D. B., plasterer, 947 n Mead
Cain, Harry M., collctr Forest City coal Co, r 437 n Water
Cain, H. V., wks Forest City coal Co, r 437 n Water
Cain, Miss Laura, r 220 Ohio
Cain, Miss Laura A. clk Chapman & Walker, r 726 s Topeka
Cain, Mrs. L. R., prop The League, r 132 n Topeka
Calbick, W., r 1211 n Market
Caldwell, A., r 120 w William
Caldwell, Albert, wks Wm E. Stanley, r same
Caldwell, Mrs. B. J., r 120 w William
Caldwell, Chas. S., Ins abv 130 n Main, r 335 n Topeka
Caldwell, G. E., farmer, r 416 Laura
Caldwell, John, laborer, r 335 n Fifth
Caldwell, J. D., r 513 s Market
Caldwell, J. E., of Hyde & Humble Stat Co, r 3325 e Douglas
Caldwell, J. J., fireman hose house No. 1, bds 303 n Wichita
Caldwell, Mary, r 3325 e Douglas
Caldwell, Mrs. M. E., r 2120 n Water
Caldwell, Mrs. Nancy, r 513 s Market
Caldwell, Nina, r 3325 e Douglas
Caldwell, Miss Sadie, stu high school, r 120 w William
Caldwell, W. A., abstractor, r 314 Wabash
Caldwell, Wm L., carpenter, r 440 n Mead
Cale, D. P., shoemaker, r 937 s Emporia
Cale, D. P., carpenter, r 1007 s Fourth
Cale, J. C., carpenter, r cor Washington and Lincoln
Cale, J. L., wks L. M. Cox, bds 115 s Lawrence
Cale, J. W., carpenter, r 943 s Fourth
Cale, Nora, seamstress, r 1007 s Fourth
Calhoun, Geo M, secy Crystal Ice Co, r 617 s Emporia
Calkins, Horace F., contractor, r 921 n Lawrence
Call, Chas J., (Wichita Impl House), 1050 n Mosley
Callahan, H. C., prop Leland Hotel
Callahan, John, butcher at Packing House
Callaway, Chas, stock dealer, r 411 s Water
Callaway, Miss Lillie, r 411 s Water
Callaway, Miss Mary, clerk Boston Store, r 411 s Water
Callaway, M. N., stock dealer, r 411 s Water
Callender, Frank, solicitor Wichita Produce Co, r 1149 s Water
Calvert, A. B., laborer, r 319 s Emporia
Cameron, Miss Gladys, dressmaker, 310 s Main, r 141 n Lawrence
Cameron, Miss Kate, domestic, r 229 Ellis
Cameron, Miss Tilla, r 141 n Lawrence
Camien, Henry T., tailor 214 n Main, r 1135 n Jackson
Camp, L. W., piano tuner, r 340 Ellis
Campbell, A., laborer, r 301 n Osage w s
Campbell, Mrs. Abigail, r 429 Stephen
Campbell, Miss Annie, wks Packer’s Hotel
Campbell, Burton H., capitalist, r Riverside cor Beal
Campbell, Miss Clyde, r 908 e Central
Campbell, C. B., r 805 w Maple w s 
Campbell, C. V., gardener, r 1328 e thirteenth
Campbell, Davis, r w Ninth
Campbell & Dyer, attys-a-t-law, 134 n Main
Campbell, Mrs. E., r 418 s Lawrence
Campbell, Ed, r 1502 Park Place
Campbell, Frank A., wks Packing H, 429 Stephen
Campbell, Fred, clerk ar Kiefers, r 429 Stephens
Campbell, Frederick, wks Whittakers Packing H, r 1149 n Cleveland
Campbell, Geo, wks Burton Car Wks, r 3318 n Mead
Campbell, Geo, laborer, r 301 n Osage w s
Campbell, G. D., wks Wells Fargo Ex, r 429 Wichita
Campbell, Geo E., real estate Ins abv 142 n Main, r 428 n Fourth
Campbell, G. M., blksmith at Nov Car wks, r 1907 Fannie
Campbell, H. B., carpenter, r 142 Ida
Campbell, I. P., (Sankey C & Amidon) r 226 Moser
Campbell, James A., retired, r 308 n Washington
Campbell, J. Ed, (J T C Whol Groc Co) r 1502 Park Place
Campbell, John F., clerk, r 429 Stephen
Campbell, J. N., contractor and builder, r 908 e Central
Campbell, J. P., stock dealer, r 1227 n Emporia
Campbell, J. S.,laborer, 1402 Ohio ave
Campbell, John T., & Co, Wholesale Grocers 143 n Market
Campbell, Jno T., (J T C & Co) r 1502 Park Place
Campbell, Maud 5 305 s Maple ws
Campbell, M. C., (Eldridge & Campbell), 1227 n Emporia
Campbell, Miss Nancy, Typewtr and stenog, r Maple and Palisade
Campbell, Miss Rosa, r 433 Sherman
Campbell, Miss Sallie, r 505 w Ninth
Campbell, Sherman, laborer, r 1402 Ohio
Campbell, Wm (Allen & C0, 725 n Main) r 505 w Ninth
Campbell, Wm, Com Merchant r 505 w Ninth
Campbell, W. P., (C & Dyer) r Palisade and Maple w s
Campbell, Wm Y., r 505 w Ninth
Canada, E. E., laborer, r 334 n Mead
Cannon, Thos., 1533 n Mead
Cantril, Mrs. Eliza, r 653 Fannie
Canril, J. S., carpenter r 653 Fannie
Capsford, M. E., r 816 s Water
Carew, Kezia, housekeeper, r 1211 n Lawrence
Carey, Chas. N, with Carey Lombard Lumber Co, rms Hotel Carey
Carey, C. W., (Hotel Carey), r Hotel Carey
CAREY HOTEL, cor Douglas and Fourth ave
Carey, John, butcher Dolds, r 1445 n Lawrence
Carey, J. B., Mayor of Wichita, r 302 S Lawrence
Carey, J. T., auditor Carey Lombard Lumber Co, bds Carey Hotel
Carey, Miss Lulu, r 302 S Lawrence
Carey, Lombard Lumber Co, abv State National Bank
Carey, L. A., engineer Ice Factory, r 437 n Wichita w s
Carey, W. P., Carey Lombard Lumber Co., r 434 n Fourth
Carley, Frank I., cash Pac and US Ex Co, bds Occidental Hotel
Carlisle, W. K., atty rm 501 Sedgwick blk, r 1215 n Emp 
Carlon, Miss Nellie, r 119 n hydraulic
Carlson, Mrs. John, r 3348 Marlow
Carlton, B. P., city weigher, r 630 s Millwood w s
Carlton, Chas E., Fred Rush, r 630 s Millwood w s
Carlton, E. D., grocer 535 n Main, r 1135 n Fourth
Carlton, F. I., railroader, r 1135 n Fourth
CARLTON, E. D., Staple and Fancy Groceries. Orders taken and goods delivered to any part of city, 535 n Main
Carlton, R. P., wks grocery 535 n Main, r 1135 n Fourth
Carmichael, Miss Alice B., r 705 s Ellis
Carmichael, Harden, teamster, r 910 Fannie
Carmichael, S. E., Sr, 2nd hand dlr, r 765 Ellis
Carmichael, S. E., Jr., driver Wichita Cracker factory, r 737 Lulu
Carmichael, Thos, teamster, r e Gilbert near Hydraulic
Carnegie, Wm, car repairer, r 147 s Washington
Carney, John L. G., r 225 s Oak w s 
Carney, Wm D., grocer 900 e Douglas, r abv 900 e Douglass
Carothers, W. A., wks 131 n Market, r 552 n Topeka
Carpenter, Arthur, Oil Inspector, r 1557 Fairview
Carpenter, A. T., © & Irwin) r 821 n Lawrence
Carpenter, Belle, r 1141 s Lawrence
Carpenter, B. N., r 1141 s Lawrence
Carpenter, Mrs.Caroline, dressmaker, r 520 n Riverview
Carpenter, Miss Carrie, student, r 809 Laura
Carpenter, Geo. W., surveyor, r 520 n Riverview
Carpenter, Harry, student S B College, bds 426 s Topeka
Carpenter, Hellen N., r 821 n Lawrence
CARPENTER & IRWIN, (A T C & C M I), attorneys at law Fletcher Building, rms 7-8, Telephone 263
Carpenter, Jno, real estate, r 1955 n Main
Carpenter, Miss Phebe, dressmaker, 520 Riverview r same
Carr, Tillman, junk dealer, r 821 w Texas w s 
Carr, W. H., rms 246 n Topeka
Carrie, Geo, mngr Excel Oil T Line, rms 245 n Topeka
Carroll, Frank H., solicitor Dolds P H, r 1436 n Rochester
Carroll, Wm H, clerk 2nd store, r 204 Ida
Carson, Carrie, domestic, r 1553 n Fourth ave
Carson, Miss Mary, student S B College, r 603 s Water
Carson, J. S., teacher, r 1314 n Emporia
Carson, Robt, r 835 s Water
Carson, Robt, r 603 s Water
Carter, Rowena, domestic A. C. Runyon
Carswell, John, eng Overall factory, r 235 Wabash
Carswell, Robt, student, 235 Wabash
Carter, Addison L., laborer, bds 1013 w Central
Carter, Chas, moulder Globe Iron Wrks, r ____ s Emporia
Carter, Chas W., r 628 n Walnut w s 
Carter, Edw N., Subscription Book House, r 407 e Doug
Carter, George, laborer, r 249 Wichita
Carter, John, 628 n Walnut w s 
Carter, J. N., machinist, r 323 n Walnut w s 
Carter, Joe L., wks Potts Drug Co., r 308 s Oak
Carter, Lucy, r 323 n Wichita
CARTER, MRS.  L. S., Subscription Book House, 407 e Doug
Carter, Mrs. Marie, student, r 319 n Fourth
Carter, Merch, clerk II2 w Doug, rms ab I20 w Doug
Carter, Miss Ophelia, r 521 Waco
Carter, Robt, laborer, r 220 w Waterman
Carter, Roy F., clk 124 w Doug, r 427 s Main
Carter, Samuel, wks Ice Fctry, r 347 n Wichita w s 
Carter, Wm W, bricklayer, r 521 Waco
Cartley, Wm, Jr., yeast agent, r 336 n John
Cartwright, C. A, deputy County Treas, r 532 n Topeka
Cartwright, C. N., wks Treas off, r 301 s Exposition w s 
Cartwright, M C, r 1307 e Grand w s 
Cartwright, T. B., County Treasurer, r 301 Exposition w s 
Cartwright, Walter L., wks Treas off, r 219 s Topeka
Carver, Dee, laborer, r 2120 n Lawrence
Carvin, M. A., deputy Co clerk, r 244 n Fourth
Casad, Miss A. L., r 420 s Topeka
Casad, Mrs. E. A., r 420 s Topeka
Casad, E. F., bridge builder, r 420 s Topeka
Casad, T. M., prop Paper Box factory, r 140 n Topeka
Case, Chas E., real estate, r I04I n Waco
Case, H. E., (Davidson & Case whoesale and retail lumber I5I n Mosley) res 32I s Lawrence
Case, Miss Maude, r I04I n Waco
CASEY, J. F. D., Attorney at Law, rooms 9 & 10 Firebaugh Block. Attention given to cases involving medico-legal questions. Res 118 Spruce 
Casey, James W., clk, rms II8 n Spruce
Casey, Williard, col Rogers transfer, r I014 n Water
Casner, G. O., teacher, r rms 11 & 12 Whitlock Block
CASSELL, J. C., Agent Pacific and United States Express Companies 205 n Main, r 537 s Main
Castator, Frank, clk 728 e Oak
Castator, S. J, grocer, 728 e Oak
Casteel, H. L., farmer, 708 e 13th
Caswell, Chas E., asst secy Y M C A, r 316 w Third
Caswell, Miss Lucy, r 316 w Third
Caswell, R. W., (C & Spangler), r 3I6 w Third
CASWELL & SPANGLER, Hardware, Stoves & Tinware, 242 n Main st
Caswell & Buckley, prop Eagel Cornice wks
Caswell, W. N., (Caswell & Buckley), r 73I s Market
Cates, Art, wks 434 Waco
Caton, Elizabeth, r 34I s Oak w s 
Caton, Orvill G., 34I s Oak w s 
Cattman, Harry, grocery clerk, r I36 s Millwood w s 
Cavanaugh, G. W, (Dollarhyde & C) r 207 s Lawrence
Cazad, Herber, wks Crystal Ice Co
Cemite, John, Stonemason, r 1809 s Main
Center, Jim, r 1150 w Lincoln
Central Christian church, cor Market and Second, L. T. Van Cleave, pastor
Century Dictionary, Mrs. L. S. Carter agt
Cerf & Shaw, (G C Cerf S D Shaw) barbers, 211 n Main
Cerf, Geo C., (Cerf & Shaw) r 718 s Main
Ceurvorst, J. E., switchman, r 522 n Emp
Chadbourn, Edwin B., wks Pakng hs, r 120 n Wichita st
Chadbourn, Miss P. K., r 1908 n Wichita
Chadbourn, S. C., gardener, r 1908 n Wichita
Chaffee, Nelson, drayman, r 625 e Central
Charin, Jno M., bkpr, Eldridge & Campbell, r 458 ave A
Chamberlain, Mrs. L. A., dressmaker r 238 n Lawrence
Chamberlain, Nathaniel, r 238 n Lawrence
Chamberlain, J. W., carpenter, 911 w Texas w s 
Chamberlain, West, Printer, r ab 121 n Market
Chamberlin, Miss Bell, stu Business Col, r 1253 n Emp
Chamberlin, Mrs. Catherine, r 1253 n Emp
Chamberlin, Mrs. F. A., r 3506 n Fourth ave
Chamberlin, F. M., r 2251 n Lawrence
Chamberlin, Miss Louise, teacher, 1253 n Emp
Chamberlin, Wm, Carpenter, r 1017 s Wichita
Chamberlin, Will, clk, bds 417 n Main
Chambers, Clarence, grocer clerk, r 734 Elizabeth w s 
Chambers, Miss Emily, dressmaker, ab 137 n Main r 723 s Elizabeth w s
Chambers, J. K., carpenter, r 734 s Elizabeth w s 
Chambers, Mrs. Maggie, dressmaker, bds 302 s Emp
Champion Carriage wks, 117-119 n Mosley
Champpion, C. T., r 707 n Emporia
Chandler, A. B., News dealer, Occidental r 214 n Water
Chaney, Benson, stock dealer, r 134 n Mead
Chaney, Flora, r 940 s Water
Chapelle, C. C., (Farmer & Chapelle) r 331 s Sycamore w s 
Chapman, Geo. B., 9Chapman & Walker) r 1230 n Waco
Chapman, Henry, barber, 211 n Main, r 414 Stephens
Chapman, J. B., r 824 w Doug
Chapman, John W., teamster, r 1149 Laura
Chapman, Mrs. Maggie, r 1149 Laura
Chapman, Mrs. R., r 412 s Topeka
Chapman, Miss Sarah, r 1230 n Waco
Chapman & Walker (G B Chapman, D V Walker) dry goods 147 n Main
Charbono, Joseph, barber, r 232 s Water
Charles, Miss Augusta, dressmaker, r 421 Millard
CHARLES BROS, Manufacturers of Palmole Toilet Soaps, made from the Mexican soap plant.  Purely Vegetable. Best remedy for healing and softening the skin, and beautifying the complexion. Equally good with hard or soft water. Inquire of your grocer or druggist. Factory 825 e Oak
Charles, C. M., painter, r 421 Millard
Charles, Jas., paper hanger, r 202 s Exposition w s 
Charles, Miss Mary, clk, r 421 Millard
Charles, W. W., mangr, Charles Bros Palmole soap wks
Charlton, Geo, (Huse & Charlton) r 1245 n Water
Charter, A. W., wks W Pl mill, r 126 n Poplar
Chatfield, Deacon, J., Florist, 327 n Park r 327 n Park
Chatfield, Geo A., manager, Fairmount Floral Co, r 327 n Park
Cheshire, A. T., driver, C. L. Jackson bds 318 s Washington
Chesmut, A. B., machinist Car Works r 3627 n 5th ave
CHICAGO LUMBER CO, (M T Greene, Chicago, Geo L. Pratt and Geo D. Cross) wholesale and retail lumber, s e corner Lawrence and First
Child, Hurbert, carpet layer, r 316 s Water st
Childers, ____, wks electric light co, r 416 e First st
Childers, Harry, wks Thos Shaw, bds 519 s Market
Ching Lee Laundry, 410 n Main
Chipchase, H. G., Mngr Telephone Co, Fechheimer Blk r 421 s Campbell
Chism, T. A., weaver r 1125 s Main
Chitty & Smyth, lawyers, Citizens Bank building
Chivington, Nora, r 325 s Oak w s 
Chouteau, G. T., mail carrier, No. 3, r 1255 n Washington
Christain, G. W., coal feed & grain, r 411 s Washington
Christain, John, r 411 s Washington
Christain, Mrs. Mary A., 411 s Washington
Christain, Robrt, teamster, r 411 s Washington
Christman, Albert, r 906 s Topeka
Christman, Caroline, r 906 s Topeka
Christman, Joseph, barber, r 220 Ohio
Christman, Joseph, barber, r 726 s Topeka
Christman, Richard J., Clerk, r 906 s Topeka
Christman, V. T., salsm J Braitsch, r 906 s Topeka
Christopher, John T., laborer, r 303 Wichita
Christopher. J. W., laborer, r 703 s Topeka
Christy, Mrs. R. C., dressmaker, r abv 228 n Main
Chirlton, Geo A., teacher, bds 252 n Market
Church, M. E., r 3516 n Fourth
Church, T. M., laborer, r 230 s Topeka
Churchhill, Mr., r 1642 s Mead
Churchward, Bayard T., cahs Kans and Texas Coal Co, r 804 e Central
Cinneth, John, barber, bds 109 e Third
CITIZENS BANK, cor Main and Douglas, J. O. Davidson Pres
CITIZENS ELECTRIC CO, cor Third and Wichita sts, J. W. O’Neill manager
City Attorney, H. L. Gordon, rms 404-406 Sedgwick blk
City Bakery, 619 e Oak
City Carriage Shop, 126 s Main, Deam & Melvin props
City Council Chamber, rm 50 Getto blk
City Engineers off, rm 50 Getto blk
City Hospital, 1105 n Fourth
CITY HOTEL, Ed Kboblauch, prop, $1 to $1.50 per day, $4.50 tot $5.00 per week. Regular meals 25 cents, No 130 n Market s
City Meat Market, 940 n Main
City Plumbing Co, 116 s Lawrence, Geo P. Glaze Pres
City Prison, 220 n Market
CITY ROLLER MILLS, Oliver & Imboden Co props, off 623 e Douglas
City Scales, cor Douglas and Washington, B. P. Carlton Weigh master
City Stables, 114 s Market, E. Taylor prop
Clader, John F., Clerk N Y store, rms 340 n Topeka
Claney, Frank, sporting man, r 418 Stephen
CLAPP, L. W., Farm and City Loans, off old Courthouse, r 201 w Eighteenth
Clar, Jack, pressman Eagle off, bds City Hotel
Clarck, G. G., stock dealer, r 316 s Market 
Clark, Miss Anna L., clerk N Y store, r 1102 n Fifth
Clark, Arthur, trav salsmn, r 1137 n Wichita
Clark, A. B., fireman hose house No 1, rms 20-21 Getto blk
Clark, A. R., clerk, r 213 Waco
Clark, Bud, laborer, r 330 n Fourth
Clark, Burt, wks Keenan & Co, r 116 Ida
Clark, B. C., wks Thos Shaw, r 330 s Market
Clark, Chas, laborer, r 736 e Thirteenth
Clark, Chas, overseer Dold Packing H, r 116 w Seventeenth
Clark, Chas A., barber, r 349 n Main
Clark, Mrs. Cynthia, r 223 Waco
Clark, Edward, ticket broker, r 314 e Doug, r 310 s Lawrence
Clark, F. B., ticket  broker, r 310 s Lawrence
Clark, Harry, salesman, r 1102 n Fifth
Clark, H. S., Ins agt, r 508 s Main
Clark, Jessie L., teacher, r 808 e Thirteenth
Clark, Jeff M., paper hanger, r 1151 s Main
Clark, John, laundry, r 617 e English
Clark, John, street railway, t 1308 e Central
Clark, Jno A., real estate, r 445 w Fifteenth
Clark, Joseph, sexton, Pro-Cathedral, bds 357 n Fourth
Clark, Josehopus, paper hanger, r 202 n Mead
Clark, J. R., laborer, r 1825 n Fifth
Clark, Miss Kate B., teacher, r 116 Ida
Clark, L., fireman. 1031 n Mosley
Clark, Mrs. L. C., r 132 n Topeka
Clark, L. C., laborer, r 417 n Fifth
Clark, L. M., r cor Thirteenth and Fourth
Clark, Mrs. Lulu M., r 537 n Topeka
Clark, Miss M., r 326 s Water
Clark, Miss Minnie, r 132 n Topeka
Clark, Mrs. Minnie, r 210 Pennsylvania
Clark, M. D., fireman, r 237 n Market
Clark, Neal, 2nd cook Manhattan, r 126 n Emporia
Clark, P. W., wks Kas Sash and Door Co, r 116 Ida
Clark, R. A., clerk at Tattersolls
Clark, T. E., carpenter, r 1102 n Fifth
Clark, Wm, wks Hotel Metropole
Clark, W. A., porter Manhattan Bilard Prlr, r 150 n Main
Clark, W. H. O., collector State Nat Bank, r 1020 n Cherry
Clark, W. W., feed store 112 Ida, r 116 Ida
Clary, John, watcher 10th st crossing MO PAC, r 122 w Tenth
Clayton, C. A., r 530 n Fourth
Clayton, J. W., cigars 213 e Douglas, r 719 s Market
Clayton, Miss Olive, r 530 n Fourth
Cleary, Mrs. Amy, seamstress, r 139 n Water
Cleary, Arthur, clerk 209 n Main, r 220 n Water
Cleary, John J., clerk 209 n Main, r 220 n water
Cleveland, Tinnie, princpl Irving school, r 213 s Poplar
Cleveland, W. P., Clerk Probate Court, r 213 s Poplar
Clegg, Miss Anna, r 237 n Market
Clegg, Grant, cook H. Kistler, r 530 s Emporia
Clegg, Mrs. N. L., r 530 s Emporia
Clegg, T. F., real estate, r 530 s Emporia
Clement. Geo W., capitalist off rm 2 abv 253 n Main, r 1451 Park Place
Clement, Miss Mabel, dau G. W. C, r 1451 Park Place
Clement, W. S., paving, r 609 n Main
Clements, Frank, boston Bakery, r 823 w Douglas
Clever, Miss Cora C., r 643 Wabash
Clever, Martin L., bridge carpenter, r 643 Wabash
Clifford, Ada, student high school, r 521 n Emporia
Clifford, Frances J., laborer, r 312 n Mead
Clifford, Mrs. Hanora, 312 n Mead
Clifford, H. A., atty rm 3 Fechheimer blk, r 244 n Topeka
Clifford, Miss Lizzie, domestic, r 204 n Topeka
Clifford, Michael J., laborer, r 312 n Mead
Clifford, W. K., live stock trader
Cline, _____, farmer. 1024 Hendryx w s 
Cline, Albert, carpenter, r 1121 e First
Cline, John, wks Daisy & Vanderbeck
Clinesmith, Henry, laborer, r 1325 Ellis
Clingman, J. H., r 1408 s Lawrence
Clopper, H. M., clerk at Tattersall’s
Closson, Miss Emma, r 3655 n Emporia
Closson, Mrs. Sarah, r 3655 n Emporia
Clough, Isabella, r 1432 Fairmount
Cluclus, Chas, carpenter, r 3637 n Fourth
Cluff, Chas, wks Stewart I wks, r 713 s Washington
Cluff, Edwin, teamster, r 713 s Washington
Cluff, Frank, teamster, r 713 s Washington
Cluff, Geo, r 713 s Washington
Cluff, Mrs. Sarah, r 713 s Washington
Cluff, Sherman G., wks Stewart, r 713 s Washington
Clumpin, Leonard, r Riverside
Coaman, Herberrt, tanner, r 569 w Douglas w s
Coates, Abram L., r 1004 n Allen
Coates, Miss Eva, wks Wichita Chemical Co
Coates, J. W., lawyer abv 143 n Main, r 904 n Lawrence
Coates, Robt., deput Dist Clerk, r 1229 n Lawrence
Coates, Ulyssus, laborer, bds 1013 w Central
Cobb, Mrs. Ellen, agt Olive Branch medicine, r 443 n Fifth
Cobb, Dr. Emma, family medicines, r 711 Ida
Cobb, Miss Maud, rms 231 s Water
Cobb, J., physician, r 711 Ida
Cobb, Miss Stella, clk Boston Store, 231 s Water
Coburn, Saml H., meat market 619 e Oak, r 410 w Central
Cochran, Burmingham, farmer, r 1228 n Fifth
Cochran, J. N., soap maker, r 621 Wabash
Cochran, J. P., lightning rod agt, r 417 n Water
Cochran, Miss Orpha, bdgh kpr, r 919 e Douglas
Cochran, Perry W., carpenter, r cor Ontario and Exhange
Cochran, S. J., 421 s Osage w s 
Cochran, Wm E., laborer, r 621 Wabash
Cochran, W. C., lightning rod agt, r 432 Stephens
Coen, Frank, coal 813 e Douglas, r 215 n Chataqua
Coen, Joseph, 507 s Osage w s 
Coen, Wilbur, student high school, r 215 Chataqua
Coffey, Alex, r 808 s Emporia
Coffey, A. L., brick mason, r Riverside
Coffey, Miss Cora, dau A. L. C., r Riverside
Coffey, David, stone mason, r 1526 Ida
Coffey, James W., wks Daniel Bros, r 229 s Emporia
Cogdell, Miss Lena, student, r 314 Waco
Cogdell, Richard, clk Houck’s Hardware store, r 314 Waco
Coggshell, P. L., laborer, r 313 n Market
Cognill, M. E., r 1024 Hendryx w s 
Cohan, M. D., laborer, r 1905 Washington
Cohn, Chas. S., (Wallenstein & C.) R 516 n Topeka
COHN M. B. & CO, Wholesale Millinery, 150 n Main st, res 512 w Third
Coin, Geo F., house mover, r 225 n Market
Coin, John, motoneer st rym r 506 n Water
Coin, Patty, railroader, bds City Hotel
Cole, Mrs. Alice, domestic, 1128 n Topeka
Cole, Carl, painter, r 1047 n Jackson
Cole, Geo S., printer, 220 n Main, r 525 n Waco
Cole, Geo S., wks 109 w Douglas
Cole, Jerry S., © & Jones) r 512 e Williams
Cole, Jessie A., music teacher, r 135 s Estelle
Cole, Jno, shoemaker 607 e Doug, r 337 n Short
COLE & JONES, Clothing and Mens Furnishing Goods, 208-210-212 e Douglas
Cole, L. R., prop Tremont Hotel, 220 s Fourth
Cole, Miss Sallie, wks W O F, r 1202 s Washington
Cole, Wm, r 1650 Gold
Coleman, A., laborer, r 516 n Wichita
Coleman, Mrs. Carrie, r 253 n Mead
Coleman, Miss Ida, dressmaker, r 534 n Washington
Coleman, Mrs. Mary, r 346 Wichita
Coleman, Moses, wks Whittakers P H, r 611 n Wichita
Coleman, Mrs. M. J., r 1112 n Market
Colgan, Miss L., dressmaker, r abv 228 n Main
Callanan, James, form Whitakers P H, r 2405 n Lawrence
Collings, G. W., editor The Leader, 220 n Main, r 408 w Central
Collins, Elias, farmer, r 201 n Walnut w s 
Collins, J. F., formn MO PAC, r 306 s Dodge w s 
Collins, John C., wholsal Lumber agt, r 414 w Central
Collins, L. R., wks Palace stables, r 121 n Seneca w s
Collins, Mrs. Maggie, r 838 n Water
Collins, Will H., trav salsmn Thos Shaw, r 3805 w Doug
Collins, Lee, laborer, r 1200 w Douglas
Colvin, Chas, wks Huttig Bros, r 835 s Fourth
Colvin, Cora, wks Hotel Metropole
Colvin, Frank, wks Kans Steam laundry, r 618 s Market
Colvin, F. L, painter, r 610 Monell w s 
Colvin, Geo I., wks W and W roundhouse, r 835 s Fourth
Colvin, H., farmer. R 1405 Acadamy
Colvin, H. J., wks W and W round house, r 835 s Fourth
Colwell, Albert, laborer, r 241 n Fifth
Colwell, Miss Carrie, Clerk N Y ctore, r 343 n Emporia
Colwell, E. J., merchant, r abv 219 s Main
Colwell, Miss Ida, domestic, r 345 Indiana
Combs, Allen, r 117 s Seneca w s 
Combs, Leslie, bdgh, r 343 n Topeka
Comley, Henry, mngr Pond Lumber Co, r cor Buffum and Franklin Riverside
Commercial Hotel, 614 e Douglas
Commons, D. T., gardener, r 347 s Volutsia
Compton, L. D., laborer, r 141 s Washington
Compton, Miss Nannie, seamstress, r 141 s Washington
Conaly, John, laborer, 1602 Ohio ave
Conaly, Peter, laborer, r 1602 Ohio ave
Conaway, Miss Arnulda, st S B Col, bds 426 s Topeka
Conaway, James H., 3331 e Twelfth
Cocannon, Wm, Blacksmith, r 317 Matherson
Concklin, C. W., carpenter, r 426 s Topeka
Concklin, Lewis, clerk Munson & McN, r 426 s Topeka
Concklin, Ned, clerk Globe, r 426 s Topeka
Condiff, Berry H., baggage express, r 600 n Waco
Cone, Edward, grocer, 517 n Main, r 538 n Market
Cone, J. Lee, dept sheriff, r 619 n Topeka
Cone, L., expressman, r 1609 s Mead
Cone, Oscar, grocer, 517 n Main, r 528 n Topeka
Cone, Rufus, county sheriff, r 535 n Market
Cone, Miss Rena, r 535 n Market
CONE BROS, 517 n Main st, dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Domestic and Foreign Fruits. Opposite Court House.
Congregational Church, cor Fifteenth and Reddell ave. (Fairmount Church)
Conklin, John, Blacksmith, 628 n Main, r 638 n Main
CONLEY, JNO J., Prescription Druggist, 201 n Main cor 1st and Main, r 306 n Emporia
Conley, J. F. (Shields & Co), rm 306 n Emporia
Connelly, W. H, wks Pearce Furniture Co, bds Packers Hotel
Conners, Jim, laborer, bds Union Hotel
Conrin, James, railroader, r 537 n Fourth
Consolidated Truck Lines Co, 700 n Fifth
Conway, Miss Agnes, r 327 n Emporia
Conway, Miss Laura, r 1019 n Coolidge
Conway, Miss Margaret, r 327 n Emporia
Conway, Martin, laborer, r Twenty-first and Washington
Conway, Wm, teamster, r 2813 e Park
Cook, Andrew, retired, r 3212 e Central
Cook, Cyrus M., clerk Cole & Jones, r 305 s Topeka
Cook, J. M. (Loveland & Cook) bds 433 n Lawrence
Cook, L. C., house moving and stone wrk, r 357 Pattie
Cook, Miss M. A., dressmaker, r abv 213 s Main
Cook, Robt S., farming and stock, r 3576 e Central
Cook, S. D., shoemaker, r 121 w Third
Cook, Mrs. Sarah E., wks Kas Stm laundry, r 121 w Third
Cook, Zeph, shoemaker, r 121 w Third
Cook, Mrs. ____, r 404 s Washington
Cooke, M. C., attorney, r 114 n Minnesota
Cooke, W. H, trav salsm Lehman & Higginson, r 615 s Seneca w s 
Cooley, Albert, wks Gas wks, r Millwood and grand w s 
Cooley, Mrs. A. E., r 1807 Crown
Cooper, A. T., clerk 114 n Market, r 1029 s Water
Cooper, frank A., druggist 248 n Main, r 431 Sherman
Cooper, Frank A., horse shoer 120 n Lawrence, bds 220 w William
COOPER,  JACOB L., prop Metropole Carriage Repository, cor First and Market, old Opera House building. Largest and best assorted stock in the city. Res 219 w William
Cooper, J. L., wks F. P. Martin, r 1029 s Water
Cooper, Miss Lizzie, rms 508 s Topeka
Cooper, M. A., r 141 n Topeka
COOPER, S. W., Loan and Mortgage Broker, off old Court House, Main st entrance
Cooper, W. L., wks Burton Car wks, r 518 e Central
Cooper Carriage Repository, cor Market and First, old Opera House
Co-Operative Boarding Club, 414 e Central, H. H. Dewey Prs, O. A. Keach Trteas, Mrs. M. S. Collings Supt
Cooperider, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, r 616 n Emporia
Cooperider, W. H., moving wagon, r 616 n Emporia
Copeland, E. W., tar roofer, r 409 n Market
Copeland, Mrs. S. P., r 1030 s Emporia
Copeland, W. E., trav salesman, r 1141 s Topeka
Coronado Club Rooms, fifth floor Sedgwick Building
Corbett, W. Scott, wholsale grocer, r 1065 Waco
Corbin, C. E., expressman, r 416 n Mosley
Corbin, John E., barber, 716 e Doug, r 416 n Mosley
Corbin, J. H., printer Eagle, r 526 s Topeka
Corder, Herbert O., barber, r 631 n Wichita
Corley, F. W., wrks Pac Ex Co, bds Occidental
Corn, Ephriam R., housemover, r 513 Cleveland
Corn, H. E., atty, r 1506 Fairmount
Corn, Miss Teressa, domestic, r 623 s Main
Cornelison, A. M., stove repairer 914 e Doug, r 626 e 2nd
Corner & Farnum, props Royal Spice Mills 112 s Emp
Corner, W. J. (C & Franum) r 124 s Emporia
Cornish, Mrs. S. M., laundress, r 1904 n Lawrence
Corns, F. M., carpenter, r 148 s Mosley
Corns, John, r 320 s Dodge w s
Corry, Mrs. Mary, teacher, bds 320 n Topeka
Corwin, Joe, r 917 s Topeka
Corwin, M., r 917 s Topeka
Corwin, Miss Mary, r 1504 Lorraine
Corwin, S. G., carpenter, r 1504 Lorraine
Corzine, F. B., wks Rafferty & Co, buggies, r 511 s Water
Corzine, G. W., bkpr Johnstn Larrimer, r 535 n Washington
Cossitt, C. M., bkpr Pond Lumber Co, r 455 Riverview
Cossitt, Fred J, bkpr Rock Is Lum Co, r 447 Riverview
Cossitt, John M., engineer, r 455 Riverview
Costello, Miss Geneveive, teacher, r 716 e Central
Costello, T. F., eng Santa Fe, r 716 e Central
Costine, Frank, motoneer, r 1545 n 4th
Cott, Mrs. Anna, dressmkr, r 155 Pennsylvania
Cotter, Sam, wks Crystal Ice Wrks
Cottman, Clifton, r 136 s Millwood w s 
Cottman, J. D., grocer, r 136 s Millwood w s 
Cottrell,George, laborer, r 812 n Lawrence
Cottrell, Nellie, seamstress, r 812 n Lawrence
Conchman, A. J., mechanic, r 1315 s Fourth
Coultas, Mrs. Margaret, r 306 w Second
Coultas, Miss Meck, dressmkr, r 309 w Second
Coultis, Benj., dry goods, 425 e Douglas
Couperthwait, Chas, laborer, r 824 e Doug
Court Street Candyd Store, 631 n Main, J. A. Wright, prop
Courter, B. F., miner at Joplin, r 1104 w Doug
Courter, Miss Mattie, artist, r 1104 e Doug
Courtney, A., teamster, r 730 Lulu
Courtney & Block, grocers, 115 w Doug
Courtney, N., (C & Bock), r 312 Ohio
Courtney, Miss Nancy, r 746 Lulu
Courtney, Aaron, expressman, r 730 Lulu
Cousor, Batsy, butcher, bds Union Hotel
Couts, Mrs., wks Wichita Steam Laundry
Covington, A., merchant, r 605 n Main
Covington, Beckley H., r 408 Henry
Covington, J. H., janitor Ct Hse, r 501 n Water
Covington, Miss Louisa, r 501 n Water
Covington, Mrs. S., r 205 s Fourth
Cowan, M. C., farmer, r 1114 Munnell w s 
Cowden, James W., laborer, r 611 e Central
Cowen, C. C., railroader, r 213 s Topeka
Cowen, Geo W., plumber, r 213 s Topeka
Cowen, Mrs. M. F., r 213 s Topeka
Cowles, Mrs. Mary, nurse, ab 151 n Topeka
Cowley, Hale, speculator, r 941 n Main
Cowley, John, railroader, 220 w Park
Cowley, John, salsmn Smyth & Sons
Cox, Chas H., stu S W Bus Col, rms ab 145 n Emporia
Cox, Miss Calra, r 3424 e Second
Cox, Clifford L., bkpr L. M. Cox, r 529 Waco
Cox, Daniel, wrks Stewart Iron Wrks, r 513 s Washntn
Cox, David, laborer, r 416 James
Cox, D. C., wks Stewart Iron Wrks, r 513 s Washington
Cox, Emmet, coal feed & grain 936 e Douglas, bds 403 s Washington
Cox, G. W., phys and surg, r ab 145 n Emporia
Cox, Miss Hattie, r 3424 e Second
Cox, John, laborer, r 240 s Mead
Cox, Miss Laura, dressmkr, ab 537 n Main
Cox, Lindley M., wholesale confictionery, 215-217 s Main, r 529 n Waco
Cox, Miss Lucy, dressmkr, ab 537 n Main
Cox, Miss May, r 201 ½ n Water
Cox, R. A., life insurance, r ab 537 n Main
Cox, Samuel A., wks Stewart Iron Wrks, r 233 Pattie
Cox, Walter J., laborer, r 3424 e Second
Cox, Wm H., train dispatcher MO PAC, r 1018 Jackson
Coy, Edward, wks Singer Sewing Machine Co., r 130 Millwood w s 
Cozatt, O. P., grocer 724 e Doug, r 140 Lulu
Cozine, Mrs. Sabra, r 237 n Market
Crabill, John, laborer, 412 n Main
Craddock, Miss Dolly, r ab 313 e Dog
Crafts, L. H., mechanic, r 920 s Lawrence
Craig, C. G., blacksmith, r 913 w Douglas w s 
Craig, Geo L., lab, r 911 n Wichita
Craig, Jane C., r 1561 s Mead
Craig, J. Frank, with Houston & Boone, r 1057 N Market
Craig, Mrs. H. W., matron Children’s Home 119 Penn ave
Craig, Marcus, carpenter, r 1615 s Hydraulic
Craig, Noah C., hod carrier, r 823 n Cherry
Craig, R. W., teacher, bds 1136 n Main
Cramer, Miss Alma L., r 1210 w Central
Cramer, Earnest A., collector water wks, r 1210 w Central
Cramer, Mrs. M. A., r 923 e 1st
Cramer, Miss Minnie A., r 1210 w Central
Cramer, Urias, chief eng waterworks, r 1210 w Central
Cramer, William, asst eng waterworks, r 1210 w Central
Crane, Mrs. E. A., r 625 s Lawrence
Crane, James T., ___________
Crane, Jesse, laborer, r 625 s Lawrence
Crane, Miss Mary E., r 625 s Lawrence
Crane, Noah H., stone contrctr, r 718 Ida
Crane, W. D., clerk Ford & Ford, r 1247 s Market
Cranmer, Wm, r 439 w Ninth
Crans, Wm E., shipping clk Dolds Packing House, r 434 w Avenue C
Cranston, M. P., com trav, r 526 n Waco
Craven, H. T., Life, Ins agt., r 1561 s Lawrence
Cravens, R., laborer, r 603 n Water
Craver, Henry, bds Burton hotel at Car works
Craver, S., teamster, r 211 s Mosley
Crawford, Aldyn, r cor Beacon & Fifteenth
Crawford, Miss Della, r cor Beacon & Fifteenth
Crawford & Gardner, grocers, 559 Ida
Crawford Grand Opera House, cor Topeka and William
Crawford, G. W., (C & G) r 737 Pattie
Crawford, J. L., wks Vapor Light Co, r 828 n Fifth
Crawford, J. S., r cor Beacon & Fifteenth
Crawner, Miss Alice, teacher, r 138 n Emporia
Crawner, Miss Ida, teacher, r 138 n Emporia
Crawner, James E., r 138 n Emporia
Crawner, J. P., wks W O & C Co, r 138 n Emporia
Crawner, Miss Maggie, teacher, r 138 n Emporia
Crawner, Miss Ollie, student, r 138 n Emporia
Creamer, Dan, shoemakr, r 730 s Emporia
Creas, Herman, carpenter, 1427 e Gilbert
Creditor, Dr. E. H., dentist, ab 144 n Main, r 626 n Topeka
Creditor, Miss Inez, r 626 n Topeka
Creighton, Edward N., r 523 s Main
Creighton, Mrs. M. A., r 338 n Mosley
Cremphin, Francis, r 633 s Hewitt w s 
Cremphin, J. H., gardener, r 633 Hewitt w s 
Crenshaw, C. S., barber, r 731 Ida
Cresap, Homer, agt McPherson Milling Co, r 1407 Humboldt
Cressey & Dunham, groceries and notions, r 428 e 18th
Crewson, B. P., carpenter, r 3458 n 4th
Crewson, C. C., draftsman, r 3458 n 4th
Crewson, D. P., carpenter, r 3458 n 4th
Crewson, S. E., engineer, r 2249 n Mead
Crichton, Mrs. H. L., r 415 s Washington
Crichton, Miss Jean, milliner, r 415 s Washington
Crichton, Miss Mary L., clk Boston Store, r 415 s Wash
Crichton, Miss Wilhelmina, milliner, r 415 s Washington
Criffen, Raber, r 1413 n Lawrence
Criffen, Warren H., pat medicine, r 1413 n Lawrence
Criley, W. H., atty ab Citizens Bnk, r 513 n Topeka
Crissman, J. E., driver Root Bros, r 409 e Doug
Crist, Edward J., plumber, r 1143 n Wichita
Crist, Miss Emma, clk Arcade, r 1143 n Wichita
Crist, John J., architect, r 1143 n Wichita
Crockett, Lizzie, r cor Twenty-third and Lawrence
Crockett, Wm, cook, r 724 Ohio
Croes, John, laborer, r 830 w Maple w s 
Croll, Frank, body builder Wichita Carriage Works, rms Hays building
Cronley, J. H., conductor W and W Ry, r 950 s Market
Crosby, Delos, stone mason, r 333 n Fern w s 
Croskey, Agnes, r 1018 n Market
Croskey, Annie, artist, r 1016 n Market
Croskey, Harry, Physician and Surgeon, abv 117 n Main r 1018 n Market
Croskey, Henry, r 1018 n Market
Croson, Frank, clerk Addington’s feed store, r 717 n Main
Cross, B., foreman B and B
Cross, F. N., butcher shop, r 638 n Water
Crouch, ____, wks Carriage Factory, bds 335 n Market
Crouch, Geo, r 1620 n Topeka
Crouch, Jeff C., (Jennings & Co), r s Ida
Crouch, P. H., painter, r 1003 e First
Crouch, J. S., lunch cocunter, r 120 Ida
Crouder, John, laborer, r 318 n Mead
Crow, A. J., r 217 Pattie
Crow, Wm, real estate, 114 n Market, r 1257 s Market
Crowell, M. E., teacher Louis Acadamy, r 615 n Lawrence
Crowes, Joseph, harnmkr, r 507 Campbell w s 
Crowley, Michael, fireman R I yds
Croy, F. M., trav salsm.
Crume, A. C., baggage master Santa Fe depot, r 233 n 4th
CRYSTAL ICE CO, THE, E. R. Powell Pres, W. W. Pearce, Treas, G. M. Calhoun Sec’y and Gen mngr. Factory and office cor Osage and Pearl st w s . Telephone No 242.
