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A-410 2   G.M. Hopkins & Co Combination Atlas of the County of Butler and the State of Pennsylvania 1874
A-410 3   F. W. Beers & Co. County Atlas of Somerset Pennsylvania (1994 reprint) 1876
A-410 4   G.M. Hopkins & Co Atlas of the County of Fayette and the State of Pennsylvania (1974 reprint) 1872
A-410 5   Beers, S.N. & Beers, D.G. Atlas of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania (1981 reprint) 1867
A-410 6     Pennsylvania Book of Maps  
A-410 7   Graves & Steinbarger Atlas of Surveys of the County of Lancaster State of Pennsylvania (reprint) 1899
C-410-1     Cumberland Co., PA Tax Lists
C-410-2     Washington Co., PA Tax Lists 1784-87
C-410-3     1783 Tax Lists & 1790 Census for Washington Co., PA
C-410-4     1790 Pennsylvania Census
C-410-5     1800 Pennsylvania Census Index
C-410-5B    Index to the 1800 Census of PA; Feldin & Inman; GPC
C-410-6     1850 Census Index Pennsylvania Vols. 1 & 2
C-410-7A,B,C1850 Census Records of Greene Co., PA
C-410-8     1783 in Westmoreland- Westmoreland Co., PA
C-410-9     Pennsylvania in 1780, Statewide from Tax Lists; by Stemmons
C-410-10    Listing of Inhabitants in 1778 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania;
                 Aimee Appleby 1983
C-410-11    Tax List of Berks Co., PA, 1767
C-410-12    Tax List of Chester Co., PA, 1768
C-410-13    A New Index Lancaster Co., PA Before the Fed. Census Vol. 1 to
C-410-14    A New Index Lancaster Co., PA Before the Fed. Census Vol. 2 to
C-410-14a   A New Index, Lancaster County, PA, v 3, Gary T. Hawbaker Et al
C-4l0-15    A New Index Lancaster Co., PA Before the Fed. Census Vol. 4 
                 1718-1726 Tax Records
C-410-15B   A New Index Lancaster Co., PA Before the Fed. Census, 
                 Index to 1770 Tax Records; Hawbaker & Groff
C-410-16    Proprietary Tn Lists of Phildelphia County & City, PA 1769
C-41O-17    Tax List of York Ca,PA 1779
C-410-18    Tax Lists of Washington Co., PA 1784-5 & 1793
C-410-19    1859 McKeesport Directory, Allegheny Co. ,PA, Southwest PA
                 Genea. Services
C-410-20    Listing of Inhabitants in 1785 Fayette County, Pennsylvania;
                 Allen Hays 1983
C-410-21    Poor Children on Tax Lists 1811-1844 York Co., PA.
C-410-22    Abstract of the 1865 York Co., PA Assessors Military Poll,
C-410-23    United States Direct Tax of 1798 - Tax list for Washington Co.,
                 PA; Wilbur J. McElwain; Heritage Books 1997
C-410-24    Fayette Co., PA 1850 Census, Springfield Township
C-410-25    Tax List of Montgomery, Pennnsylvania 1782, Mary B. Kegley  
CD-Rom-52  Genealogy Records: PA Wills, 1682-1834: Family Treemaker
F-410-1    1850 Census Armstrong Co., PA
F-410-2    1850 Census Beaver Co., PA
F-410-3    1850 Census Bedford Co., PA
F-410-4    1850 Census Centre Co., PA
F-410-5    1850 Census Fulton & Greene Cos., PA
F-410-6    1850 Census Lawrence Co., Pa
F-410-7    1850 Census Schuylkill Co., PA (part)
F-410-8    1850 Census Schuylkill Co., PA (part)
F-410-9    1900 Census Franklin & Greene (part) Cos., PA
F-410-10   1900 Census Greene (part) & Huntingdon Cos., PA
F-410-11   1850 Census Butler Co., PA
F-410-12   1840 Census Beaver Co., PA
F-410-13   1850 Census Carbon Co., PA
F-410-14   1880 Census Lehigh (part) & Luzerne Cos., PA - excluding 
F-410-15   1880 Census Luzerne Co., PA (part) City of Wilkes-Barre Wards 1-11
                15 and 12
F-410-16   1880 Census Luzerne Co., PA (part)-City of Wilkes-Barre Wards 13
                & 14
F-410-17   1880 Census Luzerne Co., PA (part)-excluding City of Wilkes-Barre
F-410-18   1840 Census Bedford Co., PA
F-410-19 L 1900 U.S. Census Allegheny (part) & Atmstrong (part) Cos., PA
Magazine #    County          Title
M-410-2A      Allegheny       Talley Bacey Newyth, Allegheny Ca
M-410-2B-l    Allegheny. etc  Quarterly Western PA Genea. Soc. Pittsburg, PAM
R-410-4       Beaver          Beaver County Gleanings
M-410-5       Bedford         St Clair's Bedford
M-410-6       Berks           Journal of the Berks Co. Genea. Soc.
M-410-7       Blair           Your Family Tree, Hollidaysburg, PA
M-410-7-1     Blair           Blair County Genea Soc. Newsletter
M-410-9       Bucks, etc      Pennsylvania Traveler-Post
M-410-9-2     Bucks           Bucks County Genea. Soc Newsletter
M-410-14      Centre          Centre County Genea. Soc. Newsletter
M-410-25      Erie            Keystone Kuzzins; Erie Society for Genea.
M-410-26      Fayette         La Fayette; Southwest PA Genealogical Services
M-410-30A     Greene          Cornerstone Clues; Waynehrg, PA
M-410-30B     Greene          Greene Hills Echo, Greene Co. Historical Soc.
M-410-32      Indiana         Clark House Quarterly, Hist. & Genea. of  
                                   Indiana Co., PA
M-410-36      Lancaster       Lancaster Legacy, Southwest PA Genea. Services
M-410-36B     Lancaster       Lancaster County Connections
M-410-49      Northumberland  The Northumberland Co. Hist. Soc. Proceedings
M-410-49-2    Northumberland  Central PA Genealogical Pioneers
M-410-50      Perry           The Peny Historians; Navport, PA
M-410-56      Somerset        The Laurel Messenger, Somerset Co. Hist Soc.
M-410-56B     Somerset        Somerset Past; Southwest PA Genea. Services
M-410-60      Union           Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Milton, PA
M-410-63      Washington      Keyhole
M-410-65      Westmoreland    Old Westmoreland, Southwest PA Genea. Services
M-410-67A     York            Our Names The Game
M-410-67B     York            Special Publications of South Central PA
M-410-67C     York            Codorus Chronicles; Southwest PA Genea. Services
M-410-SG-1    State General   Journal of Penn. German Society
M-410-SG-2    State General   Journal Lancaster Co. Historical Society
M-410-SG-3    State General   Pennsylvania in the Civil War; The Heritage
                                  Soc. of PA.
M-410-SG-5    State General   The PA Genealogical Magazine
S-1&1A       Lebanon, PA News & Obituaries, Vols. 1,2,3,4,5,6
S-2          Waynesburg, Greene Co., PA Obits -8Wh. (See R410-201 for 
                    Index to these Obits)
S-5          Mennonite Weekly Review, PA
S-31         The Daily Intelligencer, Central Bucks Ed, Doylestown, PA 1961
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