New Books for August 2015

Another batch of interesting reads and useful resources.  Check them out!

Call Number Date Author Title
R-180 188 Boyd,  Gregory A. Family Maps of Jefferson County, Illinois: Deluxe Edition with Homesteads, Roads, Waterways, Towns, Cemeteries, Railroads, and More
R-210 SG 165 1960 – 1992 Greater Wichita Telephone Directory
R-210 SG 165 2012 Wichita and Vicinity
R-210 SG 165 2013 The User-Friendly Phone Book: Wichita 2013-2014
R-210 WB 04 V 2 1991 Life Events from the Flint Hills Independent
R-250 131 V 29-33 2009-14 Carrolltonian
R-280 009 V 44-45 2013-14 Minnesota Genealogist
R-300 267 V 25, 28, 29 2005, 2010, 2011 St Charles County Heritage
R-300 276 V 46-47 2013-14 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly
R-380 295 V 54 2014 Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly
R-390 136 Genealogy Clippings from the Sunday Oklahoman
R-600 055 V 098 2010 National Genealogical Society quarterly
1980 Comanche County history : Comanche County, Kansas
Tombstone Reading Calvary Cemetery
St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery at Andale
Viola Cemetery tombstone readings : on 2263rd Street West (K49) near K42
1970 Buice,  S. David The Civil War and the Five Civilized Tribes: A Study in Federal-Indian Relations
1967 Carriker, Robert Charles Fort Supply, Indiana Territory
2012 Cobo,  Katherine From Fields of Golden Grain to Black Liquid Gold: The Economic Contribution of the Oil Industry to Ellis County, Kansas
1970 Conard, Erik Paul A history of Kansas’ closed colleges
1997 Fast, Barbara Ruth Marguerite Miller’s contributions to piano pedagogy
1987 Hazlett,  0. James Regulation in the Livestock Trade: the Origins and Operations of the Kansas City Livestock Exchange 1886-1921
1930 Hoover, Mearle The alien contribution to the history of Barton County, Kansas
2014 Jones,  Robert Steven General James G. Blunt and the Civil War in the Trans-mississippi West
1993 Liles, Jeff  Historical Geographical Assessment Of Bison Hunting on the Southern Great Plains in the 1870s
1980 Masters,  Isabell The life and legacy of Oliver Brown,  the first listed plaintiff of Brown vs. Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas
1930 Milstead,  Bertha Ellen Christian missions among the Kansas Indians
1961 Murphy,  Joseph F. Potawatomi Indians of the West
1968 Petrowsky,  Clarence L. Kansas agriculture before 1900
1998 Reaves,  Stacy Webb A Necessary Evil. . .” the Post Sutler at Fort Larned and Fort Dodge, Kansas
1972 Savage,  William W. The Cherokee Strip Livestock Association: The Impact of Federal Regulation on the Cattleman’s Last Frontier
1970 Sowell,  Michael R. Pen is Mightier Than the Six-Shooter: Western Symbolism in the New York Newspaper Writings of Former Gunfighter Bat Masterson
1966 Tolson,  Arthur Lincoln The Negro in Oklahoma Territory 1889-1907: A Study in Racial Discrimination
1975 Travis,  Paul Dee Charlatans, Sharpers  and Climatology: The Symbolism and Mythology of Late Nineteenth Century Expansionism in Kansas
1978 Traylor,  Jack Wayne William Allen White and his democracy  1919-1944
1971 Walther, Thomas Robert Social and Economic Mobility in Rural Kansas  1860 – 1905
2010 Weber, Brian Progressive municipal reform as reflected in Dodge City newspapers: The progressive agendas of Robert Wright,  George Hoover and Adolf Gluck
1970 Williams, Charles Fredrick William M. Jardine and the development of Republican farm policy 1925-1929