Cubbin, Geo T., (C & Kenagy), r 1228 e Seventeenth
Cubbin & Kenagy, Riverside Grocery, 1228 e Seventeenth
Cuenod, A., Clerk Potts Drug store, r 235 s Emporia
Curts, Sol, teamster Ice Factory
Culler, Benj, laborer, r 2004 Minnie ave
Culley, Mrs. T. P., r Plazza 239 n Lawrence
Cullum, Chas, engineer, r 227 n Walnut w s
Cullum, Mrs. M. M., wks, Kas Stm Laundry, r 224 n Walnut
Culp, John, carpenter, r 1033 n Allen
Culp, Mrs. Mary, (W H C & Co), r 611 n Wabash
Culp, W. H. & Co., flourists 611 Wabash
Culp, W. H., (W H C & Co), r 611 Wabash
Culver, Miss Florence E., dau Jno B. C., r 419 w Ninth
Culver, Jno B., physician, r 419 w Ninth
Cummings, Mrs. Addie, cook, r 1331 n Fifth
Cummings, Mrs. M. E., wk Kas Steam Laundry, r rm 38 Getto blk
Cummings, Wm, clk for Haymaker, abv 140 n Main
Cummings, J. J., tailor, r 319 n Emporia
Cunliffe, Chas, carpenter, r 1716 n Waco
Cunning, C. C. salsm Johnson & Larimer, r 414 w Third
Cunningham, David, wks Mahan Bros, r 115 Rock Island
CUNNINGHAM, EDWARD, Tent and Awning manufacturer 116 w Douglas
Cunningham, M., butcher, r 120 s Fourth
Curran, Grant, car inspector R I & P Ry, r 137 Ida
Curry, Jefferson, laborer, r 325 s Fifth
Current, Miss Myrtle, domestic, r 1200 w Douglas
Current, J. A., stone mason, r 1200 w Douglas
Curtis, C. E., r 830 n Main
Curtis, Miss Malinda, r 828 n Fifth
Curtis, Wm, miller, r 305 Wabash
Cushman, Bennett B., Secy Equitable Trust and Invest Co, r 824 n Topeka
Custer, John, horseshoer, r 1327 e Gilbert
Custer, Miss Lizzie, r 1327 e Gilbert
Cutler, Fred, farmer, r 412 n Millwood w s 
Daberts, L. W., moulder, r 311 n Fifth
Daberts, Mrs. Mary, housekeeper, r 213 Waco
Dade, R. T., janitor Dr. Shults off 150 n Main
Dadidson, Jack, laborer, r 3745 n Emporia
Dagner, J. H., r 631 n Topeka
Dague, Miss Cora, domestic, r 829 n Topeka
Dailey, C. M., brick moulder, r 1442 Stronge ave
Dailey, J. M., brick maker, r 1453 Campbell ave
Daily Drovers News, 121 n Market, Smith and Richardson props. F. B. Smith, Jno S. Richardson
Daisy, O. C., (D & Vanderbeck), r 123 s Topeka
Daisy & Vanderbeck, street sprinklers, brn 221 w Waterman
Daiz, Freeman, wks 707 Ida
Dale, D. M., attorney (D & Wall), r 937 n Waco
DALE & WALL, (D M D & T B W), attorneys at law, rms 5 - 6 - 7 Zeininger bld. Phone 218
Daly, Miss Bride, wks 127 s Main, r 834 s Water
Daly, Peter, gardener, r 834 s Water
Danberry, Daniel, r abv 223 s Main
Dando, W. T., printer, Eagle off, r abv 239 s Market
Dangerfield, C. H., watchmn street car stables, r 519 w Third
Daniels Bros., furniture, 411 e Douglas
Daniels, B. W., dry goods 228 n Main, r I41 n Topeka
Daniels, C. S., (Daniel Bros), r 411 e Douglas
Daniels, C. W.,(Daniel Bros), r 408 s Emporia
Daniels, Gamble, n Gordon w s 
Daniels, Miss Jennie, domestic, r 201 s Fourth
Daniels, R. S., laborer, 117 n Seneca
Daniels, Samuel S., furniture dealer, r 229 Ellis
Danner, Wm, confectioner, 535 w Douglas, r 1123 n Getto
Daratt, Millie R., stenographer, 222 s Osage
Darling, G. W., com trav, r 450 Avenue A
Darling, H. W., secy Hydraulic Mills Co, r 3605 e Central
Darling, J. P., painter, r 733 s Market
Darnell, _____, cooper, r cor 18th and Emporia
Darney, Robt, wks Gas Co, bds 343 n Topeka
Darragh, John B., machinist, r 605 s Main
Darragh, R. H, wks Eagle, r 605 s Main
Daubert, Miss Alice, clk Boston Stoor, r 302 Riverview
DAUGHERTY, JAMES V., Attorney at law, Agt Bradstreet Commercial Agency, off abv 135 n Market st
Daugherty, Mrs. Dorcas, r 515 s Washington
Daugherty, Mrs. Ella, domestic B. H. Campbell, r Riverside
Daugherty, Miss Maggie, r 575 s Washington
Davenport, Miss Clara, r 201 ½ n Water
Davidson, _____, stove repairer 914 e Doug, bds 626 e 2nd
Davidson, Arthur, r 955 n Alice
DAVIDSON & CASE, Wholesale and Retail Lumber, 151 Mosley. (Wm Davidson and H. E. Case)
Davidson, C. L, r 1326 n Lawrence
Davidson, Mrs.Clemmie, r 955 n Alice
Davidson, Flemming, gardener, r 955 n Alice
Davidson, Miss Grace, student, r 955 n Alice
Davidson, John, Sr., retired, r 208 n Market
Davidson Investment Co., Citizens Bank Building, J. Oak
Davidson, John, 210 n Market
Davidson, J. A., speculator, r 141 n Market
Davidson, J. Oak, President Citizens Bank, r Riverside
Davidson, Miss Sallie, r 229 Emporia
Davidson, S. L., (S. L. Davidson Mrtge Co) r 302 n Topeka
DAVIDSON, S.L. MORTGAGE CO, Citizens Bank Building
Davidson, Wm, (Davidson & Case) r 208 n Market
Darrin, Dr. H. F., off ab 452 n Main, r same
Davin, M. J., postal clk Santa Fe, r 234 n Emporia
Davis, Allen S., r 404 s Seneca w s 
Davis, Carry D., mail carrier, r 1017 Jackson
Davis, Chas, 512 e Central
Davis, C. T., speculator, r 340 n Water
Davis, C. W., (Davis & Fouts, 146 n Main), r College Hill
Davis, Daniel, wks 113 Pattie, r 1427 e Doug
Davis, Dewey, postal clk, rms 426 s Topeka
Davis, Elijah E., scissors grinder, r 420 Laura
Davis, Miss Fannie, dressmkr, r 131 n Fourth
Davis, F. A., r 1641 s Fourth
Davis, George, bkpr W. W. Gro Co, r College Hill
Davis, Geo, r 20th and Pennsylvania
Davis, Geo H., laborer, r 113 n Volutsia
Davis, Dr. Giles, r 1018 w Douglas
Davis Grocery, 707 n Fourth
Davis. G. W., wks Excelsior Tank Line
Davis, Henry, r 1014 Dayton
Davis, Henry R., teamster, r 3331 e 12th
Davis, H. L.,barber, 565 w Doug, r I14 s Osage w s 
Davis, James C., cigar stand Court Hse, r 942 s Emporia
Davis, James C., farmer, r cor20th and Pennsylvania
Davis, John, paper hanger Young Bros
Davis, John D., lawyer ab 113 n Main, r ab 235 s Main
Davis, Lell J., blcksmth at Car Wrks, r 3644 n Emporia
Davis, L. J., r ab 155 n Emporia
Davis, Lundsey, laborer, r 202 s Topeka
Davis, Louis, r 120 Estelle
Davis, Miss Mary, r 202 s Topeka
Davis, S. L., grocer at 707 n Fourth
Davis, Thomas, laborer, r 131 n Fourth
Davis, Wm, janitor, r 820 n Fifth
Davis, Wm A., wks MO PAC, r 1015 n Wichita
Davison, J. A., Cashier West Side Bank, r 1141 University
Davison, John, stove repais 914 e Doug, r 626 e Second
Dawson, Barney, prop Banner Meat Market, 535 n Main, res same
Dawson, B. F., farmer, r 312 New York
Dawson, B. F., clerk at Tattersall’s Grocery
Dawson, Ella, r 224 s Fourth
Dawson, Jno, Waco Meat Markt 538 n Waco, r 535 n Main
Dawson, Joseph, wks Banner Meat Markt
Dawson, Joseph, tinner 213 s Main, r 1341 n Wichita
Dawson, Miss Minnie, r 606 n Washington
Dawson, Mrs. S. E., r 537 s Emporia
Dawson, Robert F., transfer wagon, r 348 n Water
Day, George R., laborer, r 267 Pennsylvania
Day, Dr. Mary G., rm 25 Zimmerly building
Day, W. C, carpenter Car Wrks, r 3518 n Emporia
Dayly, Miss Birdie, bookbinder, r 834 s Water
Deabertz, Mrs., wks Wichita Steam Laundry
Deal, Mrs. C, bdgh kpr, r 1541 Ohio
Deal, Elmer C., laborer, r 1541 Ohio
Deam, Dr., phys and dsurg, r 1306 e Central
Deam, H. M., (D & Melvin), r 1113 s Main
Deam, Lewis A., (Deam Abstract Co.), r 837 n Main
Deam, Mrs. Martha A., 538 n Fourth
Deam & Melvin, prop City Carriage Shop
Deam, Robt C., abstractor, r 538 n Fourth
Deam, W. A., printer, r 732 n Lawrence
Dean, Miss A. A., r 126 n Poplar
Dean, Mrs. E. A., r 903 n Lawrence
Dean, Harry F., mail carrier, r 1034 n Fourth
Dean, Miss Hattie, bkpr 815 n Main, r 1015 n Water
Dean, David, eng City Mills, r ab 235 s Main
Dean, Herbert W., grocer 815 n Main, r 1015 n Water
Dean, M. A., clk 815 n Main, r 1015 n Water
Dean, Miss Margaret, r 903 n Lawrence
Dean, Mrs. S. B., r 812 n Lawrence
Dean, W. G., life ins agt, r 903 N Lawrence
DeAngel, Turney, laborer, 630 n Mead
Deardorff, J. F., wks Bon Ton Bakery, r 439 Riverview
Dearmitt, Chas, wks Riverside Stables, r same
Debbrecht, Fred, wks Dolds P H, r 621 n Fifth
Debbrecht, H., carpenter, r 621 n Fifth
Debusman, William, cook at 113 e Douglas
Decatur, Mrs. Ida W., clk P O, r 807 n Topeka
Dedrick, H. T., atty at law ab 152 n Main, r Riverside
Deering Harvesting Machinery, 123 w Douglas, John T. Kelley mangr
Deel, Miss Minnie, domestic, r 305 n Emporia
Deen, David M., eng City Mills
Dees, Carl, tailor, 145 n Main
Dees, Christian, tailor, r 1007 s Water
Deets, Miss Rissa, wks Kas Stm Laun, rm 36 Getto blk
Deffenbaugh, Benj F., wks Hydraulic Mill, r 150 n Hydral
Deffenbaugh, John, supt Hydraulic Mill, r 210 Penn
Deffenbaugh, Morris, carpenter, 2230 s Washington
De LaMater, Albert, bds Leland hotel
De La Matre, Frank N., watchmkr 405 e Douglas, r 116 s Topeka
De Lamatyr, Albert, baker at 224 e Douglas
Dellnon, C. E., carpenter, r 904 s Water
De Long, Mrs. Betty, r 311 n Mosley
De Long, Ed, carpenter, bds 419 S Lawrence
De Long, Geo F., salesman at Famous Clothing Co 112 e Douglas, r 311 n Mosley
De Long, Jeff, gardener, r 230 s Lawrence
De Long, Lucinda, r 405 s Sycamore w s 
Delph, Chas, lab, r 1421 Schiller ave
Deluca R., musician, r 302 s Topeka
De Mar, Chas, clk 131 n Main, r e Oak
De Mar Meat Market 113 s Seneca w s 
Demaree, P. S., laborer, r 1004 e Central
De Marias, Mrs.Elizabeth, r 601 e Oak
De Mott, John T., teamster, r 633 n th
Dempsey, Miss D., domestic, r 924 N Topeka
Demen, Mrs. Ella, r 809 n Wichita
Dennis, A. G., printer, r 412 n Market
Dennis, Fred S., city scavenger, r 728 n Waco
Dennis, Geo, policeman, r 202 s Lawrence
Dennis, Mrs. Gertrude, r 728 n Waco
Dennis, Miss Lara, r 202 S Lawrence
Dennis, N., laundryman, r 205 n Fourth
Dennison, A., dishwasher, r 117 w Pine
Dennison, Harry A., r 1116 Dayton w s 
Dennison, Liddie A., r 1116 Dayton w s 
Denny, A. M.., real estate, r 435 n Emporia
Dent, W. M., laborer, 514 n Wichita
Denton, Mrs. F. P., r 614 s Water
Denton, L. P., pressman Kellogg’s newspa union, r 614 s Water
Derby Flat, w Third near river
DERMODY, MICHAEL, PLUMBER, 140 Market, r 1108 s Lawrence
De Ross, Dr. D. E., o 617 e Oak, r 617 e Oak
Derst, J. C., cashier Citizens Bank, r Metropole hotel
Dester, Harry A., carpenter, r 1547 n Beacon ave
Detch, M. M., steng Citizens Bank, r 408 w Central
Deussing, B., book keeper Zephry mills, r 324 n Market
Devine, Michael, contr & bldr, r 513 s Hydraulic
Devore, Benj, plumber, bds 118 w Douglas
Devore, Samuel, carpenter, r 1302 s Topeka
Dewey, Miss Clara, wks L M Cox, r 1120 Dayton w s 
Dewey, E., r 1405 McCormick w s 
Dewey, Ella, r 1120 Dayton w s 
Dewey, Miss Eva, clk Healy & Dewey, r 1011 n Market
Dewey, H. H. (Healy & Dewey), r 1011 n Market
Dewey, L. S., miller, r 1120 n Market
Dewey, Miss Lulu, r 214 s Emporia
Dewey, Mason, laborer, r 1405 McCormick
Dewey, Miss Minnie, r 214 s Emporia
Dewey, Perry, farmer, r 1120 e Douglas
Dewey, W. H., hotel kpr, r 213 s Emporia
Dewey, Wm, r 1405 McCormick w s 
De Witt, Miss Etta J., r 356 n Mead
Dexter, Geo, laborer, r 3702 n Emporia
Dexter, Wm, plasterer, 3610 n Orchard
Dianna, Albert, bds Union hotel
Dick, Mrs., domestic L. W. Miller, r Riverside
Dickey, F. M., (D & McAllister), r Riverside
Dickinson, Miss Lizzie, teacher, r 516 s Topeka
Dicks, M., r 325 s Oak w s 
Dickson, O. C., real estate, r 1044 n Emporia
Dickson, Chas, wks Farmers Exchange, r 246 n Mead
Dickson, David M., teacher, r 22025 n Arkansas
Dickson, G. M., mgr Rio Grande Coal & lum Co, r 1207 Pierce
Diddle, Harry, wks L. C. Jackson, r 601 e Douglas
Ditmar, Voris & Co, Commission Merchants at stock yds
Dichmmer, C. F., baker, r 351 n Market
Diehl, Chas, wks city mills, r 131 Lulu
Diehl, Ellsworth, teacher, r 131 Lulu
Dietrick, C. P., transfer wagon, r 1008 n Mead
Dickman, Fred, fireman, r 342 Wichita
Diemer, Miss Ella, r 325 Pennsylvania
Diemer, Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, r 325 Pennsylvania
Dilday, P. B., travelling agt Eagle, r 442 n Washington
Ddill, W. w., r 536 s Emporia
Dillon, D. C., shoe shop 421 e Douglas, r 1000 w Douglas
Dillon, Jessie H., News Store 108 n Main, r 1106 s Topeka
Dimpsy, Mike, laborer, bds 2035 n Topeka
Dines, John, printer Eagle off, r 338 n Water
Dines, Mrs. Mary, r 338 n Water
Dines, Miss Mollie, r 338 n Water
Disher, Luther, motoneer Street Ry, r 839 n Market
Diver, Joseph, bkpr, r 531 s Emporia
Diver, J. R., livery, 157 Waco
Diver, M. R., prop livery barn 147 Waco, r abv same
Dodge, Mrs. Grace, r 250 w Morris
Dodge, Mrs. J. H., r 237 n Market
Doerksen, Jno A., wks Hydraulic mills, r 1303 e First
Dold, Geo P., (Dold Packing House) r 1712 Fairview
DOLD, JACOB PACKING CO, Established in Buffalo NY 1849, Established in Kansas City, MO 1879, Established in Wichita 1889,21st and Topeka
Dold, J. J., lard refiner, bds Exchange Hotel
Doleich, F. H., tailor, 307 e Douglas
Doll, Hurman, millwright, r 236 Ohio
Dollarhyde, I. F., (D & Cavanaugh), r 426 e Douglas
Dolson, M. O., jeweler, 322 n Main
Dominic, G. W., teacher, r 720 n Meridian w s 
Donald, J. T., 2nd hand furniture 418 e Douglas, r 341 n Topeka
Doney, Mathias, brick mason, e 223 n Mosely
Doney, Robert, student, r 223 n Mosley
Doney, Wesley, student, r 223 n Mosley
Dixon, Chauncey A., clerk, r 246 n Mead
Dixon, Chas R., fireman hose house No 1, bds 246 n Mead
Dixon, F. A., laborer, r 123 Fannie
Dixon, G. W., engineer, r 142 Indiana
Dixon, H., r 506 e William
Dixon, Thos L., Alliance lecturer, r 246 n Mead
Dixon, W. S., farmer, r 2449 e Kellogg
Dobson, James, gardener, r 1200 w Sedgwick
Dobson, J. D., clerk Munson & McN, r abv 219 s Main
Dobson, Geo H., drvr Dickey & McAllister, r 342 n Fourth
Dodd, E. M., Wichita Cornice Wks, r 2027 e Douglas
Dodd, G. C., cook, 229 e Douglas, rms cor 2nd and Topeka
Dodd, W. L., opr Postal Telegraph, Stock Yards
Dodds, Dick, wks Whittakers Packing H, r 125 s Walnut
Dodds, J. W., capt Salvation army, r 316 s Topeka
Dodge, A. E., broker, r 247 Waco
Dodge, Alfred, r 311 s Dodge w s 
Dodge, Miss Allie, r 247 Waco
Dodge, Enoch, farmer, r 1328 w first w s 
Donham, Alice, r 225 s Dodge w s 
Donham, Geo, teamster, r 225 s Dodge w s 
Donivan, Mike, r 532 n Wichita
Donnell, Miss Lizzie, artist, bds 418 n Topeka
Donnell, J. T., Second Hand Store, r 341 n Totpeka
Donnelly, Douglas V., Bailiff US Court, r 725 n Fourth
Donnelly, Wm C., p o carrier No 4, r 413 s Market
Donohoe, Bridget, domestic, r 434 n Fourth
Donovan, Peter, formn Dold’s barn, r 1112 n Wichita
Doole, Rev. W. I., pastor Oak st Presbyterian church, r abv 304 e Oak
Dooley, Miss Mary, domestic, r 303 Waco
Doran, J. A., constable off abv 209 n Main, r 1102 n Topeka
Doran, Mrs. Jane, r 215 s Fourth
Dorei, Robt, wks Packing house, r 713 w Central
Dorman, Elizabeth A., r 221 n Vine w s 
Dorman, Henry, r 221 n Vine w s 
Dorman, Judge, r 221 n Vine w s 
DORSEY THE GROCER, 224 n Main, Jas T. Dorsey prop
Dorsey, J. F., grocer, 524 n Main, r 320 n Topeka
Dorsey, E. A., real estate, r 404 n Market
Dorsey, H. A., janitor 3rd ward school, r 819 w Central
Dorsey, H. W., bkpr, r 819 w Central
Dorsey, J. M., compositor, r 605 n main
Dorsey, Miss Sadie, student, r 819 w Central
Dorsey, S. E., broom maker,r 438 n Market
Dorsey, Capt W. H., r 1430 n Fourth ave
Douglas Avenue House, Gustave Petzold prop, cor Doug and Water
Douglas, Geo L., lawyer Sedg blk, r 1037 n Lawrence
Douglas, Jno M., gardener, r 1851 n Woodland
Douglas, Martin, switchman R R, 124 n Mosley
Douthett, Mrs. Fanny, r 422 n Washington
Douthette, John H., clerk, r 422 n Washington
Dow, M. A., machinist, r 406 e Eighteenth
Dow, Mrs. M. A., groceries and provisions, 406 e Eighteenth
Dowd, Miss Maud, student, r 415 s Seneca w s 
Dowde, Harry, r 1412 n Emporia
Downey, Miss Gertie, domestic, r 604 n Emporia
Downing, Miss Abbie, milliner A Katz, r 116 e Douglas
Downing, Ben H., clk P O , r 329 Wichita
Downing, Miss Sallie M.., student, r 329 Wichita
Doyle, Frank, wks L. C. Jackson, r 916 e Douglas
Doyle, G. W., laborer, r 1137 Munnell w s 
Doyle, James F., teamster L. C. Jackson , 918 e Douglas
Doyle, W. E., travs fr Kans Sprsng Wgn Co, r 917 n Market
Drain, E. D., laborer, r 924 n Wichita
Drain, Miss Luci, teacher, r 622 n Waco
Drake, Miss Alice, r 1905 n Poe
Drake, Miss Annie, milliner Globe, r 741 Pattie
Drake, Ed, with Dickey & McAllister, r 950 s Market
Drake, Miss Fannie, domestic, r 731 n Topeka
Drake, H. Bertrand, Lithog Eagle off, r 1905 n Poe
Drake, Hiram T., 1905 n Poe
Drake, Miss Ida, music teacher, r 3456 n Emporia
Drake, Lee, barber, r 741 Pattie
Drake, Miss Minnie, clk Boston Store, r 841 Pattie
Drake, O. L., Eagle collctr, r 530 s Osage w s 
Drake, S. E., carpenter, r 3435 n Emporia
Drake, T. E., wks Whittaker Pknf hs, r 1315 n Fourth
Drale, Wm, butcher, r 741 Pattie
Draper, O. D., carpenter, r 323 n Fourth
Draper, U. M., wks Palace stables, bds City Hotel
Draves, Mrs. Gertrude, nurse, r 201 s Fourth
Drave, Richard, coachman, r 326 s Fourth
Dresser, Miss Blanche, r 350 Riverview
Dresser, Miss Ella, r 350 Riverview
Dresser, J. W., grocer, r 350 Riverview
Drewel, J., farmer, r 1145 Dayton w s 
Drew, James, shoemaker, 1019 w Doug, r 116 s Vine w s 
Drier, Henry, r 335 n Fifth
Driscoll, Thos, wks 425 e Douglas
Driscoll, Thos E., agt, r 611 Ohio
Drown, Mrs. G. H, r 937 n Market
Drown, Miss Jessie, teacher, r 739 n Market
Drown, Miss Minnie, tche Emerson school, r 739 n Markt
Drukker, Henry, clk Golden Eagle Clothing House
Drukker, Mike K., wks Towel Supply, r 227 Ohio
Drumheller, Judd, horseshoer 149 n Water, r 211 s Topeka
Dubal, Miss Lillia, r 135 Wichita
Dubler, Oscar, laborer, 346 n Topeka
DuBois, Miss Callie, r 741 n Waco
DuBois, H. M, lawyer Court House, r 1337 n Topeka
DuBois, J. W., bkpr, Intr Stat Fuel Co, r 935 n Topeka
DuBois, Miss Lucy, tchr Lewis Acdmy, r 1337 n Topeka
DuBois, Mrs. S. T., 1337 n Topeka
Duchene, Napoleaon, wks Pkng hs, r 811 w Central
Dudley, F. J., butter maker, r 135 n Ohio
Duff, Miss Minnie, stt S B Col, r 1905 n Market
Duffield, Mrs. Hetty, dressmaker, r 613 w Central
Dugan, Miss Katie, domestic, 309 s Lawrence
Duggar, Miss Fanny, domestic Burton hotel cor 5th ave and Karl st
Duggar, Hattie, waitress at Occidental hotel
Duguid, Albert, motoneer, r 1055 n Main
Duke, Mrs. Mary, laundress, r 600 n Main
Dulaney, W. R., supt union stock yds, r 426 e Third
Dumars, W. B., traveling salesman, bds Hotel Carey
Dummont, Elbert, architect, r 423 Riverview
DUN, R G. & Co, MERCHANTILE AGENCY, S. C. Ashton mgr, off 303-305 Sedgwick blk
Dunbar, D. T., undertaker 235 n Main, r 851 e Third
Dunbar, Harry C., stenog Kans S & D Co, r 851 e Third
Dunbar, Jas W., policeman, r 611 n Main
Dunbar, Miss Mont, r 851 e Third
Dunbaugh, D. J., travels Bryan Fruit Co, r 125 n Emporia
Duncan, Mrs. C. A., r 703 w Central
Duncan, D. B., teamster, r 923 S Water
Duncan, J. C., carpenter, r 1302 s Mead
Duncan, Robt, r 802 w Orme
Dunham, F. E., salesman, r 1303 n Market
Dunham, Miss May, book keeper, r 1735 n Topeka
Dunham, Miss Mary B., r 1303 N Market
Dunham, N. W., grocery cor 18th and Emporia, r 1813 Cherry
Dunkin, Frank, teacher, bds 418 s Lawrence
Dunkin, S. County clk, r abv 539 n Main
Dunks, H. M., agt Standard Oil Co, r 412 e Oak
Dunlap, Miss Grace, student, r 425 e Lewis
Dunner, Robt, laborer, 1538 Mosely
Dunn, Ephraim, laborer, r 137 s Mosely
Dunn, F. L., clk at Herron’s grocery, r 120 s Topeka
Dudnn, Jno C., Queensware 220 n Main, r 548 S Campbell
Dunn, Joseph, janitor Garfield Opera, r 847 e Third
Dunn, Mrs. Julia F. music teacher, rms 454 Sedg blk bds 232 n Emporia
Dunn, S. E., grocery clk 133 n Main, r 445 Sherman
Dunning, Mrs. Mary, r 1126 n Emporia
Dunsmore, Wm, wks Ice Co, r 441 Sherman
Dunson, J. R., house cleaner, 824 n Water
Dunworth, Ella, wks Hotel Metropole
Du Plan, H. B, butcher at Star Market 607 e Douglas, r 135 New York
Dural, Mack, wks Hotel Metropole
Durand, A. M., Commissioner of poor, r 705 s Water
Duratt, O. R., 222 s Osage w s 
Durfee, Ben, clk Ny Store, r 815 s Emporia
Durham, Geo W., foreman Dolds packing house, r 1904 Washington
Durkee, F. L., Secy Rio Grande Coal & Lum Co, r 149 n Topeka
Durley, E. M., r 245 Wabash
Durtsche, Miss Lizzie, laundress, r 337 s Main
Dustin, W. A., r 309 n Wichita
Dutton, Harry W., delivers for Munson & McN
Dutton, J. R., Ins, r 1148 n Mosley
Duvall, W. C., engineer cor 10th and Wichita, r 1123 n Wichita
Dwyer, D. C, blacksmith 315 n ain, r College Green
Dwyer, D. J., carriage blacksmith, r 1205 e First
Dyal, S. E. & Bros, junk dealers, 112 Cleveland
Dyal, Thomas, retired, r 119 Matthew
Dyal, W. A., (Dyal Bros) junk dealers 112 Cleveland
Dyer, Arthur, L., druggist at Chas Lawrence, r 945 n Emp
Dyer, James L., (Campbell & Dyer atty at law), r 1017 n Emporia
Dyer, James W., student, r 1017 n Emporia
Dyer, Joseph L. wks Whittakers P H, r 1036 n Jackson
Eads, John F., trav salesman, r ab 219 s Main
Eagle Cornice Works, 800 - 804 s Main, Caswell & Buckly proprietors
EAGLE, THE DAILEY AND WEEKLY, M. m. Murdock, editor, R. P. Murdock business mangr, 111 e Doug
Eagle Bindery, M M Murdock and Bro props 111 e Doug
“Eagle Roost”, residence of Marshall M. Murdock
Eames, F. B., clk 815 n Main, r 1154 n Wichita
Earhart, Dallas, baker, r 914 Laura
Earhart, Miss Jessie, cigar maker, r 914 Laura
Earhart, Miss May, cigar maker, r 914 Laura
Easley, Ambrose, laborer, r 1841 n Mead
East Douglas Avenue Planing Mill, 823 e Douglas, E. C. Hartzell proprietor
Eastback, F. S., butcher, r 1912 n Topeka
Eaton, Benj L., com trav, r 512 n Waco
Eaton, Mrs. M. A., milliner, r 825 e Oak
Ebenhack, Will, pressman, r 1131 n Cooledge
Ebenback, Edw, printer, 1131 N Cooledge
Ebenhack, Fred, electrician, 1131 n Cooledge
Eberhardt, Rev. C., pas German M E church, r 416 n Emp
Eberly, H. K., live stock dlr, r 1046 n Lawrence
Ebersole, Christian, miller City Mills, r 244 s Mosely
Ebert, E. B., real estate cor Main and Second, rms 451 n Waco
EBEY, GEO W., Pension Attorney ab 116 n Main, res cor Hillside and harry
Ebey, H. W., aaty with Niswonger Sedgwick blk, r cor Hillside and Harry
Eck, Frank V., fireman hose No 2
Eckardt, Chas, retired, r 146 n Main
Ecke, Geo, clk J F D Casey, rm 25 Firebaugh blk
Eckels, Mrs. Mattie, r ab 237 n Main
Eckert, Mrs. Amelia, r 250 Ida
Eckert, Jacob, r 110 Larimer
ECKSTEIN, OTTO G., Attorney at Law, City Treasurer, off rooms 1 and 2 ab 154 n Main
Eddy, C. J., bkpr Kan & Tex Coal Co, r 408 w Central
Edgar, Harry, rms 114 s Main
Edick, Frank, r 413 Riverview
Edmonson, T. M., laborer, r n Macon ave
Edmonson, James, eng, r 1255 n Washington
Edwards, A. H., hat and cap merchant Richland Block, r cor 15th and Topeka
Edwards, Mrs. Elizabeth, Rock Is gro, r Logan hotel
Edwards, George, com trav, r 707 e Centrtal
Edwards, Miss Ida, r 1003 s Hydraulic
Edwards, J.A., stone cutter, r 144 s Millwood
Edwards, John A., r 1003 s Hydraulic
Edwards, Miss Julia, r 229 e Doug
Edwards, Miss Leona, r 1003 s Hydraulic
Egan, Miss Mary B., confectionery, r 333 n Main
Egan, Patrick, r cor Macon and Wichita
Egan, W.H., wrks MO PAC, r 718 Hinton
Egnew, J. W, stone mason, r 413 n Wichita
Ehrhart, J. T., com trav, r 514 n Topeka
Eide, B. O., student, bds 252 n Market
Einhaus, Henry F., clk Jno Braitsch, r 637 Wabash
Elder, C. F., carpenter, r 841 n Market
Elddridge & Campbell, live stock com mer Stck Yds
Eddridge, Geo C., speculator, r 356 n Washington
Eddridge, J. W., r 203 n Emporia
Eddridge, R. W., (E & Campbell) r 438 n Emporia
Electrical & Mechanical Supply Co, 321 w Douglas, U S Reams Mangr
Eller, Wm, bkpr, r 410 w Central
Elexson, Voorhees, r 1421 n Market
Elliott, David, rms 231 s Water
Elliott, Jefferseon, with Lehman Higginson, r 203 s Wichita w s 
Elliott, John W., farmer, r 1579 n Jeanette
Elliott, Joseph R., teamster, r 1734 Waco
Elliott, L. M., r ab 1104 w Douf
Elliott, M. J., r 226 s 4th
Elliott, O. W., butcher, r 3637 n 4th
Elliott, Miss Sabra, dressmkr, r 214 n Lawrence
Elliott, Wm H., machinist, r 1001 n 5th
Ellis, A. S., gardener, r 1305 McCormick w s
Ellis, Harry, r 134 n Market
Ellis, Jennie, wks Shirt Factory and Dye Works 134 n Market
Ellis, H. W., laborer, r 503 s Main
Ellis, James, mangr Watch Club, rms 118 s Emporia
Ellis, Mrs. Jennie A., r 503 s Main
Ellis, Mrs. R. A., teacher, r 312 n Washington
Ellis, T. H., r 1029 n Water 
Ellsworth, Miss Millie, teacher, r ab 1213 e Doug
Ellsworth, Mrs. S. A., housekpr, r ab 1213 e Douf
Elrick, Lee, capitalist, bds 408 e Central
Elsea, W. J., (Sedgwick Coal Co), r 703 n 4th
Ely, W. H., shoemaker, r 245 Wabash
Emboce, Ada D., teacher, r 334 s Main
Emerson School, cor Water and Central
Emil, Chas, janitor Ct Hse, bds 539 n Main
Emmons, Charles, teamster, r 239 s Hydraulic
Emmons, Chas, Jr., farmer, r 239 s Hydraulic
Emmons, William, farmer, r 220 Fannie
Employment Office, ab 522 e Douglas
Emrich, Lettie, r 1557 s Water
Enegien, Augusta, domestic, r 415 s Seneca w s 
Enegrin, Anna, domestic J. O., Davidson, r Riverside
English, N. A., real estate, r 433 s Topeka
Eno, James W., Furniture dlr 106 w Douglas, r 444 n Waco
ENO FURNITURE CO, Jas W. Eno prop, Mnfr, wholesale and retail dealers in Furniture, Bedding, Carpets, Oil Cloth, Curtains, Childrens carriages, Boy’s wagons, tricycles etc, Eno Blk 106 w Douglass 2 doors w of main
Enoch, E. E., lawyer, 151 n Main, r 425 Sherman
Enrean, E., laborer, r 1910 n Topeka
Enterprise Meat Market 519 e Oak, S. H. Coburn prop
Episcopal Church, 235 n Lawrence
Epstein, H., wks 918 e Douglas, r 924 e Douglas
Erich, Julius C., clk Boston Store, r 544 New York
Erickson, Hilda, dom, r 832 n Topeka
Ernest, Miss Carrie, dom, r 747 s Water
Ernstman, Frank, carpenter, r 842 e Oak
Errich, J. C., salsmn r 244 New York
Ervin, F. M., r 424 Laura
Ervin, J. H., mechanic, 125 Ida
Eubank, Miss Sarah, dressmaker, r 638 n Market
Evans, Miss Bernice, stnog L. w. Clapp, r 1218 n Fourth
Evans, Mrs. Bessie, r 237 n Market
Evans, Earle, bill clk Johnston & L, r 1218 n Fourth
Evans, Mrs. E. W., r 1218 n Fourth
Evans, F. E., druggist 138 n Main, r 1218 n Fourth
Evans, S. H., woodworkman Wichita Carriage Works
Evans, Miss Luella, milliner Munson & McN, r 142 n Emporia
Evans, Miss Sadie, bds 304 e Third
Evans, Wm, brick, r 1710 Arkansas
Everet, Harley, dishwasher Occidental
Everett, Edward M., laborer, r 127 n Mosley
Everett, E. S., physician 224 e Doug, r 615 n Lawrence
Everett, John R., coal dealer, r 1140 s Hydraulic
Everett, S. D., r 125 n Spruce
Everhart, W. W., ass’t US mail mess’ger, r 408 n Mosley
Everitt, Henry, gardener, r 1140 s Hydraulic
Everitt, John, coaldealer, 1140 s Hydraulic
Eversole, Wm, carpenter Dold’s P H, r 1940 Fifth
Ewen, Louis T., bkpr Dold’s P H, r 1542 Fairmount
Ewing, Earl, carpenter, r 119 Fannie
Ewing, R. M., 1st cook Occidental
Excelcior Oil Tank Line, about 500 s Fifth
EXCHANGE HOTEL, Stockyards, M. E., Blankenship prop
Exton, John, com mcht, r 405 s Lawrence

FABRIQUE, DR. ANDREW H., Physician and Surgeon abv 122 e Doug, r 503 n Lawrence
Fabrique, Miss Mattie, r 503 n Lawrence
Fahey, Ed, wks 628 e Douglas, r 707 Ida
Fahey, James, r 707 Ida
Fahey, Miss Nellie, r 707 Ida
Fahey, Thos, lunch room 628 e Doug, r 707 Ida
Fahey, Thos, Jr., r 707 Ida
Fahnestock, Alvin C., A T & S F Ry, r 152 Ohio
Fairchild, H. C., blacksmith, r 422 n Mead
Fairleigh, Emma, r 341 s Oak w s 
Fairmount Floral Co, cor Vassar and thirteenth
Falker, Miss Katie, domestic, r 302 n Topeka
Falkenstein, M. E., r 9092 n Market
Falvo, S. F., railroader, r 628 n mead
Fanning, Cyrus, st car conductor, r 443 n Main
Fanning, Ervin, farmer, r Exchange ave
Fanning, F. J., lecturer, r 431 n Fourth
Fardy, Mrs. Ann, r 1007 e Second
Faries Machine Shop, 124 s Washington, R. P. Faries pro
Faries, R. H., prop Machine Shop, r 120 s Washington
Farmer & Chapell grocers 113 n Main, Jno Farmer, & C. C. Chapell
Farmer, Chas, (C. F. & Co) r 201 s Sycamore w s 
Farmer, Chas & Co, Flour Mill 385 w Maple w s 
Farmer, John, constable, r 437 s Hewitt w s 
Farmers Exchange, 147 - 149 n Emporia
	FARMER & REED, Real estate and Rental agts, Loans Negotiated, Collections made, rm 6 abv 114 n Main
Farnum, H. R., (Corner & Farnum), r 126 s Emporia
Farnum, James F., retired, r 336 n Topeka
Farnum, John M., r cor Vassar and Thirteenth
Farow, Chas, teamster, r 719 n Cleveland
Farrell, Chas, laborer, r 423 e Eighteenth
Farrell, Miss Mattie, bds 426 s Topeka
Farris, Miss Cora A., r 1321 n Fairmount
Farris, J. C., r 213 e Morris
Farris. J. F., r 1321 Fairmount
Farris, L. W., r 1321 Fairmount
Farris, Miss May, r 619 e William
Farvor, H. S., dlr coal and feed 503 n Wichita, r same
Fash, Mrs. Sarah C., r 409 Laura
Fate, Christain, tailor, r 1518 n Market
Fauver, Jethero S., barber, r 935 n Wichita
Faucett, Wm, stock dlr, r 1745 n Jeanette
Faulkner, Arthur, asst cash Citizens Bank, bds Metropole
Fawcett, Earl, clk Boston Store, r 120 n Chataqua
Fawcett, T. A., tailor, r 1044 s Emporia
Fawcett, Mrs. M. E., r 120 n Chataque
Faylor, May, r cor Harry and Hydraulic
Fazel, C. D., stenog Santa Fe r 228 n Emporia
Fazel, John H., reporter Court Com Plesa, r 1057 n Piatt
Fearen, Wm H., trav salsm Australian Oil Co, r 2525 e Ninth
Feast, E. J. A., bill clk W. W. Grocy Co, r 1114 n Fifth
Fechheimer, Albert, stu S B Col, r 747 s Water
Fechheimer, Chas M., attorney with J. D. Houston, r 747 s Water
Fechheimer, Miss Lena, r 747 s Water
Fechheimer, M. M., retired, r 747 s Water
Fechheimer, Miss Nettie, r 747 s Water
Fegtly, J. J., Secy Board of Education, r 943 s Main
Felix, O., laborer, r 701 n Fifth
Fellows, Miss Henrietta, teacher, r 412 e Central
Fellows, Henry, (Caldwell & F), r 412 e Central
Fellows, Jno W., clk Luttrell Clthng Store, r 223 Mathesn
Felsburg, G. tailor, bds Keystone Hotel
Fenn, Frank, yd master Santa Fe Ry, r 146 Pattie
Fennell, Edmond, laborer, r 33720 n Emporia
Fennel, N. R., farmer, r Mosley
Fennel, T. E., farmer, Mosely
Fenton, S. H., mechanic, r 150 Lulu
Fenwick, Wm, laborer, r 1147 n Washington
Ferchan, G. C., r 1250 Lincoln
Ferguson, Chas, bell boy Manhattan, r 422 s Water
Ferguson, C. V., (Bentley & Ferguson), r 1013 n Lawrence
Ferguson, D. V., r 115 s Vine
Ferguson, H. D., electrician Huston & T, r 707 n Market
Ferguson, J., r 847 s Lawrence
Ferguson, John, laborer, r 613 e Central
Ferguson, Joshua J., real estate, r 422 s Water
Ferguson, J. W., r 217 e Gilbert
Ferguson, Miss Mattie, clk Boston Store, r 452 s Water
Ferguson, S. R., plasterer, r 115 s Vine
Ferrell, Mrs. Anna, r 423 e 18th
Ferrell, Henry C., laborer, r 409 Stephen
Ferrell, J. C., street commissioner, r 1329 s Lawrence
Ferrell, Llloyd B., capitalist at 130 n main, r 310 e Elm
Fetters, Wm P., farmer, r 434 n Vine
Fibleman, J. A., clks 342 n Main, r 1029 n Water
Fickett, E. M., Commercial traveler, off ab 151 n Main
Fiebelman, Jesse E., produce 342 n Main, r 1029 n Water
Field, Mrs. C. H., r e cor Ontario and Exchange
Field, Jack, plasterer, r 1126 e Oak
Fifer, Brinton, undertaker, r ab 235 n Main
Fifer, Mrs. Minnie, dressmaker, r an 235 n Main
Figley, Chas, laborer, r 1149 n Brekinridge
Ffilford, H. C., cattle insp stock yds, r 149 n Topeka
Filkins, F. J., barber, r 243 w 9th
Filkins, Jno, bridge contr, r 423 w 9th
Finch, Adrain, butcher, r 825 n Mead
Finch, Geo, farmer, r 825 n Mead
Finch, Miss Zella, milliner, r 825 n Mead
Findeiss, Henry C., bkpr, r 1017 Laura
Finsley, Jesse M., painter, r 1037 n Jackson
Finney, J. C., teamster, r 1060 n Market
Fintelman, Wm, wks Palace stables, bds City Hotel
Finton, Kipp, (Pearless Laundry), r 123 n Market
Finton, W. W., (Pearless Laundry), r 123 n Market
Firebaugh Blk 150, 152, 154 n Market
Firebaugh, Chester, Atty, off Citizens Bank, r 156 n Topeka
Firmin, John, cabinet maker, r 343 n Main
First Methodist Church, 324 n Lawrence Rev. L. M. Hartley pastor
First Presbyterian Church cor First and Lawrence
Fishback, Gus, wks Stewert I Wks, bds 314 s Wathington
Fishback, Miss Luticia, dom, r 704 s Water
Fishback, Peter, r 311 Riverview
Fisher, A. C., r 136 s Edward
Fisher, Miss Annie, clk at Bon ton, r ab 146 n Main
Fisher, Mrs. Ellen C., r 3312 n 5th
Fisher, Frank, City Circulator “Beacon”, r 1230 Bitting
Fisher, John, (Heiserman & Fisher), r 1353 n Wichita
Fisher, J. W., laober, r 130n 4th
Fisher, Wm, speculator, r 130 n 4th
Fiske, Mrs. A. A. r 317 n Emporia
Fiske, Miss Birdie, student, 317 n Emporia
Fiskis, Mrs. Isophene, teacher, S B College, bds 252 n Market
Fitch, Miss Clemma, teacher, r 136 Lulu
Fitch, John, r 136 Lulu
Fitch, Thos G. secy and mgr Wichita Electric Ry, r Riverside
Fitzhugh, Isabel, r 322 n First
Fitzgerald, Chas, printer, r 139 Laura
Fitzgerald, Miss Emma, wks Wichita Steam Laundry
Fitzgerald, Miss Lillie, wks Ks Steam Laundry
Fitzgerald, Miss Leona, wks Ks Steam Laundry
Fitzgerald, Edward L., cooper, r 924 s Market
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Martha, r 139 Laura
Fitzpatrick, Edward, r 616 Riverview
Fitzsimons, James, wks Dolds P H, r 640 n Emporia
Flack, Geo W., carpenter, r 1034 n Cleveland
Flack, Sarah M., r 1034 n Cleveland
Flagg, Andrew, (Globe I Wks), r 841 Laura
Flagg, Andrew D., r 940 Ida
Flagg, Miss Lizzie, r 841 Laura
Flagler, Fletcher, r 919 n Mead
Flake, Erastus, porter 211 n Main, r 328 n Water
Flanders, O. D., foreman W & W R house, r 735 Ida
Flattery, Miss Lizzie, r 428 n Market
Fleeman, Chas, r 1851 n Lawrence
Fleming, George, retired, r 315 Lulu
Fleming, Geo C., foremen hose no 2, r 315 Lullu
Fleming, S. B., minister, r 124 n Park
Fleming, S. W., laborer, r 419 n Water
Fleming, Wm L., student, r 124 n Park
Fletcher, A. M., farmer, r 215 n Vine
Fletcher Building, cor Main and Second
Fletcher, C. J., grocer, r 414 w Third
Fletcher, D., wks Ice factory, r 225 n Walnut w s 
Fletcher, E., r 117 n Vine w s 
Fletcher, Elizabeth, r 343 n Wichita w s 
Fletcher, Elias H., fireman, r 343 n Wichita w s 
Fletcher, Gus, r 225 n Walnut w s 
Fletcher, J. M., painter, r 117 n Vine w s
Fletcher, J. S., painter and paper hanger, r 335 Sycamore
Fletcher, Jos, wks Ice wks, r 307 s Sycamore w s 
Fletcher, J. W., r 117 n Vine 
Fletcher, Laura B., r 215 n Vine 
Fletcher, M. A., pro Broom Factory, r 301 n Main
Fletcher, Sarah L., r 117 n Vine w s 
Fletcher, Wm D., harness mkr, r 400 n Hydraulic
Fletcher, Wm, shooting gallery, r 400 n hydraulic
Fletcher, Wm, pro Fletcher Blk, rms 22 23
Fletcher, W. B., painter, r 117 n Vine w s 
Flowers, Miss Emma, r Morris blk
Floyd, Chas, porter at 106 n Main
Floyd, Mrs. Sarah, r 512 s Water
Flint, Almo, landscapr gardener, r 1525 Lorraine
Fobee,, John, wks Mahan Bros, r 115 Rock Island
Fogg, T. B., clk MO PA freight off, r 349 Sherman
Follmer, Miss Katie, r 737 s Market
Foote, E. C., engineer P H, r 703 Pearl
Foote, Dr. J. S., (Bibbee & Foote), bds Carey 
Forbes, E. W., plumber, bds Burton Hotel
Forbes, Ross, bds Burton Hotel
Forbe, J. H., clk for G W C Jones, r 252 n Market
Ford, Mrs. A. M., dressmaker, r 204 s Lawrence
Ford, Miss Cora, r 231 s Water
Ford, C. E., Ks Steam Laundry, r 638 n Lawrence
Ford, Dan, Ks Steam Laundry, r 638 n Lawrence
Ford, David C., wks Stewart Iron Wrks, r 127 Pattie
Ford, Ed, Ks Steam Laundry, r 938 n Lawrence
Ford, Frank J., Novelty Works, r 725 n Waco
Ford, H. J., pro KS Steam Laundry, r 638 n Lawrence
Ford, H. L., (Ford & Ford), r 418 n Market
Ford, H. N., (Ford & Ford), r 418 n Market
Ford, Mrs. H. P., r 902 e First
Ford, Miss Lucy, music teacher, r 204 s Lawrence
FORD & FORD, (H L & H N), The Reliable Grocers, cor Main and Third
Ford, Mrs. M. C., bdgh, r 231 s Water
Ford, W. H., candy maker, r 204 s Lawrence
Ford, Wm, engineer, r 2-4 s Lawrence
Ford, Wm H., r 127 Pattie
Fordham, Chas R., clk at H M Jones, r 522 s Lawrence
Fordyce, J. H., (Fordyce & VanNuys), r 326 Burr
FORDYCE & VAN NUYS, (J H F & J D VanN), Physicians and Surgeons, off Getto blk cor Main and Second, off telephone 298 r 350
Foreman, J. C., motoneer, r 130 w 10th
Foresman, Chas R., laborer, r 430 s Water
Forest, Claude J, clk at Manhattan Hotel
Forest City Coal Co, Hacney & Spencer pro, 119 n Water
Forgy G. W., laborer, r 121 Laura
Forker, A. S., com trav, r 410 n Lawrence
Forry, John, butcher, r 1121 n Market
Forsyth, Miss Maude, r 1017 n 4th
Forsythe, John A., cooper, r 1707 Humboldt
Fortnan, John, butcher, 1021, r 810 w Texas w s 
Fortner, A. B., motoneer, r 912 s Emporia
Fortner, H. P., carpenter, r Harry and Main
Fortune, James, railroader, r 22o w Park
Fosnot, Frank B., cashr W U tel Co, r 809 s Water
Foster, A. A., musician, r 331 Waco
Foster, Daniel A., musician, r 331 Waco
Foster, D. W., wks Diver’s livery barn, bds 208 Waco
Foster, Edgar J., Queensware 219 e Doug, r 615 n Lawrence
Foster, Miss Frances, student, r 615 n Lawrence
Foster, Geo T., gardener, r 153 n Charles
Foster, G. W., r 402 n Wichita w s 
Foster, George W., principal W University, r 421 e Lewis
Foster, Lafayette, grocer 310 s 4th, r 415 e English
Foster, R. H., drug clk at J. P. Allen’s, r 402 n Walnut
Foster, Thomas C., wks Bush’s livery barn, r 331 Waco
Foulke, E. L., solic “Kan Star”, r 606 n 4th
Foundry, Stewart Bros, 231 - 251 s Washington
Fountain, Mrs. Margaret, laundress, r 426 n Emporia
Fourth Avenue Livery Barn, S. G. Butler prop, 116 s 4th
Fourth Avenue Planing Mill, corner 4th and 1st, F. A. & C. H. Williams props
FOURTH NATIONAL BANK, E. R. Powell Pres, cor Market and Douglas
Foust, Samuel, farmer, r 1024 s Topeka
Fouts, T. P., r s Circle Drive
Fouts, W. S., (Davis & F), r College Hill
Fowler, Eliza, laundress, r 507 s Orchard w s 
Fowler, Emily B., teacher, r 1018 w Doug
Fowler, Franklin, r 1112 s Main
Fox, Abner, r 416 n Seneca w s 
Fox, Arthur, wks Rock Is railroad
Fox, B. R., brick burner, r 1150 s Elizabeth
Fox, Bonham, barber, r 416 n Seneca w s 
Fox, Jennie, waitress, r 416 n Seneca
Fox, J. W., farmer, r 115 s Washington
Fox, Louisa, r 1150 s Ef
Fox, Martin, carpenter, r 409 n Wichita w s 
Fox, Perry, gardener, r 1150 Ef
Foyles, Thomas, r 1448 s Washington
Frakes, Miss Annie, wks Packer’s hotel
Frame, Miss Minnie, typewriter Dun Com agncy, r 4341 Waco
Francis, Mrs. A. M., milliner 311 e Doug, r 420 Spruce
Francis, James, K., grocer, r 326 s Dodge
Francis, J. L., painter, 311 e Doug r 420 Spruce
Francis, W. A., undertaker W. H. Kendle’s, r 124 s Volutsia
Francis, Wm D., notions 311 e Doug, r 420 Spruce
Francis, Herbert, printer, r 326 s Dodge
Francisco, Mrs. H. M., r 149 n Charles w s 
Franck, H., tailor 317 e Doug, r 1023 s Water
Frank, Chas E., cashr Fourth Nat’l Bank, r 1526 n Park Place
Frank, C. O., r 1150 s Topeka
Frank, Dick A., clothing clk, r 1150 s Topeka
Frank, R. E., clothing clk Manhattan, r 1150 s Topeka
Frank, W. F., wks Stewart Iron Wks, r 1110 s Wichita
Franke, R. S., r 1100 s Wichita
Frabke, William F., r 1110 s Wichita
Frankenfield, C. A., wks Enterprise Meat Market, r 634 n Emporia
Frankenfield, Mrs. R. A., r 634 n Emporia
Franklin, Rev B Andrew, r 428 n Main
Franklin, D. F., farmer, r 1846 s Hydraulic
Franklin, Miss Ida, domestic, r 907 s Topeka
Franklin School, cor Pine and Martinson w s 
Franz, Fred, r 3005 e Second
Frasesr, J. N., hack driver, r 337 s Emporia
Fraser, W. R., (Garst & Garst), r 924 n Topeka
Frazier, W. M., Sr., (Wichita Produce Co) r 426 Waco
Fraizer, W. M., Jr., r 426 n Waco
Fraizer, William V., clks Produce Co, r 426 Waco
Frechette O., bds 1013 n Lawrence
Frederick, E., clk 504 e Douglas
Frederick, W. H., carpenter, 811 n Hydraulic
Freed, Henry, r 1112 n Washington
Freed, Lemuel, barber 308 n Main, r 1112 n Washington
Freedley, Jacob, clk L. Hays, r 304 s Water
Freeland, Mrs. Clara, r 704 n Thirteenth
Freeman, Chas, r 425 s Osage w s
Freeman, Mrs. Ella, teacher, rms 516 s Topeka
Freeman, Robt, laborer, r 372 n First
Freeman, Thos, farmer, r 801 s Hydraulic
Frees, Peter, papr hngr Young Bros, r 1506 n Market
French, Mrs. Jennie, laundress, r 803 n Market
French, Mrs. Kate, r 21 Ellis
French, Shelton, wks Occidental
Fresman, Henry S., teamster Ice Factory
Fretz, H. H., printer, r 309 n Market
Friend, Mrs. Catherine, hskpr, r 227 w Third
Friend, D. M., blacksmith, 628 n Main, r 843 Eagle
Friend, E. A. shpng cler W W Grocy Co, r 346 Wabash
Friend, H. W., recb clk W W Grocy Co, r 907 e Third
Friend, John, carpenter, r 425 James
Friend, Joseph, wks 1147 n Getto, r same
Friend, J. A., real estate, r abv 1018 w Maple w s 
Friend, Miss Lillie A., dining rm girl, r 227 w Third
Friend, Miss Lulu, r 155 n Water
Friend, Miss Minnie, waiter Co-Operataive Bdng Club, r 227 w Third
Friends Church, 138 Cleveland
Friese, Peter, papr hanger Young Bros
Fritch, E. H., Princp Southwest Business College, r 355 s Hydraulic
Fritz, Harry, wks Beacon Job off, rms 309 n Market
Frizell, C. V., confectioner 238 n Main
Frolick, Miss Carrie, domestic, r 448 Waco
Frooman, Elam E., time kpr Dold P H, r 1714 Fairview
Fry, Miss Anna, r 323 n Emporia
Fry, Miss Carrie, r 534 n Washington
Fry, Mrs. Catherine, r 534 n Washington
Frybarger, L. G., Life Ins agt, r 423 Sherman
Frybarger, Miss May, clerk, r 4232 Sherman
Fryer, F. E., wks Corner & Farnum, r 1354 n Wichita
Fryer, G. W., painter, r 826 s Main
Ft Scott Dining Hall, cor Wichita and Second, Mrs. Salome Burress prop
Fuller, C. I., grocer 202 e Doug, r 304 e First
Fuller, D. E., real estate and loans abv 203 n Main, r 1007 s Emporia
Fuller, Miss Florence, r 1007 s Emporia
Fuller, L. W., retired, r 304 e First
Fulmer, James, machinist, r 538 s Main
FULTON, B. F. & CO, Grocers, 830 e Douglas
Fulton, B. F., grocer 830 e Douglas, r 402 n Washington
Fulton, Geo, barber, r 522 Sherman
Fulton, Mrs. J., r 220 n Fourth
Fulton, J. Benj, barber, 426 ½  n Main, r 1301 e Division
Fulton, J. S., barber, 426 1/2 n Main r 1301 e Division
Fulton, O. P., blacksmith, r 1301 e Division
Fulton, Sherman, laborer, r 1301 e Division
Fulton, Walter E., barber, r 518 w Central
Fultz, M., carpenter, r 1020 n Mead
Fultz, Wm A., carpenter Car Wrks, r 3430n Fourth
Funk, Chas, engineer MO PAC, bds Occidental
Furley, C. C., physician anv 331 e Doug, r same
Furlong, Atherton, stu High School, r 426 n Emporia
Furlong, John P., grain buyer, r 938 n Washington
Furlong, Mrs. Mary, laborer, r 1331 n Fifth
Furnish, J. M., gardener, r 16661 Gold
Furtado’s Cigar Shop 930 n Fifth
Furtado’s Lunch Counter 657 e Oak
Furtado, S. J., prop Cigar Shop, r 930 n Fifth
Fye, James, painter, r 706 e third
Gackenback, Miss Annie M., r 425 s Water
Gackenback, Chas W., cigar mkr 119 s Main, r 425 s Water
Gackenback, F. A., cigar mkr 119 s Main, r 425 s Water
Gain, Chas, carpenter, r cor Washington and Second
Gains, J. G., wks Wichita Chemical Co, r 616 n Wichita
Gaiser, Wm H., blacksmith, r 327 Ohio
Gale, Calvin, painter, r 831 n Ohio
Gale, Geo W., painter, r 1120 e Oak
Gallagher, Chas, stock dlr Stock yds, r 1904 Arkansas
Gallagher, David C., r 1209 University w s 
Gallagher, Elizabeth, r 1209 University w s 
Gallagher, Emily, 1209 University w s
Gallagher, Genevieve, r 1209 University w s 
Gallagher, Helen, r 1209 University w s 
Gallagher, Mrs. Jane, r 1209 University w s
Gallant, Eugene G., manfctrng Jeweler abv 126 n Main, r 1005 n Wabash
Gallant, G. M., laborer, r 1005 n Wabash
Galloway, Miss Alpha, music teacher, r 515 s Hydraulic
Galloway, Mrs. L. J., nurse, r 515 s Hydraulic
Gaman, Thos, stu S B Col, bds 252 n Market
Gamel, Frank, student, rms Lewis Acadamy
Gangwish, V. E., carpenter, r 1809 n Fourth ave
Gant, _____, drayman, r 1137 Dayton w s  
Garber, Claudia M., r 569 w Douglas
Garber, S. S., 2nd hand furniture, r 569 w Douglas
Gard, Frank, wks Metropole, r 538 n Wichita
Gardenshire, Frank, Laborer, r 914 n Market
Gardner, Chas, grocer, r 824 s Topeka
Gardner, Geo C., machinist, bds n Emporia
Gardner, Geo E., machinist, r 922 e First
Gardner, H. B., teamster Whittakers P H r 1413 n Fifth
Gardner, Mrs. Laura, r 1115 Dayton w s
Garfield Opera House, cor Water and First
Garneau, James W., mngr W Cracker Co, bds Carey Hotel
Garner, Mrs. Alice r 614 n Waco
Garnett, Chas, wks Ross Bros, r 702 s Emporia
Garnett, Fred, teamster, r 702 s Emporia
Garnett, J. L.,laborer, r 1034 e Douglas
Garnett, John H., teamster, r 702 s Emporia
Garnett, Miss Mary, r 702 s Emporia
Garnett, Wilber, bkpr, r 702 s Emporia
Garett, C. A., (G & Kincaid) r 517 Riverview
Garett, D. J., teamster, r 124 n Estelle
Garett, Jno J., Wall paper and Paints 611 e Douglas, r 517 Riverview
Garett & Kincaid, Art Good and Wall Paper 611 e Douglas
Garett, Mrs. Sarah, r 502 Riverview
Garrigus, S., pastor U B Church, r 711 Washington
Garrison, Alverda, printer, r 310 s Dodge w s
Garrison, C. D., harness 121 w Doug, r 830 s Water
Garrison, James, gardener, r 2002 w Douglas
Garrison, Mrs. Mary A., r 1521 e Oak
Garrison, S. W., gardener, 310 s Dodge w s 
Garrison, Wm, harnmkr 121 w Doug, r 830 s Water 
Garst, Fraser & Garst, props Wichita Steam Laundry 117-121 w First
Garst, Newton, (G, F & G), r 834 n Market
Gartell, Miss Minnie, dressmaker, r 329 s Market
Garver, M. H., r 2001 s Fourth
Garver, M. L., mangr Central Trust Co, r 1005 n Market
Garver, Miss Mary L., stu Lewis Acadamy, r 1005 n Market
Garvey, Thos F., wks Electric car shop, r cor Park and Riverside
Garwood, J. S., wks Wichita Produce Co, r r614 s lawrence
Gary, Geo, house mower, r 337 Indiana
Gasaway, Nettie, r 1355 s Main
Gascione, Edward, carpenter, r 1159 n Wwichita
Gaskin, Frank, carpenter, r 224 Indiana
Gates, C. A., Life Ins Agt, r 933 s Topeka
Gates, C. F., printer, r 345 n Wichita
Gates, Chas, Meat Market 311 s Main, r same
Gates, M., carpenter, r 726 s Water
Gates, M. R., weigh master Dold’s P H, bds City Hotel
Gatewood, Lucy G., r 241 n Spruce
Gatewood, Wm H., r 241 n Spruce
Gay, Chas, wks Trunk Factory, r s Emporia
Gay, Geo, rel estate, 1217 e Oak, r same
Gay, Mary A., r 522 s Mosley
Gaylord,Hoding, printer, r 716 n Hydraulic
Gee, John, laborer, r 123 s Mosley
GEHRING, G., Prescription Druggist, N E corner Douglas and Topeka, (successor to Kiester & Wallace). Residence 839 s Topeka
Grier, Miss Ida, domestic, r 141 Lulu
Geiser, Will, wks Kan Buggy Co, r 327 n Ohio
Geller, Chas, laborer, r cor 29th and 5th
General Offices MO PAC, 1233 n Main
Geneva, Miss Madeline, r 346 n Topeka
Gentner, M. M., clk 815 n Main, r same
George, Frank, huckster, r 513 e First
George, J. E., feed store 207 e Doug, r 1013 s Topeka
George, J. W., steward at Manhattan
George, Louise, wls 110 s Emporia
Georges, Miss Lillie, r 423 n Washington
German Catholic Church, corner Second and Ohio, Rev Athanasius Lingemann pastor
German Methodist Church, cor First and Emporia
Germania Hotel, 200 w Douglas, John Kindzeder prop
Gerteis, Miss Emma, dressmkr, r 335 s Topeka
Gerteis, Joseph, wks Wichita Bottling Wrks, r 335 n Topeka
Gerteis, Louis, clk Cash Henderson, r 237 n Market
Getto Block, cor Main and Second
Getto, Peter, (Getto-McCling B & S Co), r 255 n Water
Gibbs, Chas, livery hand, r 803 n Main
Gibbs, C. M., baker, r 1102 e Central
Gibbs, Laura, wks Leland Hotel
Gibbs, Mrs. S. E., wks Leland Hotel
Gibson, A. H., meat Market 1050 n Main, r 950 n Water
Gibson, Archibald, clk Herron’s Grocery, t 721 n Ohio
