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September - December 1999
Brandewiede, Brown, Challis, Cheney, Clark, Dey, Dougherty, Dustin, Emmerich, Gates, Gatz, Holinde, Hornback, Hutchinson, Lee, Leffleman, Malone, Minks, Money, Packer, Porter, Predeck, Sandlian, Sangster, Saylor, Schuerger, Shoemaker, Shootes, Slater, Smith, Southwick, Squires, Tolley, UCT Lodge, Wetchinsly, Yunker

July - August 1999
Atkinson, Bachar, Beveal, Birling, Buckeridge, Critzer, Curts, Dillman, Edgar, Hess, Hoag, Irsik, Kurtz, Leggett, McGuire, Messmer, Montgomery, Murphy, Parker, Perry, Quinnel, Schoolcraft, Shoemaker, Skynner, Smittle, Sparr, Spung, Thrift, Turpen

June 1999
Allway, Anibal, Bost, Butts, Cobb, Corner, Dawson, Featheringill, Foltz, Gay, Goodloe, Grube, Hastings, Heffner, Holwick, Hoyt, Hufbauer, Johnsman, Kephart, Kerr, Kimberling, Knoblauchw, Land, L'Ecuyer, Lee, Lewis, Melvin, Messenger, Moore, Moyer, Mueller, Pease, Pendleton, Rankin, Rowe, Sarvis, Smail, Stehwein, Stehwien, Sutton, Thiele, Winchell, Womack, Zears

April - May 1999
Aley, Bowen, Boyd, Brewer, Caray, Cunningham, Edwards, Featherby, Fisher, Ginn, Hagerman, Haley, Hammond, Hanlen, Hicks, Hoffman, Isaiah, Kesner, Landis, Lawson, Lett, McAvan, Miller, Mogge, Moody, Murray, Parmer, Paynter, Reber, Reed, Rimert, Ritter, Sawallisch, Selby, Settgast, Shamp, Shellenbarger, Sisters of St. Joseph hospital records, Steele, Teague, Tuxhorn, Van Fossen, Wagner, Walker, Ward, Watson, Weston

January - March 1999
Derrick, Gerritzen, Grant, Alhance, Allhands, Anderson, Betts, Fisk, Gaunt, Greer, Harris, Horsley, Joe, Judson, Kenoyer, Kreutziger, Laymon, Little, Marshall, McCradic, Osborn, Osborne, Roberts, Shannon, Tame, Tatman, Tout, Warner, Wasinger, Wassinger, Wilkerson, York

October - December 1998
Brooks, Brown, Cassell, Chewning, Compton, Copeland, Dalton, Denton, Domler, Dunning, Elledge, Freeland, Crites, Glenn, Graham, Hoover, Light, McGehe, McGuire, Mitchell, Muse, Palmer, Pickett, Powers, Pratt, Scates, Sheall, Shune, Skidmore, Smyser, Stepherson, Stokes, Thompson, Turner, Warren

July - September 1998
Anderson, Casteel, Davis, Door of Hope Orphanage Independence, Kansas, Downall, Fox, Garber, Gordon, Gorton, Gronniger, Hager, Harwick, Hemsworth, Krehbiel, Lawrence, Lawson, Linabary, Mangan, Mcconnell, Mellington, Nutt, Overstreet, Price, Rhoden, Rush, Savage, Sharp, Shirley, Snyder, Stark, Thompson, Wemple, West, Worrel

May - June 1998
Afton Twp Records, Alloway, Ayers, Blackleach, Bowers, Chrisman, Dunlap, Ehrman, Ehrmann, Gambel, Gambille, Gardner, Gluvna, Gottman, Gottmann, Hampton, Imbody, Lee, Lundeen, Mayfield, Moody, Moore, Moudy, North, Parsons, Rule, Schnoke, Shaffer, Smith, Stephen, Strange, Stidger, Tamme, Thompson, Trefethern, Winans, Wunderlich


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