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Power-Up SIG Notes: Holiday To-Do List

The holiday season is a family-rich time of year, making this a primo opportunity to ask questions, copy photographs, swab DNA tests and otherwise make a little progress on our genealogy research!  But it only works if you know the questions, have a DNA test kit ready, and remember to bring a scanner or cell phone!  So let’s get planning…

    • Opportunities
      • Who will you be seeing in the next couple of months?
        • Do you have questions for them?
        • Do you want to record interviews?
        • Do you want to ask them to take a DNA test?
        • Is this the time to get those cool 4-generation photos?
        • Do they have photos or other records or memorabilia you’d like to get digital images of?
        • Do you have any unidentified photos you’d like them to look at?
        • Do you have anything for them, such as written profiles, thumb drives of digital images, photo books, pedigree charts or printed trees?
      • Will you be traveling?
        • Will you be near any cemeteries or repositories?
        • Will you be near any sites that you’d like photos of (old houses, schools, churches, etc)
        • Will you be near any Facebook friends or others that you could stop and meet in person?
      • Will you be sending holiday cards or gifts?
        • Do you want to include any forms to request information?
        • Do you want to include any family history gifts?
      • Will anyone ask you for a gift list?
        • Are there any genealogy reference materials you’d like?
        • Perhaps a subscription to a new website?
        • Membership in a genealogy society
        • Maybe a trip to a genealogy conference?
        • Some archival boxes for your treasures?
    • Calendar
      • Event dates
      • Shipping dates
      • Ordering lead times (printing a photo book, getting a DNA kit)
    • To-Do List!
      • Tasks
      • With due dates
      • And priorities

Power-Up SIG Notes: Genealogical Numbering Systems

    • Why?
      • Primarily – Written family histories
      • For some – filing systems
    • Systems
      • Ahnentafel (ON en TAH full) (ancestor table)
        • For numbering ancestors in a pedigree chart
        • Base person is 1. Father is 2. Mother is 3.
        • Any person’s (n) father is n x 2 and mother is n x 2 + 1
        • No numbers for anyone else
        • If you want to sound extra geeky, call it the Sosa-Stradonitz System
      • Dollarhide (William Dollarhide)
        • Adds to Ahnentafel for other descendants
        • Base person’s grandfather is 4.0. His siblings are 4.1, 4.2, 4.3
        • Has additional characters for step, half, second marriage, etc
      • Register (New England Historic and Genealogical Society Register)
        • For numbering descendants
        • Only people with descendants get a number
      • NGSQ or Modified Register (National Genealogical Society Quarterly)
        • Everyone gets a number
      • Henry (Reginald Henry)
        • Base person is 1.
        • Children get parent’s number plus an extra digit at end (11, 12, 13, 111, 112, 113…)
        • Problems with more than 9 kids!  (some use X, A, B, C, some use (10))
      • D’Aboville (Jaques d’Aboville)
        • Used a lot in France
        • Like Henry, but uses periods between generations (1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.1.1, 1.1.2…)
      • Meurgey de Tupigny (Jacues Muergey de Tupigny)
        • Generations get Roman numeral, individuals get numbers
        • I, II-1, II-2, III-1, III-3
      • De Villiers/Pama
        • Like MdT but uses letters instead of Roman numerals
        • A, B-1, B-2, B-1.C-1, B-1.C-2, B-2.C-3
        • Used in South Africa


Power-Up SIG Notes: Data Standards for Names

This month, Ellen Burd led the discussion.  She put together 2 very nice handouts with many graphics and charts, which didn’t transfer to this page well at all, so I’m just going to attach them for you to download and provide a rough summary of the discussion here.

In general, we were discussing how to record names.  We identified several issues: Continue reading Power-Up SIG Notes: Data Standards for Names

Power-Up SIG Notes: Planning for 2017

We decided to:

  • continue meeting on second Tuesday afternoons
  • choose topics as a group
  • rotate responsibility for preparing for and hosting the discussion
  • subscribe to Lisa Louise Cooke’s webinar program and use her videos in some of our meetings

Our schedule for the first half of 2017:

  • January – Lisa Louise Cooke (LLC)’s webinar on Google Search techniques
  • February – Data Standardization (Ellen)
  • March – Evernote (LLC)
  • April – Genealogical Numbering Systems (Julia)
  • May – Google Earth (LLC)
  • June – Photo Editing (Twila)
  • July – Brick walls (TBD)