Gibson, Alafred, r 712 n Ohio
Gibson, Frank, farmer, r 1502 n Mead
Gibson, Garrent M., carpenter, r 809 Cherry
Gibson, Miss Nellie, r 721 n Ohio
Gibson, Miss Phoebe, r 217 n Hydraulic
Gibson, S. W., farmer, r 1502 n Mead
Gibson, Thos B., carpenter, r 721 n Ohio
Gibony, W. B., r 1042 s Emporia 
Gibborns, Wm W., wks Kan Furniture Co, r 222 s Morris
Gidding, Mrs. Ellen, r 433 s Topeka
Giesler, Gust, wks Trunk Factory, r 614 s Pine w s 
Gifford, J. H., wks Adams Ex Co, r 537 s Topeka
Gifford, Miss Loretta, r 309 n Main
Gifford, W. E., driver Ex Co, bds 125 n Market
Gilbert, Frederick, laborer, r 248 s Mosley
Gilbert, William, laborer, r 248 s Mosley
Gilbert, William, laborer, r 434 n Water
Gilberson, Mrs. Susan, r 728 Waco
Gilbrech, A., laborer, r 807 e Oak
Gile, J. M., architect, r 1131 Pierce
Giles, John, druggist, rooms 313 n Market
Giles, J. T., (Rickmeyer & G), res in country
Gill, Chas, wls street railway, r 824 n Wichita
Gill, Isaac W., (Broaz & Gill), r 2015 Shirley W s 
Ggillain, M. W., tailor, 117 s Lawrence
Gillan, _____, marble cutter, bds 301 s Emporia
Gillispie, Jas W., broker, r 428 w avenue A
Gillilian, Belle, r 1526 Ida
Gillis, T. R., sign painter 114 n Main, r 1442 s Lawrence
Gillmore, Mary, r 339 n Fifth
Girard, Louis, (Siebert & Girard) r 242 n Mosley
Gislar, Gus, ks Trunk Factory, r 614 w Pine w s 
Gittings, J. W., laborer, r 3248 n 4th
Givens, T. W., r 229 s Fern w s 
Geivowsky, S., wks overall factory 715 e Doug, r same
Glant, Clegg, cook at 204 n Main
Glasier, Ben F., bkpr, r 252 n Market
Glass, Alex, r 113 Waterman
Glass, Miss Hattie, student S B College, bds 252 n Market
Glass, J. P., wks Bryan Fruit Co, bds Keystone
Glass & Strosser, props Wichita Bicyle Co, 115 s Main
Glaze, Benj A., bkpr 116 s Lawrence, r 1155 n Emporia
Glaze, Geo P., pres Kan Pump Co, r 1155 n Emporia
Glaze, Miss Miza, r 405 s Main
Glaze, Percy, student, r 1155 n Emporia
Glaze, Thomas, laborer, r 405 s Main
Gleason, John A., restaurant 704 e Doug, r ab
Gleason, Mary, houskpr, r 208 Waco
GLENN, A. A., Pension Agent, rooms 14 & 16 ab 203 n Main, res 802 s Market
Glenn, F. a., farmer, r 617 Hewitt w s 
Glenn, H. A., printer, r 617 Hewitt w s 
Glenn, John B., sec’y American Savings & Investment Association, rms ab 129 e Doug
Glenn, Wm A., carpenter, r 236 Matthewson
Glenn, W. C., stock com mer, r 769 Dayton w s 
Glenn, W. F., r 617 Hewitt w s
Glick, Mrs. Rosa, r 437 s Market
Glitsch, H., Attorney at Law, rm 3 ab 340 n Main
Globe Iron Works, A. Flagg pro, 150 n Main
GLOBE DRY GOODS HOUSE, M. B. Cohn Pro, 150 n Main
Glosser, T. B., (Swab & Glosser), r 411 e Central
Glover, Thomas, ploiceman, r 704 n Market
Glover, W. B., Attorney
Glunt, Miss Eva, r 417 n Main
Glunt, Miss Millie, r 417 n Main
Glunt, Peter, Second Hand Store, r 417 n Main
Gluick, A., (The Enterprise), r 522 s Main
Godfrey, C. H., mechanic, r 323 s Seneca w s
Goetz, Miss Maggie, r 1904 n Water
Goldberg, Miss Belle, r 519 s Main
Goldberg, Miss Della, r 519 s main
Goldberg, Miss Carrie, r 519 s Main
Goldberg, Ed, mgr Sun Vapor St Lights, r 1131 n Market
Goldberg, Miss Hannah, r 519 s Main
Goldberg, Hyam, clk at Star Clothing house
Golden Eagle Bakery 1013 w Douglas w s 
GOLDSTANDT, A. M., The Hatter and Furnisher 203 e Douglas, r 533 s Market
Goldstein, A., dealer in Rags, Iron, etc, 918 e Douglas
Goldstein, Sam, pro Famous Clothing Co, 112 e Douglas, r 539 n Emporia
Goldstein, Sol, wks Famous Clothing Co, r 417 e 3rd
Goldstein, Wm, wks 918 e Douglas, r 924 e Douglas
Goldsmith, Adam, r cor Mead and 21st
Goodall, J. B., wks Sash & Door Co, r 908 s Fourth
Goode, Harry F., mgr S. W. Cooper Loan Off, r 942 n Main
Goode, Mrs. Maggie, r 425 e Lewis
Goode, F. R., traveling salesman, r 422 e Lewis
Goode, Wm E., hostler, r 942 n North
Goodin, Alf C., pressman Eagle off, r 150 s Topeka
Goodin, Mrs. Caroline, r 1206 s Market
Goodin, Charlie R., fruit packer, r 1206 s Market
GOODIN, W. O., Druggist 705 e Oak, r ab store
Goodman, Geo W., pro Metropole
Goodman, Lee, laborer, r 258 n Mosley
Goodyear, Chas, cond MO PAC, r 305 e Lewis
Goodyear Hotel, cor Emporia and Douglas, John Goodyear pro
Goodyear, James, jeweler 429 e Douglas, r cor 1st and Emporia
Goodyear, John, pro Hotel Goodyear and Druggist 429 e Douglas, r cor Lewis and Lawrence
Goon, Lee, San Francisco Laundry 325 n Main
Goosey, John, domestic, r 304 e Third
Gordon, Dean, Attorney at Law, rms 2-6 ab 203 n Main, rms Gondolfo Bldg
GORDON, DEAN, Attorney ab 203 n Main
Gordon, J. M., contractor, r 833 n Lawrence
Gordon, Geo L, shoemaker, 608 ½ e Douglas, r cor John and second
Gordon, H. L., (Hollowell & Gordon), Attorney at Law and City Attorney, bds Carey
Gore, A. R., fruit and confctnr 219 n Main, r 447 n Main
Goreham, Mrs. M. A., bds Hotel Metropole
Gorse, Gus, clk Finlay & Ross, r 1721 Mentor
Gosh, C., attorney, rms abv 239 s Market
Gosh, D. L., phys and Surgeon rms abv 239 s Market
Gossett, Geo, r 720 n Waco
Gossett, O. G., laborer, r 911 n Topeka
Gossi, B., wks Whittaker, r 338 n Wichita
Gossitt, Robt, laborer, r 1047 n Lawrence
Goul, James M., printer, Leader off, rms ab 220 n Main
Gould, E. L., clk Lynchs Shoe store, r 1202 Laura
Gould, Miss Ellen, r 1202 Laura
Gould, James, farmer, r 1202 Laura
Gould, Patrick, feed store e Douglas, r 1202 Laura
Gould, Wm, farmer, r 1202 Laura
Gould, W. P., carpenter, r 300 s Fourth
Grove, Albert R., stenog Fletcher blk, r 831 n Wasbash
Gowdy, C. E., trav salsm, r 538 n Topeka
Grable, A., r 731 s Fourth
Grace, John, laborer, r 606 n Main
Grady, J., bds Leland Hotel
Graff, Miss Bertha, wks Kas Stm Laundry, r 310 n Mrket
Graftons grocery and Meat Market, 302-304 e Oak
Graftons, H. M., prop Grocery and Meat Market, r 802 n Lawrence
Graham, Baler, laborer, r 830 n Cherry
Graham, G. M., gardener, r1930 Ellis
Graham, J. C., r cor Orchard and Carl
Graham, J. P., (G & Shockey), r 914 s Topeka
Graham, Lyman, wks Leland Hotel
Graham & Shockey, (J R G and J R S) Meat Market and Grocery 918 s Topeka
Graham, Storty, wks P H, bds Union Hotel
Graham, Walter, wks Whittaker P H, r 957 n Mead
Graham, William C., painter car wks, r Carl and Orchard
Grainger, Mrs. M. M., r 257 n Topeka
Grainger, William A., r 404 n Mead
Graley, Michael, (Butler & G), r 343 Short
Grant, Miss Ida, r 201 ½ n water
Grant, J. R., wks 311 n Main, bds 530 n Water
Grant, Mrs. Ora, domestic, r 455 n Water
Grant, Mrs. S. R., dress reform goods, r abv 407 e Doug
Grantz, Ida L., r 1150 University w s 
Graves, Abram, agt fr Sedg blk, r 1807 n Crown
Graves, B. O., with Fourth Nat’l Bank, bds Manhattan
Graves, John, carpenter car wks, r 3608 n Orchard
Graves, Walter H., agt Conn Mutual Life Ins Co abv 149 n Main, r 1346 Vassar
Gray, Frank, clerk Fred Rush, r 1147 s Water
Gray, H. M., r 135 n Lawrence
Gray, John H., wks 1712 Fairview, r same
Greaves, Geo F., r cor Park and Riverview
Green, A. B., r 603 s Orchard w s  
Green, Andrew J., mason, r cor Clarence and First w s 
Green, Miss Anna, r 1146 n Emporia
Green, Benj, retired, r 516 s Emporia
Green, David L., farmer, r 1015 n Coolidge
Green, Edward, horse trader, r 1016 n Waco
Green, Geo M., night watch, r 715 s Fourth
Green, Gidon R., r 215 n Minnesota
Green, H. A., brick mason, r cor First and Clarence
Green, H.C., cutter Overall factory, r 638 n Topeka
Green, Miss Helen, r 1146 n Emporia
Green House, cor Fourth and Twenty-third
Green, J. P., r 13o1 Ida
Green, Joseph W., plumber, r 237 s Emporia
Green, L. B., laborer, r 502 s Hewitt w s
Green, Miss Mamie T., r 1146 n Emporia
Green, W. F., farmer, r 1407 n Lawrence
Green, Eva M., r cor Clarence and 1st
Green, Geo, laborer, r 356 s Water
Green, S. tinner Car Wks, r 3638 n Fourth
Greer, D. A., blacksmith, r 437 s Fourth
Gregg, Miss Fanny, laundress, r 630 n Wichita
Gregg, Miss Mary, r 630 n Wichita
Gregg, Richard, laborer, 305 n Emporia
Gregory, Chas A., r 3258 Mead
Gregory, C. S., wks Ks Steam Laundry, bds Occidental
Gregory, John T., r 3258 Mead
Gregory, Ralph W., r 3258 Mead
Gregory, W. F., cigar mkr, r 146 n Mead
Gregory, Wm B., Lawyer,, r 230 n Grove
Greenland, Miss Carrie, milliner Globe, rms 350 Waco
Greenmore, Francis, waitress Manhattan
Gresham, John E., barber 622 e Douglas, r 323 s Lawrence
Gresham, Jerome E., marble cutter, r 323 s Washington
Gribble, Sam, wks Gas Wks, r 342 s Exposition
Gribi, John, student, r 435 s Water
Gribi, Miss Lena, r 435 s Water
Gribi, S. G., carpenter, r 435 s Water
Griffenstein, Chas, r 1043 n Jefferson
Griffenstein, Miss Orie, r 1043 n Jefferson
Griffenstein, Wm, capitalist, r 1043 n Jefferson
Griffin, Mrs.A. E., r 155 s Mosley
Griffin, Mrs. Maggie, dressmaker, r 924 n Main
Griffith, J. D., wks Vapor L. Co, r 1009 n Mosley
Griffith, J. M., pro Golden Eagle Bakery 1013 w Doug w s
Griffith, Thos H., Merchant Broker, r 1131 Carlos
Griffith, W. C., farmer, r 3558 Wabash
Griggs, A., lab 1015 w Wichita
Grimes, Chas A., plumber, r 323 n Lawrence
Grimes, Geo M., (Vandeberd & G), r 620 s Topeka
Grimes, Abraham L., barber, r 320 s Topeka 
Grimes, Chas, mechanic, r 433 n Main
Gris, Gus, r 1704 w Mentor
Grindle, Geo, drayman  C.E. Rogers, 426 Sherman
Grindle Geo W., drives transfer wagon, r 426 Sherman
Grindle, John, r 426 Sherman
Gros, Albert, clk 226 e Douglas, r 312 s Lawrence
Grosclose, John, bkpr R R off, r 705 e Central
Grosh, Henry, farmer, r 419 s Lawrence
Grosh, Miss Inez, stenog Santa Fe Off, r 419 s Lawrence
Grosh, Mrs.J, bdhs, 419 s Lawrence
Grosh, Miss Viola, r 419 s Lawrence
Grosh, A. E., printer on the Mirror, t 403 n Walnut w s
Grosh, I., prop Golden Eagle Clothing House, r 312 s Lawrence
Grosh, Willis F., Christian Science Healer, r 252 n Market
Grounds, John, r 435 s James
Grove, Chas, wks Wholesale Grocery, r 309 Ohio
Grove, Miss Ella, teacher, bds 418 n Topeka
Grove, E. S., farmer, r 1159 S C
Grove, Will M., printer, bds 515 e Central
Grover, L., butcher, rms ab 322 n Main
Groves, Miss Dollie, r 421 s Emporia
Groves, Mrs. Emma, domestic, r 536 n Lawrence
Groves, Miss Fanny, r 421 s Emporia
Groves, John, waiter Packers Hotel
Groves, Samuel, meat market 425 e Douglas, r 421 s Emporia
Grow, Miss Carrie, clk Boston Store, rms 224 n Topeka
Grow, W. B., clk at 110 n Main, r 1118 e Douglas
Grubb, A., farmer, 1146 Dayton w s 
Grubb, W. B., blacksmith Car Wks, r 3725 n 5th
Guest, Miss Luella, domestic, 1203 e Central
Guest, Norman,, r 1342 s Emporia
Guine, Miss Lillie, r 442 Riverview
Guinn, Wm, barber, r 356 Ohio
Gunn, Chas S., printer Eagle off, r 418 n Topeka
Gunn, E. S., clk S Fe depot, r 1227 e Division
Gunsaullus, Daniel, farmer , 1705 w Mentor
Gurley, Geo A., bkpr Whittaker P H, r 607 n Lawrence
Guthrie, Miss Blance, student, r 403 Waco
Guthrie, Miss Ida W., r 1420 s Topeka
Guthrie, Miss L. C., r 124 n Park
Guthrie, Miss Luda V., teacher, t 1420 s Topeka
Guthrie, Miss Maggie, r 404 Waco
Guthrie, R. E., Sr., retired minister, r 404 Waco
Guthrie, Robt E., Jr., clk, r 403 Waco
Guthrie, Miss Sarah F., r 404 Waco
Guthrie, Stephen R., r 1420 s Topeka
Guyer, C. F., policeman no 10, r 301 n Wichita w s 
Gwyn, Jesse, car inspector S Fe, r 421 Laura
Gwinn, W. H., porter at 512 e Douglas, r 346 Ohio
Haas, Wm, wks Dold’s P H, r 900 s Water
Hacker, W. G., Pro Overall Factory 131 n Topeka, r 1155 n Lawrence
Hacket, Barlie, farmer, r 2025 n Mead
Hacket, Geo H., mgr W U Tel Co, r 801 s Water
Hackman, Albert, cigar mkr, r 119 n Market
Hackney, I. M., Forest City Coal Co, bds 410 w Central
Hackney & Spencer, (I M H & H N S) Forest City Coal Co 119 n Water
Haden, E. A., huckster, r 1823 Hydraulic
Haden, S. H., Pres Farmers Exchange, Co Commissioner, r 1652 s Lawrence
Hadley, Mrs. Sarah M., r 1142 Jefferson
Hadson, Joseph, laborer, r 1410 Emporia
Hagerman, David, r 226 s Oak w s 
Hagerman, Miss Emma, r 226 s Oak w s 
Hagerman, John, r 1655 s Mead
Hagerman, Mrs. J. C., dressmkr, r 226 s Oak w s 
Hagen, Elmer, Tel O at Dold’s P H, r 1851 n Lawrence
Hagen, Henry, tailor, r 620 s Market
Hagen, Joseph, contr, r 620 s Market
Hagen, N. B., draftsman, r 945 s Lawrence
Hagerty, Horace, laborer, r 956 Lulu
Hagerty, H. F., laborer, r 423 s Washington
Hagerty, Joe, wks 133 n Water, bds Keystone Hotel
Hagerty, W. F., coal dlr, r 1037 s Ellis
Haggard, James, r 217 s Chautauqua
Hagny, H. J., chief clk Santa Fe Freight off at 158 n Main
Hahn, James T., contr, r 1340 s Main
Haines, E. C., gardener, 1930 Ellis
Haines, Eli C., laborer, r 140 n Ohio
Haines, Edward W., wks Whittaker P H r 424 w 14th
Haines, Wm W., wks Whittaker P H, r 424 w 14th
Haish, A., painter, r ab 1213 e Douglas
Halberd, Ester, r 1621 n Topeka
Hale, Elizabeth M., r 1113 n Topeka
Hale, Mrs. S. M., r 1113 n Topeka
Halifax, Chas, wks Corner & Farnum, r 224 n 4th
Halifax, E. harness mkr, r 224 n 4th
Halifax, John, haarnmkr, r 224 n 4th
Halifax, Miss Edith, bkpr, r 224 n 4th
Halkden, Miss Maggie, domestic Germania Hotel
Hall, A. M., bds Lindell Hotel
Hall, A. T., horse dlr at Morgan Bros, bds Occidental
Hall, Chas E., stone contractr, r 1135 Lewellyn
Hall, Mrs. Cora M., r 1805 n 4th
Hall, Mrs. Elsie, r 248 w Morris
Hall, E. N., real estate ab 155 n Emporia
Hall, E. N., carpenter, r 425 n Lawrence
Hall, Horace B., r 425 n Lawrence
Hall, Miss Jennie, r 1135 Lewellen
Hall, John, carpenter, r 1211 n 4th
Hall, J. D., foreman Eagle off, r 312 n Topeka
Hall, Mrs. Lizzie, r 233 Hydraulic
Hall, Miss Lou, r 135 Wichita
Hall, Myrtle, clks Ward’s Millinery Store, r 126 Lule
Hall, P. B., drummer, r 404 w Maple w s 
Hall, Miss Pearl, stenog, r 1135 s Topeka
Hall, R. Allen, jeweler, r 1031 s Topeka
Hall, Richard R., physician and surgeon 222 n Main, r 1142 n Waco
Hall, Thomas, laborer, r 217 n Oak w s 
Hall, W. N., with W. E. Reeves, rms 602 s Water
Hall, W. P., teamster, r 126 Lulu
Holliday, Mrs. J. H., r 1027 s Hydraulic
Hallett, W., r 1122 University w s 
HALLOWELL & GORDON, ( J R Hallowell & H L Gordon), Attorneys at Law, rms 404-406 Sedgwick Blk
Hallowell, J. R., (Hallowell & Gordon), Atty, off Sedg blk, r 1020 n Lawrence
Hallowell, Montgomery, student, r 1020 n Lawrence
Hallowell, Robt E., bkpr Burton Car Wks, r 125 Laura
Hallowell, J. E., retired, r 125 Laura
Hallowell, S. D., money order clk P O, r 303 s Volutsia
Hallum, Miss Queen, r 205 s Main
Halsey, Miss A. L., teacher, r 313 e Second
Halsey, Mrs. P. L., r 313 e Second
Halstead, A., r 1406 s Lawrence
Halstead Milling & Elevator Co 253 n Main, Otto Weiss agent
Hambric, R. W., Second Hand store 117 w Douglas, r 421 s Water
Hambric, Sanford, gardener, r 431 s Water
Hamdon, John, 2nd engineer Ice factory
Hamilton, Chas, bds ab 115 s Lawrence
Hamilton, Chas R., r 1043 s Emporia
Hamilton, Dr. E.E., at 127 n Market, r 527 s Market
Hamilton, Everett, student Business Col, r 147 n Emporia
Hamilton, Frank, driver W T & C Co, rms 338 s Emporia
Hamilton, Fred, student, r 10043 s Emporia
Hamilton, Harry, student Lewis Acad, r 1068 n Market
Hamilton, Frank, 1626 e Douglas
Hamilton, Mrs. Leak, hkp, r 1227 n Market
Hamilton, Robt A., mgr Whittaker P H , r 1235 n Waco
Hamilton, S. L., pastor Lincoln st Presbyterian Church, r 1043 s Emporia
Hamlin, Walter, clk at 222 n Main, r 423 Market
Hammann, Geo, clk Eagle, bds Hotel Metropole
Hammock, C. L., r 1409 s Topeka
Hammond, Mrs. Amanda, r 910 n Ohio
Hammond, Frank, painter, r 234 s Fourth
Hammond, George, soap makkr, r 902 Indianapolis
Hammond, H. G., supt Sun V L Co, r 1131 n Market
Hammond, Wm O., r 910 n Ohio 
Hammond, Mrs, Kittie, r 334 s 4th
Hammers, Mrs. Gettis, dressmkr, r 327 n Market
Hammon, N. N., with Corner and Farnum, r 902 e Indianapolis
Hampton, Miss Ruth, r 302 n Topeka
Hamrick, Wm G., (Barrett & Co), r 213 Pattie
Hamson, Mrs. Sarah, bdgh, 118 s Water
Hamson, W. A., blacksmith, r 114 e Second
Hanchett, Geo B., painter, r 125 n Spruce
Hancock, Wm, janitor, r 217 n Fifth
Hancock, Thos, rustler, r 131 n Fourth
Handem, Jno, engnr, Crystal Ice factory, t 825 w Pine w s 
Handley, Clyde C., r 510 s Seneca w s 
Handley, F. H., grocer clk, r 510 s Seneca w s 
Handley, F. M., grocer clk, r 510 s Seneca w s 
Hankinson, Mrs. L., r abv 223 s Main
Hanks, Addison B., stock dlr stock yds, r 1419 Fairview
Hann, B. B., stenog Supt of MO PAC, r 1108 n Topeka
Hanley, James, laborer, r 227 n Walnut w s 
Hannibal, Benj, prop Emporia ave Stables, n w cor Third and Fourth
Hannibal, Bernard, wks, Emp ave Livery stable, r 520 e Third
Hannibal, Miss Kate, r 520 e Third
Hannibal, Miss Mamie, r 520 e Third
Hannibal, Gen, livery hand, 520 e 3rd
Hannington, Geo, brick maker, r 702 Ida
Hanson, Geo, r 426 s Emporia
Hanson, W. A., blacksmith, r 118 s Water
Harbach, Fred, brick mason, bds 407 n Main
Harbin, Edward V., motoneer, r 815 n Wichita
Harburg, S. A., Ed Kas Star 125 s Main, r 1640 s Emporia
Harburg & Amidon, Pub Kas Star 125 s Main
Harden, Alden W., photographer 204 e Doug, r 1061 n Emporia
Hardesty Bros, restaurant 109 w Douglas
Hardesty, C. M., (H Bros), 109 w Doug
Hardesty, L. B., (H Bros), 109 w Doug
Harding, Russell, wks MO PAC Ry, r 1231 n Waco
Harding, W. H., stock yds, r 1144 n Market
Harding, E. H., clk Bittings, r 512 e Central
HARDY, J.  HOWARD, Liveryman 803 n Main, First-class Turnouts, and Special attention given to boarding horses, r 734 n Water
Hardy, Ed, wks Mahan Bros
Hardy, Miss Hattie, t 1332 n Emporia
Harkey, John S., carpenter, r 301 s Mosley
Harmening, C. F., mercht tailor 111 e First, r 438 w Fourth
Harman, Chas M., bds 323 s Washington
Harmel, _____, r 344 n 5th
Harmer, Oscar, engineer S Fe yds, bds Commercial Hotel
Harmon, J. N., police, r rm 16 Getto blk
Harmon, Geo W., oil man, r 736 Pattie
Harmon, Miss Ida, domestic, r 800 n Main
Harmon, Rev N. E., Co Auditor, r 614 n Topeka
Harp, T. C., wks Livery barn 116 n Emporia, rms same
Harper, Clem, Loan broker, bds Metropole
Harper,, T. H. & Co, Chattel loans, rrm 2 abv 114 n Main
Harper, Mrs. A. E., hskpr, r 256 Waco
Harper, F. H, teacher, r 1125 n Waco
Harper, Butler, minister, r 740 n Waco
Harper, T. H., off abv 114 n main, r 356 Waco
Harper, Mrs. Susan, r 1225 n Waco
Harper, Wilson, laborer, r 1021 n Waco
Harris, Cecil, clk W. W. Gro Co, r 333 Riverview
Harris, Chas H., wks 213 e Doug, r 719 s Market
Harris, Ernest E., (Harris & Son), r 333 Riverview
Harris, E. C., carpenter, r 340 n Mead
Harris, Miss Emma, domestic, r 409 n Mead
Harris, Frank C., laborer, r 436 Ida
Harris, Mrs. E. T., r 1042 n Topeka
Harris, Mrs. M. E., r 803 n Emporia
Harris, Fred, clerk, r 342 Lawrence
Harris Feed and Coal House 113 e Fourth
Harris, Geo E., agt Pabst Brewing Co, r 333 Riverview
Harris, Grant, printer, bds 408 w central
Harris, Kos, (H & Vermillion Lawyers), r 803 n Emporia
Harris, L. C., baled hay 819 e Doug, bds 919 e Doug
Harris, Milton, laborer, r 436 Ida
Harris, Mrs. L., hskpr at Occidental
Harris, S. L., carpenter, r 340 n Mead
Harris, Thos, 3rd cook Manhattan
HARRIS & VERMILLION, Attorneys abv 111 s Main, (Kos Harris & RR Vermillion)
Harris, Wm E., machinist, r 241 New York
Harrah, Wm H., carpenter, r 1321 e First
Harreff, James C., r 141 n Glenn w s 
Harrington, Mrs. Esta, r 405 s Lawrence
Harrison, J. C., gardener, 2004 Minnie
Harrison, Geo W., cooper, r 630 s Campbell w s 
Harrison, Jno J., cooper stock yds, r 907 w Pine w s 
Harrison, Prof H. O., optician 400 e Douglas
Harroum, Alvin L., grain buyer, r 254 n Topeka
Harroum, G. H., mail agt, Frisco Ry, r 254 n Topeka
Harry, J., 3625 n Fourth
Harry, Miss Susie A., stu S B Col, rm 30 Fletcher blk
Harry Street Schooll cor Harry and Main
HARSON, L. F., Abstractor and Conveyancer, off 504 in Sedgwick blk, r 1069 n Topeka
Hart, T. F., butter mnftr 912 e Doug, r 432 n Washington
Hart, Geo M., carpenter, r 1344 s Fifth
Hart, G. A., Vetrny Surgeon, 213 e Doug
Hart, Dr. J. A., Vetrny Srgn off Morgan Bros 213 w Doug
Hart, W. A., bkpr Wichita Planing Mill, r 427 Riverview
Harter, David, cooper Consol Tank L Co, r 790 n Fifth
HARTFORD INVESTMENT CO, E. G. Robertson Pres, F. H. Robinson sec’y, 400-402 Sedgwick Block
Hartle, N., r 1404 n Lawrence
Hartle, E. H., clk Electric Light & Power Co, 1403 n Lawrence
Hartley, Miss Florence, sten Dist Ct, r 1211 n Lawrence
Hartley, Miss Georgia, sten Harris & Vermillion, r 1211 n Lawrence
Hartley, Mrs. T. C., bds Leland hotel
Hartlet, Rev L. M., pastor First M E Church, r 421 n Topeka
Hartman, Chas, jeweler Mossnacher’s, r 209 Indiana
Hartman, G. E., painter, r 131 n Emporia
Hartman, Miss Lina, student, r 356 Indiana
Hartman, Vincent, restaurant, r 356 Indiana
Hartman, William, com trav, r 3536 Indianan
Hartman, Selama. R 553 n Mona
Hartzell, E. C., planing mill 823 e Doug, r 1642 s Fourth
Hartzell, George, eng 823 e Doug, r 1642 s Fourth
Hartsell, Howard, teleg, r 319 s Water
Hartsell, Miss Luna J., r 319 s Water
Hartsell, Miss Louise, houskpr, r 319 s Water
Harvey, Eli H., r 936 Waco
Harvey, Lucinda, r 1150 University w s 
Harvey, W. R., dyeing and repairing, r 236 s Emporia
Harver, Pink, laborer, r 307 n Mead
Harwell, J. S., laborer, r 1104 n Lawrence
Hasemeyer, Henry, grain and live stock., r 737 n Fourth
Haskin, Emory, harnmkr 575 w Doug
Haskin, Squire, r 575 w Doug
Haskin, Wm, harnmkr 575 w Doug
Haskinson, A. W., stenog Adams & A, bds n Emporia
Haslet, Tad, r 837 n Wabash
Haslet, Mrs. Amanda, r 837 n Wabash
Haslet, John R., r 837 n Wabash
Hasselwander, John, wks Bottling Wrks, r 831 e Oak
Hassigm Lillie, r 512 s Water
Hassig, Edward, cigar makr, r 512 s Water
Hassig, Roy, jeweler, r 512 s Water
Hastinger, Chas, laborer, wks City Hotel
Hastings, Rosa, r 1516 Park Place
Hastings, Mrs. S., r 414 w Third
Hatcher bros, restaurant, r 116 n Water
Hatcher, Ben, (Hatcher Bros), r 119 e Third
Hatcher, Mrs. Eliza, r 109 e Third
Hatcher, Johanna, r 109 e Third
Hatcher, Lucy, r 139 n Water
Hatcher, Wm, barber 208 n Main, r 139 n Water
Hatfield, Albert, dentist 118 e Doug, r 311 s Dodge
Hatfield, R. R., loan agent, r 311 s Dodge
Hatfield, Rodolph, att W S Bank, r 430 s Seneca
Hatfield, Oliver, teamster, r 215 s Dodge
Hatfield, Miss Lulu, r 414 n Topeka
Hatfield, O. C., teamster Ice factory
Hatfield, Grant A., Loan Broke 222 n Main, r 1306 Jackson
Hatfield, Grace, clk Arcade, r 414 n Topeka
Hatfield, H., laborer, r 1216 s Washington
Hatfield, H. C.,com trav, r 414 s Topeka
Hatton & Ruggles, lawyers Fletcher blk
Hatton, Chas, ( H & R), r 351 Waco
Hatton, H. T., agent, bds 329 n Fourth
Hauber, Jos, tailor, rms 332 Riverview
Haupt, Minnie, r 1214 Waco
Hauseer, E., clk 312 n Main, r ab 146 n Main
Havens, Benj F., huckster, r 925 e 2nd
Hawk, Eugene W., carpenter, r 608 Wabash
Hawkins, Eliza M., butcher, r 523 n Main
Hawley, S. T., bkpr Solliday Bros, r ab 235 s Main
Hay, Earnest, butcher Dold’s, r 2027 Jackson
Hay, Earnest, wks Huttig Bros, r 1346 s Ida
Haycraft, Felix G., carpenter, r 1656 Gold
Haycraft, J. V., r 1656 Gold
Hayden, S. H., County Commissioner, off at Court House, r 1652 s Lawrence
Hayes, Frank, blacksmith, r 114 e Second
Hayes, H. E., switchman, r 1106 n 5th
Hayford, J. H., queeensware and produce mer 537 n Main, r 814 n Market
Hayford’s Queenware Store 537 n Main
Haymaker, J. N, (H & Holmes lawyers, ab 140 n Main), r 155 Spruce
Haynes, Victor A., meat market at 1050 n Water, r 1050 Water
Haynes, Casper, clk M & McN, r ab 239 s Market
Haynes, Geo, farmer, r n Otis w s 
Haynes, Gertrude, milliner M & McN, r ab 239 n Market
Haynes, Selden L., stu, rms Lewis Acad
Hays, Amanda, domestic 119 Pennsylvania
Hays, B. F., farmer, r 715 Robert w s 
Hays, Mrs. D., musician, r 704 s Water
Hays, David, (City Shoe Store), r 704 s Water
Hays, Gertrude, dau L. Hays
Hays, Ernest, wks Huttig Bros, r 1346 s Ida
Hays, Henry, carpenter, r 1346 s Ida
Hays, Jennie, student, r 1843 s Hydraulic
Hays, J. L., r 1843 s Hydraulic
Hays, Dr. J. L., r 1343 s Hydraulic
Hays, Jean W., farmer, r 715 Robert w s 
Hays, L., wholsal Leather 127 w Doug, r 204 s Water
Hays, Miss Millie, dau L., Hays
Hays, Pearl G., r 715 Robt w s 
Hays, W. W., Deputy Marshall, r 304 e Third
Hays, Will W., wks 219 e Doug, r 1843 s Hydraulic
Hayward, Elizabeth, laundress, r 832 Eagle
Hayward, J. B. , stone cutter, r 337 n Cleveland
Hazen, Miss Emma, milliner St Joe MO, r 508 e Central
Hazen, A. R., cigars Hotel Carey, r 508 e Central
Hazen & Rogers, wholsal lumber, rm 3 ab 125 n Market
Hazen, W. L., (H & Rogers), r 1007 e second
Hazelton, Richard, r 838 n Fourth
Heacock, E. E., carpenter, r 312 n Fourth
Headley, George, fireman, r 413 Wichita
Heynan, Isaac, depot master Santa Fe, r 334 s Fourth
HEALY & DEWEY, (P V H and H H D) Fire Insurance Established 1876, off ab 422 Douglas
Healey & Glenn Live Stock Com, Stck Yds
Healey, E. J., live stock com, r 640 n Emporia
Healey, M. O., stock dealer, r 219 e Oak
Healey, P. V., (H & Dewey) r 707 e Douglas
Hearst, W. F., book keeper and stenographer, wks Israel Bros ab 125 n Market
Heath, Miss Arra, stenographer, r 1503 e Central
Hedger, Edward T., policeman r 413 n Washington
Hedrix, Mrs. J. E., r 343 Water
Heich, Miss Florence, 1034 n Market
Heich, J. B., capitalist, r 1034 n Market
Heimerman. Miss Eva, domestic, r 626 n Topeka
Heimple, Catherine, r 946 s Water
Hein, John, wks 311 s Main, r same
Heinen, Henry, driver Santa Fe Bakery, r 230 s Water
Heins, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, r 607 e Oak
Heinz, Joseph, laborer, r 154 s Mosley
Heiple, Miss Emma, wks L. M. Cox, r 946 s Water
Heiple, F. W., carpenter, r 309 Fannie
Heiple, F. G.,plumber, r 309 Fannie
Heiple, Miss Lillie, r 309 Fannie
Heiple, Miss Mollie, r 309 Fannie
Heisel Coal and feed Co 613 e Oak
Heisel, E. C., wks Sun Vapor L Co, r 1061 n Mead
Heisel, Jacob, wks Stewart I Wks, r 235 s Pattie
Heiserman & Fisher, (H D H & Jno F), abstractors rms 1-3 abv 211 n Main
Heiserman, Henry D., ( H & F), r cor Carter and Riverside
Heiserman, Miss Anna, r cor Spaudling and Franklin
Heisey, D. S., grocery cor Eighteenth and Topeka, r 1745 n Market
Heiskell, Miss Minnie, cash Boston Store, r 343 n Topeka
Helfer, E., clk, r 428 s Emporia
Hellar, Adolt, butcher, r 324 n market
Hellar, Clinton, prospector, r 245 n Topeka
Heller, Miss Ella, r 245 n Topeka
Heller, Mrs. Eva, rms 715 s Fourth
Heller, Fred T., clk Chicago Lumber Co, r 245 n Topeka
HELLER, H. O., Prop Peoples’ Market 231 n Main, res ab 231 n Main
Heller, Joe, r 1125 Jackson
Heller, Martin, prospector, r 245 n Topeka
Heller, Miss Mary, t 245 n Topeka
Heller, Wm., retired, r 157 n Wichita
Helena, Lee, bkpr Farmers Exchange, r abv 147 n Emp
Helm, A. R. wks Carey hotel, r 605 n Main
Helm, A. E., attorney at law rms 9 - 10 Fletcher blk r 1504 Lorraine
Helm, H. N., postal clerk Erisco, r 116 s Market
Helm, T. A., laborer, r Macon
Hemechoorff, Lizzie, domestic, r 539 n Emporia
Henderson, Miss Louis, r 418 n Topeka
Henderson, Miss Edith, domestic, r 216 Waco
HENDERSON, CASH, Pro New York Store, Dry Goods nd Carpets, 130 & 132 n Main, r 815 s Emporia
Hendrickson, Miss Dora C., r 422 n Market
Hendrickson, Mrs. S. T., music teacher, r 422 n Market
Hendrock, _____, r 1039 s Topeka
Hendryx, W. B., business mngr Garfield University, r 438 s Hiram w s 
Hendryx, Clark, r 438 s Hiram w s 
Hendy, O. w., wks Kans Commoner, rms Topeka and 2nd
Henkle, Joe, cigar maker, r 1111 Jackson
Henley, A. Jos, trav salsmn, r 421 w Elm
Henley & Myatt, (J E H & A J M), lawyers rm 2 - 4 abv 209 n main
Henley, Jos E., (H & M), bds 602 s Water
Henn, Wm, cook at 204 n Main
Henninger, _____, teamster, r 224 Ida
Hennings, P., harnmakr 121 e Douglas, r 1216 s Fourth
Henry, Chas, jeweler, r 7227 n Wichita
Henry, E. S., cigar maker, r 139 Ida
Henry, Katie, domestic, r 1117 n Topeka
Henry, Jos, wks Kas Sash and Door Co., r 139 Ida
Henry, Wm, farmer, r 139 Ida
Henshaw, Cassius, farmer, r 1809 s Hydraulic
Henshaw, I. M., farmer, r 1809 s hydraulic
Henshaw, Jos, laborer, r 1208 e Blaine
Henshaw, Lizzie, dressmaker, r 1809 s Hydraulic
Henshaw, Wm, cook Commercial Hotel
Henshaw, Wm, laborer, r 717 w Central
Hensler, David, laborer, bds 2035 n Topeka
Hensley, Miss May, student, rm 907 s Topeka
Hensworth, John, wks Wichita Steam Laundry
Herbig, W. H., Rock Island Freight agt, r 813 s Emporia
Hereford, John, Shaws music Store, r 342 n Wichita w s 
Hering, Liza, laundress, r 607 n Wichita
Herman, D. B., Manhattan Clothing Co,r 531 s Market
Herman, Heine, bkpr L. Hays, r 235 Ellis
Herman, Julius clk, Boston Store, r 235 Ellis
Herman, Louis, Salsmn, Corner & Farnum, r 234 s Poplar
Herman, Mrs. S., r 235 Ellis
Herman, Sol, com merchant, r 235 Ellis
Herman, Thomas, eng Stewart Iron Wks, r 706 Ida
Hermes, B., brick mason, r 131 Pattie
Herndon, B. B., grocer at 414 e Douglas, r 220 n 4th
Herod, Jack, wks Hotel Metropole
Herriford, C. W., grocer at 1334 e Douglas, r 1357 e Doug
Herrig, John, (Herrig & Mahan 420 e Douglas), r 123 s Ida
Herrig, N. A., Cigar Factory at 420 e Dougglas, r 418 s Orchard w s 
HERRIG & MAHAN, Wholesale & Retail Cigars Tobaccos and Smokers Sundries, 426 e Douglas
Herring, J. B., bkpr Wichita National Bank, r 622 n Waco
Herring, Jerome C., civil engineer, r 2159 s Mead
Herring, Nannine, wks Co-operative B C, r 526 n Wichita
Herron, Mrs. Bridget, 1128 n Topeka
HERRON, P., Cash Grocery - wholesale & retail staple and fancy goods 528 e Douglas, r 1128 n Topeka
Herzsch, Mrs. Regina, Home made Bakery, 814 n Main
Herzmark, N., furnishing goods, r 301 e Doug
Hess, Albert, pre W. W. Grocer Co, r 303 s Lawrence
Hess, S. W., Manhattan Clothing Co, r 521 s Market
Hess, W. E., painter, r 536 n Washington
Hess, Wm H., traveling salesman, r 344 n Washington
Hesse, Stephen, Pro Marble Wks, r 1557 Ida
HETTINGER BROS, (H H & I H), Prescription Druggists 216 e Douglas
Hettinger, H. H., Hettinger Bros at 216 e Douglas
Hettinger, I. H., Hettinger Bros 216 e Douglas
Hewes, John, carpenter, r 516 s Topeka
Hewey, Sam, Palace Livery Barn 934 n Topeka
Hewey W. R., Palace Livery Barn, 934 n Topeka
Hewitt, Mrs. Josie, rms 608 s Emporia
Hewitt, Rev J. D., D. D., Presbyterian minister and supt Lewis Acad, r 241 n Emporia
Hewlet, R. V., loan broker at 149 n Main, r 525 n Emporia
Heyden, Mrs. A. J., r 619 n Main
Heyden, Miss Fannie A., dressmkr, r 619 n Main
Heynan, Henry, solicitor Santa Fe Bakery, r 220 s Water
Hiatt, A. J., Groceries & Provisions cor 4th and Karl
Hatt, Edward, Apiary, r 1836 n Burns
Hibarger, Ernest L., r 1331 n Wichita
Hibarger, F.A., teacher, r 3641 n 4th
Hibarger, Newcomer, gardener, 1520 Hydraulic
Hibbard, Dan, street grader, r 813 s Water
Hibbitts, J. E., pool room e Douglas, r 1323 s Market
Hickerson, Sid, 2nd cook Manhattan, r 126 s Market
Hickman, L. C., salesman at Thos Shaws, r 1004 s Lawrence
Hickock, Mrs. Ella, canvasser, r 213 Pennsylvania
Hickok, Geo B., pressman Eagle, r 717 s Main
Hicks, F. J., laborer, r 1155 n Emporia
Hicks, Miss Sarah, r 922 e First
High, Emmor, wks Boston Store, r 604 n Mead
High, J. W., wks Consolidated Tank Co, r 604 n Mead
High School, 328 n Emporia, U P Schull Prrin
Highland Cemetery, off ab 123 e Douglas, Henry Smith manager
Hight, Dora, driver W T & C Co, rms 338 s Emporia
Hight, Ed, driver, W T & C Co, rms 338 s Emporia
Higgins, F. J., clk, r 713 n Fourth
Higgins, John J., conductor, t 713 n Fourth
Higgins, J. T., lineman MO P R R, bds Occidental
Higgins, J. C., butcher, r 746 s Main
Higgins, Will, wks Hotel Metropole
Higgins, James E., mailing clk P O, 720 Hinton
Higginson E., (Lehman & H Grocery Cop), r 500  Seneca w s 
Higby, Harry J., street lights, 1952 n Wichita
Highland Cemetery between Hillside and Abbie and Frisco and Eleventh
Hilbert, A., laborer, r 634 n Wichita
Hildbrant, Chars R., wks MO PA, r 418 w Central
Hill, Anna, teacher, r 858 Martinson w s 
Hill, Benj F., laborer, r 730 n Washington
Hill, Chas W., postal clk, r 1205 Bitting
HILL, H. A., New and Second Hand Goods Stoves a speciality 817 w Douglas, r 222 Wichita w s 
Hill, Miss Emma, student, r 322 Riverview
Hill, Miss Flossie, domestic, 421 s Water
Hill, Miss Grace, bkpr Hyde & Humble, r 135 Fannie
Hill, Mrs. J. L., r 412 n Lawrence
Hill, Miss May, chmbrmaid Manhattan
Hill Mrs. M. A., r 122 w First
Hill, Miss Lizzie, r 619 e William
Hill, Miss Lizzie, cook, r 139 n Water
Hill, Mrs. Lou, milliner, r  250 Ellis
Hill, Miss L., milliner, r 250 Ellis
Hill, Putnam, r 1231 n Waco
Hill, Robt, wks W and W rodnd hs, r 903 s Emporia
Hill, R., laborer, r 112 w Central
Hill, Saml, r 1242 n Emporia
Hill, Thos W., clerk Saratogo Hotel cor 23rd and Lawrence
Hill, Wm, barber, bds 109 e Third
Hillis, Lafayette, speculator, r 427 s Lawrence
Hilliard, B. E., janitor Carlton School, r 814 s Water
Hills, D. O., com merchant, r 430 n Mosley
Hills, E. H., bkpr Dickey and McAlister, r 609 n Topeka
Hills, E. L., wks Pacific Ex Co, r 609 n Topeka
Hills, H. J.,trav salsmn, r 321 n Topeka
Hills, Robt, wks Hotel Metropole
Hiltner, Miss Lena, r 432 n Emporia
Hilton, Miss Nina, bkpr Davidson Inv Co, r 432 n Emporia
Hines, Frank, oil wagon, r 832 n Wabash
Hinchsliff, W. D., mental healer, r 31 s Lawrence
Hinkle, Miss Lucy G., opr Telephone Co, r 319 w Second
Hinkle, J. B., exp agt Sant Fe, r 319 e Second
Hinkle, Mrs. J. B., r 319 e Second
Hinkley, H., (Sedgwick Coal Co), r 618 n Emporia
Hinkley, Edw, wks Sedg Coal Co, r 635 n Fourth
Hindman, I. S., blacksmith, r 738 n Main
Hinman, Miss Emily A., stenog Hartford Inv Co, r 355 Indiana
Hinman, Moses S., Ins off under Citizens Bank, r 355 Indiana
Hinman, Wm S., trav salesman, Graham Paper Co Kansas City, r 337 s Seneca w s 
Hinman & Richey, (M S H & J C R), Life Insurance, off under Citizens Bank 
Hinton, I. W., retired, r 711 w Central
Hinton, Myrtle, r 603 n Emporia
Himmelwright, Edward T., farmer, r 3229 e Twelfth
Himmelwright, E. C., shoe fitter, t 1405 Acadamy
Himerright, Miss E. B., dressmkr, r 1405 Acadamy
Himerright, John, r 1405 Acadamy
Himstedt, F., shoemkr 245 n Main, r 603 n Mosley
Himstedt, Fred, Jr., tinner 213 s Main, r 603 n Mosley
Hirsh, Abram, fruit merchant, r 1063 n Wichita
Hirsh, Miss Belle, r 1063 n Wichita
Hiskell, Miss Minnie, cashr Boston Store, rms 343 n Topeka
Hite, Benj R., real estate, r 916 n Lawrence
Hite, D. L., carpenter, r 816 n Lawrence
Hite, S. wks Wichita Steam Laundry
Hite, Thos J., painter and paper hanger, 142 n Mead
Hixson, J. S., real estate and loans, r 350 Waco
Hoadley, C. C., special agent New York Life Ins Co, r 412 n Lawrence
Hoadley, C. H., Ins Agt, bds 304 e Third
Hoadley, Mrs., bds 412 n Lawrence
Hoag, J. W., Merchant, r cor Riddell and 15th
Hoagland, D. d., with Y M C A, r 252 n Market
Hoagland, U. S., dentist odd 1 Zimmerly blk, bds Manhattan
Hoare, Miss Annie, r 1003 s Emporia
Hoare, John, wks Wichita Soap factory, r 1003 s Emporia
Hobbs, Mrs. Fanny, 251 n Topeka
Hobbs, J. H., photographer at Roger’s Phot Gallery 106 e Douglas, r 251 n Topeka
Hobbs, Roll, wks Gas Co, r 243 Waco
Hobbs, S. M., wks MO Pa R R , r cor 16th and 5th
Hobson, Mark F., printer 222 e Douglas, r 335 Nerenice
Hodge, J. L., Dry Goods 520 e Douglas, bds Temont
Hodge, James H., laborer, r 605 n Main
Hodge, Mrs. M. A., Prop Centropolis Hotel 605 n Main
Hodge, Robt, laborer, r 605 n Main
Hodges, Ricard, shoemkr, r 347 n Main
Hodgson, Frank, teamster, e Douglas
Hodgson, George, st car driver, r 401 s Main
Hodgson, John, barber, 318 1.2 n Main, r 933 n Main
Hoding, Gaylord, printer Arrow off, r 716 n Hydraulic
Hoding, Lon, Editor of Arrow, r 716 n Hydraulic
Hodson, Eliza, r 1208 n Lawrence
Hodson, Ira A., r 1743 Fairview
Hodson, Jas R., r 1743 Fairview
Hoenscheidt, John, Editor Wichita Herald off 222 n Main, r 1131 n Coolidge
Hoenscheidt, W. J., traveling agt Wichita Herald, r 1007 s Topeka
Hoff, Chas, Ice Dealer, r 1507 e First
Hoff, Mrs. Ida F., r 230 Cleveland
Hoffat, H. W., wks Eagle off, r 719 n Lawrence
Hoffman, W. G., collectr W Nat; Bank, r 138 n Main
Hoffman, L., tailor at 310 n Main, r 716 n Main
Hoffman, Dr. J. Z., Physician off ab 146 n Main, bds 522 n Topeka
Hoffman, E. Z., Druggist at 138 n Main, r 522 n Topeka
Hogeland, Jas H., carriage painting w s 1026 n Waco
Hagney, H. J., ast clk Santa Fe frght depot, r 149 n Topeka
Hohn, Earl, plumber Kansas Pump Co
Hohn, Hubert, sks S Fe, r 702 s Mead
Holbrook, W. J., (Blackwelder & H) r Hotel Carey
Holburt, Nicholas, laborer, r 1623 n Topeka
Holcomb, Morton, student Lewis Academy
Holke, Lewis D., clk at Santa Fe Bakery, r ab 146 n Main
Holland, Walden M., clk at Tattersalls, r 340 Riverview
Holleicke, Frank, buys old iron, r 120 Indiana
Holleicke, Thomas, retired (pensioner) 120 Indiana
Hollenbeck, Louis A., White Dry Goods Co 116 n Main, r 1144 Lewellen
Hollenberger, J. A., Dentist ab 113 e Douglas, r 417 Orchard w s 
HOLLIDAY, J. R., The Wichita Grocery Wholesale & Retail Groceries 221 e Douglas, Telephone 295, r 1002 s Topeka
Hollingerm John, barber, 1019 e Douglas
Hollinger, J. A., asst Ticket agt MO PAC Ry off 120 n Main r 425 n Topeka
Hollingsworth, F., wks Wichita Steam Laundry
Hollingsworth, Joel B., laborer, r 825 N Wichita
Hollingsworth, M. F., stationary eng, r 409 n Main
Hollingsworth, Miss Sadie, t 225 s Topeka
Hollingsworth, W. S., bkpr Dolds P H, bds 401 n Topeka
Hollingworth, John, barber 314 e Douglas, r 225 s Topeka
Holloway, E. W., bkpr Citizens Bank, r 3640 e Douglas
Holloway, W. C., salsmn, r 335 n Fourth
Hollowell, S. D., money order clk P O, r 305 s Volutsia
Hollowell, M. W., store keeper car wks, r 1102 n Topeka
Holly, Mrs. Cora, milliner Munson & McN, r 930 n Markt
Holly, R. D., harness shop 740 n Main, r 930 n Market
Holly, S. J., r 903 s Fourth
Holmes, Mrs.A. a., r 400 s Fourth
Holmburg, Chas E., Div Roadmaster MO Pa, r 1516 n Park
Holmes, R. L., of Haymaker & Holmes, ab 140 n Main, bds 433 n Lawrence
Holmes, Mrs. R. L., stenong for Haymaker & Holmes ab 140 n Main
Holmes, J. T., undertaker wks 327 e Douglas
Holtel, Rev Nicholas, asst pastor German Catholic church, r 256 Ohio
Holzmann, Miss Anna, domestic, r 322 Riverview
Homer, Geo, wks 113 Pattie, rms same
Homer, Mary C., r 253 n Lawrence
Home Made Bakery, 814 n Main
Hon, J. N., stone cutter, r 236 Waco
Hon, Miss Nannie, r 236 Waco
Hooker, J. T., barber, r 502 n Water
Hoopwood, Eli, janitor Lincoln School, r 1207 s Market
Hoover, J. M., contractor, r 1753 s Mosley
Hoover, Miss Edith, 1704 e tenth
Hoover, Miss Lola, dressmaker, r 1753 s Mosley
Hoover, Miss Minnie, r 1704 e Tenth
Hoover, Martin B., carpenter, r 1704 e Tenth
Hoover, S. H., farmer, r 307 n Mosley
Hopkins, Miss Augusta, dressmaker, r abv 302 e Oak
Hopkins, Albert, wks Emp ave stables, r 608 s Lawrence
Hopkins, Franklin E., r 3024 e First
Hope, Miss Lucy, r abv 149 n Emporia
Hornaday, Birdie, waitress Keystone 228 ½ n Main
Hornaday, Miss Lizzie, r 341 n Topeka
Horn, Jas W., bkpr, r 309 n Market
Horn, James, prop Coal and Feed 113 w 11th, r 309 n Market
Horn, W. H., messngr W F Ex Co, r Lewis bet Water and Main
Horner, Miss Belle, clk Chapman & Walker, r 1403 n Lawrence
Horner, C., wks Wichita Stem Laundry
Horner, Chas F., tinner at S Houcks, r 424 n Water
Horton, Benj, laborer, r 302 s Mosley
Horton, F. T., teacher, r 3062 e Doug
Horton, John, carpenter, r 213 New York
Horton, Miss Hattie, stu S B Col, r 350 n Waco
Horton, Will, wks Hotel Metropole
Hose, Miss Kate, domestic, r abv 120 w Doug
Hose House No 3, cor Thirteenth and 4th
Hose House No 2, 232 s Topeka
Hose House No 1, A. G. Walden
Hoskins, Josiah, clk Potts Drug Co, rms 607 n Lawrence
Hoskinson, A. W., st S B Col, bds 214 n Emporia
Hosick, H. M. & Co, dealrs in hides, wool and furs 307 w Douglas
Hoss, Dr. Geo W. pres School of Elocution and Oratory, Y M C A building
Hoss, Thos O., real estate rm 6 abv 144 n Main, r All Hallows
HOSSFELD, H., prop Wichita Trunk Factory, manufactrs Trunks, Valises, Shopping Sachels, Shawl Straps, Pocket Books and fine Willow Ware 125 w Douglas, r 1224 s Water
Hossfeld, C. C.,wks Trubk Factory, r 1128 s Water
Hossfeld, Henry, (Wichita Trunk Factory), r 1224 s Water
Hossfeld, Wm, wood carver, r 1116 s Main
Hotchkins, Frank S, agt N Y Life Ins Co off Zimmerly blk, r 2021 Jackson
Hotchkins, W. S., real estate, r 925 s Lawrence
HOTEL CAREY, cor Douglas and Fourth, Stough & Carey proprietors
Hotel Centropolis, 605 n Main
Hotel Goodyear, John Goodyear prop, 109 s Emporia
HOTEL METROPOLE, G. W. Goodman prop, cor Main and English
HOTEL CAREY PHARMACY, Prescription Druggists 521 e Douglas
Houck, A. L., real estate, r 829 n Topeka
Houck, Frederic, farmer, r 1156 n Tarlton
HOUCK, SAMUEL, Hardware, Stoves and Tinware 116 e Douglas, r 306 e Central
HOUCK & THOMAS, (A L H & W A T), Real Estate dlrs 141 n Market
Houghton, Miss Gertie, teacher, r 601 n Water
Houghton, Miss Mary, stu 601 n Water
Houser, E. rms 146 n Main
Housely, Geo, r 227 n Walnut w s
Houseworth, Mrs.J. A., r 813 n Lawrence
Housin, Miss Belle, domestic, r 5337 n Lawrence
Houston, J. D., attorney at law rms 8 - 11 Fechheimer blk, r 1213 Pierce
Houston, J. J., (of Ditmars Voris & Co) live stock commisn mrchnt stock yds
Houston, N. C., Commission Merchant at stock yds
Hovey, E. P., granite roofing, rm 18 abv 151 n Emporia
Hovey, Mrs.J. F., prop eating house abv 118 w Douglas
Howard, Sarah A., r cor Osie and Ida
HOWARD, JAMES, Loan and Rental agt, rm 301 Sedgwick block, r 3420 e Third
Howard, Chas, laborer, r 228 s Fourth
Howard, Chas., cook Manhattan, r 516 e English
Howard, Miss Ida, dressmaker, bds 436 Riverview
Howard, James, sewer bldr, r 1408 s Topeka
Howard, Rudolph, wks Chicago Lumber Co, r 1429 Laura
Howard, R. D, yd man Chicago Lumber Co, r 1451 s Pattie
Howard, Saml P., janitor High School, r 319 n Fourth
Howe, Mrs., Maria, r 1103 e First
Howell, Benj F., expressman, r 612 n Waco
Howell, Mary r 1147 s C
Hoxie, Mrs., canvasser, r 2090 Pennsylvania
Hubbard, E. S., painter car wks, r 3439 n Fifth
Hubbard, Wm, laborer, r 1402 Ohio
Huchison, S. C., laborer, r 1215 n Topeka
Huckings, G. W., carpenter car wks, r 3723 n Fifth
Hudson, Mrs. M. J., dressmaker, r 928 e Doug
Hudson, J. L., agt Frisco Ry, t 3530 n Fourth
Hudson, J. W., salsmn Jacks clothing hs, r 226 s Walnut w s 
Huff, Geo, cook, r 623 n Waco
Huff, J. M., engnr Santa Fe, r 1117 University w s 
Huffman, Thornton, r 417 w Elm
Hughe, Jas, shoemaker 207 e Doug, r 133 n Fourth
Hughes, E. T., harnmkr, 121 e Doug, r 113 n Fourth
Hughes, H. M., Queensware stock kpr, r 456 n Fourth
Hughes, John, r 513 n main
Hughes, Mrs. Marian, artist, r 208 s Lawrence
Hughes, Mrs. Tina, r 349 s Mead
Hughes, T. J., switchman Santa Fe, r 349 s Mead 
Hull, B. B., (Miller & H Tailors and Drapers), r 427 ave A
Hull, Chas, wks MO PAC, rms 231 s Main
Hulsman, Chas, cigar maker at 317 e Doug
Hultz, D, r 1241 s Lawrence
Humble, G. H., grain buyer, r 610 n Washington
Humble, T. I., (Hyde and H), r 135 Fannie
Humble, Mrs. Mattie J., dressmaker, r 231 Ohio
HUME, J. E., Lawyer, off 403 Sedgwick Blk, r 403 Waco
Humes, Harry W., wks Whittaker P H, r 424 w Thirteenth
Hummelke, Miss Clara, clk M & McN, r 514 w Central
Hummelke, Miss Flora, r 514 w Central
Hummelke, Mrs. Margarth, dressmaker, r 514 w Central
HUMPHREY, J. F., Buckeye Mowers, Binders and Twine 517 w Douglas
Humphrey, Chauncy, r 247 n Elizabeth w s 
Humphrey, Miss Cassie, r 433 s Topeka
Humphrey, Edward, casah Chapman & Walker, r 247 n Elizabeth w s 
Humphrey, J. M., attorney at law abv 139 n Main, bds Manhattan
Humphrey, J. F., (Alton Miller & Co), 517 w Doug w s 
Humphrey, J. E., real estate abv 144 n Main, r 1510 s Emporia
Humphrey, J. F., Imp salsm Buckeye Co, 247 n Elizabeth w s 
Hun, J. H., bridge carpenter, r 1241 s Market
Hunnely, Abe, barber ar 314 e Douglas
Hunsberger, Wm, wks for Bray & Co 1920 w Emporia, r cor 28 and 5th
Hunre, Mrs. M. J., mgr dressmaking department at Munson & McNamara, r 921 Ohio
Hunt, Benj, section foreman, R I, bds 702 s Mead
Hunt, Geo, fireman, r 317 Wichita
Hunt, Harry L., gardener wks 404 n Water
Hunt, Joseph H., carpenter, r 333 Ellis
Hunt, R. J., bkpr, r 217 Waco
Hunter, Miss Annie L. domestic 205 s Water
Hunter, Alvin, butcher, r 915 w Pine w s 
Hunter, Chas, bds Packers Hotel
Hunter, Thos B., street work, r 141 Ash
Hunter, Thursay, r 915 w Pine w s 
Hunter, Royal, r 222 s Osage w s 
Hunter, Velasco, butcher, r 915 w Pine w s
Hupp, Dr. S., off ab 501 n Main, r 1245 n Market
Hupp, Jas, wks Joplin MO, r 344 n First
Hupp, Miss Nellie M., student Business Col, r 1245 e Markt
Hurlbut, Mrs. Mary, r 1031 n Cherry
Hurlbut, Miss Nellie, r 1031 n Cherry
Hurst, James F., clk, r Firebaugh Bldg
Hurt, Frank J., clk Hyde & Humble Stat Co, r 414 w 3rd
Huse, E. A., (Huse & Carlton Crockery Co 220 n Main), r 415 n Market
Husey, S. C., cigar mgnr, r 112 e Morris
Huston, Miss Eliz, domestic, 413 s Water
Huston, J. M., clk, r 1118 e Douglas
Huston, J. R., laborer, r 1118 e Douglas
Hutchings, G. retired, r 713 n Market
Hutchings, J. D., with N. F. Neiderlander & Co, r College Hill
Hutchins, W. J., Patent Atty, 124 n Main, r 807 n Topeka
Hutchinson, A., porter MO Pa R R , r 128 w 10th
Hutchinson, E. D., r 1221 s Lawrence
Hutchinson, R. B., carpenter, r 1804 n Lawrence
Hutchinson, W. B., printer Beacon off, r 1336 S Topeka
Hutchison, D., salesman at Wallace Implement House, r 1221 s Lawrence
Hutchison, E. P., farmer, r 2005 n Lawrence
Hutchison, Florence, waitress Manhattan
Hutchison, Geo, 2013 n Lawrence
Hutchison, J. M., clk Wholesale Drug Co, r 237 Mathewson
Hutchison, Robt, farmer, 2005 N Lawrence
HUTTIG BROS & CO, Manufacturers and wholesale dealers in Glazed Sash Door Blinds Mouldinngs etc., F.T. Logan mngr, cor Rock Island and Division
Huttman, Fred, student, r 623 s Main
Huttman, Henry, City Editor Eagle, r 623 s Main
Huttman, W. E., r 623 s Main
Huuse, Olaf T., asst eng Santa Fe, r cor Rock Is & Kellogg
Hyatt, E. A., dressmkr, r 221 n Mead
Hyatt, J., mail carrier, r 912 s Emporia
Hyatt, Miss Lulu, r 1621 Palisade
Hyde, A. A., Hyde & Humble 114 n Main, r College Hill
Hyde, N. F., laborer, r 707 s Hydraulic
Hyde, Miss M. R., librarian W C T U , r 3726 e Second
Hyde, Nicholas, 707 s Hydraulic
Hyde, Philip, laborer, r 113 e William
Hydraulic Milling Co, off 200 n Hydraulic, H. W. Lewis Pres, Ben Deffenbaugh Supt
Iaax, Barbara, domestic, r 1145 n Topeka
Imboden, A. H., traveling salesmann, r 341 n Fourth
Imboden, Hiram, (Oliver Imboden Co), r 215 n Emporia
Imholz, Jacob, wks for Youngmeyer, bds 200 w Douglas
Ingalls, Dr. E. A., off ab 226 e Doug, r 1116 s Topeka
Ingalls, D. F., physician, r 5645 n Fourth
Ingram, Arthur, wks Stewart Iron Wrks, r 702 Pattie
Ingram, A. B., waiter Carey, r 120 n Topeka
Ingram, William, brakeman Santa Fe, r 702 Pattie
Ingram, Y. S., wks Kan Pump Co, r 702 Pattie
Inman, Walter, wks Kan City “Star”, r 1024 n Fourth
