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Record Type Title
Item MHGS_Otto_A_26a.jpg Davida Otto
Item MHGS_Otto_A_31a.jpg Davida Otto and Friend with Dog
Item MHGS_Otto_A_20a.jpg Dog
Item MHGS_Otto_A_22a.jpg Cat
Item MHGS_Otto_A_29a.jpg Davida Otto with Friend
Item MHGS_Otto_A_41a.jpg Woman with a Baby
Item MHGS_Leach_A11c.jpg Letterhead for the St. Francis Hotel
Item MHGS_Otto_0008.jpg Unidentified Woman and Child
Item MHGS_McCaslin_A21b.jpg Vern McCaslin
Item MHGS_Otto_A_27b.jpg Davida Otto and Unidentified Woman