Online Resources in the Library Catalog

When you are looking at a record for an item, be sure to look at the upper left side of the page, just below the subject headings.  There may be a section for Online Resources, which may include a link to a full digitized copy, an online index, or other web resource.  Some of these will link to the MHGS website (such as the Wichita Eagle & Beacon obituary indexes) and some will link elsewhere.  There are a lot of old books that have digitized, and periodicals that are only available digitally, and we are adding links to them in the catalog as we find them.

You may also notice that some of the items in a record are called online resources.  These refer to digital items, not things in our library (notice that they don’t mention a shelving location or have call numbers.)  In the notes section, you will see “Read the book” — click this link to open a new browser tab showing the digital book or journal.  Some of these digital items may duplicate physical ones in our library, and some will be new.

If you find a digital resource we should add, please email us the link!