INNES & ROSSE (“White House Dry Goods Co”), 116 n Main
Innes, William, (Innes & Ross), r 327 n Topeka
Interstate Fuel Co, off 216 Sedgwick Blk
Ireland, S. C., partolman, rm 18 ab 250 n Main
Ireland, Mrs. Z. E., Women’s Exchange, r ab 222 n Main
Irish, Chas, canvasser, r 1055 n Main
Iron Fencing, Stetwart Iron Works
Iron and Steel Jails, Stewart Iron Works
Iron work for buildings, Stewart Iron Works
Irven, Harrison, laborer, r 1147 n Ohio
Irving School, cor 17th and Lawrence
Irwin, C. M., (Carpenter and Irwin, lawyers), r 1127 n Topeka
Irwin, H. V., wks ab 111 w Doug, r 219 e Doug
Irwin, Thomas J., Sec’t Board of Education, bds Keystone
Iselen, John, laborer, r 1822 n Mead
Isenhart, Harry, motoneer, r 1544 Hillside
Isenhart, Henry C., watchman Whittakers, r 1544 Hillside
Isenhart, Walter, laborer, r 1154 Hillside
ISRAEL BROS, (Fred W and R C), Real Estate and Rental Agency, above 125 n Market
Israel, E. F., clothing, r 257 n fourth
Israel, E. W., mechanic, r 325 s Second
Israel, F. W., (Israel Bros), r 1261 n Water
Israel, Miss May B., r 235 w Second
Israel, Samuel, mechanic, r 325 w Second
Israel, Samuel C., clothing, r 325 w Second
Israel, W. B., (Watson & I), r 247 n Fourth
Ives, Miss Idfa M., tel opr Hotel Carey, r 319 n Fourth
Jackman, A. H., civil engineer, r 522 w Central
Jackman, Howard H., city engineer, r 416 w Elm
Jacks, M., (Star Clothing House), r 519 s Main
JACKS, ROBT, Star Clothing House One Price Clothiers Hatters and Furnishers 128 n Main, Sign of Big  , r 1117 n Topeka
Jackson, A. B., (Lieurance & Jackson), r cor 14th and Wall
Jackson, A. H., eng Ciizens Electric Plant, r 607 n Water
Jackson, Mrs. C., r 413 e Central
Jackson, traveling salesman, r 423 w ave A
Jackson, C. F., driver Wells Fargo Ex Co, r 343 Water
Jackson, Miss Fannie L., r 307 n Lawrence
Jackson, F. S., wks 117 w Douglas
Jackson, Miss Gertrude, r 461 w Ninth
Jackson, H. L., civil engineer, r 461 w Ninth
Jackson, James, wks Carey H, r 623 n Fourth
Jackson, John, wks Stewart Iron Wks, r 415 s Washington
Jackson, J. E., paintr and paper hngr, bds 423 n Main
Jackson, J. H.,meat mrkt 117 w Douglas, r 1920 n Lawrence
Jackson, Jos, meat mrlt, r 2012 n Lawrence
Jackson, Joseph B., laborer, r 1541 Campbell
JACKSON, L. C., dealer in Wholesale and Retail Coal, Stone, Lime, Plaster, Hair, Cement and B’ld’g Material 112 s Fourth, Telephone 10, r 307 n Lawrence
Jackson, Mrs. M., bdgh kpr, r 119 w Pine
Jackson, Mont C., carpenter, r 1912 n Water
Jackson, Mrs. M. H., r 1541 Campbell
Jackson, Miss Nora, domestic, r 119 w Pine
Jackson, Nannnie, domestic, r 522 n Topeka
Jackson, Oliver, barber, r 435 Wichita
Jackson, Miss Ora, r 435 Wichita
Jackson, R., wks pk house, r 1343 n 5th
Jackson, Miss Sarah, domestic, r  728 n Emporia
Jackson, _____, wks, Roots Bros
Jacobs, B. W., traveling Salesman, r 321 n Market
Jacobs, F. W., canvasser, r 1059 n Market
Jacobs, Mrs. F. W., dress mkr, r 1059 n Market
Jacobs, John L., police commissioner, r 522 n Topeka
Jacobs, Sam, laborer, r over 634 n Water
Jacobs, S., laborer, r 436 n Water rm 5
Jacobson, Miss Emma, r 1065 n Waco
Jacoby, N. B., clk, rm 6 Derby Flat
Jacques, W. A., second hand store
Jakes, Samuel, r cor 4th and 31st
Jakubowksi, W., wks Ks S and D Co., r 426 Ida
James, Miss Ada, stenog MO Pa R R , r 1440 Fairview
James, Albert, wks Emporia ave Stables, rms 116 n Emporia
James, H. W., janitor W Natl Bank, r 703 n Market
James, J. D., r 625 n Washington
James, Lemuel M., pattern mkr Stewart Iron Wks, r 231 Ohio
James, James R., r 316 s Main
James, Reuben, real estate, r 1140 Fairview
Jamison, Foreman M., asst baggage master MO Pa Ry, r 201 n Mosley
Jansen, Miss Julia, r 238 n Topeka
Jansen, Miss Lulu, bdghkpr, r 238 n Topeka
Jarbo, Will, night clk Occidental Hotel
Jarman, A. J., fireman Ice Factory, r 215 n Walnut w s
Jasen, Peter, r 210 n Poplar
Jansen, Wm, r 210 n Poplar
Jay, Nathan, wks Hotel Metropole
Jeffers, Wm, flagman MO Pa Ry, r 925 n Wichita
Jelts, Susan, laundress, r 604 n Market
Jenkins, Asa B., night watchman, r 1321 s Main
Jenkins, Della, n Locke w s 
Jenkins, E. w., wks Whittaker’s 852 e Ninth
Jenkins, Geo W., commercial travelor Dold’s P H, r 1704 Fairview
Jenkins, Harriet, n Lock w s 
Jennings, Eddie Y., clk at Mo Pa frght off, r 813 N Lawrence
Jennings, Miss Jennie, student, r 436 s Water
Jennings, Dr. J. A., off 126 n Main, r 813 n Lawrence
Jennings, J. C., Genrl Frght Agt Mo Pa Ry, r 813 e Lawrence
Jennings, J. J., barber Hotel Metropole, r 636 n Water
Jennings, Mrs. M. W., r 436 s Water
Jennings, S. S., (J & Crouch) Williams St
Jennings, Jas S., Editor Wichita Republic off 125 n Market
Jerome, Lee, retired, r 611 s Market
Jesserich, A. R., r 1702 s Lawrence
Jesserich, Miss Clara, r 1702 s Lawrence
Jett, J. E., fireman Santa Fe Ry, r 814 s Emporia
Jette, Miss Glennie, r 116 s Topeka
Jetter, Albert, plasterer, r 528 Wabash
Jetty, Ed, night clk 112 w Doug
Jetty, Norris, r 723 s Main
Jewel, Mrs. Clara, r 440 Riverview
Jewel, Mrs .C. V., bds Packers Hotel
JEWETT, E. B., Post Master, office Government Building cor William and Market, r 419 n Emporia
Jewett, Miss Grace, clerk, r 413 n Emporia
Jewett, J. A., trav salsmn Spice Mills, r 1022 s Topeka
Jewett, J. J., newspaper writer, r 248 w Morris
Jewett, Wm, wks Tel Co, r 336 s Water
Jiles, Wm H., r s e co Fourth and Douglas
Jiles, John, laborer, r 711 n Main
Jobes, A. C., cash Ks Nat Bank, r 1112 n Market
Jocelyn, Stephen E., real estae and loans off 107 n Main, r 346 n Topeka
Johantgen, J. F., Gen agt N Y Life Ins Co off Zimmerly blk, r 536 n Topeka
John, James, boats Little River, r 521 Riverview
Johnessee, Cyrus, wks Beacon Bindery, r 600 s Fourth
Johnesse, K., harnmkr, 121 w Doug, r 600 s Fourth
Johnson, Mrs. A., bdgh kpr, r 345 Wichita
Johnson, Miss Alda, dressmaker, r 410 w Central
Johnson, Alphis, artist 204 n Main, r 1533 Orange
Johnson, Arteur,r wks Johnson Meat Mkt, r 907 s Lawrence
Johnson, Miss Azalea, dressmaker, r 518 n Fifth
Johnson, A. D., portrait artist, rms 18-20 abv 205 n Main, r 1532 Orange
Johnson, A. N., r 3730 n Fourth
Johnson, Miss Berta, student, r 518 n Fifth
Johnson, Billy, railroader, r 406 n Main
Johnson, Carl P., bkpr Kans Sash and Door Co, r 437 s Fern w s 
Johnson, Chas, tailor, rms 313 n Market
Johnson, Chas, loan broker, rms 1106 e Doug
Johnson, Chas S., wks Johnson Meat Mrkt, 113 e First, r 919 s Lawrence
Johnson, Miss Cora B., dressmaker, r 1533 Orange
Johnson, David, laborer, r 415 s Seneca w s 
Johnson, Dessa, music teacher, r 437 s Fern w s 
Johnson, Dudley, cook, bds 229 Waco
Johnson, Miss Eliza, dressmaker, bds 254 n Topeka
Johnson, Miss Emma, clk Boston Store, r 425 Stephen
Johnson, Elam, retire, r 3006 e doug
Johnson, E. R., railroader, r 518 n Fifth
Johnson, E. V., cash N Y store, r 345 New York
Johnson, Fannie, r 1533 Orange
Johnson, F. B., r 1444 s Mead
Johnson, F. L., observer U S Signal off, r cor Riverside and Litchfield
Johnson, Fred L., sterotyper, r 345 n Wichita
Johnson, Geo, fish and oysters, r 324 s Emporia
Johnson, Gus, r 130 s Hiram w s 
Johnson, H., r 518 w Fifth
Johnson, Harry, Electrician, r 345 Wichita
Johnson, Hugh, laborer, r 1018 n Market
Johnson, Hugh, blacksmith, 119 n Mead, r 143 n Mead
Johnson, Iva, student, r 437 s Fern w s 
Johnson, James, coachman H. W. Lewis 305 n Topeka
Johnson, Jos, laborer, r 825 n Cherry
Johnson, J. C., with (Anderson Bros), r 1650 s Topeka
Johnson, J. E., Ins agt, r 217 n Topeka
Johnson, J. L., (Wichita Produce Co), r 427 n Market
Johnson, J. M., (Meat Market), r 907 s Lawrence
Johnson, J. P., (Sedgwick Billiard Polar), r 928 n Market
Johnson, Miss Lillie, wks bdgh 119 w Pine
Johnson, L. C., r 1444 s Mead
Johnson, L. H., engr Santa Fe Ry, r 804 s Emporia
Johnson, L., r 420 s Fourth
Johnson, L. R., cook, r 249 n Fifth
Johnson, Miss Mary, wks Wichita Chemical Co
Johnson, N., photographer, r 621 n Main
Johnson, Peter, driver Kas S & D Co, r 115 s Washington
Johnson, N. H., wks MO PAC, r 314 s Water
Johnson, P. B., r 315 n Fourth
Johnson, Robt H., real estate, r 437 s Fern w s 
Johnson, S. L., night clk at P O, r 907 s Seneca w s 
Johnson, Wm, carpenter shop 604 n Main, r 1533 Orange
Johnson, Wm, laborer, r 924 s Washington
Johnson, W. A., traveling man, 1202 n Main
Johnson, W. E., carpenter, r 243 n Mosley
Johnson, Wm L., Druggist Hotel Carey, r 126 Matthewson
Johnson, Wm M., laborer, r 638 n Waco
Johnson, W. P., wks Hotel Metropole
Johnson, W. R., farmer, r 1713 s Fourth
Johnson, W. S., 1416 s Washington
Johnson, W., canvasser, r 626 n Fourth
Johnson, Z. M., prop meat market 113 e First, r 907 s Lawrence
Johnson, Mrs., millinery store ab 146 n Main, r same
Johnson, Mrs., r 406 n Main
Johnston, David E., r 3212 Pennsylvania
Johnston, Chas L., tailor at Miller & hulls, r 313 n Market
Johnston, Miss Ella, misic teacher, r 207 Ohio
Johnston, E. V., bkpr New York Store, r 345 New York
Johnston, John H., expressman, r 345 New York
Johnston, Harriet r 622 e 13th
Johnston, Lillie, r 622 e 13th
Johnston, Samuel, blacksmith, r 207 Ohio
Johnston, S. L., clk P O, r 907 s Seneca w s
Johnston, Walter, r 622 e 13th
Johnston, Wm W., Sr., (Johnston & L D G Co), r 622 e 13th
Johnston, Wm W., Jr., (Johnston & L D G Co), r 1230 n Waco
Joles, A., L., engineer, r 1141 Dayton
Jones, Miss Alice, r 538 n Emporia
Jones, Alonza, porter city clks off, r 812 n Water
Jones, Mrs. Nn, r 223 Mathewson
Jones, A. O., Teas and Coffees, r 1004 w Douglas
Jones, Mrs. A., A., r 325 s Emporia
Jones, Bertrand, r 113 Cleveland
Jones, Chas, mechinist Stewart
Jones, Chas a., clk at Winch’s Book Store, r 817 s Lawrence
Jones, C. E., real estate, sec Police Commission, r 817 n Lawrence
Jones, C. H., wks Gas Factory, r 123 n Charles w s
Jones, Chas M., (Cole & Jones), r 303 s Topeka
Jones, C. N., (Law & Jones), r 325 s Emporia
Jones, Daniel, laborer, r 812 n Water
Jones, D. W., mnfr stamped patterns, r 205 s Oak w s 
Jones, Edna, r 309 s Walnut w s
Jones, Miss Etta, r abv 155 n Emporia
Jones, Mrs. Eva, r 1140 University w s
Jones, F. H., bkpr S. L. Davidson Mortg Co, r 817 n Lawrence
Jones, Geo, laborer, r 518 n Water
Jones, Geo P., salmn Famous Clthing hs, r 503 Riverview
Jones, Geo W., laborer, r 234 Ohio
JONES, G. W. C., Editor of “Poultry Home”, Justice of the Peace off abv 140 n Main, r 904 Litchfield
Jones, Harry, cooper, r 847 Eagle
Jones, H. M., grocer, 222 e Doug, r 1129 Jackson
Jones, I. V., speculator, r 443 n Water
Jones, Mrs. Jennie, r 1855 n Market
Jones, Jerome F., agt machinery, r 1247 Forest
Jones, John, laborer, r 321 n Mosley
Jones, Joseph, laborer, r 402 s Market
Jones, J. C., Supt Maple Grove Cemetery, r 3006 e Doug
Jones, J. M., cook 229 e Doug, r Stem blk
Jones, J. P., butcher, r abv 1101 e Doug
Jones, Lon, harnmkr, rms 211 s Topeka
Jones, L. B., clk Frisco Ry, bds The Tremont
Jones, Mrs. L.  C., nurse and hskpr, r 829 n Market
Jones, L. J., physician, rms 403 e Douglas
Jones, Rev. E. M., pastor 1st Baptist Church, r 538 n Emporia
Jones, Miss Mabel, dressmaker, r abv 1155 n Emporia
Jones, Mrs. Mary, r 9045 n Litchfield
Jones, M. S., cook Carey, r 518 n Water
Jones, Miss Nellie, r w University
Jones, Paul, laborer, r443 n Water
Jones, Ralph, wks Dolds P H, r 443 n Water
Jones, Richard, clk 605 e Doug, r 325 s Emporia
Jones, R. L., clk 605 e Doug, r 325 s Emporia
Jones, S., r 1030 s Lawrence
Jones, S. W., wks Carey Hotel, r 501 n Water
Jones, Thos, laborer, r 811 s Mead
Jones, T. D., lalborer, r 828 n Wichita
Jones, V. E., mrchnt 1113 s Lawrence, r 1302 s Topeka
Jones, Wm, farmer, r 210 n Seneca w s 
Jones, W. G., sec MO PAC Ry, r 1059 n Waco
Jones, W. H., porter Monrch Billiard Prlr, r 112 w Central
Jones, W. K., wks Johnson & Larimer D. G., r 1855 n Market
Jones, W. S., stone mason, r 847 Eagle
Jones, W. T., contractor and builder, r 243 Indiana
Jones, W.G. , clk Supt of MO PAC Ry, r 1059 n Waco
Jones, Z. L.,laborer, r 622 e Central
Jordan, Miss Addie, domestic, r 426 s Emporia
Jordan, Chas E., retired, r 934 n Lawrence
Jordan, Geo M., trav salsmn L. M. Cox, r 1013 e First
Jordan, Geo M., Sr., carpenter, r 1013 e First
Jordan, Miss Lizzie P., bkpr, r 1013 e First
Jordan, Miss M. S., r 934 n Lawrence
Jorden, Wm A., M D, r 630 w Centrtal
Joseph, Miss Celia, r 1021 n Water
Joseph, Chas, wks R G dunn & Co, r 1021 n Water
Joseph, H., mngr Newton M & E Co, r 1021 n Water
Joseph, Miss Ida, stu High school
Joseph, Miss Lena, bkpr 120 s Lawrence, r 1021 n Water
Jucter, Miss Emma, domestic, r 217 s Emporia
Judd, Carl K., atty abv 144 n Main
Judge, Frank, fireman hose house no 2
Junkerman, Mrs., r 635 n Main
Justice of the Peace, G. W. C. Jones, off abv 140 n Main
Justice of the Peace, S. M. Tucker, off abv 205 n Main
Justice of the Peace, J. C. Redfied, off ab 152 n Main
Kable, Miss Iva, nurse, r 604 s Lawrence
Kaeiser, M. C., r 585 w Maple w s 
Kaeiser, W. M., farmer, r 585 w Maple w s 
Kaltwesser, Karl, r s Wichita near river
Kanouse, C., butcher, 1225 e Doug, r abv 1209 e Doug
KANSAS ABSTRACT AGENCY, off abv 147 n Main
Kansas Buggy Co, 114 -116 n Fifth
Kansas Commoner off Opera bldg., B. E. kites, Editor
Kansas Furniture Warehouse s Mead
Kansas Loan and Investment Co, off abv Wichita Nat Bank, N. F. Neiderland, Pres
KANSAS & MISSOURI COAL CO, Hagerty & Everett props off cor Second and Wichita, Phone 271
KANSAS MEAT MARKET, 322 n Main, Telephone 176
KANSAS NATIONAL BANK, H. W. Lewis Pres, A. C. Jobes Casah, Geo S. Lewis assy Cash, 134 n Main
Kansas Nat LoanCo, off with Kas Nata Bank 134 n Main
KANSAS NEWS CO, 108 n main, Dillon & McTaggart pros
Kansas Paint Manfg Co 701 e Third
KANSAS PUMP CO, THE, Geo P. Glaze Pres, A. T. Buckeridge Mngr, 116 s Lawrence
Kansas Plumbing and Pump Co., A. T. Buckeridge Mngr, Geo P. Glaze Pres, 116 s Lawrence
Kansas Policy Association, P.P. Aherene mngr, abv 119 e Douglas
KANSAS SASH & DOOR CO, A. S. Parks Pres, 238-240-242 s mosley
Kansas Spring Wagon Co, 519 to 529 w Douglas
Kansas Steam Laundry, 240 n Water, H. J. Ford prop
Kansas Spring Bed Co, 546 w Douglas
Kansas Star, Harburg & Amidon pubs off 125 s Main
KANSAS & TEXAS COAL CO, Miners and Shippers of Coal and Coke, 618 e Douglas, telephone 326, B. T. Churchwood cash, Wilbur F. Stout mngr
Karicofe, W. H. A., salsmn HL Shober Shoe Co, r 238 n Market
Karns, Mrs. Susan, r 732 s Emporia
Karr, W. H., real estate, abv 144 n Main, bds Leland Hotel
Kasdorf, F. J., opr at w Union Tel Co, r 412 n Market
Kase, J., clk N Y store, r 1135 s Fourth
KASSEL, WM, Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician 142 n Main
Kates, Arthur, paper hanger for Young Bros
Katz, Aaron, prop Philidelphia store, r 420 s Main
Katz, Jos, clk 129 e Douglas, r 420 s Main
Katz, Wm, clk 129 e Douglas, r 420 s Main
Kaufman & Koher, milliner 137 n Main
Kaufman, Miss Anna, (K & Koher), r 228 n Emporia
Kaufman, Miss Clara, r 228 n Emporia
Kaufman, Henry (Zephyr Mills), r 228 n Emporia
Kaufman, Israel, mercht tailor, 309 n Main, r 217 n Lawrence
Kaufman, Mrs. Johanna, r 228 n Emporia
Kaufman, John, farmer, r 1150 n Tarlton
Kauth, C., Pres Wichita Soap Mfg Co, r 600 s Emporia
Kauth, Ed, wks W Soap Co, r 600 s Emporia
Kauth, Miss Emma, r 600 s Emporia
Kaylor, Jos, tailor, r cor Mathewson and Third
Kayser, Geo, barber, r 213 s Lawrence
Kay, A. H., r 1609 s Washington
Kay, Allen, wks Wichita Cornice Wks, bds 919 e Douglas
Kay, Geo, cartoonist, bds 426 s Topeka
Kay, H. A., money loaner, r 1609 s Washington
Kay, Mary A., r 1609 s Washington
Kay, Wm, artist, r 1200 n Hydraulic
Keach, O. A., atty off rm 320 Sedg blk, r 319 w Third
Keaker, P. P., gardener r 342 s Eron
Keaker, Peter, shoemaker, 342 s Eron
Keal, John, Tailor, r 1506 e Douglas
Kearney, F. S., clk at MO PAC frght off, r 630 s Millwood w s 
Kerney, Mrs. Amanda, r 1341 n Wichita
Kearns, C. H., wks Mammoth Stables, r 300 s Main
Keasler, Mary P., r 141 n Glenn w s 
Kechlman, Enos, traveling Salesman Johnston L D G Co
Keck, Everett C. Traveling salesman K C, r 499 w Ave A
Keefer, Henry C. M., (Berry & Keefer), coal dlrs, r 2120 n Water
Keegan, H. H., switchman A T & S F Ry, t 1726 e Douglas
Keeler, Miss Emma, bkpr Keith & Perry Coal Co., r 320 n Topeka
Keeler, J. E., agt Adams Ex Co, r 141 Ohio
Keenan, B. L., Lawyer 128 n Main, r 703 n Fourth
Keenan, L. H., Lawyer 128 n Main, r 703 n Fourth
Keeth, John H., house mover, r 320 Lulu
Keeran, Mrs. Dinah, washing, r 820 n Washington
Keeran, W. G., car repair R I Depot, r 240 Wabash
Keffer, John, agt Brunswick Stove Co 1234 n Market, r 515 n Locust
Kegelmyer, Amelia, domestic 736 n Topeka
Kehler, Miss Anna, r 1104 e 13th
Keiel, John, tailor at 510 ½ e Douglas, r 1506 e Douglas
Keister, James, poultry business, r cor Lincoln & Ida
Keister, J. A., Munger & Co Poultry yd cor 1st and Mead, r 1201 s Ida
KEITH & PERRY COAL CO, (R H K & J P) 106 n Market Telephone 311
Keith, Forest, rms Leland Hotel
Kelchner, W. H., meat market 452 n Main, r 319 w Second
Kelchner, J. G., wks at Favorite meat mrkt, rms ab 452 n Main
Kelchner, W. J., (Puls & Kelchner)
Kell, Mrs.. Mary, bds 318 s Washington
Kell, Thomas, rms 536 s Emporia
Keller, Miss Caroline, domestic 204 e Water
Keller, C. M., grocer, r 732 s Main
Keller, Chas, wks Packers Hotel
Keller, T. W., carpenter Car Wks, r 3715 n 4th
Keller, G. W., grocer 111 s Main, r 231 s Main
Keller, Mrs. A. C., r 1543 Orange
Keller, John C., wks Fashion Stables, bds 118 s Water
Keller, J. S., r 1130 n Lawrence
Kellogg, A.. N. Newspaper Union 108 w Second, Gerald Volk mngr
Kellogg, Horace, r 1340 n Waco
Kellper, C. J., clk, r cor 4th and 23rd
Kelley, Abram, real estate and loans ab 822 e Douglas
Kelley, Bertha, Burton House cor 5th and Karl
Kelley, Fred, laborer, Burton Hotel cor 5th and Karl
Kelley, Garland, wks 126 s Market, r 1526 w Maple
Kelley, Geo W., blksmth 126 s Market, r 1526 w Maple
Kelley, Hon Jno, off 208 Sedgwick blk, r s Lawrence bet Lincoln and Harvey
Kelley, John T., mngr Wm Deering Co, r 305 s Water
Kelley, John C., clk J. T. Kelley, r 305 s Water
Kelley, Mrs. Millie, r 406 Henry
Kelley, Miss Mary, r 305 s Water
Kelley, Mrs. Sadie, r cor 5th and Karl
Kelley, W. G., prop Burton House 5th and Karl
Kelsch, Benj, r 204 s Osage w s 
Kelsey, Mrs. N. E., dressmaker ab 155 n Emporia
Kemp, Albert P., r 532 n Stites
Kemp, Chas F., Veterinary, r 433 s Market
Kemp, C. E., meat mrkt 936 e Douglas, r 532 Stites
Kemp, Mrs. Cynthia, r 532 n Stites
Kemp, Mrs. Ella, r 718 s Market
Kemp, Miss Ella, r 532 n Stites
Kemp, E. N., wks meat mrkt 906 e Douglas, r 533 n stites
Kemper, Mrs. Ella, wks W S D Wks, rms Firebaugh blk
Kenega, Ira E., clk, r 527 w Third
Kenegy, Levi H., traveling salesman, r 1757 n Tracy
Kenagy, Rudolph H., (Cubbin & Kenagy), Riverside Grocery 1228 e 17th, r cor Salina and 17th
Kendall, Lizzie, r 720 n Market
KENDLE, H. W., Undertaker and Embalmer, old County bldg 1st and Main, off telephone 92, r 920 n Topeka
Kendrick, W. L., pharmacist Potts D. Co, r 1039 s Topeka
Kennard, A. E., clk S Fe, bds tremont
Kennedy Anna, r 333 n First
Kennedy, A. E., plasterer, r 149 s Erie
Kennedy, Chas, wks mattress factory, r 207 n Fourth
Kennedy, Mrs. Jane, r 703 s Fourth
Kennedy, J. C., grain dlr, r 253 Wabash
Kennedy, John W., barber, r 703 s Fourth
Kennedy, Johnson, r 1921 e Central
Kennedy, Miss Mary, domestic, r 303 s Lawrence
Kennedy, M. H., wks Coopers Carriage Repository, r 1711 s Palisade
Kennedy, T. S., retired, r 243 n Mosley
Kensler, G. C., policeman 17, r 527 s Sycamore w s 
Kensler, Miss Ida M., r 527 s Sycamore
Kensler, S. S., teamster, r 818 w Milberry w s
Kent, Chas, r 257 e Second
Kent, Frank, cook, Hotel Metropole, r 257 e Second
Kenworthy, Chas F., wks Stewart Iron Wks, r 1102 n Waco
Kenworthy, Jno R., Labor Burea 522 e Douglas, r 1102 n Waco
Kenyon, Chas, r 331 s Dodge w s 
Keohane, M. W., real estate and chattel loans rm 12 Getto blk 255 n Main, rm 45 Getto blkKerbaugh, Chas, r 219 s Lawrence
Kerebaugh, Mrs. Rebecca, r ab 151 n Emporia
Kerber, Edward, gardener, rOrange and Twenty-first
Kernan & Co, grocers, 1102 e Douglas
Kernan, S. B., (Kernan & Co), r 1102 s Topeka
Kerr, C. H., collctr Thos Shaw, r 718 s Market
Kerr & Co, dry goods and groceriese, 606 e Karl
Ker, Jos W., r 1203 Biting
Kerr, T. L., painter, bds City hotel
Keerr, W. H., laborer car wks, r 3723 n Fourth
Kessler, Dr. Geo B., Veterinary Surgeon, r 511 e Second
Kessler, Morris J., farmer, r 1350 e Thirteenth
Kesler, Wm R., civil engnr city off, r 810 n Ohio
Ketcham Miss Hannah, r 11316 n Market
Ketcham, Mrs. Joseph M., r 1136 n Market
KETCHAM & KETCHAM, (A J K & C H K), Wholesale and retail dealers in Hardware, Stoves, Ranges etc 115 e Doug
Ketcham, Andrew J., ( K & K), bds 519 n Market
Ketcham, Chas H., (K & K), bds 519 n Market
Ketcham, Miss T., r 519 n Market
Ketzler, Thos, book binder Eagle off, r 1716 n Lawrence
Ketzler, Gene, tinner 213 s Main, r 1716 n Lawrence
Ketzler, L. D., barber 116 w Douglas, r 1716 n Lawrence	
Key, Edward G., r 301 n Wichita w s 
KEYSTONE HOUSE, J. D. Schallenberger prop, centrally located with nicely furnished rms at reduced rates, meals 20 cts $3 per week, 228 ½ n Main
Khentz, Geo, stu German Lutheran School, r 1009 n Main
Kibler, E. W., farmer, r 1632 Gay
Kibby, John W., stock dlr, r 211 Ohio
Kibby, Miss Minnie, teacher, r 211 Ohio
Kibler, W. F., farmer, 1632 Gay
Kice, J. J., r 1455 Riverview
Kice, Miss Maggie, teacher, r 1455 Riverview
Kidd, Alfred, stonemason, r 1220 s Fourth
Kiddle, Fred, sign writer, r 436 Stephen
Kiddle, Mrs. Sophia, r 436 Stephen
Kiefer, V., r abv 728 n Main
Kierenen, Eliza, wks Packers hotel
Kies, B. E., Editor Commoner, r 638 n Fourth
Kies, Will, bell boy Carey
Kiger, Ad, waiter at Occidental
Killion, Chas, wks Kas S B Co 546 w Dog
Killion, H. D., stone mason, r 312 s Exposition w s 
Killion, Louis R., butcher, r 300 s Martinson w s
Kimball, E. D., loan broker off rm 7 Fechheimer blk
Kimber, Miss Eva, seamstress, r 252 Wabash
Kimmerly, Chris, r 1204 n Market
Kimmerle, John, shoemaker, r 1803 s Water
Kimmerle, John, stone cutter, r 346 Riverview
Kincaid, H. O., wks 611 e Doug, r 526 n Fourth
Kincaid, Waldion, wall paper e Doug, r 526 n Fourth
Kincaid, Wm, loans, r 526 n Fourth
Kincaid, W. (Garrett & K) r526 n Fourth
Kincaide, John, wks street ry, r 220 n Park
Kinred, A. D., r 434 s Main
Kinred, O. E., wks city, r 1020 s Market
Kinred, Miss May, r 434 s Main
Kinkead, J. C., retired, 913 n Lawrence
Kinread, Miss Ola M., stu of music, r 913 n Lawrence
Kinkle, Miss Cora E., student, r 347 Wabash
Kinkel, John M., bkpr Steinbuehel Bros, r 347 Wabash
Kinkel, W. M., sewing machine agt, r 3437 Wabash
Kinkel, Wm, bkpr, r 3437 Wabash
Kiner, Charley, cook Co-Operative bdgng club, r cor Osage and Cherokee
King, A. B., carpenter, r 611 n Fourth
King, Chas, brick mason, r 417 s Fourth
King, Hannah, seamstress, r 115 n Charles w s 
King, J. R. H, pension atty rms 15-13 abv 205 n Main, r 530 Waco
King, Miss mary, r 1502 e Gilbert
King, Miss Mamie, printer, r 1502 e Gilbert
King, M. E., ticket clk MO PAC depot, bds Metropole
King, Richard, r 1502 e Gilbert
King, R. W., r 1502 e Gilbert
King, Wm M., wks City Mills, r 231 Lulu
Kingsley, B. F., bds Hotel Metropole
Kinney, C. W., r abv 253 n Main
Kinney, Ed, r 313 n Emporia
Kinser, James, framer, r 121 n Dodge w s 
Kinzeder, John, prop Germania hs, 200 w Douglas
Kinsey, J. T., agt N Y Life Ins, r 1412 s Ffourth
Kirbaugh, Chas, wks 213 e Douglas
Kirk, Capt. Jno C., r 1307 e Oak
KIRK, OSCAR D., attorney at law off in Bitting block, cor Market and Douglas, r 1017 n Topeka
Kirkbride, D. M & Co, real estate and loans rms 1-3 abv 205 n Main
Kiekbride, D. M., (D M K & Co), r 1153 University
Kirkpatrick, A., carpenter, r 346 Sherman
Kirkpatrick, C. B., gardener, 220 w 1st w s 
Kirkpatrick, Henry, wks 711 w Douglas w s 
Kirkpatrick, Henry, Blacksmith, r 328 Wabash
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Maggie, r 323 Wabash
Kirkpatrick, W. M., (Scoggin & K), rms ab 226 e Douglas
Kirts, Sol, wks at Ice Factory, r 310 n Wichita w s 
Kirkwood, Miss Edna, r 903 s Topeka
Kirkwwod, Dr. J. W., Physician & Surgeon off 400 e Douglas, r 903 s Topeka
Kirwin, Mrs. Catherine, bdgh 1545 n 4th
Kirwin, John, motoneer, r 15454 n 4th
Kirwin, Wm, motoneer, r 1545 n 4th
Kiser, C. C., stenog S Fe, rms 204 n Emporia
Kistler, H. H., prop restaurant 204 n Main, r 829 Eagle
Kistler, L. H., restaurant at 214 n Main, r 829 Eagle
Kistler, Wm, wks 215 n Main, rms same
Kleebeiger, Geo, wks “Commoner”, r 638 n 4th
Klein, Carl, traveling salesman W. W. Gro Co
lein, Miss Emma, r 225 Indiana
Klein, Fred, laborer, r 225 Indiana
Klein, Mrs. Lizzie, r 225 Indiana
Klein, W. C., cooper, r 808 Eagle
Klentz’s Cigar Store, Geo Klentz prop, r 1009 n Main
Klentz, Geo, prop cigar store 1009 n Main
Klentz, Miss Mamie, clk 154 n main, r 1009 n Main
Klentz, Mrs. Mary E., mgr Millinery store 153 n Main, r 1009 n Main
Klentz, Miss Sophia, prop millinery shop 153 n Main, r 1009 n Main
Kleffer, Joseph L., carpenter stock yds, r 1944 n Market
Kline, H. H., wks W E R W, r 1005 n Wichita
Kline,  Kittie, domestic 106 n Lawrence
Klopfstein, John, stone cutter, r 1116 e Kellogg
Knadler, Abbie, n Gordon w s 
Knadler, A. C., auctioneer, n Gordon
Knapp, J. M.,wks life ins, Sedgwick blk, bd Plaza
Knapp, J. J., clk MO Pa R R , r 1355 n Main
Knapp, Mrs. Susan, r 220 n Lawrence
Knapp, Wilbur S., confectioner, r 427 n Main
Knauer, Miss Lucy, dress mkr, r 208 waco
Knecht, H. N, mnfr razors and shears 229 n Main
Knepple, Fred, Ice Cream Parlor 224 e Douglas, r Chicago w s 
Knepple, F. B., tinner 223 e Douglas, r cor Sycamore and Texas w s 
KNIGHT INVESTMANT CO, Farm and City Loans, Augustus Knight pres, N. C. Knight vice pres, H. F. Knight secy and treas, 200 n Main corner room old county bldg
Knight, Miss Sallie, teacher Lewis Acad, r 412 e Central
Knight, E. C., Inc Banker, r 1058 n Lawrence
Knight, H. F., Inv Banker, r 1058 n Lawrence
Knight, Lulu J., wks overall factory, r 610 n Market
Knight, J. B., conductor moter line, r 610 n Market
Knight, Nettie L., wks overall factorey, r 610 n Market
Knight, N. C., Inc Banker, r 1031 n Lawrence
Knoblauch, J. E., bkpr 117 n Market, r 940 s Lawrence
Knoblauch, E. D., prop City Hotel, r 130 n Market
Knoffloch, A. F., carpenter, r 124 s Exposition w s 
Knoffloch, Wm H. Student S B Col, r 1111 n Allen
Knoll, Wm, butcher, r 323 Waco
Knorr, Chas, r 323 s Lawrence
Knorr, G. W., Jr., clk, r 323 s Lawrence
Knorr, G. W., green grocer, r 323 s Lawrence
KNOWLES A., prop Shirt Factory and Dye Wks 134 n Market, bds 503 s Main
Knowles, H. A., r 1439 s Lawrence
Knox, C. H., bkpr Kan Pol Assoc, r 404 s Orchard w s 
Knoz, Isaac, laborer, r 349 n 5th
Knox, Wm N., laborer, r 349 n 5th
Koch, Otto, lunch counter, r 237 Waco
Koch, S. M., stock dlr, r 1327 s Fourth
Kochler, Miss Emma, r 412 s Topeka
Koehler, Jos, r 2035 n Topeka
Koehler, Maggie, r 2035 n Topeka
Koenig, Joseph,  prop Natatorium, r 212 s Topeka
Koetsch, Miss Mary E., student S B Col, 414 Waco
Koetsch, Chas H., jeweler at E. Vails 106 e Douglas, r 538 n Emporia
Koher, Mrs. Eva G., (Kaufman & Koher), bds Hotel Metropole
Koher, John D., bds Metropole
Kohl, John, shoe mkr 606 e Douglas, r 337 Short
Kohler, Miss Josie, r 515 s Emporia
Kohler, Miss Mattie, r 515 s Emporia
Kohler, Peter, laborer, r 515 s Emporia
Kohn, Miss Dora, r 204 n Topeka
Kohn, J. D. bds Hotel Metropole
Kolb, Miss Lizzie, r 318 s Washington
Kolb, Mrs. Mary E., r 318 s Washington
Kolp, Jacob, brakeman, S Fe, r 922 s Topeka
Kolstad, N. P., r 117 w Greenway
Konecny, F., baker, r 424 e Douglas
Koniel, Joseph, wks Stewarts Iron Wks, r 1147 w 11th
Koogle, John G., dpty City Clk, r 819 s Seneca
Koplin, Birdie, domestic 804 e Central
Kopplin, Otto, (Linder & Kopplon), r City Hotel
Kracaw, Miss Cora, milliner A Katz, r 409 s Market
Kraff, John, Foreman Blksmth Shop Car Wks, r 3719 n Fourth
Kraeckler, A., wks MO PAC Ry
Krohn, S., wks car wks, r 3628 n Fourth
Kraker, Henry, wks Henry Schad
Krailsheimer, M., (Gldn Egl Clthng hs) r 312 s Lawrence
Kramer, W. H., jeweler abv 126 n Main, r 323 n Fourth
Kramer, H. T., asst cash Wichita Nat Bank, r 401 n Topeka
Krammer, Ernest, wks Buggy Co, r 138 n Emporia
Krebs, Miss Mollie, r 200 e Thirteenth
Krehbiel, Kallie, domestic, r 1240 n Topeka
Krekel, A., road clk Supt MO PAC Ry, r 1231 n Waco
Kretchmer, Susan, domestic, r 1105 n Lawrence
Krustman, Chris, laborer, r 3731 n Fifth
Kuder, Dr. Emil, off abv 522 e Douglas, r 3002 e Douglas
Kuechenmeister, A., Flourist, r 1602 cor Harry and Lulu
Kuechenmeister, F., Flourist, r cor Ellis and Harry
Kuechenmeister, Henry, prop green house, r 1604 Ellis
Kuhn, Mary, domestic, r 715 n Lawrence
Kungle, Chas, laborer, r 427 James
Kunkel, Albert, lunch counter 611 e Douglas, rms 130 n 4th
Kunkel, Geo, laborer, r 1429 Sherwood
Kunsch, H. E., butcher, r Myres and Twenty-second
Kunsch, John, butcher at P H, r Myres and 22nd
Kurtz, Miss Louise, domestsic, e 231 n Emporia
Kusch, John, teamster, r 802 s Mead
Kuster, August, grocer at 458 n Main, r 628 n Market
Kuster, E. W., grocer at 458 n main, r r628 n Market
Kutnent, Hermer, r 715 e Pearl
Kyle, W. T., route agt PAC and US Ex, r 528 s Main
Lacy Bros, grocers 424 e Douglas
Lacy, C. (L Bros), r 427 e Douglas
Lacy, Logan, (L Bros), bds Goodyear hotel
Ladd, Caldwell, (Ind Territory ), r 157 n Ohio
Ladd, Mrs. Mahala, r 455 n Water
Ladd, W. F., clk C K I & P Ry, r 157 n Ohio
LaFayon, V. A., fireman hose house no 2
Lahm, Fred, merchnt tailor 307 e Doug
Lahme, D., wks W. Steam Laundry, r 929 s Main
Lahme, Jos Wm, wks Dolds P H, r 929 s Main
Lahme, Mary, sks Pearless Laundry, r 929 s Main
Lahme, Wm, r 929 s Main
Laird, Alonzo, laborer, r 1804 e Oak
Laidlaw, J. W., huckster, r 616 s Sycamore w s
Lake, Henry, printer G F Richards, r 325 s Emporia
Lake, Wm, laborer, bds Exchange hotel
Lamb, Alton C., clk at 142 n Main, r 617 e Oak
Lamb, E., r 1345 s Main
Lamb, Miss Mary C., r 137 Ohio
Lambe, Miss Eliza, domestic, r 421 s Topeka
Lambert, Chas, bds Exchange hotel
Lamford, Alford, bell boy Carey
Lamperd, Albert, bell boy Carey, r 314 s Emporia
Lamperd, Chas, Telegraph Op at Union stock yds, r 314 s Emporia
Lamperd, A. C., r 314 s Emporia
Lampl, L. groceries & meat 1226 e Douglas, r ab 1226 e Douglas
Landers, H. C., stewart Cornado Club rms
Landram, Ed, laborer, r 732 n Topeka
Lane, Belle, r 1813 University w s 
Lane, Miss Cecil I., student, r 3604 e Frisco
Lane, Homer, r 710 n Allen
Lane, Jas M., farmer, r 710 n Allen
Lane, Miss Minnie M., teacher, r 3604 e Frisco
Lane, S. F., farmer, r 252 n Market
Lane, T. G. , piano turner Thos Shaws r 1403 Strong
Lane, W. H.., speculator, r 3604 e Frisco
Langan, J. A., railroader, r 130 w 10th
Langan, Matthew, upholsterer, r 3124 w Douglas
Langan, M. M., blksmth, rms Mossbacker bldg e Doug
Langdeau, John C., feed store 1204 e Douglas, r 452 Laura
Langdon, Miss Alice, nurse, r 204 n Topeka
Langenbury, Miss Nellie, printer Commoner, rms 638 n Fourth
Langfitt, S. W., E Electric Ry, rms Zimmerly blk
Lansing, Bismark K., wks B. H.  Campbell, r Riverside cor Beal
Lanson, Lewis, teamster, r 913 s Topeka
Lanning, C. S., r 3547 n 4th
Laober, Al, laborer, r 616 w Texas w s 
La Paz, Chas, tailor 425 e Douglas, r 711 n Fourth
Lapes, P. P., barber Hotel Carey, rms 319 w Third
Large, Elmere, traveling salesman, r 419 Riverview
Larimer, Geo W., (Johnston & Larimer), r 728 n Emporia
Larimer,Leslie, clk Johnston & Larimer D G Co, r 728 n Emporia
Larkins, Lizzie, domestic, r 516 e English
Lash, James, painter Younf Bros, r 1007 n Mead
Latell, Will, laborer, bds Union Hotel
Latham, Chester A., 2nd sub carrier P O, r 1615 e First
Latham, Miss Cora, clk The Globe, r 505 w Ninth
Latham, Mrs. S. D., r 505 w Ninth
Latham, Walter D., clk Morris, fruit stand, r 505 w Ninth
Latten, Miles, r 3702 n Emporia
Lattin, A., farmer, r 2307 s Ohio
Lauck, A. H., clk 106 w Douglas, r 1406 Fairview
Lauck, G. C., traveling salesman, r 705 s Main
Lauck, Jas F., Atty at Law, r 1406 Fairview
Lauck, Wm J., student High School, r 1406 Fairview
Laugham, Chas, fireman Gas Wks, r 400 w Douglas
Laughlin, Geo H., teacher, r 2030 Mentor w s 
Laughlin, Laura, teacher, r 2030 Mentor w s 
Laughlin, Wm R., teacher, r 2030 Mentor w s
Lavenburg, T. H., check clk C R I & P Ry, r 130 Ida
Law & Jones, seeond hand goods 605 e Douglas
Law, Geo P., (Law & Jones), r 138 s Martinson, w s 
Lawless, Thos, cigar mkr, bds Baldwin
Lawrence, A., r 404 s Seneca w s 
LAWRENCE, CHAS., Druggist and Photograph Supplies 102 e Douglas, r 231 n Emporia
Lawrence, C. E., printer, r 1438 s Topeka
Lawrence, C. W., printer, r 1435 s Topeka
Lawrence, Mrs. Ella, r 404 s Seneca w s
Lawrence, Elsie, wks wholesale house, r 708 s Fannie
Lawrence, E. V., wks 115 n Topeka, r 705 s Fannie
Lawrence, Jas A., pastor United Presbyterian Church, r 251 Wabash
Lawrence, Miss Maude, stu S B Col, bds 252 n Market
Lawrence, R. E., Pres W S Bank, r 415 s Seneca w s
Lawrence, John M., produce dlr, r 709 Fannie
Lawrence, Thos B., clk Phila store, r 618 s Market
Lawrence, U. M., brick mason, r 1651 s Lawrence
Lawrence, Viola E., r 708 s Fannie
Laws, Mollie, r 601 n Market
Laws, Rebecca, laborer, r 618 n Market
Lawson, Miss Clare, wks overall fctry, r 1237 n Wichita
Lawson, Miss Florence, wks overall fctry, r 1237 n Wichita
Lawson, Miss Mabel, clk at globe Dry Goods, hs, r 913 s Topeka
Layne, Jno C., elevator man, Fletcher blk, rm Fletcher blk
Leach, Benj F., laborer, r 822 n Cherry
Leach, Miss Julia, teacher, bds 418 n Topeka
Leach, Susan S., r 838 n Market
Leadley, Harry, wks Wichita steam Dye Works
Leads, Dr. W. L., with Steam Dental office, bds Metropole
Leahy, David, reporter Beacon, r 418 Wichita
Leana, John, tailor, bds 216 n Market
Lease, C. L., druggist, r 335 Wabash
Lease, Mrs. M. E., attorney at law, r 335 Wabash
Lease, J. M., r 1325 s Fifth
LeBreton, Henry, speculator, r 357 n Market
Leckrow, Peter, farmer, r 2025 n Woodland
Ledman, Ed, wks MO PAC, r 203 n Walnut w s
Lee, Chas H., clk Herrons grocery, r 528 Sherman
Lee, C. E., paper hanger Young Bros, r 449 n market
Lee, Miss Dixie, landlady, r 133 n Wichita
Lee, Mrs. E. J., r 140 Lulu
Lee, H. G., real estate, r 907 n Water
Lee, J. A., yd foreman Mo PAC, r 132 w Tenth
Lee, J. B., laborer, r 203 w Eleventh
Lee, J. H., barber 109 n Main, bds Keystsone house
Lee, Miss Lulu, r 528 Sherman
Lee, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, r 528 Sherman
Lee, Miss Myrtle, student, r 327 n Lawrence
Lee, Mrs. R. C., r 450 n Market
Leech, Laura B., sales lady 407 e Douglas
Leedom, C. G., driver PAC Ex Co, r 112 w Morris
Leedom, K., 112 w Morris
Leeddy, E. S., clk 307 e DDouglas, r 1648 Orange
Leedy, J. S., engineer, r 132 Orange
Leen, Jno D., Supt Carriers P O, r 1021 Cherry
Lehman, J. S., horse dlr 213 w Douglas, bd Manhattan
Lehman, S. C., grocer 301 s Emporia, r Emporia and Lewis
Lehman, G. E., (L - Higginson Grocer Co), r 448 Waco
Lehna, John, tailor, r 323 n Fourth
Lehner, Frank, wks Hydraulic Mills, r 320 Pennsylvania
Leibensperger, Daniel, r 829 Eagle
Leichhardt, Miss Anna, teacher, r 327 w Second
Leibhart, Miss Amelia, r 708 s Emporia
Liebhart, Miss Laura Belle, r 708 s Emporia
Leibhart, E. W., laborer, r 708 s Emporia
Leiphert, Miss Emma, r 526 Sherman
Leiphert, Geo, mason, r 526 Sherman
Leiphert, Geo W., wks Stewart I wks, r 526 Sherman
LELAND HOTEL, H. C. Callahan prop
Leland, Jessie, r 823 Martinson w s 
Leland, Sarah, r 823 Martinson w s 
Lemon, Miss Lillian, r 1502 Fairmont
Lendi, Oswald, stone cutter, r 319 n Fifth
Lenocke, Chas, r 1313 s Mead
Lensen, Frank, blksmth Dold’s P H, r 516 s Water
Lentz, Frank, blksmth, r 516 s Water
Leonard, Chas, farmer, ab 155 n Emporia
Leonard, Mrs. Christiam, an 155 n Emporia
Leonard & Co, second hand store 822 e Douglas
Leonard, H. H., (Leonard & Co), r 120 n Mosley
Leonard, Jessie, wks W Exchange, r ab 155 n Emporia
Leonard, S. R., (Leonard & Co), r 120 n Mosley
Leonard, Will, farmer, ab 155 n Emporia
Leonidas, L., r 2101 s Fifth
Lepaz, Chas, tailor, r 711 n Fourth
LeRoy, M. P., wks 207 e Douglas, r 902 e Douglas
Leslie, J. T., r 307 n Fourth
Leslie, miss Maud, r 307 n Fourth
Leslie, W. C., wks Mrs Orey & Son, r 250 n Lawrence
Lesser, Andrew, lunch counter 709 e Douglas, r same
Lesser, Philip, clk restaurant 709 e Douglas, r same
Letske, Miss Appolonia, domestic 452 Riverview
Leran, A. H., r 613 n Washington
Level, Alice, r 1705 n Emporia
Level, Anna, domestic, r 929 n Lawrence
Leveridge, J. M., r 428 s Market
Levi, B., stock dlr, r 354 n Lawrence
Levy, Herbert, student at Bowling Green KY, r 204 n Topeka
LEVY, M. W., Pres Wichita National bank, r 204 n Topeka
Lewellen, Miss Minnie, bkpr Singer Mnfr Co, r 414 w Central
Lewelling & Co, wholesale butter business 1211 e Douglas
Lewelling, L. D., (Lewelling & Co), r Fairmount
Lewis, A. A., bds 615 n Topeka
Lewis, Mrs. E. J., r 325 s Oak w s 
Lewis, Fannie C., r 305 n Topeka
Lewis, C. F., drives Ex wagon, r 533 n Fourth
Lewis, Fred, bds 1103 Jackson
Lewis, Fred W., student, r 305 n Topeka
Lewis, Geo S., Asst Cashier Kans National Bank, r 305 n Topeka
Lewis, H. W., Pres Kans National Bank, r 305 n Topeka
Lewis, James, wks Eagle bindery, r 312 s Topeka 
Lewis, Jessie D., laborer, r 722 e Pearl
Lewis, John, laborer, r 439 n Fifth
Lewis, Mrs. P. A., r 433 n Lawrence
Lewis. S.C., retired, r 917 n Emporia
Lewis, Wm, patient St F hospital r 957 n Fourth
Lewis, W. G., clk Munson & McN, r 433 n Lawrence
Lewisson, Fred H., clk A Katz, r 420 s Main
Ley, Henry, laborer, r 1226 e Hunter
Lichtman, Moses, tinner, r 305 s Emporia
LIEURANCE & JACKSON, (S D Lieurance & A B Jackson) Lawyers, off an 151 n Main
Lieurance, Mrs. Mary, r 732 Ida
Lieurance, S. D., (L & Jackson), r 732 Ida
Lingemann, Rev Antonius, pastor German Catholic Ch, r 256 Ohio
Liggett, Mrs. J. M., r 224 n Lawrence
Liggett, Miss Vashti, teacher, r 224 n Lawrence
Lilllie, Wm, merchant tailor, ab 110 e Douglas, r 152 Laura
Lily, Chas, carrier 10 P O, r 835 Mead
Lilly, Jesse, wks Custom Feed Mills, r 930 n Water
Lilly, Mrs. T., r 930 n Water
Lincoln School, cor Lincoln and Emporia
Lincoln Street Presbyterian Church, cor Emporia and Lincoln
LINDELL HOTEL, J. A. Remspear prop, Rates $1.00 & $1.25 per day 609 e Douglas one half blk from Union Depot
Linder, John, (Linder & Kopplin), r ab 129 w Douglas
Linder & kopplin, (John Linder and Otto Kopplin), restaurant 112 w Douglas
Linder, R. W., pensioner, r 1225 n Mead
Lindley, Geo, r 939 s Main
Lindley, Miss M. A., r 1708 Campbell
Lindley, W. F., farmer, r 1708 Campbell
Lindocke, C., prop Kansas City Hotel 2035 n Topeka
Lindsay, C. T., engineer, r 1006 w Douglas
Lindsay, Joe H., Auditor Kans Loan and Investmt Co, r 1033 Laura
Lindsay, Thomas, live stock commission merchant at stock yds, r 18th and Emporia
Line, Della, r 708 s Elizabeth w s 
Line, J. B., stone mason, r 550 s Campbell w s 
Line. S. R., stone mason, r 550 s Campbell w s 
LINGEMANN, REV P ATHANASIUS, O S R, r cor Ohio and Second
Lineham, Miss Nellie, r 423 s Lawrence
Linot, Miss Maggie, wks Finley Ross, r 821 n Waco
Linot, Miss Mary, r 320 Wabash
Linot, Miss stasia, student, r 320 Wabash
Lintell, P. V., insurance, rms 313 n Market
Linterns, Wm, r 901 s Hydraulic
Lippincott, W. H., laborer, r 726 n Wichita
Lishbrook, _____, drivere Model Bakery, r 436 n Washington
Litchfield, F., photographer ab 150 n Main
Litchfiled, James, restaurant 514 e Douglas, r 150 n Main
Litchfield, Mrs. Malinda, furnished rooms over 150 n Main
Littell, Miss Aluce, stenog, t 346 Waco
Littell, G. E., fireman hose house no 1, r 425 n Lawrence
Littell, John, bkpr, r 346 Waco
Littell, Miss Lillie, housekpr, r 346 Waco
Littell, Andrew, street ex, r 1241
Littell, A. W., farmer, r 1036 n Emporia
Littell, C. A., feed store 351 n Main, r 419 Wichita
Littell, I. M., wks Aylesbury M. Co, rms 138 n Emporia
Littell, Miss Kate, r 1036 n Emporia
Littell, W. C., pres W Loan & Trust Co, r 523 n Lawrence
Littlefield, Dr. J. J., r 216 s Exposition w s 
Littlefield, S. H., confectioner, r ab 122 s Lawrence
Litzenberg, Geo H., Assoc Editor Beacon, r 900 w Central
Livesay, Harvey, waiter at Kistlers restaurant 204 n Main
Livesay, Mrs. L. A., charge of W T C U reading rooms
Livingston, W. H., Asst Cashier State Natl Bank, r 706 n Lawrence
Lloyd, Miss Nora, r 112 Pierce
Lloyd, S. B., painter, r 1112 Pierce
Lock, Eben, gardener, r 2004 Minnie
Locke, Mrs. J. R., dressmkr, r 1105 n Market
Locke, J. S., cooper wks stock yds, r 1105 n Market
Locke, G. P., with Dailey Beacon, r 1125 n Market
Lockwood, J. C., conductor, r 1113 s Mosley
Lockyear, Mrs. K. M., r 1154 n Wichita
Logan, F. T., mngr Huttig Bros & Co, r 1103 n Topeka
Logan House, ab 726 and 728 e Douglas
Lombard, Miss Mary, r 415 s Sseneca
LOMBARD MORTGAGE CO, Geo W. Bristow Mngr 101 w Douglas ab State Natl Bank
London tailors, 155 n Main, W. G. Payne Mngr
Long, Miss Anna, dressmkr, r 217 Ohio
Long, Mrs. Clara, r an 235 n Main
Long, E., farmer, r 1322 s Mead
Long, Mrs. Emiline, r 217 Ohio
Long, Thos F., street car driver, r 828 Wabash
Long, Frank L.,, wks 325 e Douglas, rms Carey Hotel
Long, Mrs. Juila, r 304 s Fourth
Long, Mary A., r 1320 s Mead
Long, Sydney, clk at W U Tel Co
Long, W. W., clerk MO PAC frght depot, r 217 Ohio
Longlands, Percy, solicitor, r 226 Cleveland
Longmire, Jas, brickmason, r 418 n Water
Longnecker, E. B., commission merchant stock yds, r 1436 s Emporia
Longnecker, N. W., prop livery barn 204 e Douglas, bds cor First and Water
Longsdorf, A. J., physician & susrgeon ab 336 n Main, r 415 Topeka
Longsdorf, E. A., shoemkr, r 1061 n Wichita
Longdorf, M. H., clk at C. J. Fletcher 246 n Main, r cor 9th and Jackson
Lonsbury, Alonzo T., (Wilkins & Co), r 519 n Third
Loo, Sam, chinese laundry,r 142 n Market
Loomis, E., laborer, r cor 18th and Emporia
Loosley, A. O., night operator Santa Fe, r 207 n Ohio
Lord, Mrs. Belle, r 1240 n Topeka
Lord, Edward A., laborer, r 507 e Second
Lord, Emma, wks City Hotel
Lorton, Wm L., city ex, r 1235 Blaine
Loudermilk, Emma, r 1055 n Lawrence
Love, Miss alice, artist, r 406 s Market
Love, Miss Birdie, r 406 s Market
Love, Miss Grace, r 406 s Market
Love, Miss Jean, r 406 s Market
Love, J. W., pastor Reformed church, r 406 s Market
Lovelace, Joe, r 319 s Exposition w s 
Loveland & Cook tobacco and pipe factory, 1147 S Lawrence
Loveland, Mrs. C. F., r 1233 s Market
Loveland, H. W., (Loveland & Cook), r 1219 s Main
Loveless, C. G., wks L M Cox, r 932 s Topeka
Loveless, Jonah, wks W overall factory, r 932 s Topeka
Loveless, J. T., r 932 s Topeka
Loveless, Lucy, wls overall factory, r 932 s Topeka
Loveless, Miss Zona, wks W overall factory, r 932 s Topeka
Lovei, John, cigar maker 606 e Douglas, r 326 s Washington
Lowe, Chester P., r 409 s Market
Lowe, Rev J. A., pastor Lutheran Church, 1253 n Market
Lowe, Miss M. C., r 409 s Market
Lowe, W. B., clk at 104 n Main, r ab 158 n Main
Lowman, John, Expressman, rms 138 n Emporia
Lowry, P. J., r 3625 Fifth
Lucas, Ed, wks Crystal Ice Co, bds 825 w Pine w s 
Lucas, Louis, laborer, r 929 n Topeka
Luckey, H. M, barber, 417 e Douglas, r same
Lucy, Mrs. B. B., r 2023 Shirley w s
Lucy, C. V., law student, r 2023 Shirley w s 
Lucy, Virgaline, r 2023 Shirley w s 
Ludlow, Carrie, domestiv, r 1326 n Lawrence
Ludlum, J. T., loan broker, ab 201 n Main, r 731 n Topeka
Ludwick, C. M., tailor, r 323 n 4th
Lukens, A., shoemkr, 741 n Main, r 731 n Main
Lukes, Mrs. Charlotte, r 616 s Main
Luling, Chas, H., r ab 217 s Main
Luling, J. E., clk Wichita Steam Laundry, rms Israel blk
Lumback, Hermann laborer, r 706 13th
LUND, GUST, Prescription Druggist stationery and medical supplies 501 n Main, Telephone 214
Lutes, W. P., stonemason, r 136 n Vine w s
Luttrell, Miss Jennie, r 508 s Water
LUTRELL, W. W. & CO , Wholesale & Retail dealers in Mens Youths and Boys Clothing, Mens Furnishing Goods Hats Caps Trunks and Valises 122 e Douglas
Lyddon, Geo D., compositor Eagle off, r 1447 Rochester
Lyeth, Jno C., City Solicitor Santa Fe frgt off, r 2147 Shirley w s 
Lynch, Miss Agnes, milliner Munson & McN, r 921 n Topeka
Lynch, C. J., clk ar 320 e Douglas, r 921 n Topeka
Lynch, T. H., clks 320 e Douglas, r 921 n Topeka
Lyon, A. W., carrier 8 P O, r 1402
Lyon, I. B., wks Steam Bakery, r 147 Pattie
Lyon, J. W., wks Steam Bakery, r 147 Pattie
Lyon, W. B., wks Steam Bakery, r 147 Pattie
Lytle, H. W., collect teller W natl Bank, r 424 w Elm
McAdams, Chas, laborer, r 2130 n Washington
McAdams, C.L., clk drug store, r 911 n Topeka
McAdams, Dr. E. C., off abv Lawrence’s drug store, r 911 n Topeka
McAdams, Geo W., laborer, r 1112 e Thirteentht
McAdams, _____, student S B Col, rms 313 n Market
McAfee, Abraham, laborer, r 1024 n Ohio
McAfee, Jacob, real estate, r 816 n Water
McAfee, John G., laborer, r 1024 n Ohio
McAlister, C.S., (Dickey & McA), r 346 n Fourth
McAlister, H. A., (Dickey & McA), r 352 n Fourth
McAlister, Saml A., painter Viney Bros, r 712 w Central
McArthur, Geo, clk for C. I. Fuller, r 626 s Fern w s 
McArthur, S. E., r 626 s Fern w s 
McAtee, Mrs. Anna, dressmaker, r 119 e William
McAtee, Miss Maggie, stenog, r 119 e William
McAvoy, Mike, prop feed store, 120 w Oak, r 802 n Water
McAvoy, Michael, retired, r 120 w Oak
McAvoy, William, feed store, 120 w Oak
McAboy, W., r 8802 n Water
McBirdie, Jennie, domestic, r 119 Pennsylvania
McBurnie, W. S., phys and surgeon off abv 153 n Main, r same
McCabe, Harry, cutter London Tailors, r 629 n Emporia
McCabe, Mrs. Martha, r 413 n Emporia
McCabe, Miss M. R., r 241 n Emporia
McCabe, Patrick, laborer, r 519 s Emporia
McCain, R. P., laborer, r 200s Fourth
McCall, Harlo H., fireman hose house no 2, bds 610 n Waco
McCall, Mrs. J. H., r 241 n Market
McCall, Jos G., roof painter, r 610 n Waco
McCall, Miss Nannie, r 610 n Waco
McCalla, Wm, farmer, r 2179 n Crown
McCalla, D. W., real estate off abv 110n Main, r 711 n Topeka
McCanless, D. A., attorney at law, r 713 s Fourth
McCanless, Miss Anna, r 124 n seneca w s 
McCannie, Grant, blacksmith car wks, r 3515 n Fourth
McCanse, Robt, Internal Revenue Collector off in Govt bldg, bds Packers hotel
McCartin, Mrs. Anna, bkpr Herrons grocery, t 1128 n Topeka
McCarthey, D. B., farmer, r 2008 s Fourth
McCarthey, Wm, r 2008 s Fourth
McCartney, David, laborer, r 127 s Mosley
McCartney, James A., farmer, r 2045 s Washington
McCartney, J. W., salsmn at Wallaces Imp house, r 1506 s Topeka
McCarty Bros, livery and transfer line 119-121 s Washington
McCarty, Chas, r abv 119 s Washington
McCarty, John, (M Bros), r abv 119 s Washington
McCarty, Jerry, real estate, r 900 s Water
McCarty, Patrick, r abv 119 s Washington
McCarty, Thos, (M Bros), r abv 119 s Washington
McCarty, Will, r abv 119 s Washington
McCausland, Bert, bill clk Wells Fargo Ex Co, rms 419 s Lawrence
McClain, J. M., State agt Mutual Land and Building Syndicate, New Jersey, off rrm 1 abv 142 n Main, r 527 s Water
McClain, Wallace M., meat cutter, r 250 Ellis
McClain, Albert, H., deliverer Bryan Fruit Co, rr 522 n Waco
McClain, A. H., teamster Bryan Fruit Co, r 522 Waco
McClian, Mrs. M. C., r 522 n Waco
McClanahan, Geo, wks Missouri Pacific, rms 231 s Main
McClees, Miss Emma, r 404 n Emporia
McClees, Mrs. N., r 404 n Emporia
McClees, W. D., phys and surgn off 220 e Douglas, rms same
McClenathen, W. S., real estate off 144 n Main, r 148 n Main
McClintock, Geo, horse dlr, r 128 Laura
McClintock, L., railroader, r 712 n Market
McClintock, Thos, cigar maker, r 128 Laura
McClintick, Mrs. Maria, hskpr, r 617 n Water
McClung, C. L., stockman Getto Mc C, r First and Emporia
McClung, Harry C., trav salsm, r 251 n Topeka
McClung, Miss Hattie, r 232 n Emporia
McClung, J. E., travs Getto & McC, r Fairmount
McClung, Miss Jennie, music teacher r 232 n Emporia
McClung, Miss Mamie, r 232 n Emporia
McClung, S. A., (Getto & McC), r n Topeka
McCluse, Geo F., gardener, r 600 w Central
McClure, Miss Grace, r 201 1.2 n Water
McCollough, Dr. C. G., off abv 122 e Douglas, r 437 n Fourth
McCollum, Eliza, r 904 n litchfield
McCool, C. J., r 1803 s Mosley
McCool, Geo, r 1803 s Mosley
McCool, J. W., drayman, r 1623 s Mead
McCool, Richard, r 1803 s mosley
McComas, H. G.,clk Munson & McN, r 237 n Market
McComb, James, hernmkr, r 225 Waco
McCommon, Ira, B., druggist J. P. Allen, bds Occidental
McConachie, bds Hotel Metropole
McConachie, James, clk 144 n main, bds Metropole
McConkey, Miss Minnie, stu S B Col, r 339 s Lawrence
McConkey, Miss Emma, clk White House Dry Goods store
McConnanghey, Miss Josie, dressmaker, r 247 Indiana
McConnanghey, Robt, carpenter, r 247 Indiana
McConnanghey, Wilber, stone cutter, r 247 Indiana
McConnell, J. F., carpenter, r 204 s Millwood w s 
McConnell, Mrs. Elizabeth, r 409 e Central
McCormick, Alf, farmer, r 1007 s Seneca w s 
McCormick A. G., printer, r 1140 University w s 
McCormick, Dugeld, missionary, r 513 s Orchard w s 
McCormick, Francis, engine man Wichita Planing Mill, r 513 Orchard w s
McCormick, Frank, r 512 s Orchard w s 
McCormick, Miss Georgia, student, r 536 s Emporia
McCormick, Helen G., r 1140 University w s 
McCormick, J. E., r 1140 University w s 
McCormick, John, r 1007 s Seneca w s 
McCormick, Nellie, r 1007 s Seneca w s   
McCormick, Pearl, r 1007 s Seneca w s 
McCormick, W. D., real estate, off old Court House, r Firebaugh blk
McCoy, Dr. A. W., off abv 120 e Douglas, r 206 n Lawrence
McCoy, Chas, baker, r 218 n Minneapolis 
McCoy, C. W., dept Dist Clerk, r 830 s Lawrence
McCoy, F. B., (Mc & Underwood), bds Carey
McCoy, Miss Florence L., r 433 n Fourth
McCoy, T. S., railroad contractor, r 720 n Topeka
McCoy, Mrs. Georgia, music teacher, r 626 n Lawrence
McCoy, H. W., wks drug store 501 n Main, r 830 s Lawrence
McCoy, Jno, bds 2004 n Main
McCoy, Jas F., ck P O, r 404 Laura
McCoy, John, n Whitney w s
McCoy, J. B., stock buyer, r 428 n Market
McCoy, J. G., r 433 n Fourth
McCoy, Miss Mamie, r 433 n Fourth
McCoy, Saml W., retired, r 404 Laura
McCoy & Underwood, live stock commission merchants cor Fourth and Twenty-third
McCoy, Wm, r 218 n Minneapolis
McCreary, Saml, shoemaker wks Hays leather store w Douglas, r 510 n Water
McCullough, A. Y., carpenter, r 849 e Oak
McCullough, Miss Alice S., r 1108 n Topeka
McCullough, Gertie, r 1108 n Topeka
McCullough, J. H., laborer, r 523 n Fourth
McCullough, Miss Julia, r 849 e Oak
McCullough, Mary, student, r 1108 n Topeka
McCulla, Julia, bds Union Hotel
McCune, Mrs. Emma, r 1049 n Wichita
McCune, Laura, r 821 s Topeka
McCutcheon, Frank, r 818 w Douglas
McCutcheon, Ervin, laundryman, r 117 n Wichita w s 
McCutcheon, Harry, r 117 n Wichita w s 
McCutcheon, Anna, r 117 n Wichita w s 
McDaniel, Benton, laborer, r 3554 n Mosley
McDaniel, Chas L., blacksmith 455 n Main, r 526 n Water
McDaniel, H., laborer, t 908 n Water
McDaniel, John, farmer, r 1417 s Fourth
McDaniel, P. G., trader, r 728 s Topeka
McDonald, A., rund yd engine at Rock Island yds, bds Logan House, 728 e Douglas
McDonald, Anna, wks Wm E Stanley, r Colwich
McDonald, A. W., engr Rock Island Ry, r 902 e First
McDonald, _____, peddler, r 1327 s Main
McDonald, E. F., stu High School,, r 1501 n Topeka
McDonald, J. A., wks Kas S & D Co, r 444 Ida
McDonald, Jno T., carrier 13 P O 
McDonald, James F., wks Kas Sash & D Co, r 444 Ida
McDonald, J. T., 125 s Dodge w s 
McDowel, D., teamster, r 13th and Cleveland
McDowel, Geo, cook, r 229 Waco
McDowel, J. B., salsmn Luttrells Clthng hs, r 236 n Lawrence
McDow, Thos, grocer 603 n Main 
McElyra, A. T., r cor Waco and 15th
McEwen, J. D. & Co, Commission Merchants, 115 n TTopeka
McEwen, James D., r 157 n Topeka
McFadden, M. J., fireman, r cor 5th and 22nd
McFall, Miss Katie, r 924 s Washington
McFarland, Geo W., bds Occidental
McFarland, J. G., prop Wichita foundry and machine shop
McFarland, Mrs. H. E., bds Occidental
McFarland, Mrs. Mattie, wks Kansas Steam Laundry, r 222 n Water
McFarland, Robt, retired, 419 n Water
McFarland, W. O., depty sheriff, r 702 n Lawrence
McFatridge, Orlie, wks Steam Dye Works
McFerran, Geo M., bk[r M & McN, r 1344 n Topeka
McFerran, Mrs. M. A., r 641 n Market
McFerran, Wm D., clk Major’s grocery, r 641 n Market
McFrederick, Alvin, r n Locke w s 
McFrederick, John, r n Locke w s 
McGarry, Mrs. Amanda, houskpr, r 222 n Mead
McGee, M. M., wks Longnecker, r 308 s Water
McGee, John C., bkpr Whittaker’s, r 805 n Topeka
McGee, Miss Emma, teacher, r 805 n Topeka
McGee, Mrs. A. A., r 805 n Topeka
McGeown, John, mangr Western Pacific Tea Co, bds at Manhattan hotel
McGinnis, Mrs. Joanna, housekpr, r 142 Laura
McGlade, Al, driver Root Bros
McGlade, Miss Ida, r 304 n Water
McGlade, Mrs. M. J., r 304 n Water
McGlasson, Thomas, watchman packing house, r 1412 n Emporia
McGoodwin, Mrs. M. H., r 611 s Market
McGovney, O. F., farmer, r 846 s Hillside
McGovney, W. G., farmer, r 2527 n Percy
McGrath, Mary, domestic, r 1042 n Topeka
McGrath, Bridget, domestic, r 507 s Lawrence
McGraw, Katie, domestic, r 123 s Topeka
McGregor, Chas, painter, r 155 s Water
McGregor, J. K., speculator, r 123 n Emporia
McGregor, Miss Laura, student, r 123 n Emporia
McGrew, James L., laborer, r 334 Wabash
McGriff, F. L., cigar maker, r 1130 n Main
McGriff, J. H., blacksmith, r 1130 n Main
McHone, A. H., stonemason, r 636 n Wabash
McHone, Miss Minie, r 926 n Wabash
McHugh, Joseph, carpenter, r 1007 n Cleveland
McIntire, A. S., gardener, r 1930 Ellis
McIntire, _____, foreman packing house, r Union Hotel cor 21st and Topeka
McIntire, Miss Ollie, wks Lindell hotel
McKay, Henry M., clerk Dorsey’s grocery 224 n Main, r 447 n Empora
McKay, Porter, speculator, rms 902 e Douglas
McKee, A. H., real estate ab 203 n Main, r 319 w Third
McKee, James M., Jr., student Wilson & McMechan’s law office, r 1616 s Lawrence
McKee, Miss, dressmaker, bds 203 n Lawrence
McKee, W. G., expressman, r 218 s Oak w s 
McKee, Wm G., (Reynolds & McK)
McKee, Warren, fireman hose no 2
McKee, W. W., r 1233 s Lawrence
McKenzie, K., tailor, r 10116 s Washington
McKenzie, Wm, laborer, r 1806 Ellis
McKibben, Cora, r 2002 Mentor w s 
McKibben, J. A., r 2002 Mentor w s 
McKibben, Minnie, r 2002 Mentor w s 
McKillip, Jennie, tailoress, r 251 n Topeka
McKillip, R. L., huckster, r 737 ave A
McKinney, Miss Clara, domestic, r 921 n Topeka
MCKINNEY. ORA, ROCK ISLAND BOOK EXCHANGE, Books bought and sold. All leading libraries kept in stock. School Supplies, Pens, Inks, Pencils, Tablets, etc. 522 e Douglas
McKinney, H. C., laborer, r 223 Waco
McKinnon, D. C., special agt New York Life Ins Co., r 537 n Topeka
McKinnon, R. D., student, t 537 n Topeka
McKinstry, Mrs. E., r cor 13th and Riverside
McKinstry, Walter S., farmer, r 13th and Riverside
McKinstry, A., dairyman, r 1345 Jackson
McKinsley, John, wks MO PAC, r 220 n Park
McKnight, Boyd L., loan broker, ab 129 e Douglas, r 514 n Topeka
McKnight, C. H., commercial salsmn Johnston L D G Co, r 514 n Topeka
McKnight, Clyde, rms 328 n Water
McKnight, Sigel, farmer, r 236 w Morris
McKnight, R., contractor, r 514 n Topeka
McKnulty, Katie, domestic, r 1030 Emporia
McKnowen, D. W., miller City Mills, bds 728 e Douglas at Logan Hotel
McLain, John S., com trav., r 516 n Emporia
McLain, Miss Laura, bds Metropole hotel
McLain, M. C., attorney ab 142 n Main rooms 9 and 11, r 516 n Emporia
McLaughlin, Mrs. T. E., teacher, r 904 s Lawrence
McLaughlin, W. M., tinner, r 3522 n 4th
McLAUGHLIN, WENDELL, stenographer and typeweiter room 212 Sedgwick Blk, r 906 s Lawrence
McLean, Miss Jennie, r 1547 Sherwood
McLean, John, r 1547 Sherwood
McLean, John O., capitalist, r 1036 Jackson
McLean, Lachlan, railroader, r 1547 Sherwood
McLean, Miss Maud,d milliner, bds Metropole
McLean, Murdock A., wks MO PAC, r 1036 Jackson
McLean, Thos K., railroad contractor, r 1705 Fairview
McLean, W. J., Traveling Freight agt Rock Island R R, r 528 s Seneca w s 
McLean, B. F., wks Pallett Lumber yd, r 1024 Hendryx
McLoy, Katharine, domestic, r 2019 Shirley w s 
McMahon, Mabel, r 1024 s Washington
McMahan, Ira G., gardener, r 1024 s Washington
McMahan detective Agency, Getto blk
McMahan, J. A., (Detec Agency) rms Getto blk 
McMasater, Addie, r Deleware street
McMaster, John, farmer, r Deleware street
McMaster, Samuel, r Deleawre street
McMechan, T. F., (Wilson & McN lawyers Zimmerly blk), r 528 n Waco
McMichael, T. A., wks Car Wrks, r 3421 n Fourth
McMillen, J. T., wks Crystal Ice Co, r 220 s Lawrence
McMillen, Lizzie, teacher, rms 516 s Topeka
McMullen, R. C., blacksmith, r 3459 n 4th
McMullen, F. S., machinist, r 3459 n 4th
McMurray, Mrs. V. A., dressmkr, ab 251 n Main
McNabb, Kate, teacher, r 9939 s 4th
McNaghten, J. C., (McN & Miles), r 524 s Water
McNaghten, Robt, shoe clk, r 236 w William
McNaghten, Sanford L., cigar mkr, r 236 w William
McNaghten, Samuel, shoe clk, r 236 w William
McNaghten, W., shoe dlr, r 266 w William
McNair, F. w., laborer, r 1313 n emporia
McNair, W. P., sec’y Fair Association off ab Citizens Bnk, r 416 Waco
McNamara, J. J., (Munson & McN), r 430 n Market
McNamara, Thos, policeman, r 117 n Emporia
McNeal, Geo L., barber 106 n Main, r 229 s Lawrence
McNeal, Sarah, r 229 s Lawrence
McNees, A. M., refreshments, r 137 Pattie
McNees, E. F., implement salsmn, r 609 s Lawrence
McNees, E., (McNees & Allen), r 137 Pattie
McNees & Allen, pool room 612 e Douglas
McNees, P. F., retired, r 609 s Lawrence
McNees, E. F., wks for John A. Wallace, implements, r 609 s Lawrence
McNees, W. A., grain dealer off rm 14 ab 226 e Douglas, r 609 s Lawrence
McNight, J. H., wholesale cutlery ab 352 n Main, r 1502 Orange
McPheeters, J. S., carpenter, r 300 Ellis
McPherson, A. M., engineer, r 936 n Main
McPherson, J. H., r 1507 s Lawrence
McPherson Milling Co, 718 e Douglas
McPherson, Miss Mary, r 1105 n Fourth
McPherson, Mrs. Mary J., r 1507 s Lawrence
McPherson, Myrtle, student, r 1507 s Lawrence
McPherson, Nellie, teacher, r 107 s Lawrence
McPherson, Octavia, musician, r 1507 s Lawrence
McPherson, W. R., architect, r 345 Riverview
McPherson, W. f., surveyor,r 936 n Main
McQuiddy, G. W., barber 205 e Douglas
McTerran, Wm, clk 133 n Main, r cor Market and Pine
McTaggart, Geo M., (Kansas News Co 108 n Main), r 433 s Market
McTague, John, r 1233 s Lawrence
McVay, J. F., picture frame maker at Young Bros, r 356 Riverview
McVey, May, wks Metropole
McVicar, A. N., driver for Wells Fargo Express Co, r 533 n Mead
McVicar, Allen, wks Hydraulic Mill, bd 150 n Hydraulic
McVicar, Mrs. C. M., r 533 n Mead
McVicar, A. E., prescription clerk and Van Werden’s, r 533 n Mead
McVicar, John, student, r 533 n Mead
McVicar, Robt, clk Bitting Bros, r 533 n Mead
McWilliams, J., blacksmith, r 421 s Washington
Mabry, a. V., railroader, r 237 n Wichita
Mack, F. carpenter, r 1110 n Fourth
Mack, Francis, wks Metropole hotel
Mack, W. E., wks Eagle, r 110 n Fifth
Mackey, J. W., carpenter, r 1016 n Mead
MacKenzie, Daniel, prop Wichita Carriage Works, r 155 n Water
McKenzie, E Litton, editor “Mirror”. R rms 19 and 20 Fletcher Block
MacKinney, Clara, dressmkr, r 520 s Seneca w s 
Maacy, Miss Anna B., r 1957 s Topeka
Macy, D. E., brickmason, r 344 n Lawrence
Macy, Miss Eva, r 1957 s Topeka
Macy, J. D., gardener, r 1957 s Topeka
Maddox, J. W., printer, bds 412 n Market
Maddox, Robt, barber 509 n Main, r 516 s Main
Maddux, J. E., real estate, r 257 e Second
Maddux, S. A., r 1110 s Water
Maddy, _____, horse raddish manufacturer, bds Exchange hohtel cor 18th and Emporia
Madison, Mrs. C. E., r 135 Grace
Magee, Wilber H., carpenter, r 406 s Topeka
Magill, E. S., com trav, r 733 n Emporia
Mahan, Mrs. Ann, r 505 sTopeka
MAHAN BROS, Agents Anheuesr-Busch Brewing Association and Manitou Water, off 115 Rock Island ave
Mahan, John P., (M Bros), r abv 115 Rock Island
Mahan, Thos H., (M Bros), r 505 s Topeka
Mahaney, Bartholemew, laborer, r 546 n Spruce
Mahaney, Chas E., (Shaffer & M), r 1940 n Main
Mahaney, Delbert, wks packing house, r 20th and Market
Mahaney, May, stenographer, r cor 20th and Market
Mahaney, Miss Mamie, bkpr, r 20th and Market
Mahaney, Patrick, Jr., teamster, r 232 Pennsylvania
Mahaney, Patrick, laborer, r 232 Pennsylvania
Mahaney, Timothy, farmer, r cor 20th and Market
Major, Geo A., grocer 133 n Main, r 905 n Topeka
Major, Miss Maggie, student, r 1033 n Fourth
Major, S. T., com trav, r 1033 n Fourth
Major, Wimpleburg, clerk, bds Union Hotel
Maher, Capt Henry J., prop Hotel Saratoga cor Lawrence and 23rd, r Riverside
Malby, Frank, wks Santa Fe, r 312 Cleveland
Mallory, A. D., (Applegate & M), r in Illinois
Mallory, J. R., barber hotel Carey, r 413 n Water
Mallory, Mrs. Lizzie, r 413 n Water
Malone, W. D., wks Whittaker’s, r cor Mead and 22nd
Malone, Thomas, civil eng, r 1589 n Mosley
Maltbie, john, grain dlr, r 821 s Topeka
MAMMOTH LIVERY STABLES, Busenbark & Cooper props, 114 s Main
Mancourt, F. C., clerk at Manhattan Hotel
MANHATTAN HOTEL, cor Topeka and Douglas, Robt Black prop, F C. Mancourt clerk
Manion, Geo W., railroader, r 910 e 1st
Mann, Geo H., freight agt MO PAC, r 332 s Lawrence
Mann, G. H., gardener, r 1454 s Lawrence
Manning, Miss Margaret, stenog W W Grocery Co, r 231 s Lawrence
Manuel, Calvin F., retired, r 315 w third
Maple Grove Cemetery, corner of Frisco and Hillside avenues
March, M. L., wks Car Wrks, r 3733 n 5th
Mare, Gus, r 219 n Vine
Marie, Louis, cook, r 151 n Mead
Marie, Petere, cook, r 151 n Mead
Marie, Miss Lizzie, r 151 n Mead
Maris, Lydia, r 1438 n Waco
Mark, W. E., wks Eagle, r 1110 n Fifth
Markham, Glorvina, r cor 209th and Pennsylvania
Markland, Sylvester C., Laborer, r 529 n Alice
Markwell, A. E., printer, r 1140 Hendryx w s 
Markwell, B. W., pressman at Beacon office, r 1140 Hendryx w s
Markwell W. H., wks Whittaker’s, r 229 n Water
Marlow, Eugene, clk Santa Fe depot, r 508 n Emporia
Marlow, Miss L. G., r Fletcher blk
Marlow, Miss M. M., r Fletcher blk
Marlow, Thos J., farmer, r Fletcher blk
Marquis, Geo L., jeweler at 126 n Main, rms same
Marquis, Robt C., clerk Western Pacific Tea Co., r 1102 s Topeka
Marquis, Ross, electrician, bds 238 n Topeka
Marquis, R. W., engineer Citizens Electric Light Co, rms 340 n Topeka
MARSH, W. E., prop Wichita Marble Works 224 n Main, r 1611 e First
Marsh, F. M., wks Crystal Ice Co, r 825 w Pine w s 
Marsh, R. I., pastor Congregational church, cor Orme & Topeka, r 1345 s Topeka
Marsh, W. J., Congregational minister, r 1453 Rochester
Marshall, C. E., r 323 s water
Marshall, C. W., carpenter, r 852 Martinson w s 
Marshall, Howard, painter, r ab 1104 w Douglas
Marshall, G. E., r 323 s Lulu
Marshall, James, wks street railway, r 316 Mathewson
Marshall, Miss Luella, student, r 316 Mathewson
Marshall, Tersie, wks G. W. Harmon, bds 736 Pattie
Marshall, W. A., policeman, r 213 n Wichita w s 
Martin, A., r cor Broadway and Kellogg
Martin, B. B., feed barn 566 w Douglas
Martin’s Blacksmith Shop, 814 e Oak
MARTIN, F. R., ART STORE, 114 n Market, wholesale and retail Artist’s Materials, Pictures, Paints, Mouldings, Telephome 298, Res 1515 n Lawrence
Martin, Dr. C. E., phys and surg, r 411 Sherman
Martin, Chas G., eng, r 141 n Hydraulic
Martin, Chas F., cashier Kansas Loan & Invest Co., r 340 n Topeka
Martin, Clyde, laborer, r 232 Laura
Martin, Miss Dora, student, r 232 Laura
Martin, Mis Elsie, stenog, r 1137 s Topeka
Martin, Frank, farmer, cor Broadway and Kellogg
Martin, Hattie C., r 513 s Hewitt w s 
Martin, Miss Isis, teacher telegraphy, r 411 Sherman
Martin, J. Wks Carey, r 839 n Water
Martin, Mrs. J., r 1904 n Crown
Martin, John M., bailiff Dis Court, r 232 Laura
Martin, J. W., foundryman, r 1003 e Douglas
Martin, Preston J., blacksmith 814 e Oak, r 828 n Washington
Martin, Wm, r 3517 n Fourth
Martin, Wm, laborer, r 1706 n Topeka
Mratindale, Crystal, engineer Fairmount Water Works, r 14th and Tyler
Martindale, Elija, r 1337 n Fairmount
Martindale, Miss Eva, r 1337 n Fairmount
Martinson, O., West Side Bank, r 313 s Seneca w s 
Martison, Mrs. Virgil, confections 507 e Douglas
Marts, T. J., clk Tattersall’s, r 61- e Central
Marriott, Robt, butcher at 244 n Main, r cor Elizabeth & Chicago w s 
Maskell, Isaac, laborer, r 1150 University w s 
Mason, Miss Anna B., teacher City Schools, r Litchfield and Riverside
Mason, Miss Etta, teacher City Schools, r Litchfield and Riverside
Mason, Frank, stock dlr, r Riverside
Mason, Miss Gertrude, r 1307 e Oak
Mason, Miss Maggie, domestic, 516 n Topeka
Mason, Otto, gardener, r 2004 Minnie
Mason, Pleasanr E., teamster, r 1307 e Oak
Masonic Hall, cor Main and First
Massey, Henry, laborer, r 507 n Water
Massey, Robt, wks City Stables
Massey, Zach B., county jailor, r 535 n Market
Mathers, N. C., machinist, r 1441 Schiller
Mathew, John, carpenter, r3458 n Fourth
Matthews, Miss Adda, domestic 603 s Emporia
Matthews, Geo G., (Bissantz & M), r 324 n Waco
MATTHEWS, RODOLPH, Dentist above 128 n Main, r 607 n Lawrence
Matthewson, Wm, off ab 130 n Main, r 1203 e Central
Mathes, Miss Marie, teacher, bds 417 n Lawrence
Matthey, Miss Cora, r 3341 n Macon
Matthey, J. H., r 3343 n Fourth
Matthey, Miss Rosa, r 3343 n Fourth
Matthey, F. G., r 3341 n Macon
Matthey, U. J., machinist, r 3341 n Macon
Markin, Chas A., clk 201 e Douglas
Mattison, W. E., stenog, bds 214 n Emporia
Mattocks, Ephriam H., carpenter at Pecos Texas, r 549 n Mona
Matts, Miss Amelia, r 120 w william
Matzka, Mortz, r 445 n Water
Maurer, Chas, harnmkr, 121 e Douglas, r 455 Sherman
Maus, J. H., carpenter, r 3500 n Washington
Maust, B.B., teacher, r 610 n Waco
Maxson, Amos, machinist, r 3603 n Emporia
Maxson, John R., farmer, r 1029 n Wichita
Maxwell, Miss Alice, r 201 Ellis
Maxwell, Arch H., r cor Briggs and Cooledge
Maxwell, D. H., fireman hose house No 1, r 616 n Market
Maxwell. D. S., com trav, r 201 Ellis
Maxwell, Mrs. E. D., society reporter for the Beacon, r 422 w Central
Maxwell, Miss Hattie, artist, r 201 Ellis
Maxwell, Miss Mamie, printer, bds 345 n Market
Maxwell, Minnie, r 838 w Central
Maxwell, J. N., r 521 s Market
Maxwell, Joseph C., r 201 Ellis
Maxwell, S. L., cashr Wells Fargo Ex, r 1144 University
Maxwell, W. H., lawyer, r 944 n Topeka
May, Arthur, driver oil wagon, r 525 Wabash
May, Jane, pastry cook Manhattan
May, J. C., wks 325 e Douglas
May, Laura, Laura, waitress at Occidental
Mayflower Congregational Church, 1532 Fairview
Mead, James L., r 307 e Central
Mead, Miss Maiie E., r 307 e Central
Mead, Miss Matie, r 313 w Central
Mead, Mrs. Susan, r 1817 University w s 
Mead, W. B., r 313 w Central
Meade, Blanch, housekpr Manhattan hotel
Meagher, Miss Maggie E., r 412 n Market
Medlin, Mrs. M. C., millinery, r 821 w Douglas
Medlin, W. D., clk A. Katz, r 821 w Douglas
Meek, J. P., wks Whittakers P H, r Fifth and 28th
Meek, T. W., r cor Harry and Waco
Mecker, H. Clay, commission mrchnt 110 n Fourth, r 418 n Moser
Mecker, Isaac, r 327 n Park
Meekins, David A., real estate 141 n Market, r 1436 n Waco
Mefford, A. J., cider vinegar manfctr, r 852 e Oak
Meidel, Mrs. Bertha, r 705 s Topeka
Meidel, Geo L., r 706 s Topeka
Meikke, J. W., laborer, bds Burton Hotel
Meissner, Antone, carpet weaving, r 336 Riverview
Meldrum, Chas, wks wshing machn fctry, r 1300 e Hunter
Meldrum, John, painter, r 939 s Wichita
Mellinger, D. S., painter, r 119 e Fifteenth
Mellinger, Paul, painter and paper hngr,  r Fifteenth and Market
Melvin, Andrew, (Dean & M), r 909 s Main
Mendenhall, Miss Edith, r 927 Cleveland
Mendenhall, Evian P., conductor st ry Main and Douglas, r 927 Cleveland
Mendenhall, John, real estate, r 711 n Water
Mendenhall, Louis, farmer, r 711 n Water
Mendenhall, Mrs., wks Wichita Steam laundry
Mendenhall, Silas, wks Whittakers P H , r abv 814 n Main
Mendenhall, Mrs. Susan, r 429 Stephen
Menefee, Jewett, r 420 e Douglas
Mengel, Mrs. M. E., wks 217 e Douglas
Mentele, Maggie, r 1213 Pierce
Mentzer, D., carpenter, r 1357 n Fourth
Mercer, D. A., wks Mercer & McClain, r 208 Laura
Mercer, John H. (Mercer & McClain), r 208 Laura
Mercer & McClain, butchers 814 e Douglas
Mercer, Mrs. M. M., r 1028 n Lawrence
Meredith, Mrs. Ellen, r 1145 Munnell w s 
Meredith, W. L., wks grocery 1338 e Douglas, rms same
Merkel, N. F., clk at Kistlers restaurant, r Bayless blk n Topeka
Merrill, Mrs. Mary E., r 1521 e Oak
Merrill, James, with Lombard Investment Co, bds The Tremont
Merrill, Miss Mary, attorney at law, r 408 e Central
Merrill, Mrs. Sadie, r 530 s Emporia
Merrill, Wm, Laborer, r 1426 e Gilbert
Merritt, Mrs. B., hairdresser, r 455 n Water
Merry, C. C., prop peerless stove pipe repair Co, r 846 e Oak
Merry, Jno W., clk Bissantz & Mathews, r 124 s Topeka
Meskel, Isaac, laborer, r 631 n Water
Messenger, Mrs. Ida, seamstress, r 1904 Washington
Messerve, E. B., bkpr W Nat Bank, r 502 s Water
Methena, J. W., r 232 s Fourth
Matzger, Miss Louise, domestic, r 438 n Topeka
Meyer, Miss Florence, dressmaker, r 333 n Market
Meyer, J. F. W., bkpr Mahan Bros, r abv 115 Rock Island
Meyer, C. T., farmer, r 1037 Coolidge
Michael, A. S., carpet weaver, r 1655 Riddell
Michael, Wm, r 3501 Wabash
Middleton, P. H., carpenter, r 455 n Fern w s 
Midland Investment Co, off Citizens Bank bldg
Mikle, John O., phys 601 e Douglas, r same
Mikels, L., wks Wichita Steam Laundry
Milburn, Geo T., civil engnr, r 346 Wichita
Milbourn, Robt W., r 321 e First
Miles, E. D., ((McN & Miles), r 524 s Water
Milhaubt, Jno F., clk A. Katz, r 225 s Lawrence
Millar, G. A., blacksmith 120 n Lawrence, r 132 Hydraulic
Millen, W. B., carpenter, r 319 n Fourth
Millen, Mrs. Jennie, r 319 n Fourth
Millen, Miss Josie, teacher, r 319 n Fourth
Miller, A. L., gardener, r 1441 Campbell
Miller, Miss Aalletha, student, r 308 n Washington
Miller, Andrew, r 1201 s Main
Miller, Mrs, Anna, hskpr, r 823 n Market
MILLER, C. R., Real Estate and Rental agt, off 301 Sedgwick blk, r 507 s Lawrence
Miller, Charlie, wks Stewart I Wks, r 216 s Washington
Miller, David, retired farmer, r 100 n Lawrence
Miller, Alonzo, farmer, r 1626 n Topeka
Miller, Frank, wks Wichita Trunk factory
Miller, Frank, wks Packing house, r 1904 n Water
Miller, Frances E., r 1320 s Mead
Miller, Fred, laborer, r abv 643 n Water
Miller, Mrs. F. W., dressmaker, r 357 n Main
Miller, Geo, r 1137 s Topeka
Miller, Geo, r 334 s Lawrence
Miller, Geo E., clk The Fair, r 1104 s Topeka
Miller, Geo Strak, (Wright & M), r 606 n Washington
Miller, G. S., with Studebakers Sedg blk, r 1712 Minnie
Miller, Gus A., sign writer 227 n Main, r 1110 s Washington
Miller, Harry, r 939 n Emporia
Miller, J., carpenter, r 1150 s Waco
Miller, Jos, engnr Santa Fe yards, bds Commercial hotel
Miller, Jacob M., rec clk Lehman-Higginson grocery Co, r 721 Hinton
Miller, J. C., r 1020 s Mead
Miller, Jno F., clk Boston store, r 723 n Fourth
Miller, J. P., real estate, r 1144 n Lawrence
Miller, Jos, tailor in Sedg blk,r 1110 s Topeka
Miller, J. S., carpenter, r 601 Ohio
Miller, J. S., r 1020 s Mead
Miller, Mrs. J. S. J., Riverview
Miller, L. B., blacksmith, r 257 Cleveland
Miller, L. L., wks Packing house, r 17th and Garland
Miller, Miss Lillie, r 844 Eagle
Miller, Louie, carpenter 245 n Main, r 1033 n Fifth
Miller, M., r 831 s Water
Miller, Mrs. M., cook, r 828 n Water
Miller, Miss Maude, r 201 1/2 n Water
Miller, Miss May, milliner, r 257 Cleveland
Miller, Merritt, H., clk, r 1144 n Lawrence
Miller, M. F., carpenter, r 705 Hinton
Miller, Miss Minnie, dressmaker, r 844 Eagle
Miller, M. R., student, r 1020 s Mead
Miller, Miss Nora, domestic 308 s Market
Miller, R. wks Wichita Steam Laundry
Miller, Miss Rilla, hskpr, bds 302 Wabash
Miller, Rudolph, gardener, r 1415 Laura
Miller, Mrs. S. E., r 308 n Washington
Miller, Wells W., clk C. R. Miller, r 507 s Lawrence
Miller, W. L. W., Fire Ins 112 e First, r Riverside (removed to Denver, Colorado)
Miller, Wm H., railroader, r 844 Eagle
Miller, W. S., r 1150 s E
Milligan, Miss Ciora, dau H. G. M, r 1705 n Market
Milligan, Henry G., r 1705 n Market
Milligam, S. C., dressmaker, r 1424 s Topeka
Millikan, Miss Grace, student, r 251 n Topeka
Millison, Bert R., (D G M & Sons), r cor Gilman and Franklin
Millison, D. G. & Sons, Printers and Stationers 154 n Market
Millison, David G., (D G Millison & Sons), r cor Gilman and Franklin
MILLISON, D. G. & SONS, (D G M, E L M and B R M), Printers, Engravers and Rubber Stamp makers 154 n Market Firebaugh bldg
Millison, Mary M., r 1703 Palisade
Millison, Miss Minnie, bkpr D G Millison & Sons, r 805 n Gilman
Millison, Ralph L., (D G Millison & Sons), r cor Gilman and Franklin
Milroy, T. K., machinist car shops, r 3538 n 4th
Mills, Abner, clk Hotel Carey
Mills, C. H., laborer, r 1231 n Mead
Mills, C. J., r 808 e 13th
Mills, Miss Lyda H., teacher, r 808 e 13th
Mills, Samuel, r cor Grant and Sheridan w s 
Mills, S. E., r 808 e 13th
Mills, Wm J., clk stock yds, r 508 n Emporia
Millsap, Rev J. R., Methodist Minister, r cor Humboldt and 15th
Miltner, Henry F., wks Wichita Elevator, t 952 Ida
Miltner, J. G. & Co, props Zephyr mills and Wichita Elevator, cor Fifth and First
Miltner, J. G., (J G M & Co), r 801 Laura
Miltner, John B., (J G M & Co), r 931 Laura
Milton, J. C., Atty ab 146 n Main, r 725 Martinson w s 
Milton, Miss Sallie, r 847 e Oak
Minch, Louisa, r 741 s A
Minch, Wm, cigar mkr, r 741 Ave A
Miner, L. W., notion buyer Johnston & L, r 533 n Mead
Minges, V., wks Dolds P H, r 1139 n Washington
Minick, Andrew, carpenter, r 1113 s Topeka
Minick, Louis W., medical stu, rms Fletcher blk
MINICK, DR. W. A., Homepathic Physician rms 2 and 3 Fletcher bldg, r 1017 n Fourth
Minnich, Emma, teacher, r 315 s Martinson w s 
Minnich, Miss Eva, stu, r 225 n Mead
Minnich, Ira, druggist, r 225 n Mead
Minnich, Jesse, stu, r 225 n Mead
MISSOURI PAC TICKET OFFICE, 120 n Main, E. E. Bleckly agt
MISSOURI PACIFIC PASSENGER DEPOT, cor 2nd & Wichita, M. E. King agt
Missouri Pac Frgt Depot cor 1st and Wichita
Mitchell, Clay, laborer, r 532 s Mosley
Mitchell, D. A., Atty at Law off ab 140 n Main, r 133 n Topeka
Mitchell, D. Diamond, student, r 133 n Topeka
Mitchell, Fred, railroader, r 1049 n 5th
Mitchell, G. B., barber, 211 n Main, r 216 s Topeka
Mitchell, James B., barber, r 216 s Topeka
Mitchell, James, huckster, r 1140 s Ef
Mitchell, J. Dwight, student, r 133 n Topeka
Mitchell, John, carpenter, r 405 Stephen
Mitchell, Mag, r 333 s Fourth
Mitchell, Miss Neta, r 1207 Bitting
Mitchell, Mrs. Sarah E., Pres, W Hospital, r 133 n Topeka
Mitchell, Wm C., farmer. R 152 Mosley
Mitts, G. H., farmer, r 637 Robert w s 
Mitts, Ida, dressmkr, r 637 Robert w s 
Mitts, Wm, driver I X L dairy, r 637 Robt w s 
Mixon, R. G., carpenter, r 446 n Mosley
Mixon, Miss Stella M., r 446 n Mosley
Mixon, Wm A., carpenter, r 446 n Mosley
Mixon, Wm E., carpenter, r 446 n Mosley
Mock, Geo, r 139 s Fern w s 
Mock, Mary, wks Hotel Metropole
Moffatt, J. W., r 719 n Lawrence
Morgan, James, night porter Occidental
Mold, Geo C., mail carrier, r 601 s Orchard w s 
Mollnaw, Miss Augusta, r 418 w Central
Monarch Billiard Hall, 205 n Main Will E. Reeves prop
Mona, Senith J.L., carpenter car wks, r 3649 n 5th
Monday, Frank, farmer, r 3540 n Wabash
Montague, J. Y., Atty at Law ab 144 n Main, r 423 e Central
Monteith, Chas, laborer, r 140 Indiana
Monteith, Levi, carpenter, r 140 Indiana
Monteith, Ozias, laborer, r 140 Indiana
Montgomery, Alonzo, wks  Chas E. Potts, r 1715 n Fairview
Montgomery, Emma, domestic, 933 n Topeka
Montgomery, J. F., tin peddler, r cor Lulu and Osie
Montgomery, Miss Hattie, cook, r 326 n Mead
Monroe, Bert A., teacher, r 1357 s Lawrence
Monroe, James, Cook, r 113 e William
Monroe, J. M., Minister, r 1357 s Lawrence
Monroe, W. B., shipping clk Huttig Bros, r 1655 s Fourth
Monyhow, David, wks Lacey Bros, bds Goodyear Hotel
Mooney, Harry M., driver Steele & Walker, r 207 s Topeka
Moore, A. O., laborer, r 1553 n 4th
Moore, Albert, cooks at Faheys restaurant 628 e Douglas
Moore, Rev Clark, r 115 n 4th
Moore, Clint, fireman Ice factory, r 347 n Wichita w s 
Moore, Dora, r 402 n Seneca
Moore, Earnestine, r 915 w Pine w s 
Moore, Edwin, laborer, r 600 w Central
Moore, Edwin White, Atty rm Sedgwick blk, r 830 n Topeka
Moore, E. I., cashier MO PACA frgt off, r 807 n Topeka
Moore, E. J., fireman hose house no 1, bds Getto bldg
Moore, Miss Etta, r ab 219 s Main
Moore, Miss Fay, r 133 Wichita
Moore, Mrs. F. B., r 308 s Topeka
Moore, Frank J., clck w. L. Miller, r 313 Cleveland
Moore, Geo, wks Ice Factory, r 347 n Wichita w s
Moore, G. W., stu S B Col, rms 313 n Market
Moore, H. T., bkpr Beacon off r 1461 s Water
Moore, Miss Ida, dressmaker, r 519 Riverview
Moore, Ira F., engnr, r 720 e First
Moore, James, r 313 Cleveland
Moore, Miss Jennie, dressmaker, r 313 Cleveland
Moore, J. F., wks Electric Light Co, r 1158 s B
Moore, J. P., asst Post Master, r 1116 n Market
Moore, J. R., laborer, r 251 n Market
Moore, John H., barber, r 119 s Emporia
Moore, Jno R., printer Anthony, KS, r 519 Riverview
Moore, Miss Martha, student, r 1343 n Fifth
Moore, Miss Mary, r 1210 n Fifth
Moore, Miss Minnie, rms 401 s Main
Moore, Mrs. M. J., r 512 Riverview
Moore, Miss Nellie, r 133 Wichita
Moore, Miss Nettie, r 313 Cleveland
Moore, Robt, wks Electric Light Co, r 422 Stephen
Moore, Miss Susan, bkpr Boston Store, r 512 Riverview
Moore, Sam, laborer, r 1210 Fifth
More, Henry, butcher P H, r 1226 e Blaine
Moran, Miss Mamie, bds 259 n Emporia
Morehead, Mrs. A. M., r 1407 e Division
Morehouse, C. H., mngr for Bunnell and Eno Invest Co., r 457 n Market
Morgan Bros, sale barn 328 e Douglas
Morgan, Chas, barber, r 611 n Mead
Morgan, Chas, student, r 705 Laura
Morgan, C. W., barber, r 611 n Mead
Morgan & Francis, grocers, r 1023 w Douglas w s 
Morgan, G. O., (Morgan Bros), r 516 s Water
Morgan, Geo, stock dir, r 513 s Water
Morgan, Harry, grocer, r 616 s Seneca w s 
Morgan, Henry, W., land examiner Bunnell and Eno Co, r 11557 Park Place
Morgan, Miss H. S., r 624 n Emporia
Morgan, J. A., wks Santa Fe yds, r 432 n Mosley
Morgan, Jemima, r 1015 n Coolidge
Morgan, Miss Jennie, r 705 Laura
Morgan, Miss J. H., rms Leland
Morgan, Jos, sales barn, rms abv 253 n Main
Morgan, J. R., (Morgan Bros), r 213 w Douglas
Morgan, J. W., Peerless Laundry, r abv 123 n Market
Morgan, S. B., plaster, r 903 n Mead
Morgan, R. J., clk Santa Fe, r 705 Laura
Morgan, Wm O., carriage painter, r 240 n Fourth
Morgan, Wm O., carriage painter, r 1455 Lorraine
Morris, Mrs. Bessie, r 830 s Topeka
Morris, Mrs Chas F., r 1008 s Washington
Morris, Emmett, clk 923 e Second, r same
Morris, Mrs. J. A., dressmaker, r 302 Riverview
Morris, James P., bill clk Santa Fe Ry, r 830 s Topeka
Morris, Mrs. J. F., rents houses, r 227 Water
Morris, Jno B., contractor, r 1207 Bitting
Morris, Miss L. Gertrude, r 423 Wichita
Morris, Manuel, cooper at stock yds, r 551 s Osage w s 
Morris, Mrs. Nancy, r 220 w Waterman
Morris, Mrs. R. E., housekpr, r 423 Wichita
Morris, W. A., lawyer ab 137 n Main
Morris, Walter, real estate ab 137 n Main, r 2312 e Ninth
Morris, W. S., r 227 n Water
Morris, Wesley Q, gardening, r 802 w Central
MORRIS, W. S., County Atty off New Court House, r 1721 Fairview
Morris, W. W.  Grocer, 923 e Second, r same
Morrison, Hannah, rr 160 s Wabash
Morrison, C. W., Furnitur Dlr, bds Occidental
Morrison, John, bkpr, r 1012 s Lawrence
Morrison, L. H., bkpr, r 1012 s Lawrence
Morrison, Mary, domestic 1205 n Lawrence
Morrison, Thos W., gardening, r 225 n Minnesota
Morrow, Harrison, painter, r 1223 n Fourth
Morse, G. O., prop grocery 725 e Oak, r 723 e Oak
Mosbacher, Miss Anna, dau Jos Mosbacher, r 206 n Hydraulic
Mosbacher, Chas, jewelry 100e Douglas, r 151 s Ellis
Mosbacher, Harry, blksmth, rms Mosbacher bldg e Doug
Mosbacher, Joseph, Jr., watchmaker, cor Main and Douglas
Mosbacher, Miss Maggie, dau Jos Mosbacher, r 206 n Hydraulic
Mosbacher, Philip, r 116 Hydraulic
Moscher, M. G., r 323 n Emporia
Mosley, Lindsay, Custom Mills
Mosely, W. C., miller, 1006 w Douglas
Mosely, W. P., lawyer ab 139 n Main, r 1202 s Market
Moss, Mrs. L. C., dressmkr, r ab 233 s Main
Moss, Miss May, r ab 233 s Main
Mossman, Miss Abbie, r 550 n Alice
Mossman, Miss Alice, r 550 n Alice
Mossman, Jno C., farmer, r 550 n Alice
Mossman, J. A., porter W  W Grocery Co, r 235 Wabash
Mossman, Rufus S., farmer, r 550 n Alice
Mott, M. J., carpenter, r 3453 n 5th
Moton, A. B., carpenter car wks, r 3627 n 4th
Mountain, Samuel, bkpr Citizens Electric Co, bds 414 w Central
Mounts, Mrs. C. E., dressmkr, r 134 Ohio
Mounts, Miss Etta, overall factory, r 134 Ohio
Mounts, Miss Frankie, r 135 n Ohio
Mounts, Jno C., r 1103 e First
Mounts, J. N., grocer 322 n 4th, r same
Mounts, W. A., carraige maker, r 104 n Mead
Move, Miss latha, r 133 Wichita
Moyer, Frank, laborer, r 107 e Lewis
Moyer, J. A., real estate, r 107 e Lewis
Moyer, J. C., Prin of Franklin School, r 124 s Dodge w s 
Moyer, J. D., machinist car wks, r bet 4th and Emporia on Russel
Mozart Music School, rm 416 Sedgwick blk
Muckinart, Miss Katte, r 813 n Cleveland
Muckinart, Martin, laborer, r 813 n Cleveland
Mudd, E. H., foreman Kan Spring Bed Co, r 546 w Doug
Mueller, Herman G., carpenter, r 309 s Wshington
Mueller, Miss Maggie, r 928 n Main
Mueller, P. J., tailor wks at Harmening, r 928 n Main
Mulkey, C. T., r s Henry w s
Mullen, Miss Mary, hosekpr, r ab 533 n Main
Mullendore, Mrs.Emma, r 440 n Water
Mulliken, Mrs.M. A., r 124 n Mead
Mulligan, Major, Blksmth, r 426 Sherman
Mulvey, Miss Anna R. teacher, r 703 n Topeka
Mulvey, Francis P., loan & real estate, r 124 n Green
Mulvey, O., city engineer, r 703 n Topeka
Murnford, Miss Jennie, r 9111 s Emporia
Murnford, Mary A., r 911 s Emporia
Mundvello, R. H., architect city engineer office, bds 16th and Park Place
Mundy, Peter, yd master stock yds, r 440 n Mosley
Munger, G. W., police, rms 213 s Topeka
Munger, H. O. & Co, poultry yd, cor 1st and Mead
Munn, E. D., r 1555 Fairmount
Munn, Miss Emma, teacher, r 3212 e Central
Munn, Frank D., bkpr Stewart Iron Wks, r 2418 e Second
Munn, Geo L., bkpr Stewart Iron Wrks, r 313 n Wabash
Munn, H. M., bkpr J T & Co Wholesale Grocers 143 n Market, r 340 n Topeka
Munn, Miss Leota E., r 1555 Fairmount
Munsell, Miss Alice, r 1200 s Emporia
Munsell, Miss Dessie, r 1200 s Emporia
Munsell, E. Y., eye and ear surgeon, r 1200 s Emporia
Munsell, A. S., (Munson & McNamara), r 409 Waco
MUNSON & McNAMARA, Dry Goods, Jobbers & Retailers 123 to 127 n Main
Munson, F. E., clk at Fletchers 246 n Main, r 1142 s Water
Murdock, M. M., Editor Dail Eagle, r 522 e Oak
Murdock, M. M. & Bros, pub Eagle, 111 e Douglas
Murdock, R. P., Bus Mngr Eagle, r 736 n Topeka
Murdock, Victor, Eagle office, r 3414 e Second
Murdock, W. D., Dist Pas agt Santa Fe & Frisco off 158 n Main, r 1437 Fairview
Murphy, Frank, r 337 s Lawrence
Murphy, G. A., prop cigar store, 324 ½ n Main, 523 n Main
Murphy, Miss Hattie, cashier at 144 n Main, r 211 s Oak w s 
Murphy, J., r 523 n Main
Murphy, J. E., shipping Clk Mahan Bros, r ab 115 Rock Island
Murphy, J. J., railroader, r 243 Wichita
Murphy, Jonathan, grocer, rms ab 253 n Main
Murphy, John, laborer, r 210 n Millwood w s 
Murphy, John, stone mason, r 1342 s Mosley
Murphy, Jout S., clk 122 w Douglas, r 315 s Water
Murphy, Wm L., grocer 122 w Douglas, r 319 s Water
Murphy, Miss May, r 522 s Mosley
Murphy, Mary, at Harry st School, r 1342 s Mosley
Murphy, Miss Nellie, r abv 115 Rock Island
Murphy, N. J., with Mahan Bros, rms abv 115 Rock Island
Murphy, Pat, Laborer, r 232 Pennsylvania
Murphy, T. H., laborer, r 1832 n Topeka
Murray, A. M., painter, r 505 s Elizabeth w s 
Murray, Mrs. B., r 713 n Fourth
Murray, D. E., horse shoer, 313 w Douglas, r 709 w Central
Murray, D. L., engineer, r 805 w Central
Murray, Frank W., salsmn at 220 e Douglas, r 414 w Central
Murray, James, stone cutter, r 510 Hewitt w s 
Murray, Mattie, r 516 s Mosely
Murray, Paul, printer, r 505 s Elizabeth w s 
Murray, Peter, r 723 w Central
Murray, Nelson, wks Gas Co, r 725 w Central
Murray, Wm, r 505 s Elizabeth w s 
Murray, L. E., printer, r 505 s Elizabeth w s 
Merrill, James, collctr Lombard Mortgage Co, bds Tremont
MUSELLER, JUDGE A. R., Police Judge, off City building, Attorney at Law rm 8 Fletcher blk, r 1136 n Main
Mussett, Jas S., painter, r 219 n Minnesota
Mutchler, C. T., prop Wichita Stem Dye Wks, r 331 e Douglas
Muzzy, James, laborer, r Mosley and 21st
Myatt, A. J., (Henley & M), r 618 s Water
Myers, Alta, cash Dolds P H , r 818 e Central
Myers, Bird, r 2007 Arkansas
Myers, C. A., r 2007 Arkansas
Myers, Mrs. Clara, r 237 n Washington
Myers, Curtis, laborer, r 1105 n Lawrence
Myers, C. W., real estate, r 605 n Fourth
Myers, E. J., laborer, r 818 e Central
Myers, Frank L., clk off Supt Santa Fe, r Emporia and 1st
Myers, Geo, wks E. O. Tank Line
Myers, Geo, driver Excelsior Oil Co, r 900 e First
Myers, Guy, bill clk, r 1013 n Lawrence
Myers, G. W., copyist in Dist Clerks off, r 842 s Lawrence
Myers, G. W., engnr, r 301 w Second
Myers, John, wks railroad, bds 910 e First
Myers, Jno H., carpntr at 121 n Wichita, r 517 s Osage w s 
Myers, Louis, r 2007 Arkansas
Myers, Murray, off n main, r 1013 n Lawrence
Myers, Richard, miller, r Mosley and 16th
Myers, Mrs. Susan, r 333 n First
Myers, W., laborer, r 920 n Market
Myers, W. A., artist abv 411 e Douglas, r same
Myers, W. D., druggist, 307 e Douglas
Myers, W. E., (Roberts & M), r 1102 s Emporia
Mysinger, Miss Anna, r 536 n Washington
Natftzer, L. S., atty and Loan agt, off ab 138 n Main, r 147 Ash
Nance, Belle, milliner, r 303 n Walnut w s
Nance, Edgar, farmer, r 303 n Walnut w s
Nance, W. H., carpenter, r 303 n Walnut w s 
Nash, Miss Margaret, domestic 215 n Emporia
Nash, William T., loan agent ab 110 n Main, r 1318 n Fairmount
Natatorium, 212 s Topeka, Joseph Koenig prop
Nation, Geo A., laborer, r 1054 n Mosley
Nau, Mrs. Caroline, laindress, r 337 s Main
Mau, John, wks 215 n Main, r 213 Ash
Naylor, J. M., Princ Lewis Academy, r 213 e Third
Neal, Albert, laborer, r 1051 n Fifth
Neal & Arnold sale barn 300 w Douglas
Neal, Geo W., peddler, r 21st and Pennsylvania
Neal, Jno W., farmer, r 21st and Pennsylvania
Neal, Robt W., stenog, r 219 Ellis
Neal, W. M., (N & Arnold), r 827 Maple w s 
Neale, W. P., r 3340 Macon
Nease, D. M., carpenter, r 1502 Campbell
Nedrow, Chas R., dispatcher MO PAC Ry, rms 1041 n Waco
Needles, I., mngr Enterprise, r 447 s Market
Needle, W. A., wks  Kas S P B Co 546 w Doug
Neely, H. H., agt Kas State Policy Association, r 1014 Ohio
Neely, Miss D. L., bkpr, r 417 Wabash
Neely, Miss Emma B., steng, r 417 Wabash
Neely, Henry H., agt Kas Mercantile Co, r 1020 Ohio
Neely, Miss Mary A., teacher, r 417 Wabash
Neely, R. A., r 1447 n Hydraulic
Neely, Miss S. Bell, stenog, r 417 Wabash
Neely, Dr. Wm, r 417 Wabash
Neely, Wm C., wks Kas Mercantile Co, r 228 Pennsylvania
Neely, Wm M., Eagle carrier, r 11447 n Hydraulic
Neff, C. H., clk Boston store, r 729 Pattie
Neff, C. P., carpet layer, r abv 154 n Main
Neff, Elmer, laborer, r 2130 Washington
Neff, Mrs. R., B., r 1645 Washington
Neff, S. G., shoe store 526 e Douglas, r abv same
Neil, Webb, r 322 s Mosley
Nellinger, A., Supt Kas Sash & D Co, r 210 s Emporia
Nellis, P. S., minister, r 400e Central
Nelson, A. S., real estate abv 116 n Market, r 1409 Division
Nelson, G., flagman Rock Island Ry, bds 236 Fourth
Nelson, Mrs. Jane, r 2004 n Main
Nelson, Mrs. Mary, r 724 n Ohio
Nelson, S. H., prop Bargain House 222 n Main, r 415 n Lawrence
Nessly, C. F., printer Beacon, r 230 s Market
Nessly, Jno F., minister M E Church, r 3605 e Frisco
Nessley, W. R., yd manager S D Pallett Lumber Co, r 548 Mona
Neth, Miss Kate, dressmaker
Nevius, Thos, engnr, r 800 n Main
Newberry, John, clk Monarch Billiard Hall, rms abv 205 n Main
Newcomb, L. L., traveling salesmn, r 407 n Lawrence
Newcomb, Tom D., bkpr W Natl Bank, r 1355 n Main
Newcomb, Wm, real estate, r 1355 n Main
Newcome, Josiah A., r 2525 e Second
Newcome, Miss Laura, r 2525 e Second
Newell, Geo, clk Eagle
Newell, Nelson E. clk Santa Fe, r 520 s Washington
Newland, Jos D., Feed store 718 e Douglas, r 1611 Schiller
Newlin, Z. R., wks street railway, r 1060 n Main
Newlon, Jos, brick layer, r 924 n Fifth
Newman, Jno A., telegraph operator Santa Fe, bds 207 Ohio
Newman, Louis R., trav photographer, r 448 s Park
Newstetter, Jhno L., salsm S. Houck 116 e Doug, r 242 Waco
Newton mililng and elevating Co, H Joseph mngr 120 s Lawrence
New York Life Ins Co, Zimmerly blk, J. F. Johnantgen General agt
NEW YORK STORE, Dry Goods & Crpets Cash Henderson prop, 130-132 n Main. Store telephone 129
Nichols, Miss Ada, r 318 Riverview
Nichols, Mrs. A. E., r 318 Riverview
Nichols, B. F., farmer, r 248 n Millwood w s 
Nichols, Miss Elnora, r 318 Riverview
Nichols, Isaac, r 229 s Emporia
Nichols, Miss Lu, Pastry cook, bds Occidental
Nichols, Miss Maude, r 318 Riverview
Nichols, Mrs. M. E., r Twenty-ninth and Fifth
Nichols, R., Wholesale Grain and Fuel off Zimmerly blk, r 1521 Fairmount
Nichols, W. H., carpenter, r 809 Martinson w s 
Nicholson, F. G., teamster W Whosale Grocery Co, r 350 n Topeka
Nicholson, J. W., stonemason, r 709 Martinson w s 
Nicholson, Miss Lizzie, r 350 n Topeka
Nicholson, Mrs. Mary, r 350 n Topeka
Nicholson, Miss Maud, r 709 Martinson w s
Nicholson, N. A., laborer, r 1547 Wabash
Nicholson, Oscar, stone mason, r 709 Martinson w s 
Nickel, Amel, harnessmkr McComb Bros, r cor Kellogg & Hillside
Nickel, H., tailor Swab & Glosser, r 1534 Larimer
Nickles, W. B., smokers supplies 201 e Douglas, r 317 n Lawrence
Niederlander, A. C., (N F Neiderlander & Co), r 604 n Emporia
Niederlander, C. A., (N F Neiderlander & Co), r 604 n Emporia
Niederlander, D. R., (N F Neiderlander & Co), r 629 n Lawrence
Niederlander, H. R., clk 213 e Douglas, r 604 n Emporia
Niederlander, J. P., stu High School, r 604 n emporia
	NIEDERLAND, N. F. & C), (N F, D R and C A), Real Estate. Abstracts, Rents and Insurance cor Douglas and Main over Wichita Natl Bank
Niederlander, N. F., r 629 n Lawrence
Niederlander, P. J., (F N Neiderlander & Co), r 640 n Topeka
Niedelander, Roy, clk 223 e Douglas, r 604 n Emporia
Nieger, Carrie, domestic 516 n Topeka
Nieman, August, (Kansas Meat Market), r ab 322 n Main
Nielson, S. B., lithographer at Eagle office, bds Occidental
Nighswonger, Frank, Atty rm 501 Sedgwick blk
Nillinger, Frank, clk Kan Sash & Door Co, r 210 s Emporia
Nirdlinger, Joe, hatter & haberdasher, r 531 s Market
Niswonger, Miss Hettie, wks Eagle office, bds 323 n Lawrence
Nitschke, Frank, tailor, r 131 Laura
Nixon, A. T., carpenter, r 116 n Green
Noble, Miss Belle, stu Lewis Acad, r 1029 n Market
Noble, C. H., rental agt, r 3446 n 4th
Noble, E. P., dentist ab 138 e Douglas, r 421 n Lawrence
Noble, John, off rm ab 205 n Main, r 2059 n Market
Noble, John, Jr., wks Sawyer’s Photo Gal, r 1029 n Market
Noble, L. B., wks Peerles Laundry, bds Hotel Metropole
NOBLE, S. S., Dentist ab 128 e Douglas Bitting blk, r 429 Topeka, 421 n Lawrence
Noe, Chas H., paper hanger, r 1817 University w s
Noel, Miss Anna, r 323 n Market
Noel, J. T., dentist, r 323 n Market
Noel, Mrs. L. J., dressmkr, r 323 n Market
Noel Peter, bridge carpenter, r 315 s Martison w s 
Noel Wm G., cutter Swab & Glosser, r 323 n Market
Nolan, J. P., fireman hose 2, r 218 s Topeka
Nolan, Miss Sadie, r 745 s Main
Nolan, Miss Libbie, r 745 s Main
Nolkin, Marks, laborer, r 170r n 4th
Noltemeyer, H. W., cigar mkr, r 1110 sWichita
Nordmark, G. G., telegraph oper, r 3319 n Fourth
Nordmyer, Miss, wks telephone off, bds 203 n Emporia
Norman, J. J., r 1751 Palisade
Norris, Martin, r 1145 n Topeka
Norris, S. W., fruits and confect 104 n Main, r 636 Topeka
Norris, Wm H., chief dispatcher MO PAC Ry, r 1804 n Main
Norstrom, Andrew, r 225 s Millwood w s
Norstrom, Olaf, stonemason, r 225 s Millwood w s 
Norstrom, P. O., druggist, r 567 w Douglas w s 
North, J. E., photographer 207 s Main, r 220 s Grove
NORTH MAIN ST. DRUG STORE, 501 n Main, Gust Lund prop. Telephone No 214
NORTH MAIN ST. LIVERY BARN, 803 n Main, J. H. Hardy prop. Telephone No 160
Northrop, Frank B., Gen Western Agt Nat Oil Co, r 1425 s Emporia
Northstein, Miss Alma, r 811 e Levy
Northstein, John H., tinner, r 811 e Levy
Northstein, Miss Mattie, r 811 e Levy
Northstein, Miss Minnie, r 811 e Levy
Norton, Miss Alice, r 325 s Emporia
Norton, Mrs. F. A., r 1503 n Fifth
Norton, John, laborer, r 855 e Oak
Norton, Miss Lillie, domestic, r 1135 n Fourth
Norton, Mrs. Mary, r 855 e Oak
Norton, Wm, laborer, r 855 e Oak
Norwood, S., laborer, r 638 n Wichita
NOVELTY CARRIAGE WORKS. (Sumption Dwyer & Thayer) props, Make and Repair Buggies, Carriages, Hacks and Business Wagon 116 & 118 e 3rd
Noyes, Chas, r ab 146 n Main
Noyes, G. W., r 939 w Central
Nudd, E. H., wks mattress factory, r 613 s Water
Null, W. H., Physician & Surgeon 209 n Main, r 330 n Topeka
Nurberger, C.H., r 720 w Douglas
NUSBAUM, REV C. S., pastor Emporia ave M E church, r 603 s Emporia
Nyman, A. E., cigar mkr, r 157 s Ida
Oak St City Scales 101 w Oak
Oak St Presbyterian Church 1299 e Oak
Obetz, Charles, tinner, r 403 s Volutsia
Obetz, Hattie, r 403 Volutsia
O’Brien, Miss Annie, domestic 209 s Emporia
O’Brien, James, r 3220 Mead
O’Brien, James, section foreman MO PAC, r 333 s Seneca w s
O’Brien, Mollie, dressmkr, r 333 s Seneca w s 
O’Brien, Neal, laborer, r 333 s Seneca w s 
Obrist, Wm, salesmn L. Hays, r 1226 Bitting
O’BRYAN & STANSBURY, (Edw O’Bryan & J. F. Stansbury) Lawyers, off ab Citizens Bank
O’Bryan, Edward, (O’Bryan & Stansbury), r 537 n Topeka
OCCIDENTAL HOTEL, Jno  B. Beck prop cor 2nd and Main
Oder, Jasper E., stone cutter, r 518 Plum
O’Donnell, Chas, laborer, r n Mosely car wks
O’Donnell, Jim, laborer, r n Mosley near P H
O’Donnell, John, laborer, r 3338 n Mosley
O’Donnell, Miss Kate, r n Mosley
O’Donnell, Miss Mary, r n Mosley
O’Donnell, P., laborer, r n Mosley near P H 
O’Donnell, Tom, laborer P H, r n Mosley
Oehri, Hugolinus, housekpr, r 256 Ohio
Offhausen, A., r 125` s Main
Offenstein, Frank, laborer, r 239 n Vine w s 
Offenstein, John, stonemason, r 239 n Vine w s 
Offenstein, Philip, butcher, r 239 n Vine w s 
Offenstein, Wm, r 239 n Vine w s 
O’Flaherty, Ed, baker 459 n Main, rm 254 n Main
Ogden, Mrs. Elnora, domestic 324 Waco
Ogden, Jno R., huckster, r 102 n Millwood w s 
Ogden, S. D., r 1720 Gold
Ogilby, H. R., clk Golden Eagle Clothing House
Oglesby, Miss Emily, nurse 409 Waco
O’Hanlan, James, tailor Swab & Glosser, r 632 s Fourth
O’Hara, Barney, laborer, r 804 s Emporia
O’Hara, John, painter, bds Germania Hotel
O’Hara, Rev Thomas, Pro-Cathedral, r 357 n Fourth
O’keefe, Columbus J., electrician, r 1139 n Wichita
Oldfield, Miss Alice, r r729 Martinson w s 
Oldfield, L. H., traveling salesman, r 233 Pennsylvania
Oldfield, Seth, photographer, r 729 Martinson w s 
Oldfield, Walter, wks W. S. Laundry, r 729 Martinson w s 
Oldfield, W. H., contr, r 729 Martinson w s 
OLDHAM, J. E., Physician & Surgeon, rms 204 & 206 Sedgwick blk, r 202 e Central. Office Telephone No 8, Residence Telephone No 340
O’Leary, J., shoemkr at 156 n Main, r 147 n Emporia
Olinger, A. P., law student Adams & A, r 824 n Lawrence
Olinger, W. L., gen agt D M Osborne’s farming implements, r 824 n Lawrence
Oliphant, Miss Annete L., r 1615 n Mead
Oliphant, Robert M., 1615 n Mead
Oliphant, T. J., building and repair shops 732 n Main, r 1615 n Mead
Oliphant, W. H., real estate and rental agt, r 1615 n Mead
Oliver, Mrs. Ada R., r 416 Wichita
OLIVER BROS, (A W O & F W O), Wholesale and Retail Lumber dlrs 617 e Douglas
OLIVER & IMBODEN CO, City Rolller Mills 623 e Douglas
Oliver, A. W., (Oliver & Imboden Co.), r 305 n Emporia
Oliver, Chas, wks City Mills, r 326 Ohio
Oliver, F. W. (Oliver Bros), r 217 s Emporia
Oliver, Hiram, retired, r 312 n Emporia
Oliver, J. G., tool sharpener, r 416 n Wichita
Oliver, Mark J., (Oliver Bros), t 1105 n Lawrence
Oliver, Miss Nina C., clk, r 416 n Wichita
Oliver, S. R., bkpr Oliver Bros, r 155 n Poplar
Oliver, Wm, cook 212 n Main, rms Gandolfo bldg
O’Mahoney, Clarence, r1437 n Market
Omega Embalming Fluid Co, off 1206 e Central, N W Perry prop
Omman, Ed, e 1218 s Main
O’Neill, J. W., mangr Citizens Electric Co, r 115 Grace
O’Neill, D. J., shoemkr 816 e Douglas, bds Lindell hotel
Ong, L. W., photographer, t 223 n Fourth
Oniver, Geo W., gardener, r 217 s Osage
Oniver, John P., gardener, r 217 s Osage
Oniver, Lizzie, dressmkr, r 217 s Osage
Oniver, Thaddie, gardener, r 217 s Osage
OPINION PRINTING CO, C Ozias prop, J. W. Ozias mangr, 115 s Lawrence
“OPINION” THE WICHITA WEEKLY, Opinion Printing Co publishers, J. W. Oziaz editor, 115 s Lawrence
Orcutt, Miss Gertie, dressmkr, r 235 s Market
Orey, B. R., (W M Orey & Son), r 250 n Lawrence
Orey, Mrs. Emma, r 250 n Main
OREY & SON’s barber shop 108 n Market
Orey, W. M., (W M Orey & Son), r 250 n Lawrence
Orey, Miss Zephyr, r 250 n Lawrence
Orr, Chas H., salesmn 116 e Douglas, r 326 w Second
Orr, Harlin, laborer, r 117 Ida
Orr, N. W., flagman Santa Fe, r 1021 e Douglas
Orr, Reuben, wks Hydraulic mill, r 143 Hydraulic
Osborn, Miss Annie T., clk N Y Store, r 1028 n Lawrence
Osborn, Harry, wks Stk Yds, bds Exchange hotel
Ocborn, Harvey C., bds Tremont
Osborn, Jack, wks Stk Yds, bds Exchange hotel
Osborn, L. D., policeman, 522 n Mead
Osborn, W. H., harnmkr, r 1413 Laura
Osborne, A., gardener, r 707 Dayton
Osborne, Miss Bessie, r ab 311 e Douglas
Osborne, J. H., carpenter, r 210 e Oak
Osborne, William B., tailor, r 210 e Oak
Osborne, W. I., atty, rms Zimmerly blk
Osburn, Mrs. Mary, cook, r 326 n Mead
Osburn, Norman, r 1111 n Allen
Osenburger, Nicholas, laborer, r 2035 n Topeka
Osler, J. J., wks Santa Fe depot, bds 207 n Ohio
Ostrander, Mrs. Angeline, r 1148 n Mosley
Ostrander, Emily L., r 1055 n Piatt
Ostrander, Miss Etta, wks hotel Goodyear
Ostrander, Levi, r 1055 n Piatt
Ott, Miss Lizzie, r 1116 e Central
Ott, Theodore, teamster, r 1116 e Central
Otto, G. B., r 805 s Emporia
Otto, Harry, r 805 s Emporia
Otto, Miss Maud, dressmkr, wks 235 s Market
Ottway, H., claim clk Santa Fe, off 158 n Main
Overman, E. H., printer, r 503 s Water
Overman, S. E., r 939 s Fourth
Overman, W. H., com trav, r 937 s Fourth
Overstreet, N., laborer, r ab e Douglas
Overstreet, Miss Tollitha, wks 1317 n Vassar, r Leon, Kansas
Oviatt, Josiah, hardware and notions, r 604 e Karl
Owen, Adna T., gntlmn of leisure, r Fletcher blk
Owen,Charles E., trav pass agt Pennsylvania R R , r 1551 Fairview
Owen, E. W.,clk Bitting Bros, r 1017 n Topeka
Owen, Jame E., carpentere, r 944 s Market
Owen, Marshall B., foundry foremn Stewart Iron Wrks, r 244 n Washington
Owens, Arthur, barber 208 n Main, r 427 n Water
Owens, Henry, physician ab 414 e Douglas, r 209 Emporia
Owens, Joseph, barber 208 n Main, r 427 n Water
Owsley, Geo, laborer, r 227 n Walnut
Oxford, Miss Lulu, student, r 233 n Washington
Ozanne, Henry, drug clk at 102 e Douglas
Ozias, E. L., printer 115 s Lawrence
Ozias, J. W., mangr Opinion Printing Co, r 1225 s Market
Pacey, J. C.,bkpr Ks Natl Bank, bds 304 e Third
PACIFIC EXPRESS CO,  J. C. Cassell agt, 203 n Main
Pacific and US Express Co, off 203 n Main, J. C. Cassell agt
Packard, Miss Katie, wks Tremont
Packer, A. A., r 120 s Topeka
Packer, Mrs. E. M., mngr Packers Hotel
Packers Hotel, Mrs. E. M. Packer mngr, 120 s Topeka
Padek, Mrs. S., furnished rooms over 158 n Main
Padgitt, W. M., plasterer, r 1017 n Mead
Page, Chas B., wks Dolds P H, r 1525 Park Place
Page, Miss Cassie I., r 126 n Poplar
Page, C. O. Hardware 518 e Douglas, bds Carey Hotel
Page, Ttohs P., wks P H, r Park Place
Page, O. E., lawyer, r 126 n Poplar
Page, Wm, wks D J Charfield, r 327 n Park
Paidrick, M., shoemkr, r 225 s Sycamore
PALACE STABLES, (Will R. Hewey and Sam Hewey props) 114 116 118 n Lawrence, First- class Turnouts and special attention to boarding horses, telephone no 71
Pallett, S. D. Lumber Co, B. F. McLean mngr, 312 w Douglas
Palmer, Frank C., wks 227 e Douglas, r cor 3rd and Market
Palmer, Miss D. A. G., prop livery stable 146 Rock Island, e 155 s Mosley
Palmer, G. A., grocer, r 1702 n Mead
Palmer, Mrs. G. W., r over 302 e Oak
Palmer, G. I., implement canvasser, r ab 144 n Main
Palmer, H. J., clk Hotel Carey Pharmacy, r 520 e Douglas
Palmer, Miss Jennie, seamstress 412 e Oak
Palmer, Miss Lillie, dressmkr, r 144 n Main
Palmer, Miss Minne, clk Boston Store, r 302 e Oak
Palmer, W. C. harness and trunks, r ab 258 n Main
PALMER, Wm H., prop Union Meat Market 320 n Main, also Palmer’s meat market 227 e Douglas, r 315 n Market, Telephones 103 and 102
Pantle, Miss Carrie, r 324 n Topeka
Parcel, Wm H., mechanic, r 1308 s Fifth
Pardee, Mrs. E. S., r 519 s Market
Pardee, James K., physician, r 519 s Market
Pardee, Miss Mary L., r 519 s Market
Parham, Geo R., druggist at 142 n Main, rms ab 142 n Main
Parham, Theo G., bkpr, r 305 s Market
Paris, Calbe, r 717 n Edgar
Parish, Jno C., farmer, r 705 n Grove
Park, A. L., marble & granite wks 314 n Main, r 1228 n Bitting
Park, R. Wilson, marble, r 1228 n Bitting
Park school 1019 n Main
Parker, C. H., lawyer rm 17 Fletcher blk, r 329 n Fourth
Parker, F. A., cigar mkr, rm 1102 e Douglas
Parker, F. R., cigar mkr, r 1108 e Douglas
Parker, Jno E., farmer, r 1935 n Woodland
Parker, Rev J. H., Congrl Minister, r 1704 Holyoke
Parker, Mrs. P. E., wks Register of Deeds, r 412 e Central
Parker, Sidney, r 115 s Osage w s 
Parker, Warren, r 1014 n Lawrence
Parker, Wm, stationer, r 532 Wabash
Parkhurst, J. P., farmer, r 377 n Fern w s 
Parkhurst, Susan, r 377 n Fern w s 
Parkinson, James B., clk Johnston & Larimer, r 135 Grace
Parkinson, John, student, r 135 Grace
Parkinson, W. H., wks Kelley’s Implement house, r 135 Grace
Parkinson, W. W., clk 4th Natl Bank, 135 grace
Parks, A. s., pres Kas Sash & Door Co, r 1717 Fairmount
Parks, Dan, policeman, r 412 n Market
Parks, Harry F., steam fitter, bds 412 n Market
PARKS, JAMES J., Atty at Law, rms 504-506 Sedgwick block, r r1019 Coolidge & Riverside
Parks, Miss Maude, r 412 n Market
Parks, Mrs. Sarah A., prop Hotel Union, 21 and Topeka
Parliman, Wm E., teamster, r 1936 n Main
Parmelee, John, prop Indiana Bakery, r 214 n Lawrence
Parmentor, F. E., speculator 152 n Market, bds Carey 
Parr, Dr. W. P., off 248 n Main, r 411 e Elm
Parrott, Joseph, paper hngr & Decorator, r 1045 n 5th
Parrott, J. S., painter & paper hngr, r 2226 e Douglas
Parrott, M. J., r 550 n Waco
Parrott, Matthew, r 602 n Water
Parrott, Walter, wks L M Cox, r 1405 n Fifth
Parry, John, railroader, r 1149 s Washington
Parry, Miss Millicent, domestic, r 1149 s Washington
Parshall, Wm D., farmer, r cor Huron and Exchange
Parsons, Andrew, bds 231 s Water
Parsons, C. A., bricklayer, r 220 n Mosley
Parsons, Frank F., contr and architect 118 s Main, r 1337 s Emporia
Parsons, J. H., supt Santa Fe, r 812 n Topeka
Parsons, W. S., r 1658 1.2 n 5th
Partridge, H. E. druggist 607 e Karl, r 625 n Emporia
Partridge & Son. Coal hay and feed, r 605 e Karl
Partridge, Zebulon, r 3535 n 4th
Pastus, Albert, laborer, r 840 e 15th
Pastus, Alex, foreman P H, r 840 e 15th
Pastus, Will, laborer, r 840
Patrick, Chas, laborer, r 1213 n 4th
Patten, Mrs. M., r 435 s Fourth
Patten, W. T., laborer, r 435 s Fourth
Patten, Miss Lizzie, wks Globe Dry G., r 143 n Emporia
Patton, Miss Melissa, r 143 n Emporia
Patton, Saml, carpenter, r 143 n Emporia
Patton, Wm, teamster, r 817 n Cherry
Patton, Miss Lizzie, clk Globe Dry Goods House, r 153 n Emporia
Patterson, Henry, stu S B Col, r 250 n Emporia
Patterson, H. M., real estate, r 1327 Vassar
Patterson, J. M., physician & surgeon, r 250 n Emporia
Patterson, M. S., farmer, r 1627 Lulu
Patty, Palsake P., Dold’s P H, r 2225 n Market
Paul, Alex, porter Hotel Carey, r 731 n Wichita
Paul, Theodore, clk 231 n Main, rms ab 231 n Main
Pauline, Arthur, operator W U T Co, r ab 221 s Main
Paulston, Lewis, stock yds man, bds Exchange Hotel
Paxton, J., laborer, r 1612 e Boston
Paxton, R. M., laborer, e 1612 e Boston
Payne, A. C., farmer, r 145 s Park
Payne, A. T., agt Wells Fargo & Co Ex, r 530 s Seneca w s 
Payne, Chas, r 506 s Fern w s
Payne, Franklin L., r 1826 w Maple
Payne, Marshall, clk J. R. Holliday, rms 522 s Lawrence
Payne, Mrs. M. A., r 220 n Lawrence
Payne, Nora, r 145 s Park 
Payne, _____, r 516 s Mosley
Payner, Robt, clk J. R. Holliday, rms 532 s Lawrence
Payne, Robt, painter, rms Mosbacher bldg
Payne, Rosa, r 1826 w Maple w s 
Payne, Sallie, r 1826 w Maple w s 
Payne, Sarah M., r 1826 w Maple w s 
Payne, W. G., mngr London Tailors, r 314 e Elm
Payton, John, railroader, r 220 w Park
Peachy, J. W., r 1436 s Fourth
Pearce, B. M., r 616 e Gilbert
Pearce Furniture Co., 125 e Douglas
Pearce, Geo H., grocer 3026 e Douglas, r  rms 15-16 3026 e Douglas
Pearce, Ida, teacher, r 500 s Everett w s
Pearce, Isaac C., farmer, r 500 s Everett w s
Pearce, I. T., student, r 1016 n Topeka
Pearce, Lillie, r 500 s Everett w s 
Pearce, L. E., r 616 e Gilbert
Pearce, S. W., r 616 e Gilbert
Pearce, W. W., jeweler 405 e Douglas, r 1016 n Topeka
Pearse, Miss Mary, teacher, r 220 n Lawrence
Pearson, Mrs. A., laundress, r 522 s Mosley
Pease, Mrs. Dula, r 325 s Oak w s 
Pease, Mrs. Elgin, r 325 s Oak w s 
Pease, Homer D., flagman MO PAC Ry, r 313 Wichita
Pease, Mrs. M. A., housekpr, r 618 e Second
Pechin, Cash, wks 419 e Second, r 210 n Fourth
Pechin, H., (H. Pechin & Co), r 210 n Fourth
Pechin, N. B., (Pechin & Co), r 210 n Fourth
Peck, C. A., wks Wich Stm Laundry
Peck, C. M., phys and surgeon, r 1029 s Mosley
Peddicord, John, farmer, r 1034 s Washington
Pederson, Caroline, domestic, r 522 e Oak
Pedigo, Miss Eva, clk, r 1421 s Main
Pedigo, G. W., gardener, r 1421 s Main
Pedigo, Robt, wks W Trunk Factory, r 1421 s Main
Pedigo, William, carpenter, r 1421 s main
Peek, Mrs. M. L., laundress, r 242 Pennsylvania
PEERLESS STEAM LAUNDRY, 123 n Market, First class work. Laundry called for and delivered to any part of city
Peerless Stove Co, 305-303 e Oak
Peery, H. R., roller maker, ab 222 n Main
Peery & Ebenhack, Manufacturers of Printers’ Rollers, ab 222 n Main
Pelton, D. A., clk Stover & Co, r 727 n Fifth
Pence, D. S., r 1604 s Lawrence
Penn, Geo E., r 1503 Campbell
Penney, Miss Betty, r 1507 e First
Pennoch, Miss Anna, student Southwestern Bus Col, rms 516 s Topeka
Penny, A. Worth, hog buyer Dold, r 1947 Jackson
Penny, F. P., r 440 s Emporia
Pennybacher, C. H., laborer, r 33733 n Fifth
Penrose, Albert, student, bds 214 n Emporia
PEOPLES’ MARKET, H. O. Heller proprietor. Dealer in all kinds of Fresh Meat, Sausage and Poultry, 231 n Main, Telephone No 4
Peoples’ Hat and Dye Works, W. W. Tay proprietor, 125 s Lawrence
Peoples’ Lunch Counter, 801 n Main
Perkins, Estella F., r 1203 e Lincoln
Perkins, Frank, clks 114 n Main, bds n Market
Perkins, Herman M., clk Valentine, r 1454 n Waco
Perkins, Miss Mary, domestic, r 2002 e Douglas
Perkins, W. J., real estate, r 1203 e Lincoln
Perrott, J. J., sale stable 115 n Water, r 331 Walnut w s
Perry, Mrs. B., r 1028 n Fourth
Perry, Miss Cary, r 619 e William
Perry, N. W., man’g Omega Embalming Fluid, r 1206 e Central
Perry, Will, wks Henry Schnitzler, r 331 n Main
Peters, G. W., (Zeininger & P., real estate 119 n Market), r 1230 s Market
Peters, Miss Jennie, r 525 s Topeka
Peters, John, r 113 Cleveland
Peters, Miss May, t 525 s Topeka
Peters, Thos, laborer, bds 236 n Fourth
Peters, Wallace, r 529 Waco
Peters & Zeininger, real estate, off 119 n Market
Peterson, C. A., laborer, r 334 n Fourth
Peterson, John, wks Whittakers, bds Exchange
Peterson, P. A., tailor, r 237 n Market
Petit J. C., physician, r 1136 Dayton w s 
Petri, J. A., eng soap factory, r 608 s Emporia
Petri, Miss Katie, r 608 s Emporia
Petri, Miss Lou, r 608 s Emporia
Petri, Peter, carpenter, r 608 s Emporia
Petri, W. C., secy W Soap Mnfg Co, r 608 s Emporia
Petri, J. Ed, clothing 104 w Douglas, r 414 Campbell
Petsell, _____, r 1157 Jackson
Petty, C. V., (Bishop & Co), r 426 e Central
Petzold, Gustav, prop Douglas Ave Hotel
Petzold Hotel, 132 n Water
Phelps, Daniel, real estate, r 728 e Douglas Logan House
Phelps, J. H., wks Hotel Carey, r 121 n Lawrence
Phelps, R. H., auctioneer, 416 e First
Phelps, W. H., repairer Thos Shaws, r 623 n Main
PHILDAELPHIA STORE, Dry Goods, Millinery & Clothing, 127 & 129 e Douglas, A. Katz prop
Philleo, Mrs. Laura J., teacher, r cor 1st and Moser
Phillips, Chas, clk 116 n Water, r 422 e Douglas
Phillips, Chas A., wks Dist Clk off, r 1905 n Market
Phillips, C. D., merchant, r 943 s Topeka
Phillips, G. F., r 200 s Minnie
Phillips, J. M., (Phillips & Phillips), r 630 n Topeka
Phillips, Louie, r 720 w Douglas
Phillips, Robt E., cornice mkr, r 205 Pattie
Phillips, S. E., (Phillips & Phillips), r 630 n Topeka
PHILLIPS & PHILLIPS, (J m P & S E P), Veterinary Surgeons, Graduates of the Chicago Veterinary College, r 630 n Topeka, off telephone 71 or 215
Phillips, W. H., laborer, barber, r 3521 n Fourth
Phink, Emery, r 5448 n 4th
PIATT, ROBT M. & CO, (R M P & Henry Fellows), Real Estate Brokers off ab 130 n Main, correspondence solicited
Piatt, Robt M., Atty at Law, off ab 130 n Main, r 839 n Topeka
Piele, H. F. H., caller Johnston & L D G Co, r 1505 s Fifth
Piele, Wm, mechanic Stewart Iron Wks, r 1505 s Fifth
Pierce, Wm H., Drugs 331 e Douglas, r 1025 n Topeka
Pierce, W. S., drug clk 331 e Douglas, r 226 s Emporia
Pierrepont, C. G., with Wright & Miller, r 1125 e Oak
Pierrepont, Elmer, r 1125 e Oak
Pierson, Josepoh, engnr Dold’s P H , r 1808 n Topeka
Pike, Miss Mollie, r cor Huron & Columbia
Pike, Thos, r cor Huron & Columbia
Pike, Wm, painter 126 s Main, r 225 n Wichita
Pinkley, Chas. r cor Grand & Charles w s 
Pinkley, Miss Francis M., r cor Grand & Charles w s 
Pinkley, M. C., r cor Grand and Charles w s 
Pinkston, Merrill, plaster, r 704 e Kellogg
Pintard, Claud J., rec teller Wichita National Bank, r 1121 n Emporia
Pinto, A., fruits and confectionery 218 n Main, r same
Pinto, Geo M., clk 218 n Main, r same
Piper, Frank, cigar mkr, r 1735 n Topeka
Piper, G. W., r 1735 n Topeak
Piper, H. L., cigar manfactrer 304 n Main, rms Fletcher block
Piper, Miss Nellie, teacher, r 919 e Douglas
Pipping, Anna, r 321 n First
Pirtle, Wm M., carpenter, r 124 n Topeka
Pitt, Miss Nellie D., clk a. Katz, rms Zimmerly blk
Pittenger, Jacob, farmer. R 257 n Topeka
Platt, Mrs. F., r 123 n Wichita
Plazza Hotel, Mrs. O. O., Brown prop, 239 n Lawrence
Plummer, B. F., r 301 s Emporia
Plummer, Ed, printer, r 227 s Market
Plummer, W. A., speculator, r 219 Ellis
Plymath, O. S., carpenter, r 3653 n Emporia
Plymouth Congregational Church, Second and Lawrence
Porch, Geo, teamster, r 3616 n Fourth
Poe, Jno W., farmer, r 11104 n Piatt
Poffenberger, Chas A., r 344 Mathewson
Poffenberger, Miss Dollie, r 344 Mathewson
Poffenberger, Ezra, butcher, r 344 Mathewson
Poffenberger, Wm A., tailor, r 344 Mathewson
Pokess, E. G., railroader, r 220 w Park
Police Judge, A. R. Museller, off City bldg
Poling, Isaac, railroader, r 1028 e Douglas
Polk, Miss Jennie M., r 445 nEmporia
Polk, W. A., Wholesale Beer 111 w Douglas, r 445 n Emporia
Pollenger, Harry, stu Bis Col, r 1130 n Main
Pollock, Miss Lena,a r 419 n Emporia
POND, W.M. & Co, (Walter M.Pond, Chicago, IL, Henry Comley, Wichita, KS), dlrs in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, etc., Hdquarters at 223 and 225 w Douglas
Pool, Miss Alice, r 201 Indiana
Pool, Chas H., bkpr state Nat Bank, r 718 n Emporia
Pool, Jno S., son of Richard P., r 201 Indiana
Pool, Miss Lilly, r 201 Indiana
Pool, Miss Libbie, r 201 Indiana
Pool, Richard, plasterer, r 201 Indiana
Poore, Fred H., draftsman 154 n Market, r 1542 s Man
Poore, Miss Ida M., bkpr, r 1542 s Main
Poore, John A., carpenter, r 1542 s Main
Pop, Christopher, watchman hose hs no 2
Pope, Elizabeth M., r 503 s Osage w s 
Pope, J. L., r 503 s Osage w s 
Pope, Jessie N., r 503 s Osage w s 
Popkess, A., Interstate Fuel Co, r 1211 Carlos
Porter, Miss Blanche, r 619 e William
Porter, Mrs. C. W., r 930 n Market
Porter, Frank D., laborer, r 213 Water
Porter, Isaac J., cook, r 1458 Sherwood
Porter, Rachel, r 1458 Sherwood
POSTAL TELEGRAPH CO, E. S. Bowers mngr, under Citizens Bank
Postlethwait, Jno B., r n Burns
Postlethwait, Jos, carpenter, r n Burns
Pottenger, Bert, stu Bis Col, r 1130 n Main
Potter, Wm, laborer, r 1521 n Lawrence
Potts, Miss Abbie, dau C E P, r 1715 Fairview
Potts, C. E., (C E Potts Drug Co), r 1715 Fairview
Potts Drug Co, C. E. Potts prop 233 s Main
Potts, Miss Emma, dau C E P, r 1715 Fairview
Potts, Miss Emma M., r 221 Wabash
Potts, H. K., wks Palmole Soap fctry 526 w Douglas
Potts, Jas, engnr, r 221 Wabash
Poulton, Miss Mabel, teacher, r 412 e Oak
Powell, Chas W., freight inspector, r 306 Wabash
Powell, E. R., Pres Fourth Nat Bank, r 741 n Emporia
Powell, Jasper, mineral inspector, bds 228 n Emporia
Powell, John, r 117 n Emporia
Powell, Jno L., teller State Nat Bank, r 1550 Park Place
Powell, J. N., rms 228 n Emporia
Powell, Dell, r 1150 s C
Powell, Mrs. Rebecca, r 125 s Fourth
Powell, Thos M., shoemaker, r 1109 n Getto
Powell, T. P., laborer, r 518 n Water
Powers, Ridgley, r 1616 s Lawrence
Powers, Mrs. W. H., r 1249 n Market
Poynter, Geo, laborer, r 128 s Mosley
Prather, John T., commisn mrchnt stock yds, r 1150 n Cleveland
Pratsman, Selby S., barber 205 e Douglas, r 305 n Mead
Pratt, Geo L., (Chicago Lumber Co), r 1315 n Emporia
Pratt, M. A., phys and Surgeon, r 220 Wabash
Pratt, Maud C., r 1313 n Emporia
Pratt, Thos  A. painter, r 308 Pattie
Pray, Laura E., dressmaker, r 1561 s Mead
Pray, Mrs. W. M., milliner M & McN, r 1561 s Mead
Pregger, H., shoemaker, r 1242 n Topeka
Prehspurcer, Miss Rosa, r 320 Pennsylvania
Prell, Louis, boioler maker, r 620 w Pine w s
Presbyterian Church, 3358 n Fifth
Press, Henry, stockman, r 204 s Sycamore w s 
Pressman, L. E., wks car wks, r n Wabash
Preston, Frank, gardener, r 906 n Water
Preston, Jas W., bkbpr Stock yds, r 1621 Fairview
Preston, Lewis B., com mechnt stock yds, r 1621 Fairview
Preston, Miss Ora C., r 1621 Fairview
Preston, Miss Pearl, student, 906 n Water
Preston, Silas, cattle salsmn McCoy & Underwood, r 1046 n Topeka
Preston, T. E., r 1432 s Fourth
Price, A. J., ticket clk Rock Island Ry, rms Rushing bldg e Douglas
Price, C. A., 2nd hand store 533 n Main, r 935 n Water
Price, Chancy O., wks Whittakers P H , r 533 Wabash
Price, E. agent, r 533 Wabash
Price, Francis O., wks Whittaker P H, r 533 Wabash
Price, Rev J. W., pastor Baptist Church, r 303 n Mead
Price, Mrs. Sophie, r 147 s Washington
Priddy, Bruce M.., bkpr S W Cooper, r 411 s Millwoods w s
Priddy, J. B., lawyer, r 411 s Millwood w s 
Priebe, Albert, wks Huttig Bros, r 415 s Washington
Priest, Alfred F., gardener, r 1147 Getto
Priest, Miss Belle, r 1120 n Cherry
Priest, J. L., farmer, r 615 s Mead
Priest, Sarah A., r 1147 n Getto
riest, Simeon, gardener, r 1120 n Cherry
Primm, Ruth, dressmaker, r 1146 n Topeka
Prince, G. W., runs Coronado C rm, r 720 n Water
Prince, Mrs. G. W., hair dresser, r 720 n Water
Prnitz, Mrs. Ella, dressmaker, r 244 n Market
Pritchard, C. H., (P & Son), r 346 Sherman
Pritchard, H. K., (P & Son), r 346 Sherman
Pritchard & Son, Furniture dlr 321 n Main
Proffit, John, wks Stewart I Wks, r 234 n Market
PRO-CATHEDRAL, (Catholic Church), J. Henry Tihen, rect
Prosser, E. B., r 483 s Water
Prosser, Miss Laura, domestic 225 s Lawrence
PRESTON, J. W., Book-keeper for Stock Yards Vo, r 1621 Fairview. Telephone 400
Proudfoot & Bird, architects, rm 23 Fechheim blk
Proudfoot, W. T., (P & Bird), r Circle Drive College Hill
Prowell, Miss Nellie, student High School, r 1144 n Lawrence
Prowell, R. M., clk 131 n Main bds Commercial Hotel
Pruy, A., tailor Swab & Glosser, r 332 Riverview
Pryor, Walter B., laborer, r 214 Laura
Pucket, P. S., (P & Webster), r 306 s Exposition w s 
Pucket, R. grocer, bds 1200 w Douglas
PUCKETT & BERDINE, Wholesale & Retail dealers in Flour, Feed, Hay, Grain, Seeds etc, sole agts for Landreth’s seeds and Anthony flour, Tele 391, 119 w Douglas
Puckett, W. F., (P & Berdine), r 157 n Topeka
Puckett & Webster, grocers, cor Seneca and Chicago w s 
Pullen, Mrs. Kate, r 432 n Emporia
Puls, John, (Puls & Kelchner), r 311 e Douglas
Puls & Kelchner, restaurant 311 e Douglas
Pulson, August, sec foreman S Fe, r 702 s Mead
Pulz, Miss Minnie, waitress Manhattan Hotel
Purdy, H. H., deputy constable ab 140 n Main, r 2115 n Ohio
Purdy, J. H., chief Supt off MO PA Ry, r 1445 Waco
Purdy, K. F., (Terrill & Purdy), r 732 n Topeka
PURDUE, DR. G. C., Physician & Surgeon, off ab 220 e Douglas, r 436 s Topeka
Pursell, Miss Anna, domestic, r 730 n Lawrence
Purviance, E. S., laborer, r 1706 n Waco
Purviance, Miss Rosa, r 1706 n Waco
Putnam, Mahlon C., saleman, r 1626 e Oak
Quary, David C., cooper, r 1405 n Emporia
Quimby, Geo H., wks Car Wks, r 237 n Washington
Quimby, Mrs. Harriette, r 237 n Washington
Quimby, Rabb, r 237 n Washington
Race, A. C., wks P H , r 1952 n Main
Rader, Miss Bessie, sewing, r 1805 n 4th
Raffety, Elias G., carriage repository, r 431 s Lawrence
Raffety, Miss Grace, r 431 s Lawrence
Ragains, J. G., farmer. R 1114 Munnell w s
Ralley, Old Man, r ab146 n Main
Ralston, Henry E., traveling salesman, r 526 n Waco
Rambrick, Earnest, wks Electric Ry, 1035 n Water
Ramey, Joseph, contr Parsons, Ks, r 1447 Vasser
Ramsey, Frone, r 619 e William
Ramsey, W. F., car inspector MO PA, r 201 n Exposition
Ramsel, Jno, r 533 Riverview
Randall, A. B., student S B College, bds 522 n Market
RANDALL, C. F., Barber, cor 21st and Topeka
Randall, D. H., plasterer, r 217 s Wichita w s
Randall, Miss Mary E., student H. S., r 943 s Main
Randall, P. M., Dept Clk of Common Pleas Court, rm Co bldg
Randall, T. H., County Commissioner, Mt. Hope
Randall, W. A., wks, Dickey & McAllister, r 303 w Third
Rank, Henry, miller, r 2010 s Lawrence
Rank, Murray, cashier Munson & McMamara, r 2010 s Lawrence
Ranker, Miss Mary, dressmkr, r 242 n Market
Ranney, B. D., restaurant 229 e Douglas
Ransome, Geo, r 1107 n Allen
Ransome, Wellington, r 1107 n Allen
Ransome, Joseph W., weigh master union Stock yds, r cor 21st and Water
Ranson & Kay, loans rm 1 ab 110 n Main
Ranson, W. H., (Ranson & Kay), laons rm 1 ab 110 n Main
Ransom, W. A., clk,rms 36 - 37 Firebaugh blk
Ratell, Frank, lather, r 1311 s Market
Rathbone, Isaas, coach cleaner, r 1111 Ida
Rathborne, Joseph, laborer, r 1111 Ida
Rathburn, Harriet, r 330 n Seneca w s 
Ratley, James, barber 109 n Main, r 628 n Water
Ratliff, John, under sheriff, r 517 s Market
Ratliff, John, stone mason, r 1557 s Fifth
Ratliff, Miss Nettie, washerwoman, r ab 634 n Water
Ratner, David, clk The Famous, r 303 s Market
Ratner, Henry, clk boston Store, r 303 s Market
Ratner, Moses, new and second hand clothing 702 e Douglas, r 303 s Market
Ratner, Samuel M., wks Carey Hotel Drug Store, r 303 s Market
Rattler, James, barber 628 n Water
Ratzell, Alfred, plasterer, r 315 s Washington
Ratzell, Miss Emma, laundress, r 915 e Decatur
Rapp, Lee, baker at 224 e Douglas, r ab 149 n Emporia
Rauch, A. L., com traveler, rms an 124 s Lawrence
Rauch, W. H., (Rohrbaugh & R) rms ab 124 s Lawrence
Ray A., r 151 s Hydraulic
Ray, A. R., barber, r 205 s Main
Ray, Edward, (Herndon & Ray), 152 s Hydraulic
Ray, E. M., clk 414 e Douglas, r 137 Cleveland
Ray, J. E., r 802 s Water
Ray, Mrs. Mary, r 702 n Waco
Ray, Wm G., r 137 n Cleveland
Rea, Frank, postal clk, r 625 s Glenn w s 
Rea, Villa, r 625 s Glenn w s 
Read, Mrs.  Laura, r 1050 n 4th
Read, Mrs. Olive, r 339 s Lawrence
Read, Miss Lena, r 339 s Lawrence
Reams, A. J., electrician, r 1142 Lewellen
Reams, A. P., musician, r 1142 Lewellen
Reams, U. S., prop E & Mechan Supply Co, r 1142 Lewellen
Reams, Sylbo, r 1142 Lewellen
Rease, Henry, carpenter, r 1004 n Lewellen
Recklobe, Henry, farmer
Reckmeyer, C. H., (R & Giles), r 209 s Emporia
Reckmeyer & Giles, wholesale saddlery hardware 121 e
Redfield, Frank, Bkpr Potts Drug Co, r 604 s Water
REDFIELD, J. C., Justice Peace at 152 n Main, r 604 s Water
Reddish, Benj, wks Du Plan, rms 110 e Douglas
Reed, A. H., real estate, r cor 23rd and Guthrie
Reed, Anna, domestic, r 1058 n Lawrence
Reed, B. M., railroader, r 628 e Central
Reed, Christopher, Judge District Court, r 13131 n Lawrence
Reed, F. A., sec W Loan & Trust Co, rms 356 n Waco
Reed, H.P., grain dlr, r 628 e Central
Reed, John, switchman Santa Fe, r 252 Laura
Reed & Millard, Insurance, off under Citizens Bank
Reed, Theo, wks Houck Bros Hardware, r 708 n Water
Reed, Wm, blksmth, r 1017 s Hydraulic
Reed, W. A., insurance, off under Citizens Bank, r 1829 n Market
Reed, W. H., blksmth 114 Rock Island, r 1017 s Hydraulic
Reel, Miss Anna, music teacher, r 944 s Topeka
Reese, Miss Ida, teacher, r 221 s Lawrence
Reese, J. F., real estate and collections ab 216 e Douglas, r 223 n Emporia
Reese, Miss Ollie, clk P O, r 221 n Lawrence
Reese, Mrs, M. B., r 221 n Lawrence
Reeside, A. A., clk MO PAC Depot, r 229 Water
Reeves, A. W., clk Santa fe, bds 519 s Market
Reeves, J. L., marble cutter, r ab 211 Main
Reeves, R. W., farmer, r 1603 s Topeka
Reeves, Will E., prop Monarch Billiard Hall, rms ab 205 n Main
Reibinspeic, John, r n Gordon w s 
Reid, Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, r 215 n Elizabeth w s
Reid, Wm M., billiard hall, r 336 n Water
Reidl, Martin, wks Dold’s P H, r 813 n Cherry
Reiff, A. A., wks Kernan & Co, r 1213 e Douglas
Reiff, Joseph, blksmth, r 1005 n Mead
Reimers, Harry, solicitr, rm 43 Getto blk
Reisner, John, lalborer, r 1150 s C
Reitz, F., tailor Miller & Hull, bds City Hotel
Reimer, P. H., fireman W & W, r 519 e Kellogg
Remsen, Chas F., teacher S B College, r 315 Wabash
REMSOEAR, J. A., prop Lindell Hotel
Reno, Luther, engineer, r 401 s Topeka
Rentz, E. B. physician ab 202 e Douglas, r 402 s Emporia
Reff, Mrs. F. A., nurse, r 1455 Lorraine
Retledge, Mrs .C. D., r 1825 Cherry
Retledge, Fannie, r 1825 Cherry
Retledge, Jennie, r 1825 Cherry
Retman, Miss Cora, r 1240 n Topeka
Retman, W. T., stock Buyer Whittakers, r 1240 n Topeka
Reveley, A. M., traveling Salesman Dolds, r 1213 e Douglas
Rayburn, A. G., restaurant 504 e Douglas, r 146 n Topeka
Reynolds, A. W., (Reynolds & McKee), r 448 Ida
Reynolds, B. F., wks Eagle bakery, r 1121 s Lawrence
Reynolds, Chas, teamster, r 1133 s Washington
Reynolds, Clarence, wks Ks Sash & D Co, r 446 Ida
Reynolds, E. F., Insurance, r 1212 s Fourth
Reynolds, F. M., driver W W Gro Co, r 446 Ida
Reynolds, Harry, teamster, r 257 n Mosley
Reynolds, H. A., chief clk Supt off Santa Fe, r 312 Indiana
Reynolds, H. T., driver, Polk & Harris, r 403 s Water
Reynolds, H. W., r 1151 s Fourth
Reynolds, Miss Ida, r 1216 s Fifth
Reynolds, Miss Jessie, student, r 1216 s Fifth
Reynolds, John, r 330 s Seneca w s 
Reynolds, Rev J. B., pastor Emporia Ave Baptist Church, r 1028 n Fourth
Reynolds, J. C., wks Ks S & D Co, r 447 Ida
Reynolds, John H., bkpr City Mills, r 150 Ida
Reynolds, L. E., Produce & Com Bus, r 624 e Second
Reynolds & McKee, (A W Reynolds & Wm G. McKee), transfer bus, 701 e Douglas
Reynolds, Roy, r 1216 s Fifth
Reynnlds, Wm, transfer, r 446 Ida
Reynnlds, W. W., r 323 Wabash
Rhames, Rev R. W., rector St. John Episcopal church, r 554 Alice Avenue
Rhinehort, T. J., farmer, r 144 Minnie
Rhoads, Frederic A., r 826 w Central
Rhoads, Horace M., janitor 2d ward school, r 826 w Central
Rhodes, A. F., farmer, r 2212 w 1st w s 
Rhodes, Chas, laborer, r 337 Cleveland
Rhoads, E. S., laborer, r 241 n Elizabeth w s 
Rhoads, F. A., wks Hotel Metropole 
Rhoads, G., r 614 s Market
Rhoads, H. A., clk ab 111 w Douglas
Rhoads, J. H., shoemkr, e 2212 w 1st w s 
Rhoads, J. P., farmer, r 1448 s Washington
Rhoads, Lottie, domestic, r 1058 n Lawrence
Rhoads, Mary, r 2212 w 1st w s
Rhoads, R. L., student W University, r 1448 s Washington
Rhone, Miss Florence, student, r 322 Riverview
Richardson, Jno S., Ed of Beacon, r 830 n Topeka
Richardson, Milford, laborer, r 521 Stephen
Richardson, Mrs. M. L., r 1021 n Emporia
Richardson, Wm, r 217 New York
Richey, Cephus, janitor Court House, r 535 n Lawrence
Richey, Ed, r 426 s Washington
Richey, Mrs. Emma C., r 730 Pattie
Richey, Eugene E., wks Jacob Dold’s, r 730 Pattie
Richey, Frederic, r 1120 Lewellen
Richey, J. C., (Hinman & Richey), r 1107 n Waco
Richey, Miss Lotta, student, r 28 n Water
Richeye, J. R., laborer, r 531 n Water
Richmond, Mrs. B., housekpr, r 233 n Washington
Richmond, C. C., grocery, r 2712 n Fourth
Richmond, F. W., florist, r 322 s Water
Richmond, Guy, laborer, r 514 s Hewitt
Richmond, H. A., druggist, r 514 s Hewiitt w s 
Richmond, J. E. Carriage mkr, 140 n Water, r 1218 s Fifth
Richmond, S. W., magnetic Physician, r 322 s Water
Rice, Frank G., r 1303 s Market
Rice, H. M., r 1303 s Market
Rice, J. H., stone contr, r 2046 s Wabash
Rice, Wesley S., wks Kelly’s Implement House, r 1303 s Market
Rich, Joseph, r 403 Riverview
Richards, Mrs. J. H., dressmkr, r 1014 n Water
Richards, Geo, harnessmkr 121 e Douglas, bds ab 115 s Lawrence
Richards, Geo, job printing 317 e Douglas, r 627 s Emporia
Richards, H. H., r 1135 n Topeka
Richards, Lena, r 1135 n Topeka
Richards, Mrs. Ollie, r 1026 s Main
Richards, Susie G., clk Munson & McN, r 1026 s Main
Richards, W. C., salesmn J. T. Campbell, r 1215 n fifth
Richardson, Auddie, clk grocery s 5th, r cor Osie & Ida
Richardson, Daisy, r 1007 n Lawrence
Richardson, J. N., bkpr 4th Natl Bank, bds Carey Hotel
Richardson, Jno J., plasterer, r 1604 e Oak
Richt, Miss Anna, r 454 n Waco
Richt, Leonard, prop Vienna Bakery, r 454 n Waco
Richt, Miss Mary, r 454 n Waco
Richt, Miss Minnie, r 454 n Waco
Richter, Fred L., commercial traveler, r 34305 e Second
Richter, Nicholas, wks marble wks, r 1557 Ida
Riddell, W., O., Resident Agt American Savings & Invstmt Association, r 1955 Jackson
Rieff, Joseph, wks restaurant w Douglas, r 1055 n Mead
Rieger, Earnest, r 317 s Oak w s 
Riesbeck, Lizzie, domestic, r 803 n Emporia
Riesbeck Mark, carpenter, r 1945 Market
Rietz, Chriss, tailor at Miller & Hulls, bds City Hotel
Rietz, F. J., farmer, r 602 Hewitt w s 
Rife, Clifford, tinner, r 153 Laura
Rife, J. E., roofing & Guttering 1111 e Douglas, r 153 s Laura
Rife, J. E., stone cutter, cor Lincoln & Broadway
Riggs, David C., farmer, r 1149 n Cleveland
Riggs, Melvin, laborer, r 1246 n Emporia
Riggs, T. D., r 409 Laura
Rignay, Miss Maggie, wks 2704 e Frisco, r same
Riley, C. A., cond E St Ry, r 220 w Park
Riley, D. E., laborer, r 113 w 10th
Riley, E. T., (Scarth * Riley), r country
Riley, James A., farmer, r 1543 n Woodland
Riley, Jno R., r 1543 n Woodland
Riley, Jno R., r 1504 n Lawrence
Riley, Patrick, r 117 Matthewson
Riley, W. M., laborer, 220 w Park
Rinckel, Oscar, traveling salesman, r 1214 n Market
Ring, Miss Ella, trimmer, r 1341 Fairmount
Ring, Miss Etta, r 1341 Fairmount
Ring, Garret, contr and bldr, r 1341 Fairmount
Rio Grande Coal & Lumber Co, rms 1-3 ab 205 n Main, G. M. Dickson mngr
Ripperton, Miss Cora, r 419 e Third
Ripperton, J. C., Physician & Surgeon, r 419 e Third
Risen, Wm H., commission mer stock yds, r 1905 n Crown
Ritscard, Chas, wks Kas Furniture Co, r 715 e Gilbert
Ritter, D. W., barber, r 110 w Lewis
Ritz, Arathur G., manftr of Paints cor Third and 5th, r 819 n Hydraulic
Riverside Land Co, Citizens Bank bldg
Riverside Park, 920 w Central 
Riverside School, cor 16 and Saliana
Riverside Stables, 414 w Douglas, H. W. Black, prop
Rizor, Miss Emma, r 622 s Water
Rizor. Jacob S., r 622 s Water
Rizor, Eldert A., roofer, r 622 a Water
Roach, E. D., laborer, r 523 n Wichita
Roach. J. N., off 320 Sedgwick blk, r 419 Waco
Roach, Mrs. Margaret, r 419 Waco
Roark, H. C., carpenter, r 351 Fannie
Robbins, Miss Bonnie, r 1058 n Market
Robbins, Chas, laborer, r 436 n Walnut w s 
Robbins, Frank M., stock dlr, r 1111 Carlos
Robbins, John, teamster, r 436 n Walnut w s 
Robbins, Mary, r 1058 n Market
Roberts, Mrs., r 721 w Central
Roberts, Belle, r 1010 n Washington
Roberts, J. M., prop Riverside hotel 316 w Douglas
Roberts, L. C. ( r & Myers), r 224 n Grove
Roberts, L. T., trav salsmn, r 726 n Lawrence
Roberts & Myers, real estate and loans, abv 137 n Main
Roberts, Miss Nellie, clk Enterprise, r 517 Wabash
Roberts, Robt, miller, r 247 Matthewson
Roberts, W. F., salsmn Wallace Imp hs,s r 517 n Wabash
Robertson, F. H., Secy Hartford Inv Co, r 1435 n Waco
Robertson, Robt, laborer, r 822 n Ohio
Robertson, E. G., Pres Hartford Inv Co, r 1218 n Waco
Robins, E. H., teacher Bus Col, r 214 n Emporia
Robinson, Adam, r 1516 s Lawrence
Robinson, Alonzo C., carpenter, r 2700 e Second
Robinson, Arthur, wks Huttig Bros, r 1546 s Market
Robinson, Banj, r 424 n Lawrence
Robinson, C. A., bkpr, r abv 352 n Main
Robinson, Chas, 2nd cook Hotel Metropole
Robinson, Chas. S., farmer, r 2700 e Second
Robinson, Miss Dovie, r 424 n Lawrence
Robinson, D. L., laborer, r 650 n Main
Robinson, Edward E., wks Carey hotel, r 628 Wabash
Robinson, E. E., clk at Daniels Furniture store, r abv 250 n Main
Robinson, Mrs. Fannie, wks Centropolis htl, r 605 n Main
Robinson, Jesse, wks Divers livery barn, bds 147 Waco
Robinson, John, section hand, r 1257 Pattie
Robinson, J. T., pensioner, r 1420 e Douglas
Robinson, Lucy, r 1257 Pattie
Robinson, Manuel, laborer, r 1103 n Topeka
Robinson, Manuel, laborer, r 1103 n Topeka
Robinson, Mrs. Mary E., r 233 n Hydraulic
Robinson, M. E., laborer, r 14th and Wabash
Robinson, Sam, laborer, r 719 n Main
Robinson, Mrs. Sarah, r 719 n Main
Robinson, Thos M., trav salsmn, r 430 s Water
Robinson, Walter, laborer, r 1031 n Topeka
Robinson, Wm, section hand, r 1257 Pattie
Robinson, Rev W. H., r 1348 n Topeka
Roby, F. S., wks Wichita Transfer line, r 234 n Water
ROCK ISLAND BOOK EXCHANGE, 522 e Douglas Books bought and sold, all leading Libraries kept in stock, School Supplies, Pens, Ink, Pencils, Tablets, etc, etc, Ora McKinney prop
Rock Island Depot, cor Douglas and Rock Island ave
Rochelle, Martin S., cancer Dr., r r741 n Waco
Rodkey, J. C., r 1106 e Douglas
Rodman, Debbie, r 218 s Oak w s
Rodolf, Miss Adele, stenog, r 1054 n Topeka
Rodolf, C. G., r 1054 n Topeka
Rodlf, Miss Ida r 1054 n Topeka
Rogers, C. E., prop Wichita transfer line, r 256 n Water
Rogers, E. R., (Hazen & R), r 726 s Emporia
Rogers, E. T., painter, r 381 n First
Rogers, Geo, clk at Innes & R, bds 521 s Orchard w s 
Rogers, H. T., solictr City Roller Mills, r 321 Indiana
Rogers, J. M., colctr F. G. Smythe & Son, r 728 n Topeka
Rogers, J. M., travs Johnson & Larimer Dry Goods Co
Rogers, Mrs. Mary A., r 321 Indiana
Rogers, O., stock dlr, r 1148 n Market
Rogers, Rena, milliner 153 n Main, r 915 w Pine w s 
Rogers, R., contractor, r 726 s Emporia
Rogers, Rosney, clk Cash Henderson, bds 521 s Orchard
Rogers, T. J., (T J R & Co), fire ins Zimmerly blk, bds Manhattan Hotel
ROGERS, T. J., & CO, Fire Ins, 112 e 1st (Old County Building), Telephone 358
Rogers, T. L., r 521 s Orchard w s 
Rogers, W. S., photographer 106 e Douglas, r 456 n Fourth
Rohrbaugh, Miss Nancy A., r 229 n Market
ROHRBAUGH & RAUCH, props Western Collection Bureau Abstractors and Attoneys at Law, off abv 147 n Main
Roland, J. C., shoemaker, r 133 n Market
Rolinger, Mrs. Lavina, r 215 s Fourth
Roller, E., restaurant owner, r abv Santa Fe Bakery
Roller, Max, clk Wichita Bottling Wks, r abv 158 Waco
Rombold, David, engnr Zephyr Mills, r 324 n Market
Rombold, Mrs. Freda, r 232 n Market
Rombold, Gottlieb, confectioner Candy Kitchen, r 232 n Market
Roming, A. F., prop Romigs Drug Store, r 601 e Oak
ROMIG’S DRUG STORE, cor Oak and Fourth, A. F. Romig prop, r abv same, Tele 280
Romine, Alonzo, r 306 N Wichita w s 
Romine, Dr. Wm, r 306 n Wichita w s 
Romine, C. W., (Rot Bros), r 523 s Market
Root, _____, r 408 Main
Root Bros, hack barn Aterman on river
Root, Elisha, baggageman, r 409 s Water
Root, J. E., sewer Inspecor, r 1315 s Emporia
Root, R. E., r 523 s Market
Root, Selah, r 1138 Larimer
Root, Mrs. H. V., milliner, r 408 n Main
Roome, A. C., clk Rock Island, r 209 New York
Rose, Miss Charity, domestic, r 603 n Water
Rose, Herbert, mail agt Frisco Ry, r 314 n Lawrence
Rose, Jno W., plaster, r 1012 s Washington
Rose, Miss Minnie L., domestic, r 335 s Water
Rosell, Mrs. E., wks Kas S B Co 546 w Douglas
Rosenboom, Harry, notion store, r 115 s Mosley
Rosentiel, Miss Jennnie, r 839 n Market
ROSE, C. A., Flourist, cut Flowers, Plants, Bulbs, etc, store 404 N Water, Telephone 338
ROSS, FINDLAY, Wholesale and Retail Furniture and Carpets, 119-121 n Main, r 821 n Waco
Ross, A., (R Bros), rms 1011 n Market
Ross, A. B., student, r 1011 n Market
Ross, Miss Belle, r 3427 e Thirteenth
Ross Bros Seed Feed and Commisn house 319 e Douglas
Ross, Chas F., farmer, r 1115 Laura
Ross, C. W., expressman, r 2254 s Lawrence
Ross, David, (Innis & R), r 7232 n Emporia
Ross, Edwin R., janitor Fairmount School, r 3427 e 13th
Ross, Finaly, Furniture and Carpets 119-121 n Main, r 821 n Waco
Ross, Geo, retired, r 804 n Topeka
Ross, Geo I, bkpr Finlay Ross, r 121 n Main
Ross, Geo W., student, r 804 n Topeka
Ross, Mrs. Jeanette, r 332 n Topeka
Ross, J. M. (R Brs), 1011 n Market
Ross, Miss Julia G., student, r 804 n Topeka
Ross, Miss Malinda J., r 804 n Topeka
Ross, Miss Margaret, stenog L. M. Cox, r 332 n Topeka
Ross, Miss Renetta L., r 804 n Topeka
Rossler, Miss Anna, r 402 n Water
Rossler, Chas, r 402 n Water
Rossler, Miss Lena, r 402 n Water
Rosso, Frank, r 111 s Fourth
Roth, Chas, wks Zephyr mills, r 446 n Washington
Rouse, Geo L., Sr., bds Hotel Metropole
Rouse, Geo L., jr., loan broker, bds Hotel Metropole
Rouse, Simon, r 1807 n Crown
Roush, C., horse dlr, r 630 n Water
Rowe, Emma J., r 200 e 13th
Rowe, Miss Mary E., teacher, r 200 e 13th
Rowe, Mrs. E. H., r 200 e 13th
Rowe, A. F., druggist, r 1101 w Douglas w s
Rowe, Miss Louise, teacher, r 200 e 13th
Rowlee, B. E., pro Hardware store 823 n Main, r same
Rowley, J. C., r 934 s Emporia
Rowley, James L., wks West Un Telegraph off, rr 426 n Washington
Rowley, J. W., mechanic, r 933 n Mead
Rowely, Leslie H., student, r 934 s Emporia
Rowley, T. G., r 934 s Emporia
Rowsey, Chas, r 918 s Market	
Rowsey, L., r 918 s Market
Royal, John T., wks Highland Cemetery, r r2704 e First
Royal Spice mills, Corner & Farnum proprietors, 112-114 s Emporia
Roys, Mrs. H. E., r 1127 n Lawrence
Roys, R. H., attorney, r 1127 n Lawrence
Royse, B. R., watchman Court House, r ab 501 n Main
Rozene, Clay, dishwasher 113 e Douglas
Ruby, H. W., pastor Free Methodist church, r 1413 Ellis
Ruckle, Savanist, farmer r 1915 Wabash
Ruddell, Mrs. Eva, r 2057 Waco
Rudolph, M. H., cashier Santa Fe freight depot, r 809 s Laura
Ruggles, H. G., (Hatton & Ruggles), r cor Topeka and Third
Ruggles, Mrs. H. M., r 356 n Mead
Ruggles, N., retired, r 153 n Ohio
Rugan, Chas, moulder Stewart Iron Wrks, bds 919 e Douglas
Rule, Henry W., cashier International Loan & Trust Co, r 1007 e Central
Rule, Jamie, spec delivery clk at post office, r 1007 e Central
Rule, Mrs. J., B., r 1007 e Central
Rummell, J. A., trav salsmn B Cohn, r 116 e Lewis
Rumsey, Edward S., wks Keith & Perry Coal Co, r 1045 n Emporia
Rumsey, Mrs. Mary D., r 1045 n Emporia
Runyon, Asa C., Sec’y Stock Yards Co, r cor Buffum and Harrison
Runnell, Lee, porter W W Gro Co, r 143 s Lawrence
Rush, Eli, r 532 Sherman
RUSH FEED, CASH GROCERY, 340 n Main, Wholesale and Retail Fancy and Staple Groceries, Foreign and Domestic Fruits. Specialties, Fine Tea, Coffee, Extracts and Bulk Seeds, Telephone No. 142. Res 832 n Lawrence
Rush, J. F., baggage smasher, r 245 n Fourth
Rush, Luetta, bookpr Fred Rush’s Cash Grocery, r 706 n Lawrence
Rush, Mrs. Mary, carpet weaver, r 532 Sherman
Rush, Mrs. Matilda T., r 532 Sherman
Rushing, C. C., broker, r ab 824 e Douglas
Rusk, Scott, (Chicago Lum Co), r 437 Waco
Russell, A. J., bkpr Kan Natl Bank, r 907 s Topeka
Russell, Mrs. C., Conservatory of Music, r 203 s Emporia
Russell, Miss Catherine A., stenog Davidsn Mortgage Co, 203 s Emporia
Russell, Clarence, speculator, r 1138 s Fourth
Russell, C. T., cigar maker, bds 216 n Market
Russell, Frank, bds 1156 n Topeka
Russell, George, clk at Santa Fe freight off 158 n Main
Russell, G. F., laborer, r 302 Wabash
Russell, H. H., musician, r 322 s Main
Russell, J. E., farmer, r 313 n Fern w s 
Russell, Jennie E., r 313 n Fern w s 
Russell, J. S., cashier Rock Is, r 825 s E,poria
Russell, Mrs. Maria, r 156 n Topeka
Russell, Thomas, cigar maker, 317 e Douglas
Russell, William D., clk Potts Drug Co, r 203 s Emporia
Russell, William C., r 624 s Market
Russell, W. T., wks Vinegar Wks, r 156 n Topeka
Rutan, Anson, student, 3326 e Douglas
Rutan, J. C., Kans Loan and Investment Co, r 3326 e Douglas
Rutan, Miss Mary E., r 3326 e Douglas
Ruth, Albert, barber, r 1047 n Wichita
Ruth & Foster, bakery, r 521 e Oak
Rutherford, F. P., asst ticket agt Rock Island Route, 100 e Douglas, rms 310 s Lawrence
Rutherford, Wm D., brick mason, r 830 n Cleveland
Rutledge F., clk Enterprise
Rutledge, Henry, wks Joplin, MO, r 344 w First
Rutledge, Miss Jennie, milliner M & McN, r 1825 n Cherry
Rutter, J. H., stone mason, r1731 Strong
Rydell, Minnie, r 830 n Topeka
Ryder, Miss E. A., r 622 n Topeka
Ryder, W. B., railroad bkpr, r 622 n Topeka
Ryther, C. S., stone mason, r abv 237 n Main
Sabin, Mrs. F. R., r ab 146 n Main
Sabin, Nathan, carpenter and architect, r 327 Wynona
Sabin, Frank R., r 1527 n Market
Safe, Andrew N., shoemkr 144 n Main, r 1839 Jackson
Safe, W. J., gardener, r 2130 Washington
Sage, Thomas, laborer, r 736 s Fourth
Sajbarc, John, shoe shop 1014 e Douglas, r same
Salander, E. N., drayman, r 1034 s Lawrence
Salisbury, Isaac, farmer, r 2156 s Wabash
Salkeld, W. F., Gen Agt Champion Iron Co, Canton, OH, r 733 s A
Sallard, Margaret, r 409 s Sheridan
Salliday, B. F., (Salliday Bros & Co) 127 n Market), r 520 s Seneca w s 
Salliday, Miss Lizzie, bds 240 Indiana
Salmon, Mrs. Agnes, dressmkr, r ab 228 e Douglas
Salmon, G. M., railroader, r 1023 n fifth
Salmon, W. A., laborer, r 957 n Fourth
Salmans, O. R., stenog A T & S F frght off r 145 n Emporia
Salvation Army Barracks, 122 s Lawrence
Sampson, Mrs. Agnes, r 1837 n Burns
Sampson, Eliza, r 150 n Mosley
Sampson, Jessie W., brick layer, r 1837 Burns
Sampson, J. T., laborer, r 424 s Hewitt w s 
Samuell, Barr, wks Whittakers, r cor 28th and 5th
Saddefur, Mrs.L., teacher short hand, bds 254 n Topeka
Sanders, J. M., carpenter, r 117 n Osage w s 
Sanders, Miss Maggie, r 333 s Fifth
Sanderson, Mrs. Edward, 1703 Herbert
Sanford, Harry, railroader, r 333 s Fifth
Sanford, J. T., baggage & express, r 1013 Lewellen
Sanford, Leroy, carpenter, r 234 Lulu
Sanford, L. L., wks W S Dye Wks, r 331 e Douglas 
Sanford’s restaurant n Main
Sanford, W. A., teacher of music, r 1150 Cleveland
SANKEY, CAMPBELL & AMIDON, (R A S, I P C & S B A) Attorneys at Law ab 127 & 129 e Douglas
Sankey, Robt A., (S, Campbell & Amidon), r 322 Riverview
SANTA FE BAKERY, F. M. Scott prop, Goods delivered to any part of the city, 146 n Main
Sajent, Albert J., bkpr, r 1067 n Wichita
Sarjent, Belle, student, r 517 s Osage w s 
Sarjent, Geo, plumber, r 1067 n Wichita
Sargent, J. B., bds 155 s Mosely
Sargent, Miss Kate, bkpr Arey Furniture Co, r 1067 n Wichita
Sargent, Lewis H., contr, r 1067 n Wichita
Sargent, Martin, wks Crystal Ice Co
Sargent, Miss Maude, student, r 1067 n Wichita
Sargent, M. L., e 213 n Wichita w s 
SARGENT, THORNTON W., Attorney at Law, off rm 316 Sedgwick blk, bds 304 e Third
Sasseen, Wesley, laborer, r 1541 Ohio
Sater, George, carpenter, r 1016 n 4th
Saunders, Chas, expressman, r 213 Water
Saunders, Dennis, carpenter, r 409 n Water
Saunders, Isabel, r 225 s Dodge w s 
Saunders, Robt, barber 109 n Main, r cor Wichita & First
Saunders, Spencer, hostler, r 321 s Topeka
Saur, G. C., druggist 524 e Douglas, r 1406 s Main
Sawyer, C. E., photographer an 112 e Douglas, r 402 s Main
Sawyer, Chas, bridge builder, r 1129 s Topeka
Sawyer, J. K., bridge contr, off 208 Sedgwick bldg, r 1129 Topeka
Saylor, Chas L., retired, rms ab 146 n Main
Sayles, Mrs. H. E., r 606 n 4th
Saylesbury, Harvey, with Steam Dental off 118 e Douglas, r 2100 s Ida
Sayre, H. A., butcher, r 1930 Ohio
Saxe, Miss Cora, r 303 s Hydraulic
Saxe, Mrs. E., r 303 s Hydraulic
Saxe, Miss May, artist, r 303 s Hydraulic
Saxe, Miss Sallie, teacher, r 303 s Hydraulic
Scales, Robt, elevator boy at Zimmerly blk, r 911 n Wichita
Scarth & Riley, props The Fashion Stables 117 s Water
Scarth, W. H., (S & Riley), r 117 s Water
Schaaf, Emma, milliner Munson & McNamara, r 305 s Volutsia
Schad, Geo, cashr Dold’s P H, r 1952 n Main
Schad, Henry, harnessmkr 105 w Douglas, r 1952 n Main
Schaefer, Chas, Depty Register of Deeds, r 1249 Waco
Schallere, Theodore, painter, r 710 Cleveland
Schartle, John, bricklayer, r 317 Mathewson
Schattner, E., r 231 n Meridian w s
Schattner, Fred, City Clerk, r 2312 n Meridian w s  
Schauner, W. A., fireman hose house no 3, r cor 13th and Fourth
Schauner, Mrs.Mary, bdg hkpr, r 232 n Market
Schauner, Wm A., farmer, r 1361 n Fourth
Scheneman, Frank, laborer, r 1647 n Mead
Scheer, Mary, domestic, r 721 n Topeka
Scheetz, L. G., real estate & loans off 128 e Douglas
Scheel, Geo, beick layer, r 924 n 5th
Schenebrick, H., blksmth 455 n main, r 1027 n Fourth
Schlesinger, Chas S., bkpr Hartford Ins Co, r 308 n Topeka
Schlesinger, Henry, traveling salesman, r 308 n Topeka
Schlesinger, Miss Rosa, r 308 n Topeka
Schlesinger, Sol, clothier & Jeweler 402 e Douglas, r 308 n Topeka
Schloser, Susan, r 417 s Orchard w s 
Schirmer, Miss Martha, domestic, r 635 n Topeka
Schindler, Emma, domestic, r 1127 n Lawrence
Schindler, Maggie, r 825 s Wichita
Schipperus, Henry, painter, r 312 Bernice
Schmidt, Miss Clara, student, r 1226 n Water
Schmidt, Fred, stone cutter, r 1126 n Water
Schmidt, Geo, stone cutter, r 1226 n Water
Schmidt, Jacob, stone cutter, r 1226 n Water
Schmidt, Louie, wks Pipers cigar store, e 1126 n Water
Schmidt, Willie, student, r 1226 n Water
Schmidtt, Frank, prop European Hotel 403 e 21st
Schmumacher, J. G., tailor 215 e Douglas, r 409 s Hillside
Schunerman, August, wks Dolds P H , r 1040 n Allen
Schunke, Oscar, tailor, r 344 Riverview
Schuster, Edward, bds 228 w Morris
SCHWARTZ BROS, (F J, E J and C A), Wholesale Lumber and Coal, props Badger Lumber Co w s 541 w Douglas
Schwartz, Mrs. Catherine, r 408 s Lawrence
Schwartz, Chas A., coal dlr, r 408 s Lawrence
Schwartz, Edward J. coal dlr, r 410 s Lawrence
Schwartz, F. J., mngr Badger Lumber Co, r 456 n Market
Schwartz, Miss Katie A., r 408 s Lawrence
Schwelger, Miss Lena, domestic, r 417 e Third
Schwaiger, Miss Mary, domestic, r 512 w Third
Schweitzer, Miss Jennie, domestic, r 235 s Emporia
Schwendinger, Chas A., machinist Whittakers P H, r 434 w Fourteenth
Schweisberger, Geo, farmer, r 605 s Everest w s
Scoggin, Chas W., (Citizens Meat Market), r 218 s Market
Scoggin, Mrs. E. V., r 226 Ida
Scoggin & Kirkpatrick, Meat Market 211 e Douglas
Scoggin, Miss Sarah M., teacher, r 226 Ida
Scoles, Geo, cattle buyer, r 810 w Texas w s 
Scoles, J. M., peddler, r 729 Elizabeth w s 
Scott, Miss Alice, milliner, r407 n Washington
Scott, Anna, domestic, r 905 n Topeka
Scott, Frank M., prop Santa Fe Bakery, r 452 Riverview
Scott, J. A., printer Beacon off, r 1229 s Washington
Scott, L., Vet Surgeon, rms 329 s Market
Scott, M. J., r 314 n Walnut w s  
Scott, S. L., trav salsmn, r 610 s Water
Scott, Thos, carpenter, r 407 s Washington
Scott, Thos, fireman hose house no 2, r 236 s Topeka
Scott, W. E., gardener, r 1229 s Washington
Seal, Jas H., gardener, r 1305 McCormick w s 
Seal, J. H., lunch room 402 n Main, r 311 w Third
Sebrant, John, r 1214 n Waco
Second Baptist Church 529 n Wichita
Schmeisser, Wm, 2nd hand store 221 s Main, r abv same
Schmihausen, H. A., teacher, r cor 2nd and Ohio
Schneider, J. W., gas fitter, r 353 Wichita
Schnitzler Block 120 n Market
Schnitzler, Carl, Lunch counter 711 e Douglas, rms 130 n 4th
Schnitzler, Chas, r 304 s Main
Schnitzler, Fritz, capitalist, r cor Riverview and Central
SCHNITZLER, HENRY, Wholesale Liquor dlr, agt Val Blatz Brewing Co, Established 1876, 
	117 n Market, Phone 84, r 1002 s Lawrence
Schnitzler, W. H., salsmn 117 n Market, r cor Riverview and Central
Schnug, Edward, laborer, r 730 n Hydraulic
Schober, John, candy maker L M Cox, r Riverside
Schober, Jos, wks L M Cox, r Riverside
Schollenberger, Miss Alice H., r 228 ½ n Main
Schollenberger, J. D., prop Keystone House 228 ½ n Main
Schonfeld, Henry, tailor Swab & Glosser, r 1019 s Wichita
Schopf, Abraham, trav salsm L M Cox, r 436 Riverview
Schopf, Mrs. Anna E., r 436 Riverview
Schopf, Miss Mattie, stenog Lehman-Higginson grocery Co, r 436 Riverview
Schott, John, wks Santa Fe Ry, r 159 n Mosley
Schott, John, r 1321 s Water
Schott, Wm, clk Fulleres grocery, r 1235 s Water
Schoutes, Chas, laborer, r 633 n Wichita
Schrader, C. A., railroad contractor, r 516 w Harry
Schroeder, Howard, electrician, r 324 Waco
Schreier, Mrs. Lizzie, laundress, r 616 n Fourth
Schulte, Eugenia, opra tel off, r 236 n Fourth
Schulte, Miss Rosalie, wks telephone off, r 236 n Fourth
Schulte, S., r 236 n fourth
Schulte, Carl, r 916 s Lawrence
Schultz, Chas, mechanic, bds Seneca w s 
Schultz, Chas, yd man Kas and Tex Coal Co, r 916 Lawrence
Schumacher, Miss Amelia, r 738 Laura
Schumacher, C. Rob, Hardware Stoves, etc., 820 e Douglas, r 730 Laura
Sedgwick Block, cor First and Market
Sedgwick Coal Co, 110 n Fourth
Seeger, Mrs. M. B., dressmaker, r abv 517 n Main
Seemann, Gus, cigar maker, r 1030 n Mead
Sees, Thos, carpenter, r 148 n Ohio
Seesholts, Ed L., r 735 Lulu
Sefton, James C., Minister, r 1026 e Central
Sefton, F. H., Western Pacific Tea Co 322 e Douglas, r 1026 e Central
Seibert, David, (Seibert & Girard), r 258 n Mosley
Seibert & Girard, second hand store 118 w Douglas
Seide, Miss Tressie, dressmkr, r 522 n Topeka
Seiler, Miss Rosa L., domestic, 537 n Topeka
Selover, Ed, (Peerless Laundry), r 835 n Market
Selover, James E., (Peerless Laundry), r 835 n Market
Selvey, H. A., teamster, r 630 s Fourth
Selvey, Miss Mattie, r 630 s Fourth
Semans, Joshua M., r 406 s Washington
Semans, Miss Stella, secy S B College, r 406 s Washington
Sendelbach, Geo, clk, r 318 Cleveland
Sendelbach, Joseph, r 318 Cleveland
Sendlebach, Joseph G., clk A. Katz, r 337 s Market
Sendelbach, M. H., with Solliday Bros & Co, r 520 s Seneca w s 
Sester, Miss Mary E., r 1547 n Beacon
Sever, Clyde, oper at W U, bds Occidental
Seward, Geo, wks Crystal Ice Co, r 1242 n Emporia
Sewell, G. A., expressman, r 301 s Oak w s 
Sewiss, James L., conductor A T & S F, r 146 n Emporia
Sexton Bros, (Wm Sexton & T. K. Sexton), grocers 124 w Douglas
Sexton, E. W., cigar mkrr, 628 n Market
Sexton, Dt. J. T., r 628 n Market
Sexton, T. K., (Sexton Bros), r 427 s Main
Sexton, Wm, (Sexton Bros), r 803 s Topeka
Seymour, J. R., fireman hoses house no 1, bds 303 n Wichita
Shafer, A. G., r 1304 s Fourth
Shafer, H. W., traveling salesman, r 255 n Lawrence
Shafer, H. W., medical student, r 231 s Market
SHAFER & MAHANEY, Coal Dealers 18th and 4th, Telephone No 104
Shafer, S. S., (S & Mahaney), r 1933 n Main
Shane, L. H., Presbyterian Minister, r 1002 w Elm w s 
Shank, A., tailor Swab & Glosser, r 1603 s Water
Shank, J. S., speculator, rms 1-2-3-4 over 153 n Emporia
Shanks, Mrs. Mary Ann, domestic, 133 n Hydraulic
Shanklin, W. S., carpenter, r 1609 Ida
Shannon, Chas, pipe fitter car wks, r 620 n Emporia
Shannon, S. A., carpenter car wks, r 620 n Emporia
Sharp, Chas E., secy & mngr W Gas, Electric Light and Power Co, r 1103 n Topeka
Sharp, John T., laborer, r 702 n Waco
Sharp, Mrs. Lottie, wks Geo H. Blackwelder, 1825 n Water
Sharp, L. C., yard master stock yds, r 1903 n Emporia Exchange Bldg
Sharpe, Miss Sallie, teacher, bds 521 s Seneca w s 
Sharpe, Wm D., traveling salesman, r 1139 n Waco
Shasted, m E., Physician & Surgeon ab 224 e Douglas, r 1063 University w s 
Shattuck, Anna, r 1320 Laura
Shattuck, S. W., Jr., Atty, off rm 9 114 n Market, bds Manhattan
Shattuck, W., Atty n Market, r 514 n Topeka
Stattuck, Wm, stock raiser, r 1320 Laura
Shaw, Miss Bertha, r 811 s Topeka
Shaw, Edgar, wks Divers hack barn, r 1956 Ellis
Shaw, Gertrude, r 1956 Ellis
Shaw, Miss Lena, cashr Shaw’s Music store, r 811 s Topeka
Shaw, Miss Mary, r 201 s Hydraulic
Shaw, Miss Minnie, r 201 s Hydraulic
Shaw, Nelson, farmer, r 1856 Ellis
Shwa, S. D., (Cerf & Shaw), r 222 n Washington
SHAW, THOMAS, Music Store 129 n Main, r 811 s Topeka
Shaw, Mrs. W. F., r 201 s Hydraulic
Shawk, Albert, r 1603 s Water
Shea, Byron B., stenog S Fe, r410 s Washington
Shea, Mrs. D. L., r 401 s Wshington
Shearer, E. T., carpenter, r 1745 Reddell
Shearer, J. A., carpenter, r 1745 Reddell
Shearer, Millige, r 1745 Reddell
Shearer, Minnie F., r 1745 Reddell
Shearman, Jay F., U S Commissioner, r 1438 Waco
Sheckler, A. J., clk W W Grocery Co, bds 355 n Market
Shed, Wm H., commission, r 926 e Douglas
Sheehan, Miss Anna, r 357 Waco
Sheetz, G. W., carpenter, r 1211 n 5th
Sheldon, Mrs. Ada, dressmkr, r 407 e Douglas
Sheldon, J. L., piano turner Thos Shaws
Sheldon, Will, waiter Cornado Club rooms
Shellabarger, Andrew, laborer, r r735 n Main
Shellabarger, Miss Anna, milliner Munson & McNamara, r 735 n Main
Shepard & Chapman Mortgage Co, off 312 Sedgwick bldg, Henry V. Shepard mngr, R. H. Chapman secy
Shepard, Henry V., Atty at Law and pres Shepard & Chapman Mortg Co, 145 n Emporia, bds Cornado Club rms
Sheppard, Harry A., with Thomas Shaws, r 418 e Central
Sheppard, J. J., pastor Baptist Church, r 301 s Martinson w s 
Sheppard, J. S., retired, r 418 e Central
Sheppard, Miss Lula A., stu High School, r 418 e Central
Sheppard, Rev. T. J., pastor M E Church, r 415 e Oak
Sheppard, Miss Ada, r 309 e Oak
Shepherd Alfred, feed store, 309 e Oak
Shepherd & Co, flour feed and grain, 309 e Oak
Shepherd, Nelson J., feed store, 309 e Oak
Sherman, Chas S., bds at Occidental
Sherman, Jacob, barber Hotel Carey, r 316 n Topeka
Sherman, Jessie, waitress Manhattan
Sherman, Mrs. M. J., r ab 407 e Douglas
Sherman, Samuel R., clk Rock Island frght off, r 926 s Lawrence
Sherwood, Daniel, farmer, r 1405 Fairview
Sherwood, G. B., r 1405 Fairview
Shreve & Son, butchers 819 w Douglas w s 
Shick, O. W., tinner, r 345 n Market
Shick, Wm, broom making 534 n Spencer, r same
SHIELDS & CONLEY, (J R S & J F C), Lawyers, 201 n Main
Shields, E. D., bookbinder, r 349 n Emporia
Shields, Jas, blksmth cor 11th and Main, r 1258 n Jackson
Shields, J. B., bkpr, bds 349 n Emporia
Shields, J. H., Associate Editor Eagle, r 116 n Osage w s 
Shields, J. R., (Shields & Conley), r 349 n Emporia
Shields, Michael, r S E cor 4th and Douglas
Shields, R. P., printer, r 116 n Osage w s 
Shields, W. P., bkpr at F. G.  Smythe & Sons, r 332 n Waco
Shilling, A. C. engnr, r 1159 s C
Shipman, Eugene E., Unitarian Minister, bds 419 s Lawrence
Shireman, C. L., messenger S Fe, r 419 s Lawrence
Shirley, Robt, wks 328 w Douglas, r 115 n Waco
Shirley, W. S., motoneer, r 353 n Main
Shively, Mrs. Elizabeth, r 410 s Fourth
Shober, A. E., shoe store 312 e Douglas, r 1154 n Topeka
Shober, Miss Grace, r 1147 n Forest
Shockey, J. R., (Graham & Shockey), r 914 s Topeka
Shockey, Miss Rena, student, r 914 s Topeka
Shoemaker, ____, r 938 s Emporia
Shoenfeld, Henry, tailor Swab & Glosser, r 1019 s Wichita
Shollin, Lewis, laborer, r 215 s Spruce
Shorey, Nelson M., printer Millison & Sons, r 951 Ida
Shorey, W. H., wks Corner & Farnum, r 941 Ida
Shorn, Miss Katie, domestic 232 n Emporia
Short, Mrs. Catharine, dressmkr, r 1059 n Waco
Short, David L., salesmn at Globe Dry Goods House 150 n Main, r r1059 n Waco
Showers, Thos B., carpenter, r 1632 Strong
Shreve, Chas E., butcher, r 243 n Elizabeth w s 
Shreve, E. D., butcher, r 243 n Elizabeth w s
Shreve, H. B., carpenter, r 243 n Elizabeth w s 
Shuck, Miss Ella, r 308 s Topeka w s 
Shuck, Luther, bell boy Hotel Carey, r 308 s Topeka
Shull, U. P., Principal High School, r 357 Wabash
Shults, Mrs. A., r 205 Lulu
Shults, Miss, Carrie C., r 205 Lulu
Shults, J. H., laborer, r 1057 n 5th
SHULTS, Dr. J. W., Physician & Surgeon, off 150 n Main, rm 1-2-3, r 713 n Water
Shults, Miss Virginia B., r 205 Lulu
Shuman, Henry, gardener and fruit raiser, r 1820 Hydraulic
Shuman, Mrs. Henry, r 14117 n Emporia
Shunk, Oscar, tailor at Miller & Hull, r 344 Riverview
Shy, S., clk Arey Furniture Co., r 1467 s Water
Sibert, Frank, wks Peerless Laundry, r 348 n Lawrence
Sickels, Riley, flagman Santa Fe, r 827 e Central
Sickner, A. W., teacher of music rm 1 Fletcher blk, r 1551 s Water
Sickner, Mrs. J. A., dressmaker abv 137 n Main, r 224 w Harry
SIDNEY, S. M., Minister, r 618 n Market
Sidney, Henry, r 330 s Fourth
Siber, Will, bell boy Carey
Sickman, E. D., trav salsmn, bds Hotel Carey
Siermer, H. A., tailor, r 118 s Emporia
Sigerson, Jas, postal clk W W Ry, r 631 s Millwood w s 
Silver, Mrs. H. C., r 1843 Jackson
Silver, Miss Laura, r 1843 Jackson
Silver, Miss Willie, r 1843 Jackson
Silvers, Wm, cook Metropole, r 720 n Main
Sim, Coler L., r 1065 n Emporia
Simes, Alfred, laborer, r 716 n Ohio
Sims, R. A., gardener, r 1555 s Market
Simison, A. G., stair builder, r 610 w Texas w s 
Simison, Effie, dressmaker, r 610 w Texas w s 
Simison, J. H., pattern maker Wichita Planing Mill, r 610 w Texas w s 
Simison, Lulu, wks Box factory, r 610 w Texas w s
Simison, Vida, wks Box factory, t 610 w Texas w s 
Simmons. H. W., trav salsmn L M Cox, rms 310 s Lawrence
Simmons, J. M., r 811 s Mead
Simmons, Jno W., r cor 2nd and John
Simmons, S. A., r 1654 s Emporia
Simon, Mrs. E., r 640 n Main
Simon, Jess, cook, r 745 Lulu
Simon, John, carpenter, r 745 Lulu
Simon, Stephen, r 365 w First
Simons, Ben, wks Hydraulic Mills, r 216 Cleveland
Simons, Mrs. Margaret, r 1336 n Lawrence
Simons, Rufus A., janitor Kellogg School, r 337 Ellis
Simons, W. B., miller Hydraulic mills, r 216 Cleveland
Simdt, Maggie, r 403 e 21st
Simpson, C. A., cabinet maker, r 3742 n Emporia
Simpson, Eva, r 537 s Fern w s 
Simpson, Mrs. F. M., r 1028 Hendryx w s 
Simpson, G. B., wks Meat Market 906 e Douglas, r Mosley
Simpson, Jos E., laborer, r 228 s Water
Simpson, Mrs. J. L., dressmaker, r 810 s Lawrence
Simpson, J. S., carpenter, r 3742 n Emporia
Simpson, J. S., r 537 s Fern w s
Simpson, Maggie, r 537 s Fern w s 
Simpson, Miss Minnie, r 1028 s Hendryx w s 
Simpson, M. D., real estate, 537 s Fern w s 
Simpson, W. E., cigar maker, r 228 s Water
Sine, E., with Trimble Bros & Co, r 515 s Water
Sing, Charley, laundry 415 e Douglas
Singer, Chas, turner 803 e Douglas, r 1419 s Lawrence
Singer & Co, new and 2nd hand furniture, 209 n Main
Siner, I. N., (S & Co), r 341 n Topeka
Singer Manfg Co, 237 n Main, A. C. Singleton mngr
Singleton, A. C., mngr Singer Mnfg Co, r 935 s Lawrence
Singleton, J. H., collctr Singer Mnfg Co, r 935 s Lawrence
Sisco, F. L., bds Lindell
Sisson, Edna G., r 1255 Fannie
Sisson, Frank, r 2007 Hancock w s   
Sisson, O. R., com trav, r 2007 Hancock w s 
Sisson, Perry L., mngr Penn Mutual Life Ins Co, rms Fletcher blk
Sisters of Charity of B V M, r 312 e Second
Sites, Edmond M., r 715 Bond w s 
Sites, J. R., lawyer 517 Sedgwick blk, r 715 Bond w s 
Six, Mrs. Frankie, r 124 n Waco
Sizer, Ira B., farmer, r 1537 Strong
Sizer, W. W., farmer, r 1537 Strong
Skaats, E. E., lunch room 209 e Douglas, r same
Skelton, J. G., wks Santa Fe, r 212 Pattie
SKELTON, W. J., Lawyer, rm 3 abv 123 n Market
Skidmore, J. M., teacher, r 224 s Poplar
Skinner, D. W. foreman Dolds Box factry, r 1538 s Main
Skinner, D. H., carrier II P O 
Skinner, E. N., Gen agt New York Life Co., off Zimmerly Blk, r 1027 S Hydraulic
Skinner, Miss Ida, r 635 n Topeka
Skinner, Jay, blacksmith, 140 n Water
Skinner, Laura, r 415 n Market
Skinner, Mrs. L. J., r 635 n Topeka
Skinner, O. J., blacksmith, r 318 s Market
Skinner, Miss Pearl, stu Lewis Academy, r 635 n Topeka
Skinner, Richard D., gardener, r 1857 s Wichita
Skinner, S. B., collctr, r 71 e Oak
Skinner, Sherman, bkpr Stat Nat Bank, r 635 n Topeka
Skinner, Stephen, printer, bds Occidental
Skinner, V. H., mail carrier, r 711 e Oak
Skinner, Wm, harnmkr, r 506 e Douglas
Skinner, Wm C., r 1857 s Wichita
Skinner, W. E., carpenter, 142 n Market
Skripsie, Joe, r 3614 n Orchard
SLADE & ACKERMAN, Dlrs in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Domestic and Foreign Fruits, no 318 e Douglas, Phone 20, N X T Manhattan Hotel
Slade E. E., (S & Ackerman), r 218 s Emporia
Slater, R. D., porter at Saur’s Drug Store, r 206 s Fourth
Slatter, Rev. W. S., r 517 n Water
Slaughter, Frank, cook Carey, r 121 n Emporia
Slaver, Miss Bell, r 343 s Sycamore w s 
Slaver, J. C., gardener, r 343 s Sycamore w s 
Slayden, Miss Nettie, r 321 Pattie
Slayden, Wesley, r 321 Pattie
Sloat, Samuel, peddler, r Exchange
Slocum, C. D., st S B Col, r abv 145 n Emporia
Sloppy, Harry, r 312 s Martinson w s 
Sloppy, Wm, r 312 s Martinson w s 
Slosser, A. P., Shristian Scientist Healer, rm 19 Getto blk
Sluss, H. C., (S & Stanley(, r 928 n Topeka
SLUSS & STANLEY, ( H C S & W E S), Lawyers off abv Citizens Bank
Slyter, R., farmer, r 2155 s Mosley
Slyter, R. R., scavenger, r 1848 s Mead
Small, E., patrolman, r 312 n Washington
Smiley, Thomas, Gardener, r 1519 Pattie
Smidt, Jos, laborer, r 403 e Twenty-first
Smith, Abram, contr & Bldr, r 437 n Lawrence
Smith, Albert, brick mason, rm 9 ab 338 n Main
Smith, A. J., teacher, bds 138 n Emporia
Smith, Andrew, student, rms Lewis Academy
Smith, Arthur R., farmer, r 2704 e Frisco
Smith, Miss Belle, r 431 n Water
Smith, Benj, laborer, r 1247 n Mead
Smith, Miss Bessie, r 414 w Central
Smith, Miss Blanche, teacher, elocution and oratory, r 404 Market
Smith, Miss Camille, r 135 Wichita
Smith, C. H.,buyer at Whittakers P H, bds Occidental
Smith, Chas H.,  r watch factory w s 
Smith, Chas L., wks City Stables, r 331 s Emporia
Smith, Charles S., drayman, r 826 n Water
Smith, C. L., wks livery barn, r 331 s Emporia
Smith, Conrad, tailor, r 225 s Lawrence
Smith, C. S., clk City Clks off, r 1632 n 4th
Smith, C. U., canvasser, r 832 Eagle
Smith, C. W., carpenter wks Appleby’s, r 1227 n Market
Smith, Miss Cynthia, r 1620 n Topeka
Smith, Daniel F., laborer, r 423 Fifth
Smith, D. O., wks Dold’s, t 1432 Sherwood
Smith, Mrs. Dorcas, rms 343 n Main
Smith, Dr. D. W., dentist ab 117 n Main, r 707 n Emporia
Smith, Mrs. E. A., clk Candy Kitchen, r 344 n Water
Smith, Ed C., eng City Mills, r 201 s Hydraulic
Smith, E. Barton, carrier 5, P O
Smith, Mrs. Eliza, domestic, r 1234 Blaine
Smith, Mrs. Emma, r 325 s Topeka
Smith, Eugene, r 817 n Cherry
Smith, Eunice L., r 1014 s Emporia
Smith, Fannie, domestic 135 Wichita
Smith, F. B., business mngr Beacon, r 603 n Emporia
Smith, F. H., restaurant 510 e Douglas, r Richey House
Smith, F. I., stone mason, r 537 s Mosley
Smith, Frank, wks P H, r 441 w Ave C
Smith, Geo, railroader, rms 243 Wichita
Smith, geo, farmer, r 1815 Fannie
Smith, Geo, r 1158 S C
Smith, Miss Georgia, stenog & type writer newspaper union, r 1423 Sherwood
Smith, Miss Hannah, domestic 402 s Emporia
Smith, Harry E., telegrapher at S Fe, bds 207 Ohio
Smith, H. C., r 521 s Seneca w s 
Smith, H. C., butcher, r 242 s Lawrence
Smith, H. E., farmer, r 333 n Walnut w s 
Smith, Henry, sexton Highland Cemetery, r 2704 e Frisco
Smith, H. H., farmer & gardener, r 1646 Minnie
Smith, H. L., farmer, r 1512 Pattie
Smith, H. O., teacher, bds 404 n Market
Smith, Homer, real estate, rm 10 ab 253 n Main
Smith, Mrs. Isabella, laundry, r 502 e Central
Smith, Jacob, shoemkr, 8083 e Douglas, r 158 Mosley
Smith, J. C., stone cutter, r 307 n 4th
Smith, Jerome, loan agt, r 329 Wabash
Smith, Jessie, Eagle carrier, r 1227 n Market
Smith, J. G., wks Keith & Perry Coal Co, r 329 Wabash
Smith, J. Giles, Spec agt N Y Life Ins Co, r 130 n Grove
Smith, Jno, farmer, r 1523 Sherwood
Smith, Jno, r cor 18 and Emporia
Smith, John, laborer, bds Burton Hotel
Smith, J. N., painter car wks, r 3623 n Fifth
Smith, J. R., r 357 n Main
Smith, Lewis, r 3449 n Fourth
Smith, Kittie, domestic, r 1103 n Topeka
Smith, Max, shooting gallery, r abv 253 n Main
Smith, Murray, laborer, r 1001 n Fifth
Smith, Mrs. Merinda, laundress, r 233 n Hydraulic
Smith, Nathan, Dishwasher Manhattan, r 704 n Market
Smith, O. G., machinist, t 210 New York
Smith, Oscar Z., real estate, r 635 n Topeka
Smith, Miss Pearl, r 1425 Sherwood
Smith, Miss Pearl, r 133 Wichita
Smith, Mrs. R., laundress, r 519 n Water
Smith, R. H., (R H S & Co), r 519 n Emporia
SMITH, R H & CO, Boots and Shoes 144 n Main
Smith, Robt, r 2103 e Kellogg
Smith, Robt, laborer, bds Exchange Hotel
Smith, Robt G., collctr L C Jackson, rms abv 118 w Douglas
Smith, S. B., engnr, rms 33-34 Fletcher blk
Smith, Serena, domestic, r 1337 n Topeka
Smith, Sherman W., Painter, r 1027 s Washington
Smith, S. L., bkpr Bissantz & Matthew, r 242 n Emporia 
Smith, S. W., r 521 s Seneca w s 
Smith, Thos, r 1900 n Emporia
Smith, Timothy, carpenter, r 720 e Oak
Smith, T. J., wks Dolds P H, r 1047 n Fifth
Smith, T. M., farmer, r 1815 Fannie
Smith, Warren, contractor, r 1712 Gold
Smith, W. D., trav man, r 1256 n Lawrence
Smith, Willard, train porter at Occidental
Smith, W. H., r 333 n Walnut w s 
Smith, W. J., wks Santa Fe Ry, r 333 n Walnut w s 
Smith, Wm, dining rm waiter Occidental, r 1234 e Blaine
Smith, Wm A., bkpr Chago Lmbr Co, rms abv 143 n Water
Smith, Wm A., Secy Sedg Loan and Invst Co, r 521 s Seneca w s 
Smith, Wm T., r 605 n Waco
Smith, W. R., bkpr Sheriff’s off, r 434 n Market
Smithson & Co, real estate and loans, 152 n Market
Smithson, Henry L. (S & Co), r 1214 n Waco
Smoke, Miss Della M., teacher High School, bds 251 n Topeka
Smoke, Wm C. , teacher, bds 251 n Topeka
Smyth, Miss Cora, milliner Boston Store, r 303 n Waco
Smyth, Chas H., (F G Smyth & Son), r 357 Waco
Smyth, David, (Chitty & Smyth), r 204 Indiana
Smyth, E. W., salesman W W Groc Co, r 605 s Topeka
Smyth, Capt F. G., Sr., (F. G. Snyth & Sons), r 303 Waco
Smyth, Fred, (Smyth & Sons), Implements, r 1104 n Lawrence
Smyth, Robt A., (F. G. Smyth & Sons, r 303 Waco
Smyth, W. S., laborer, bds 1004 e Central
Sneider, B., wks Dolds P H, bds 2057 n Waco
Snider, Miss blanche, clk 459 n Main, r 607 n Washington
Snider, John, prop Model Bakery, r 607 n Washington
Snider, Mrs. L. M., bdghse, r 2281 n Lawrence
Snively, Dale, bkpr, r 503 s Elizabeth w s 
Snively, J. R., special agt N York Life Ins Co, r 503 s Elizabeth w s 
Snoeberger, A. L., stenog for Knight Inv Co.
Snoke, D. T., prop Wichita Kennels, r 1927 s Wichita
Snow, J. H., traveling frgt agt Santa Fe, r r817 n Lawrence
Snow. W. R., laborer, r 129 Matthewson
Snyder, Bert, laborer, r 1017 n Fourth
Snyder, Chas W., metropolitan police, r 1050 n Waco
Snyder, Daniel E., wks coal off 613 e Oak, r 1105 n Ohio
Snyder, D. O., salesmn at Globe dry Goods House 150 n Main, r 327 n Douglas
Snyder, Geo B., laborer, r 1105 n Ohio
Snyder, Geo, stone mason, rms Leland Hotel
Snyder, Jasper, rag & Iron dlr, r 927 s Emporia
Snyder, J. H., clk at Bon Ton, r ab 256 n Main
Snyder, J. M., egnr, wks Wichita Electric Ry, r 1237 n Wichita
Snyder, Joe, gas fitter W Gas Electric Light and Power Co, r 352 n Wichita
Snyder, John E., rag & iron dlr, r 1318 s Main
Snyder, John W., farmer, r 533 n Main
Snyder, Joseph, engnr cor 10th and Wichita, r 1237 n Wichita
Snyder, Miss Lizzie, r 1237 n Wichita
Snyder, Miss Nettie, teacher, r over 533 n Main
Snyder, Miss Pet M., student Lewis Academy r over 533 n Main
Snyder, Tillman H., plaster, r 1105 n Ohio
Snyder, W. H., driver Vienna Bakery wagon, r 814 n Markt
Soderstrom, E., pprop Arkansas Valley Fence Co, r 531 s Sycamore w s
Sohber, Joseph, farmer, r cor Franklin & Porter
Sohn, Roy, kbpr W Natl Bank, r 533 s Main
Sohnrey, Lena, dressmkr, r 1253 n Emporia
Solliday, D. S., (Soliday Bros), 127 n market, r 540 Seneca w s 
Solomon, Albert, cigar dlr, bds Occidental
Solomon, A. S., wholesale & retail cigars 118 w 1st, bds Occidental Hotel
Solomon, Hardy, rms 220 s Lawrence
Solomon, L. B., wholesale & retail cigars at 118 w 1st sedgwick blk, r s Lawrence
Solomon, Lewis, cigars Sedgwick blk, r 222 s Lawrence
Solsberry, Miss Belle, wks W Chemical Co
Salting, Robert, foreman R R , r 1637 n 5th
Somers, P. T., tailor 119 e First, r 516 w Osie
Sommer, Miss Agnes, jeweler at 400 e Douglas, r 3156 e First
Sommer, Miss Julia, r 3136 e First
Souders, G. G., artist, r ab 150 n Main 
Sousley, J. C., clk Boston Store, r 414 w Central
South, J. C., teacher High School, r 700 n 4th
Southerland, Mrs. E., r 3638 n 4th
Southerland, Lemon A., r 309 s Topeka
Southern Ex Co 120 n Market
Southwall, _____, wks Daniel Bros second hand store, r ab 146 n Main
Southward, C. W., traveling man, r 1067 n Emporia
Southwell, Mrs., dressmkr, r 433 Riverview
Southwell, Miss Alice, milliner, r 433 Riverview
Southwell, Edgar, teamster, r 701 s Water
Southwell, H. O., clk Daniel Bros, r 146 n Main
Southwell, Miss Nannie, wks W Paper Box Factory, r s Water
Southwell, R. H., stone mason, r 701 s water
Southwell, Ted, drives Drukker’s Laundry wagon, r 701 s Water
SOUTHWESTERN BUSINESS COLLEGE and Shorthand Institute, E. H., Fritch Prin, N E cor Douglas & Topeka
Southwick, N. M., night watch W W Groc Co, r 917 n Emporia
Soule, H. L., Photographer at Rogers Photo Gallery 106 e Douglas, r s market
Soule, Lucius, barber, r 611 n Mead
Spalton, Geo E., loan agt, r 224 n Topeka
SPANGLER, E. R., (Caswell & Spangler, Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, 240 n Main), r 625 n Waco
Spannan, Lewis, laborer, r 1149 n Cleveland
Sparkes, John, cabinet mkr, r 1002 s Waco
Sparkes, James, laborer, r 414 s Emporia
Sparkes, J. F. dairyman, r 2703 e First
Sparkes, Jay T., laborer, r 405 Ida
Sparkes, Lizzie, wks City Hotel
Sparkes, Sanford, farmer, r 937 n Washington
Spaulding, F. W., real estate, r 1015 w Mulberry
Spaulding, T. S., carpenter, r 1614 e Boston
Spauneagle, Adam, section hand MO PAC, r 208 n Millwood w s 
Spaun, H. C., laborer, r 616 n Mead
Spaur, Edgar E., hack driver, r 445 Ave C
Spaur, T. J., laborer, r 1638 n 4th
Spaur, Wm W., r 445 Ave C
Speece, D. F., laborer, r 410 Stephen
Speed, Claude, wks Supt off Santa Fe, r 510 e William
Speed, L. B., r 510 e William
Speed, Tad, r 510 e William
Speed, W. B., wks Santa Fe, r510 e William
Spellman, J. D., blacksmith shop car wks, r 3719 n 5th
Spence, James, carpenter, r 433 s Orchard
Spencer, A., laborer, r ab 2345 n Main
Spencer, A. D., bkpr Dolds, r 1332 n Emporia
Spencer, A. E., clk Arey Furniture Store, r 709 Maple
Spencer, C., shoemkr 421 e Douglas, r s emporia
Spencer, Charley, wks W Planing Mills, r 426 Riverview
Spencer, E. J., abstractor, notary 152 n Market, r 212 n Waco
Spencer, Geo K., wks livery barn 114 n Topeka, bds Packers hotel
Spencer, H. N., (Hackney & Spencer), r rm 6 ab 126 n Main
Spencer, Lawrence, mailer Eagle off, r 1222 e Blaine
Spencer, L. H., commission man stock yds, r 1439 n Lawrence
Spencer, Lucy, r 760 Dayton w s
Spencer, Mrs. Phebe, r 1222 e Blaine
Spencer, S. M., laborer, r 6212 s Mosley
Sperry, Miss Ida L., guitar teacher, r 3121 Indiana
Sprague, G. F., cigar mkr, r 406 e Douglas
Sprague, Miss Nettie, r 518 Wabash
Sprague, Samuel, butcher, r 518 Wabash
Spriege, Saml, (Briggs & Spriege), r 515 Wabash
Springborn, Wm, tailor Swab & Glosser, r 1101 Wabash
Springborn, Wm M., cigar mkr, r 1101 s Water
Springgate, Jas B., r 110 e 14th
Spuepple, Grant, barber at 815 w Douglas, r 125 s Sycamore w s 
Spurrier, James, printer the Star, r 703 s Market
Spurrier, T. B., mechanic, r 703 s Market
Squires, E. D., prop restaurant 206 n Main, r 430 Stevens
Stack, Morris J., fireman, r 1547 n Fifth
Stackhouse, Daniel, r 1724 n 4th
Stackmann, Frs. Fred, r Faulkner
Stafford, A. A., enginr Natatorim, bds 519 s Market
Stafford, James F., gunsmith 109 s main, r 1641 Fairview
Stafford, J. M., r 1313 s Emporia
Stafford, Miss Josie, r 16461 Fairview
Stage, A. P., r 317 n Emporia
Stage, I. T., prop W novelty Wks, r 319 n Emporia
Stallings, B. W., manf Palmole Toilet Soap, r 526 w Douglas
Stallings, D. W. & Sons, mang Palmole Toilet Soap, r 526 w Douglas
Stallnigs, Willa M., wks Palmole Toilet Soap fact, r 307 s seneca w s 
St. Aloysoius Catholic Church cor 4th and 2nd, Rev. J. Henry Tihens pastor
St. Aloysoius School cor 4th and 2nd, charge Sisters Charity
Stalcup, Florence, r 1439 n Lawrence
Stamaths, Miss May, r 251 n Market
Stancer, Mrs. Amanda, r 537 Plum
Stancer, Geo. A., wks B. Levi, r 236 n Morris
Stancer, Wm., miner, r1208 n Lawrence
Stanley, Alvin J., real estate, r 313 n First
Stanley, Chas R., janitor Franklin School, r 821 McCormick w s 
Stanley, James, farmer, r 821 McCormick w s 
Stanley, Miss Minnie, bkpr Palmer meat mrkt, bds 410 w Central
Stanley, V. K., real estate off 228 e Douglas, r 1523 s Lawrence
Stanley, W. E., (Sluss & Stanley), r cor Gilman & Riverside
Stanley, Wm S., contr, r 313 n Short
Stanley, Miss Zella, r ab 311 e Douglas
Stansell, C. L., clk at 104 w Douglas, rms ab 603 e Douglas
Stansburg, E. T., r 1711 s Lawrence
Stansbury, Frank, Atty at Law, bds 304 e Third
Stansbury, John F., (O’Brien & Stansbury), r 516 n Topeka
Stanton, Ellen, r 1002 w Maple w s 
Stanton, Mary, r 1002 w Maple w s 
Stanton, Michael, grocer, r 1002 w Maple w s
Stanton, Wm, clk, r 1002 w Maple w s 
Stapleton, J. O., carpenter, r 414 s Emporia
Star Grocery, 322 n Fourth, J. N. Mounts prop
Starr, A. K., clk at 206 e Douglas
Starr, Miss Anna, r 213 s Topeka
Starr, W. M., publisher and prop Western Methodist, r 239 s Market
Startzmann, Ezra, pump repair shop 916 e Douglas, r 228 n Washington
Startzmann, J. E., pump repair shop 916 e Douglas, r 228 n Washington
STATE NATIONAL BANK, b. Lombard, Jr. Pres, L. D. Skinner cashier, s w cor Douglas and Main
Stathem, Albert, real estate, r 1233 n Mead
Stathem, S., plaster, r 963 n Mead
Stattleman, Andrew, butcher, r 259 n Emporia
Stattleman, J. P., horsrman, bds 259 n Emporia
Staunton, H., groceries & Feed, r 1020 w Maple w s
St. Dennis, F. B., switchman Mo PAC Ry, r 804 Eagle
Steam Bakery, W. B. Lyon & Co props 812 e Douglas
Steam Dental Office, J. C., Wilson prop ab 118 e Douglas
STEARNS, E. B., engraver on wood ab 123 n Market rm 22, r ab 1104 w Douglas
Stearns, Joseph, printer, bds 1104 w Douglas
Stearnes, Elizabeth, r 802 s Water
Stearnes, Geo, r 1247 s Philip w s 
Stearnes, Jno, r 430 e Douglas Richland blk
Stearns, Sarah, r 147 s Philip w s 
Steck, Frank G., commisn mrchnt stock yds
Steck, John, firnman Gas Wks, r 400 w Douglas
Steels, Alexander, (Alex Steel & Son 117 n Main), r 1218 n Market
STEEL, ALEX & SON, dlrs in Hardware, Cook Stoves and Ranges, Pumps, Mechanics tools and Tinware 117 n Main
Steele, D., Butcher shop and 2nd hand store, r 427 e 18th
Steele, Geo F., (S & Son), r 1218 n Market
Steele, John, carpenter, r 1036 n Emporia
Steele, Saml, feed store 722 e Douglas, r abv 714 e Douglas
Steele, Miss Susan, domestic, r 409 n Main
Steele & Walker, wholesale grocers, F. C. Wood mngr, 124 s Lawrence
Steele, Wm H., clk Alec Steele & Son, r 1218 n Market
Steffee, Dave, teamster, r 21st and Topeka
Steffee, J. G., attorney 304 sedg blk, r 246 Mathewosn
STEFFEN, NICHOLAS, Prop Bonton Bakery and Candy Kitchen, r 320 n Market
STEINBUCHEL & BRO, Insurance, Real Estate and Loans abv 111-113 n Main
Steinbuchel, H., (S & Bro), r cor 1st and Indiana
Steinberger, Harvey, Start Market, r 607 e Douglas
Steinberger, Horace, wks DuPlan, rms 607 e Douglas
Steinhaus, Miss Della, student, r 941 Ida
Steinmeyer, Mrs. Anna, r 741 Laura
Steinmeyer, Chas, laborer, r 741 Laura
Steinmeyer, Fred, Laborer, r 741 Laura
Stelts, Miss Bessie, r 1203 Bitting
Sterns, Alfred, porter Logan House, r same
Stephens, Edward, paper hngr for Young Bros
Stephens, Mrs. N. A., physician, r 205 s Water
Stephens, Ralph, farmer, r 205 s Water
Stephens, N. L., clk Wichita Grocery Co, r 412 w Central
Stergeon, John, wks City stables
Sterling, Oscar, laborer, r 703 s Topeka
Sterling, John J., printer, r 1132 s Main
Sternberg, O. E., carpenter, e 312 n Mosley
Sternberg, Wm O., foreman Eagle off, r 1130 Bitting
Stetler, Joe, clk M & McN, r 416 w Third
Stevens, Bertie, r 1342 s Emporia
Stevens, Deusie, companion, r 1342 s Emporia
Stevens, Herbert, wks Santa Fe freight off, bds 228 s Emporia
Stevens, Mary, r 1357 s Fifth
Stevens, Philip G., paper hanger, r 100n Mead
Stevenson, R. W., Supt City Schools, r 409 e Central
Stevenson, Robt W., Jr., student, r 409 e Central
Stevenson, H., laborer, r 1029 n Market
Stever, D. M., retired minister, r 304 w Third
Stever, Miss M. Bell, teacher, r 304 w Third
Stever, Miss Minnie H., stenog, r 304 w Third
Steward, Ed, laborer, r 217 n Fifth
Steward, Miss Nellie, r 217 n Fifth
Stewart, C. E., clk Jones’ grocery 222 e Douglas, r 619 s Water
Stewart, C. M., groceries and feed, r 613 w Douglas w s 
Stewart, C. R., wks bath rm Wichita Steam laundry, r 540 n Water
Stewart, Mrs. Flor, r 416 n Mosley
STEWART IRON WORKS, (R C S & W A S), 331 to 343 s Washington
Stewart, Jas, laborer, r 1157 n Lawrence
Stewart, Jas, r 1448 n Mosley
Stewart, J. J., wks L C Jackson, r 1201 Pattie
Stewart, J. G., wks L C Jackson, 1201 Pattie
Stewart, Jos, butcher at 214 n Main, r 1157 n Mosley
Stewart, John, farmer, r 206 n Fourth
Stewart, L. C., blacksmith 124 w Douglas
Stewart, L. F., farer, r 2003 Hancock w s 
Stewart, Martha, r 345 n Fern w s
Stewart, M., r Hotel Metropole
Stewart, Mrs. M. B., r 408 s Water
Stewart, Orla K., carpenter, r 1547 n Boston
Stewart, R. C., (Stewart Irons Works), r 1059 n Topeka 
Stewart, Robt, r cor 1st and Moser
Stewart, W. A., (Stewart Iron Works), 1044 n Lawrence
Stewer, Lizzie, domestic, r 1017 n Emporia
St. Francis Hospital, 957 n Fourth
St. Francis Sister, r 310 Ohio
Stice, Wm, clk Finlay & Ross, r 400 s Main
Stiles, J. W., painter, r 618 s Topeka
Stiles, Milton, sollictr Wichita Steam Dye Wks, r 709 n Ohio
Stilliman, Stewart, laborer, bds 21st and Topeka
Stillwell, A. W., trav freight agt Santa Fe, r 303 Wabash
Stillwell, Willia, student, r 303 Wabash
Stinekriner, Doc, cooper, bds Union hotel
Stines, Henry, laborer, r 538 n Topeka
Stinson, C. A., trav man, r 821 n Topeka
Stinson, Mrs. Eva C., r 821 n Topeka
Stipp, Aretas, r 946 n North
Stippich, Louis, prop Boston Shoeing shop, r 215 s Wichita w s 
Stites, Mrs. Catherine, r 306 n Market
Stites, Miss Lillie, r 306 n Market
Stitzel, Mrs., r 1055 Ellis
Stiver, Miss Agnes, wks Wallace Peters 529 n Waco, r same
Stiver, B., farmer, r 107 n Hydraulic
St. JOHN, DR., P. D., Physician & Surgeon, off 120 e Douglas, r 412 e Elm, Telephone No 12
St. JOHN, J. ADA, Physician, r 412 e Elm, Phone No 12
Stobby, G. W., laborer, r 18th and Emp
Stobby, Stewrd, motoneer st ry, r 18th and Emp
Stocker, O. B., (O B S & Co), r abv 143 n Water
Stocker, O. B. & Co, lime and mantles, 143 n Water
Stockert, Geo, motoneer, r 432 Sherman
Stockert, John, motoneer, r 432 Sherman
Stockinger, Wm, plumber, r 1068 n Market
Stoddard, Mrs. C. M., r abv 407 e Douglas
Stoffer, Melvin, fireman Whittaker P H, r 2004 n Main
Stone, Mrs. C. H., r 10353 n Lawrence
Stone, F. R., prop livery barn 311 n Main
Stone, A. J., r 18th and Emporia
Stone, Jas V., trav salesmn, r 244 Cleveland
Stone, J. R., real estate, r 153 n Fourth
Stone, Miss Laura B., r 153 n Fourth
Stone, Mrs. Maria, r 1205 Bitting
Stone, Mrs. M. H., r 1035 n Lawrence
Stoner & Andrews, painters 118 s Main
Stoner, Edward C., (S & Andrews), r 318 S Lawrence
Stonebraker, S. H., railroad man, r s Broadway
Storage Warehouse 155 n Empoia
Storr, Wm, janitor Getto blk, r rm 28 same
Story, Chas, student, r 231 Laura
Story, Henry, laborer, bds Exchange Hotel
Story, S. S., wks 4th ave Livery, r 829 s Topeka
Story, Thos, carpenter, r 231 Laura
Story, Wm, wks Cracker factry, r 231 Laura
Stotts, I. S., wks Whittakers P H, r 713 Robt w s 
Stout, Miss Bell, r 829 s Lawrence
Stout, Clent, motoneer, r 1545 n Fourth
Stout, Mrs. Hannah, r 829 s Lawrence
Stout, W. F., carpenter, r 3334 n Fourth
Stout, W. F., mngr Kas & Texas Coal Co, bds The Tremont
Stough, C. L., (S & Carey), r Hotel Carey
Stoutemyer, I. N., r 330 n Market
Stover, Chas A., clk grocery 517 e Oak, r 719 n Fourth
Stover & Co, groceries, 517 e Oak
Stover, Miss Etta, clk M & McN, r 719 n Fourth
Stover, Geo W., oil wagon, r 833 n Cherry
Stover, Saml D., com traveler, r 435 s James
Stover, Saml, prop grocery 517 e Oak, r 719 n Fourth
Stover, Mrs. S. D., r 526 w Third
Stratton, Irvin, attorney 403 e Douglas, r 125 Hillside
Strawn, Miss Gertie, r 1027 n Water
Street, Dr. S. S., dentist abv 143 n Main, r 413 s Water
Streeter, Chas W., switchman, r 313 n Fourth
Strickland, Calvin, carpenter, r 1428 s Lawrence
Strickland, Miss Elizabeth, r 405 James
Strickland, J. J., real estate, r 701 w Central
Strickland, Norman P., real estate, r 405 James
Strickland, Jos, real estate, r 405 James
Strickler, Richard, wks Wichita bottling wks, r 218 s Laura
Strode, Bryan, jeweler 537 n Main, r 2004 n Ohio
Strode, Geo W., jeweler 425 e Douglas, r 118 s Emporia 
Strode Jewelery Store 537 n Main
Strohmarer, Frederic, r 16th and Garland
Strong, Geo C., real estate and loan broker, r 1501 Fairmount (resides in Tennessee)
Strong, Mrs. Lucy, r 314 n Lawrence
Strotke, Geo, prop lunch room 800 e Douglas
Stroud, Isaac, laborer, r 1324 n Wichita
Stroud, R. A., trav salsmn, r 935 s Lawrence
Struble, Emanuel, horse dlr, r 1135 n Waco
Struble, Miss Maud, r 1135 n Waco
Stubenhaven, John, cigar maker, r Doug and Ida
Stucj, Fred, laborer, r 435 s Fourth
Stuckey, Fred H., salsmn, r 329 n Emporia
Stuckey, Miss Lucy, teacher, r 329 n Emporia
Stuckey, M. M., carpenter, r 329 n Emporia
Stuckey, Miss Minnie, teacher, r 329 n Emporia
Stuckey, S. M., salsmn, r 329 n Emporia
Studebaker Warehouse, 205-209 n Water, Z. T. Baker agt
Stumpff, Ladd P., stone cutter, r 1202 Fannie
Sturdevant, A. M., (S & S), rms 602 s Water
Sturdevant & Sturdevant, lawyers rms 5-6 abv 138 n Main
Strudevant, W. L., (S & S), rms 602 s Water
Sturgeon, Ed, wks W. T. Bishop & Sons, r 232 n Main
Stutes, fireman Whitakers P H, r Twentieth
Suesz, O. J., Upholster 131 n Market, bds Occidental
Suhm, August, farmer, r Faulkner
Suhm, Carl, dairy, r Litchfield
Suhre, Henry, painter, r 1103 n Cherry
Sulcer, Mrs., laundress at Occidental
Sullivan, Chas, contractor, r Moser and Douglas
Sullivan, C. T., trav salsm W W Grocery Co, r 412 s Water
Sullivan, Ed J., opr at W U tel Co, r 319 s Exposition w s 
Sullivan, Jas, carpenter car wks, r 3413 n Fourth
Sullivan, Jas, con Mo Pac Ry, r 637 n Water
Sullivan, J. F., contractr and bldr, r 205 s Park
Sullivan, John, machinist, bds 21st and Topeka
Sullivan, P., machinist car wks, r Mead and 35th
Summit, Benj, janitor Park School, r 1247 n Mead
Summer, L. G., barber at 326 e Douglas, r Richland blk
Summer, G. M., horse dlr, r 1622 Campbell w s 
Sumption, Bion E., carriage shop, r 1418 s Fourth
Sumption, G. W., cement contr, r 847 s Lawrence
Sumption, O. D., cement contr, r 847 s Lawrence
Suter, Wm, laborer, r rm 16 ab 1105 e Douglas
Sutton, Mrs. A. M., r 634 Wabash
Sutton, Geo, grocer, bds 638 n Washington
Sutton, G. W., prop grocers 800 e Oak, r same
Sutton, Harry, police, r 212 Sumner
Sutton, James A., carpenter, r 424 s Emporia
Sutton, Wm, grocery 800 e Oak, r 638 n Washington
Sutton, Wm B., carpenter, 846 Martinson w s 
Sutton, W. L., bridge foreman, r 846 Martinson w s
Swab, F. W., (Swab & Glosser), r 1603 s Water
Swab & Glosser, (F. W. Swab & T. B. Glosser), tailors 145 n Main
Swain, Miss Gertrude, student High School, r over 151 n Emporia
Swain, Mrs. Ella, r ab 151 n Emporia
Swain, J. G., clk 108 n Main r 431 s Main
Swain, Mrs. Hattie, bdgkspr, r 257 e Second
Swarenger, John, painter, r 1732 Campbell
Sweazy, Anthony, plasterer, r 937 n Market
Sweeney, Mrs. Emma B., r 518 Wabash
Sweeney, Redmond N., painter, r 425 Stephen
Sweet, F. W., supt W Electric Ry Co, r 638 n Market
Sweet, Jay, r 225 n 5th
Sweet, R. C., wks Blackwelders off, r 638 n Market
Sweet, Thomas, butcher, r 516 e First
Sweet, W. W., contr, r 638 n Market
Sweezey, J. W., rms Leland Hotel
Sweney, Frank A., painter, r 602 s Market
Sweiter, Henry, off ab 410 e Douglas, r 1231 s Hydraulic
Swentzell, G. L., com merchant stock yds, r 1028 n F
Swentzell, Wm M., (Aldrich & Swentzell druggist 110 e Douglas), r 25 Litchfield
Swerdfarger, Henry, clk at H. M. Jones grocery 220 e Douglas, r 1029 Jackson
Swift, Henry H., supt B Stock Car Co, r 1340 n Topeka
Swofe, Capt Geo L., carpenter, r 3450 n 5th  
Sivyers,  P., r 234 s Mosley
Sylvers, G. P., barber, r 329 n Main
STURDEVANT & STURDEVANT, (A M & W  L), Lawyers, off ab 138 n Main, rms 5-6
Tabler, Clara I., r 307 s Dodge w s 
Taft, T. F., r 116 s Green
Talbert, Frank E., floor walker Boston Store, r 716 n Emporia
Talcott, E. S., clk 202 e Douglas, r 201 n Lawrence
Tallman, C. W., farmer, r 1121 McCormick
Tandy, J. E., house mover, r 247 Pennsylvania
Tangney, D. J., prop Exchange Hotel, cor 18th and Emporia
Tank, Mrs. Tillie, r 1731 Wabash
Tankersly, Maggie, r 421 n Short
TANNER, D. W., Druggist 728 e Douglas, r same
Tanner, Mrs. Loda, dressmkr, r 225 n Mead
Tanner, Mrs. S., D., r 1639 n Strong
Tarbill, Doc, cigar stand 803 w Douglas w s 
Tartar, Wm T., wks City Mills, sr 1113 e Douglas
Tarter, Miss Eleanor, dressmkr, r 355 n Market
Tarter, Frank, teamster, r 347 Ohio
Tarter, Mrs. L. P., bdgh kpr, r 355 n Market
Tart, James, street sprinkler, works for Daisy & V, r 123 s Topeka
Tate, Miss Lydia, dressmkr, r 150 Lulu
Tatgenhorst, H., r 528 s Water
Tatgenhorst, L. C., proprietor cigar factory, 317 e Douglas, r 528 s Water
Tatman, Cora, r 203 n Osage
TATTERSALL, R. F., Grocer, 256 n Main, Telephone 183, r 429 n Topeka
Taylor, A., farmer, r 1704 s Mosley
Taylor, Arwood, teamster, r 1650 s main
Taylor, August, confectioner 335 w Doug, r same
Taylor, Chas, clk, Munson & McN, bds 414 w Central
Taylor, David F., machinist, r 2501 n Lawrence
Taylor, Edwin, prop City Stables, rms W C T U
Taylor, Miss Ella, domestic, r 346 n Topeka
Taylor, Geo, laborer, r 2501 n Lawrence
Taylor, Colonel H. J., Commissioner of Elections, r 304 n Lawrence
Taylor, John, yard man at Manhattan hotel
Taylor, John B., wks Oak Davidson
Taylor, John L., carpenter, r 520 s Osage
Taylor, J. Howard, carpenter, r 520 s Osage
Taylor, J. S., brakeman Santa Fe, r 803 e Central
Taylor, J. S., blacksmith, r 203 Laura
Taylor, J. W., teamster, r 1650 s Main
Taylor, Lee, Fire Insurance off under Citizens Bank, r 1905 n Main
Taylor, Miss Lillian, r 602 s Market
Taylor, Miss Luella, r 1725 e Douglas
Taylor, L. M., driver Adams Ex, r 300 s Main
Taylor, Miss Mamie, r 330 s Fourth
Taylor, Miss Minnie, r 2501 n Lawrence
Taylor, Milton, trader, r 1206 s Emporia
Taylor, Mrs. M. A., houskpr, r 1725 e Douglas
Taylor, Myrtle, clk at 152 n Main
Taylor, Dr. O. J., physician at Cty Hospital, off 254 n Main, r 1105 n Fourth
Taylor, Ray, clk in Commissioner of Elections off, r 304 n Lawrence
Taylor, Miss Rilla, teacher, r 1206 s Emporia
Taylor, Wm, tailor, r 528 Riverview
Taylor, William, wks North Main Street Photo Gallery, r 605 n Main
Taylor, W. E., wks Mammoth Stables, rms 114 s Main
Taylor, W. G., laborer, r 1543 n Fourth
Taylor, Wm G., canvasser, bds Centropolis
Tiemish, Miss Annie, domestic 336 n Main
Telegraph College, room 51 Zimmerly block
Teller, Col, bds Union Hotel
Telyea, Wellington, cook, r 212 e Waterman
Temple, Miss Edna I., r 226 w Oak
Temple, Oliver, laborer, r 1158 s E
Temple, T. J., r 1158 s E
Temple. W. H., sign writer, r 226 e Oak
Temple, W. C., wks L M Cox, r 226 w Oak
Tennesson, Anna, r 117 n Topeka
TENNEY, LEWIS, Dealers in staple and fancy groceries, foreign and domestic fruits. Goods delivered to any part of city, 815 n Main
Terrill, Dr. J. H., (Purdy & T), r 151 n Topeka
Terrill, J. W., r 311 e Douglas
Terrill & Prudy, phys, off abov 156 n Main
Terry, Walter, shoemkr 345 e 26th
Testard, Chas, bkpr Citizens Bank, bds Metropole
Tester, Lewis, painter, r 12115 e First
Teter, Mont, wks hay press, r 217 Pattie
Tetts, Heney, laborer, bds hotel Burton
Twemy, Oilver H., real estate, bds Logan hotel
Texas Express Co, 120 n Market
Thacher, C. B., civil engineer, r 628 n Emporia
Thayer, H. A., carriage painter, bds 412 n Market
The American Savings and Invest Association ab 129 e Douglas, R. A. Sankey pres
The Beacon, Daily and dWeekly, Smith & Richardosn, publishers, 121 n Market
The Equitable Trust and Investment Co, 301 n Main, B. W. Perkins pres
The “Fair” Variety Store, L. D. Breedlove prop 313 e Douglas 
the Fashion Stables, Scarth & Riley props 117 s Water
The Johnston & Larimer Dry Goods Co, (W W J, Sr, G W L, W W J, Jr), 119-121-123 n Topeka
The League, 132 n Topeka
The Mirror, E. L. McKenzie, editor ab 102 w Douglas
The Wichita Grocery, J. R. Holliday prop 217 e Douglas
The Wichita Gas, Electric Light and Power Co, Robert Darney, Superintendent, City off 116 s Market
Thomas, Miss Adda, r 533 s Mosley
Thomas, Miss Beatrice, r 536 n Lawrence
Thomas, Benj, prop lunch stand, r 541 n Water
Thomas & Co, livery stable 114-116 n Topeka
Thomas, C. S., horse dlr, r 1255 Fannie
Thomas, Eva, r 634 n Market
Thomas, H. J., engineer, r 233 Mathewson
Thomas, Miss Helen, dressmkr, r 708 n Cleveland
Thomas, James, wks Santa Fe ticket off, r 312 s Emporia
Thomas, Mrs. Jennie, r 217 s Fourth
Thomas, John, laborer, rms 323 n Main
Thomas, John, r 1457 n Lawrence
Thomas, J. F., r 326 n Topeka
Thomas, Jno W., livery stable 116 n Topeka, r 1316 n Vassar
Thomas, Miss Lena, wks Hotel Centropolis, r 605 n Main
Thomas, Miss Lizzie, domestic, r 907 n Water
Thomas, L.J., wks Consolidated Oil Co, r 610 w Pine w s 
Thomas, Mellison, r 1457 n Lawrence
Thomas, M. L., railroader, r 417 s Topeka
Thomas, Obediah, yd man W M Pond Co, r 1457 n Lawrence
Thomas, Robt, waiter, r 217 s Fourth
Thomas, Mrs. R. A., r 315 s Washington
Thomas, Mrs. Sarah A., r 213 New York
Thomas, Mary J., r cor 28th and 5th
Thomas, Wm, carpenter, r 720 Elizabeth w s 
Thomas, W. A., (Houck & Thomas real estate), r 536 n Lawrence
Thomas, W. L., r 536 n Water
Thomas, Wm M., carpenter, r 529 n Water
Thomas, _____, r 926 s Emporia
Thompson, Angelo, laborer, r 225 Wichita
Thompson, B. F., asst engr water wks, r 1190 w Central
Thompson, Miss Bessie, domestic 320 s Main
Thompson, Carl, wk Hyde & Humble stat Co, r 926 s Emporia
Thompson, Miss Clara, domestic 426 Waco
Thompson, Corwin, grocer, r 413 Stephen
Thompson, Cox, r 1243 Fannie
Thompson, D. H., laborer, r 620 e Elm
Thompson, Miss Florence, domestic 531 s Market
Thompson, Frank, laborer, rr 620 e Elm
Thompson, Geo S., janitor Grant Bldg, r 325 s Main
Thompson, Ira, laborer, r 3425 n Emporia
Thompson, John, bds 231 s Water
Thompson, J. B., barber 115 w Douglas, r 239 s Market
Thompson, Mrs. J. C., r 117 n Market
Thompson, J. G., r 110 w Douglas
Thompson, John S., clk Supt off Santa Fe, r 1117 n Market
Thompson, John S., Jr., wks S Fe off s 5th, r 1117 n Market
Thompson, Joseph C., agt Thos Shaw, r 419 s Market
Thompson, Miss Lizzie, milliner Munson & McN, r 814 n Market
Thompson, Mrs. M. J., r over 149 n Emporia
Thompson, Newton, laborer, r 620 e Elm
Thompson, N. W., r 1116 s Topeka
Thompson, Wm, farmer, r 2217 n Arkansas
Thompson, Wm., r 1900 s Wichita
Thorn, Miss Ada L., stenog, r 130 Lulu
Thorn, Mrs. E. A., r 332 n Washington
Thorn, Ed. S., clk 724 e Douglas, bds 332 n Washington
Thornbro, J. C., train dispatcher MO PAC Ry, r 124 n Main
Thornton, Bell, teacher ay Harry st School, r 1561 s Lawrence
Thornton, J. R., teamster, r 726 n Market
Thornton, Mrs. S., dressmkr, r 726 n Market
Thorp, B. L., dentist at 144 n Main, r 210 Mathewson
Thorp, C. O., druggist, r 210 Mathewson
Throckmorton, W. B., lawyer, off Citizens Bank Bldg, r 1031 n Topeka
Thurman, F. G., porter Manhattan
Thurston, D. F., pres Kans Conference M E church, r 815 e Oak 
Tice, Mary, domestic 834 n Market
TIHEN, J. HENRY, Rector Pro-Cathedral, (Catholic church), r 357 n Fourth
Tihen, Miss Lizzie, r 357 n Fourth
Tilley, Miss Laura, r 204 s Lawrence
Tilley, _____, painter with Leonard
Timmons, Mrs. Elizabeth, r 249 n Fourth
Timmons, Frank, wks Henry Schad, r 249 n Fourth
Timmons, G. W., harnessmkr, r 249 n Fourth
timmons, Richard A., surveyor, r cor Huron & Delaware
Timmons, Saml, printer Ks Star, r 249 n Fourth
Tipton, J. B., merchant 316 s Fourth, r 324 s Fourth
Tipton, Mrs. J. B., tailoress, r 324 s Fourth
Tipps, James, cook, r 324 n Main
Titteington, D., laborer, r 906 n Wichita
Tobias, Archibald, jeweler 138 n Main, r 906 e Central
Tobias, Geo Z., jeweler 138 n Main, r 906 e Central
Tobias, Wm, farmer, r 225 n Fifth
Tockham, Henry, tailor, r 437 n Spruce
Todd, Henry, wks 930 e Douglas, r 403 s Washington
Todd, Frank, student, bds 1200 w Douglas
Todd, Jane L., r 3728 e Second
Todd, Jas H., grain dlr, r 1501 Fairmount
Todd, Miss Sadie, clk Yucca Soap Co, r 403 s Washington
Todd, W. F., r cor Maple & Highland
Togg, W. W., ticket agt S Fe off 158 n Main, bds Manhattan Hotel
Tognetti, Frank, restaurant, r ab 412 e Douglas
Tole, Kittie, waitress at Occidental
Toler, Edwin C., student, r 431 Waco
Toler, H.G., stock breeder, r 431 Waco
Toler, H. G., Jr., student, r 4341 Waco
Toler, M.F., dentist ab 114 n Main, r 431 Waco
Tolman, Miss Mattie, wks W Steam Laundry
Tomer, Harry F., elevator man, r 230 Wabash
Tomlinson, Wm, car builder, r 3535 n 4th
Toms, Frank, miner, Ornogo, MO, r 440 n 14th
Topeka and Wichita Watch Club, James Ellis mngr, 425 e Douglas
Topp, Benj, coachman for J P Allen
Topping, Chas P., lumber dealr, bd Carey
Topping, L. C ., lumber dlr, bds Carey 
Torrence, Mrs. Euphemia, r 209 e Douglas
Torrington, R. E., dist Freight agt Santa Fe and Frisco lines, off 158 n Main, bds Carey
Tosch, Chas J., tailor at Miller & Hull, r 323 n Market
Townsend, Elmer E., wks feed mill 622 n Main, r 727 Ida
Townsend, Jno D., feed mill 622 n Main, r 727 Ida
Townsend, J. M., bill clk Johnston & Larimer, r 535 Cleveland
Townsend, Miss Minerva, teacher, r 727 Ida
Townsend, Myers, entry clk Johnston & Larimer, r 535 Cleveland
Townsend, W. E., barber 205 e Douglas
Toy, J. W., harnmkr 121 e Douglas, rms 313 s Lawrence
Toy, W. W., prop peoples hat and dye wks, r 125 s Lawrence
Trabue, Ollie, stamp deputy in Revenue off Govt bldg
Tracy, C. A., car repairer, r 844 e Oak
Tracy, C. S., wks Santa Fe Co., 844 e Oak
Tracy, Frank, r 1447 River
Tracy, Mary, r 1447 River
Tracy, Philip, student high school, r 844 e Oak
Tracy, Thos, laborer, r 1025 s Water
Trambie, Charlotte, r 933 s Emporia
Traver, Simeon, laborer, 211 s Mosley
Treat, C. S., printer Eagle off
Tremain, Martin, r 615 Ohio
Tremain, W. M., street car driver, r Lulu and Harry
Tremont Hotel, L. R. Cole prop, 220 s Fourth
Trickey, Miss Alice, student, bds n Topeka
Trennock, Jas, att Zimmerly blk, r 847 s Lawrence
Trickler, Henry, painter, r 634 n Washington
TRIMBLE BROS, Hardware, Stoves, Etc, 412 e Douglas
Trimble, J. G., (T Bros), r 149 n Topeka
Trimble, J. G., Jr., mngr T Bros, r 149 n Topeka
Trimble, S. A., harnmkr 121 e Douglas, r 915 s Main
Trimm, Dan, carpenter, bds Lindell hotel
Triplett, Mrs.H., dressmaker, r abv 124 s Lawrence
Tripplett, Miss Jennie, r 1907 n Woodland
Tripplett, Mathias A., farmer, r 1907 n Woodland
Tripplett, Miss Olive, teacher, r 1907 n Woodland
Trobaugh, Clarence, carpenter, r 1144 n Main
Trone, Geo, wks P. Gould, r 1155 s hydraulic
Trone, Geo E., laborer, r 1141 s Hydraulic
Trotter, Lionel S., real estate, r abv 1109 w Douglas
Troupe, W. H. H., book salsmn, r 424 n Water
Trout, G. W., carpenter, r 803 Martinson w s
Trontwine, Wm H., carpenter, r 1423 n Boulvard
Trover, W. D., minister, r 1438 s Lawrence
Trummel, Abraham, laborer, r 357 Lulu
Tucker, Amos, clk, r 1708 n Lawrence
Tucker, Mrs. Amos, nurse, r 1708 n Lawrence
Tucker, E. S., restaurant 113 e Douglas
TUCKER, S. M., Justice of the Peace off rms 12-16 abv 209 n Main, r 1126 Dayton
Tucker, Geo, Laborer, r 1213 n Fourth
Tucker, Herbert, laborer, r 1708 n Lawrence
Tucker, Jessie, student, r 1126 Dayton w s  
Tucker, J. C., clk 113 e Douglas
Tucker, J. H., wks W. T.,Bishop & Sons, r 408 w Central
Tucker, Sebo M., letter seperator P O, r 1708 n Lawrence
Tucker, Walter H., frmn Poultry Home, r 1126 Dayton w s
Tucker, W. R., loan broker off abv 216 e Douglas, r 209 n Topeka
Tuckers Restaurant 113 e Douglas
Tuckett, H., wks city stables
Tuder, J., drayman, r 1061 n Washington
Tuders, Grant r 334 n Seneca w s
Tuders, Geo, r 320 n Walnut w s
Tuders, Geo, gardener, r 341 n Walnut w s 
Tuders, Stephen, gardener, r 341 n Walnut w s
Tuders, Wm M, janitor Court House, r 320 n Walnut w s
Tudors, Anna, r 626 e Waterman
Tull, Chas, wks Hotel Metropole
Tuller, Harry A., student, r 1056 n Emporia
Tuller, H. R., prop Kas Spring Wagon Co, r 1056 n Emporia
Tuller, Mrs., Lena, nurse, r 617 n Emporia
Tullis, Frank, stsone mason, r 1104 n Tarlton
Turley, Robert, conductor St Ry, r 1545 n Fourth
Turnear, Miss Nora, laundress, rms 343 nMain
Turner, Albert, wks MO PAC Freight off, r 416 Sherman
Turner, G. S., cook, r 626 n Water
Tuner, Hall, 1308 s Main
Turner, Jas, atty rm 18 Zimmerly blk, bds at G. W. Sumption’s s Lawrence
Turner, Jas, laborer, r 117 w Texas w s 
Turner, J. G. clk 122 w Douglas, r 623 s Water
Turner, J. R., r 354 n Market
Turner, J. W., cook, r 634 n Water
Turner, Miss Ollie, domestic, r 305 s Water
Turner, Robt M., laborer, r 623 s Water
Turner, Stella, cook, r 1214 n Fifth
Turner, T. E., laborer, r 728 n Water
Turner, W. B., paver, r 609 n Main
Turnock, Hiram, contractor, r 903 s Lawrence
Tusch, Miss Atella, r 240 Emporia
Tusch, Miss Edith, stenog, r 240 n Emporia
Tusch, Miss Emelia, r 240 n Emporia
Tusch, Miss Emma, bkpr, r 240 n Emporia
Ttusch, Wm, grocer 306 e Douglas, r 240 n Emporia
Tuttle, M. S., scavenger 114 s Main, r 1848 s Mead
Tuttle, Robt, expressman, r 135 n Emporia
Tuttle, Z., cattle dealer, r n Topeka
Uhl, Henry, carpenter, r 223 Lulu
Underwood, H. C., janitor Flechheimer bldg, r 211 s Fourth
Underwood, H. M., minister, r 628 n Washington
Union Depot, cor Douglas and Fifth
UNION MEAT MARKET, W. H. Palmer prop, 320 n Main
Union Hotel cor 21st and Topeka
United Presbyterian Church, first st bet Wabash and Ohio, Jas A., Lawrence, pastor
U S Signal Off rm 523 Sedg blk, F. L. Johnsen observer
Union Stock Yards off cor 18th and Emporia
UNITED STATES EXPRESS CO, 203 n Main, J. C. Cassell Agent
VAIL, EDWARD, Jeweler and Engraver 106 e Douglas, r 927 n Topeka
Vallance, Miss Anna, domestic 533 s Market
Valentine, O. M., grocer 151 n Main, bds Occidental
Van, S. H. clk, r 326 s Water
Vanarsdale, T. J., salsemn J T C Co Wholesale Grocers
Vanarsdale, C. P., expres & Baggage master W & W Ry, r 224 n Fourth
Vanatta, Dick, teamster, r 813 s Hydraulic
Vance, Miss Fannie M., teacher, r 703 s Market
Vance, W. L., clk, r 145 Ohio
VanCleve, Rev. L. T., pastor C Christian church, r 712 n Topeka
VanDenberg, John A., secy Ks Sash & Door Co., r 826 e Central
Vanderbeck, Henry, (Daisy & V), r 537 s Water
Vanderbuilt, James, Live Stock Com merchant stock yds, r 1934 n Market
Vanderbuilt, Wm, r 1904 n Market
Vanderventer, R. H., r 1352 S Market
Vandine, A. E., baker, bds 616 n Washington
Vandine, John, laborer, r 616 n Washington
Vandine, Wm, traveling salesmn Hosick & Co, r 616 n Washington
VanDiver & Bryan, Live Stock Commission Merchants W Union Stock Yds
Van Nuys, J. D., (Fordyce & Van N), r 322 Wynona
VanSwearinger, Lewis, clk 348 n Main, r 326 Matthewson
VanSwearinger, T. J., feed store 352 n Main, r 326 Matthewson
Vanvalkenburg, H. H., r 911 w Texas w s 
Vanvalkenburg, John, farmer, r 301 s Osage
VANWERDEN, GEO, Prescription Druggist and Medical Supplies 328 n Main, r 426 w Elm
Vandusen, Mrs. Mary, r 1617 e Oak
VanEaton, Frank H., clk City Shoe Store, r 456 Sherman
VanGundy, Elmore, r 1126 Getto
VanHorn, Frank, lunch counter 711 e Douglas, rms Logan House
VanLandingham, Alf, stockman, r 517 s Orchard w s 
Van Ness, C. A., Co Commission, r 1211 n Lawrence
Vannoy, J. L., physician, off 811 e Oak, r 8131 e Oak
Varner, A. D., printer Beacon off, r 225 s Exposition w s 
Varner, Miss Nellie, milliner A Katz, r 225 Exposition w s 
Varney, I. T., speculator, r 727 s Main
Vaughn, Anna, r s Edward w s 
Vaughn, Miss Josie, domestic, r 445 n Emporia
Venable, Mrs.P. L., r 322 New York
Vennard, Mrs. M. B., r 303 Riverview
Vennard, Miss Lulu, clk at N York Store, r 303 Riverview
VenBryck, Miss Grace, milliner, r 522 n Topeka
Vermillion, Mrs. E., r 421 w Elm
Vermillion, R. R., (Harris & V), r 1204 n Topeka
Vesey, E. J., farmer, r 1904 s Elm
Vesey, Wm, farmer, r 1856 Lulu
Vetter, A. H., wks Huttig Bros, r 1546 s Lawrence
Vial, James, wks Palmole soap wks, r 824 e Oak
VIELE, A., Fire Insurance and Loans, rm 1 Bitting blk, r 113 n Lawrence
Viele, James M., clk, r 1217 Bitting
Viele, Mrs. Kate, r 1217 Bitting
Viele, Maurice C., salesmn Joe the hatter, r 140 n Market
Vienne Bakery, L. Richt prop 224 e Douglas
Vincent, Miss Anna, student, r 635 Wabash
Vincent, Miss Ethela, r 1903 s Mosley
Vincent, Harry C., r 1903 s Mosely
Vincent, Robt P., wks Stewart Iron wks, r 635 Wabash
Vincent, Walter A., lithographer, r 635 Wabash
Vincent, Wm H., gardener, r 1903 s Mosley
VINEY BROS, (G A V & C R V), Painteres and Sign writers 114 w Second
Viney, C. R., dlr in wall paper, paints, oils and glass 116 w 2nd, r 302 n Water
Violet, C. W., tin ware peddler, r 1802 Ellis
Vegeli, joseph L., clk Boston Store, r 318 Cleveland
Viple, Mrs. Sallie, r 531 s Mosley
Voegeli, Miss Louise, domestic 420 s Main
Volk, Gerald, manager A. N. Kellogg Newspaper Co, off first floor of Fletcher blk
Volmer, Hermaine, carpenter, bds Hotel Petzold
Volrath L., repairing & cleaning clothes, r 238 s Market
Volz, Gabriel, laborer, r 1303 Forrest
Voorhies, Mrs. J., P., r Plazza 239 n Lawrence
Voorhees, Wm, live stock dlr, bds Exchange Hotel
Voss, Thos, depty constable, rms 251 n Main
Vought, Henry, r 117 Fannie
Voyles, Mrs. Jennie, bkpr, r 124 Laura
Vreeland, C. M., retired, r 228 s Topeka
Vreeland, T., prop Wichita Dining Hall, r 127 n Market
Waddle, W. M., produce commission 912 e Douglas, r 1323 s Lulu
Wadell, A. J., carpenter, r 803 Eagle
Wade, A. C., wks W W round hs, r 803 s Emporia
Wadley, Mrs. Lizzie, r abv 533 n Main
Wadley, Scott, wks G. W., Harmon, bds 736 Pattie
Wadsworth, Mrs. Susan B., r 708 e Central
Wagner, Miss Annie, r 303 s Main
Wagner, Chas, wks Hotel Metropole
Wagner, Frank, engine wiper, MO PAC, r 420 n Wichita
Wagner, Miss Hattie, clk Boston store, r 219 n Mead
Wagner, Martin C., switchman Santa Fe, r 219 n Mead
Wagner, Mrs. Mary, r 303 n Main
Waid, J. C., wks W W round hs, r 803 s Emporia
Waid, Robt, carpenter, r 803 s Emporia
Wainick, Douglas, brakeman Santa Fe, bds 436 s Emporia
Wainscott, Wm, teamster, r 410 n Wichita w s 
Wait, H. B., r 226 n Mead
Wainwright, Miss M. E., r 1013 n Lawrence
Waldecker, Mrs. J., r Buffman
Walden, A. G., fire marshal, bds Hotel Metropole
Walden, E. B., mail carrier, r 931 s Lawrence
Waldo, Gus, cook, bds abv 120 w Douglas
Waldorf, Chas, farmer, r 506 s Hewitt w s 
Walk, W. H., farmer, r 3729 n Fifth
Walke, Wm, machinist Globe Iron Wks, rms 1102 e Douglas
Walker, Mrs., r 623 n Market
Walker, Aaron, carpenter, r cor 5th and 31st
Walker, A. E., teacher, r 209 Mathewson
Walker, Miss Belle, teacher, r 209 Mathewson
Walker, Carl J., student, r 603 s Lawrence
Walker, Chas A., cash W Nat Bank, r 401 n Emporia
Walker, D. V., (Chapman & Walker), r 1537 n Topeka
Walker, Mrs. Florence, r 2021 Jackson
Walker, Geo T., bkpr L C Jackson, r 149 Ohio
Walker, Miss Hattie, r 209 Mathewsosn
Walker, Jos G., r 732 n Waco
Walker, Jerry, laborer, r 621 n Waco
Walker, Mrs. Louise, r 226 n Mead
Walker, Miss Mary, clk M & McN, r 209 Mathewson
Walker, Roy, stu Bos Col, rms 305 s Water
Walker, Stephen, hostler at Herrons grocery
Walker, W. F., attorney at law abv 142 n Main, r 603 s Lawrence
Wall, C.A., wks Root Bros, r 216 s Fourth
Wall, G. J., gardener, r 1648 Pattie
Wall, Martin P., stu Lewis Acady, r 622 n Fourth
Wall, M. H., r rm 48 Fletcher blk
Wall, T. B., atty (Dale & W), r 622 n Fourth
Wallace, Chas, r 614 e Douglas
Wallace, David J., bkpr Whittakers P H, r 1400 Park Place
Wallace, Geo A., clk, rms 116 n Water
Wallace, Jas L., r 2626 e Central
Wallace, J. B., drug clk, r 610 s Market
Wallace, Jno A., farm Imps, 308-310 e Douglas, r n Lawrence
Wallace, Jno A., asst County Clk, r 2626 e Central
Wallace, Mrs. Mary, laborer, r 1351 n Fifth
Wallas, W. A., r n Washington
Wallasaton, Walter S., atty at law, r 1816 University
Wallenstein, H., (W & Cohn), r 832 n Topeka
WALLENSTEIN & COHN, Props Boston Store, Wholesale Dry Goods, Millinery and Shoes, 103 to 109 e Douglas
Waller, Gale E., r 1547 n Woodland
Waller, Fred W., banker, r 426 n Emporia
Waller, Jno A., student, r 426 n Emporia
Waller, Wm E., salsmn Z. T. Baker, r 1015 s Topeka
Walsh, Mrs. Elizabeth, r 1348 n Topeka
Walsh, H. A., druggist 213 n Main, rms same
Walsh, M. G., boiler maker, r 344 n Fourth
Walter, G. W., speculator, r 452 n Emporia
Walter, Geo W., Jr., Ins. agt r 452 n Emporia
WALTERS, JNO W., Farm & City Loans, Short Time Loans, rms 3-4 Fechheimer blk, bds 414 w Central
Walters, Mrs, cook restaurant abv 146 n Main
Walters, Mrs. Elizabeth, r 428 s Osage w s 
Walters, J. C., retired, r 304 n Lawrence
Walters, Julius, mason, r cor 16th and Goethe
Walters, S., r 2055 n Lawrence
Walton, Albert J., trav man, r abv 822 e Douglas
Walton, Miss Eva M., r 822 e Douglas
Walton, J. W., (Lewelling & Co), r 240 New York
Walton, R. M., janitor Washington school, r 342 New York
Walton, W. D., printer, r 908 e Douglas
Walty, J. H., barber stock yds, r 3629 n Fifth
Wample, Miss Della, dressmaker, r 726 n Market
Wangshank, Anthony, clk Fletchers grocery, r 417 e Lewis
Warble, O. A., clk, bds Keystone hotel
Ware, Harold M., painter, r 1115 e Oak
Wared, Mrs. Anna, r 324 s Market
Ward, A. H., lawyer abv 143 n Main, r 536 s Main
Ward Bros, barbers 109 n main
Ward, Miss Lena, r 324 s Market
Ward, Mrs. C. W., r 537 Riverview
Ward, Elmer, carpenter, r 5337 Riverview
Ward, Miss Etta S., dressmaker n Market, r 820 n Wichita
Ward, Fred, cllctr Crystal Ice Co, r 157 n Topeka
Ward, F. M., barber, r 921 w Central
Ward, Henry, wks MO PAC Ry, r 313 n Walnut w s
Ward, H. O., r 301 Ellis
Ward, J. J., laborer, r 215 Water
Ward, John, real estate, r 820 n Wichita
Ward, Lewis, wks Eagle, r 324 s Market
Ward, Lewis, (W Bros), r 324 s Market
Ward, Mrs. L. B., wks Hotel Goodyear
Ward, Marion (Ward Bros), r 900 w Central
Ward, Mel W., shoe dlr 232 n Main, r same
Ward, Mrs. Mel W., millinery, 232 n Main
Ward, N. J., carpenter, r 1604 Strong
Ward, Richard, cook at Occidental
Warner, Davis D., carpenter, r 1005 n Cleveland
Warren, A. B., manager Warren Chemical Co, r 905 s Lawrence
Warren, A. C., (Chemical Wks), r 905 s Lawrence
Warren, C. H., wks Whittaker, r 1323 n Fifth
Warren, Wm, r 730 s Emporia
Warren Chemical Company, A. B. Warren mngr, 237-239 s Market
Warriner, Mrs. J. A. J., r 204 n Mead
Warwick, D. A., laborer, r 224 n Mead
Wasen, Chas, cook at Occidental
Washburn, F. W., cooper, r cor 2nd and Mosley
Washburn, J. N., carriage manufacturer 114 n Fourth, r 507 e Central
Washburn, Victor A., wks Kansas Buggy Co 114 n Fourth, r 507 e Central
Washburn, J. M., (Kansas Buggy Co) r 507 e Central
Washington School, cor Cleveland and Third
Wasrloveske, Catherine, r 536 n Emporia
Wasserhoehr, Geo N., tinner 823 n Main, r 1145 Lewellen
Waterbury, A. E., teamster, r 1502 s Topeka
Waterbury, N. J., teacher shorthand YMCA bldg, r 1502 s Topeka
Waterburty School of Shorthand & Typewriting, YMCA bldg, N. J. Waterbury prin
Waters, Harry, clk Register of Deeds office, r 437 s Osage w s 
Watkins, Jno E., dry goods 356 n Main, r 840 n Topeka
Watkins, T. A., farmer, r 1336 n Lawrence
Watkins, Thomas, cabinet mkr, r 219 w English
Watkins, Wm, cabinet mkr, r 219 w English
Watrous, E. M., merchant, r 933 s Emporia
Watson, Rev. B. F., pastor African Methodist Episcopal church, r 821 n Water
Watson, Miss C. O., stenog, r 821 n water
Watson, Harry, r Riverside
Watson & Israel, Second Hand Hoods and furniture 603 e Douglas
Watson, Miss Jennie, r 133 n Wichita
Watson, Mrs. M. E., r 3523 n 4th
Watson, Stephen, Farmer, r 1624 n Topeka
Watson, W., (W & Israel), r Car Works
Watson, W. F., r 3627 n 5th
Watts, Mrs., r 713 n Market
Watts, Adam, tiner, r 3616 n Orchard
Watts, F. M., mngr Farmer’s Exchange, r ab 147 n Emporia
Watts, G., wall paper cleaner, r 529 n Fourth
Watts, H., teamster, r 316 n Seneca w s 
Watts, J. A., clerks MO PAC freight off, r 907 n Topeka
Watts, James R., retired, r 807 n Topeka
Watts, W. M., r 320 n Seneca w s
Watts, S. J., blacksmith 120 w 1st, r 121 Green
Way, Aaron, restaurant 110 w Douglas, r 307 n Wichita
Way, Chas L., Ice Cream Parlor 224 e Douglas, r 307 n Wichita
Way, D. H., wks W Pro Co, r 820 s Topeka 
Way, Mrs. E. M., r 820 s Topeka
Way, Harry, clk Wichita Pro Co, r 820 s Topeka
Way, John, carpenter, r 307 n Wichita
Way, T. E., wks W Pro Co, r 820 s Topeka
Way, W. C., steam fitter, r 820 s Topeka
Waynick, J. Belle, elocntionist, r ab 219 s Main
Waynick, Miss Kate, artist, r ab 219 s Main
Waynick, W. W., e ab 219 s Main
Weallans, Joe, clk Dr. Whitlock 119 s Main
Wear, Walter Scott, carriage mkr 519 w Douglas
Weaver, Miss Hattie, r 515 e Central
Weaver, J. E., hrnmkr, r 527 s Seneca w s 
Weaver, Miss Sue M., Teacher, r 515 e Central
Weaver, T. G., janitor YMCA bldg, r 515 e Central
Webb, A. H., division superintendent MO PAC, r 10th & Water
Webb, Mrs. E. S., r 345 Riverview
Webb, M. D., carpenter, r 907 n Water
Webb, Mrs. Sarah, bressmkr, r 907 n Water
Webel, Miss Katie, wks Doug Ave hotel
Weber, A. C., confectioner, r ab 149 n Emporia
Webster, C. H., grocery store at 1022 w Douglas, r 306 s Exposition
Webster School, cor 3rd and Emporia
Webster, W. C., wks Kn “Commoner”, r 1255 s Market
Webster, W. N., cook Carey, r 329 s Fourth
Weed, Miss Ella, domestic, r 151 n Topeka
Weeks, Cynthia, r 858 Martinson w s 
Weeks, Ross, transfer, r 125 s Fourth
Weger, John, r 619 e Oak
Wegmann, Fred, baker, r 306 n Mosley
Wegmann, Henry, baker, r 306 n Mosley
Wegmann, John, baker, r 306 n Mosley
Weigle, W. S., machinist Car Works, r 3515 n Fourth
Weihl, Chas, bookkpr Wichita Produce Co 125 n Market, r 600 s Topeka
Weimer, Geo, r 2019 Shirley w s
Weinschank, Anthony M., clk C. J. Fletcher’s grocery
Weirick, Wm, r 2310 w First w s 
Weiss, Geo, vinegar factory, 2026 n hydraulic
Weiss, Joseph, gardener, r 2021 s hydraulic
Weiss, Otto, agent Halstead Milling & Elevator Co, r 1103 Jackson
Weiss, Wm, wks Wm Griffinstein
Weissenfluh, John, r 216 n Market
Weist, H., laborer, r 701 s Mosley
Weitzel, L, with Tank Line Co, r 734 n Emporia
Welch, Augustus A., r 1040 Getto
Welch, J. E., clk Munson & McNamara, r 318 e 3rd
Welsh, Horace, student, r 231 Cleveland
Welsh, John, rms Leland Hotel
Welsh, J. Milton, physician, r 231 Cleveland
Welsh, Julius, laborer, r 3612 n Orchard
Welsh, Mike, patient St. Francis hospital
Welsh, M. J., farmer, r 1940 s Fifth
Weller, H. M., wks N Y Store , r 806 n Market
Weller, H. N., salesmn Carpet Dept N York Store, r 806 n Market
Weller, O. E., lawyer, rms 513 Sedgwick blk
Weller, Margaret, r 806 n Market
Wellman, R. C., laborer, r 3503 n 4th
Wellman, T. S., carpenter car wks, r 3503 n 4th
Wells, Miss Alice, stenog, bds 414 w Central
WELLS FARGO EXPRESS CO, A. T. Payne agt 103 w Douglas
Wells, G. T., real estate, r South Hall Garfield University
Wells, Gus V., bds Metropole
Welter, Miss Mary, bds 401 n Topeka
Wendel, A. H., physician & surgeon ab 235 n Main, r 1704 s Market
Wenzl, John, r 1115 s Water
Wernecke, Frank, brakeman MO PAC Ry, r 1066 n Water
WERNER, EMIL, prop Wichita Hardware Co, r ab 223 e Douglas
Werner, Frank, carpenter, r 1453 Sherwood
Werner, Lulu, r 1214 n Market
Weitz, Miss Susan, r 1253 n Market
West, Mrs. Bds W C T U
West, C. H., retail cement, r 1904 w Maple w s
West, Miss Cora, teacher, 1904 w Maple w s 
West End Drug Store 128 w Douglas, Butterfield Bros props
West, H. T., clk Bunnell Eno Inv Co, r 717 n Emporia
West, Isaac F., International Loan Co, r 1421 Park Place
West, L. Bates, wks Barber Asphalt Co, r 1256 n Lawrence
West, W. C., r 1306 n Lawrence
WEST SIDE BANK, J. A., Davidson Cashier, A Regular Banking business conducted with care and dispatch, Tele 310
West, Simon, clk at Hettinger Bros, r 425 Sherman
WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO, G. H. Hackett mngr, 114 e 1st, Telephone 23
WESTERN COLLECTION BUREAU, ab 147 n Main, Rohrbaugh & Rauch
Western School of Elocution & Oratory, YMCA bldg, Geo W. Hoss prin
Western Methodist, rms 11-12 Fletcher bldg, W. M. Starr, prop & Pub
Westfall, Chas, printer, r 1005 n Allen
Westfall, Miss Ora, r 1005 n Allen
Westfall, Thos, carpenter, r 1005 n Allen
Westgate, L. D., traveling man, r 609 n Emporia
Westgate, Miss Rosa May, student, B Col, r 609 n Emporia
Wesselhoft, Wm, bkpr, r 209 Indiana
Weston, Mack, laborer, r 813 s Water
Wetmore, _____, r 900 Robert w s 
Wetmore, Mrs. M. A., prop Book Exchange 245 n Market, r 835 s Robert w s 
Wetmore, W. F., wks Kas Nat Bank, r 833 Robt w s
Weyeneth, Miss Edith, teacher, r 1359 s Main
Weyeneth, M. R., teacher, r 1359 s Main
Weyant, Frank, clk 111 s main
Whayland, Lizzie, domestic 723 n Emporia
Whayland, Miss Margaret, r 1035 n Lawrence
Whayland, Miss Mary, domestic, r 1035 n Lawrence
Whalley, Miss Alla, r 915 Pattie
Whalley, James W., laborer, r 116 Lulu
Wheatly, John, laborer, bds Exchange Hotel
Wheatley, Miss Mollie, r 433 s Topeka
Wheeler, Byron, farmer, r 236 s Emporia
Wheeler, Mrs. C., r 130 Lulu
Wheeler, C. L., bkpr Singer Manfg Co, r 1557 s Water
Wheeler, D., (Yucca Soap Co), r abv 1213 e Douglas
Wheeler, Fred, laborer, r 236 s Emporia
Wheeler, Jas, carpenter, r 1110 Hendryx w s 
Wheelus, Miss Rosetta, r 838 s Emporia
Wheelock, Henry, r 810 w Texas 
Whipple, A. W., carpenter, r 147 Mathewson
White, Miss Anna, wks W L W Miller, r Riverside
White, B. S., clk 569 w Douglas w s 
White, Mrs. Drucilla H., r 2525 e Ninth
White, Miss Ella, dressmaker M & McN, r 230 Wabash
White, Mrs. E. H., r 317 n Lawrence
White, E. N., carpenter, r 1857 s Lawrence
White, Mrs. Elizabeth, r 317 n Lawrence
White, G. W., showman, bds 810 s Lawrence
White, Mrs. Jane, r 326 s Water
White, Miss Jeannie, music teacher, bdsd 207 Ohio
White, Louis H., laborer, r 534 s Mosley
White, Miss Maud, wks Candy Kitchen n Main, r 1053 n Mead
White, Miss Mary, domestic, r 305 n Topeka
White, Miss Mary J., r 416 Laura
White, Mrs.Susie, r 1136 w 13th
White, Wm, farmer, r 630 n Water
White, William J., laborer, r 416 Laura
Whitehead, D. G., laborer, r 827 e Central
Whitehead, Mrs. Madge, r 305 e Central
Whiteker, A. E., r ab 600 w Douglas
Whiteker, I. N., laborer, r ab 600 w Douglas
Whiteker, J. S., blacksmith, r 1143 s Wichita
Whiteker, J. W., wagon mkr 600 w Douglas
Whiteker, N. C., teamster, r ab 600 w Douglas
Whiteker, T. J., carrier No 2 at P O, r 433 Sherman
Whiteman, William, tinner, r 911 Fannie
Whiteside, A. N., teacher, r ab 147 n Emporia
Whitford, E. E., r 217 Chatauqua
Whitlock, Albert, physician 119 s Main
Whitlock, B. F., butcher 113 s Lawrence, r 1035 s Topeka
Whitlock, B. L., r 1113 s Lawrence
Whitlock, E. A., oculist and aurist, off 119 s Main, r 121 s Water
Whitlock, Geo F., sterotyper Eagle, r 1132 s Main
Whitlock, Geo F., ins agt, r 604 s Water
Whitlock, F. W., physician, off and r ab 235 s Main
Whitlock, John B., wks cob pipe factory, r 1024 s Lawrence
WHITLOCK & WHITLOCK, Physicians and Surgeons, off 119 s Main, Telephone 143.
Whitmore, A., carpenter, r 1025 n 4th
Whitney, Geo M., bkpr State National, r 1551 Park Place
Whitney, Mattie, r 126 s Osage
Whittaker, J. H., printer, 1604 s Emporia
WHITTAKER, FRANCIS & SONS, Beef and Pork Packers, Telephone No 397
Whitted, Mrs. Polley, laundress r 500 n Wichita
Whitted, W. E., laborer, r 233 w Central
Whitted, Miss Maggie, domestic, r 500 n Wichita
Whitted, Marie, domestic, r 1020 n Lawrence
Whittier, L. G., City Circulator Daily Eagle, r 1249 n Water
Wibking, F. W., Superintendent School Bldg and Grounds, r 210 Wabash
Wibking, Miss Bell, student, r 210 Wabash
Wibking, Dr. O. R., dentist, r 210 Wabash
Wible, C. M., wks car wks, r 3443 n Fifth
Wible, Dean, laborer, r 3443 n Fifth
Widall, Jennie, r 1402 n Topeka
Widall, J. M., foreman at car work, r 1402 n Topeka
Widder, Michael, carpenter car wks, r 3524 n 4th
Widdoes, David, dir in produce, r 557 n Mona
Widdoes, Meredith B., farmer, r 1144 n Ohio
Wichita Art Gallery ab 100-104-106 n Main
Wichita Bicycle Co, 115 s Main, Glass & Slosser props
WICHITA BOTTLING WORKS, Bottlers of Ginger Ale, Champagne Cider Soda Water Standard Nerve Food, western agts for Wm J. Lemps Extra Pale, Fountains furnished and charges a specialty, Otto Zimmerman prop cor 1st and Waco, Telephone 41
WICHITA SHIRT FACTORY & DYE WORKS, A Knowles prop, 134 n Market
Wichita Broom factory, M. A., Fletcher prop, 615 n Main
Wichita Carriage Wrks, cor Water and First
Wichita Childrens Home, Mrs. H. W. Craig Matron, 119 Pennsylvania
Wichita Coal Co, 813 e Douglas
Wichita Cornice Wrks, 133 w Lawrence
Wichita Cracker Co, James W. Garneau mngr, 138-140 n Fourth
Wichita Dining Hall, ab 127 n Market
Wichita Eagle, M. M. Murdock & Bro pubishers, 111 e Douglas
Wichita Electric Railway Co., J. O. Davidson pres, Thos G. Fitch gen mngr, F. W. Sweet supt, off Citzens Bank Bldg
Wichita Elevator, J. G. Miltner & Co props, cor Fourth & First
Wichita Foundry & Machine Shops, J. G. McFarland prop, 114 Wichita
WICHITA GAS, ELECTRIC LIGHT & POWER CO, Chas E. Sharpe mngr, off 116 n Market
WICHITA HARDWARE CO, Wholesale & Retail, 223 e Douglas
Wichita Hospital 1021 s Fourth
Wichita Implement House, Call & Blasdel props, 120 w Douglas
Wichita Loan & Trust Co., W. C. Little pres, 105 e Douglas
WICHITA NATIONAL BANK, M. W. Levy pres, C. A. Walker cashier, s e cor Douglas and Main
Wichita Novelty Wrks, 154 n market
WICHITA MARBLE WORKS, W. E. Marsh prop, 224 n Main
Wichita Overall Factory, 139 n Topeka
WICHITA WATER CO, W. A. Bixby supt, F. D. Aley bkpr Office first floor Sedgwick block, Phone 226
Wichita Planing Mill, J. H. Myers prop, 123 n Wichita
Wichita Planing Mill, V. E. Appleby prop, cor Wichita and Central
Wichita Paper Box Factory Co., T. M. Casad prop, 239 s Market
Wichita Price Current, P. Longlands pub
WICHITA PRODUCE CO, The Leading Wholesale Fruit and Produce House in the City, 125 n Market
Wichita Soap Mnfg Co, 605-607 s Fifth
Wichita Steam Dye Works, C. T. Mutcher prop, 331 w Douglas
WICHITA STEAM LAUNDRY, Garst, Fraser and Garst props. Largest and Most Complete Laundry in the State. Fine work on shirts collars and cuffs, work called for and delivered free of charge, 117-119-121 w First
Wichita Street Ry Electric Plant 1050 n Wichita
Wichita Suit & Overall Factory, G. Giwowsky prop, 715 e Douglas
Wichita Tailoring Co., I. Kaufman mngr, 309 n Main
Wichita Telegraph & Messenger Co, Hackett & Walden prop, ab 116 w Douglas
WICHITA TENT & AWNING CO, E. Cunningham prop, ab 116 w Douglas
Wichita Transfer Line, C. E. Rogers prop, off 117 e 2nd
WICHITA TRUNK FACTORY, Henry Hossfeld prop, 125 w Douglas
Wichita Vinegar Wrks, cor First & Hydraulic
Wichita Water Works Pump House, 1211 w Central
Wichita Wholesale Grocery Co., A Hess pres, 217 s Market
Wichman, Eugene, bricklayer, r 306 s Mosley
Wichman, Wm, Ins agt, r 306 s Mosley
Wichman, Miss Susan, r 306 s Mosley
Wicks, Bert, driver W. T & C Co, rms 338 s Emporia
Wicks, Henry, driver W T & C Co, rms 338 s Emporia
Wiegand, A. W., teacher, r 321 s Topeka
Wieske, Mrs. Martha, r 1531 n Waco
Wight, Miss Almeda E., r 631 n Main
Wight, John A., carpenter, r 3233 w Twelfth
Wight, J. A., prop candy store 631 n Main, r same
Wiggins, Miss Alta, teacher, r 522 n Fourth
Wiggins, Major E. W., civil engineer off Sedgwick block, r 1330 Fairmount
Wiggins, Miss May, r 1330 Fairmount
Wiggs, Miss Kate, milliner Boston Store, bds 302 Riverview
Wiggs, Miss Hattie, r 325 s Main
Wilber, Anna Ruba, r 2147 Shirley w s 
Wilber, Charles E., artist, (San Francisco, Cal), r 16th & Park Place
Wilber, Miss Lillian, r 16th and Park Place
Wilbur, Frank, Clk, r 326 Riverview
Wilbur, I. L. graocer, r 1928 n Emporia
Wilbur, Irving L., r 2005 n Main
Wilbur, W. J., com trav for Kan City dry goods firm, bds Tremont
Wiglesworth, J. E.,cattle dlr, r 1112 s Main
Wilcox, John, com trav for Lehman-Higginson, r 512 n Waco
WILCOX, J. P., Jeweler at 126 n Main, r Fletcher block
Wilde, Jacob, tailor, r 1036 Allen
Wilde, Miss Johanna, r 1036 Allen
Wilder, Miss Julia, r 349 n Fifth
Wilder, O. T., (Bugbee & W) r 1230 s Fifth
Wiley, Miss Dollie, r Morris blk
Wiley, Smith, commercial trav for Solliday Bros r n Mead
Wilhite, E. W., real estate office ab 228 e Douglas, r 519 Glenn w s 
Wilhite, Harry, wks livery 803 n Main, r 944 n Fifth
Wilhite, L. C., r 141 Laura
Wilhoit, E. M., com trav, r 1040 n Emporia
Wilkerson, Miss, dressmkr, ab 340 n Main
Wilkserson, L. D., r 1016 s Market
Wilkerson, Marion, bds Union hotel
Wilkerson, Geo I., furniture, r 425 s Topeka
Wilkison, Mrs. Jennie, r 314 s Fourth
Eilkison, Miss Leona, r 314 s Fourth
Wilkison, Miss Viola, r 314 s Fourth
Willhite, D. C., carpenter, r 3634 n Fourth
Wilhite, R.H., painter, r 3634 n Fourth
Wwilke, James, clk 306 e Douglas
Wilke, Ferdinarnd, baker, r 1125 s Water
Wilkie, B. F., tinner, r 730 s Topeka
Wilkie, Charles, plumber, r 730 s Topeka
Wilkie, James, clk Tusch’s grocery, r 730 s Topeka
Wilkie, Henry, wks B. F. Fulton, r 730 s Topeka
Wilkie, Miss S. L. student, r 730 s Topeka
Wilkin, John, r 4577 n Fourth
Wilkin, Mrs. Mary J., r 611 n Mona
Wilkins, _____, barber, r 1105 e Oak
Wilkins, Lewellin, r 1106 e Oak
Will, Fred,, laborer, r 702 Pearl
Willard, Geo, scavenger, r 728 Waco
Willard, Johnson A., laborer, r 450 n Hydraulic
Willey, Mrs. E., r 313 n Fourth
Willey, Frank, carpenter, r 220 Mathewson
Willey, I. B., carpenter, r 208 n Mead
Willett, C. A., dressmkr, r 231 s Lawrence
Willett, Miss Cynthia, dressmkr, bds 419 s Lawrence
Williams, Albert, clk Boston Store, r 343 Ellis
Williams, Amos, laborer, r 11725 Waco
Williams, Miss Betty, laundress, r 338 n Wichita
Williams, Mrs, Carrie E., r 402 s Washington
Williams, Chas, clk Lewis Tenny grocery, r 439 w Ninth
Williams, C.H., bucyclist Tom Shaw, r 402 s Washington
Williams, C. L., grocer, r 307 w third
Williams, Miss Cora Belle, r 1001 n Mead
Williams, D. A., groceries and commission 1107 e Douglas, r 343 Ellis
Williams, Mrs. Della, r 820 s Washington
Williams, D.O., com trav Aylesbury Wholesale Grocy Co r 1307 w Grand
Williams, Elijah, cook, r 247 n Fifth
Williams, Miss Emma, 309 n Main
Wlliams, F. A., (Fourth Avenue Planing Mill), r 233 Mathewson
Williams, F., F., wks Dist Clk’s off, t 535 n Market
Williams, Mrs. F. T., dressmkr, r 704 n Fourth
Williams, Frank, real estate off cor rm Occidental hotel, r 451 Waco
Williams, Frank, laborer, r 338 n Wichita
Williams, G. G., paper hanger, r 1219 e First
Williams, Horace, carpenter, r 1724 n Fourth
Williams, Miss Ida, bkpr Thos Shaw, r ob 213 s Main
Williams, Mrs. Iva, r 439 w Ninth
Williams, J. B., barber 109 n Main, rms Gandolfo blk
Williams, J. C., constable, r 353 n Fern w s 
Williams, J. G., printer, r 3519 n Fourth
WILLIAMS, JAMES G., Real Estate & Collections, office County Building, cor Main and First, r 455 n Waco
Williams, J. J., wks Deering & Co, r 1001 n Mead
Williams, John B., r 345 n Fern w s
Williams, John, bds Exchange house
Williams, John, clk Santa Fe frt depot, r 220 Indiana
Williams, L. L., retired, r 916 e First
Williams, Lon, watchmaker, r 221 s Ellis
Williams, M. T., cattle buyer, r 5805 e Maple
Williams, Rrobt, merchandise broker off 135 n Market, r 707 n Fourth
Williams, R. W., carpenter, r 216 Mathewson
Williams, Miss S. A., r 411 n Mosely
Williams, Sam E., janitor govt building, r 530 n Wichita
Williams, Mrs. Sarah M., r Riverside
Williams, S. W., laborer, r 411 n Mosley
Williams, T. J., laborer, r 3519 n Fourth
Williams, Theodore, laborer, r 1107 Larimer
Williams, W. C., sporting goods, 119 e Douglas, r 225 Ellis
Williams, William E., barber 622 e Douglas, r 321 s Washington
Williams, W. M., wks Eagle Cornice Wks, r 1031 s Wichita
Williams, Z. L., laborer, r333 Wichita
Williamson, F. M., eng Kas Stm Laun, r 443 Riverview
Williamson, Geo, cooper, bds Union hotel
Williamson, John A., wks Water Wks, r 543 Riverview
Williamson, M. A., wks car Wks, r 3437 n Fifth
Williford, F. M. & Co, drugs etc. 213 n Main
Williford, T. E., (F. M. Williford & Co), r 317 n Market
Willigan, M., roadmaster Frisco R R , r 605 Ohio
Willis, Fred, wks Rogers transfer, r 631 n Market
Willis, Miss Katie, domestic, r 1405 Goethe
Willis, Miss Hattie, r 1505 Goethe
Willis, Henry, r 343 n Main
Willis, L. A., laborer, r 440 s Osage w s 
Willis, Mrs. Sam, r 1505 Goethe
Willoughby, W. H., fireman Santa Fe, r 612 s Emporia
Wills, Andrew, laborer, r abv 634 n Water
Wills, Mary F., dressmaker, r 1507 S Lawrence
Wilson, A., ar 117 n Exposition w s 
WILSON, JOHN C., Dentist abv 118 e Douglas, r 536 s Topeka
WILSON, THOS C., Attorney at law off 253 N Main Clement blk, Telephone 11, r 1148 Fairview
Wilson, A. W., farmer, r cor Percy and Tillman
WILSON & McMECHAN, Attorneys at law rms 3-4-5 Zimmerly blk
Wilson, Ben, Laborer, r 627 Wabash
Wilson, Mrs. Candis, laundress, r 138 e Walnut
Wilson, Charlie, wks Wichita Carriage fctry, r 117 n Exposition w s 
Wilson, Charlie, r 6232 n Waco
Wilson, Clarence, fireman, r 1219 n Lawrence
Wilson & Co, Meat Market 712 e Douglas, ( J. T. Wilson & C. E. Barkhurser)
Wilson, E. D., wks PH, r cor Macon and Wichita
Wilson, Mrs. Ella, r 526 n Wichita
Wilson, E. S., brick mason, r 129 n Lawrence
Wilson, Frank, clk The Fair, r w Thirteenth
Wilson, Fred, r 1047 n Topeka
Wilson, Geo, laborer, r 1146 n Emporia
Wilson, Miss Georgia, r 231 Ellis
Wilson, Geo H., laborer, r 723 n Fifth
Wilson, G. S. , (W & McMechan) attorneys at law Zimmerly blk, r 439 n Emporia
Wilson, Harry, cook Tremont, r 608 e Lewis
Wilson, Dr. I. R., phys and surgeon off 155 n Main, r 325 s Lawrence
Wilson, J., laborer, r 817 n Mead
Wilson, Jas T., (J. T. W & Co) meat market 712 e Douglas r same
Wilson, Jas, stone cutter, r 16th and Meridian w s
Wilson, Jas, carpenter, r 333 n Fifth
Wilson, J. H., r 1621 Palisade
Wilson, Jno, wks Whittakers P H, r 2219 n Fairview
Wilson, John, stone cutter, r 16th and Meridian w s
Wilson, John A., wks Dold P H, r 1030 s Emporia
Wilson, Jno R., cattle Dlr, r 503 s Water
Wilson, Katie, r 117 n Exposition w s 
Wilson, L. A., (Lombard Mortg Co), rms 218 s Market
Wilson, Laura, r 117 n Exposition w s 
Wilson, Richard, stone cutter, r 16th and Meridian w s 
Wilson, R. G., farmer, r 623 n Emporia
Wilson, R. F., engr Wichita Electric Ry, r 1011 n Wichita
Wilson, Miss Roxy, Clk off Supt MO PAC Ry, r 440 Riverview
Wilson, S. W., laborer P H, r Mosley
Wilson, Thos, barber at 326 e Douglas, r Richland blk
WILSON & TOMS, Investment Co rms 2-6 ab 203 n Main, M. L. Garver mngr
Wilson, W. J., mngr Arcade Dry Goods house, t 1047 n Topeka
Wilson, Wm, rms 327 e Douglas
Wilt, A. J., r abv 145 n Main
Wilt, Mrs. Harriet P., dressmaker, r abv 145 n Main
Winants, F. C., trav man, r 917 n Market
Winch, W. C., grocer, r 1310 s Fourth
Winch, S. G., books and stationery 122 n Main, r 312 w Third
Winders, E. U., r 1045 s Topeka
Windle, John, driver L C Jackson, r 914 e Decatur
Windle, Mrs. N. J., dressmaker, r 916 e Decatur
Windsor, Mrs. Ellen C., artist r 348 n First
Windsor, Jno A., cattle raiser at Garden Plains, bds Occidental
Wingard, Jacob W., cntctr and bldr, r 349 Water
Wingate, Jas, bds Leland Hotel
Wingate, Sadie, cook Packers Hotel
Winget, Jas, clk A. Katz, bds Keystone
Winget, J. G., clk A Katz, bds Keystone
Wingert, J. C., bkpr Wichita Wholesale Grocery Co, r 233 n Topeka
Wingerth, Carl, laborer, bds Union hotel
Winkler, A. J., bill clk MO PAC freight off, r 319 w Third
Winkleman, Henry, wks Stewart I Wks, r 2028 e Douglas
Winn, W. L., teacher, r 1217 University w s 
Winn, Dr. Wm, r 1715 University w s 
Winn, Thos, wks Henry Schnitzler, r 927 s Topeka
Winpigler, Miss Lucy, shirt maker, r 612 n Waco
Winpigler, Wm, carpenter 1205 e Douglas, r same
Winsell,M. M., plaster, r 816 e Oak
Winters, S. W., clk at Rush’s grocery, r abv 338 n Main
Winters,  David D. D., Pastor First Presbyterian Church cor First and Market, r 1145 n Topeka
Wisdom, W. T., printer The Mirror, r 320 Mathewson
Wise, J. S., com trav, r 1217 University w s 
Wiseman, E., wks grocery 728 n Main, r 934 n Market
Wishart, W. H., ticket agt Rock Island Route 100 e Douglas, r 524 s Seneca w s
Wiske, Wm, tailor Swab & Glosser, r 1001 s Water
Wisner, Miss Helen, abstractor A. J. Applegate, bds 13144 s Main
Wissalhoft, Geo, plumber, r 209 Indiana
Wissalhoft, Wm, bkpr, r 209 Indiana
Witte, John, wks Wichita Trunk Factory, r 200 w Douglas
Witwer, Benj F., atty abv 129 e Douglas, r 135 n Lawrence
Wohler, Menard, r 3345 Macon
Wolf, Miss, dressmaker, bds 302 Wabash
Wolf, Martin, brick mason, r 221 e Gilbert
Wolf, Miss Stella, r 146 n Emporia
Wolf, W. H., wks broom fctry, bds Keystone
Wolf, Wm, r 321 s Voltsia
Wolf, Geo, laborer, r r1775 s Francis
Wolf, J. W., D., wks 227 e Douglas
Wolf, P. W., trav salsmn, r 1624 Gold
Wolff, Bailey, laborer, r 707 e Pearl
Wolff, Gotleib, trunk maker at Hossfields Trunk fctry, r 146 n Main
Wolff, Gus, clk, r 403 s Market
Wolff, Webster, wks Henry Schnitzler, r Gilbert and bet Market and Lawrence
Wolgamott, Jacob, drives mail wagon, r 500 St Clair w s 
Woljberg, T., r 333 Wynona
Woltyn, Herman, laborer, r 301 n Walnut w s
Woltz, C. W., carpenter, r 117 Fannie
Women’s Christian Temperance Union, cor William and Market, Mrs. Mason pres
Wonderly, Miss Birdie, r 237 s Lawrence
Wonderly, W. H., tinner Bissantz & Mathews, r 237 s Lawrence
Wolfberg, L., peddler, r 115 s Mosley
Wood, A., 318 Lulu
Wood, A. J., barber, r 433 n Wichita
Wood, Mrs. Allie, r 252 Waco
Wood, Bedford, policeman, r 232 n Washington
Wood, C. W., baggaman W T & Co, r 302 s Emporia
Wood, Miss Dora, student Lewis Acad, r 741 n Emporia
Wood, Ed, tank watcher, bds Union Hotel
Wood, Miss Emma, dressmaker, r 137 n Main
Wood, F. C., mngr Steele & Walker, r 1007 n Lawrence
Wood, Frank, stone cutter, r 240 n Mead
Wood, Jacob H., bds Tremont
Wood, Jasper, wks livery barn, r 508 s Topeka
Wood, Mrs., Jennie, r 508 s Topeka
Wood, J. P., phys and surgeon, r 1412 n Emporia
Wood, J. V., contractor, r 902 s Emporia
Wood, Mary, r 1412 n Emporia
Wood, Mattie, r 1007 n Lawrence
Wood, Ralph, laborer, r 508 s Topeka
Wood, W. L., r 209 Lulu
Woodburn, Lea F., r 341 s Oak w s 
Woodburn, Mel, r 341 s Oak w s 
Woodcock, L. N., city scale, r 453 n Lawrence
Woodford, C. A., laborer, r 701 s Wichita
Woodman, Clarence, r 901 n Waco
Woodman, Miss L. C., r 901 Waco
Woodman, Miss Rea, r 901 n Waco
Woodman, Thos, r 802 n Waco
Woodman, U. G., administrator Woodman estate, r 901 n Waco
Woodman, Mrs. W. C., r 901 n Waco
Woodman, Wm S., r 802 n Waco
Woods, A. J., barber, 323 n Main, r 433 Wichita
Woods, Arthur, waiter, r 132 n Lawrence
Woods, Miss Betty, r 433 Wichita
Woods, C. C., minister, r 1003 w Maple w s
Woods, Ed, clk at Nelsons bargain hs, r 428 n Water
Woods, G. W., minister, r 1003 w Maple w s
Woods, John, kalsomining, r 708 n Waco
Woods, Julia, stsu Lewis Acad, r 741 n Emporia
Woods, M., laborer, r 601 n Mosley
Woods, R. H., huckster, r 1803 n Fifth
Woods, Saml R., carpenter, bds 803 e Central
Woods, Wm. Laborer, r 429 n Emporia
Woodward, West, laborer, r 1403 w Thirteenth
Woodworth, J. C., clk at 156 n Main, r 216 n Topeka
Woody, Enoch, contractor, r 1055 n Topeka
Woody, Miss Maggie, r 1055 n Topeka
Woody, Miss Nora, teacher, bds 1055 n Topeka
Woody, Miss Ruth, teacher, bds 1055 n Topeka
Woolard, James, student, r 637 n Fourth
Woolard, Mrs. L. H., r 637 n Fourth
Woolard, Saml L., with S. L. Davidson Mortg Co., r 302 n Topeka
Woolard, Miss Winnie, student Lewis Acad, r 637 n Fourth
Wooley, Wm, plaster, r 1907 s Fourth
Wolf, Wm, farmer, r cor Harry and Hydraulic
Wootan, Isaac C., r cor Briggs and Cooledge
Worbs, Miss Ella, teacher, r 521 n Emporia
Worrall, I. S., r 1249 n Fourth
Worthington, Geo, rms 231 s Market
Worthington, Mrs. Phoebe, domestic, r 1013 w Central
Wrenchey C., wks Eagle livery barn, rms 246 n Topeka
Wrenchy, Harvey, r 238 s Water
Wright, Mrs. R 1546 s Market
Wright, A. B., retired, r 1152 n Lawrence
Wright, Miss Carrie, r 1152 n Lawrence
Wright, C. A., (Wright & Miller), r 1413 n Lawrence
Wright, Miss Efffie, r 1152 n Lawrence
Wright, Mrs. F. R., domestic, r 125 Martinson w s 
Wright, Frank W., conductor Santa Fe, r 138 n Ohio
Wright, Miss Ida, r 614 n Waco
Wright, James A., r 614 n Waco
Wright, Jasper, clk Cone Bros grocery, t 614 n Waco
Wright, John H., mail carrier, r 142 n Emporia
Wright, Mrs. Kate, domestic, r 605 n Main
Wright, Miss May, r 1152 n Lawrence
Wright, Mrs. Mary E., wks for R Cone, r 535 n Market
Wright & Miller, (C. A. Wright & Geo Stark Miller), real estate off under Citizens Bank
Wright, Thomas, laborer, r 727 n Fourth
Wright, W. A., lumberman, r 1314 University
Wyatt, N. F., r 3703 n Fifth
Wychoff, S., farmer, r 1928 s Mead
Wylie, David W., r 1221 n Jefferson
Wylie, Edward T., painting, r 1221 n Jefferson
Wylie, Jno, r 1221 n Jefferson
Wylie, Joseph R., plasterer, r 1221 n Jefferson
Wylie, Mrs. Mary E., r 1221 n Jefferson
Wylie, J. W., clk, r 1212 Jefferson
Wylie, Wm N., traveling salesmn, r 343 n Emporia
Yazel, Chas S., janitor Lewis Academy, r 403 Sherman
Yazel, W. H., stock dlr, r 403 Sherman
Yerks, Wm, wks MO PAC, r 201 n Exposition w s 
Yocum, Geo, r 923 n Market
Yocum, L.G., r 149 n Topeka
York, A. J., (Home Printing Co) 335 n Millwood w s 
York, E. R., r ab 115 s Lawrence
York, Jerome B., lumber dler, r 631 Waco
York, Miss Mary B., r 631 Waco
York, Miss Minnie, r 631 n Waco
York, Mrs. Mary, r 340 n Topeka
York, Miss Mary, trimmer Boston Store, r 527 n Main
York, Miss Sadie, r 340 n Topeka
Youndt, Jacob, carpenter, r 1652 s Market
Young, Mrs. Ana, dressmkr, r 235 s Market
Young, Carl, r 227 n Spruce
Young, C. H., route agt W. Fargo & Co Ex, r Carey hotel
YOUNG, BROS, Wall Paper Window Shades Paints Glass Frames etc. 240 n Main
Young, D. Bruce, carriage mkr, r 214 n Seneca w s
Young, D. J., plumber dlr, r 434 n Fourth
Young, Earnest J., teamster, r 208 Ida
Young, Miss Emma, wks 307 e Douglas, r 227 n Spruce
Young, Eugene O., carpenter, r 214 n Seneca w s  
Young, Miss Eannie, waitress Manhattan
Young, F. E., r 1130 n Lawrence
Young, Geo C., supt of music Public schools, r 417 n Topeka
Young, Geo H., carpenter, r 153 n Glenn w s 
Young, Geo L., bkpr Young Bros, r ab 236 n Main
Young, Grace E., r 214 n Seneca w s
Young, Miss Jennie, domestic, 1025 n Market
Young, Joe, butcher, r cor 16 and 5th
Young, Jno B. Sr., (Young Bros), r 434 n Waco
Young, Jno B., Jr., clk Young’s wall paper house, 434 Waco
Young, J. F., switchman, r 324 n Topeka
Young, J. W., r 3239 n Fifth
Young, Miss Lulu, waitress Co-Operative Boarding Club, r 215 n Seneca
Young, Miss Madge, r 3329 n Fifth
Young, Mahala M., r 214 n Seneca w s 
Young, Miss Mary, r 434 Waco
Young, Molly, domestic 1021 n Lawrence
Young, Rebecca, r 339 Bernice
Young, Miss Retta, r 228 w Morris
Young, T. B., carpenter, r 1321 n Fifth
Young, Virgie, H., r cor Huron & Columbia
Young, Wm, farmer, r 1754 n Arkansas
Young Womans Christian Association, rms 213 n Market
Younblood, Amon, farmer, r 3248 e Cook
Young Men’s Christian Ass’n, cor Topeka and First, A. Baird Sec’y
YOUNGMEYER BROS, General Blacksmithing, repairing of Buggies and Carriages, Wagons Etc. Horse Shoeing, Plow work and Farm work a specialty. 122 n Fourth avenue
Youngmeyer, J. A., (Youngmeyer Bros), r 1219 s Fifth
Youngmeyer, J. F., (Youngmeyer Bros), r 1021 n Fourth
Younkin, T. A., r 110 w Larimer
Younger, J. W., r 1755 Arkansas
Younke, Geo, cooper, bds Union Hotel
Younkin, T. A., well driver, r 710 n Hydraulic
Yount, F. A., baggage master MO PAC Ry, r 523 w Third
Yount, L. T., mngr W Carriage Wks, bds 156 Topeka
Yowell, T. A., teacher, rms 513 s Main
Yucca Soap Co, 1213 e Douglas
Zartman, B. E., traveling salesmn, r 641 n Waco
Zartman, J. W., expressman, r 212 Cleveland
Zeininger, Miss Anna R., r 1063 n Market
Zeininger Block 114-116 n Market
Zeininger, Chas, (Zeininger & Peters), real estate 119 n Market
Zeininger, E. G., laborer, r s Washington
Zeller, H. T., laborer, r 3521 n Fourth
Zephyr Mills Cor Fifth and First, J. G. Miltner & Co prop
Zerhusen, Henry, Cigar mkr, r 335 n Fourth
Zetzsche, H. C., prop “Home” Gallery ab 330 n Main, r 1203 n Fifth
Zeigler, L. H., messenger W F & Co Ex, rms 419 s Lawrence
Zeigler, J. D., r 1146 Dayton
Zieroth, Ed L., lunch counter, r 951 Ida
Zimmerman, J., butcher, r 614 n Water
Zimmerman, J. F., painter car wks, r 3304 Mead
ZIMMERMAN, OTTO, Prop Wichita Bottling Wrks, r 315 s Water
Zittle, Wadsworth J., cashier Dolds P H , r 1904 n Water
Zweig, F. W., carpenter Appleby planing mills, r 114 w Elm

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